The Secret Lives Of Some Women - The CFNM Society


Story synopsis: A young woman gets introduced to the CFNM ways of her friends and their husbands.

Chad tagged behind Charlotta like he always did on their shopping trips. He deliberately walked a couple of feet behind her so he could watch the rise of her hips, the flash of skin when her t-shirt rode up and the movement of her silky hair. She had left her hair down after brushing it. She had tight white pants and a loose black top. That was when Chad felt someone place their fingers inside his pants, not very deep, just until the first joint and pull him backwards. The authoritative nature was unmistakable. He was really annoyed at this invasion of space and turned around to glare at the rude guy. The anger evaporated when he saw who it was - Renee, looking as gorgeous as ever with that 1000 Watt smile.She let go of Chad quickly after flashing him a twinkling smile and called out to Charlotta. She didn't want Charlotta noticing that - not in the mall. "Hi Charlotta, Where the hell have you been? I've been trying to get a hold of you for one week now!"

Charlotta turned around, recognizing the voice and smiling happily at Renee. It was then that Chad noticed there was another girl along with Renee. She looked vaguely familiar but could not quite place her. He knew her from somewhere he was positive. "Hi Melissa, long time no see!" burst out Charlotta. It was then that Chad realized, Melissa had also been part of Charlotta's friend circle for years in college. they had not seen her for a long time now. The three of them together got all excited and hugged each other closely, friends meeting after a long time.

Renee wasn't through with him though, "Hi Chad, it has been a long time since i saw you" she said with her trademark pursing of lips. Chad flushed a bit, he knew that she meant she had not seen him naked in a long time (about 4 weeks) because she saw him at work everyday. "Hopefully we will be seeing more of each other soon", she smiled.

Renee often did that at the office too, looking directly into his eyes until he looked away. She pictured him naked while she did that, she was sure it would show in her eyes and it probably did, Chad always looked away with a blush within a few seconds.

"Let's go for lunch together, there is so much we need to catch up on", Renee said excitedly. They found a nice place in the corner of the mall and sat down. In spite of Chad's standing in the group, he was a little excited too, sitting there with three beautiful beautiful women. He could atleast sneak glances at them, Melissa with her tight blue salwar, transparent chunni that allowed him to see the shape of her breasts. Her lovely shiny hair cascading down to her shoulders ... He could see her pretty feet in strappy black shoes even if he was ordered to keep his eyes down. It was going to be an enjoyable lunch.

"Let's get food first - i'm famished", Renee said. "I want a KungPao Chicken plate with a coke" she said to Chad with laughing eyes. "And get me a butter chicken plate with rice, just water to drink" Charlotta said turning to Chad. He blushed deeply - felt his face turning hot. Their secret was about to be revealed to an outsider. He looked up slightly at Melissa to see her reaction and caught the mixture of surprise and puzzlement on her face.

Renee and Charlotta caught it too, they smiled and said "Just tell him what you want, he will get it". "Go on, don't be shy" Renee repeated when Melissa hesitated after casting a quick glance at Chad. Maybe she wanted to just go with the flow, not wanting to create a scene there but she eventually said "I'd like to try the Caeser Salad with some orange juice". Charlotta just looked at Chad with the expression "Why aren't you gone yet?". He hurriedly got up and made his way to the foodcourt to find all three food items.

"Get yourself something too" Charlotta said just before he got up. He heaved a sigh of relief. They were not planning to make Chad eat their leftovers like they usually did - he was actually happy that Melissa was there today.

Renee watched him as he moved away, admiring his body. For the umpteenth time she cursed her luck that she wasn't with Chad. "Well, atleast i get to enjoy his body every now and then"

"Hey, we're getting together at Shannon's this time on Saturday, you will be there, won't you" Renee asked Charlotta.

"Yes! It's been so long!" Charlotta smiled at her. "I've been having visions of bending my boss over his desk, tying his ankles to the table and strapping him soundly. I'm getting bored seeing the same naked male body everyday" Charlotta replied with a sense of relief.

Melissa's eyes grew wide at that. "What the hell does happen on saturday?" she almost blurted out. Charlotta realized what she had done and looked at Renee with a worried expression, they lived in a rich neighbourhood and did not want anyone finding out what actually went on during their potlucks.

Renee was a little worried too, the current situation had worked wonderfully for a year and she didn't want anything to happen to her joyride. "It has to be done," Renee thought, maybe this will turn out to be good". Turning to Melissa, she explained "Alicia, you have to hold on to this secret, you cannot let it get out. Can you promise me that?" They were old friends and been through a lot together. Each knew they wouldn't rat them out if promised.

"Of course, i won't tell anyone, but just what is it going on?!" Melissa asked

Renee proceeded to explain what had just happened one night... "Well, in a nutshell, I, Charlotta, Karol, Jacqui and Grace get together once in a while and have fun". Melissa couldn't believe her ears, maybe she was misunderstanding something.

"Ok..." She said with a quick glance at Charlotta.

"We realized that that the five of us shared a hidden desire to dominate men, to make them submit to our wills and have them dance to our tunes". "Remember how we sat in the park, watched men and wondered how they looked like naked, whether they were cut or how well endowed they were?" "We just took that to the next level" Renee finished with a smile at both.

"Is this sexually motivated?" Melissa asked, she was excited. Charlotta jumped in "Yes, which woman doesn't love looking at a well shaped naked male? but this is more than that. Besides being sexually fulfilling, it is incredible fun as well and it gives us the opportunity to tease and exert power over these cocky males". "We rule at these get-togethers, literally" Charlotta finished with a giggle.

"So you all meet together with your husbands and have a naked party?" Melissa asked, not quite comprehending what she had just been told.

"No, No, not the women" Renee clarified. "We make the men strip completely nude, we stay fully dressed. Well, sometimes we take off our shoes".

"It leads to sex? With other men?" Melissa was all gaggle eyed now. This was happening too fast for her.

"No! you are getting the wrong idea. This is a way to keep the males in their place. to not let them take us for granted. It does wonders to a male ego when he serves a fully clothed woman in the nude. Plus it is a bunch of harmless fun for us, having men wait on us while we ogle them. and oh yeah, punish them as negative reinforcement"

Melissa was feeling dizzy now. She endured the humiliating catcalls, the occasional grab, the sly wink and the rude stares from men at her body everyday. She had dreamt several times of tying them naked in the middle of a busy girls college or something so they would know what it was like to be objectified. Maybe this was her chance to give the males a taste of their own medicine. Besides, Chad was really handsome and she if she could see a few naked males, she wouldn't complain. She knew she was turned on by it, she felt it whenever she went swimming, trying to discreetly sneak peeks at men when she knew there was no chance they would catch her looking. "I hope i can convince them into letting me watch" she thought and said "hey, do you think i could come too on saturday?"

Charlotta was taken aback. She certainly didn't expect that! Melissa had always been the Ms.Goody two shoes of their group. The boys called her an ice-princess but the group knew she wasn't. They had often caught her slyly watching men, but she was very afraid to get close to one. They had no idea she was into men THIS MUCH though. Charlotta wasn't sure she wanted Melissa to come to their party. She wouldn't be bringing a guy along and everyone was a bit possesive about their males. They did not want a single girl enjoying what belonged to them even if she was such a good friend.

"Let me ask the others, they might get jealous since you will be coming alone. We've reached a kind of understanding amongst ourselves since everyone is bringing something to the party". "I'm sorry, i don't mean to be rude" She concluded. "I perfectly understand" Melissa replied with a tinge of regret. She wanted to be there on saturday, but she did not want to appear overeager. Her ego wouldn't let anyone know how much she actually liked men and their bodies. That was giving them too much importance and only lent credence to her mother's frantic pleadings that men were important to a woman's life and she ought to get married soon. "Well, let me know if you don't mind, i'd love to be there" she said and left it at that.

The rest of the lunch conversation was spent in catching up with each others' stories. what they had gone to do after college, their careers and their families. Melissa couldn't help noticing that Chad kept his eyes on his plate and talked only when talked to. He wasn't eyeing her body parts surreptiously but instead made intelligent conversation without being a jackass like most men did. She noticed the obedience in his tone when he said he did not mind getting them more tissues. "All men ought to be like this! at the very least the one i marry" Melissa thought to herself.

He was extremely handsome too, Melissa's mind went to the few movies she had seen unclothed men in. She imagined Chad walking slowly back with the tissues stark naked and his eyes downcast, "would his genitals jiggle like in that hollow man movie as he walked?", "would he cover his manhood with both his hands and stand with his legs together?" If he did, she wanted to instruct him to take his hands off and show her his goods, like in Y tu mamá también. Maybe she could dance with a naked Chad, like in "eyes wide shut", her palm would cup one of his buttcheeks. She wondered if it would be cold to the touch or warm. Maybe she would tease his by moving her finger towards his anus or run her fingers through the crack of his buttocks or slowly pull a cheek to the side. Melissa found that she was quite excited by these images, actually more than excited. She crossed her legs and pressed her thighs together tightly as she Chad came back to the table and sat down.

It wasn't until it was time for the mall to close that they decided to get going. Everyone had enjoyed themselves in their own way. As Melissa exchanged numbers with Charlotta she saw Chad make eye contact and quickly look away. "I like that, don't stare at me just because i made eye contact" she thought. "Please let me know" she said as casually as she could to Charlotta, there was no hiding the intensity of her wanting to be there from herself though.

Renee called up the others and as expected everyone was unsure about letting Melissa attend. This was their good thing, they did not want to share it. But then again, this was how their group had grown to include the younger women, Renee and Charlotta. Not that they were bored yet of seeing the same males again and again, but Melissa would eventually bring her own husband sometime. They had shared similar reservations when they contemplated letting Charlotta and Renee join in the fun but now they had had so much fun with breaking in Chad. "Ok, lets do it, i'm sure she will marry someone with the right temparament after joining us, we would have more people and she is a good friend anyway" went the consensus. So it was decided then and Charlotta immediately called up Melissa and told her the news. "Great, what do i wear?" Melissa asked excitedly. "Wear everyday street clothing, don't have on any revealing outfits. This is about our pleasure, not theirs". "Ok, will do" and she hung up.

Chad dreaded the thought of having the potluck in Shannon's place. Shannon seemed to take more pleasure than the others in humiliating men. Ever since her husband had left her, she had no qualms in subjecting men to painful ordeals. She would think of particularly humiliating things for the men every time. He could not forget the way she cooly sipped her wine while watching him outside in the cold the first night they had broken him in. She had a look of utter contempt for him as he knelt there, she had slapped on quite a few extensions to his time-out claiming he had broken the rules. It seemed to be so unfair that the women could see any part of the men's body but they have never even spied any cleavage on the other women. Once he had noticed Renee's breasts when she had bent down to pick up something, but had regretted it immediately. The soreness in his buttocks had lasted a week and he dared not look in her chest direction at all after that incident. Renee had teased him mercilessly in the office by wearing loose tops and bending around him, almost daring him to look. It took all the willpower he had to convince himself that the stinging whipping was too high a price. She always smiled in his direction as she straightened up, bringing up the image of him bent over the post, sobbing silently. He was thinking about that when they drew up to Shannon's house and parked the car. They seemed to be the last to arrive.

There were 4 paper grocery bags lined up neatly near the door. Chad glanced at them not noticing the significance. Shannon stepped outside into the light, "Hi Charlotta, long time". "Yeah, and he made it longer by dawdling in office. He's been coming home late for so long now. He definitely needs to be reminded what his priorities are in life", Charlotta said to Shannon with an annoyed glance at Chad. Chad cowered from the glance, his knees felt weak now.

"No clothed man is going to enter my house today", Shannon said smilingly looking from Chad to Charlotta and pointing at the paper bags lined up on the side. It was a moment before Charlotta understood what Shannon was saying. She grinned broadly.

"Well, you heard her. Take off all your clothes and put them neatly into the bag" Charlotta said to Chad wiggling her finger up and down pointed at Chad's clothes.

Chad gulped, knowing that it was best to do as told the first time, it was not like Shannon, just a friend of his wife had never seen him stripped naked on the orders of Charlotta. He looked around to make sure no one was looking, and started taking his clothes off quickly. Shannon leaned against the side of her door watching Chad, she loved the expression on his face when he was taking his pants off and then when he was taking his underwear off. She knew Chad would look at her from the corner of his eyes before his took his underwear off to see if she was watching him or his body. She never disappointed him. "You have to invite us to look at your new furniture someday Charlotta" Shannon said casually while waiting for Chad to get to the interesting part.

"Yep, just as soon as i finish arranging it to my satisfaction". Chad was bare chested and bent to take off his shoes and socks. That was when some light changed and he glanced up a little, not quite looking into anyones eyes. It was Melissa, standing there with a drink in her hand! She had stepped out of the doorway, past Shannon and stood there calmly. He could feel her eyes on him, he flushed all over. He was used to being stripped on a whim by the others, but Melissa was a new one. So they had told her all about themselves. He felt his body growing hotter, what if Melissa went back adn told all her friends how she had seen him naked and ... The lord only knows what they had planned for him today. He didn't want to make it worse, he lowered his pants slowly and stood in the cool air of the night, not realizing he was half crouching in his underwear. He saw Melissa glance at Charlotta with a smile and Charlotta returning the smile.

Chad couldn't bring himself to push his undies down in front of Melissa, it seemed so unfair, she was neatly dressed and although he could see the tightness of her clothes he could not see an inch of skin. And there wasn't going to be an inch of him that she would not have seen after today. He just stood there with his hands cupped protectively over the front of his undies. Shannon raised her eyebrows at Charlotta, she knew the hesitation was because of Melissa, a newcomer.

Charlotta was really annoyed now, "Oh, geez" she said as she delivered a stinging slap to Chad's buttocks. She hooked the fingers of one hand into his underwear and pulled them down. They did not come down all the way, but one side slid down enough for everyone to see the top of his genitalia. Melissa could not help stifling a giggle, she realized that Charlotta had pretty good authority over Chad's clothes. Charlotta again hooked her fingers, this time from both hands into the font of his undies and slid them down quickly. Chad's eyes jumped to Melissa and then to Shannon, wide eyed. It was a long time since Charlotta had had to forcibly strip him. He was mortified that his helplessness was so on display to these two attractive women. He had a sudden desire to turn and run back, but quickly realized that was not an option. He fought to keep standing in the same position, his instinct was to turn away from the women gawking at him but controlled himself. He knew he was in enough trouble already.

The undies were now near his calf muscles. Charlotta put one leg on them, pushing them towards the ground and holding them there as she stood on it firmly. She looked into Chad's eyes with a questioning look, "Put your clothes neatly into the paper bag" and then after a moment "Now". Chad stepped out of his underwear with Charlotta's foot on them and stood completely nude in front of three very beautiful fully dressed women. A gust of wind blew suddenly accentuating the feel of his naked, hairless skin with the air. Charlotta had told him to shave himself hairless that morning and had watched him until she was satisfied. He had felt like an exhibit being made up for display. Well, atleast it wasn't Renee with her teasing or Shannon with her mock(?) threats to make a nick here or there.

Melissa savoured Chad's stripping and body slowly. She was happy to be a part of this, on the safe side. The look on Chad's face as Charlotta stripped him was priceless. She wished she owned a male like that. A smile played on her lips as she realized she had thought of the word "owned" when thinking about a husband. Chad was more handsome in the nude, she thought. His eyes are focussing everyywhere but near the three women, i can check him out as much as i want", she thrilled. She looked at his well-built torso and shoulders before looking at his legs, saving the best for the last. She looked directly at his genitals, watching them twitch spontaneously every few moments. It hung over what looked like large testicles, she had an urge to lift that organ with her fingers and look at the scrotal sac. She noted the presence of a large birthmark on his penis before trying to look at his behind. He was standing facing her full on. "He should do a slow rotation for me"

Charlotta noticed the appreciative look that passed by on Melissa's face when she was stripping Chad of his last piece of modesty. She decided to show off a bit more. She loved the authority she had over all the men in these evenings. Charlotta worked as an office assistant for a bunch of cocky lawyers who made her run around for coffee and bagels. "If only I can have that with my boss, I'd be making him eat bagels off the floor at my feet"

"Get my shoes off, i don't want to make a mess in Shannon's house" Charlotta said to Chad, pointing at her shoes. Chad realized exactly what this was about. Melissa had her shoes on and Shannon never insisted on people taking off their shoes before entering her house. This was about showing off to Melissa, what better way to convey the dynamics of a relationship than an image of the male kneeling naked by the female's feet and taking off her shoes. He bent down onto both knees, Charlotta had not taken kindly when he bent down on one knee once. He felt the sand and grime make contact with his knees and bent his back a little more so that his face was near her ankle. Another gust of wind blew strongly and he felt its coldness against his anus, he felt glad there was no one standing behind him. Slowly Chad unlaced Charlotta's pretty black shoes and took them off slowly, one hand holding her foot and the other peeling off the shoe. Not wanting any action to be misinterpreted, he placed the shoes near his grocery bag while still kneeling, just slowly turning away from the women.

The shoes pointed at the bag which had its back to the wall. He stood up slowly and could make out the look of awe on Melissa's face. She had been looking at his crotch and then switched to meeting his gaze. Shannon was still leaning against the door and playing with a chain around her neck as she watched him. He immediately turned his face away. Melissa alternated between looking at his blushing face and his penis.

Charlotta took him by the arm wordlessly and pulled him gently into the house, Melissa and Shannon waited and watched until Charlotta was inside the house before walking in and shutting the door. It was quite a contrasting sight too, a fully dressed incredibly beautiful woman ushering in a nude man like a mother pulling along an errant child to somewhere he did not want to go. "If that was me, i would be pulling him by his ear", Melissa thought. She wanted to ogle his buttocks as she had only appreciated his penis and testicles until now; that's why she waited until the duo passed her. She appreciated the smooth buttocks and his legs as she watched Charlotta half drag Chad in. She had an idea come into her head, that she wanted to view his sphincter, she wanted to know that she had seen all of him plus she was really curious how it looked. His penis had swung wildly when Charlotta had tugged at his arm and he had to recover his balance, Melissa replayed that picture in her head until they got into the living room.

When Chad got to the living room, he saw the kneeling row of men and the women comfortably sitting on the sofas. Charlotta looked at him wordlessly and he knew what was expected. He silently made his way to the row of humiliated men. Renee was sitting with her feet tucked under her in the recliner. She wanted to catch that blush of embarassment once again.

"Hello Chad, long time since i saw you", she said in his direction. She waited until Chad looked in her direction before dropping her eyes to his genitals and smiling. She then looked up into his eyes again. Chad looked away quickly, the hello barely escaping his lips. He joined the other men in the humiliating position and kept his eyes down.

"Get your hands up in the air, all of you" Shannon commanded. The men obeyed quickly. "Ok, that makes for a nice sight, they look more naked this way", Shannon said and joined her friends on the couch. "Maybe we should tie their hands to hooks in the ceiling and force them to stand on tiptoes" Shannon suggested to her friends. The others laughed at the image and decided to try that out some day.

Melissa wanted to mark that day down as the best day of her life. She had arrived at Shannon's house before everyone. They spent a prodcutive hour getting up to speed on what each had been doing since college. Melissa had been sad to hear about Shannon's divorce. Shannon had always been a very strong willed woman, not giving in to bullshit. She had however taken a lot of it from her husband, staying by him because she thought she loved him. When she could take no more, she had given up on him and harbored a deep resentment against all men. Although she detested the basic personality of men, she still liked them for their ability to give her sexual pleasure. This was a perfect arrangement, she could boss over males and get the sexual satisfaction that she craved but all without much emotional investment. She could not make another investment, not after what had transpired in her marriage. "You'll like it, just wait and watch", she assured Melissa as Melissa tried to divert the conversation to the evening's events.

The first one to arrive had been Jacqui. "Come on, let's go welcome them" Shannon called to Melissa and stepped out.

"No clothed males in my house today", she informed Jacqui. Melissa had hung around in the background, not quite sure how she would feel in the midst of all this. Jacqui smiled impishly and instructed her husband to get as naked as possible. Trust Shannon to come up with something new, she thought. They had never had the men naked outside the home until now, although they had talked about making them work in the garden once. She saw that there were tall pots placed on the walls making an effective screen. Melissa was stunned by how little Jacqui's husband hesitated as he proceeded to undress himself. Outside and in full view of three women. "What would i not give to have such control over a man", Melissa thought. She thought she detected a tiny hint of hestitation when he reached his underwear but it was no more than a shift in his eyes. Melissa didn't quite have the courage to look at the male's almost-naked body. Her basic instinct and manners did not allow her to look directly at his body. She was sort of looking at him from the corner of her eye, aware that there was only one small item of cloth remaining, but not quite looking at him.

When he pushed down the last item, he put it into the paper bag and turned slightly to place it into a corner, he was not facing any of the women. That was the first time Melissa decided to bite the bullet and took in a long view of the nude male bending. She thought she saw his testicles between his legs as he bent, but was not sure. That was when Melissa realized that Jacqui and Shannon had their eyes riveted to his genital region. The guy was not making any eye contact, he kept his eyes mostly bowed down, looking at his or their feet. She realized she could stare all she wanted and he would never look back! She drank in his naked body as he turned to face the women again. "Why have i denied myself this pleasure for so long", she thought to herself as she surveyed the swinging penis hanging there. "What more could a girl ask for, a beautiful *and* obedient naked man".

They all went inside. Shannon made the introductions. "This is Kevin", Jacqui said to the others. When she saw that Kevin was dawdling in the background, she took a quick grip on his penis and pulled him forward hard. She maintained her grip on the organ as she continued the introductions, "He works for StarKick software as a program manager".

"What have you been upto all this years, when are you getting married?", Jacqui continued.

"Oh, the usual, college, a degree in communications and now in an ad company", Melissa replied. "Should get married sometime, hope he is like your husbands" she finished with a glance at Jacqui's fingers wrapped around Kevin. She was tugging on it gently as she continued talking.

Jacqui pointed Kevin's penis in the direction of a corner and made a downward motion with her finger. Kevin walked over quietly and knelt there with his head bowed, completely naked. Shannon watched his bobbing penis and buttocks with a smile of satisfaction and turned to look at Melissa. Melissa was wide eyed at Kevin's obedience and wondered what kind of power Jacqui held over him. Whatever it was, she wanted it too.

Melissa watched Karol arrive with her husband, she was bold enough to continue looking at him while he was stripping naked in the cold. Even after he was completely naked, Karol chatted for sometime with the other girls in the cold outside enojying the shivers that went through the hapless man. Melissa was in heaven. None of the men made eye contact. She could ogle any body, any body part for however long she wanted. She didn't have to worry about being caught appreciating a naked man. Karol finally had some mercy on him and nodded him inside. As soon as she saw the Kevin kneeling in the corner, she asked him to join Kevin. She gave him a slap of authority on his buttocks before sending him off. Melissa waited until he was kneeling beside Kevin before looking at the sight. Two kneeling naked men, they looked so vulnerable. Those penises hanging there, not being a threat to anybody. She could see Kevin's testicles but not Ryan's. She hoped she would get a closer look before the evening was over.

The women sat down on the plush sofas near the kneeling men and made conversation. They almost ignored the nude men in their presence, except to occasionally glance at them and their genitals when the topic of male genitals came up. They talked about their bosses, their physical attributes and how nice it would be to tie an annoying co-worker and whip him until he cried.Melissa found her mind wandering. She was incredibly turned on by all this. She found herself thinking about Chad, how would he look like naked. Would she be able to see his testicles clearly or would they hidden by his hanging penis. She wanted to have authority over him, drag him by his penis like Jacqui had done and slap his buttocks as if he belonged to her like Karol had done. She wondered if Chad would leave Charlotta for her and smiled to herself. "Not for better treatment, definitely".

Renee was the next to arrive, Melissa was at the door promptly to see the disrobing of another male. The other women smiled to themselves knowingly. Melissa was getting less shy and enjoying herself, they were glad. Jacqui followed Melissa out while Shannon and Karol continued to talk inside.

"Not our kind", Shannon winked and Karol smiled back. Melissa wondered what that was about and went out alongwith Jacqui to greet Renee.

She hugged Melissa as soon as they met and did not realize what Shannon had meant. Renee's husband was a pretty good looking guy and tall too. Renee saw urmila's expectant expression and knew she was waiting to see another man stripped.

"You might be disappointed" she told Melissa with a trace of guilt and commanded her husband, Zachary "Strip, Shannon doesn't want a man wearing clothes inside her house tonight". Zachary complied reluctantly, he knew he would end up stark naked in front of the women and they would look at him and his genitals jeeringly no matter what. He hesitated a bit and began to undress himself. He saw Melissa looking at him expectantly and shuddered. She didn't know about him but was going to find out, and then she would also laugh at him. But he had nowhere to run.

Zachary lowered his pants and stood there in just his undies. He looked at Renee once hoping against hope she would let him be because of the new girl. Renee met his gaze and folded her arms. He knew what he had to do. He slowly stepped out of his undies and quickly turned away to put them into the grocery bag. He thought he caught a look of surprise on Melissa's face. He had tried to make his body as small as possible, bending forward and crouching, but he knew with a sinking feeling that humiliation was inevitable.

Melissa had just a fraction of second to look at Zachary's genitals. She had been watching impatiently until he got down to his underwear. She looked at him hesitating and delighted in knowing that he had no escape. She would enjoy him visually and there was nothing he could do. She was actually looking at his face as he was stepping out of his underwear. Melissa found the look of defeat and shyness on a males face as he was stripping as much of a turn on as his private area. His penis and buttocks would be available for her viewing pleasure whenever she wanted, but that look of shame when he went from a man to an object was fleeting. She enjoyed happily the expression as he pushed the last item down after his pleading looks at Renee and decided to enjoy his genitals next.

Zachary turned away quickly so she wasn't sure but it looked like Zachary had the world's smallest penis!

She admired his buttocks in the side view as he bent over and placed his clothes neatly into the paper bag. He dawdled a bit but eventually turned half towards the women. Melissa put one hand over her mouth and giggled, without realizing it, she was pointing at Zachary's genital and giggling like a school girl. Once she realized what she was doing she stopped it and looked at Renee in wide eyed disbelief. "That's not the whole of it", Renee told her with an accusatory glance at Zachary. "It never gets hard", Renee indicated Zachary's penis as if it wouldn't be clear. "I can't belive i stay married to this", she said with a disdainful jerk in the direction of Zachary's genitals.

Melissa was shocked and a little happy at Renee's misfortune, she now understood Renee's longing looks at other men, particularly Chad better. She was happy that the beautiful Renee who had turned down many a man was stuck with this man for life. She smiled to herself but just nodded with concern at Renee. They led Zachary in and sent him off to kneel next to the other men.

Renee looked jealously at the kneeling naked men. She was disappointed a bit that Chad was not yet there, she just loved the fact that a small touch from her could cause an instant erection in him. It always validated her beauty since her confidence often hit rock-bottom when Zachary's penis never got hard, despite all her efforts. "Why me?" she thought as she looked at the row of male organs in front of her. Kevin and Ryan's genitals were soft but even in that state they were much bigger than Zachary's. "well, atleast i can enjoy them visually, where is Chad now?" she thought as she smoothed out her hair and jumped into the conversation with the other women.

Jacqui always felt a special something for Zachary, a very maternal feeling at his condition. She always tried to make him feel comfortable. It was weird, she wanted to take him in her arms and hug him, comfort him and tell him it was ok. She wanted to do it when he was sitting nude in her lap and crying his heart out. Maybe she would comfort him by pulling his head to her shoulder and patting his little penis softly and saying it would be all ok.

Jacqui wished Renee wouldn't treat him with so much contempt. More than what they normally subjected the men to. Renee always whipped him just that much harder, like she was taking something out on him. Maybe she would have Zachary over for a weekend. She would let him stay fully clothed and talk to him like he was any normal man. Take him out on a nice date and make up for his misery. She would try any of the different new drugs out on the market with him, be patient with him and see if she could make him into the man he was kneeling next to.

Melissa watched the four naked men kneeling there, eyes downcast. She pressed her legs together. It was combination of seeing them nude and the feeling of power that excited her. The women sat down and chatted like friends do, except with a spectacle by their side which they enjoyed taking glances at. Melissa felt a strong urge to see the men's anuses. She was curious, she had never seen such an intimate part of any man. Seeing one of someone was the ultimate expression of power over him. Besides she thought it would be quite a beautiful sight, if she could see Chad's. Chad's tight buttocks turned her on so much, she wanted to see those buttocks with splayed and his anus in plain view. Maybe she would even touch it or insert her finger in, impaling him. She smiled at that last thought and jumped back into the converstaion after peeking at the kneeling men. They looked so vulnerable and beautiful, their dangling genitals and obedient demaneaor.

Melissa surveyed the scene in front of her, her fingers running through her shiny hair. Four very naked men knelt with their arms stretched up in the air and their eyes looking down at their feet. The women who had only gestured them into this position sitting comfortably and talking amongst themselves with only an occasional glance at the men.

"How different from the other parties I've been to, the men plonking down on sofas in front of TVs while the women took care of the food. How in the world does this order come about?", she thought as her eyes ran quickly over the row of male organs.

Six Months Earlier:

Chad was positive that Renee was into him. She always smiled back whenever she caught him looking at her instead of turning away. It seemed like she was flirting with him all the time too...

"I'm sure a goodlooking guy like you broke many a girl's heart when you married Charlotta""What a great cook you are! Handsome and a good cook! I'm more jealous of Charlotta now than before""Have you ever thought about making out with anyone in an elevator?", when they were alone in the elevator.

"Do you think I look better with my hair let loose or up?"."Loose when you're wearing sarees and up in jeans or tracksuit". He said after thinking a while and trying to be as polite and non-committal as possible, although his heart was beating fast. She had since followed that pattern perfectly as far as he could remember.

"I cannot go wrong on this", he thought for the umpteenth time as she led him away from the others so they could be alone at the table.

She had invited herself to staying late on that day but there was no reason for her to. She had nothing to do with the Warren case "Zachary is attending a conference in Las Vegas. I'll just stay and help you out; at the least I can keep you company".

Chad made up his mind to make his move then when it had gotten sufficiently late and she showed no inclination to leave him and go home. They had even shared a cosy dinner and returned to work after a couple of rounds of drinks. Maybe it was the alcohol that blurred his judgement or the sight of her fleshy waist peeping out as she reached up to get the file or the smell of her hair as she leaned across him, her dress brushing against his arm.

He put his left arm around her just below her breasts and held her tightly, pressing his groin into the cleft between her plump buttocks, moulding his shape into her back and burying his face in her hair. He playfully pinched her right buttcheek and tried to pull her towards himself.

Renee turned around and pushed him away hard. Chad had never seen her so angry or with that kind of fury in her voice.

"I did not expect this from you, Chad. You turned out to be just like all males, a woman can't be a little friendly with a man without him thinking that she wants him in her bed", her eyes flashed. "And to think, I'm your wife's best friend!"

"I'm r .. really r... really sorry", Chad stammerred back."I'm going home now, tomorrow I'm going to talk to Mr.Lear about this assault. You are going to really regret this", Renee pointed to the security camera which was in perfect position to capture Chad's actions and stormed out of the office dialling Charlotta on her way out.

Renee and Jacqui met Charlotta for lunch the next weekend.
"Here is the videotape, I coaxed it out of security. It Wasn't that difficult and now there is no record of the incident except this one.", Renee put the video on the table in front of Charlotta.

"I'm sorry to be the one to be telling you this, Charlotta. We go back way longer and I don't want you to be hurt now or in the future. I just had to let you know for the sake of our friendship."

"I know he has a roving eye, what with him being good looking and all, but I never thought he'd actually do something like this", Charlotta was very close to tears, her voice quaking.

"I wish I could cure him of his big ego but I've had no luck so far"

"How are you dealing with it so far?", Jacqui asked putting a hand over Charlotta's.

"I'm just giving him the cold shoulder and the silent treatment for now, I know he will come around temporarily before going back to his old ways", Charlotta said with a look of resignation.

"You have to be firm with him, set down limits and boundaries clearly. Men will go as far as they can in matters like these. You have to be more forceful than just the cold shoulder"

"It's easy for you to speak, you've got such nice husbands in Kevin and Zachary", sneha said angrily. "It's not fair that men can get away with anything but I cannot so much as have a thought about another man's body without feeling guilty". Her sadness and anguish was quickly being replaced by a desire for revenge.

"Well," Jacqui said with a sidelong glance at Renee, "Kevin and Zachary did not get to be docile that way by nature. If you would like to get Chad to behave as nicely as Kevin or Zachary then listen carefully to what we tell you..."

Renee and Jacqui spent the next one hour explaining to Charlotta about how Kevin and Zachary had come to be that way and just why it worked well for all of them. They then gave Charlotta the option of joining their party and how it would help keep Chad on a tight leash.

"It's up to you Charlotta, I want you to know I don't plan on making use of this tape either way", Renee finished and then switched topics.

By the end of the lunch Charlotta had decided. She was going to be a part of this. She wanted her bit of fun too, the lord only knew what shenanigans Chad had been up to if he was willing to hit on her best friend. She knew for a fact that he was intimate with quite a few women before their marriage but she never begrudged the fact because she believed he was no longer like that.

"I've been stupidly bound by a false sense of bonding between the two of us", she thought. Besides, if Chad would turn out to be anything like Kevin or Zachary that would be an end to itself.

"I'll be there on friday night", Charlotta said to Jacqui finally.Jacqui and Renee exchanged quick smiles, they weren't sure how to handle the fallout if she did not agree but instead spilt the beans about their lifestyle.

"Ok, you come over an hour early so we will show you the ropes. Once you are comfortable, we can introduce Chad to the party"

Friday Night:

They were sitting down on the corner couch. Jacqui, Charlotta, Shannon, Karol and then Renee. Kevin, Zachary and Ryan stood in front of them silently, their eyes not looking at anyone.

Karol spoke first, "Listen up boys, Charlotta is going to be joining us today, whether you like it or not. We are going to show her how things work around here and I don't want any of you feeling shy because she is new. You will act exactly as you have been doing for the past year. Any hesitation or funny out-of-the-ordinary behaviour and you can trust me, you will all regret it for several days and you will be doing exactly as we ask you to anyway after a few reminders. So I suggest you just be good boys in the first place".

She always got a kick out of ordering the men about by referring to them as boys. She was younger than any one of them.

She surveyed the standing men and waited until it had sunk into them. When she saw the look of acceptance on each of their faces after they had thought about it for a minute, she continued "I want all three of you to say that you get it"

The three men mumbled incoherently but the women understood what they were saying. Normally they might have prolonged their humiliation by forcing them to repeat it but today was special.

"Ok then, can the three of you please undress yourself to your underwear as fast as possible", Shannon said crossing her legs.

The men struggled to obey. They took off their trousers, shirts and undershirts and folded them neatly, placing them inside the designated rack as they always did.

"Maybe we will get to keep our underwear on", they all thought hopefully but not believing it completely for fear of it not coming true.

Charlotta watched the three men standing in front of her. "This is the way I want Chad, docile and obedient", she thought to herself. She was a little jittery about the males undressing in front of her but she found comfort in Jacqui's hand which was placed over hers.

"Arright then, the reason you people have your undies on is so that Charlotta doesn't get uncomfortable too fast, not because we are going to go easy on you", Shannon announced to the men, "Get that?"

She then turned to her friend and asked, "Are you ok? Charlotta"

"I'm ok so far", Charlotta said her eyes sizing up the three men in their undies and looking very jumpy.

Shannon turned back to the men, "Put your hands inside your underwear and cover your genitalia. We don't want you offending Charlotta with the sight of them"

The men complied slowly, each putting his hands inside his underwear and making a prominent bulge.

"Are your genitalia completely covered", Shannon just wanted to prolong the moment.

The men silently nodded.

"I'll go first, Mine is the oldest", Karol said with a laugh and shifted forward in the couch.

The three wives then moved forward towards the men and slipped their fingers into their respective husbands' underwear and with one smooth motion slid them down to their knees. They then shifted back into comfortable positions.

Charlotta stifled a giggle as she looked at the sight in front of her. The men, any one of whom could have been her boss's boss, standing stark naked in front of their wives with their hands cupped protectively over their groin and their underwear around their knees. They looked like helpless little boys.

Shannon took over again, "Get them off completely and careful with the hands"

The men slowly stepped out of their undergarments completely careful not to move their hands away. They were glad for this protection although no one felt it would continue for long. They were being allowed to be modest for a while to make one of their wives' friends comfortable.

"Now put your undies along with your clothes in your designated racks", Shannon pointed to the rack in the closet. "And again, careful with your hands", she finished with a smile.

The men groaned inwardly, they understood how Shannon wanted to debase them. Zachary did it first, he bent down onto his knees, bent his face to the ground and picked up his underwear with his teeth. He got up carefully again, trying not to lose his balance as his hands were still holding his penis tightly against his skin. Zachary then walked to the rack and deposited his underwear. He walked back slowly not daring to look at any of the women and stood where he had stood before in the same position. The women's eyes followed him throughout his actions shifting their attention to the two men coming back from the rack once he was standing in his place.

Charlotta watched with a mixture of disbelief and satisfaction. She wanted Chad to be under her control like this. She wasn't sure how she would feel when her husband was being dominated by another woman but then remembered what Renee had said was the only rule "No woman can dominate another woman's husband unless the wife herself offers him. Sure, you can touch him and tease him but nothing more".

"That's a fair enough trade for being allowed to be a part of this", I owe nothing, I feel nothing towards Chad. I can see myself enjoying this", Charlotta thought, not taking her eyes from the males in front of her.

"Good boys! now follow me", Karol stood up and crooked a finger at the row of men and walked towards the stairs.

The men obediently followed her in a neat line. Charlotta watched three pairs of male buttocks in motion as they walked away obediently behind Karol. She followed their progress as they climbed the stairs and disappeared from view.

Karol allowed the men to follow her feeling like the pied piper as she turned around and looked at the line following her. When they got to the landing, she checked that the women below could not see them and stopped, leaning against the wall.

"Ok boys. At ease now", she waved her hand at their groins as if to brush off their hands.

The men silently uncovered themselves, letting their hands fall to their side.

Karol leisurely enjoyed the sight of the group of male genitalia standing around her in an arc. She couldn't wait for Chad to be part of this group. "The more the merrier".

She gestured them into the room pausing near the door as the men trooped past her.

"Remember boys, no talking about your wives. You can talk about other women and their bodies if it's not too weird", Karol pointed a finger at each of the penises in front of her for emphasis.

She then shut the door, turned the key and took it back down to rejoin her friends.

"So, you and Chad want to join the club?" Shannon asked turning to Charlotta.

In response, Charlotta called Chad and told him to get to Shannon's house immediately. She hung up and smiled nervously, "I can't wait"

"Alright then, you know the rule about not dominating another woman's husband unless the wife offers, don't you?"

Charlotta nodded.

"Well, for just today, you will have to give everyone permission so that he doesn't ever realize this and you will need all the help you can get"

She nodded again, a little apprehensive but knowing this was what she wanted.

It was an hour later that Chad rung the doorbell in Shannon's house. It had been a while since Charlotta had made the first move to talk to him. Maybe she was going to forgive him today and things would come back to normal. She had been cold towards him the last week and the mental tension was killing him. He could not believe what he had done to Renee; how could he have been so stupid.

"If she gives me another chance, I will stick by her loyally and never indulge in these antics", he thought to himself as he rung the bell.

Shannon opened the door almost immediately as if they had been waiting for him. She greeted him and waved him inside as she always did. He took off his shoes and socks and left them in the shoe rack.

Chad walked in to the living room to find Charlotta and her friends sitting on the long couch. Shannon walked past him and sat down closest to him.

"Wow, she looks awesome in that thin skirt. Congratulations on the nice long legs, babe", Chad said to himself as he made to sit down in the recliner.

"No, Chad. I want you to remain standing here", Charlotta's voice.

It wasn't until then that Chad picked up on the atmosphere. Something was up, all eyes were on him like he was an appetizing dish. There was an air of expectancy. Things didn't seem right here.

"Okaaaaay" he said slowly looking at Charlotta.

"This is for your viewing pleasure tonight", Charlotta said and pressed play on the remote control.

Chad froze as the tape started playing. The security camera could not have captured the scene more perfectly. Him pressing himself into Renee and she turning back and waving her finger in his face and walking away angrily. He was doomed if this tape found itself into Mr.Lear's hands. He was sweating as he heard Charlotta's voice dimly.

"Come here and stand facing us".

He turned around and faced the women with trembling legs. All eyes were on him.

"How could you do that, Chad? That is the exact same position I told you I love so much when you do it to me. Does it not matter who the person is on the other side of you?", her voice had a touch of hurt.

He did not reply because there was nothing he could think of to say.

"You have two options, Chad", Charlotta raised one finger, "I will send this tape to Mr.Lear. He will fire you because he can't risk not to. He will then forward it to the association and if he doesn't, I will. You will never ever work in this country again. I will divorce you, get the house and atleast half of everything else we own. You know how well divorce works for women, don't you?"

"I'm really sorry Charlotta, I was drunk", Chad said, his voice quaking a little.

"The second option", she completely ignored him and raised another finger, "We can continue this relationship on my terms. You will do as I ask and walk the path I set out for you". She paused before continuing, "Nobody will be any the wiser about your antics, your professional life will be as it used to be ... except if you go against my will in which case Renee will send the tape on to the right places. Think about this for a while and tell me what you decide", Charlotta concluded folding her arms across her chest.

It did not take him a while because he defined himself by his career. Maybe, all this can be kept under wraps. Besides, he really did want to make up to Charlotta as he had broken her trust.

"I really want our relationship to continue, we can do this on your terms", he said after only a brief interval.

"Good", there was an element of seriousness in her voice though. "Let's test that now. Take your shirt off and put it on the lowest rack", she indicated the closet.

Chad was surprised at that, she wanted him to take his shirt off in front of her friends? He did not argue though. All her friends had seen him in his swimming trunks at the beach enough times. He looked at her and when he saw she was waiting impatiently, quickly unbuttoned his shirt and put it in the closet. He squinted his eyes as he looked at the other sets of neatly folded men's clothes but he was in no state to understand their significance.

He came back to stand in front of them even though she hadn't said that explicitly. Charlotta stood up in front of him and reached for the hook on his trousers. He felt her soft hands against his stomach as she unhooked it. Chad looked into his wife's eyes uncomprehendingly.

"What are you doing?", he opened his mouth to ask before he realized her hands were on his fly. He felt the her brush against his groin and realized she was going to strip him right there.

"No! what are you doing!", he shouted and took a step back, holding his pants together although they were in no danger of falling down.

Charlotta watched him rebel against her and something inside her snapped. This was what he did always, agree to something and go back to doing what he wanted as soon as possible. He never kept his word, not once when it came to their relationship.

"What is it with you and compromising in our relationship? Can't you keep your word for once?!", the steel in her voice surprised everyone.

"Do you remember this ring?", she showed him their wedding ring, "You promised me you won't think of another woman as long as you are with me. Now I know how much you meant that!", she pointed at the man.

"And what about these shoes?" she took off her right shoe and held it up, "you promised me when you gifted them to me that you would not flirt with another woman as long as I wore these". she pointed the shoe at the man "and look what happens as soon as my back is turned"


The sound reverberated around the room and shocked everyone. The women stiffened up while Chad looked with disbelieving eyes at Charlotta. She had slapped him square across the face with the sole of the shoe she was holding in her hand. The sting on his left cheek was getting worse with each moment and his eyes began to water. He held his hand up to his cheek and stared numbly at his wife. When his brain eventuall regained control, he first looked behind Charlotta to see the reactions of her friends and found four pairs of amused eyes staring back at him. He looked at Charlotta who was still holding the shoe in her right hand.

"Are you going to keep your word or not?!", his wife asked him shaking the shoe.

Chad took a step backward in reflex as he saw the shoe move in her hands. He saw Renee and Shannon suppress a giggle behind Charlotta at his movement.

"Put your arms over your head and stay like that", Charlotta ordered dropping the shoe. She was confident she wouldn't need that again.

Chad felt a deep sense of shame on being slapped with his wife's shoes in front of her friends. More than that her fury had made him realize how he had let her down since forever in thier marriage. He felt a deep desire to make up for it all and wanted to obey Charlotta no matter what. He did not want to lose her and have his life go back to the empty bar-hopping days. He silently moved his hands up and placed them over his head.

Charlotta felt satisfied at the expression on her husband's face and his unfocussed eyes. She reached forward and quickly unzipped him. She wanted to get through this part fast before he rebelled again. She tugged his pants down and held each leg as she he stepped out of them. She then took the pants and threw them into the closet along with his shirt.

Renee looked at the trembling man in front of her clad only in his white underwear. "Beautiful", she thought, "One more piece of clothing and passing up the office affair would be worth it".

Charlotta came back to stand in front of her quivering husband. She looked at Karol and Shannon while she walked back and was rewarded with looks of appreciation.

She wordlessly inserted her fingers into the waistband of his underwear now. She was sure he was going to resist but she had already planned how she would deal with it. The look of abject surrender on his face as she had slapped him with her shoe was a pure delight for her and also taught her a valuable lesson. She had been stunned initially as she realized what she had done but the look on his face and his reaction had told her it was the right thing.

"No, pleasseee don't", Chad hissed dropping his hands and holding on to his underwear desperately and taking a step back.

Charlotta calmly bent down and picked up her shoe and stood up straight, brushing her hair back which had fallen over her eyes.

"Put your hands back where they belong", Charlotta ordered her husband in firm voice, only slightly lifting the shoe in her hand.

Chad eyes grew wide but he put his hands back up on his head reluctantly.

THWAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKevin! she slapped him across his cheek again with her shoe. This was a well-planned deliberate shot.

Chad's cheek went numb as he felt the heat spread across his face and into his neck. Before he could completely regain his senses, he felt his wife's cool fingers on the inside of his undies again and push them down. The next thing that registered in Chad's brain was the sensation of cool air at the base of his testicles and between his buttocks. Charlotta pushed the undergarment down to his ankles with her foot. When it touched the floor, she placed the foot firmly on it.

"Step out of them", she said softly and calmly indicating the garment at his ankles with the shoe she held in her hand.




Chad was horrified at his humiliation and his head was reeling as if he was in a dream falling down from a tall building but in his heart he wanted to do everything he could for his dear wife. He did not want to let her down again or break his word or do anything that would get her angry. He silently stepped out and stood stark naked. He watched as Charlotta pushed his white underwear to the closet with her feet. She let him stand there as she went back and sat down between Karol and Jacqui again. Jacqui put her hand over Charlotta's and squeezed gently as if reassuring her that she had done the right thing.

Each woman on the couch had different thoughts going her head as she looked at the man trembling in front of them. His face was pink but his left cheek was almost red, they could make out the triangular impression of a woman's shoe tip on it. His arms holding his head tightly displayed his muscles perfectly. His penis hung down over his scrotum and swayed slightly as he shifted his weight imperceptibly. His toes were curled inward as though gripping the carpet for support.

"Damn you, Charlotta. How do you have such good luck with men?", Renee thought, her eyes staring at Chad's penis. She compared it to her husband's organ. "It's at least five times as thick and several inches longer. Zachary is like a newborn baby in this regard". She noted how Chad's penis tended to sway when he moved while her husband's penis barely moved even when he walked. "Maybe you can dance for us one of these days"

Shannon uncrossed and re-crossed her legs. She brushed her hair back away from her eyes while thinking "He's the biggest of them all and that birthmark sets off the organ quite nicely too. This outfit suits him very well, if I were queen I would make this the regulation dress for all men in my country."

"Nice young body, reminds me of my hubby when we first met. How long before I can get a foot massage from this", Karol thought of Chad at her feet while she removed the clip that held her hair up and let it fall over her shoulders. She was a big fan of having males at her feet, naked ofcourse. "I'd like to bounce his scrotum off my toes"

Charlotta was proud of herself. She felt like a horse owner did while displaying a prize animal to her friends. She could see the looks of awe in her friends' eyes at what clearly belonged to her and the way she had stripped his diginity into submission. "Why did I not do this sooner? I wonder how his penis measures up against the others". She smiled to herself as she realized she was now eager to see the other husbands in the buff after the initial discomfort she had felt.

Chad slowly came to be aware of his surroundings and his position in front of his wife and her friends. He slowly registered the fact that he was standing completely nude in front of five fully dressed women. He had been slapped and forcibly stripped naked by his wife who was now looking unflinchingly at him. The women in front of him came into focus slowly. He saw Renee looking at his penis with an amused faraway smile. Karol was undoing the clip in her hair and running her fingers through it but keeping her eyes on his genitals from the corner of her eye.

As the horror dawned on him, his hands flew from his head and cupped them over his genitals. He held his penis up against his body and forced a forearm over it to try and block them from the view of the women.

Awwwww, he's so cute standing there like a trembling puppy in the cold. I should go over and wipe the tears from his cheeks, then gently cup his head in my hands and kiss him full on the lips. I wonder if it will touch my stomach or my thigh if I were to hug him, it is quite long", Jacqui's mind ran through the possibilities.

Shannon knew this was the time to press the advantage in. Had to get him over the bump before he rebelled too much. She got up and walked over to Chad with an angry stride. She watched the look of fear on his face as she held his arm.

"Come with me now!"

She pulled him by the arm and led him towards the big bay window. Chad stumbled behind her, his hands trying to cover his modesty as best as he could as Shannon dragged him along. She opened the glass doors and pulled him out. Chad instantly felt the cold air of the ocean envelope his body as he stared at Shannon and then at his wife sitting inside in disbelief.

She stood in the doorway and crossed her arms, "You can come into my house when you stop behaving like this. Charlotta did not tell you to cover your privates", she pointed disdainfully at his crotch.

"I am going to lock this door now. At any time that is convenient to you, please kneel down and put your hands up in the air and think about all the hurt you have caused Charlotta and how you have let her down. If you stay in that position for twenty minutes continuosly, I will let you in at that time. Understood?"

Chad stared back dumbfounded

"I think you do", Shannon pulled the glass door shut.

The women watched him through the glass as he stood there with a look of consternation on his face. He was looking around himself to make sure no one could see him. They saw the look of resignation across his face as he slowly knelt down on the patio and put his arms up in the air.Karol watched his penis bob as he removed his hand with a mixture of sadistic pleasure and lust and a thought came to her

"Hey, Does Chad's penis also shrink a lot in the cold like my hubby's does?", she held her thumb and index finger up and bought them closer to mimic the idea.

"It does, but just a little bit", Charlotta indicated a tip of her index finger with a giggle.

"You enjoying yourself, Charlotta?" Shannon asked. She wanted to confirm that taking charge of her husband was ok with her.

"I'm doing great. So when do I get to see them again?", Charlotta pointed a finger at the upstairs room where the men were locked in.

"Very soon, don't worry. we just gotta make sure Chad is completely treated", Shannon assured her. Charlotta was feeling lot more comfortable in her new role. "The wonders of smacking a naked man with the sole of your shoe", she thought to herself.

"Here's what the general plan is for Chad, you just have to follow our lead. I hope you are onboard with us ...", Shannon went to tell Charlotta about what they had thought would be the best course of action.

It was almost 15 minutes later that Shannon opened the glass door and stood before Chad. Chad had knelt there silently knowing he had no other choice but to submit. He looked up at her hopefully, she must have come to let him in. He felt like he had been out there for hours.

"Can I come in now, please? It's very cold here", he asked her, the blood rushing into his face at the embarassment of having to ask such a question in his naked state.

"Don't talk to me unless I ask you a question", she snapped at him. "Fifteen minutes more for you while you learn that lesson well", she turned and walked off pulling the door shut.

It felt like an hour passed by as Chad saw the women calmly chatting on the sofa. Eventually he saw Shannon make her way to the door with a glass of wine in her hand. He hoped she would open the door but she just stood there on the other side and looked at him wordlessly. He looked up to meet her gaze and found pure joy in her eyes as her eyes travelled over his bare body in the cold and lingered on his penis. She made eye contact with him again before walking away as he felt a sense of resignation. He was determined not to talk this time until she spoke to him.

He lost all track of time as he watched the women inside. They seemed to be chatting normally as if nothing were out of the ordinary. Several times one of the women would get up and he would meet their gaze in the hope that she was coming for him but the woman always detoured away after only an amused glance at his state. After what felt like an eternity his eyes followed Shannon as she got up and came towards him. This time she pulled the door open but made no motion to let him inside. He looked up into her eyes hopefully.

"Why are you looking at me? Haven't you learned the consequences of lusting after women who aren't your wife? We've been watching you for the past fifteen minutes" Shannon said sharply from the doorway.

Chad averted his gaze quickly.

"Good, that's another lesson for you. Don't admire women unless they specifically give you permission. Twenty minutes of the same for you" She shut the door on him again.

Chad was miserable as he realized how powerless he was. He had bought it upon himself and he felt as wretched as any man forced to kneel naked outside could feel. He was determined to go through it for the sake of his career and for Charlotta.

It seemed like hours passed this time as his stomach started to rumble and he felt cold. His knees were chafing from the cement. He had no track of time as he avoided looking into the house for fear of being slapped with another twenty minutes time. When he felt a shadow fall in front of him, he dared not think that the woman had come for him lest he be disappointed again.

He did not look up but felt it was Shannon. He kept his mouth shut and continued staring at the ground as a full two minutes passed. He could only see her feet in his peripheral vision in that time; it looked like Shannon because he could make out the thin white skirt.

"If you want to come in and obey all of Charlotta's rules, kiss my foot now. You may put your arms down now", it WAS Shannon. She moved to stand full in front of him and extended a foot so that only the toes touched the ground in front of him while the heel stayed in the air.

Chad felt a deep sense of gratitude for her suddenly for the way out she was offering him after a harrowing evening. He leaned forward, braced himself on his palms and kissed her foot near the ankle. He tried not to think of how much he did not want to do it, as he was positive Shannon would know and she would punish him further.

"Good boy, get up, dust off your knees and come in", finally the words he had been hoping to hear.

He walked into the warmth of the comfortable house keeping his eyes from making contact with anyone.

Charlotta walked up to him, put her arms around his torso and held her arms together. "I'm glad you're behaving, Chad. I'm not done with you though, we're going to punish you now to make sure you have learnt your lesson and never repeat it".

"Look at me now", she moved her upper body a little away from him and lifted his face with her fingers so that he looked into her eyes. "Do you understand? Are you going to go back on what you promised me earlier?"

"N-no, Charlotta. I w-w-will do it". He was still feeling cold and could not think of another timeout outside.

"Then, Put yourself into position over there", she indicated something behind him turning him with a firm hand on his arm.

Chad looked at what was behind him in the dining room. It was a smooth wooden bench bent in the shape of an arc. It had a large sturdy base and a large hole about three-quarters of the way down. There seemed to be some kind of short wooden stubs at the ends of the arc. It looked very heavy and very expensive. He did not quite comprehend the position that Charlotta was asking of him. He dimly turned in the direction of the contraption and stared it blankly.

"Oh geez", Charlotta exclaimed as she wrapped her fingers around Chad's dangling penis as though gripping a tennis racquet, squeezed for a moment and pulled him along with it towards the wooden device. Chad stumbled behind her with a quick look at the other women to see if they had caught Charlotta's actions. They were all watching Charlotta's hand with bright smiles.

When they got close to the bench, Charlotta let go of the captive organ with a jerk. She gave it a quick look before pointing at the wooden stubs on one end of the bench. "Stand on here and bend over the bench, don't worry, it will be comfortable". She then cupped her husband's scrotal sac with her palm completely and indicated the hole in it, "and put these into the hole".

Chad dumbly moved to stand on the flat wooden pieces at the base. His genitals could not quite reach the hole as it was a bit too high. It was a testament to his state of mind that he took a hold of both his penis and testicles and tried to lift them and place them into the hole.

Charlotta giggled, "no, genius. Raise your feet so you're standing on tiptoes and lie across the arc. The other stuff will fall into place"

All the women burst out laughing. "Is he as bad in finding the right position in bed?", Karol asked.

"You have no idea. If I don't guide him in right even after all these years, he would never find it".

Chad had managed to position himself now. Without being told he took hold of the bars at the other end of the arc. Even more blood rushed into his already red face as Charlotta blithely talked about how he needed to be guided during sex. It had all happened too fast for him to understand.

"What were his wife's friends doing standing against the wall looking at him with a delighted expression for?"

"Why was Renee standing on the other side holding that cane against the side of her leg?"

"He seems to have given up fighting it finally", Shannon thought as she watched Chad's genitals dangle through the hole.

The women moved quickly, Renee took off the dupatta she was wearing and tied his hands together. She then tied the soft cloth firmly to the wooded bar. Chad felt Renee's hair brush across his cheek as she knelt in front of him and tied his hands with soft cloth. He could felt hands binding his ankles similarly to the steps at his feet. When Renee was done, she looked up and gave him a brilliant smile. He felt another soft cloth being tied around the center of his back to hold him down against the wood. It was soft like a woman's garment but he did not know what exactly it was.

Charlotta walked up in front of him and lifted his face up with her fingers.

"I'm glad you decided to come around to my point of view, Chad. I really like you and would have hated to have our marriage end", she held his gaze.

"I'm going to let Renee punish you since she has suffered such mental agony at your hands. It is only fair that I hand you over to her to let her do as she pleases", she nodded at Renee who was waiting expectantly for this moment.

"Why was he lying on this bench butt naked and tied helplessly, his body conforming to the arc shape of the bench?"

Renee walked over to the nude man quivering on the bench. She looked at his body bent over the arc, completely naked to do with as she wanted. She had watched him as he had naively scooped up his genitals in his hands and tried to insert them into the hole. As comical as the sight was, she found it so very cute that she wanted to hold him tight and kiss him on the lips. She stood behind him admiring the shape of his buttocks, the taut muscles of his back and his strong legs.

"This is so much more exciting than a secret office affair", she thought to herself as she placed her fingers on his upturned buttocks and took hold of a chunk of flesh.

"How do you like your buttocks being pinched, Chad?", she pinched the flesh held captive in between her fingers.

"How does it feel to be treated like an object, Chad?" she pinched the flesh again but this time pulling it away from the cleft of his buttocks to expose his sphincter. She held that position for a few seconds as she admired the sight. She could see his dangling penis on the other side of the bench from where she was standing.

"How do you like to be treated like an object that is defined by just this?", she aimed for the large birthmark on the penis and gently tapped with the cane to watched it swing. She was impressed with how heavy it felt against the cane.

"Time to have some fun", Renee thought as she let go of his butt and took a step back, moving the cane into her right hand.




She placed the cane at the nape of his neck lightly and then slowly drew it down through the cleft in his back. she could feel his body shuddering and squirming as the light touch of the tip tickled him. She paused a little as the cane came closer to the raised buttcheeks to look at the other women, he was pushing unconsciously against his bonds now. She slowly continued the cane's movement into the crack of his buttocks as the cheeks started twitching involuntarily. She waited for the telltale sign of the cane dipping slightly and when it came, she knew it was resting right on his anus. She applied a gentle pressure to push the cane inside a small distance and began to twist the cane slowly using her fingers. The effect on Chad was electric, his legs tensed together and he gripped the bars harder.

"Do you think a woman's body is a sex object that you can play with at will, Chad?", she asked the twitching man. "Answer me now!", she snapped.

"N-n-n-n-n-o-oooooo", Chad was unable to form a coherent thought as he felt the cane continue to turn in his nether hole stimulating his nerve endings.

"Isn't your favourite joke that one about how a woman is a life support system for her breasts?", she continued to torment him. She had walked in on their male co-workers joking in the kitchen once.

"N-n-n-oooo", Chad said yet again. He wished she would stop rotating the cane against his most intimate body part. She was rubbing it in his face that she held so much power over his body and she could toy with it at her will.

"Don't lie to me, Chad. Look at your current situation before you decide to make it worse"

"y-y-ess, but it was only a joke, I don't think like that", he managed to stammer out.

He felt the cane being removed from the orifice of his body and felt a sense of relief. Scarcely had it sunk into him totally before he heard a loud swish and then "THWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKevin".The cane bit into his buttocks square in the center as Renee's hand bought it down with perfect aim. His whole body tensed and strained against the cloth holding his body down as he tried to get up only to be firmly held down by them.

The women watched with fascination as a red line developed across the center of his butt. Chad was straining his feet against the cord, not with a hope of escaping but as a reflex against the spreading pain but it was to no avail.

"Only a joke?! You think women's bodies are solely for your pleasure and to be made fun of?" THWAAAAAAAAAACCKKKKKKKKKKKevin, the cracking sound reverberated across the room as Renee slammed the cane into the hapless flesh. Chad's buttocks thrust out towards her immediately in a lewd fashion as soon as the cane impacted.

"mmmmppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaah", a tortured sound escaped from Chad's lips as he twisted his head in the direction of the women and expelled his breath. His hands moved involuntarlily in the direction of the pain but they were held fast. His hips slowly went back to being pressed against the wood as his pain reduced from its peak.

Renee had aimed succesfully for a spot just below the first red line and watched with calm satisfaction as the parallel lines developed across the skin.

She did not wait, she wanted the pain and helplessness to be seared into Chad's brain so he would stay obedient and docile for a long time to come.

"I'm expecting an answer, don't make me angry", she tapped the cane against the top of his buttocks.

"I'm real-l-l-l-ly sor-r-r-ry", Chad managed to stammer in between gasps of breath.

"Sorry about ...", Chad felt the tapping stop, "WHAT!"

THWAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKevin, Renee punctuated her last word with a severe slash of the cane. Chad's head bucked up, his hands were pulling desperately against the cloth so much Renee was afraid he would cut himself. His legs were now twitching on their own, beyond his control. Renee had aimed and succefully delivered the blow at the bottom of his buttocks, just above his thighs.

It took more than a minute before Chad could control his body of his own voilition again. Charlotta began to get a little worried about Chad at this point. She didn't want to damage him in any way, she thought of what Jacqui had said "There is very little chance of any damage to his body, the genitals are safe on the other side of the bench.", she had said as she indicated the hole in the bench. She couldn't deny that she was begining to get aroused at this caning although she wished she was the cause of Chad's writhing instead of Renee but her friends had told her they would teach her slowly using their own husbands as subjects. Today's events had to be perfect to mould Chad into what they wanted.

"What are you sorry about?" Renee asked, barely able to conceal the excitation she felt at caning the man she had thought about for years.

"I' sorry for making such j-j-j-okes", Chad had to use all the willpower he had to focus his thoughts and form a reply so as not to upset Renee any more and avoid more pain. He was sorely mistaken for Renee wasn't whipping his butt because she was upset.

"It's not about jokes, Chad", Renee had note of exasperation in her voice now.




She punctuated her last three words with a resounding whip of the cane into the buttocks of the man who was at her mercy.

Chad lost all control over his body at this stage. He felt all the breath in his lungs leave him and a fire spread throughout his body. He twitched and convulsed against his bonds which held him fast. Not caring at that point that his wife's friends were watching, he broke down into sobs and did not even try to stem the tears that were rushing down his face. He did not care that his genitals flopped and bounced about as his body spasmed and put on a show for the women standing next to him.

Renee moved a little to the side so she could see see her subject completely. She did not intend to deliver any more strokes anyway. "What's an office affair compared to this?", she thought as she watched the tears coming out of Chad's face. She looked at the way his buttocks were twitching outside of his control and pressed her thighs close together to relieve some of the throbbing she felt between them.

"Too bad we can't have the men serve us between our legs today, that would have been too much for Charlotta to handle", she thought as she replaced the cane in the closet and came back to stand alongside Charlotta.

The women decided to let him stay in that position until he had more control over himself. They watched him as he quited down slowly and then went back to the comfortable sofas to let him recover from his experience.

It was over fifteen minutes later that Chad fully regained control over his thoughts and take stock of the humiliating ordeal he had undergone. He felt a deep sense of remorse and wretchedness for himself that he had let his wife down and had to suffer punishment like this. He decided he would be on his best behavior to keep his wife happy and give her full control over his life. He felt a deep sense of devotion to her, knowing inside him that whatever she did would be right for him. He relaxed all the muscles in his body and let his head and body rest fully on the bench. He closed his eyes and tried not to think about the day.

He opened his eyes when he heard voices around him. He looked up as much as his bonds would allow him and saw the smiling face of Renee, the woman he had lusted after for so long. He now felt a profound respect for her and averted his gaze immediately. His eyes fell on familiar shoes and he realized he was looking at the shoes which his wife had used to slap him. He saw the shoes move and disappear from his view as they moved to his side.

Charlotta took a firm hold of her husband's penis hanging limply through the hole in the bench with her slim fingers. She moved her fingers up until her fingers wer curled around it just below the head. She then used her index finger and thumb to push the foreskin up exposing the head to her friends. They were leaning against the wall hoping the day was not yet over. It was all up to Charlotta though.

"See what happens when you think with this instead of your brain, Chad?", she asked.

Chad just whimpered back. He agreed wholeheartedly but could not quite form the words required to express it.

"I'm going to let you free now, Chad. But only if you promise you will seek everyone's forgiveness here. Renee for not busting your ass to Mr.Lear, me for breaking my trust, Shannon, Jacqui and Karol for their help in convincing Renee to not go public with the tape. You owe your life to all of us here and you had better make us believe it. If not ...", she let her words trail away.

Chad struggled hard to say "Yes-s-s-s, I promise, Charlotta"

"Good boy!", Charlotta patted his buttocks gently, noting the neat parallel lines inflicted by her friend and looking at Chad for the wince. She looked questioningly at her friends who smiled approvingly and moved forward to untie the bonds from his legs and hands.

When the last bonds were undone, Karol and Jacqui helped Chad up from the bench and held his arms to steady him. Karol was enjoying herself as she held the trembling man up. He was totally unaware of his body and his jiggling genitals as he strugged to steady himself. She put her arm around his hip and gently nudged him in the direction of the sofa.

Chad hobbled to the sofa held between the two women. The feeling eventually came back into his legs and he was able to take his own weight eventually. He felt a desperate urge to rub his backside with his palms and rid himself of the burning sensation within but his hands were being held by two women and he had no strength in his mind and body to complete the act. When they eventually reached the sofa, Jacqui positioned him in front of his wife and asked him kindly "You think you can stand by yourself, Chad?".

Chad just nodded slightly. The two women left him there after making sure he could indeed stand on his own and went to sit down by their friends. Chad's hands immediately moved to try and rub the fire out of his buttocks.

"Stop that and look at me for now" Charlotta's tone had changed.

Chad forced himself to keep his hands by his side and look at his wife.

"I want you to kiss each of my friends' feet for helping you out. If you convince them all to forgive you, then I will believe that you have indeed turned over a new leaf and your public life will be back to normal. I will then allow you to rub your buttocks and get some relief"

Chad resigned himself. He deserved all the punishment he had been made to undergo. He really wanted Charlotta to give him another chance and get on with the good life he had. It was his foolishness and lack of respect that had bought him to this state and he had to make amends for his behavior.

He knelt down before Karol, felt the carpet against his knees and bent his head towards her feet. He kissed it with as much sincerity as he could muster and asked "Karol, Thank you very much for talking to Renee about this.", he lifted her foot with his hands and kissed it near the base of her toes. He felt the cold metal of her anklet make contact with his forehead.

Karol paused a moment enjoying the sight of the nude man at her feet, "that's alright. Be a good boy and don't let Charlotta down again. Do whatever she asks of you and I forgive you"

Chad looked up to Charlotta for approval and when she nodded he moved to the next woman. Shannon was sitting with her legs crossed as usual. He rose up slightly to the level of her right foot. Shannon wanted to humiliate him just a little bit more; as he moved to take her foot in his hands she moved her foot away forcing him to follow her foot. He took hold of it and asked for forgiveness again.

Shannon gave him the same approval that Karol had given.

Chad moved on to Renee on his knees, he felt his face burning as he looked at Renee's feet. She had whipped him soundly and he was now thanking her. He had hoped to see her beautiful body and enjoy it in private but she was the one sitting calmly while he knelt naked at her feet."Thank you, Renee for not telling Mr.Lear about me. Please forgive me, I promise never to act like that again", he then bent his head and kissed her foot.

Renee felt the wetness of his lips and nudged him up gently with her toes. "I did it for Charlotta, Chad. I hope you will behave yourself in the future and do as Charlotta tells you to. Now go on to Jacqui", she pointed to Jacqui's feet.

Chad then moved on his knees to the last woman he had to beg foregiveness from, Jacqui. He put his hands on either side of her foot and bent forward.

Jacqui was too kind to let Chad suffer any more than he already had. She got up and helped Chad up by his arms. Chad stood up from his kneeling position not daring to look into her eyes. Jacqui then put her arms around the naked man and hugged him tightly to her body. Chad felt a wonderful sense of warmth as Jacqui's body enveloped his. He could feel her large breasts push against his bare chest and her soft hands wrap around his back. She pulled him to her forcing his penis up into the folds of her saree. Chad felt for a brief moment as though she were shielding his nudity and shame from the public eyes of all the others. He felt a heartfelt sense of gratefulness towards the kind Jacqui at her gesture. She let him go and said to him in a soft voice "Be a good boy, listen to what your wife says and all will be well". She wiped his tears off with the tip of her saree and pointed him gently in the direction of Charlotta.

Chad stood naked and his eyes brimming with tears in front of his wife. "I'm sorry Charlotta, I promise to listen to what you say. I would really like us to stay married".

She relented, her voice softening and her body relaxing, "Ok, Chad. I believe you for now. You may rub your bottom if you wish".

Chad murmured a thank you at being given permission and proceeded to rub his red buttocks furiously. The rapid rubbing eased his pain a little. He kept his eyes down, unable to look at the women from whom he had to beg forgiveness and permission to ease his aches. The women enjoyed the sight immensely. When they heard the murumured thank-you they realized Chad had been broken in completely. He had actually begged forgiveness and seeked permission to ease his pain from the very women who had caused it.

Charlotta got up and held his face between her hands. She kissed him full on the lips inserting her tongue forcefully into his mouth as she cupped her hands around his bare buttocks. Eventually she let him go and turned him around in the direction of the bench, "Get back there and resume your position. don't worry, there is no more punishment for you as long as you behave".

Chad walked back to the bench slowly. He could feel the women's eyes on him as he walked back. He reached the bench, stood on tiptoes on the bars and inserted his genitals through the hole perfectly this time. He let his full weight rest down on the bench with an air of resignation and closed his eyes to contemplate the evening's events. Eventually he felt a hand touch the blistered skin of his buttocks and immediately a cool sensation spread out dulling the fiery pain that had not stopped for a long time. Chad did not know who it was, but he could feel two distinct hands on his naked flesh. He would have gotten aroused under any other circumstances at the feel of the two feminine hands on his skin, but this time he only felt an intense gratitude.

The pain eventually receded to a more tolerable level. Chad heard Jacqui's voice as though in a dream, her hand resting on his back now, "I hope that feels a lot better for you now, Chad. You just lie here for a while and I will take you back after some time. Charlotta is going to have some new playmates for now. She would like you to meet them later." She patted his buttocks affectionately before moving away. He never knew who the other woman was.

It was thirty minutes before he felt the same hands touch his shoulders. The pain had almost receded and he felt he would feel it only when he sat down. He heard Jacqui's kind voice again, "Come on Chad, Charlotta would like you to meet her new freinds".

She helped him up gently, watching him pull his hips back to free his genitals from the hole awkwardly. She held his hand as he steadied himself and looked into his eyes. She placed the glass of water in his hands and watched him drink from it gratefully.

"Are you feeling ok now, Chad?"

Chad nodded silently.

She took his arm with her left hand and wrapped her right arm around his waist, holding the flesh just below his ribcage as she gently propelled him in the direction of the voices coming in from the living room. Chad walked back in a daze helped along by Jacqui.

He was stunned as he saw the sight in front of him in the living room. He had survived several shocking events that evening but the sight in front of him shocked him even more and caused his mouth to go dry.

There were three men standing in front of the seated women, all as stark naked as he was. They were standing close, their bare shoulders almost touching, right in front of his wife. His wife held the cane in her hand and the other end of the cane was holding Ryan's penis up as she looked at it.

Chad was taken aback by the unabashed joy seen on Charlotta's face as she contemplated the male organ she was controlling. She had always acted as though she did not like to see them in the movies, calling them gross. The expression of happiness on her face now was totally contrary to that.

As they came closer to the group, Jacqui maneouvered Chad with gentle pressure on his body into a position close to the other men. She made him stand close to the man on the end of the nude line, gently nudging and pushing him until he was as close to him as the man on the other end.

"So, when you get erect, does this point up straight towards the ceiling?" Charlotta lifted the captive organ with the cane and held it flat against the man's stomach.

"Or does it go only halfway?", she lowered the cane slowly until the penis was pointing at a fortyfive degree angle from his stomach.

Chad was struck by how much Charlotta seemed to enjoy toying with the other man. He did not look at the other naked men directly but could see Charlotta's hand move and hear her delighted voice.

"Forty-five degrees ma'am", he replied.

Chad felt a shiver run through him as he heard the "ma'am"

"And how long does it get when you're fully erect", she moved the cane in a circular motion around the organ causing it to flop around.

"I-i-i don't know ma'am. I've never meausured it"

"There's a fun idea for the next potluck", Karol giggled.

Charlotta turned to Chad finally, "How are you feeling, Chad?"

"Much better now", and after a slight pause without him realizing it, "ma'am".

"Good, now introduce yourself to our mutual friends here. Walk down the line"

Charlotta leaned back in the couch and watched her husband stand in front of each man and introduce himself. "That should teach you to lay off the lesbian jokes", Charlotta thought as she watched how uncomfortanble Chad was as he shook hands with each of the naked men. He did not meet anyone's gaze for more than a fraction of a second.

"Ok, everyone. Party's over for today. We will let you know the next one will be held as soon as possible", Karol announced once Chad was done and came back to stand in line in his previous position.

"Retrieve your clothes from the rack and bring them here. Get dressed in front of us", she ordered.

The men trooped off giving the women a nice eyeful of naked backsides as they retrieved their clothes from the closet and came back to stand in front of them, the clothes clutched in their hands like prized possessions.

Karol let the moment play out for as long as she could while the women ran their eyes over all the male bodies waiting expectantly for the final order that would put an end to their ordeal.

"Ok, boys. Walk out to the cars and put on your clothes after getting inside", she watched their faces knowing that she'd store the priceless expressions for a long time while her friends chuckled.
The women talked amongst themselves like any group of women do. They complained about work, talked about clothes, shoes and current affairs without involving the men. Melissa tried her best not to look at the men, but it was hard to forget there was a group of men not ten feet from her, kneeling naked. She could see them out of the corner of her eyes, their hands in the air obediently. She did not want to turn around fully and stare at them, her friends might consider that rude.

Her throat felt dry suddenly as she asked herself if all this was a dream.

"What are our boys up to", Jacqui's voice convinced Melissa temporarily of the reality of the unique situation.

All the women's eyes turned to enjoy the sight of the hapless men, kneeling naked with their arms up in the air. Melissa finally had her chance to take in the sight fully again as everyone was looking at them. She did so hesitantly, her views composed of quick glances and looking away immediately.

"you can put your arms down now", Jacqui said kindly to the men.

The men did so wordlessly, as always glad for the presence of Jacqui there. She had a genuine warmth and kindness towards them, a sort of counter-weight to the vengeful ways of Shannon. Jacqui definitely enjoyed their nudity but stopped well short of being mean and spiteful, preferring to enjoying the meanness imposed by the others.

"So what do you think of our slightly offbeat potluck party here", Jacqui asked Melissa

"It's ... It's very different", Melissa replied. She hesitated a bit before continuing, "Well, until yesterday, I would have freaked out if you told me I would be in company of men like this", she cast another fleeting glance at them before facing Jacqui again. "But I think I'm ok now, it is very different", she felt a little silly at her awkwardness repeating herself.

"It's just a matter of who is in control of the situation and the direction it may take" Jacqui comforted her, "and you can't deny how enjoyable it is once you put aside how society expects you to react"

Melissa fought to keep her eyes from dancing back to the males. She realized she was fighting from enjoying this scene and despite Jacqui's gentle lead to not fight her natural instincts, she felt a guilt that she was actually wanting to look at the men.

"You have such power and control over them, do they accept anything you say?" Melissa tried to divert attention away from herself momentarily.

"Absolutely, you have not seen anything yet", Karol jumped in, "I firmly believe that it's not until you try something that you know whether you like it or not. Don't decide you won't enjoy something just because society expects that of you!"

Karol decided to give her friend an example. Turning towards her husband Ryan she beckoned, "Ryan sweety, I'd like to put my feet up on a ottoman but there isn't one here, you think you can help me? please", she smiled at him prettily.

Melissa's mind filled with expectation in spite of herself. Ryan was going to have to walk over by them to get anywhere to get an ottoman for his wife. She looked forward to his genitals bobbing and swinging as he struggled with the weight.

"So she has him always at hand, ready to do anything for her anytime", Melissa mused as she saw Ryan get up from his kneeling position and shuffle towards them in small steps, trying not to create a spectacle of himself.

Ryan was failing miserably at it because all the women had their eyes fixed on him. Everyone was watching his groin area except Karol who was looking at his face waiting for that moment when he would look at her. Melissa uncrossed her legs and moved up in the sofa to give Ryan space to walk by her. She was surprised when Ryan's figure, instead of going past her as she expected, disappeared from her view as he knelt down on all fours in the space in front of Karol's feet.

Ryan shuddered. Karol did this often in the privacy of their own home, she seemed to have a thing for him kneeling near her feet, he distinctly remembered many a time when she had maneuvered into a position where he or the other men were at her feet as soon as they got naked.

"Maybe she really wanted him to carry an ottoman over?" Ryan looked at Karol as he neared her but as soon as his gaze met hers she indicated the space in front of her legs with her feet, pointing one dainty foot towards the empty space.

He noticed that the new girl, Melissa, was sneaking peeks at his genitals, she would look at them in quick motions and look away instantly. He felt Shannon was just staring at his bouncing genitals without a pause, while his wife Karol was looking directly at his face. He was in a fix now, Melissa was sitting to the right of Karol on a single sofa while Karol was in a couch with Jacqui at her side. He couldn't decide which was more embarrassing, having Melissa look at his naked buttocks as much as she wanted or her looking at his servile and embarrassed face as he knelt in front of Karol.

Zachary turned around and faced Jacqui ultimately, getting onto his hands and knees in front of his wife. He tried to make himself as small as possible, keeping his legs tightly together as though protecting his testicles and anus from Melissa's eyes.

"Thank you, honey" Karol said to the nude man on all fours in front of her before sliding down a little and placing both her feet on him. She thrilled with the power she wielded and the look of awe on Melissa's face. She just loved the feel of naked skin under her feet, the blushing face, the fully exposed body and the hanging genitals turned her on sexually, not to mention the tingle through her body at the power she felt as she raised her feet and placed them on a naked person that was so submissive to her. He was a little too close, her feet were lifted too high. She tapped her right foot against his hips. Ryan scooched a little away from his wife, moving his knees on the carpet in a short step so as not to open up his legs a lot. His face burnt with shame as he looked at the back of his hands supporting his weight.

Karol put her left foot on the back of his neck and pushed it down firmly. She wanted her left leg at a lower height. Ryan's cheek touched the carpet as his neck was forced down by his wife's foot, his weight eventually being supported on his elbows. He could see Jacqui's pretty feet with bright red nailpolish and the outline of Karol's hips hugging her skirt from this angle but his immediate thought was how his buttocks had to be raised when he went down. Karol sunk farther into the sofa, moved her foot from his neck to her husband's cheek and patted it gently as if saying "good boy", then let it rest there on his upturned cheek. The cold metal of her ankle bracelet rested on Zachary's cheek and reminded him constantly about his position. Karol then moved her leg to place her right foot square onto Zachary's buttocks.

Melissa was stunned as she watched Karol adjust her legs over her husband, she caught herself in time as she realized she was staring at Karol's foot resting on the man's behind so casually.

Memories came back to her of how Karol had been with boys at college and realized how natural this was for her. Boys used to be at her beck and call, they fought over her to take her out even though she treated them like crap. She remembered many a conversation...

boy: ... if you're not doing anything this saturday we could check out the new movieKarol: No, not this saturday, boy2 is taking me outboy: How about sunday?Karol: no, I'm going to the play with boy3boy: Chad'mon Karol, you promised you would go out with me next week a month backKarol: Definitely soon. Why don't you call back next week?

And the most amazing thing was that the boys would keep calling. Karol completely ignored the guys who showed any semblance of self-respect and did not want to be treated like that. She had enough attention from many willing boys anyway. Her long dark hair, her sparkling eyes and firm body ensured there was no dearth of boys fighting for her attention.

"How natural that as she got older and more powerful, this is how things would work out for her", Melissa wondered, glancing at Karol's foot and the buttocks under it. She realized she was looking at the man longer now without being uncomfortable, maybe because he could not possibly know that she was looking at him.

She felt a little disappointed that Zachary's legs were close together and she could see neither his genitals nor his anus. Karol had put her foot over Zachary's rear end in such a way that Melissa's view of his anus was blocked. She was mildly shocked that she was disappointed on not being able to see a man's anus. As he had walked across, she noticed how his testicles hung low although she was positive they were higher when Karol had first stripped him outside.

She brushed her hair away from her face while glancing quickly at the other kneeling men to see how their scrotal sacs hung but they were too far to make out clearly. Melissa found that she was miffed a little at what she saw as a small victory by the man. She watched with fascination as Karol then began to tap her right foot on Zachary's buttocks to the rhythm of the music playing in the background. With a smug look on her face Karol turned to smile at Melissa.

"They don't start out like this, do they?", Melissa was wide-eyed without realizing it.

"Not at all, we all have different stories on how we got here"

"Mine started when one day Mr.Kevin here", she cast a glance at her kneeling husband, "was washing the dishes with just a towel wrapped around him. Poor thing had no idea that his agreeing to help me with the dishes before jumping into the shower would change everything".

"He looked sooo cute the way he was completely focused on doing something so mundane that I felt like distracting him forcibly, so I snuck up behind him and hugged him. When his hands were busy again, I quickly pulled off the towel and stepped out of his reach. My god, Melissa, you should have seen the look of shock and shyness on his face!" Jacqui was gushing now as she remembered Kevin's face as his hands flew to cover his genitals and his body shrunk into a half-crouch.

"This from a man whom I've seen naked a million times and washes his car without a shirt because it's too much work!". No one missed the loving dreamy look on her face.

"Kevin, please get me some juice and come here", Jacqui asked her still kneeling husband. Melissa noticed how Jacqui's "please" had no sarcasm unlike Karol's order to Ryan. She wondered if Jacqui's "get me some juice" would surprise her like Karol's "get me an ottoman". She looked expectantly towards Kevin's genitals to enjoy the way they would flop as he got up first on one knee and then on both feet before moving away quickly into the kitchen. She felt like a predator as her eyes followed his progress and strangely enough, she felt a power run through her instead of a guilty feeling.

Melissa's attention was momentarily distracted to Karol's foot as the music stopped in the background and her foot stopped tapping against her husband's buttocks. She looked to see if Ryan's anus was now visible while at the same time rebuking herself for wanting to see it.

Melissa was rewarded by the sight of some darker flesh between his buttocks but it wasn't a clear look as Karol's foot slipped down her husband's cheeks. She noticed how it was almost a caress, albeit with her foot and saw Ryan shudder in his position. She wondered if Ryan was enjoying the touch of a woman on his naked body even if it was a foot. She followed Karol's foot as it slid lower until it passed the buttocks. Her foot then gently pushed against the kneeling man's thigh insistently.

Ryan had felt glad at first that Karol's foot had stopped tapping once the music stopped. He felt like a trivial object for her entertainment as she used her foot on his behind. It was bad enough she forced him to stay him completely naked in front of her friends but she used him in that state for her comfort and amusement while her friends gazed at every inch of his body. It was like what he thought didn't matter to her at all. Zachary was hoping she would send him back as the feel of her foot slipped away from his buttocks and down to his thigh. Even in that state he felt a sexual urge from the smooth feel of her foot sliding over her body and immediately felt his penis react. He became acutely conscious of his dangling penis again as a shudder swept through his body from the embarrassment and his unconcealed desire. It was so unfair that he felt sexual desire from the touch of the underside of her beautiful foot while all he was to her was a toy. Then he felt Karol's foot insistently push against his thigh and felt a wave of shame sweep over him as he realized what she wanted to do. He slowly pushed his right thigh away from his left, knowing fully well he was opening himself up to the gaze of Melissa. His mind was drawn to his hanging scrotum as the temperature around it changed and felt Melissa's gaze on it. He waited for it, knowing it would come. Nothing happened for a few seconds and he was just beginning to relax when he felt her toes tap his testicles.

Ryan realized how vulnerably his testicles hung between his legs as they started swinging due to his wife's tap. He felt them swing and then the tap again as they swung back to meet his wife's toes. She was being gentle but there was no way to avoid feeling the slight tap on his most sensitive part. He closed his eyes as he thought about the spectacle he was. The taps continued relentlessly not allowing him to forget how he was presenting his testicles swinging back and forth between his legs to all the women who were seated comfortably.

Melissa watched speechlessly as Karol's foot tapped her husband's scrotum again and again. She watched it swing in a slight arc while Karol's foot waited for them to come back and then, another tap with the tips of her toes. She suddenly felt a swell of jealousy inside her for not having what Karol had. She wanted a naked male for herself too, a handsome one whom she could order to strip and he would do so immediately. She would then enjoy the availability of his body, any part of his body whenever and however she wanted. She watched the taps of Karol's toes on the swinging testicles with fascination until Kevin returned carrying some apple juice for Jacqui.

Jacqui took the juice from him and grabbed him lovingly in a hug from behind. She wrapped her arms around his middle pulling him close to her and pressing into him from behind.

"I just love the feel and smell of his bare skin against me", she thought as she pressed her breasts into his back and tightened her arms around him. She swung him around to make him face Melissa. Jacqui felt his muscles tighten as he was placed completely square in front of Melissa whose eyes jumped up as she looked into his blushing face. Jacqui stood on tiptoes and put her chin on Kevin's shoulder so that she could look at Melissa as she continued.

"So, to continue.... This was the man on whom I had not seen any shyness ever, but he was crouching now, covering himself with his hands and pleading for the towel back.", Jacqui spoke over Ryan's shoulder.

"I teased him for a little bit, refusing to give it back. At that time I thought he would jump on me and rip my clothes off or something", Jacqui tightened her arms around his torso.




"But he just stood there like a little boy, covering himself and pleading for his towel. Why is that, Kevin?", she asked him giving him a peck on the cheek.

"I.. umm, aaa", Kevin could only mumble in response. He was barely able to understand her question, his mind shutting off from Melissa's direct gaze into his eyes and his wife's breasts pressing into his back. He was acutely aware of his penis hanging down right in front of the Melissa, who looked utterly composed and amused in contrast to his completely vulnerable state.

"It was probably because I was fully dressed and he was stark naked, like we are now", Jacqui continued over his shoulder, he could feel her breathe now as her breasts bounced when she giggled. "It was just incredible how much of a little boy he was, and before I knew it, he was hugging me tightly. He was clinging to me shyly with his head on my shoulder like he had never done before. That was the first time I felt he wasn't hugging me to cop a feel"

"So one thing led to another, I forced him to be completely naked as often as I could, and eventually with Shannon's help, here we are", Jacqui completed giving Kevin slight push as if offering him to Melissa.

Melissa didn't blink as she looked at Kevin take a step forward to avoid falling. She watched his penis bounce and admired the love Jacqui seemed to have for him. "Jacqui has such a nice thing going. I will love my man like Jacqui loves hers and he would do anything for me because he loves me as much and would do anything to keep me happy". "And if only he looked like Chad when I strip him", she directed a quick glance at Chad who was still kneeling in the corner.

Ryan felt the closeness and warmth of his wife's body, the shape of her breasts pressing and compressing against him and the scent from her hair which was so near, yet he could not touch. It had been so long, his penis started to erect, moving of its own accord. He saw Melissa glance away, brush a stray hair from across his face and look back towards his genital region.

She had a surprised smile on her face as she pointed one dainty finger at his groin. Melissa looked at his face for a second before meeting Jacqui's eyes. "It's... his ... that is moving", she giggled.

"Oh yeah, it has been quite a while since it got much attention, hasn't it", Jacqui cooed into his ear. He felt her breath on his ear and blushed again from the intimate contact and the fact that she was letting everyone know how she controlled his sexual release. She was laying him bare in more ways to the new girl.

"What do you mean?", Melissa's eyes darted curiously between Kevin's penis and Jacqui's face. She noticed the penis had stopped erecting and was beginning to droop back down. "How fascinating to have a man express his desire in such a primeval fashion, leaving no reason for doubt"

"Reward and punishment, Alicia, that's how you control your man", Jacqui explained, "if you want to control him, that is".

"I'm almost positive I want to", Melissa thought to herself but she only raised her eyebrows questioningly.

Jacqui continued to hold Ryan tight with her left arm while at the same time using her right arm to point out her husband's genitals to Melissa, "A man's reward and punishment centers are both located here simultaneously". She felt a tightening of her husband's body as Melissa's eyes focused directly on Kevin's genitals.

"I for one firmly believe that our husbands will remain devoted to us partly for the reward to here", Jacqui tapped her husband's penis slightly causing it to sway, "and partly for the punishment to here", she tapped the organ again.

"What do you mean, punishment?", Melissa did not want to hurt her man physically in any way, certainly not there.

"Trust me, Alicia, not giving them the reward is the worst punishment for them", Jacqui giggled.

Melissa relaxed a little as she understood. She was vaguely aware of how men could be slaves to their sexual desire but now she comprehended the magnitude of it.

"Yes, my man would yearn for me and my body so much it would be the cruellest punishment if he didn't get it and he'd do anything I say for that reward. Makes perfect sense!", Melissa was delighted now.

"Speaking of which, I have a new game for us to try", Shannon announced from her place. "Want to hear it?"

"Game?", Melissa thought she could not be more surprised that day but that was constantly proving not the case so far.

"Yep, since we're so different, we have our own couple games", Karol piped in, "Shannon is really wonderful that way in coming up with new games, what's your new game, Shannon", she asked.

"This one is going to test how well you have been controlling your significant others", Shannon explained. "First, let's get everyone together". She turned to the still kneeling Chad and Zachary. "Won't you boys join us here", she waved to them.

The kneeling men reluctantly got up and made their way to their wives, Shannon's games were not something they looked forward to.

Karol took her foot off Ryan and Ryan stood up stiffly. Several pairs of eyes turned to look at his groin and he saw the amused expressions in those eyes. His wife has used him in such a demeaning manner but he had still been aroused by the touch of her foot. It illustrated his relationship with his wife so perfectly.

Jacqui let go of Kevin and made him stand next to the other three and sat down next to Karol. Six women sat down comfortably and relaxed as they gazed at the four naked males standing near them shifting their weights on their feet, their genitals sticking out and putting on a sight for them.

Shannon scooched a little ahead from her position on the sofa so she could look at all the others, "we're going to see who can go from the flaccid state", she held her index finger in a drooping state "to a fully attentive state", she straightened her finger to point upwards. "The winner is the wife who has managed to keep her man wanting most and is the true measure of how successful a marriage is. Sound good?"

"But how will...", Karol started.

"Wait, wait" Shannon continued with a calming motion of her hand, "Absolutely no contact with the penis or testicles is allowed, you can touch them anywhere except their genitals. I will time the people and the winner is the one with the shortest time. Any contact whatsoever with their genitals and you are disqualified immediately!"

Shannon looked around at her friend, "now, what are your questions?"

Renee spoke first, "That's a great idea, but it's not like you don't know about our dear Zachary and his little problem here", Renee said with a sidelong glance at her husband's penis.

"How could I have such bad luck", Renee lamented to herself for the millionth time. She looked at Chad's penis which was hanging so far down. She looked over at Kevin's penis which had become half-erect from the close contact with Jacqui. She stared into her husband's eyes, giving him the eyes of guilt before turning and making a face at Shannon.

"Dang, I didn't think about our friend here", Shannon laughed.

Zachary felt a deep wave of humiliation sweep through him as his wife dismissed him in the most humiliating way possible - by pointing out his male organ was not up to the normal standards. He saw the new girl Melissa look at his face with a puzzled expression and then her eyes dropped to his groin and then she started giggling uncontrollably. He suddenly felt more naked than he had felt before, not only was his body exposed to everybody but his flaws were pointed out blatantly. He was acutely conscious of how small his penis was and the accusing glances from his wife as he realized he had failed her and that too in front of all her friends and what's more her friends all knew and were laughing at him. His shoulders drooped and he wanted to shield his genitals from the eyes of the amused women but he remembered just in time how angry Renee would get if he did that. She would punish him and then be more angry, at least this way he could suffer and she would not get angry - she always seemed to be not so angry when he was not nude around the other women and she was reminded of how her husband's penis was smaller than the other women's husbands' organs.

Jacqui looked over at Zachary feeling an immense sense of pity. She saw his shoulders droop and his eyes blur. She thought that was unnecessarily harsh. There was no need for Renee to be so explicit about his condition. She walked over to Zachary and put her arm around his waist holding him close and drew him towards herself protectively. Her arm lay just across the top of his buttocks, she thought he had a beautiful set of buttocks and could feel their tautness at her arm. She felt the warmth of his skin on her and his abject dismay at the way he was being picked on in such a humiliating manner.

"Reneeiiiii, there is no need to say such things. It's not his fault, you know that and you yourself have several times told me how he makes up for it by his enthusiasm elsewhere", she admonished Renee gently and tried to emphasize one of Zachary's positives.

"How about you play with Kevin for this game while I play with Zachary?", she asked Renee while simultaneously tightening her grip around Zachary's waist and pulling him closer as if to comfort him that he would be on her team even if the others didn't want him.

Renee looked musingly at Kevin noting how his penis had lengthened when Jacqui had played with him. That was the kind of effect she wanted to have on men. To tease them and deny them release while they lusted after her, but fate, she reflected had not given her an opportunity.

"This should be interesting", Renee turned to Jacqui. "Alright then, deal!"

"But Jacqui has already had a head-start here", Charlotta protested pointing at Kevin's organ which had lengthened when Jacqui had held him.

Shannon held up her hand, "leave it to me, the playing field will be level, trust me", she assured them.

"Ok, Karol, you can go first, how do you want your husband positioned? Standing up or lying down?", Shannon asked Karol

"Hmmm...", Karol thought back to what Ryan loved about her the most other than the feel of her hands on his genitals. She remembered their college days, how he used to get hard quickly when they kissed while she let him touch her breasts. She would pull back when she felt his breath quicken and run her finger across his erection which was outlined clearly through his jeans. She had always loved that pleading look in his eyes at that moment. "Lying down I think", she replied.

Shannon took hold of Ryan's hand and tugged him down. Ryan sat down gingerly feeling a slight chagrin when his bare buttocks made contact with the carpet. Shannon put a hand on his chest and gently made him lie back with his head on a pillow. She then got up and disappeared from his view.

Ryan sensed the women gather around him and felt like he was in some dream. He saw their radiant and beautiful faces around him and all their attention seemed to be on his body which was completely exposed to them. To be the center of attention of so many beautiful women excited him, even though he was completely helpless and at their mercy. The air against his body all over and his genitals in particular heightened his erotic senses as it reminded him of his exposure to them. The women were looking directly at him making him even more uncomfortable in his state.

He heard the swish of Shannon's skirt as she came back and said "Here's a watch, Melissa, can you keep score for us?".

Ryan barely saw Shannon settle at his side level with his groin and place something beside him, he couldn't see what it was. He was more focused on Melissa who was holding a watch and had bent forward momentarily as she tried to sit near him, he could see the beginning of her cleavage, the separation of her breasts and a bead of sweat that was making its way down the contours, he was reminded of how long it had been since he had felt the softness of a woman's bosom.

Ryan felt the blood rushing to his penis at the sight and thoughts of Melissa's firm breast shape outlined through her dress and the way they jiggled as she sat down. And the next instant ... there was a stinging coldness in his groin region. He started convulsively and looked up to see Shannon rubbing her hands over his penis and testicles. But, instead of feeling Shannon's soft palm there was a biting coldness all over his genitals. It finally dawned on him that Shannon was holding some ice in her hands!

"So, that's what she had meant by leveling the playing field!". He felt the chill as Shannon applied the ice liberally, happily enjoying the deflation of his penis down to its smallest size. All thoughts of Melissa's body were slipping out of his mind due to Shannon's expert ministrations on his genitals. Presently Zachary's groin felt cool and all his horniness disappeared.

Shannon picked up a towel and wiped the moisture away from around his groin. "How nice to be able to reduce a horny man to this state", she thought while admiring her handiwork at bringing the male organ to that acorn size.

"Your time staaaarts ...", she pointed at Karol, "now" as Melissa made a mental note of the time on the watch.

Karol ran her tongue over her lips and bent over Ryan. She then puckered and placed a peck on Ryan's lips to start with. She felt Ryan tense at her closeness, she knew how long she had denied and enjoyed his release, smiling to herself at the thought. She then kissed him deeper, forcing her tongue into his mouth and playing with his tongue, at the same time ensuring that her hair fell all over his face. She bent down further pressing her breasts into his chest. At the moment she felt them squash against his chest she swept her tongue all over Ryan's tongue trying to fill him with arousal from all directions.

It was having the desired effect, Ryan felt all his senses to be inundated by her feminine touch, scent and force. He could taste her lips and tongue deep inside him, her soft hair on the side of his face and the smell of her fragrance wrapped him all over. The feel of her soft yet heavy breasts on his bare chest arousing him further. He felt Karol take his hand in her hand, guide them into her blouse and press them against her bare breasts. He seemed to be surrounded by Karol everywhere now and his organ exposed to the air accentuated his senses, he began to erect quickly. Karol did not pause, running her hands down the side of his torso until they rested near his buttocks, she kneaded the sides of his buttocks as felt his breath come in gasps. Ryan caressed the soft globes that seemed to fill his hands completely and spill over, his thumb running over her hard nipples. It had been so long and now the rush of emotions was almost knocking him out.

Melissa stared wide-eyed as the penis in front of her started stirring and pulsing as if it had a mind of its own. She watched as blood filled it and it started growing bigger. She marvelled at the power that Karol held over her husband. She saw Shannon's hand go up and saw that Shannon too was watching the pulsing organ. When she thought it could grow no bigger, Shannon signalled a cut with her hand.

The sudden gesture broke Melissa out of her trance of watching the pulsing organ and she stopped the clock with a flush, announcing to her friends "That took all of 89 seconds"

Karol sat back on her haunches feeling proud of herself as she watched the heartbeat plainly visible in Ryan's penis.

"I can get my man aching for me in 89 seconds, and that too without ever touching his genitals!", she thought as she ran her palm over her husband's penis starting from the base until its tip. She brushed the open face of her hand across the tip and continued to the base on the other side.

It was too much for Ryan, a low moan escaped his lips, "Mmmmmphhhh".

Karol gave him no further relief as she instructed him, "Why don't you see to the food now, Ryan".

Ryan got up slowly from a fog, aware of his painfully erect penis. He wished he could touch it and give himself some relief but he knew better. He got up from between the circle of women, knowing that several amused pairs of eyes were following him and walked over to the kitchen to heat the food. Melissa moved her leg to the side to let him pass but kept her eyes on him as he passed in front of her. Her throat was dry again.

"Ok, Jacqui, you're next. How do you want him?", Shannon turned to Jacqui.

Zachary knew fully well that Jacqui was not going to induce an erection in him, she had just wanted to protect him from more cruel humiliation. He felt her sympathy and was grateful for it. He looked gratefully towards Jacqui seeing her comforting smile and in his stark naked state felt like completely giving in to her every whim and wish for the affection she was showing him, protecting him in front of the others.

"Standing up is fine", Jacqui moved towards Zachary.

Zachary quivered involuntarily as the fully dressed woman who was looking straight into his eyes took steps towards him.

"I guess he doesn't need this", Shannon held some ice in her hand and giggled as the others joined in with muffled giggles.

Jacqui shot them a reproaching glance, something Zachary did not miss and felt even more shamed, he seemed to be protected from bullies by this beautiful and kind woman. He dropped his gaze to his feet and felt rather than saw Jacqui approach him and lift his chin up using her fingers.

He looked into her eyes with a mixture of helplessness and gratefulness.

"Your time starts now!", Shannon said from behind Jacqui.

Jacqui placed her hands around his waist, gave a comforting squeeze and slowly dropped them until her hands were cupping his buttocks completely. She squeezed hard marvelling at the feel of the firm flesh, reflecting that her husband did not have nearly such nice buttocks for which she had a special fetish.

Continuing to look into his eyes and feeling him engulf her palms, she leaned in and kissed his cheek in a gesture of affection, at the same time pulling his naked body towards her with her hands on his buttocks. She felt him come to her very voluntarily and place his head on her shoulder with an undercurrent of resignation. Jacqui felt his naked groin push against her, feeling the warmth of his body as Shannon called from behind them "You are disqualified for touching his genitals!"

Jacqui released his buttocks gently giving one last reassuring pat. Zachary was looking into her eyes full of gratitude like a little dog again as Renee interrupted them, "Ok, Zachary, why don't you also go help with the food". Zachary moved away quickly to the kitchen to lay out the plates. He gave Jacqui one last look of indebtedness but she was not looking at him.

"Renee, you're next", Shannon motioned towards Renee as she beckoned Kevin to lie down in the center of the semi-circle of women.

Kevin stepped between the women feeling awed by so much feminine presence around him. His cheeks flushed just by the proximity of so many women to him, even if he were not completely naked and semi-aroused, he would feel the flush just having so many pairs of female eyes on him.

Kevin awkwardly lay down trying his best not to create a spectacle of himself. When he heard that he would be "playing with Renee" his heart had skipped immediately. His eyes went to Renee and her cool gaze, her pursed lips creating that dazzling smile. His eyes followed her beautiful glistening hair that fell to one side of her head, hugging her body as it flowed down her creamy shoulders to where it went over her breasts and hung down, the projection of her bosom not allowing the hair to touch her body below the chest. His heart raced at the thought that this beautiful woman would touch his nude body.

"You want to do the honors?", Shannon pushed the ice-bucket towards Melissa.

Melissa almost said a no by reflex before stopping herself and deciding to bite the bullet. This afternoon was the most fun she could remember having in such a long time, "time to stop liking what everyone expects me to like", she mused. She took the ice cubes into her hand with some trepidation feeling as though she was trying an adventure sport for the first time.

Melissa wasn't quite sure how to apply the ice-cubes. She stared at the penis in front of her now, she had a legitimate reason to look. It looked heavy and lay over his testicles pointing down. She gently started to apply the ice-cubes, rubbing them all over the flesh careful to not actually touch it with her own fingers. She still had some reservations about that. She saw that it started to contract immediately and it seemed to contract faster as she rubbed it on the head.

"This is fun", Melissa thought to herself watching the organ grow smaller and smaller.

She shifted her attention to rubbing ice-cubes over the entire length and finished by applying some to his testicles which she realized became more visible as the penis shrunk. She took her hand away with a start as the back of her hand touched the inside of his thigh, the flesh to flesh contact surprising her.

Renee looked at Kevin thoughtfully, she did not want him to play with her breasts like Karol had let Ryan do, this man was not her husband after all. An idea slowly formed in her head as she watched Melissa apply the ice on Kevin's penis and testicles.

"Ok, your time starts now", Shannon signalled with her hand as Melissa reset her clock.

Renee could see that Kevin was tense, his body like a coiled spring. She moved to him and looked into his eyes, seeing the wariness in his eyes. She put her hand on his cheek and gently moved her palm over his eyes, asking him to close them. She realized he would be more relaxed and heighten his sensations if his eyes were closed.

Renee knelt over him and kissed his neck, then turned her head and kissed him on his bare cheek. She then put her right hand on his left nipple and rubbed it slowly, teasing it with just the tip of her fingers. She didn't want to kiss him on his lips, she just pressed the side of her cheek to his cheek with her hair in between. The sensations of this new woman's touch on his nipple and the feel of her soft skin through her silky hair was too much for Kevin after the expectations had filled his mind. Her hair was every bit as soft as he had thought for so many years, her hands touching him more deeply than he had thought they could. In spite of the recent coldness applied to his genitals he started to feel a stirring there immediately.

Renee then moved down slightly so that her hair trailed across his chest, at the same time she let him feel the tips of her breasts on his chest without lying on him fully. Kevin started to float, at the touch of this beautiful woman whom he could only admire by sight for so long. He felt the twin sensations from her chest glide on his bare body, it was the soft feminine cloth that actually contacted his body but with her figure behind them... it was driving him out of his mind.

He suddenly felt her soft hands as she gripped him on either side his stomach. Renee started to move her hand slowly downwards towards his genitals, she kept her palms open fully so that he could feel the full sensation. Kevin felt her hands moving down and the expectation of her hands meeting his penis drove him wild. With his eyes closed, he savored the caress which was snaking down his belly inching closer and closer to his penis which he could feel was very hot now.

Renee slipped her hand lower until his pubis and then skirted his genitals smoothly, rubbing the palm of her hand on his inner thighs very close to his hanging testicles. It was so close, he was positive she was touching his testicles but she wasn't, she was teasing him, petting his flesh near his hanging scrotum but not actually touching them. Her hair cascaded all over his torso letting him feel the silkiness. Kevin waited and waited, yearning for the moment when she would complete the sensation and clutch his penis tightly with one hand and cup his tingling testicles with another. It was going to be any moment now, the sensation was so close to his sex organs, any moment now...

"And that's it!", Kevin heard Shannon's voice and suddenly the hands which he was so sure would touch his genitals were gone. That beautiful silky hair on his stomach was gone. He opened his eyes to look at the amused eyes of 4 women. Renee had a gloating look in addition to amusement in her eyes. She indicated with her eyes to look at his crotch and he followed her eyes to look at his penis to be shocked at how purple it was, the skin had retracted completely, the cold air touching it seemed to be enough now to arouse him to further heights after Renee's teasing. His nerve tips were tingling so much the cool air alone felt like Renee's fingers now.

Jacqui smiled at her husband, "you've had enough fun, dear, why don't you go help in the kitchen"

Kevin got up slowly, clearing the cobwebs from his head and stepped out of the ring of women. He saw Renee's eyes following him and they seemed satisfied and smug. That was when he realized his penis was pointing straight up towards the ceiling. He hurried.

"That was 82 seconds", Melissa announced, she was getting quite thrilled by the new games. She idly wondered how she'd do if she had a man of her own.

"Your turn Charlotta", Shannon beckoned Chad into the sitting circle of women.

Chad awkwardly moved in between the women and sat down, looking dumbly towards Charlotta for further instructions.

Shannon put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him gently to the floor. Chad laid his back against the carpet but not resting his head down. He kept his neck up rigidly and stared at Charlotta.

Charlotta sat down near his feet, held his ankles and gently pressured him to lift his legs up. As Chad lifted his legs, she tapped him on the inside of his knees making him fold his legs back towards himself. Chad was still uncomprehending at this point, not understanding what Charlotta was doing. Charlotta then placed her hands on his and guided him to his ankles. As each of his hands held on to his ankles, he felt a sudden coldness wrap around his most private parts between his buttocks and gasped as he realized the position Charlotta was putting him into and what she intended to do. He pleaded silently with his eyes, furrowing his brow at her but Charlotta just ignored him and calmly moved to sit between his legs.

Charlotta had observed from Renee's performance how important it was to relax, so she immediately asked Chad to close his eyes and relax.

Shannon wordlessly raised her eyebrows at Melissa offering the ice-tray, asking her if she wanted to do it again. She had observed the last time that Melissa had hesitated before eventually diving in but this time she noted Melissa reached her hands into it confidently.

Melissa picked up some crushed ice from the bottom of the tray and held it in her cupped palm. She then overturned her palm completely onto Chad's helpless genitals, pressing her palms and the ice into his penis. She let out an involuntary giggle as she felt the warmth of his organ on a corner of her palm, she was herself surprised by how much she liked it. She pressed it for a few more seconds relishing the feel of his organ as it shrunk and shrivelled under her. She then took some more crushed ice from the tray. This time she bought her cupped palms upwards from between his legs pressing the ice into his scrotum. She had to wrap her fingers around his scrotal sac so that the ice did not all fall down. This time Melissa relished the touch and even deliberately placed her thumb on his left testicle.

Chad started and reared upwards at the icy sensation, tensing his legs together from the sudden sting. Melissa realized Chad's legs had trapped her hand at the same time as she was holding his scrotum but to her surprise she was now immensely aroused by the intimate touch.

She extricated her hand from between his legs which had trapped it, letting the back of her hand slide out slowly along his thighs and took the towel herself. She wiped off his groin area completely of all moisture and turned to look at Shannon to indicate that it was done. She was surprised to see that Shannon was already looking at he with twinkling eyes and was fighting hard to keep a smile off her face. She looked around to see everyone had an amused expression on their faces.

"Okkkkk, your time starts ...", Shannon raised her hand, "now!"

Charlotta already knew what she was going to do. She knew exactly what Chad liked and how she could get him erect in the shortest time. She sat on her haunches between his upturned legs and stared at the puckered sphincter before her.

All the women watched with wide eyed fascination as Charlotta put her husband into the position of a female receiving sex. No one was in any doubt who wore the pants in that relationship but this feast of exposed male flesh further strengthened the dominant desire in each one of them.

Melissa was sitting closest to Chad after being the one to bring his penis to the ground state. And now she was having the time of her life as she looked at Chad's exposed buttocks and the puckered dark flesh of his anus. She felt her breath quicken and a flush sweep over her, a sexual thrill she thought she could never feel from looking at a naked man. She let her eyes roam over his scrotum hanging between his legs and the star of his anus. His penis was temporarily hidden because of her efforts with the ice cubes.

Charlotta looked at the dark flesh of Chad's exposed anus in front of her eyes. She knew by now that that was where Chad's spot lay. She placed her index finger in her mouth and wet it thoroughly with her tongue. She then gently rubbed the tip of her index finger right at the opening of his sphincter. She moved her finger in small circles all around the dark flesh, staying close to the opening at all times but not penetrating it. Slowly she started to move her finger in a spiral getting closer and closer to the opening.

Chad felt incredible sensations course through him, he had always liked the feel of her fingers in his nether region but could never bring himself to say it because of the femininity of the position. He could feel the wetness from Charlotta's saliva giving him a moist sensation at his anus and then just that area turning colder as it dried being exposed to the air. He felt her tease him as she rubbed her finger all around. He wanted her to penetrate him and complete the expectation whereas she was keeping him on the brink.

Chad felt his penis erecting fast at thought of the stuffing sensation that he knew would come any second now from Charlotta's digit inside him but the wet finger continued to torment him, denying him that final climax.

Charlotta teased him for a while, keeping him on the edge, letting him think that she was going to insert her finger fully but keeping it at the periphery. She saw Chad tense his body expectantly a few time but she did not oblige him. After a few more seconds of this, she applied a little more pressure just as her finger passed over the very center and felt it quickly sink into his warm body. She rotated her finger a little bit in that position, twisting it this way and that way and then pushed it in completely until her knuckle. She felt Chad buck up, raising his hips to better accommodate and welcome her fingers.

The women watched Chad's lower half rear up and eagerly invite Charlotta's finger into him with fascination. They watched Chad's penis rapidly inflate and start to point back at his face. He was now moving his hips in rhythm to the circular motions of her finger. He did not seem to care that he was making such a spectacle of himself in front of so many women.

A groan escaped Chad's lips but he was not even close to being aware of it.

"That's it", Shannon announced and Charlotta pulled her finger out with a small plop.

All the women turned to look at Chad's face, he was still holding his ankles and was looking around in consternation like a child whose candy had been taken away when he was halfway through it.

Melissa could contain herself no longer and burst out laughing looking at Chad. "That was eigh--t-y- five seco-nds", she said in between gasps of laughter.

Charlotta gently tapped Chad's hands at his ankles to indicate that he should release them. He straightened his legs slowly taking a huge gulp of air. His penis was sticking out straight into the air and it felt so painful to him. He felt ridiculous, Charlotta had made him go without release for so long he didn't care about debasing himself in front of so many women just in the hope that he would be able to relieve the pressure.

"Yesss, I am the winner", Renee threw her hands up with in a fake display of triumph.

"As my prize I think they should all be handed over to me for a week"

"Yeah right", Karol slapped her playfully on the arm.

Renee looked at Chad's throbbing penis, admiring how large it was. This was a good opportunity to touch it, she knelt down next to him and took the tip of his penis in between her thumb and index finger. The skin had retracted halfway and Renee felt the hardness and incredible smoothness of the head.

"Oh come one, I gotta get something for my talent", she was lost by now marvelling at the beauty of the organ she held.

"I like the way the head of his organ comes out only a bit instead of completely, kind of like a half moon", Renee said lovingly while holding the organ and rubbing her thumb all around the head.

"Actually, I like the way you made Kevin's penis come out fully with the skin completely down, I think that means he wants his woman more", Charlotta replied.

"You mean you like it like this?", Renee pulled the skin of the penis she was holding captive further down exposing the head completely.

"Yep, but I've never seen Chad reach that stage without actually someone pushing it"

"It doesn't mean they are more excited, it's just the way the skin, organ and head all work out. Kinda like how some point down and some up when erect", Karol jumped in with her own expert opinion.

Chad felt helpless as the women discussed his private organs with utter disregard for him as though he wasn't even there. It was like they cared more about his body than him. He felt the blood rush into his head and shut his eyes. He could still feel Charlotta's probing finger deep inside him, he could feel it move. The sensation was stuck inside him like a song.

"Can't we get some food, all that work and now I'm famished", Karol asked in her typical fashion.

Renee playfully pulled on Chad's penis indicating that he should stand up. Chad could do nothing but follow the insistent tug of Renee's hand around his organ and stood up as if he were guided by it.

"You too should help with the food", Charlotta instructed her husband.

Chad turned to go but Renee was still holding his jutting penis firmly between her thumb and forefinger. She tugged on it insistently to pull him back into the same position.

"Hey wait, I never knew Chad liked this particular position, how long has this been going on", Renee asked Charlotta.

"I discovered it recently too by accident, will tell you the story some other time", Charlotta replied.

"Or you can tell me yourself at work some day, can't you", Renee teased Chad.

Chad blushed furiously at being the victim of such torment. It was all he could do to stammer: "mmm yaaa pleease".

"Tell me a yes or no!", Renee opened her eyes wide in a display of fake anger while at the same time pinching the tip of Chad's penis hard for effect.

"Y-y-yes, I will", Chad knew that was the right answer that would free him.

Renee let go of his penis reluctantly and Chad turned around to head to the kitchen, acutely aware of his erection leading the way.

As soon as his back turned, Renee took a hold of the flesh of his buttocks between her fingers and pinched, "same pinch, we have the same favorite sexual position", Renee teased him playfully.

Chad almost ran into the kitchen.

It had been riding on Melissa's mind for quite some time now and she could hold it back no longer, "but how do you know they have reached their maximum ...", she blurted out at Shannon, "you know ... length".

The others just laughed in unison.

"We know pretty much everything there is to know about each one of the organs. How far up it goes, which way they point and where each birthmark is, trust me", Karol replied for Shannon.

"There are no secrets these guys have from us, not in the minds and not in their bodies", Charlotta joined in.

The women giggled their way into the dining room where the men had just finished arranging the plates. Melissa noted how Chad walked without hesitation towards an empty water jug and filled it with water while Zachary removed some food from the oven and placed it on the tables. "They are obviously used to this and resigned to it", Melissa thought.

Each man pulled a chair back for his wife and waited patiently while his wife sat down before standing back and serving them food.

Melissa looked around herself as they started eating, asking herself yet again if this was a dream. The women were seated at the table eating and the men were attentively standing around them. Whenever any of the women needed more rice or more vegetables, the closest man sprang forward and served the dish.

"This is just beautiful, this IS life", Melissa thought to herself as Chad refilled her glass with water as soon as it was half-empty. For time first time, she noticed the rest of Chad's body, she let her eyes wander all over him. She checked out his firm chest, the faint impressions of his stomach muscles and his athletic legs. She thought about how his genitals seemed to be the perfect accessory to his body and that birthmark on his penis an accessory to that.

Melissa finished her first serving of rice in no hurry and Zachary moved up to serve her more. She noticed how in spite of the very small penis, he too had a beautiful body, particularly his taut and muscular buttocks. Her eyes lingered over him as he leaned over to serve her. In spite of all the humiliations heaped on him, he stodgily attended to her every need at the table. Eventually, his small penis did not make her laugh any more, he was quite a handsome man, she saw. She determined not to ever make fun of or delight in his misery ever again.

"Melissa, you know Chad here works in the software industry just like you", Charlotta interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh really, what kind of work do you do?", Melissa turned towards Chad realizing that this was probably the first time the men were treated unlike an object.

"I am a lead programmer at SMB Systems, we develop performance tools for embedded systems", Chad replied, a trace of pride in his voice.

"That's nice, I myself work as a QA specialist with TRJ systems, mostly mainframe programming", Melissa continued looking directly into his eyes.

Melissa and Chad talked some more about the details of their work when Melissa realized what a great time she was having. A nice conversation with a close circle of friends, none of the men around were treating her like a sex object but instead she was enjoying herself at the display available to her. She took more leisurely peeks at Chad's penis now as she engaged him in conversation and was curious that it did not seem to subside. It was still pointing straight out and was clearly hard, the slit plainly visible to her as it stuck out. She looked around at Kevin's penis which had gone down considerably. She noticed that unlike Chad's the skin now covered the organ completely and pointed downward. "It is still quite cute", she thought absently.

Once all the women were done with their dinner, Karol announced impatiently, "Let's go to the living room, I want to catch Desperate Housewives". The women got up, washed their hands and went off to the living room.

"Aren't the men going to eat", Melissa wondered to herself.

Almost as if Karol had read her mind, she turned to the men and said "why don't you boys serve yourselves some food and join us in the living room, you know how much we enjoy your company"

Melissa was positive that remark meant something entirely different to the men, she was used to this by now and not surprised at what happened.

The men wordlessly took the unwashed plates that their wives had just eaten in and served themselves food from the dishes remaining on the table. They poured themselves wine into the glasses that their wives had just drunk from and carried them over to the living room. Melissa just smiled to herself, "of course", she thought.

The husbands trudged out into the living room single file and proceeded to sit down cross-legged with their back to the wall. They sat in a neat row and as they sat cross-legged their genitals hung down and lay on the carpet.

Melissa marvelled at the sight of these the subdued men as her fingers absently played with her hair. Their positions had opened their legs fully leaving everything open to her eyes. She watched the different penises hanging from the groins to the carpet and felt a great excitement at the limp way the organs dangled onto her carpet. Her eyes settled on Chad's organ which was still very hard and pointed out considerably. She thought back to when she had rubbed ice on it. Thinking about that episode, she began to feel a wetness between her thighs. The feel of his thighs reflexively trapping her hand against his genitals filled her mind with pleasure.

Charlotta was also gazing at the seated group of males. She noted how Chad's penis was still erect and barely touching the carpet while Kevin's organ now had retreated and hung limply to the ground.

"Hey, look, Chad is still at attention while Kevin's has gone down. I think I am the rightful winner of the game", she exclaimed jokingly.

"No, you are not!" Renee said with mock indignation, "as it is, I did not get my prize for winning that contest"

"All of them! you wanted all of our husbands for yourself!"

"Ok, how about just one of them for a weekend?", Renee giggled.

"Alright Renee, I have a question for you, which one would you pick: all of them fully dressed and you can touch them or one of them stark naked but no touching allowed", Shannon joined in.

The light-hearted banter continued between the women making the men feel like they were playthings to be freely traded or given away.

Melissa felt a sense of camaraderie with this group now. She knew so much about the males, everything about them was exposed, they were absolutely non-threatening to her and she had shared a great friendship with the rest of the women. This is the best social group to belong to, Melissa thought to herself, looking around. She resolved to find herself a man who would desire her so much she could get him erect within a minute, revere her so much that he would serve her food naked and eat from her plate afterwards without a second thought. He would be so handsome all her friends would be looking for excuses to touch him all over, but she would be the only one with exclusive access. She would contribute something to this group that way.

The shadows had lengthened and the street lights had come on. It was time to wrap up the evening and Melissa felt a profound sense of sadness when the women mutually nodded at each other that they had better get going. She wished she could prolong this beautiful evening further. As they all gathered at Shannon's front door to watch the men dress, she went over the day's sequence of events from when she had arrived, the friendly conversation, Karol's utter domination of her husband, the party games, the dinner, the dessert which the men had eaten in the same cups that their wives had eaten in and finally the covering of their bodies with relief and haste.

Melissa felt a sudden pang of sympathy for the men as she watched them pull on clothes as fast as possible.

"The poor things, look at how fast they are dressing, they must be glad to be getting their clothes back", Melissa burst out, unable to contain her sympathy.

Jacqui exchanged amused glances with the others.

"Oh, that's only part of the reason, Melissa. Remember what I told you how reward is an integral part of their control. They know they will rewarded handsomely after a night like this", Jacqui paused, "well, at least Kevin will be, don't know about the others", she looked at the others.

"Chad isn't going to be rewarded today but he's bought himself a lot closer than yesterday", Charlotta informed them, "although I myself am going to honored like a queen", she burst out laughing.

"Not too bad", Melissa told herself.

The women wished each other a good night and walked off to their respective cars with their husbands in tow.

"I need to get married", Melissa resolved while watching Chad's behind as he opened the door for his wife, then shut it and hurried to the passenger side.