The Motorcycle Accident - A CFNM Tale by Marie


These 4 chapters were submitted by a female CFNM fan whom emailed them to me out of the blue! She's only given me 4 chapters thus far, but I'm hoping that she'll continue writing. If you all help encourage her with your comments here, I would imagine that it would motivate more to be written!




Ronald Reynolds,18 years old, 6 foot tall, 200 lbs., solid as a rock, a natural athlete and with dark curly hair and good looks, is what the girls call a hunk. He gets a job straight out of high school and the first major purchase of his life from his new job is a motorcycle. After only a few weeks of riding he is in an accident breaking both wrists.

Now he can’t work, he can’t eat, he can’t even go to the bathroom. Someone has to help him do everything including getting dressed and undressed. Worse yet, he is an only child with a single parent and that parent has to work in order to support herself and Ron.

When Ron gets out of the hospital with an immobilizing cast on each wrist his mother gives him the news, “I have good news for you Ron. I have someone to help you when I have to go to work this afternoon. Lydia next door will come over and look after you.”

“Oh Mom,” says Ron, “Does it have to be Lydia? You know she has wanted me for years. She will finally have me where she wants me.”

“Yes, Ron,” answers his mother, “Yes, it has to be Lydia. You know we have no money to pay a nurse and she is willing to take care of you for free.”

“But Mom, she wants me. I can’t even pee by myself, she just wants to have her way with me.”

“I thought of that Ron, but the price is right. I can’t afford to hire you a nurse. Besides, if you had a nurse she would have to do the same things for you as Lydia.”

“You know,” continues Mary Reynolds, “it’s just possible you might enjoy Lydia’s care. A nurse’s care would be completely clinical.”

“I can think of a lot of girls I would rather be cared for than Lydia,” answers Ron.

“But they haven’t volunteered to do it!” says Mary.

Ron and his mother arrive home and in the late afternoon while Mary is readying for work the doorbell rings. Mary answers the door. “Hello Lydia, come in.”

Mary lets Lydia in and they enter the living room. “Hello Ron, how are your wrists?” Lydia says when she sees Ron sitting on the couch watching television.

“Hi Lydia,” answers Ron. “Not good, I can’t do anything by myself.”

“Well that is what I am here for,” says Lydia.

Ron does not answer and Mary says, “I have to leave now to go to work. I put a couple of TV dinners in the fridge, help yourself. Now Lydia, Ron cannot even pee by himself. You will have to hold his cock for him when he pees. Don’t let Ron’s modesty deter you. He might as well learn now to get over his modesty. Before he goes to bed I want you to give him a bath. Once he goes to bed he should be all right and you can go home.”

“Yes, Mrs. Reynolds,” Lydia says smiling to herself.

“Mom, says Ron, “can’t we forgo the bath. She will have to undress me.”

“I know, says Mary, “the sooner you get used to it the better off you will be.”

Lydia cooks the TV dinners and they consume them. After 8 PM Lydia says, “Ron, it’s time for your bath.”

“Suppose I don’t want to take a bath,” says Ron.

“Suppose I go home and leave you alone to shit in your pants,” answers Lydia. “Your mother said to give you a bath so that is what I am going to do. Now come on.”

Reluctantly Ron follows Lydia into the bathroom. There he sits on the edge of the tub while Lydia removes his shoes and socks. Next on stand up and removes the short sleeve shirt he is wearing over his casts. Then she unbuckles his belt, his pants and unzips his pants. His pants slide to his ankles.

“Step out of your pants Ron,” orders Lydia.

Ron obliges her and when he does Lydia glances at Ron’s bulge and notices that it is growing. Slowly and deliberately she hooks he fingers around Ron’s briefs and begins pulling them down taking her time as she does so letting him react to her undressing him. She moves her fingers back and forth around the elastic as if it was difficult to remove them. As the elastic moves below Ron’s pelvis his semi-erect cock springs free. Lydia is surprised and hesitates for a moment, stopping to look at Ron’s cock. Recovering herself she pulls down Ron’s underpants in one swift motion and Ron steps out of them. Ron is now completely naked and standing in front of Lydia. She takes a moment to study him. As stares at Ron’s nakedness Ron’s cock gets more and more erect. He tries to distance his mind from the experience in order to let his cock grow soft but the more he tries the harder it gets. Shortly it reaches a full erection. Ron has a slightly larger than average sized cock but Lydia has no comparison. She notices him blushing. She has been looking forward to this all evening and she is not disappointed. She enjoys his nudity but it is his embarrassment about it that excites her.

He notices her staring at him and says, “Haven’t you seen a naked man before?”

“Not a fully grown man,” she answers, “only little boys. Your cock is so large!”

What do you know about it anyway?” snaps Ron

Noticing the mushroom head on his dick Lydia reaches over and pinches it softly. “Do all men have this mushroom on the head of their dicks?”

“Yes, they do,” Ron answers.

“It is very soft,” says Lydia, “I thought it was supposed to be hard.”

“Not the head, answers Ron, “the head is supposed to be soft.”

“Well, you seem to be enjoying the experience,” says Lydia, smiling to herself. Ron’s cock is now standing straight up and the more he concentrates trying to get it to go down the harder it seems to get.

“You like being naked in front of me don’t you? announces Lydia.

“No, I don’t” answers Ron.

“Yes, you do or you wouldn’t have a hard on,” points out Lydia. “Look at your cock, it is standing straight up just for me,” says Lydia. “I have more control of your cock than you do.”

Lydia grasps Ron by his cock and pulls him into the shower where she uses the moveable shower head to wet Ron down. Then sudsing her hands she sudses his entire body from top to bottom except his genitalia. Finishing with his feet Lydia kneels down so that her face is directly in front of Ron’s cock and proceeds to suds Ron’s cock and balls feeling them and studying them simultaneously. She considers continuing to see if she can get Ron to cum and decides against it.

“Would you like to cum Ron, would you? I can make you cum you know, if I want to.” Says Lydia.

“Yes, please,” says Ron, “Beat me off, make me cum.”

“No, I don’t think so,” says Lydia, “I like it better when you cock stands up like that saluting me. I like it better when I control you cock and you don’t.” I want it to stand up like that wanting me, want me to touch it, to feel it, hold it in my hands with one hand while I caress your balls with another. What will happen if I don’t beat you off? Will it get soft on its own or will it stay hard for me?

She then takes the moveable shower head and rinses him off. Then she towels him down thoroughly paying special attention to his cock and balls.

As she finishes drying him off she considers helping him get dressed but doesn’t. As she stares at him naked, lost in thought, Ron says, “Aren’t you going to help me into my PJ’s?”

“I don’t think so,” answers Lydia, “I want to see what will happen if I don’t put you in pajamas.”

“What do you mean?” asks Ron.

“I want to see how long I can make your cock stand up. How can I know if your cock stays up if I put you in pajamas? answers Lydia

“Help me into my pajamas please,” says Ron, “I find this whole matter very embarrassing.”

“I know, I am enjoying every minute of it,” answers Lydia. “This is payback for ignoring me all these years.”

Lydia then grabs Ron by his cock and pulls him naked into the living room where she lets him sits on the couch.

They watch television together for another hour. Rom hopes that the TV will divert her attention so that without her gaze his cock will soften. It doesn’t happen. Every few second she glances over at his cock to see if it is still hard. This is deliberate. She has controls his cock and doesn’t want to let go. It excites her and makes her proud that she can control his cock and not him. Every few minutes she touches his cock to see if it is still hard.

When the program ends it is 10 PM. “Time to go to bed,” says Lydia.

Well, it looks like I am not going to find out how long I can keep you cock up. She gets up, grabs Ron by his cock and leads him into his bedroom. “Until you learn how to control yourself, you’ll just have to sleep in the raw.” As she says that she realizes that she can’t let Ron’s mother find him naked in the morning and changes her mind. Lydia then helps him into his pajamas, turn out the lights and goes next door to her own house.




The next day as Mary Reynolds gets ready for work the doorbell rings. When she answers the door she find Lydia and her little friend Sophia standing there.

“Why is Sophia here? asks Mary.

“I can’t come tomorrow night so Sophia will have to take my place,” answers Lydia.

“Of course,” responds Mary.

The three women enter the living room where Ron is alarmed that he will have to suffer further embarrassment in front of another of his neighbor girls. “Do we have to bring in the whole neighborhood?” asks Ron.

“No, we are not bringing in the whole neighborhood,” interrupts his mother, “but we do need to make sure you have someone to take care of you when I am working. Lydia can’t be here tomorrow night?”

“But mother it is so embarrassing!” responds Ron.

“Ron, be realistic,” says his mother angrily, “you can’t even pee by yourself. And these girls are nice enough to come over here to help you. You should be grateful.”

After some thought Mary says, “Ron, I want you to thank these girls for their generosity.”

Ron thinks about it for a minute and says, “Yes, maam. Lydia and Sophia, I want to thank you for taking the time out to help me.”

“Don’t mention it Ron,” responds Lydia, we are glad to help as long as you follow our directions. But if you give us trouble, there are other things we can do. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Ron responds sheepishly, “I understand.”

“Say yes maam, I understand,” orders Lydia.

Ron looks at his mother mournfully, she nods her head and Ron says, “Yes maam, I understand,” to Lydia.

Shortly, Mary leaves for work and the two girls fix supper for the three of them. Lydia lets Sophia feed Ron.

The two girls clean up and then the three of them watch television until 8 PM when Lydia says, “OK, Ron it is time for your bath.”

“Yes, maam,” he responds.

The two girls take Ron into the master bath where Lydia says to Sophia, “OK Sophia, why don’t you undress Ron. Sophia proceeds to unbutton Ron’s shirt and then removes it from him. She then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants and unzips his fly. His pants fall to his ankles. “Ron,” Sophia says, “sit on the edge of the tub.”

“Yes maam,” Ron responds and complies with her orders.

When he does so Sophia removes his shoes, his socks and then his pants.

“OK now stand up,” orders Sophia.

As he does so Sophia hesitates briefly noticing the growing bulge in Ron’s shorts.

“You have to pull down his briefs,” says Lydia, “we can’t bathe him with his shorts on.”

Sophia grabs Ron’s briefs and yanks them to his ankles. As she does so Ron’s cock springs free. Ron then steps out of his briefs. He is totally standing totally naked in front of neighbor girls and former classmates. He blushes with embarrassment not only because he is naked in front of two girls he has known most of his life but because he cannot control his erection.

The two girls fixate on Ron’s growing erection. Within a few seconds he is completely erect. “Have you ever seen a grown man naked before?” asks Lydia.

“No, I haven’t,” says Sophia. “Have you?”

“Not until yesterday,” says Lydia.

“It is much bigger than I thought it would be,” says Sophia.

“I thought so too,” says Lydia, “but we have nothing to compare it with.”

“Oh, you filthy little boy,” says Lydia lying about her real reaction, “How dare you give a hard on in front of us?”

Initially surprised by Lydia’s words Sophia quickly picks up her theme, “Yes, filthy little boy, you should learn to control yourself.” She then reaches over and pulls on Ron’s cock. When she lets go of it, it slams back into his stomach.

“Filthy boy,” says Lydia as she slaps Ron’s cock.

“Yes, filty boy, filty boy,” says Sophia as she also slaps Ron’s cock.

Ron winces with each slaps but the girls have been careful not to slap him too hard and if anything he grows harder.

“Look at him,” says Lydia, he still has a hard on. “He just cannot control that cock of us.”

“I bet if we kicked him in the balls, it would go down,” says Sophia.

Lydia gives her a dirty look and after a second or two says, “No, we might hurt the filthy boy. We will just have to do what women have always done and put up with the filthy boy. When the time comes you will have to wash it because I don’t want to touch it,” lies Lydia.

“How come I have to wash it?” asked Sophia.

“Because I had to yesterday,” says Lydia.

Lydia then directs Ron into the shower where she wets in down with the movable shower head. “Suds your hands,” orders Lydia.

When Sophia sudses her hands Lydia orders, “Soap him down from his neck downward. And make sure you thoroughly wash his cock and his balls.”

“Do I have to? Says Sophia.

“They are a part of his body,” says Lydia. “It is even more important to clean the filthy parts of a man’s body.”

I suppose you are right and Sophia complies with Lydia’s orders giving special attention to Ron’s cock and balls.

When Sophia finishes Lydia gazes briefly at Ron’s cock and balls and says, “Let's make sure the filthy parts are good and clean.” With that she reaches down and scrubs Ron’s cock and one hand and his balls with the other.” Ron knees weaken as she washes him and he hopes he can get back at them by cumming while they wash him. However, she quits before he can cum. He left dripping with pre-cum which to Sophia notices.

“What is that? Says Sophia.

“What is what? Asks Lydia.

“That clear stuff coming out of the head of his cock,” says Sophia.

“I don’t know,” says Lydia.

“Is it sperm? Asks Sophia.

“I don’t think so,” says Lydia, “sperm is supposed to spurt and this is just oozing. Oh, I know what it is. I think it is called pre-cum.”

“What a filthy boy, says Sophia, “we come over to help this boy out and all he can think of is sex.”

The girls then proceed to dry Ron off with towels each taking turns touching his cocks and balls as they do so. When they are done Lydia gets his pajamas. First she helps him into the tops and then Sophia has him step into the bottoms. When she gets the bottoms she looks and sees that the pajamas are forming a tent with his cock. After a minute she pulls his cock through the barn door. With his cock sticking out Sophia says, “Look, he has a handle.”

Lydia starts laughing and Sophia joins her much to Ron’s embarrassment. Sophia then grabs Ron by his handle and leads him into the living room with Lydia giggling the whole time.

With Ron sitting on the sofa with his cock pointing at the ceiling Lydia says, “Look at our filthy boy, he can’t help it, he’s pointing at the ceiling. What’s on the ceiling Ron?” and they both look at the ceiling, giggling the whole time.

Eventually they tire of their game and take Ron to bed leading him by his cock.




The next day Sophia comes alone. When Mary asks her where Lydia Sophia says “She had a date.”

That’s too bad,” says Mary, “I was going to spring for a movie.”

“Well, how will you get to work?” asks Sophia.

“Just take me to work and then pick me up,” answers Mary.

“OK,” says Sophia.

Sophia does as requested and takes Ron to the movies. At the end of the movie Ron says, “Oh, oh.”

“What’s wrong?” says Sophia.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” says Ron.

“Number 1 or number 2,” asks Sophia.

“Number 2,” answers Ron.

“They head to the bathrooms and Ron tries to go into the men’s room and Sophia says, “Oh no, I’m not going in there!”

“But I have to go in there!” says Ron.

“I’ll take you to the ladies room,” says Sophia.

“I can’t go in the ladies room,” says Ron.

“You’ll be all right as long as I am with you,” says Sophia.

Ron realizes he has no choice, he nods his head and they head towards to ladies room. Inside the ladies room the ladies turn their heads when they see a man enter but turn away when they see he has both arms in casts and is accompanied by a female helper. Ron and Sophia head towards a stall but find they both cannot fit inside.

“Ron you go in first and turn around,” says Sophia.

Ron does as instructed but with Sophia in front of him they cannot close the door. Anyone in front of them can watch what they are doing. Sophia unbuckles Ron’s belt, unfastens his pants, insips him and pulls his pants to around his knees. She then pulls down his briefs exposing him to anyone who wants to look. Fortunately most of Ron is blocked by Sophia. Ron, embarrassed as before, grows a hard on.

Ron whispers to Sophia, “force down my cock so that I can pee.”

Sophia grabs Ron’s cock and forces it down so that Ron can pee. Simultaneously he manages to evacuate his bowels so that as soon as he is done peeing he whispers to Sophia, “I’m done.”

Sophia looks around to see that it is true and says, “Let me pass behind you so that I can wipe you.” She squeezes passed but now Ron is standing exposed in a ladies room with his pants down and sporting an erection. A murmur shudders through the ladies room and little girls point at his erection. Ladies come from all over the room to see what the commotion is about. Several giggle audibly at the comical site. A young man with both arms in casts, is standing in a ladies room with an erection while a woman wipes his behind. Ron turns a bright shade of pink and his cock gets even harder.

Sophia for her part finds the entire episode not only comical but sexually stimulating. A whole washroom of women of all ages watching a man she is taking care of standing with an erection while she wipes his behind. She takes her time wiping him, making sure she does a completely thorough job.

“Hurry up,” Ron says.

“Don’t tell me how to do my job!’ responds Sophia as the women giggle at her response. “If you tell me what to do I’ll just leave you here.”

Ron says, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Sophia then pauses to wash her hands as Ron stands there with the hardest erection he has ever had in his life. As she washes her hands the women take turns walking passed Ron chuckling as they do so. When she finishes washing her hands she pulls up his underpants, his pants, fastens his pants, zips him up, buckles is belt and they leave.

When they arrive home Sophia undresses Ron and gives him his shower. Ron responds to her again, raising another erection. Sophia takes her time both washing Ron’s genitalia and drying them.

Sophia then drives to pick up Mary at work. On their way home Sophia says to Mary, “It wasn’t a good idea to go to the movies.”

“Why not?” says Mary.

At the end of the movie Ron had to go to the bathroom,” says Sophia.

“Oh my God,” says Mary, “I forgot about that. What did you do?”

“I had to take him to the ladies room and help him,” says Sophia. “And both of us couldn’t fit in the stall.”

“You mean he was exposed to the whole ladies room,” asked Mary.

“Fraid so,” responded Sophia.

“Poor Ron,” said Mary. “Tell me,’ says Mary, “he didn’t get an erection did he.”

“Yes, he did,” answers Sophia.

“He must have been so embarrassed,” says Mary.

“He certainly was,” answered Sophia.

“Have you been bathing him?” asks Mary.

“Yes, we have,” answered Sophia.

“Does he get an erection while you are bathing him? ask Mary.

“Yes,” answers Sophia.

“Do you relieve him?” asks Mary.

“No,” answers Sophia.

“So,” when you are done he is left with a hard on? asked Mary.

“Yes,” answers Sophia.




The next night was Mary’s night off so no neighbor girl came over to take care of Ron but it was the Mary’s turn to host her ladies bridge club.

Early in the night’s play on of her friends turned to her and asked, “I understand that your son broke both arms.”

“Yes, he did,” responds Mary.

“And he has both arms in a cast,” she asks further.

“How does he void himself? she asks again.

“A mother does for her son,” says Mary.

“What happens when you are working?” the lady asks.

“A couple of neighbor girls have volunteered,” Mary answers casually.

“Do you pay them?” repeats the lady.

“No, they volunteered,” says Mary.

“Aren’t you afraid they have ulterior motives? asks another bridge player.

“I considered that,” says Mary, “I think it is the price I have to pay for free services.”

“Don’t you think they will take advantage of him?” asks the second lady.

“I wish they would,” says Mary, “Poor guy, he gets an erection every time they have to help him but never gets relief. I can’t masturbate him him, I am his mother.”

“How do you know they are not masturbating him? asks the third woman.

“I asked,” answered Mary. Mary then proceeds to tell them what had happened at the theatre the previous day.

“That must have been so embarrassing for your son,” says the first lady.

“I’m sure it was,” says Mary. “Sophia said he was blushing the whole time.”

“Have you given him his bath today?” asks the first lady.

“No, responded Mary. “Actually I’m afraid to give him his bath.”

“Why is that? asks the first lady.

“I don’t want him to get a hard on while his mother bathes him. That would embarrass the both of us.” says Mary.

“So he hasn’t had his bath today then? asks the first lady.

“No, he hasn’t,” says Mary.

“Well, I would be willing to bathe him,” says the first lady.

“Why should you get to do it,” says the second lady.

“If you get to do it, so do I,” says the third.

Mary is surprised and shocked. She knew her son was a handsome lad who all the girls think is hot. She didn’t realize that he would have the same effect on women her own age. She was repelled at the idea she should bathe him as an adult but is sexually stimulated at the idea that these women would bathe her son. If she had realized that by allowing these women to bathe her son she was having vicarious sex with her son it would have appalled her but the idea she will not be personally involved absolves her of any feeling of guilt. “Yes, he needs his bath,” she says, “that would be a good idea.”

Mary finds Ron watching television in his room and asked him to come out where the bridge club was meeting. “Ron,” said Mary, “you need to have your nightly bath. I don’t think it is right for a mother to bathe a grown son so these ladies have volunteered to bathe you.”

“But Mom,” says Ron embarrassed by the idea of getting bathed by three friends of his mother, “can’t we forgo the bath just once?

“No, Ron,” she says, “you need to bathe every day. You can’t bath yourself so you will just have to put aside your feelings of modesty.”

With that Mary leads Ron into the bathroom. There the ladies quickly undress Ron while Mary watches. Mary is not surprised when Ron grows an erection while the ladies undress him. The obvious delight the other women take in undressing Ron excites her. She tells herself that it could not be helped. The nakedness of this young, handsome, strapping and blushing lad excites the bridge playing ladies even more. They can hardly control themselves as they direct him into the shower.

The ladies direct Ron into the shower where they use the mobile shower head to wet Ron down. Each of them sudse their hands and proceeded to soap Ron down. Two start at Ron’s shoulders and one starts at his feet. They all laugh when they met at Ron’s cock. One of them strokes his cock while the two others caress his balls. As they do so Mary could not help staring while these women molest her son. She finds herself growing more and more excited. Mary begins noticing that Ron was rocking in time with the strokes of the woman stroking his cock. She thought maybe she should stop them but suddenly he shuddered and he began erupting cum all over the women’s hands. The women do not stop until they drain him of every last drop of his cum.

Even after Ron cums the women are still in rapture. Carefully, they wipe off their hands and meticulously clean every drop of cum from his body. First, they wipe him off with toilet paper and then they put him into the shower where they all take turns washing both his cock and his balls. They just as carefully them take a towel and wipe him dry.

When it is over Mary begins to feel pangs of guilt. She had virtually invited three grown women to molest her son. Not only that but she had watched and enjoyed it. The women for their part also feel pangs of remorse. Their passions subsiding they realize that they had gotten out of control and had molested a young man. Amidst Mary’s pangs of remorse Ron does something that surprises her and the other women and rids them of guilt. Ron, still naked, but no longer sporting a hard on, comes over and kisses his mother lightly on the cheek.




Unknown said...

Can you please continue the story. It was such a turn on...I had one of the biggest orgasms.

Anonymous said...

great story! would love to read more from you!

Anonymous said...

He can't continue the story... because he didn't write it.

I did. This guy ripped it off of

ATCFNM said...

I didn't write the story , either, nor claimed any credit for it. A person named Marie e-mailed me this story AGES ago to be included as a story on this blog. You'll notice the date and my comments at the beginning of the story, too, that I'm not making this up.

Anyway, it's a fantastic story, but in my defense, I didn't "rip off" anything.