Fem-Dom Island - The CFNM Chronicles - Chapter 6


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"I've heard so much about you," The young woman spoke, seeming to hold back a laugh, and making me wonder what kind of stories Lori had told her earlier. "Cumm on in and make yourself at home," She emphasized the pronunciation, serving to further amplify my curiosity.

I followed Lori into an elegant apartment with white shag floors and plush furniture. A fireplace stood along one wall. A rack of electronics and CDs was stacked up against the other. It looked to be the home of a well-to-do mistress.

The name of the young girl was Jenny, I knew, because Lori had introduced us once before. Lori said that Jenny was the one who told her about the milking station. They went together the day before I was milked myself. She also said Jenny was in the audience while I was milked, but I suspected this to be a convenient lie. In any case, the two of them had apparently hit it off well together and met for lunch on two more occasions. Now, Lori was going to introduce me.

"You look good," Jenny spoke to Lori.

"And so do you," She added as she let her eyes roam up and down my naked form.

I stood in the middle of her living room without cover as the two of them remained fully clothed. Jenny instructed me to remain standing as she invited Lori to have a seat down on the plush couch beside her.

"Yes, very good," I noticed her eyes continue to travel up and down my naked form and then stop most distinctly at my waist. "Not quite as good as when I saw you a week ago up on the milking bench, but still very nice."

I wondered if I might have been mistaken about Lori's supposed lie. I also started to wonder what might be in store for me while in this apartment. By now, I knew, Lori was capable of almost anything. After the bar-room scene, I knew she was willing to experiment.

"Rotate," Jenny twirled her finger around in a circle. "Let me get a good look at all of you."

It took me a moment to realize what she meant. I paused, not wanting to obey, but then followed her command. My heart started thumping faster as I worried what this girl might do to me.

"Yes, nice butt!" Jenny spoke excitedly. "Very nice. I really like his ass!"

I completed my turn and then turned again.

"Good sized prick too," Jenny spoke the next time I faced her. "And a nice set of butt cheeks," She said when I faced away.

Her words were enough to make me excited, although I did not show her my full glory. Thankfully, I remained incapable of showing anything. Lori had jerked me off only an hour before, and I was thankful she had. Given the erotic words emulating from Jenny's mouth, I'm sure I would have inflated without the masturbation session.

Jenny looked young, very young. I figure she was still a teenager. Her face was exquisitely beautiful and her body looked superb. She was of Asian descent with maybe a little Hawaiian thrown in, standing at about five feet with a low cut, v-neck shirt that did an excellent job at showing off the small mounds swelling out of her chest. I especially liked the thick head of black hair that flowed nearly all the way down her back.

"Nice prick" and "nice ass" Jenny told me several more times as I continued to rotate. "I bet he makes for an excellent fuck."

This made me pause. I think my heart even skipped a beat.

"Actually, we haven't," Lori answered. "Fucked, that is. I haven't allowed him to fuck me yet."

"Why not?" Jenny asked in surprise. "With such a nice prick and excellent ass, John looks like a fucking machine."

My heart skipped another beat.

Lori began to tell her all about our many sexual adventures, including the sales girl. Her words made me increasingly embarrassed.

"Well, I think it's about time you give him your pussy as a treat," Jenny finally concluded. "Every male servant deserves a hot little cunt once in a while. Why don't you let him fuck you right now?"

I grew in anticipation. So did my cock, which Jenny immediately noticed.

"See!" She pointed. "John is willing! Why aren't you?"

Lori sighed as she looked down upon me. "It does look rather nice, doesn't it?" She questioned.

"Oh, it does!" Jenny agreed. "It certainly does. Not huge, but certainly not a runt either. John's cock looks as though it can fuel many hours of raw sexual inhibitions."

I agreed with her, and my cock continued to grow hard in order to show it. I couldn't help it! The thought of finally being able to fuck Lori sent a hot thrill of excitement through my body.

"Yes, very nice indeed," Jenny watched me grow to full mast. "Why don't you go into my bedroom and get yourself ready," She suggested. "I have several nighties hanging in the closet. They will be too small for your big tits, of course, but I am sure John won't mind."

Lori giggled.

"You go into the bedroom and prepare yourself," Jenny told her. "Meanwhile, I will prepare John! There's a little game I'd like to play with him."

I wondered what kind of game she meant. I found out as soon as Lori left the room.

Jenny took hold of me. More specifically, she took hold of my cock, grabbing it at the base.

"Oh!" I cried out in surprise.

"Quiet!" Jenny quickly chastised. Her tone changed. She no longer sounded sweet. She suddenly sounded more like a little bitch.

"Follow me," She pulled. "I first need to tie you up."

She pulled me to the back wall. I didn't notice it before, but two shackles hung down of the ceiling. They were recessed into the ceiling, but when she jumped up to grab one of them it descended by a steel cable. It reminding me of a light I used to have in my old garage, located in the middle of the garage and connected by an electrical cord so I could pull it to wherever it was needed. It was just like one of those lights except at the end was a shackle instead of a light.

Jenny grabbed the shackle by one hand and my wrist by the other. She did it fast, and before I knew it I was tied.

"What are you doing?" I started to ask.

"I said quiet!" Jenny spoke in a bitch tone as she took another shackle and my opposite hand. At the same time she let go of my cock and took my wrist. She pulled it up to meet the shackle. Quickly, less than a minute after Lori left the room, she had both my hands tied to overhead shackles.

"You only have one job to do," She then told me as her hand once again grasped tightly around my hard organ. "It is a simple, simple job. You must simply hold out long enough for Lori's return and you can have her."

I didn't understand the meaning behind her words right away. However, a second later, she made it abundantly clear. She explained it with her hand. Jenny started to stroke me.

"Oh, oh, oh," I started to cry out in rhythm to her stroking hand. I couldn't believe it. A total stranger was masturbating me.

She refused to stroke slow or to be gentle. Jenny began pumping on my cock like it was the first cock she had pumped in a week. She first did it with short strokes to make me pre-cumm, and then she started to give me full-length pumps.

"The object of the game for you," She drew up close and whispered into my ear. "John, you must hold out on me. If I fail to make you cumm now, then you will be rewarded with the opportunity to cumm inside of Lori."

I couldn't believe her words! Finally, I was going to get the opportunity to fuck Lori. I had been dreaming about this for the last week.

"But the object of the game for me is to make you cumm now," Jenny dashed my hopes in a flash. "If you cumm before she returns, you will be forced to watch Lori be fucked by another."

Her stroking action increased in strength. I felt too good to be worried about her words.

"Oh, oh, oh!" I continued to cry out while Jenny continued to tell me to keep quiet. Remarkably, I heard nothing from Lori. Despite all the racket I knew I was making, she never called out from the bedroom to ask what the commotion was all about. I suspected she knew exactly what was going on. I figured it was all part of some wild sex game between the two of them, but I couldn't be sure. I also didn't know why Jenny was stroking me, but then I really didn't care either. It felt good! Jenny was a beautiful girl, and she was an excellent masturbator. I wasn't very worried. Given my earlier masturbation session with Lori only about an hour before, I knew it would take Jenny a awhile. She would have to pump on my cock for a long time to get it to cumm.

"Oh, I like it!" She whispered into my ear as she reached around and stroked it. "It's so big! It's so strong! I've wanted to stroke you ever since I first saw you on the milking bench."

I lost all track of time. Maybe it was five minutes. Maybe it was more like ten. I had no idea how long Lori had left us alone. All I knew is that it seemed to take her forever. I wondered what she was doing. She could have changed into at least five or six outfits since Jenny first grabbed my cock.

"Please stop," I started to plead when I started to feel myself approach the edge. "Please Jenny, not so tight!"

Jenny ignored me. Instead, she yelled towards the closed bedroom doors. "How are you doing in there?" She questioned Lori on the opposite side. "I've got John all trussed up! How about you?"

"Just a minute!" Lori yelled back.

Jenny just kept on pumping. She kept masturbating on my cock at a constant, unrelenting rate. I, at the same time, pleaded some more for her to slow down and not to squeeze my hard-on so tight.

"You better hurry up," She yelled back into the bedroom about a minute later. "I don't think John is willing to wait much longer."

I expected Lori to come walking out at any second. I really thought I could hold out, especially since it was so soon after my previous milking, but then it happened. It hit me suddenly and with little warning. I couldn't hold back any longer. I wanted to hold out for the opportunity of finally being able to fuck Lori, but Jenny was too much. She stroked on my cock too expertly. She masturbated me like a mad woman desperate to get a guy to shoot off. Ten or maybe fifteen minutes after Lori left the room, Jenny forced me to eject with her hand.

"Ahmm," Jenny stopped to feel my pulsating cock throb in her hand. I jetted a pulse of sperm onto the floor. And then I spurted another.

"Nice!" She complimented as she alternatively squeezed and then loosened her grip. She pumped on me like she was milking the teat of a cow. In response, my cock continued to throb. I dried cummed as she expertly drew out my orgasm like no woman had ever done before.

"Now it is time for you to do the same inside Lori's cunt."

* * * * *

Lori walked in no more than ten seconds after Jenny finished with me. The timing was perfect; too perfect to be any sort of coincidence. I wondered if Lori had watched or maybe there was some kind of signal, but I had no way of knowing. Besides, my attention was momentarily diverted. Lori walked in wearing the sexiest teddy I have ever seen.

"It doesn't quite fit," She looked down upon herself at the open doorway.

"But it looks great!" Jenny complimented. "Why don't you walk on over here and show John? I'm sure he'll like it!"

The teddy looked incredible! It would have looked great on Jenny, but on Lori's much larger chest it looked even hotter! I couldn't believe she was willing to wear such a skimpy outfit, but then I remembered that I wore even less.

The teddy was a one piece. It was white and several sizes too small for her bountiful chest. Underneath, she wore no bra. I knew she didn't wear a bra by the way her tits stuck out and pointed to the side. Especially sexy were the two small indentations at the furthest protrusion of her chest; the indentations made by her naked nipples poking out against the shear fabric of the teddy. The fabric wasn't shear enough to be transparent, but it might as well have been. I could clearly make out Lori's enormous tits underneath.

I could also see them. I saw a substantial portion of her tits, for the collar of the Teddy plunged most of the way down her chest. It opened in a very wide U-shape, and only two thin straps of fabric extended up and over her shoulders to hold it up. The swelling mounds of her tits looked as though they were about to jump out at any moment.

The bottom looked even better because I don't think she wore one. I couldn't be certain, but I don't think she wore a panty. Her big tits caused the fabric to end prematurely and show more leg than what was designed. Two even higher slits ran up the side, and I saw no hint of panty or a string from a thong bikini show itself.

The teddy looked incredibly sexy, and just when I thought it could get no better it did. Lori took a spin around to reward me with even more eroticism. The bottom of the teddy ended even higher in the rear than it did in front. Looking down, I momentarily glanced at the bottom of her ass cheeks as she spun around. Clearly, she wore no panty. And the back dropped down in a deep U-shape, much deeper than the front. Clearly, she wore no bra either, but then I already knew that.

"Oh Jenny," Lori stepped up to my shackled body. "I like what you did to him."

I was left dumbfounded as I remained naked and tied. Lori walked up close to examine me.

"And John," She turned her attention even closer to me. "I like what I see on you too, and I am willing to bestow upon you a wondrous gift."

She looked me over, especially down at my exposed male features. Lori looked right at my dick, which remained swollen but then started to recede.

"I think it is finally time!" She smiled. "You have been patient with me over the past week, and I think you deserve a reward. I've wanted to say this for a long time, but now I think the time is finally right."

I screamed to myself, knowing what she was about to say. I wanted it too! I wanted it so bad, but not now! Not after the magnificent hand job by Jenny.

"John," Lori looked into my eyes with hunger in her own. She stepped closer and pushed out her chest. Her tits never looked so big or so sexy. Their size caused them to touch my own chest.

"John," She spoke in a sexy voice. "I give you the honor, if you are interested, in engaging in intercourse with me."

I couldn't believe the words I heard. Even though I knew full well what she was going to say the whole time, I still couldn't believe it.

"John," Lori spoke again as though to make sure I understood completely. "I give you the opportunity - provided you are interested - I give you the opportunity to fuck me."

A big smile formed on her face, telling me that she knew. I instantly realized she knew everything that just took place. This was all part of some elaborate plan to cock-tease me.

"I've been wanting you for a long time," Lori continued to tempt me in a sexy voice. "Ever since I first saw your hard-on, I've wanted it. Ever since I first milked your cock, I couldn't help but fantasize it inside me. When I pumped on it, I imagined what it would feel like in my pussy instead. And every time I made it eject, I couldn't help but fantasize what it would feel like to have all that spunk unload into the depths of my cunt instead."

Her words filled me with ecstasy. They drove me with desire. But my body, naturally, refused.

"Don't answer! Lori brought her fingers up to my lips just as I was ready to launch my protest. "Don't voice it in words. Tell me with your body instead. Answer me with your pecker!"

She stepped back again.

"I am completely willing to allow you to experience intercourse with me. I will let you fuck me. All you have to do is to demonstrate that you are ready and able."

She spread her arms wide as though to offer her luscious body to my wanting cock. Desperate as I wanted to fuck Lori over the last week, my cock continued to disobey me. I wanted a hard-on so bad, but my dick refused to give it to me. Instead of hardening, it only grew limp. Jenny had successfully drained my ecstasy.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Lori started to sound angry. "After all the times your lewd nature has demonstrated itself, can you not produce an erection when I request it?"

I looked down and tried to will it to rise. Then I looked back to Lori and stared at the exposed portion of her big tits. Even the sexy teddy and her nearly naked body were not enough. My cock continued to refuse.

"Some men can only do it with the hand," Jenny insulted me. "Looks like John is one of those men."

"I should say so!" Lori spoke with disgust.

"They're called masturbators," Jenny insulted me further. "They get so used to the hand they can't put it in a cunt."

"You fucking masturbator!" Lori actually yelled at my dismal performance. A look of disappointment and ridicule crossed her face. I almost believed she really was angry, but I knew it was only an act. I never realized Lori had such talented acting abilities.

"That's enough!" Lori turned away. "Oh John, you are a pathetic specimen," She chastised me. "You have the anatomical equipment of a male, but you are incapable of functioning as one. Rest assured you will never get another opportunity to fuck me like the one you have just squandered."

She turned to Jenny. "Is there an actual man available?" She questioned. "I mean, is there a real man anywhere around? I'm looking for a real man instead of this imitation one!"

"As a matter of fact there is," Jenny answered. "One of my slaves just happens to be available if you would like to meet him. His name is Victor, and he is waiting just outside the door."

"Well don't just stand there," Lori turned her anger to Jenny and pretended to chastise her too. "Go get him. Show the man in!"

Jenny let out a big smile and turned towards the door. Meanwhile, Lori turned back to face me.

"Show the real man inside," She spoke as she looked down at my now flaccid penis. "What a pathetic excuse for a male," She told me. "Two gorgeous, sparsely clad women present themselves to you. One of them even asks you to fuck her, and you are unable to comply. Not even another man would look up to you now."

Off in the corner of my eye I saw Jenny open the drawing room doors and a young man walk in. The young man looked to be a teenager, no more than nineteen years old; and he looked handsome and well muscled with a dark tan all over his body. I nearly jumped in shock when I saw he was also nude, completely naked, without the smallest patch of clothing anywhere on his body. He was naked like me, but unlike me he had a cock. And what a cock! Victor was hung like a horse.

Lori did not notice him at first. "You pathetic excuse for a man," She was too busy chastising me instead. "If you only want the hand, then the hand is all you shall have. Morning, noon, and night! I'm going to feed you a diet of goat's milk and then milk it back out of you three times..."

She stopped in mid-sentence after she followed my glare and looked in Jenny's direction.

"Oh my!" Her tone suddenly changed. She stepped back in surprise. "Oh my, my, my!" She looked at him with satisfaction. "What do we have here?"

Jenny lead him inside until Victor stepped down and stood before us. He looked impressive, his cock extended down for what must have been a good six inches. It had plenty of width too. He looked as big in the flaccid state as I was hard. The proximity of my own dick served only to amplify his size further.

"Here we have Victor," Jenny stood beside the man. "As you can see, he's wearing nothing but a cock."

"Oh yes!" Lori answered with a deep breath. "I can see all right!"

"I hope this is what you meant when you said you wanted a real man?" Jenny asked.

"It certainly was!" Lori briefly looked up at his face. "Nice to meet you Victor. Nice to see you, especially when there is so much of you to see."

Victor remained silent and displayed himself willingly and with no prompting. Meanwhile, Lori stepped around to take a look at him all over. His hands conveniently remained behind his back to give her a clear view of his front, and he had so much to view!

"How do you like him?" Jenny asked after a brief pause.

"Oh, I like him very much!" Lori admired.

"Good!" Jenny sounded relieved. "I just hope he is, shall we say, big enough for you?"

"Oh yes!" Lori answered. "He looks plenty big enough. Very nice! Very impressive!" She gasped when she walked to his side. "And especially this way! He is even more pronounced from this angle."

Jenny nodded, looking along with her. "I assume you are referring to..." She trailed off and then started up again. "I mean, when you say he is big, can I assume you are referring to his big cock?"

"Of course," Lori confirmed. "He's got a monster!"

Jenny giggled. "Well, I wouldn't quite put it that way, but he is certainly much more impressive than little John standing over there," She pointed.

Lori's eyes followed. "Oh yes indeed!" She agreed as she took a glance up at my pathetic self.

"But this is nothing!" Jenny went on. "You should see him when he's hard."

"Hard?" Her attention was drawn back to the big man.

"Yes, hard," Jenny confirmed. "Why don't you go ahead and make him rise. Show him one of your tits."

Lori immediately flushed red with embarrassment. "Oh! I couldn't possibly," She appeared reluctant at first, but then turned back to Victor and bowed her head to look down at his waist. "But I suppose the reward might be worth it."

"I can guarantee you that it will be!" Jenny assured her. "Here, let me help you."

Jenny walked up to her from the side. She took Lori by the left shoulder and then took the thin strap running up around it. Lori jumped back at her touch, but Jenny assured her that everything would be all right.

Slowly, with both girls facing away from me, Jenny lowered the shoulder strap down off Lori's left shoulder. On the opposite side, I knew, stood Lori's magnificent breasts. Jenny was slowly baring one of them for him, exposing more and more tit to Victor as she slowly lowered the strap.

I could tell Victor looked. He stared right at it. I could see his eyes pointed straight down upon Lori's near naked chest. His mouth stood partially open. I heard him start to pant, and then he started to moan. "Oh, Oh, Oh!" I heard gibberish sound from his lips. Obviously, he was impressed. I only wished I could see too.

Jenny let go of Lori's strap to allow it to fall uselessly down to her elbow. Even though I couldn't see what was on the other side, my mind filled with wild lust as I tried to imagine it. How much of her tit lay exposed? If not all of it, then how much? The Teddy was low cut to begin with, and with only one strap... A lustful thought filled my mind as I wondered if Victor could see her nipple. How much I wanted to see her nipples myself, if only Lori would turn around to show me.

"I think he likes it!" Jenny spoke with glee.

"He certainly does!" Lori agreed.

Glancing around the two girls, I saw him for myself. Victor continued to moan and his mouth stood agape. Further down, I noticed he was also starting to harden.

"And I think he wants to see more," Jenny reached out to place her hand on Lori's breast.

Instinctively, Lori jumped back and pulled her attention away from Victor.

"Don't worry," Jenny assured her. "I'm just going to make it spill the rest of the way out."

I couldn't believe it! A few moments before I wondered how much of Lori's breast lay exposed, and now Jenny was going to provide me the answer.

She touched Lori again, on the breast, and this time lowered her hand to reach inside her Teddy. I couldn't see it directly, but I knew exactly what was going on by the position of the two girls and the angle of Jenny's hand. She was reaching inside Lori's top to spill out her braless tit.

"It's actually heavy!" Jenny commented as she hefted Lori's big tit above the meager fabric of the teddy. "Victor is really going to like this!"

"Oh God!" Victor spoke his first words. "Holy fuck!" He began to shiver and rise.

"You're really going to like the sight of this," Jenny turned to him. I saw her hand move up and then move back down again. That was it, I knew! Lori's whole tit lay exposed.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Victor spoke like he never saw a naked boob before. As soon as Jenny pulled her hand away, his eyes looked as though they were about to pop out of his scull. "My God! Fuck!" He panted so hard I thought he might faint.

I, naturally, wondered what got him so excited. "Was Lori's breast really that magnificent?" I wondered myself. "Was her tit really that big?"

Jenny took a step back to look for herself, first to Lori and then back to Victor.

"Look at the size of him now!" She pointed out to both of us. "And look at the size of that nipple," She turned and pointed out to Victor. "I bet you're really going to like suckling on the big thing."

"Oh yes!" Victor spoke.

"Oh yes!" Lori answered in the same.

The two of them looked at each other; Lori at his hardened cock and Victor at her bare tit. I wasn't able to see Lori, but I was sure able to see Victor. He had a lot to see. His cock looked to be nearly a foot long. I've never before seen a man with such a huge cock! And not just cock, but his whole body looked big and well muscled. I figured he could bench press about three hundred pounds. If the two of us ever got into a bar room fight, Victor would certainly be able to beat me to a pulp.

"What a gorgeous hunk of man-meat," Lori finally spoke after several minutes of constant staring. "Wide girth! And such an exceptionally long length!"

Jenny smiled. "Yes, yes it is! I'm glad you like his monster cock! He's got it where it counts!"

"He certainly does!" Lori agreed.

The two of them watched for at least a minute longer, continuing to exchange crude remarks between them.

"He's really got a whopper!" Jenny told her.

"And what a whopper!" Lori agreed. "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen."

"Nearly twelve hard inches of male snake!" Jenny looked at him.

"And not only long, but so thick too. He's got to be three or four inches thick."

"Closer to four."

"Four inches thick!" Lori spoke in amazement. "That's not just a snake, it's one of those super giant snakes that live in the Amazon."

"You mean an anaconda?" Jenny asked.

"An anaconda!"

The two girls smiled at him. They seem to forget I was in the room.

"Fuck!" Victor answered in return.

"And hard, firm ass cheeks too!" Jenny motioned him to turn by giving her finger a little twirl. He did so, and faced us with his ass.

"He's firm and hard all over!" Lori admired. "I bet he's got the stamina to go at it for hours."

"Yes, he does," Jenny agreed. "He's got excellent stamina. And given his size, well..."

The two girls let out a simultaneous sigh.

"But that's what I like the best," Lori pointed with her finger at his waist when he completed the turn of his nude body. "Damn! He sure is big!" She looked right at it. "What a superb meat pole! How long did you say he is?"

"Eleven-and-three quarter inches, to be exact!" Jenny told her. "Nearly twelve inches of hard, male flesh!"

Lori let out a gasp.

"I would guess that must be twice as long as John," Jenny finally remembered me. "Twice as long, even on those rare occasions when he is able to give you his fullest extent."

"Oh yes!" Lori took a glance around and looked at me. She was careful when she looked, turning to her right while her tit remained bare on the left. I desperately wanted to see her bare tit, but Lori was careful not to show me.

"Twice as long!" She spoke instead, still looking at me. "I guess that's about right. Victor's snake is about twice as long as John's little worm."

Jenny glanced at me too, and then laughed.

"Victor is a real man," Lori spoke. "I don't know what John is, but he certainly is not a real man."

Both girls laughed at me.

I, meanwhile, could not do anything but accept the abuse. I was forced to watch and listen with my hands tied high above me and my legs spread apart. I was forced to listen, as the girls stood only a few feet away and were impossible not to hear.

They laughed only a short time more, and then their attention again focused on Victor's cock.

"Victor," Jenny spoke next, and Victor immediately looked at her. "I'm sorry for being so rude, but I forgot to formally introduce you to Lori. Why don't you go over and say hi."

Victor took a step forward. He walked for the first time since entering the room to stand before the two girls as a nude model. He walked towards Lori, and Lori took a step back. She seemed to almost fear him, but she wasn't nearly fast enough.

Victor reached out to her. He took Lori in his arms. He wrapped his hands around her and dived in on her mouth like a hungry animal, giving a kiss, a deep, passionate, full mouth kiss.

"Ah," Lori fight back for a moment, but the moment quickly passed. Her hands went limp to her side and she enjoyed what I am sure was some substantial tongue action.

And then, unbelievably, he took one of her hands. He grabbed her by the right wrist, twisted the palm of her hand towards him, and then pulled it forward to land squarely on his crotch.

"Ah," Lori first tried to cry out through their joined lips. "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Again, she resisted. But again, it lasted only a moment. I soon saw her take advantage of the thing she held in the palm of her hand. I didn't see it directly, but I could tell it in the movements of her hand. I knew she bent her fingers around and had his big cock encompassed in her hand.

"Ah! Ah!" She continued to cry out, but I noticed she did not let go. As the two of them kissed and tongued each other, Lori kept a firm hand on his erect shaft.

They kissed for what must have been two full minutes. I don't know how long, I just know that it seemed to last forever. Finally, Victor backed away from her and stopped the kiss.

Lori, however, did not exactly back away from him. Incredibly and to my complete astonishment, She didn't let go. She kept hold, reaching out to him, and kept hold of Victor's firm cock. And she did not hold him lightly either. I saw her hand around it when he backed up, and I could tell her fingers squeezed tight. I watched as Lori held the big man.

Victor didn't seem to mind. In fact, he acted as though it happened all the time, which I suppose it might have. He allowed her to keep hold as he placed his hands behind his back and Lori continued to squeeze down.

"Oh yes!" She cried out at least a minute later. "He's so big I can't even wrap my fingers all the way around!"

"See, I told you!" Jenny established. "And what of his hardness? Is his prick hard enough for you too?"

"Oh yes, he's plenty hard too!" Lori agreed. "Not just big, but hard as a rock too. Now this is what every woman really needs. Not like your pathetic thing John, this man has a real cock!"

Victor moaned with pleasure as Lori began to manipulate the member in her hand. I could tell when she squeezed it extra tight by Victor's reaction, and then she pushed it down until it pointed straight out of his body. Lori played upon his engorged organ as though it was her convenient sex toy.

"And these feel plenty big too!"

Victor moaned with increased vigor as her hand reached lower.

"He's even got a great set of nuts!" Lori complimented. "They don't feel at all like John's pathetic little cherry balls. These nuts are the size of plumbs! They feel ripe, and I love a set of ripe male nuts. I can't wait to milk them as dry as John's."

He moaned at this remark.

"Why don't you go ahead and take a squeeze on them?" Jenny suggested.

"Oh no!" Lori stared back in shock. "I couldn't possibly! It would hurt him!"

"So?" Jenny shrugged her shoulders and then started to laugh. "That's the whole idea! Don't worry, He won't mind, do you Victor?"

He shook his head to say "no," although I could tell he shook it reluctantly.

"Besides," Jenny went on. "Haven't you ever wanted to squeeze a man's nuts? Haven't you ever wanted to take a tight hold of a man's nuts and give them a squeeze?"

A big smile formed on Lori's lips.

A more worried look showed on Victor's.

"That's what I thought!" Jenny acknowledged. "Every woman wants to! This is your chance."

"Well," Lori hesitated. "That's true, but..."

"But what?" Jenny continued to insist. "Go ahead and do it. It's best when you mash his nuts up against each other."

A moan escaped from Victor's lips.

Another moan came from Lori. "Oh, I like this!" She spoke with glee.

I could tell when she began. I could tell from both of them. Victor moaned some more. So did Lori.

"Harder!" Jenny prompted her to go on. "Keep on squashing the things. He can take a lot more."

It looked as though he couldn't take much more at all. His whole body shivered and it looked like he wanted to pull away, but for some inexplicable reason he did not. Despite his size and Lori's interest, I found myself feeling sorry for him.

"Now give him one last ball-crushing squeeze," Jenny instructed.

And a moment later she did.

"Ah!" The poor man yelled out and then fell to the floor with his balls in his hands.

"That was fun!" Lori, to my astonishment, laughed. Both girls laughed at him. The poor man writhed in pain, and they only laughed at him.

"Get up!" Jenny ordered him after they finished humiliating the guy.

I could tell Lori gave him quite a severe nut-crushing. He got up slowly. He had a hard time standing, and he appeared reluctant to remove his hands to expose his vulnerability. I also saw it in his cock. The thing no longer stood hard, but instead stuck down at a slight angle.

"You're hand!" Jenny spoke sharply.

Victor immediately knew his error and moved his hands behind his back once more. The two girls were treated to a full frontal view.

"It looks like he's in need of a little more encouragement," Jenny suggested. "And I know just the way to give it to him."

Jenny looked down to Lori's waist. So did Lori. I think some silent form of communication passed between them. Lori knew exactly what to do.

To my astonishment, she took hold of the bottom of her teddy. She lifted up the fabric to show him. With her back still facing me and with one of her tits already exposed to Victor on the other side, she showed him even more. I was rewarded with a bare ass. Victor, I knew, was rewarded with a lot more. I found my original suspicions correct. Lori did not wear a panty.

"Oh, Oh, Oh!" Victor started to pant once more. "Oh God! Holy fuck!"

His cock almost sprang back to attention, giving me a clear indication of what he saw on the other side. I desperately wanted to see too. I so much wanted to see Lori's pussy, but I did not have a cock long enough worth the reward.

"Oh Victor!" Lori spoke with wonderment. "You look like you like the idea of being milked. Oh, that's very nice!"

She pulled the teddy even further up with one hand as she reached out with the other. Victor instinctively took a step back. I supposed he feared what she might do to his balls, but she had other plans for his balls this time. I couldn't see it directly, but I could tell Lori once again grabbed hold of his firm organ.

"Oh, you are anxious!" She spoke. "Oh Victor, you feel very anxious!"

"What is it?" Jenny asked.

I was curious too.

"He's getting impatient!" Lori told us. "Victor likes the idea of me milking his balls dry, and he's getting a little impatient for me to start. I feel him pre-cumming!"

I jumped with astonishment, but neither girl seemed to notice. They faced the other way. Their attention was instead focused on Victor and his pre-cumming cock. I watched Lori as her arm moved forward and back. Although not able to see it directly, I could tell she waved her fingers back and forth across the tip of his cock, stimulating the pre-cumming action even more. I think she was even spreading it all around.

"Oh Victor! Oh Victor!" Lori chanted as she covered him. "Oh Victor, that's very nice. Keep on creaming as much as you want."

"Oh yes!" Jenny agreed. "That looks even better! I loved the sight of a cock when it's lubed-up with its own juice."

The two girls started to pant. So did Victor. They all sounded as though they were about to have orgasms.

"It's beginning to look like a worm just after you pull it out of the ground," Jenny looked from the side. "I love the way it's got that slimy pre-cumm all around."

"Me too!" Lori agreed. "But it's not just a worm! It's more like one of those anacondas, you know."

The girls laughed and seemed to take delight in this comparison.

"And do you know what the best thing is about Victor's cock?" Jenny questioned.

Lori looked up without speaking.

"It's all yours!" Jenny smiled. "Victor is yours. Or more importantly, Victor's cock is yours, if you want it!"

"I do!" Lori answered with no hesitation. "But do you really mean it? Do you really mean that I can have this snake? You better not be joking!"

"I would never joke about something so serious," Jenny assured her. "Victor's body is fully and completely yours. He will obey your every command. He is your sex slave for the night."

"Sex slave!" Lori gasped.

"His big cock is yours," Jenny finalized. "And you can do whatever you want to it."

Lori looked at Jenny, and then she looked back at Victor. It did not take long to accept the gift.

"Step over here," She pulled on Victor. She pulled on his erect member and gave him no choice but to obey. She positioned him directly in front of me and then turned him to the side, all with the use of just his cock.

"Yes, you will do Victor! You will do just fine. I think I would like to first reward you."

She finally let go of his cock after she seemed to have him in the correct position. I didn't know what she had planned next, but then she went down to her knees to show me. Lori knelt in front of him. I could just see her mouth open from around the corner. She opened her mouth and waited. I knew, obviously, exactly what she wanted inside.

Victor knew it too. He stepped forward, positioned himself carefully, and inserted.

Lori accepted. In a single smooth stroke, she engulfed the head of Victor's erection into her mouth. I noticed she had to open her mouth quite wide to get it to fit inside, much wider than she ever had to open for me. I also noticed she stood at just the right angle to keep her exposed tit shielded from my eyes. I could see her mouth work over Victor's wet cock, but I still couldn't see her magnificent tit.

Victor began to moan. So did Lori, although Lori's was more muffled by the large organ sticking in her mouth. Victor moaned louder, and then Lori followed suit. She worked him over for several minutes.

Meanwhile, I was forced to watch as she played her tongue and lips upon the tip of Victor's giant cock. She did not take his cock very far inside her mouth, I suppose because it was too big to do so. It looked like she was only able to take the first three or maybe four inches.

They practiced oral sex for a total of maybe five or maybe ten minutes. It was hard to know for certain. Time no longer had meaning. All I really know for certain was that Victor lasted a lot longer than I would have. I expected him to expel at any moment; especially with the way Lori kept moaning and smacking her lips over and over again. I couldn't believe the stamina and his display of self-control.

"That was great!" Lori told him after she was finally done. She backed away and finally concluded her impressive blow job. "But let's see how impressive you feel in other places too."

Lori stood in front of him and lifted her teddy once again. Victor gasped in response, and then he took a step back. It looked as though his cock was almost afraid of her pussy.

"Oh Lori!" I had to say out loud, realizing what was about to happen. Lori was going to allow him to fuck her, and she was going to allow it right in front of me.

"Now Victor, let's see how talented you are in other places too," Lori repeated her words as she walked towards the couch laid down crossways, always careful to keep her back to me, not allowing me to see her still exposed tit or pussy the whole time. Even after she lay down, I couldn't see anything. The front of the couch faced away from me, and she sat down on the far side. Her pussy and tits disappeared from my view. She laid down with her legs splayed over one side and her head hung over the other. The couch was only just long enough to hide her tits and pussy.

I couldn't believe what was happening. Lori was going to allow me to watch her have sex. And it wasn't going to be just any sex, but sex with a big cock. This time I wasn't just going to get to hear it, but I was going to see it too - or at least I would see part of it. I was going to see the reaction on Lori's face as she was fucked.

Victor spread his own legs and mounted her. He began to penetrate her, and he did it very slowly.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Lori cried out in increased ecstasy, her mouth hanging open over the side of the couch. "Oh God! Oh Victor! You feel as big as you look."

I could easily picture the head of Victor's organ sliding in, inch by slow inch, his steely shaft steadily disappearing deep into her wet cunt. How much I wanted to substitute in his place.

"Oh! You're so wide," Lori let out a loud moan. "And so fucking long! I've never had it in so deep."

And he still had further to go.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" She started to say louder. "Is it ever going to end?"

Victor gave a final shove.

"Fuck!" Lori nearly screamed, and then he did fuck her. She thrashed about like an animal being attacked by a wild beast. Her breathing was audible. Her mouth hung open. She swore like I have never heard her swear before.

"Fuck! Shit! Bitch! Cunt!" She yelled out as Victor pistoned his hips, impaling her with his every thrust. "God! Damn! So! Long!"

She wrapped her legs tightly around Victor's waist, her toes pointed like a ballerina's, grinding her hips against him to maximize the penetration. As he fucked, he reached one of his hands down to her chest. I could tell he reached for her still exposed breast, playing with her naked tit as he fucked. I could tell his hand rested on her chest by the position of his arm above the couch.

"Victor! Victor! Victor!" She panted with his every thrust.

At the same time, she looked at me and smiled. I noticed Lori look at me, and then I noticed her smile. She even stared at me as she was being fucked. Lori, to my amazement, liked having an audience. She enjoyed it when I watched.

Soon, she lifted the rest of the nightie. She lifted it the rest of the way up and bunched it around her neck to give Victor full access to both of her big tits.

Victor, naturally, helped himself. I could tell he played with a tit in each hand and he continued to fuck. How much I wanted to play myself. Even to see them would have been enough.

It happened suddenly. There was little warning. Lori unexpectedly arched her head back and lifted her hips. For a brief moment, I held out hope she might actually lift herself high enough for me to see a portion of her frontal nudity, but she remained just out of my sight. A second later she cried out in a squeal, and I realized she reached orgasm. I never before witnessed a girl experience such an intense orgasm. She nearly screamed. Her fingernails raked Victor's shoulder. Her entire body convulsed with pleasure.

"Oh Victor!" She panted almost out of breath. "Oh God that was great! Size really does make a difference."

She continued panting. I noticed the sweat dripping off her body.

"Oh God, that was a great fuck!" She looked at me. "The best fuck I ever received. I must say John, Victor is an excellent fucker!"

I looked up to see her look back to me. I was in shock. I couldn't believe Lori was embarrassing me like this.

"Did you like the show?" She asked me. "Tell me John, did you like to watch me being fucked?"

I took a deep breath and nodded back to her. Yes, it was a great show. I noticed I was hard again, but not for Lori. Lori wasn't interested in my hard cock any more. She had something much more potent to pleasure her.

"Well, I'm glad you liked the show," She slowly turned over as Victor backed away and pulled it out of her. "Because it's not over yet!"

To my amazement, Victor stood as hard and erect as ever. He didn't soften. He hadn't cummed yet. I couldn't believe a man could withstand such intense pleasure for so long.

Lori turned over and then pulled her teddy the rest of the way off. She laid naked on her stomach; her legs dangling over one side and her head sticking out of the opposite end of the couch.

"As you can see," She turned to look at him but talked to me. "Victor still has further to go. Now that's what I really like! A man who can hold out until his woman first has her orgasm."

Then she turned her head to look back at me. "I hope you're taking notes on all of this John. Victor is demonstrating the proper way to fuck a woman. I know you will never be able to perform as well as he can because of your pathetic size, but I hope you are taking notes so you can at least improve yourself."

She laughed at me and then turned back to Victor.

"Now that you satisfied me," Lori instructed him. "You may now satisfy yourself. Fill me with your spunk."

I almost let out a spontaneous ejaculation at the sound of her words. I couldn't believe what I heard. I couldn't believe Lori capable of saying such a thing. I thought I maybe even imagined it in my mind, until Victor showed me.

He mounted her again, this time from the rear; doggy style.

They resumed.

I still couldn't see her pussy, but I was able to see Lori's naked ass and Victor's naked cock. I saw the base of his shaft just as he pulled it nearly all the way out. A moment later it disappeared again as he plunged the long instrument deep inside again.

"Yes! Yes!" Lori cried out in rhythm with each long thrust. "Oh John! This is the way you're supposed to fuck a woman!" She talked to me, and then she talked to Victor. She told him again and again to fill her with his sperm.

It still took him a long time. I couldn't believe how long he could fuck her without exploding. After a while he reached down and reached around to her chest again. He played upon her generous tits, this time playing with them as they hung down from her chest. I'm sure they felt even bigger than the first time. How much I wanted to feel them myself. Lori wouldn't let me touch her tits, but she allowed Victor to play with them as much as he wanted.

I think it took him another ten full minutes, but finally he did it. His hard buttock muscles began contracting convulsively rather than deliberately. I could tell when his spasming dick pumped spurt after spurt of his seed deep inside her, until at last his orgasm subsided.

* * * * *

Finally, it was over, and I had watched the whole thing. It was one thing to hear her on the opposite side of the wall, but quite another to watch in person. The spectacle was incredible. It was better than the best x-rated movie.

Victor disengaged himself and stood up. His cock, I noticed, remained partially erect. It glistened with white trails of semen. A long thread dangled from its wobbling head as he backed away, making me think of the vast quantities still swimming around inside Lori.

My cock was hard as a rock too. It was desperate for release, yet still looked insignificant in comparison to Victor. Lori's face display mockery and contempt as she first glanced at me and then took a hard look at Victor.

"Do you see where all his sperm went, John?" She covered herself again in the robe before rising back up from behind the sofa. "It entered my innermost space, where it is meant to enter. Your sperm had its chance, but Victor took it."

Jenny laughed from behind me. I never heard her enter the room. I wondered how long she had been behind me. I wanted how much she had watched.

"Your sperm will never get such an opportunity John," Jenny stepped around to take a look down at my fullness. "The fluid in your balls is deficient to enter where Victor's has gone."

She held her hand up in front of my face, fingers outstretched, palm facing me. "Do you see this, John? Look carefully upon it, for this is the only portion of a woman's body that will ever come in contact with your dick."

"Yes!" Lori held up her own hand and agreed with a chuckle. "This is the only part of us you will get to experience, and you should be grateful to experience even that much. You should be grateful that it entertains us to watch you demean yourself with your ejaculations."

Both girls laughed at this.

Victor smiled.

"Don't worry, though," Jenny spoke. "We know of many ways that a pair of nuts, even ones as feeble as yours, can provide many hours worth of amusement for a woman."

"Oh yes!" Lori agreed with more interest than I wanted. "His nuts! Yes! We will entertain ourselves with his nuts."

"Yes, his nuts," Jenny went on. "We will fill them every morning, and then make sure to empty them every night."

Both girls giggled at this. I too knew what they meant.

"And we will do other things to them too," Jenny wasn't quite done yet. "And once you have experienced some of the things I have planned for your nuts, I daresay you will truly know regret."

I felt my face grow pale as I heard the sound of the resulting laughter echo in my ears as the three of them left the room.