Disciplining Young Gentlemen, Pages 4-5

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As he did so, gasps and whispers among the girls, rather than giggles, could be heard. The boys were largely silent. The front of Benjamin's shirt was really jutting out. They were not entirely surprised to see that he had an erection. Miss Harding had clearly intimated as such. But, to see it so concretely evident was still rather shocking, and to see that it appeared to be a rather large one, to say the least, was doubly shocking.

In fact, it was so large that it suddenly slipped through the flaps of the shirt and jutted out, like a big truncheon smashing through an opening in a flimsy cotton curtain.

Eyes opened up wide, and another round of gasps could be heard.

"Oh my goodness," exclaimed Tracy, as it was just a few inches from her eyes, perhaps thereby seeming to be even bigger than it really was, which was still pretty darn big. From her perspective, it really was a big, bad battering ram.

As soon as he realized that his erection had slipped out from under his shirt, Benjamin tried to cover it back up, using both his shirt and his hands. Its size was precisely his concern. He knew he was large, and he was very self-conscious about it. Ever since he began taking showers with other boys in school he became suspicious that there might be something wrong with him. And, his apprehension was eventually tragically confirmed one evening when he and some friends, girls included, were skinny dipping. All of the guys got erections, not surprisingly, and Benjamin was clearly much bigger than the other guys. The girls in fact appeared rather shocked and disturbed by the size of his dick. One of the guys even suggested that he must be a "freak" or something, like perhaps it was some sort of birth defect.

Benjamin was not actually abnormally large, in the sense that he wasn't freakishly large. He was just quite large. The reaction of his "friends" that evening had just been immature persons who were so inexperienced that they didn't know how to judge size, or perhaps terribly uncomfortable with their own body-image, feeling the need to denigrate him so that they would not feel bad about themselves. In some cases, both explanations applied. But Benjamin was himself too insecure to appreciate that. He took it personally, as a validation of his own worst fears. And now he, or it, was again on display, with a similar reaction of shock, aversion and perhaps even revulsion.

"Benjamin, you mustn't cover yourself," Miss Harding intoned. "The human body is a wonderful gift and, my gracious, you are certainly a very gifted young man." She reached over and pulled away his hands, and his shirt. "That is really a very impressive and handsome erection." She turned to the class. "Don't you think so, girls?"

Anthony scowled. This was so unfair, although, he had to admit, perhaps entirely fair. Benjamin was a lot bigger than him. Anthony was quite relieved that he was standing off to the side, as he certainly didn't want anyone to make a direct comparison.

"My goodness, look at how much bigger he is than Anthony." Miss Harding considered bringing Anthony back out in front of the class so that the girls could make a direct comparison, but there was really no need for any unnecessary embarrassment.

Nevertheless, Anthony's flag did begin to droop, and Melissa sprung back into action. She whispered up to him, "I think Benjamin looks like a freak," as she lightly caressed the tip of his penis with the tips of her fingers, softly circling them around and around the shiny smooth crown. She didn't really think Benjamin was a freak, but she knew that to keep Anthony's flag up she had to make him feel better, psychologically, as well as physically. "In fact," she whispered even more quietly, "I think your penis might already be too big for me."

That was helpful, and he smiled back down at her. Simply being distracted from Benjamin's big dick was helpful: out of sight and out of mind, and what was in sight now was the very pretty Melissa, smiling sweetly up at him with her large, round blue eyes as she so softly caressed the tip of his stiff, naked cock which was poking out across her so very kissable lips.

"Although," she added, feeling a little warm between her thighs, "I kind of would like to try to get it in."

Anthony's cock twitched in response. Did he hear her right? Was she really suggesting that?

Miss Harding asked Tracy, "What do you think, Tracy, have you ever seen a penis bigger than this?"

Tracy didn't know how to respond, which was really very unusual, an observation worth noting by Miss Harding.

"My goodness, for once Tracy has nothing to say. Cat got your tongue? Or, actually, Benjamin's big bad penis got your tongue?"

Tracy blushed deeply as the other girls in the class giggled and the boys laughed.

The boys did wonder how Benjamin's cock might look in Tracy's mouth, being attended by her tongue. It would be even better to know how it felt. It would perhaps be a quite appropriate and effective way to keep her quiet, at least for awhile. Cocks swelled and twitched at the thought of Tracy Flick attending to them with her mouth, lips, and tongue.

"My goodness," Miss Harding suddenly realized, "I've been so distracted by your size that I almost forgot why you are even up here! I imagine you turn the heads of lots of girls with this truncheon."

A number of the girls had indeed wanted to date Benjamin before class, now there were quite a few more, and he was beginning to recognize that they were smiling with enthusiasm, not with amusement. A few were even trying to get his attention, being quite obviously flirtatious by smiling adoringly, thrusting out a breast, indiscretely caressing a breast, or even spreading open a thigh. Miss Harding's descriptors for his penis were not always what Benjamin would prefer, but he was beginning to feel considerably better about himself. He was beginning to appreciate the true benefits of the New School method.

"But, Benjamin, do you have problems with premature ejaculation?"

"What?" The giggling returned.

"Have you not had Human Sexuality yet? Premature ejaculation, it's when the boy is unable to control himself and ejaculates too soon, or at least very quickly. It's very much like speaking out of turn, or blurting out things prematurely."

Benjamin's face reddened. No, he didn't think he had that condition, although he wouldn't know, having never been tested for it. Do doctors test for it? Or do you just have to find out when you try to have sex? He did sometimes feel like coming pretty fast when he was jerking off. But that had more to do with worrying about how long he would have to be alone in his dorm room, before his roommate came back. "No ma'am, I don't think so."

Miss Harding explained, to her guests and the class, "In the New School we consider speaking too much in class to be a matter of inadequate self-discipline, and so we help the young man to better control himself, not simply through the pain and embarrassment of punishment, but also through the process of developing self-control analogically."

'What the heck does that mean,' Benjamin wondered, as did everyone else, including Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge.

Miss Harding could see the blank looks on everyone's faces. "Self-control is a quite general skill that pervades your entire functioning, and so when it is learned in one area, it will generalize to others. We will help Benjamin develop self-discipline through the control of his ejaculation. Once he is better able to control the ejaculation of his sperm, he will be able to control the ejaculation of his speech."

The class was very quiet, for the moment. They were themselves now speechless in part because they weren't entirely sure they followed the teacher's reasoning, although she did appear to make sense. But, they were also quiet because they were contemplating the implications of what she was saying. Benjamin was going to work on controlling his ejaculation of sperm? Right now, right here?

Many of the girls' smiles grew larger. Benjamin was such a cute boy. It would have been reward enough to see his tush, yet they were even now seeing his hard stiff penis, which had exceeded all possible expectations. But, apparently there would be even more. They might even get to see Benjamin ejaculate. Miss Harding was such a cool teacher.

Miss Harding took hold of Benjamin's cock and proceeded to commence stroking him. "Now, of course, Benjamin, your task is to refrain from ejaculating. We don't want to make a mess for the janitors."

Moans of feminine disappointment could be heard throughout the class.

"Although by the sound of it," Miss Harding added, "some of the girls wouldn't mind seeing you blurt out of turn." She giggled over her metaphor.

Benjamin knew he had difficulty speaking too much in class, and mouthing off when he shouldn't. He wasn't so sure it was related to any difficulties with premature ejaculation, but as soon as the pretty, actually very sexy, Miss Harding took hold of his cock in her right hand, standing to his right, he realized that he would have difficulty controlling himself, particularly with all these girls smiling so broadly, apparently many of them wanting to see him do it. Whereas Anthony had a fantasy of standing before a group of girls, jerking off for their mutual pleasure, Benjamin was actually living it. He knew he wasn't going to last long at all.

Miss Pepperidge was also very interested. She slid her fingers along her slit, through her panties, to lightly press against her clitoral hood. She kept her fingers there for awhile, not moving them, just pressing down against her personal button, her trigger. She carefully looked around the class, glancing again at Eric to her side, checking to see if anybody was noticing where she had placed her fingers and what she was now doing with them.

Apparently nobody was indeed the wiser. She then began to slowly circle the tips of her fingers over and around her clit, pressing and rubbing her fingers against her nub, being careful to keep the movements confined largely to her fingers so that her stimulation would not be at all noticeable if someone did look in her direction. The pleats in the skirt were also helpful in hiding the subtle movement. She smiled softly to herself. Yes, she had prepared well, this would work, and it felt so terribly, terribly nice. She had never masturbated herself during a class before but, then again, she had never been presented with a reason to do so as good as ths.

Anthony could feel his own cock swelling in sympathy with Benjamin's, or more accurately in appreciation, at the sight of Miss Harding giving Benjamin a pretty darned good hand job. She obviously had considerable experience. She wasn't just mechanically stroking him, like a maiden with a cow. She was thoroughly working her fingers around and around his stiff cock, firmly yet softly twisting and turning her fingers along the shaft and the crown, particularly its sensitive underside, stimulating most every inch of his cock with her feminine fingers, and there were quite a few inches of cock with which to work.

Melissa was feeling a little jealous, not because Miss Harding had such a bigger dick to work with, but because Anthony seemed to be paying more attention to the teacher working on Benjamin's cock than herself working on his. A girl doesn't like it when her guy notices another pretty girl in the room, particularly when she is talking to him. And, it's a heck of a lot worse when she is jerking him off.

Of course, a student is supposed to be paying attention to his teacher. But, still, not when a girl is playing with his thing. Like, what's really more important? Miss Harding's class demonstration or her fingers tickling his hard penis? Well, she wasn't about to be beaten by Miss Harding's beating off Benjamin. She leaned forward a bit, stuck out her tongue, and lightly flicked the tip of Anthony's cock.

That got his attention. "Melissa!" He gasped, shifting his attention back down to her, briefly seeing her licking away at his swollen cock head with her tongue, like a girl enjoying a tasty cool ice cream cone.

She didn't do it for very long. She didn't want to get into trouble. She just wanted Anthony to notice her, and licking the head of a boy's cock is always a good way to do that. And, it clearly worked. She smiled proudly up at him, pleased to see his appreciation, perhaps even a bit of affection, in his eyes. He rested a grateful hand on her shoulder.

"Miss Harding!" Benjamin also gasped, but for a different reason. She could sense that he was getting a bit close and so she applied the squeeze technique to his cock, wrapping her thumb and index finger around the shaft, just below the crown, and then squeezing tightly, essentially choking away his budding orgasm, killing for the moment any chance of a climax.

It wasn't terribly painful, but it was very uncomfortable and Benjamin bent over in shock, and some pain.

The boys in the class cringed. The girls giggled.

"You were about to burst something out, weren't you, Benjamin. You were about to speak out of turn, squirting out into the class some pointless dribble. But, you see, with just a little restraint, a little pressure at the right spot, you've regained your self-control, your composure. Isn't that nice?"

"Yes, ma'am," he groaned.

Melissa wasn't about to use the squeeze technique on Anthony. She could see it was pretty uncomfortable for Benjamin. And, what fun was there in choking Anthony's penis? However, she did realize that she probably should proceed a bit more cautiously if he was to avoid having an accident. She did, though, giggle at the thought of making him squirt. She always enjoyed watching a boy squirt his thing. It was like a little squirt gun going off, spraying and spurting all of his tasty manly cream. It would be kind of fun to make Anthony do it in class, and he would have to enjoy that, wouldn't he?

Now that Benjamin had regained control, through Miss Harding's training, she resumed her stroking. She leaned in closer, pressing one of her full, soft breasts against his arm, and said breathlessly, "Do you like it, Benjamin, when the teacher strokes your hard stiff cock?"

He nodded. It was rather obvious that he did enjoy it. What boy wouldn't enjoy having his pretty, sexy, big breasted teacher stroke his cock? But, he was a little uncomfortable admitting to it out loud in front of the class. He imagined he will be open for quite a bit teasing from his classmates when this is done, and he didn't want to add fuel to the fire.

"It is really a very impressive cock, Benjamin," she continued, speaking to him as if nobody else was present in the room. "I can hardly wrap my hand around it. It's so big, so thick, so manly."

Miss Pepperidge sighed with pleasure, and then quickly held her breath. She glanced sideways, to her right, at Eric. He did not appear to have noticed her lustful, yearning sigh, or at least he chose to ignore it. She quickened her pace on her clit. It felt so good to be diddling while she watched Miss Harding stroke the young man's large virile stiff cock. She felt quite jealous of Miss Harding, although at least she could play with herself.

Benjamin's legs felt weak, his brain felt dizzy, and his dick lurched and twitched in Miss Harding's hand, as did the contents of many of the boys' hands.

Mr. Stratton so missed that girl in Mr. Peters' class. His cock was now fully stiff, and it was poking so uncomfortably down into his pant leg. He could have shifted it if the room had been darkened, but he could hardly do so now, standing up right next to a girl, a student. But, then maybe he could? Perhaps she, like the previous girl, would like to see his erection poking out his pants. However, he doubted that he could do it with Miss Harding standing on his left. The clipboard had effectively hidden his cock from her sight with the added cover of darkness, but he doubted that he could fumble with his dick through his pants right in the full light of the room.

Benjamin could feel himself building up to another orgasm, or at least to another opportunity for an orgasm. Miss Harding's womanly hand felt so sweet stroking, sliding, and slipping up and down his stiff shaft. She was so obviously experienced at her craft, which was sensible, given that she was an accomplished professor.

The girls in the class could see that Benjamin was again getting close. Tracy in the front row, sitting right in front of him, had the best view, and she was entranced at the sight of the boy's very large, swollen, purplish plum. It was like it was an inflamed, enraged, head of a very nasty snake that was about to spurt, spew, and spit its dangerous venom.

Miss Harding sensed Benjamin's readiness as well and so, once again, applied the squeeze technique.

Benjamin was so disappointed, as were many of the girls. They began to wonder if Miss Harding would in fact let him cum. They had been so hoping that she would. It would be so cool to see Benjamin squirt his stuff. They bet he had an awful lot. His balls were certainly pretty darned big. But they knew it was unrealistic. She was trying to teach Benjamin self-control. She wouldn't let him lose control right during the class. That would hardly be the point of the exercise. It was like teaching him to stop talking in class by restraining him from saying anything for the entire class, and then letting him gush and spew out all sorts of stuff in a big climactic explosion. That would hardly be educational.

Once Miss Harding felt that Benjamin had regained control, she resumed her stroking.

Benjamin's balls were beginning to ache. Being twice so close to cumming and twice denied put a significant strain on his patience and his system. His balls really did want relief. It was like a dam being pressed to its limit. It felt in fact like his balls were actually growing, expanding, building up so much sperm that wanted so desperately to be released.

Miss Harding reached under his butt with her left hand to lightly caress his balls as she continued to stroke his cock with the other hand.

Benjamin moaned in pleasure and frustration. He didn't usually play with his balls when he masturbated, and he now appreciated how sensual it felt to have them fondly fondled as another hand slid up and down his shaft. He wondered if Miss Harding might in fact even use her mouth on him. That would be so, so good. He imagined how pleasurable it would be to cum then, pleasurable because he would be feeling the soft, warm lips and tongue of a woman on his cock for the very first time, and pleasurable to actually release his load into the mouth of Miss Harding, the very pretty and sexy teacher who was making him stand in front of the class while she jerked him off. He closed his eyes and his mind drifted to the image of Miss Harding kneeling before him, softly kissing, nibbling, and licking the head of his dick as she stroked it with one hand and fondled his balls with the other.

"Oh my gosh!" he exclaimed, as if he felt the sudden urge to surge, to explode, to cum, and then felt Miss Harding as quickly squeeze real hard on the stem of his cock.

"Oh my," she said, "That was a close one, wasn't it, Benjamin?"

It was indeed close. It was like she had suddenly clamped the end of a hose tightly shut just as a large gush of water was about to explode out the end. But, a little bit of cum had indeed slipped through and dribbled from his cock slit.

It was a signal for Miss Pepperidge as well. She suddenly stopped the diddling of her clit, as she was herself feeling like she was getting pretty close, and she could hardly let herself have an orgasm right there in the class. She would likely shudder, shiver, and moan, and that could hardly be misunderstood by Eric. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing, her breasts rising and falling heavily beneath her dress.

With one hand still squeezing Benjamin's cock tightly beneath the crown, Miss Harding let go of his balls to use a couple of fingers of the other hand to softly work his pre-cum fluid, or escaped cum, into the soft skin of his swollen, engorged knob, all the time continuing to press a breast into his side.

A few of the girls looked away. Some of the girls were not at all experienced with boy cum, and they were rather grossed out by it. Others were at least somewhat experienced, but they were also still grossed out by it. They would jerk a guy off, but only if he squirted his stuff away from them or, at best, onto himself. They would never touch the sticky mess, let alone taste it. Just the sight of it they found distasteful, and Miss Harding's apparent comfort in working the gooey cum all around was rather shocking. Some even found it rather inappropriate for the class. Having to see disgusting things was at times part of a biology class, but this was perhaps going too far, although once you did include the sight of a boy being jerked off, perhaps playing with his cum was not such a big leap forward.

Miss Pepperidge licked her lips, as did a couple of the girls, Heather and Tammie in particular. Miss Pepperidge was strangely feeling very thirsty at the moment, and would so much enjoy the taste of this young man's cum.

Melissa leaned forward and again licked at Anthony's swollen bulb, searching around and around for some of his precum. She didn't actually find any, but he did still taste plenty good without it. She breathed in deeply his manly scent.

Anthony certainly appreciated Melissa's thoroughly searching tongue, exploring every inch of the head of his cock, or at least as much as she could reach without turning him. It would be easier if he was facing her, rather than standing next to her desk, his cock jutting across in front of her, perpendicularly. If she turned him, or her face, she could then swallow it all up inside her mouth, but that would probably draw too much attention, as well as disturb the flag.

"Melissa," he gasped, and she felt a bit of Anthony's cum trickle out. She gleefully licked it up like a kitten getting her first milk and then sat back up straight, enjoying the salty taste on her tongue.

It was all very excruciating for Benjamin, being painfully squeezed to squelch his arousal on the one hand, while being further titillated and aroused on his balls and bottom with the fingers of Miss Harding's other hand. "Miss Harding," he gasped, pleading for help, for sympathy, for relief.

Miss Harding was sympathetic to the boy's discomfort and desire, if not need, to ejaculate, but as a teacher her primary responsibility was the boy's education, the learning of his lesson, the improvement in his discipline and self-control. She was not about to sacrifice his education, his growth as a young man, just so that he could squirt his load onto the classroom floor. When she thought about it that way, there was really no question that she was doing the right thing.

She did, however, feel that she should get her guests more involved in the demonstration. Once she felt that Benjamin had regained self-control, she asked, "Miss Pepperidge, would you like to try your hand at this?"

Miss Pepperidge's eyes lit up. She would most certainly love to do so. "Oh yes, yes, I think that I would!" Her evident level of enthusiasm was perhaps a bit too apparent, and she flushed at the thought that the students in the class and, even worse, Eric, detected her more prurient motivation for trying her hand at it, quite literally so. But, she did very much want to grasp hold of that thick, long hard cock and she quickly made her way to the front of the class.

Mr. Stratton did indeed detect the enthusiasm in Miss Pepperidge's voice. He was a little surprised at it, and now felt a bit jealous. Not of Miss Pepperidge, but of Benjamin. He watched Mandy's swinging hips as she made her way up to the front of the class. He had known Miss Pepperidge for a few years, and for quite a bit of that time harbored some feelings for her. He wondered if perhaps it might be useful for them to practice some of the New School methods together, alone, in their hotel room. They certainly should rehearse the procedures a few times before they attempt to implement the program at Longwood. His dick swelled further at the thought.

With Miss Pepperidge no longer at his side, and the eyes of the students on her as she worked her way to the front of the class, he now had the opportunity to adjust the position of his awkward erection so that it could grow and flex more comfortably within his slacks. There was still the difficulty of this girl sitting right by him, but he used the clipboard to keep his hand, and his stiff dick, hidden from her. He sighed with relief, and pleasure, as he shifted his cock so that it was poking up rather than down. He took the opportunity when making the adjustment to provide it with a few squeezes.

Miss Pepperidge made her way around Anthony, glancing to her left at the sight of Melissa lightly tickling the boy's balls, his dick poking out over her desk, just a few inches from her lips. She could feel her panties becoming rather moist as she turned her attention back to her goal, her assignment, her mission: Benjamin's big, hard cock. She could feel her heart racing as she took the final steps to stand before the class, just to the left of Benjamin. Miss Harding was standing on his right side, his cock still in her hand.

Benjamin looked sheepishly at Miss Pepperidge. He was reminded of times when he was a boy and his mother would hand him over to a teacher or a nurse. Of course, his mother never handed his hard, erect cock over to another woman, but it did sort of feel that way. Miss Harding was treating him like a little kid, spanking him in front of the class, and now she was quite literally handing him over to another teacher, Miss Pepperidge. This new teacher at least looked really pretty. He particularly liked her large green eyes. She in fact reminded him of one of his past teachers, the lovely and sweet Miss Harmony, who always had a gay, reassuring smile and a gentle, caring hand.

"Here, grab hold," Miss Harding instructed. "It's a pretty big one."

Miss Pepperidge reached down with her left hand and took hold. It was a successful passing of the baton.

It felt a little awkward for Benjamin to have Miss Harding literally handing over his cock to Miss Pepperidge, but the hand of Miss Pepperidge did feel very, very nice. Her touch was more tentative than Miss Harding's, but also more sensually soft and solicitous. He could tell he might really like this teacher.

Miss Harding asked, "Miss Pepperidge, have you handled many penises before?"

It was a natural question for Miss Harding to ask. She wanted to know if Miss Harding needed any assistance or guidance in this pedagogical technique. But, it did kind of catch Miss Pepperidge off guard. Obviously, she had not handled any penises in this manner, as a class demonstration. But, she certainly had handled many for other purposes. However, she didn't really want to sound like some sort of a slut, nor did she want to sound like she was some sort of a naive, inexperienced girl. She was, after all, a teacher and she did want to command the respect of the students in the class. She replied, a bit self-consciously, "I've handled a few," and then felt her face redden at the admission.

Mr. Stratton's dick swelled at the thought, imagining her handling his.

It was at first a bit awkward for Miss Pepperidge to be stroking Benjamin, at least to be doing so with her left hand. She would normally use her right. But, she was on the left side of Benjamin and, more importantly, she wanted to keep her right hand down and through the pocket of her dress, clandestinely molding, squeezing, and pinching her clit through her moist panties. She leaned into Benjamin, pressing her breast against him, her breaths caressing his neck.

Miss Harding had surrendered the weapon to Miss Pepperidge, but she was not about to stand idly by. She leaned in tighter against Benjamin, pressing her even larger breasts deep into his side and gently caressing her left hand on his naked butt cheeks. She lightly ran her fingernails along his soft, curved cheeks as Miss Pepperidge tenderly stroked his cock.

It wouldn't take too long for Benjamin to return to an orgasmic state. He had womanly breasts pressing against both shoulders, the fingernails of one sensuously caressing his butt, the hand of the other fondling, feeling, and stroking his cock, the scent of both perfumes providing a delightfully intoxicating commingling mix.

Mr. Stratton, Anthony, and every other boy in class, were notably jealous, and notably hard. Actually, Anthony wasn't really jealous at all. He was very happy with the attention, the ministrations, of Melissa. In fact, a couple of times now he had to caution her. "Wait, wait," he gasped one time, lightly resting a hand on her shoulder to signal, to warn her that if she continued to caress his cock and tickle his balls, he would lose control.

Melissa would stop, but she would as well giggle with delight. She could see that Anthony's penis was stretched and engorged to its maximum state. The head was so swollen, so purple, it looked like it might pop. She kept her cannon head all shiny, silky, smooth, and polished by lovingly licking it.

Benjamin gasped and Miss Pepperidge quickly squeezed the shaft, as Miss Harding had instructed. She had a momentary rush of panic as she did so, as she was not in fact experienced in choking a cock in this manner. If a guy was about to cum, she stroked harder. She wouldn't squeeze the life out of him. But, she knew as a teacher that she must learn how to do this, and she was relieved to see that she had successfully plugged his pipe.

It was becoming way too frustrating for Benjamin. He really, really, really wanted, needed, to cum, as did Mr. Stratton, Anthony, and many of the boys in the class, one or two in fact already probably relieving themselves in their slacks. It was a very dangerous and risky thing to do, but when you had to cum, you had to cum, unless controlled by knowledgeable hands like Miss Harding's.

Mr. Stratton was equally motivated, but he knew that there was no way he could, or should, cum in his pants. He could not help but wonder, though, in his lustful state of mind, if the girl sitting before him would share the interest of the girl the previous day. He stepped a bit forward and slid the clipboard aside. If she was interested, it would obviously be terribly pleasurable, ignoring for the moment the difficulty of what to do if he got too excited. If she wasn't interested, it would be disappointing, but understandable. He couldn't really expect all undergraduate girls to want to play with his cock. At the moment, rejection was hardly his most serious concern. His mind, his thoughts, his planning, was controlled by his stiff dick. His stiffness was restrained somewhat by his jockey briefs, but not enough to be undetectable.

"Mr. Stratton!" squealed Melody, the girl sitting beside him, as she saw the very evident protrusion, thrusting out his slacks. "Goodness gracious!"

Well, that didn't go as planned. Apparently she wasn't as interested as Sandy had been. In fact, she appeared to be a bit upset about it. Undergraduates can be a bit unpredictable.

Melody's exclamation of surprise, even shock, was heard by everyone in the class, including Miss Harding. She quickly looked over when she heard Melody's squeal, and saw Mr. Stratton as quickly covering himself up with the clipboard. She knew right away what the problem was. It was a not uncommon problem when male professors applied the New School method to the girls. Mr. Peters knew how to handle this problem, but she would not expect a novice professor to be so wise and skilled. "Yes, well, Mr. Stratton, it does appear that today's exercise did turn out to be rather stimulating after all."

Mr. Stratton's face went beet red, as all of the students were now turned toward him, looking at him, particularly at his crotch, as was Miss Pepperidge. He had developed erections in classes before. Some of his female students were really difficult to ignore. And, the way some of them would dress, it was almost as if they wanted you to notice them, sexually. One particular difficulty was lectures within Benton Hall, as the student desks were tiered along rising steps to provide the students with an easy view over the heads of those sitting in front of them. However, the tiered seating also provided an easy view up the girls' skirts, and he often admired their colorful panties.

Whenever Mr. Stratton had gotten an erection he could easily hide it behind the podium, or some other classroom furniture. He had never really worried about getting caught, and now felt quite nonplussed over what to do. He felt like his career was about to unravel before his very eyes. He couldn't imagine what Miss Pepperidge was thinking.

"Miss Harding! Miss Harding!" It was Tracy again, her arm stretched up high, her hand waving in the air, begging, pleading, demanding to be called upon. And, given that she was sitting right in front of Miss Harding, she was impossible to ignore.

"Yes, Miss Flick," Miss Harding replied.

"What about the boner rule?"

"Hmmm," Miss Harding said. Tracy did have a point there. "Yes, the boner rule. My goodness, that's a very good point, Tracy."

"Thank you, Miss Harding," Tracy replied, another proud grin on her face as she brought her hand down. She was scoring lots of points with the teacher today.

"What's the boner rule?" Miss Pepperidge asked. That did sound intriguing, she pondered, as she lightly slid her fingers along the young man's slick, stiff boner, while the other softly flicked and fingered her own stiff clit. Her bottom squirmed ever so slightly, so subtly, hopefully not so much as to be noticeable to the students in the class, albeit their attention was now momentarily elsewhere.

"Well," Miss Harding explained, "the boner rule is that if a boy gets an erection in class, he must stand before the class to show it to everyone, and get a spanking as well. We find that this is a pretty good deterrent to future episodes of dyscontrol. It's another New School method for developing better self-discipline and proper classroom decorum. Of course, we haven't ever required that a professor receive this punishment."

The eyes of Miss Pepperidge lit up, thinking that she might have the opportunity to see Mr. Stratton's erection, and perhaps even give him a spanking.

The eyes of many of the girls in the class lit up as well. What student wouldn't want a professor to be embarrassed and punished in front of the class? More specifically, many of the girls in the class had experienced male faculty eyeing their young, sweet bodies. It was really very inappropriate! Of course, they would themselves attract such attention by leaving a few buttons undone, having their skirts be particularly short, or somehow forgetting to wear a brassiere that morning. But, they were typically dressing that way for the boys in their classes, not for the teachers. Well, actually, sometimes for certain teachers, but when it was some other teacher that noticed their wiggling breasts, curvy bottoms or tender white thighs, a teacher that they weren't interested in, well, it was really very rude and disrespectful. So, it would seem quite satisfying, if not appropriate, for this professor to be made to atone for the uninvited, disconcerting attention they had received in the past, and especially so for sticking his boner in Melody's face!

Mr. Stratton, though, had a much different perspective, and opinion. He was not at all interested in becoming part of the classroom demonstration. "No, no, that's fine. I'm alright here." He stepped back, away from the student that he had apparently offended, and in fact away from everyone.

"Oh but Mr Stratton," Miss Harding countered, "Miss Pepperidge is participating in today's demonstration. Wouldn't it be nice if you did so as well?"

Miss Pepperidge had to smile in response to that. It was perhaps a good point. She was being a trooper. She had pitched in. Why shouldn't Mr. Stratton?

Miss Harding continued her argument. "Participatory learning is generally much more effective than observational. I'm sure you realize that."

Mr. Stratton did have to agree with that. He was a strong advocate for participatory learning at Longwood College. In fact, he chaired the field studies program.

"I would assume, of course, that you and Miss Pepperidge will be practicing some of the methods and techniques with each other."

Miss Pepperidge's eyes widened with delight at such an idea. Imagine going through each chapter of the New School manual with Mr. Stratton. She squeezed Benjamin's cock as she thought about having Mr. Stratton, or Eric, spank her bottom while she fondled him through his pants. She even worked her fingers, still hidden by her skirt, underneath her panties to feel her moist, wet, hot pussy lips. Yes, they would have to study the New School manual quite closely together, she imagined, as she worked a finger up into her now slippery slit hole, the fingers of her other hand sliding up and down Benjamin's naked stiff cock, almost absentmindedly fondling his large, smooth round crown as she imagined it being Eric's.

Mr. Stratton's cock twitched at the thought as well. He felt like he could actually hear his heart beating. It was odd. A moment ago he was trying to get a female student to look at his bulge. He had even intentionally exposed it to her. Yet now he was reluctant to have a whole classroom of pretty young ladies see it with the apparent approval, the support, of the teacher. He was very confused as to what he should feel, let alone do. He glanced over at Miss Pepperidge, who briefly met his eyes and then looked away, smiling modestly as she fondled Benjamin's cock.

Miss Pepperidge fingered her slit hole beneath her panties, her bottom now more noticeably squirming, although she was doing her best to keep her instinctive, involuntary, movements to a minimum.

Mr. Stratton's cock twitched as he noticed Miss Pepperidge's, Mandy's, bottom wiggling beneath her loose dress. How he would love to lift up that soft, cotton dress and admire Miss Pepperidge's sweet, womanly tush. He wondered if he could detect some odd movement beneath her skirt, in the front.

Miss Harding asked the class, "How many of you would like to have Mr. Stratton help out?"

A number of the girls raised their hands. Put that way, how could they disagree? Miss Harding though acknowledged the full implication of Mr. Stratton's participation. "You know, of course, this would mean Mr. Stratton would have to pull down his pants. Which one of you would like to help him with that?"

"Me! Me! Me! Pick me!" Tracy was squealing, waving her hand around. "I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it!" A number of other girls also raised their hands, but they hadn't been as fast as Tracy. None ever were. She would volunteer with such fury that it would leave everyone in her wake. She was such a suck-up. They scowled with annoyance and jealousy as they saw Miss Harding turn to her. A few of the other girls, however, shrunk down in their seats. They weren't entirely sure they were comfortable with the idea of a male professor pulling his pants down in class to show them his erection, and they certainly didn't want to be the ones to do it. Although, they would have to admit that they were more than just a bit curious. Not too many of them had seen a naked male professor's penis before. Actually, it would be hard pressed to find one of them who had seen that.

"Well, alright then, Tracy, why don't you go get Mr. Stratton and bring him to the front of the class."