Disciplining Young Gentlemen, The Finale

Here's the last part of this fantastic Charles Petersunn CFNM story. Scroll down for the previous installments of the story!


Tracy gleefully bounded from her desk. Many of the girls giggled as Tracy almost dashed around the desks to go get the professor, momentarily bumping into Benjamin's erect cock as she did so. When she reached him she grabbed him by the hand and almost literally dragged him to the front of the room. "C'mon, c'mon, Mr. Stratton. This will be so cool!" Tracy found just about everything that a professor suggested to be 'real cool.'

Mr. Stratton reluctantly allowed himself to be pulled around to the front of the class. He was really very uncertain about this. As she pulled him along with one hand, he used the other to hide the source of his troubles with his clipboard.

"Now don't be shy, Mr. Stratton," Miss Harding implored. "Mr. Peters and I often directly participate with the students in many of the New School sessions."

Mr. Stratton was in fact aware of that, having read, of course, many of the reports (e.g., "Mr. Peters and the cell phone" and "Miss Harding teaches the boys a lesson"). He just couldn't help but wonder though if having his pants pulled down in the class might undermine his credibility, his authority, as a professor. At least this wasn't a Longwood class, nor was it being taped. Thank goodness for that. He let himself be dragged to the front of the class, pulled along by the girl's little hand.

"Here he is, Miss Harding!" Tracy exclaimed as they arrived to stand by Miss Harding, Benjamin, and Miss Pepperidge, still holding the reluctant professor's hand, perhaps knowing full well that he might slink back to the back of the class if she did let him go.

"Very good, Tracy," Miss Harding said, as she took the clipboard from the professor's reluctant hand. "Now, if you would, take down Mr. Stratton's pants and underpants." She added, "Be sure to take them all the way down to his ankles."

"Yes, Miss Harding," Tracy obediently replied. She was always careful to closely follow instructions. She let go of Mr. Stratton's hand and turned her attention to his belt, a moment of anxiety sweeping through her. It wasn't like she was especially experienced at undoing men's belts, particularly the belts of professors. She loved showing off in front of the class, but usually it was something at which she was confidently well-rehearsed. She wished Miss Harding had warned her that she would be asking her to do something like this. She could have practice a bit at home, perhaps with her father's belt. Her parents did always help her with her homework. But, she realized that this part of the exercise wasn't exactly planned in advance.

Mr. Stratton was perhaps even more uncomfortable. Actually, he was very uncomfortable, standing there as this undergraduate undid his belt in front of the class. A part of him felt like he should help. She was obviously having a bit of difficulty, and it felt rather odd to just stand by while she fumbled with it. A teacher shouldn't just stand there while a student is struggling. On the other hand, a teacher should also let a student learn on his or her own. You can't do everything for them. You learn best through your own trial and error, your own experiences. Perhaps, though, his greatest confusion was simply over the fact that she was actually doing this. He again looked over at Miss Pepperidge.

This time Miss Pepperidge didn't look away, in part because she didn't meet his eyes. Her eyes were focused instead on Tracy's fingers, and the front of Mr. Stratton's pants. She had a little grin on her face, and a twinkle in her eye, as she lightly danced her fingers along Benjamin's stiff, throbbing dick, the other fingers continuing to work away at her own little stiff nub.

Benjamin closed his eyes, basking in the pleasure of Miss Pepperidge's fingers, which clearly had become more enthusiastic with the arrival of Mr. Stratton. She might be distracted by him, but it was a quite useful and pleasant distraction with respect to his own interests.

Tracy eventually got the belt undone. She sighed with relief, and smiled in triumph. The rest was easy. Or, at least, the button and zipper were easy. She even giggled at doing that. She felt like such a naughty girl, undoing a guy's pants. She could feel her heart racing. She wasn't sure if it was because it was so much fun, once again, to be assisting Miss Harding in front of the class, or that, for the first time, she was going to pull down a guy's pants.

"It's easier if you get down on your knees in front of him," Miss Harding advised.

"Thank you, Miss Harding," Tracy replied, very grateful for the suggestion. Miss Harding was such a helpful teacher. She must know pretty much how to do most anything. She got down on her knees in front of the professor, and grasped the waistband of his pants and underwear. It was her moment of truth.

Mr. Stratton took a deep breath as he felt the girl's hands clasp hold of his slacks and underwear. It was his moment of truth. Somehow, in his years as a professor, he had not imagined that his pants and underwear would be pulled down in front of a class of students. He wondered if he would still command their respect once they saw him, that way. He kept saying to himself, 'I'm a professor, I'm a professor, I'm a professor,' as his slacks and underwear were pulled down, his dick popping out.

He was no longer entirely erect, which was understandable, given the last few minutes. However, Tracy was not disappointed. This was her first unwrapping of a man's cock, and it was a professor's no less. To her, it was really quite impressive. "Oh my, Miss Harding," she exclaimed, "Mr. Stratton is even bigger than Benjamin!"

Nobody else felt that way, and there was quite a bit giggling from the class. Mr. Stratton felt the blush rush to his head, and away from his penis. The giggling was directed largely at Tracy's smitten infatuation for his penis, but Mr. Stratton could not help but perceive it directed at his penis. He did though appreciate Tracy's appreciation, even if it was obviously exaggerated.

Benjamin scowled. He was somewhat relieved at the shifting of the attention away from him toward someone else, but there was no way that this man's cock was bigger than his. His self-esteem had indeed grown with his cock, and he felt like he should say something to defend himself. He decides to say nothing, and then realized that perhaps he was in fact responding well to Miss Harding's instructive effort to have him develop better self-control over what he said.

It did look terribly big to Tracy. Tracy's exaggerated adulation was also due to her close proximity to Mr. Stratton's cock, her eyes just a inch or so away from the head. She continued to gaze at it, her eyes wide open, like she was a little girl gazing upon a giant tasty popsicle, one with her most favorite flavor.

Miss Harding was perhaps the only person in the room who maintained her pedagogical composure. She could see that Mr. Stratton's cock was not really bigger than Benjamin's, but size was not necessarily that important. Plus, she knew it was important for a professor to maintain the admiration of his students. "Yes, I see that, Tracy," she said. "Mr. Stratton does indeed have a very impressive penis."

Anthony now scowled as well. He could clearly see that Benjamin's penis was larger than Mr. Stratton's, and he did not appreciate the obvious favoritism Miss Harding was providing her fellow professor. He should not perhaps be surprised that professors would stick together, but, still, if they were to model truthfulness and dispassionate objectivity, Miss Harding should have provided an honest appraisal. Still, though, he did not favor any explicit comparisons, as he could tell that once Mr. Stratton got fully erect he would be bigger than him.

With two other penises now exposed, Melissa felt that this was a pretty good opportunity to provide a bit more attention to Anthony's cock. She leaned forward, turned his stiff penis toward her, and slipped the head full into her mouth, being careful to keep from disturbing the flag, which butted against her chin.

Anthony gasped in appreciation. There are few better feelings than the head of one's cock being swallowed into the mouth of a girl. It was so fundamentally wonderful, so intensely pleasurable. He closed his eyes in bliss as he felt the girl's wet tongue softly licking, exploring, caressing his cock. He had never really noticed Melissa before this day's class, and he now realized that this had been a big mistake. He could really get to like this girl, and he had long since forgotten about what's her name, Penny.

Miss Harding added, "But, I don't think Mr. Stratton is as big as he could be." Miss Harding recalled a Sterling Cooper ad campaign for the army that had used that slogan, with a rather similar implication (see "Ad men").

"I can make him bigger, Miss Harding!" Tracy naturally offered. She sure as heck didn't want to be shown up by another student. After all, Mr. Stratton's penis was really her responsibility now, wasn't it? She had been momentarily flustered by the sight of Benjamin's big penis. She was not about to be silenced this time. She didn't even wait for Miss Harding to give her permission. She knew what boys liked. She had never done it before, but she had studied hard in her classes, she had been paying attention, and she instantly gulped the head of Mr. Stratton's cock into her mouth, as well as cupped his balls with her little hand. She remembered that Miss Harding had said earlier that boys like it when you gently caress their balls.

Benjamin was bigger than Mr. Stratton, but Mr. Stratton was no pencil-penis, by any means. He did have a meaty masculine manhood, a very thick, large bulbous plum, which Tracy had to open wide to engulf. Tracy was a rather petite girl. She might have a big mouth in some respects, but not when it came to absorbing the head of a cock, and she had to really stretch her lips to get the whole thing in. It really did look like she was biting off more than she could chew, but, true to form, she didn't complain. "I canth duth ith, Mth Hurdtgh, realthy I cnth," she slobbered, her mouth too full to speak clearly.

The eyes of the boys in class were now much more interested in Mr. Stratton's cock than in Benjamin's, or at least what Tracy was doing to it. They would have a new found respect for her in future classes. As far as they were concerned, she could talk as much as she wanted to, as long as she followed up with something like this.

A few of the girls giggled at Tracy's predicament, although some were quite openly jealous, and others were appalled. It just didn't seem right to suck on a professor's cock, at least right in front of the class.

Mr. Stratton was himself rather shocked, although very much pleased, and he quickly swelled back to full erection. This girl was not at all experienced, but there was something quite wonderful about an inexperienced, young mouth engorged by your thick, hard cock.

Tracy arched her back, trying to be sure to keep the growing python from bursting from her mouth.

Mr. Stratton again looked to Miss Pepperidge as he felt his dick growing, swelling, in the pretty girl's mouth, wondering if Mandy was appalled or shocked.

But, she didn't raise any objections. Her eyes were open wide, but she appeared to be more interested, more fascinated, than shocked.

Miss Pepperidge was indeed entranced, as she watched Tracy struggle to gobble the head of Mr. Stratton's thick cock. She diddled herself more energetically beneath her skirt, at times sliding a finger deep into her cunt, getting it all wet and slimy with her feminine fluids, and then returning it to her clit, to softly work her warm, sticky dew into her stiff little button. She wondered if in fact whether she should do the same thing for Benjamin, sucking on the boy's cock to help him develop his self-discipline, although she could also see Tracy's discomfort at having such a big one stuffed into her mouth. It probably wouldn't be good for her position, her image, as a professor to suck off a boy in front of the students, particularly if his cock was too big for her mouth. That would be pretty embarrassing for a teacher. She could though at least offer to help Tracy. She imagined, as she softly stroked Benjamin's cock, that she would have an easier time with Eric's dick than Tracy. She wouldn't want him, of course, to hurt the poor girl. Imagine having to explain that to her parents.

However, as she was absentmindedly squeezing, caressing, and stroking Benjamin's cock, she suddenly felt him twitch. Before it was too late she quickly squeezed her index finger and thumb around his shaft, wrestling him back into submission. She cursed herself for forgetting her duties as a teacher, apparently lost in her fantasies about Eric's, Mr. Stratton's, cock.

Benjamin bent over a bit, his eyes cringing. He had been so close that time, and was so hoping that with the distraction of Tracy sucking off Mr. Stratton, he could get away with cumming. But, Miss Pepperidge was apparently a pretty good teacher.

The sight of Benjamin buckling over brought Miss Harding back to attention as well. She had been daydreaming about sucking off someone's cock as she watched Tracy work so hard on Mr. Stratton's hard-on, all the while fondling Benjamin's taught boyish butt. She knew that she would have to visit Mr. Peters' office after class, perhaps to have another round in the pillory (see "The pillory"). She exclaimed, "Alright, alright," letting go of Benjamin's butt to clap her hands to get Tracy's attention. "That's enough, Tracy, that's enough."

Tracy's mouth slipped from Mr. Stratton's cock with a big pop. She didn't really want to let go of it, but she knew it was best to follow Miss Harding's instruction and, besides, she was very pleased with what she had accomplished and didn't mind showing it off to the rest of the class. It was one of her proudest show and tells. His cock was indeed now much larger and stiffer, and the crown was all purple and shiny. It was now a truly very impressive cock, one befitting an important professor. "Did I do good job, Miss Harding?"

The students rolled their eyes. Just like Tracy, always fishing for the compliments. But, they had to admit that she had done a pretty good job.

"Oh yes, dear, very good. Now, why don't you return to your seat."

Tracy frowned at that instruction, but she got back up on her feet and smiled triumphantly at the class as she returned to her seat, although again bumping into Benjamin's dick as she passed by. "Oops, sorry," she exclaimed as she felt her hip collide with the thick round head of his cock. She got back into her seat, admiring the sight now of two stout male erections pointing out toward the class, one of which was all her doing.

"Okay now, Mr. Stratton," Miss Harding instructed, "why don't we let all the students in the class have a good look. Why don't you walk down the aisle, and let each girl have a closer, personal inspection."

"What?!" Mr. Stratton's heart seemed to stop at the suggestion, as did the hearts race for many of the girls in the class.

Miss Harding explained. "We don't normally have the boy present his penis to girls in the class, but you're not a boy, are you, Mr. Stratton."

He just shook his head, feeling a little speechless.

"I think we should have a little hands-on instruction on the part of the professor, don't you think girls?"

Most of the girls could not agree more. The boys, on the other hand, were not particularly interested. Miss Stratton was also ambivalent, in that she was feeling rather jealous, as she was feeling Benjamin, hoping to feel Mr. Stratton as well.

"And," Miss Harding added, "while the girl in front of you is inspecting your penis, the girl behind you can administer a few spanks! It's always best to combine both pleasure and punishment within the New School method."

Mr. Stratton sighed deeply as he gazed upon the eager eyes of the girls. Of course, it would be, should be, pleasurable to present his stiff naked cock to a large number of pretty girls, but somehow this wasn't quite as he imagined such an experience would be.

"Of course," Miss Harding added, "if there is a boy in either desk, he can choose not to participate. We don't want to place anybody within a situation in which they are uncomfortable," other than Mr. Stratton, of course.

He looked to Miss Pepperidge for sympathy, for support, and perhaps for some way to get out of this.

But, she only smiled, and tried, not entirely effectively, to suppress a giggle as she looked at her colleague's erection poking out from his body. She said, encouragingly, "C'mon, Eric, be a trooper, let all the girls admire your penis. It's really very handsome." She blushed at the admission of her attraction. Normally she was not that open about her feelings of attraction. Good girls should be more modest and reserved. But, something about a naked hard cock made her feel a bit less inhibited.

She did in fact think that it would be fun. She imagined walking up and down an aisle of desks, the boy behind her spanking her bottom, the boy in front fingering her cunt. She slid a finger deep up inside her twitching, shivering cunt, just at the thought of it. Of course, she wasn't too sure that she would be able to fit this into a lesson plan. She had, though, heard of some other innovative teaching techniques being implemented at Templeton. Perhaps before they departed for Longwood, they might stop by one of the classes of Miss Nishida (see "Miss Nishida motivates the boys"), who had recently won a national award for innovative classroom instruction.

Miss Harding did at least provide one gesture of support. "If you wish, Mr. Stratton, you can step out of your underwear and slacks." She knew it would be awkward for the man to have to walk up and down the aisles with his pants and underpants tangled around his ankles. She didn't really want to unduly embarrass one of her colleagues.

Mr. Stratton stepped out of his underwear and slacks, his stiff cock swinging in the air as he did so, the girls' eyes all watching it bob and weave, like it was some sort of hypnotist's mesmerizing wand.

It was actually pretty cool to see a professor's naked stiff cock in class, at least most of them felt that way. Melody though scowled. It was bad enough for him to try to shove it in her face when it was in his pants. She wasn't looking forward to touching it outside of his pants when he brought it to her desk.

Mr. Stratton proceeded down the first aisle, facing the girl seated in the first seat, which was Melissa.

Melissa at first smiled broadly. How cool was this! She gleefully reached out and grasped hold of the professor's thick, big, hard cock. Now she had two of them in her hands, something she had never experienced before.

It was a little harder to stroke the professor's penis, as she had to use her left hand on his, but she quickly got the hang of it. Plus, Mr. Stratton was not circumcised, and so his foreskin helped her to give him a real good handjob, sliding his foreskin on and off his cock, making all sorts of squishy noises as it did so.

Mr. Stratton gasped with pleasure, and then his eyes opened wide with surprise, and a bit of pain.


The girl behind him was spanking his butt, and with considerably more enthusiasm and force than Miss Harding had applied to Anthony, or Benjamin. Students did often demonstrate a lack of restraint, which is not too surprising when they're given the opportunity to discipline a professor.

Mr. Stratton quickly extricated himself from the attack on his butt to proceed down the aisle, although in doing so he had to leave the lovely grip of Melissa's girlish hand.

Anthony was not at all disappointed in seeing him depart. He did not like the close comparison of his stiff but boyish tool with the more manly cock of Mr. Stratton, and he particularly didn't like watching Melissa so obviously enjoy stroking him.




Melissa could see, if not feel, Anthony's hurt feelings. She looked up at him with her best twinkling baby blue eyes and whispered, "You're not mad at me, are you, Anthony?"

No boy can ever resist when a girl looks at him that way, and certainly not when she is softly stroking his cock. In any case, he knew she had to do it. It wasn't like she really wanted to do it. Miss Harding had told her to do it. "Well, I don't know," he said.

Melissa smiled flirtatiously up at him, and then leaned forward to give him lots and lots of sweet, affectionate baby kisses all over his stiff penis. It's always good to kiss and make up. Anthony did appreciate that, and he patted Melissa's head as she kissed and kissed and kissed his penis, letting her know that, as far as he was concerned, all was forgiven.

As Mr. Stratton proceeded on down the aisle, Miss Pepperidge returned her attention to the young gentleman, Benjamin. She could no longer see Eric's stiff naked cock, his back and bare bottom now facing her, but it was still difficult for her to ignore him, his presence, or at least the fact that he was proceeding down an aisle of students' desks to present his naked stiff cock to all of the girls in the class. She really wished that she had asserted herself more forcefully when Tracy offered to suck Mr. Stratton's cock. She could have used her position, her authority, as a professor to have the rightful responsibility, the duty and honor, to suck on the professor's cock. And, it didn't help that she could hear the spanking, stroking, and giggling of the girls that were now enjoying his company, his body. She tried to block out the image in her mind, and the sounds in her ears, by devoting herself more fully, more forcefully, to the young cock that she did at least have at hand.

She leaned in tight against Benjamin, pressing her breasts against his side, gripping his cock tightly, jerking her fist up and down his dick while she fingered her cunt beneath her dress. She wondered if perhaps any of the boys could tell that she was fingering herself, right in front of the class. Just the thought of that though was in fact a little exciting, as long as they didn't turn her in to Miss Harding, as Melody had done to Eric. But, then again, would that be so bad? Perhaps then Mr. Peters, or better yet, Eric, would have to punish her.

Miss Harding could see that Miss Pepperidge had returned to the task of Benjamin with due vigor and strength, and she was pleased to see that. This young professor might indeed become a very excellent practitioner of the New School method. She smiled with pride as she watched the pretty Miss Pepperidge jerk the boy off.

Melissa had by now stopped her pecking kisses on Anthony's cock. She could tell that he was getting close again, and she didn't want to embarrass him. Plus, she kind of wanted to keep doing this as long as possible. She was, however, lightly sliding the tips of her fingers all around his shiny swollen bulb. Anthony squirmed with delight, his balls pulling in tight against him.

Mr. Stratton worked his way down the aisle. He moved rather quickly, as none of the boys wanted to take a turn. Only one of them was really looking forward to the opportunity, Jeremy Milford, and all of the kids in the class knew why. He smiled with delight at the thought of getting a chance at the professor's cock. But, he was actually a long way away, and Mr. Stratton knew full well that it was very unlikely that he would even make it past the first aisle.

Tammie Monroe was a particularly good treat. She had very round, bulbous boobs, twinkling green eyes, curly blonde hair, and a gay smile, but most importantly she was very interested in the professor's penis. She quickly took to the task with evident enthusiasm, pulling him, and especially his cock, up closer to her, to her face, to her lips.

But, she didn't actually put him in her mouth. She instead just smiled flirtatiously up to him, all the while vigorously stroking his cock. She said, teasingly, "You're not going to squirt all your big manly cum on me, are you Professor Stratton?" She pursed her lips and opened her mouth teasingly.

He might very well do that, if she kept that up.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Mr. Stratton lurched at the smacks on his butt, and grimaced at the sound of the girls giggling behind him. He wondered if he might have a turn disciplining some of these young ladies. Perhaps he could discuss this later with Mr. Peters?

"Give him a good spanking," Tammie ordered. "I think the professor is about to be a very, very bad boy."

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Tammie's hand felt so nice sliding up and down his cock, the head of his penis now thoroughly lubricated by precum, the foreskin rapidly sliding on and off, like soft, wet lips massaging and caressing the so very sensitive nerve endings that flooded his fully engorged crown. He fucked her hand as she stroked his cock.

"Oh, you want to cum so, so bad, don't you, Professor," she teased, "and I bet a big, powerful man like you must have lots and lots and lots of tasty, thick, warm stuff."

Yes, it was clear he wasn't going to get past the first row. He would indeed have a very nice load for this girl.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

"I've never tasted a man's cum, before, Mr. Stratton," Tammie continued. "I bet it's extra special thick and gooey." She had actually tasted quite a bit, but she knew that boys liked to hear that theirs would be the first load in her mouth.

"That's enough, now," Miss Harding instructed, her left hand softly, quietly, fondling Benjamin's taut naked bottom. She could see that Professor Stratton was unlikely to make it around the entire class, and that was a bit disappointing. No boy ever did make it all the way around, but she would have hoped that a professor would have more stamina, would be able to lead by example. But, perhaps it was understandable, given Mr. Stratton's lack of experience with the New School methods. "You should proceed to the next girl, Mr. Stratton."

With considerable reluctance he did as he was instructed. His sense of embarrassment over having to expose himself to the girls (and boys) within the class had diminished as his sexual arousal, his lust, increased. It had at first seemed intimidating, if not humiliating, and perhaps it still was. He certainly wouldn't want his male colleagues at Longwood witnessing this, but it wasn't too often that a row of pretty girls, all dressed in the lovely, innocent Templeton uniforms, took turns handling, fondling, and stroking your cock. There was something particularly appealing about having a sweet, innocent looking girl, dressed in a white blouse, black tie, and plaid skirt, gently slide her soft little hand up and down your dick, and this was a whole class of pretty girls. It was girl, after girl, after girl, each one using her own unique style to inspect, handle, and arouse him.

The next girl, Heather, even used her mouth on him. A few minutes ago Mr. Stratton had just been hoping that Melody might touch his erection through his pants, and now this girl, Heather, was leaning out of her chair to wrap her young, sweet lips around his dick, and this was clearly a girl who knew what to do.

Heather did indeed enjoy sucking cock. She was a graduate of Innocent High, a rather controversial high school known for its questionable mores, the title of the school notwithstanding. She moaned with pleasure at the taste of his manly soft crown in her mouth, and she gleefully went after it with her tongue, flicking the tip, the pee slit, with the tip of her tongue as she massaged the shaft and bulb with her lips, swirling the cock head around and around in her mouth.

Mr. Stratton didn't even mind when the girl behind him began to once again paddle his butt. It was perhaps a bit embarrassing, perhaps a bit demeaning, but it was also kind of playful. This girl behind him, whomever it was, wasn't so rough as the first one and, besides, her spanking gave him an excuse to thrust his cock in and out of Heather's mouth, as if he was simply trying to avoid, innocently responding to, the slaps on his butt.

Benjamin could feel himself getting close again, for what seemed like perhaps the umpteenth time. His legs began to feel weak, his knees beginning to buckle, and he reached around Miss Pepperidge and Miss Harding to steady himself but, in fact, perhaps quite instinctively, quite naturally, he grabbed the two lovely teachers on their assess, gripping through their skirts their soft, round, full, lady buttocks.

Miss Harding gleefully accepted Benjamin's hand, squeezing in response his own ass as well, but Miss Pepperidge gasped and flinched at the intimate touch, the feel, and then the grip of the young boy's hand on her tush. This probably wasn't proper student decorum within a classroom, having one of the boys grab hold of your butt. But, perhaps a bit of discretion was tolerable when you're pumping hard on the young man's stiff, thick, bull cock.

The students didn't really know where to look, whether at the paddling and sucking of Mr. Stratton, the jerking off of Benjamin, or Melissa's little personal play with Anthony. Tracy though knew where her eyes preferred to gaze. Her eyes were fixed on the fully engorged purple head of Benjamin that was pointing right at her, like a thrusting cannon whose plugged end was inflamed with lit powder that was bursting to explode.

"Alright, Mr. Stratton," Miss Harding again instructed, "move on now."

The cock of Mr. Stratton popped from Heather's mouth as she released him for the next girl, Melody. He was back to the scene of his crime.

Melody cringed. Unlike Tammie and Heather, she was not particularly interested in inspecting Mr. Stratton's cock. But, she was not a bad student. She wasn't the best student in the class, Tracy outstripped her in that regard. Still, though, she would do her assignments. At times begrudgingly, but they would still be done. She reached out for the professor's erect cock.

It wasn't clear why. Perhaps it was the fact that he had been so close a few times already, perhaps it was because he had never been stroked and licked by a series of pretty girls before, or perhaps it was because this was the girl who turned him in, who was shocked by the sight of his erection, even when hidden by his pants, and now it was right out there, jutting out naked from his body, pointing directly at her, and she had to wrap her little girlish fingers around it. And, perhaps no explanation was really necessary. In any case, Mr. Stratton released his load as soon as the Melody's fingers wrapped around the shaft.

A large stream of hot, wet, sloppy spunk shot from his knob and splatted across Melody's blouse, leaving a long wet rope of cum from her collar, across a boob, and all the way down to her plaid skirt.

"Mr. Stratton!" Melody once again squealed, but this time for a different reason. Well, not that much different, but certainly different in one important respect.

Mr. Stratton sighed with relief, satisfaction, and orgasmic delight as he watched his dick jerk and spew its stuff onto the pretty girl's clean, white blouse. It seemed so very appropriate that she would be the one to receive his gunk, as she was the one who turned him in. What goes around, cums around.

At the sound of Melody's squeal, Miss Pepperidge looked toward the back of the class. She could see only Mr. Stratton's naked butt. Regrettably, she couldn't see his dick, but she could see the gushing of his spunk onto the girl's white blouse and skirt. She felt a sudden surge of warmth, of heat, course through her own loins, through her body, her mind. Her legs went weak as her own orgasm swept her away, her knees wobbling, her body trembling, as she used one hand to squeeze her clit while she used the other to squeeze hard on Benjamin's cock, for balance as well as for pleasure, and he then lurched over, but this time not in pain. This time in a lustful climax, his own cock blasting forth the damned reservoir of choked gism. It shot from his cannon with tremendous force, jerking free from Miss Pepperidge's control as she let go to cover her face, to hide the tell-tale signs of blissful ecstacy engulfing her glazed eyes.

"Miss Harding!" Tracy gasped as she felt the wet, sticky slop splat on her cheek, followed by a rapid series of further spits and spats of slimy, slippery sludge gushing forth from Benjamin's cock. Benjamin had quite a large amount of cum. After all, he was an adolescent with big balls, coupled with the fact that Miss Harding and Miss Pepperidge had been cooking up quite a load for some time, and now it all came blasting forth. Benjamin's cock jerked and twitched like a machine gun out of control, spewing sloppy, wet bullets all over Tracy's face.

Tracy didn't know what to do. She had never seen a guy cum before, let alone have him cum on her face. Her first instinct was to cover herself, to protect herself, but she knew that Miss Harding would probably not approve, and so she squeezed her eyes shut, grimaced, and politely, obediently, took the boy's sticky, sloppy spray full in the face, feeling with dismay, fright, and, yes, excitement, as her forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, and even eyes, were soon drenched in goopy gobs of gism.

The other girls' and boys' heads quickly turned left and right, not wanting to miss the sight of Benjamin and Mr. Stratton spurting out their stuff onto the two pretty girls.

Melody had let go of Mr. Stratton's cock as soon as his first load splashed across her blouse. She was a good student, but not as good as Tracy, and she did try to protect herself, bringing up her hands to block the globs, ropes, and streams of cum from raining down on her new tie and neatly pressed blouse. She didn't really want to go to the next class with her blouse all covered in wet cum stains.

But, as soon as the first spats hit her hands she also realized that she didn't really want the professor cumming on her hands, her bare skin. What was really worse: getting your clothes wet, or having sticky globs of cum all tangled in your fingers in a slimy mess. "Miss Harding!" she squealed again, pulling away her hands and leaning back in a useless, ineffective, effort to avoid the crude oil that gushed from the deep shaft that reached down into Mr. Stratton's thick, full balls.

Neither Benjamin nor Mr. Stratton did anything to help the girls. On the contrary, their eyes glazed over in lust and pleasure, not only with the intense, base fundamental bliss of their physical orgasms, but as well with the sight of their dousing of the two girls. They couldn't explain it, but cumming onto a girl, onto her blouse or face, was so, so, so much more satisfying than just squirting into a rag.

Benjamin, though, did miss Tracy with one shot, the lone white wad flying down the aisle an impressive distance, perhaps a classroom record, the girls on either side leaning defensively away as it went past.

Anthony yearned to join them, but again felt it would only, once again, demonstrate clearly his inadequacy relative to Benjamin, and the professor. He didn't have nearly that much cum. Girls naturally compare guys. He could tell that when he was swimming. Girls would admire the muscles on the other guys, and only smile in sympathy, or in amusement, when they looked at him. He couldn't imagine how much worse it would be to just squirt a little puddle, compared to the buckets of Benjamin. As much as he wanted to cum, physically, he wasn't at all sure, psychologically.

"C'mon," Melissa whispered, gripping tighter on Anthony's cock, increasing the pace of her stroking, soft fingers, "I bet you can squirt a lot farther than that."

Actually, that might be true. No, actually, that would be true. He never came that much but he could squirt pretty far. He had even measured it once. He looked down at Melissa, who was now sliding her fingers around and around his swollen bulb, while softly massaging and squeezing his balls with her other hand, being careful not to disturb the flag but still providing considerable stimulation.

"Miss Harding won't mind. You'll be giving the flag a one gun salute."

And with that suggestion to again demonstrate his respect for the Templeton flag, Anthony's cock lurched. Melissa quickly grabbed hold and aimed her rifle. "Hold it, hold it," she whispered, like a rifleman waiting for the very last possible moment to pull the trip, urging Anthony to provide one last bit of restraint, of self-control, to hold off as long as possible so that the initial blast would come forth with especial thrust and force.

And so it did, shooting up high into the air and across two of the desks in the front row. Even the students in the back of the room could see it clear the heads of the students in the front, until the white glob soared down and into Tracy's hair.

It was indeed an impressive shot and an impressive sight. Anthony in fact was able to release two more of equal length and aim. Well, it was Melissa who should get credit for the aim, but Anthony had fired the cannon and with considerable thrust and trajectory.

Tracy didn't at first know what hit her. It is perhaps hard to imagine a girl not knowing when a glob of cum smacks into her hair, but she was understandably distracted by the last few splats and splots from Benjamin. Her face was now literally drenched, with pools forming in most every nook and cranny of her pretty face. Her mother had been trying to convince her to get glasses. Tracy had resisted, but now wished that she hadn't, as they would have at least provided her eyes with some protection from the deluge of globby boy cum.

But, then, to add insult to injury (well, actually, more of each), she felt smaller splats of cum hit her on the right side. One even landed on and dripped down into her ear. "Miss Harding!" Tracy finally complained. It just wasn't her day. Having one boy splash cum on you in class might be acceptable. But two? Well, that really did appear to be going too far.

Anthony and Melissa both smiled, Anthony with his accomplishment, as well as with his pleasure. It felt so good to finally cum, to be able to let his dick squirt and spurt its cum, to feel the orgasm sweep over and through him, as his cock continued to spit its little white bullets.

His last few shots fell harmlessly along the floor in front of the first row of desks. The girls in the desks in between him and Tracy were certainly grateful to Melissa for that.

Mr. Stratton gasped for breath, staring down at Melody's cum soaked blouse. Her brassiere was now showing through the thin white cotton, like she had been competing in some sort of wet blouse contest. Through his foggy eyes he admired the sight of her brassiere visible through her gism drenched blouse.

Melody noticed where Mr. Stratton was staring and she brought her hands back down to modestly cover herself, albeit the gesture did seem rather pointless at this point, the strong fresh scent of manly cum drifting up into her nose.

Miss Harding was pleased. It was clearly a very good ending to today's class demonstration. She patted Benjamin's behind in approval as she looked with pride upon the cum soaked face of Tracy, and nodded with approval toward Anthony. "You can lower your flag, Anthony," she instructed.

Melissa was given the honor of carefully removing the flag from its shrinking pole. She respectfully folded it up, and tucked it into her purse.

Anthony and Melissa did get together after class. Melissa in fact began a big flag collection. Some kids collect coins, some collect stamps, and some collect flags from countries all around the world. The governments provide copies of them in small sizes precisely for the purpose of fitting them nicely into collection books. Anthony periodically came over to Melissa's house to raise a new flag for her collection.