The Game Show - A Lengthy CFNM Tale

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Synopsis: Two women go shopping for males to use in a new TV show.

A smile broke out on Meena's face as she heard the news on TV. Her producer had asked her to wait until this legislation was passed before going ahead with her idea. "We don't need any legal trouble from those rights watch groups."

"Finally", she thought with an air of expectant nervousness she dialled her producer and scheduled for an appointment. She then called Archana. Archana, her assistant producer had been with her for the longest time and was almost like a younger sister by now.

"Guess what! legislation Ec-603 was passed today", she informed Archana as soon as she picked up.

The newswoman droned on behind her on the TV, even she had a smile flitting across on her face, more than the usual fake one: "In effect, this legislation means that any male registering a complaint with the police has to produce one woman who is unrelated to him as a witness or that complaint will not be accepted. There was only one vote against the resolution.", she finished with finality.

The two women excitedly discussed how they were going to take advantage of the new legislation.

"Are you sure you don't want paid actors for all the roles?", Archana asked. She wasn't quite sure they would be able to handle an uncooperative male. They were still physically stronger.

"Absolutely, that is what will set our show apart, the audience cannot fail to pick up on their body language that the men are not there of their own free will. Besides, it is much more enjoyable and fun if we have to force them. What do you think?" Meena had mentored Archana ever since the latter had joined but valued her opinion always

Archana smiled into the phone. "Yes, it would be".

An idea flashed into Archana's head. "Hey, what if we rent some males from one of the rentals? They will be much more controllable and if we pick someone who has been there for a short period, they will still be uncomfortable but a lot more controllable"

Meena's mind explored the possibilities. Archana was definitely right but she still felt the stage-value of a complete newbie who had never been subjugated before would be immense on her show. As she played out the various scenes in her mind, a concrete script seemed to form and take shape.

"Yes, you're right. Let's get two of each type and then see how it proceeds. If we don't have enough luck with the free ones, we can just use ones from the rental. Have you ever been to the place before?"

"You don't pay me enough to afford them", Archana teased. They were very expensive, the good young ones were all taken by the wealthy women.

"I don't make enough to afford them", Meena retorted. "I've only ever seen them in the houses of women whose titles were chief something or the other"

"It's all demand and supply. Not many males being sold nowadays I guess after all those complaints of unneccessary force", Archana said wistfully. She wished she could afford one. "I wouldn't mind coming back home every day to the sight of a naked man cooking my meal".

"You know, this new legislation might just change that. Let's see"

"Now that we have financial approval, we can afford them. See you at 4?", Meena asked.

"You bet. This is the only time I will even be allowed in there!", Archana said excitedly.

Both women made it to the place on time. They walked up to the receptionist with nervous anticipation.

"Hi, I have a 4.30 appointment. My name is Meena from the Women's entertainment channel"

The receptionist greeted them cordially, confirmed the appointment details and asked them to have a seat while she dialled a number. Archana looked around excitedly, hoping to see slaves being returned or checked out. She was disappointed that she couldn't spot any.

A few minutes later, a tall woman in a sleeveless chudidhar walked out to greet them.

"My name is Kashmira and I will be your advisor today", she smiled at the seated women. This was a very big account, they made a lot of money loaning and selling slaves to the executives of WE channel although this was the first time she was seeing these two girls.

She asked them to follow her as she took the two excited women into a large plush office. As Archana entered the room she almost gasped out aloud. There was a stark naked man near the mini-bar polishing the counter top. She could see the muscles in his leg and buttocks contract as his weight shifted while polishing the counter-top. The other two women smiled at Archana's gasp.

"It's probably her first time", Kashmira smiled to herself as she looked at Archana stroke her hair absent-mindedly while staring at the bartender.

As soon as the man heard the sound, he rushed to stand behind the bar. Archana followed his progress without batting her eyelids.

"Let's get some drinks before getting started", Kashmira wanted to get the two women closer to the naked bartender. They were clearly not used to such services often and it always helped to build relationships with clients.

They went to the mini-bar, Kashmira moved to the side so she could let Meena order her drink. Meena had ordered a naked man to make her drink once before, at that thanksgiving party her CEO had thrown. She looked at the male's face, trying hard not to stare at his dangling penis. She knew the male was definitely not looking into her eyes but did not want to eye him in front of Kashmira. She acted casually, "A cosmopolitan for me". The man silently nodded and looked in the direction of Archana, but not quite looking into her eyes.

Archana moved forward. Her face flushed because she knew Meena was looking at her and laughing inside. As hard as she tried, she could not look away. She took a quick peek at his penis before looking up into his eyes, "and a straberry margarita for me", she said quickly. The man nodded and reached for glasses to the side. Archana could not resist another quick almost reflexive peek at his penis while she shifted her eyes to Meena who met her gaze with total amusement.

Kashmira smiled at her clients and started moving to her desk, "so what can I do for you today". She settled into her plush chair and indicated the chairs in front of her for her new clients.

"We're looking for two relatively new boys ...", Meena proceeded to explain what exactly she was looking for.

The waiter arrived with their drinks while Kashmira was on the phone giving out instructions in a calm voice. He stopped a safe distance away and leaned across to place Archana's drink in front of her. He moved behind her to serve Meena her drink and then served Kashmira hers. Archana followed the male's swinging penis as he moved.

"Are all penises this large and move heavily like this, It is still second to the buttocks as far as attractiveness go?" her mind flashed to the time she and her drunken friends had stripped a free boy in college. He had covered his groin with his hands and run away but the image of his bare back had stuck.

Kashmira eventually hung up and turned to her clients. "Well, I will show you all the males we have in the age group 20 to 25 and you can evaluate them and select the ones you think have the right attitude and history. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me", Meena nodded. Archana felt a wave of excitement sweep through her. Maybe they were going to take her on a tour of the building and let them see the slaves in their daily routine and then they could pick the ones they liked.

The women made small talk about the weather and the holiday schedule for a while until a knock sounded on the door. Kashmira buzzed the door open with a button under her table.

Archana and Meena could hear many shuffling footsteps behind them and felt the presence of many people so they turned their heads slightly to see what was going on.

"Why don't we just go there while they are arranged for you", Kashmira suggested getting up from her chair.

The three women got up and stood to a side in the room watching the males file into the room. They were in different shapes, sizes and colors but they all had one thing in common. They were completely naked from head to toe. Kashmira looked sideways at her clients. It was obviously their first time.

Meena and Archana watched the men trooping in and arrange themselves into two neat rows. They did not stand stiffly but stood smartly without any slouching, maintaining a foot distance between themselves. When the row had reached eight naked males, Kashmira stepped forward.

"That's enough, another line now", she said in a calm voice but there was no mistaking the authority in her voice.

The males started to form another row perpendicular to the first one. Another ten males eventually filled out the line before Kashmira moved to the door and pressed a button. The button lit up a discreet light on the outside of the door so that no one would disturb them while her clients were evaluating their options.

"Feel free to evaluate them in any way. We have many everything you need over there", Kashmira indicated a rack with various implements in the corner. Meena ran her eyes over them, a whip, a cane, a strap and many different types of clamps. Tolerance to pain wasn't high on her list that day though.

Meena and Archana surveyed the scene in front of them with breathless excitement but remained calm outwardly. The males were all young and fit looking with neatly groomed hair and taut bodies. The two women surveyed the two rows of dangling male genitals in front of them as they stepped forward.

"Such a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When it rains, it pours!", Archana thought to herself as she looked at the male bodies.

Kashmira seemed to read their minds.

"If you step this way", she motioned them to step forward nearer to the naked line, "you can see we have many different varieties".

She held the tip of the nearest man's penis between her thumb and index finger. "Long and thin", she said pulling the organ horizontally out. Her red nail polish contrasted starkly with the dark flesh of slave's penis.

She let go of that organ causing it to sway and moved to a slave a couple of men away. Meena and Archana took three steps behind her, not able to say anything but keeping their eyes on the organ until it stopped moving.

"Or fat and stubby", Kashmira held the penis at its base applying pressure with her thumb so it pointed upwards towards Archana. They looked at the tiny slit that was exposed as Kashmira lifted the organ towards them.

The two women silently nodded acknowledgement as Kashmira dropped that and moved to a man in the perpendicular line. The two women followed her gazing at the line as they moved down it.

"Or the really small triangular ones, if you like them that way", she smiled at Meena as she indicated a really small penis down the line. She tapped the organ with four fingers, "they are so small you can't even hold them".

"Feel free to check them out yourself. We have more if you need, but these fall right in the age group you requested", Kashmira moved away backwards to her table and leant her hips against it, folding her arms across her chest to watch them.

Meena moved forward after nodding at Archana with a smile. In her mind, the ideal candidate for the job was charecterized by his attitude, not looks. She looked at each of the standing males in turn observing their body language while Archana in tow was looking at only the men's bodies enjoying the visual and the position of power she felt. Meena felt a sudden urge to run her hands across the genitalia in front of her like they were piano keys. "They look so vulnerable, so exposed and extremely arousing at the same time. I should come back one day for old fashioned sex with this one", she thought as she gazed at a particulary thick organ. She continued down the line, enjoying the sight and evaluating their potential. As she reached the end of the line, she stood there to take in the view in profile of the naked bodies. she then turned to walk behind the line back to the first male. She was appraising the bodies more carefully now, looking for signs of tension in the sets of buttocks in front of her.

"How nice it is to combine business with pleasure", Meena thought to herself as she cleared her throat from behind the nude line.

"Listen up guys! I want you all to spread your legs, bend over and hold your ankles NOW", she said in an even firm voice as her eyes danced across each naked backside.

Some of them moved immediately while some hesitated; she made a mental note of the ones that complied immediately. Fun to have around the house, but not suitable on her show. Even the ones who hesitated did not do so for long for they knew the consequences. It wasn't more than a few seconds later that Meena was staring at the exposed flesh of several male backsides. She asked Archana to join her behind the line.

She then went down the line admiring the sight as well as making mental notes. Some had stretched themselves fully, the muscles of their legs and butt muscles were relaxed so that she could clearly see their anuses wide open, the hole stretched apart while their genitals hung freely between their legs. She admired the sight, spending more time behind such males but marked them off her list. There was another group of males who she was more interested in. These had technically bent over and clasped their ankles as she had instructed, but the tension in their legs and butt muscles was unmistakable as they held their buttocks closed so that the females behind them could not see the most private part of their bodies. They had their thighs close together too in spite of the considerably more effort it required so that their genitals could not be seen by the two happy women behind them.

There was one male that particularly amused her. He had tensed his whole body and successfully managed to keep his anus out of sight when the two women reached him. The sheer effort of his muscles was causing his whole body to quiver though. Meena and Archana stood there watching his buttocks and thighs jiggle as he tried hard to keep his cheeks together. Eventually it was just too much for him and his muscles relaxed causing the cheeks to move apart and expose the dark circle of his anus. They watched as the male immediately tried hard and tensed his muscles so that the opening of the anus was closed briefly only to have it be displayed lewdly almost immediately as his tired muscles could not hold on. They watched this fight for a while as the anus closed and opened alternatively until finally the male gave up and let his body go loose. Meena and Archana exchanged amused smiles and moved on, this one fit the bill perfectly.

She walked to the end of the line and with a twinge of regret started back down to the first male. As she went along she patted the males she had crossed off her list on their backsides and instructed them to go stand in one of the corners of the big room. As she reached the halfway mark she saw Archana looking at her with pleading eyes. Smiling back at her friend, she moved a little behind and pointed silently to a male she wanted off the line. Archana stepped forward with a big smile on her face and ran her hands lovingly over his exposed backside.

"So taut, yet so soft to the touch", Archana thought as she cupped her hand over it.

She then pinched his buttocks lightly, an unconcious smile on her face and asked him to get to the corner. Down the line they continued in that manner until they reached the first male.

Now there were only four males left bending over. She surveyed the scene. Three of the males were trembling now with the effort it took to keep the private parts of their bodies hidden. The male who had so amused them earlier with his winking anus was amongst them.




Kashmira understood how Meena was making her choices. She let her eyes roam over the huddled naked flesh in the corner mentally picking one out that she would later have her room dusted and cleaned. For such a chore she preferred an experienced one who would do as he was told silently while she continued with her work and occasionally took a break to watch him.

"You can stand up now", Meena moved a strand of hair from across her face as she moved to the front of the line. Archana joined her.

Meena turned her attention back to the four males. They looked distinctly at unease as they stood displayed in front of her. That was how she wanted it. She moved to stand in front of the first male and cupped her palms gently around his scrotal sac. She felt his whole body contract and try to twist away from her grasp. To his credit, he stopped himself before he took a step backwards, but there was no mistaking the reflex that his body had displayed. Meena smiled to herself and tapped his scrotum gently,bouncing it on her fingers, then let go of it and moved to the next male.

She repeated her actions, cupping her hand around the male's exposed testicles. She got very little reaction out of him, he stood in place without moving. That was actually what he was trained to do, too bad that wasn't what she was looking for. She let go of him and moved to the next one. She caught Archana looking at her with a quizzical look but just smiled back.

She reached out and placed her palms under his scrotal sac and lifted them up. Then, she closed her hands gently so that she was holding his gonads completely in her palm. She detected the male's body tensing but he did not move. Thinking that there was some promise here, she slid her hands behind slightly allowing the man's testicles to rest on her fingers. She then placed her other hand under his chin and raised it slowly but forcefully until he understood what she wanted him to do and looked into her eyes. She then held one testicle between her thumb and index finger and rolled her fingers around it all the while continuing to stare into his eyes. She saw his face turn a bright red and starting to take shallow breaths before breaking his gaze away from her eyes and look away. She smiled to herself and let go of him.

She did not bother with the fourth male, she had almost made up her mind that it would be the first and third male. The last male in line had a very small organ. She knew she couldn't put that on her show unless she had no other choice. She just gave the small penis a disdainful glance, moved over to Archana and exchanged grins marking the obvious thrill they felt. They were both going through the possibilities of the different ways they could enjoy the services of these men and felt a heady expectation.

They looked over the scene trying to capture the picture in their minds before it was dismantled. The four uncomforatble males in front of them and a dozen more in the corner. Archana wished she could photograph this to share with her friends.

Meena then stepped forward and pulled the first and third males out by their penises. She pulled them until they followed her forward a few steps and turned o Kashmira, still holding the organs, "We will take these two to go".

Kashmira smiled back at her, "ofcourse". She asked the two males who had not been selected to follow her and walked over to the corner.

"Back to your cells", she waved at the dozen men as she pressed a button near the door. They trooped out silently with three pairs of eyes following the mass of nude bodies.

Kashmira then walked back to her two clients. "Great. Now let's just catch up on the paperwork and then we can prepare them and then they are all yours!"

The three women went back to Kashmira's desk and settled into the plush chairs.

"You can sit down too", Kashmira said without looking at the standing males, pointing to a corner so that the males would be facing her clients directly while she had to turn slightly to look at them. The males hurried over and sat down, keeping their thighs close to their body, trying to make their bodies small so their genitals would be hidden from these two women. They did not have any idea what was going to happen to them. This was the first time they were being rented out and had a mixture of emotions.

Meena and Archana sipped their drinks leisurely and admired the two males in the corner while Kashmira went through and explained the papers and legal arrangements.

"And here is the device which keeps them on a short leash", Kashmira concluded handing over two small black devices, little larger than a keychain. "It has three settings and we reccommend you never use the third one. Most likely you would never have to use it at all. We take pride in our excellent training. Do you want to give it a quick whirl now anyway?"

"Absolutely", Meena picked one up and gave the other to Archana. "But what are their names"

"Their IDs are on the devices", she got up and walked around the desk to lean over Meena. "See here", she pointed to a number on the device.

Meena's device had "1394" printed across it while Archana's had "1707".

"Why don't you figure out which one is 1394 and which one is 1707", Kashmira said with amusement in her voice and beckoning the two males to come and stand before them.

Meena smiled at her and waited until the two males reluctantly walked over to them. Their reluctance was palpable, they seemed to want to crouch down into a huddled position as they moved slowly. She felt one set of eyes were pleading while the other set was resigned and panicky at the same time.

She pressed the red button on the device.

The effect on the male closest to her was electric. His legs buckled and he fell down immediately, pulling himself into a ball on the floor near her feet. A moan escaped his lips as he held his hands around his genitals to comfort them and rolled in short arcs on the carpet. Meena and Archana were impressed, they doubted they needed to use the device but it was always there just in case. They watched in fascination as the male slowly recovered and stopped rolling on the ground. Kashmira prodded him in the rear end with her shoe. He stood up with great difficulty again in front of them. He had tears in his eyes and a pleading look in his eyes begging them not to use the device anymore. No one missed the way his leg seemed to be quivering. The women shifted their gaze to the other male who immediately cringed, his hands darting to his genitals in anticipation of the expected shocking pain. He stopped himself from covering his groin just as heard the women break out into peals of laughter.

"Meet 1394 and 1707", Kashmira pointed to the two hapless males. "Do you want to watch them be prepared or just wait here?"

Meena and Archana exchanged quick glances before unanimously deciding, "We will come along".

Kashmira waved a finger to the two males indicating they should walk in front. The two gulped mentally and started walking away. They were not sure what to do with their hands. Their unconcious desire was to cover their groins from the blatant exposure but consiously they knew what punishment that would bring. In the end, their hands just twitched as they turned around and walked out of the door. They were acutely aware of eyes on their backsides and the cold air against their bare genitals as they walked awkwardly, trying hard not to look up and turn around.

The three women followed the trudging nude males through the corridor. Kashmira had made them walk ahead so they would be the watched ones, not the other way around. Meena and Archana enjoyed the movement of the naked buttocks in front of them. Archana focused her eyes between 1707's legs from where she could see his scrotum dangling. "Interesting how I cannot see 1394's scrotum from behind", Archana mused to herself as she tried hard to focus between 1394's legs.

The group of people continued down the long hallway and stopped near a locked door. Kashmira moved ahead of the males and swiped her card to open the door. 1707 felt the rustle of her chudidar on his bare thigh as she moved past him and for a moment smelled her perfume. That only served to accentuate his nudity in his mind.

"This is our facility, the cells are over on that side", Kashmira pointed to a long graceful finger to the far side where the guests could dimly make out small rooms with bars for doors like a typical jail. Meena and Archana took in the sights as they walked along, forgetting about the two males they had just rented. They figured they would have all the time to enjoy them later. They came across a male who was vaccuming the carpet and two more males who were polishing the brass vases set in the corridor. One of them was bent low, resting on his haunches as he tried to polish the bottom of the vase.

"How can I get this service for my home", Meena thought as she looked at his backside. She felt a twinge of regret that she could not see his anus. She had been quite captivated by the sight of those puckered holes arranged in a neat row.

After a short walk, they came to another locked door which Kashmira swiped them through. It was a well-lit room and its purpose was obvious. There were shower heads in one side of the room. A woman, smartly dressed in white came up to them and introduced herself, "I'm Shweta and it is my responsibility to prepare them any way you choose.", she gave them a dazzling smile.

1394 and 1707 were in a daze, this was not the same showerroom where they had showered the past one week they had been here. It was humiliating to have to stand in the naked row while a guard walked up and down the line, making sure everyone was showering and no one was touching their genitals. They always made them stand facing outwards so the guards could ensure no one could secretly rub themselves. It was the first time they were seeing this beautiful woman, Shewta too.

Kashmira took over, she stepped forward and ran her hand through 1394's pubic hair. "Do you want them completely shaven? It is all up to you now", Kashmira enquired of Meena and Archana, moving her hands through the sparse hair. "We have clients who prefer them with hair and some clean shaven, so we just trim them to be presentable like this until they are rented", she continued.

1394 felt a cold chill take over him. The women were talking about him and his body like he was a piece of meat on sale at a shop. "Why me? why did I have to be sold just because my relatives couldn't marry me off to a woman."

Meena's voice interrupted him, "No, I don't think we want him clean-shaven". 1394 looked up slightly at the voice. Meena was exchanging nods with Archana and looking absent mindedly at his groin area as if mulling what to do with it. He felt even more like a piece of meat on sale in a window.

"Ok, then. Get to the shower and clean yourselves well", Shweta instructed the two with a slap on 1707's hips. The two males moved to stand under the showerheads fully aware of the blatant gazes of the women. They turned around to face them as soon as they reached the showerheads and waited uncomfortably. They waited for the water to start so that they wouldn't have to stand there stupidly, stark naked, not knowing what to do with their hands while four fully clothed women looked on. 1707 noticed the guests and Kashmira both had drinks in their hands now and were talking amicably amongst themselves. He felt cold.

Shweta eventually turned on the water and returned to stand with the guests. "Wash your penises thoroughly but don't let me feel that you are playing with yourselves. Got it?" she said sternly.

The two males mumbled and nodded silently unable to believe such a young woman could order them like that and they had no choice to follow it. They could hardly believe what they read in history books, that males had enjoyed much freedom at the start of the century.

Meena and Archana watched the two males soap their bodies with a quickening of their breath. They felt the thrill of watching something so intimate from a position of power. They watched as the males quickly soaped their genitals and hastily moved their hands away before moving into position so that the water would wash the soap away. They watched the males hands as they disappeared behind thier backs as they applied soap to their buttocks and in between their cheeks. The quick to and fro motions that the men used to soap between their buttocks caused their genitals to jiggle almost comically.

"Maybe I'm just greedy but I really want to see his hands move over his buttocks, too bad they are facing me", Archana thought as a wave swept through her. The image of the naked men's wet bodies and their swaying genitals as they soaped their buttocks overwhelmed her. It was almost as if someone had read her mind. Shweta turned the water off and picked up a long tube with a steel nozzle at the end. The other end of the tube was connected to a cylinder of the kind used to hold pressurized liquids. She walked to the two males who were shivering from the water now.

Archana and Meena were both staring unabashedly at the male groins in front of them. The little drops of water that were running down the bodies, rolling onto the penises, hanging on for a second before falling off fully captivated them.

"Do you mind giving me a hand?", Shweta asked Archana, her eyes twinkling. It was normally Kashmira who would have helped her but she could see the unwavering interest Archana had in her eyes and the fixed smile on her face. She had noticed Archana pressing her legs together when the males hands had gone behind their backs and knew from experience what state Archana was in.

"Of course", Archana moved forward mentally slapping her forehead for the hoarse way her voice sounded. She realized how dry how throat suddenly felt as she walked towards the two men.

Shweta placed her left hand on 1707's wet hips just above his buttocks and pushed gently indicating he should turn around. As soon as he was turned around fully she moved her hand sensually, never losing contact with his wet skin, to the center of his back just above his tailbone. The wet and shivering male felt the soft touch of her finger and the harder feel of her nails simultaneously at the base of his spine. Shweta then slowly moved her hand up his spine until she reached the base of his neck and pressed firmly. He knew what to do. He let Shweta's pressure on his neck force his head down, resting his hands on his knees and feeling the coldness around his anus as his buttocks parted. Archana almost gasped out aloud as she saw his genitals come into view from behind his legs. She felt another wave of emotion rush through her at the sight of his wet buttocks and genitals.

"Can you hold his cheeks apart so I can clean him inside", Shweta asked, tapping the nozzle against the bent man's buttocks.

Archana stepped forward and placed four fingers in the crack of his bottom. She thrilled at the intimate contact with his skin as she took a firm hold of the flesh between her thumb on side and four fingers on the other side. She enjoyed the feel for a moment before firmly pulling the flesh away from his crack and exposing the puckered hole to her eyes. She was looking at it much closer now than before, so close that she could see a drop of water run along his back and fall into the crack and disappear into the puckered hole. She felt like she was in a trance.

Shweta smiled at the fascinated look on Archana's face and pressed the nozzle against the man's exposed anus. The wetness from the shower caused the steel nozzle to penetrate the hole slightly. She then twisted the tube in a confident corkscrew motion and watched the nozzle slide into the hole easily. She then pressed a button on the side looking on at the

Archana felt 1707's entire body tense up, she guessed correctly that the nozzle was expunging water at high pressure into him. After a few seconds, he muttered a muffled "mmmppph" and she felt the muscles under her fingers tense up. Shweta took the nozzle out and slapped him smartly on his buttcheeks as she beckoned Archana to let go.

"Evacuate yourself over there", Shweta pointed to an open toilet just at the side of the shower. Such was the terrible pressure inside 1707's insides that he did not care that there were four pairs of female eyes following his every move. He clasped his hands against his buttocks tightly, somehow believing that would hold the water and rushed to the toilet, sat on it and evacuated almost immediately, not caring about the amused faces close to laughter around him.

"That was positively exciting," Meena thought, "the way he waddled to the toilet with the water inside him, holding his buttocks tightly, his eyes glazed." I have to use it in the show somehow"

"Finish you shower, quick", Shweta instructed him while beckoning 1394 into position and smiling at Archana to repeat the process.

It was over an hour later that Kashmira handed Meena the rental agreement and Meena looked at the charges in her possession. They were neatly dressed now in suits. "A pity, that", she thought as she looked over them.

She asked them to walk in front and followed them to the van, putting them into the backseats. Archana got in beside her. The two of them looked back at the males sitting with their hands in their laps and looking scared about their uncertain future.

"All set?", Meena asked putting the van into gear.




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Good story. Does this take place in India?

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yup it takes place in India!

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I wish to be a part of these game shows .. hope someone guides me where in India these take place ...