Caught Jerking At The Office


In the peak of the heat of summer the mercury had risen to a sweltering 37 degrees. The air conditioning in the office had broken and the sweat was running off my body. I had been finishing up some paperwork while waiting for my last client to arrive. It was already well past five and the office was long since deserted.

When the paperwork was done I headed to the office door and pushed it closed. I had obviously been stood up. It was nothing new, actually it happened quite frequently. People forget that I have a life too and I don't sit and wait for them to call. I dropped back into my chair and reached for the computer.

I thought I would give my client five more minutes or at least until I read a couple of stories from this hot erotic story site I had found. I searched through the new story list eager to find something that struck my fancy or other areas. It was then that I found it, a story about a girl who liked to flash and tease guys in public. A casual flash from under her skirt revealed her lack of panties and modesty. This type of story started a nice warm little fire deep inside me.

I have always fantasized about finding a woman who liked to be flashed, one that might be interested in seeing me as I explored my sexual arousal. It certainly wasn't my wife, at least not in any way she has ever expressed. She always seemed to be embarrassed by my sudden removal of clothing. Like the time I removed my swimming trunks on the deck by the pool. She looked at my manhood and simple huffed and turned away. Confusing as it was it didn't stop me from becoming aroused while in the presence of others.

I was enjoying the details of the story about how the girl watched for the voyeurs to become aroused as she flashed them her naughty parts. It was her slow and tempting seduction of these men as she rubbed her bare pussy that really turned me on. I could feel the excitement growing from deep inside me.

I carefully leaned back in my chair and opened my legs and started to rub my manhood. I squeezed my balls with my other hand as I continued to read the story. I had become engorged through my physical contact and the excitement of an unexpected turn in the story. The girl had been cornered by one of the men she had been flashing. He was behind her with his cock out as she bent over in front of him. With this twist I undid my belt and opened my pants.

I continued to rub my hardened manhood as I continued to read. I imagined myself as the man behind the girl, as he drove his cock deep inside her, much to her pleasure. As he rammed himself deep into the depths of the pussy, I freed my cock from the confines of my underwear and pulled down my pants to my ankles.

I tucked my shirt up to expose my stomach in case of any sudden escapes. The last thing I needed was to have to go home and explain why I had cum on my clothes. Enveloped in the carnal retribution against this young flasher I envisioned myself forcing her cute little mouth over the end of my hard cock and forcing her nose to the shaved bit of skin above my cock. Her flush red lips forced to part as she swallowed and gasped to catch her breath. Her dark hair wrapped in my fingers as I forced her down every time she bobbed up for air.

I allowed her just a few seconds of pause before I rammed her head down hard against my cock. I pulled at her shirt and exposed her beautiful young breasts. Their firmness inspired me to remain hard as long as I could to punish this little girl for turning me on so much. She stopped fighting my actions and rose up off my cock for only a second before driving her face back to the base of my shaft, forcing her to deep throat me time and time again. I released her head and reached for her skirt, flipping it up and pulling it up around her waist.

Her ass was now totally exposed for all to see. A few men that she had teased earlier had returned to see her get punished for her provocative ways. I pulled apart her legs, removing the blockade of flesh she had created. I ran my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, fiddling with her asshole as she groaned with pleasure. I teased at her wet clit as her dripping pussy betrayed her desires. She was rapidly approaching a climax much to the appreciation of the crowd.

Her voice was rising as she groaned as loud as she could with my cock in her throat. I too was closing in on the peak of the mountain. I twisted and tweaked at her pussy as she offered a mumbled encouragement. I punctured her sealed pussy with two fingers. Her juices took the opportunity to escape and ran all over my hand and down her leg. Once again she groaned with pleasure. Feeling a little nasty I decided to push her to a new level. Withdrawing the soaked fingers from her pussy I traced her asshole and covered her ass cheeks with her juices. I circled her asshole gentle increasing the pressure as I rounded her. She halted her assault on my cock waiting for my next move.

I too paused, resting my finger over top over her asshole. I grabbed her head and forced her to resume eating all of my cock. I waited for her attention to turn back to the cock in her mouth before I slid my finger up her ass. I drew it out quickly, as she gasped at the sensations rushing through her body. She was too wet to be able to resist me. Between her own wetness and my soaked hand, her asshole was mine to dominate.

Without hesitation I placed two fingers upon her asshole as a bit of forewarning of what was coming. She paused her sucking of my cock while waiting for this new sensation to occur. Without warning I forced both fingers back up her ass and pumped her ass several times. A large gasp and an audible swallow filled the air as she reacted to the intrusion. I was in control and living large. This girl loved every minute of my assault.

"Oh my Gawd," she gasped.

"Yeah baby, you like it. Don't you? You can tell me, because I like it too," I replied.

"I guess I am a little too late for my appointment," she said.

"Appointment?? What??

A sudden thought of horror raced through my mind. Was this voice not in my head, but from my client that I thought had stood me up? I spun my head to the side to look my client dead in the eyes.

I tried to cover myself up. I could feel myself turning red. The worst part was that as Alex stood in front of me she just smiled and watched me in my frantic state. I was ruined. If she made one comment to anyone in this town I would be done. My business would be done. I tried to piece together an apologies and some sort of explanation.

"I had been experiencing pain from a surgery I had a few years back and was trying to ensure everything was still ok. I ... uhh, didn't hear you come in. uhh," I stammered. I could feel the blood rise quickly into my face.

She did nothing except start to chuckle at me. This twenty year old girl had just walked in as I was jerking off in my office. I was deep in my fantasy and about ready to cum. I looked up sheepishly to try to gage her reaction. The smile on her face made it all even more difficult. She had that, I know what you were really doing look in her eyes. The smirk on her face said it all.

"I hardly think so", she said as she leaned over my desk and looked at my computer screen. In the commotion I had forgotten to change the web site I was looking at. "I think that the truth is that I just caught you stretching the snake." She said with a leering look.

"I assure you it's not what you think", I blurted out in an attempt to maintain any thread of dignity I may have had left.

"Nope, I'm positive that you were reading dirty stories on the internet and decided to jerk off. You can try to deny it, but I know that you do not get any of that sticky stuff on the end of your cock by checking your surgery," she said with a mischievous smile.

I could say nothing. I just looked her in the eyes and prepared myself for her to storm out and tell the world or try to blackmail me or something. She slowly stepped around the desk. This tall thin young woman was sizing me up for what she could get out of me. Her long dark hair was pilled back into a ponytail exposing her slender neck. She paused at the edge of my desk just inches away from where my tucked naked lower torso was hiding. She scanned me up and down looking for any signs of exposure.

She kicked her leg up as she sat partially on my desk. I stared forward and did not move. She touched my chin with her hand and gently pulled my face towards her. In an attempt not to make eye contact I dragged my eyes slowly up her body. Her young small round breasts were covered by a tight cotton shirt that exposed her erect nipples. Kind of stunned I looked up at my young captor.

"Well that was a very nice show you were putting on. I would like to see the end of the show. I hate not knowing how a show ends, if you do not mind. This time I want a better seat though," she said.

I was stunned at her words; confusion filled me rapidly, only to be swept away by a rush of excitement at the prospect before me. She reached for the back of the chair and pulled it back away from the desk, exposing me completely to her gaze. She ravaged me with her eyes before she pushed my pants back down with her foot and stood on them.

Now completely at her mercy my arousal started to re emerge. I leaned back in the chair and started to timidly touch myself. The smile on her face told me that I was correct in my assumption of what she wanted from me. It was at this point that I determined that I had nothing more too loose and only to gain by submitting to her demands.

"Come on now, that is not how you were doing it before! Do it just like you were before I got here to watch. Come on baby, you know what I like," she said challenging me.

Here I was a business professional sitting half naked in my office with my cock in hand masturbating in front of my twenty year old client at her request. What was I doing? Did it really matter at this point? Not really. I looked over at Alex as I continued to massage my manhood for her. She did not look me in the eyes. She was too busy watching my hand rub my cock. I slid my hand around the head of my shaft spreading around what was left of my pre shot.

Alex left her legs wide open as she watched my show. This is so erotic I thought. How many of my buddies could say they had a twenty year old girl that looked like Alex, wanting to watch them jerk off? None, I thought. I let my hand dance around my balls and gently rub the stubble of re growing hair. I pinched the head of my cock to make the blood respond to the stimulation.

Alex slid one hand onto my leg as she watched my show. Her touch jump started my arousal and forced my hardness to its maximum. Slowly I stroked my cock a mere foot away from Alex. Her firm young nipples pressing at her shirt caught my attention. She leaned towards me and reached for my shirt. She gently undid the buttons exposing my chest. She slid her hands over me as she pushed the shirt to the sides. She pulled it towards my arm and I obliged her and let her remove it completely.

Now totally naked with Alex running her young hand over my chest I was having little trouble becoming aroused. My manhood stood straight out from my body as I slowly stroked its length. An aroma filtered through the air, one that did not emanate from any of my actions. It was the smell of a moist pussy. Leaving one hand on my chest Alex moved the other to her sex.

Slowly she rubbed herself as she watched my hand move up and down. My breath became raged and short as I watched her. I gulped down the saliva in my mouth even though there was nothing there. I watched entranced as her hand worked her pussy through her beige cotton spandex shorts. She moved her hand slightly and exposed an obvious wetness emerging from her pussy. As the wet spot grew so did my climax.

I started to increase the speed of my pumping, Alex matched my pace. It was like she wanted me to be pumping her instead of my hand. It was about all I could take when the musky smell of her sex filled my nostrils. I grunted as my balls shrunk up against my body. I gripped them smartly and took several long strokes. Her eyes met mine as she smiled broadly at my contorting face. My mouth fell open as my orgasm overwhelmed me.

I started to ejaculate. Strings of cum rifled from the tip of my cock lobbing through the air like a bird in flight. They landed with a splash on my chest as I squeezed my manhood tighter milking it for every drop. As I started to regain my senses I looked up into Alex's smiling amber face.

"That was great. Thanks for the show. Don't worry I'll be back to take care of our business another day. I do not feel like doing it today. I have other things on my mind. I will make an appointment for another night and we will see what happens," she said. With that she picked up and headed for the door.

I watched her walk away and I could see the wetness in her shorts had worked its way around to the back. She must have been really excited too. I heard the door close with a hasty bang. I peeked out my window and found her moving quickly to her car. She got in car but did not start it. I watched and wondered as I assumed she was still sitting in her car leaning back obviously fingering the hell out of her pussy. I could see her shudder and relax and lay there for a few minutes as she recovered from her self pleasuring. When she was done she started up her car and headed out of the parking lot.

I stood looking out the window at this 20 year old girl who I had just finished jerking off for, jealously wondering why she did not finish her own orgasm inside so I could watch. My fantasies started to take control of me as I thought about seeing her naked and eating that wet juicy pussy for her. I was brought back to reality as she turned her head towards my window. I caught her eye as she gave me a wink and a big smile. What have I done I thought, what have I done?