A True Story Of A Bachelorette Party


Jennifer first told me that she was throwing a Bachelorette Party for a friend of ours (Julia) about three weeks before the party. She said she wanted it to be a wild time for Julia, so she asked me for my help. I remember grinning inwardly, but biting back my leering smile, as I asked her for more details about the 'party' she had planned for Julia. She told me how many girls she'd invited (ten girls in all, counting the bride-to-be and the two of us). I knew all but one of them.

Jenny then explained what sort of presents we were to get her for her party and my imagination started to shift into overdrive. She then made me swear to absolute secrecy about the whole affair. She was concerned about a few of the girl's husbands and boyfriends not letting them attend, if they got wind of the fact that we were planning a night of wild female decadence! I agreed and promised not to say a word to my husband.

We also planned to have plenty of booze for the Bride-to-be and the other girls to drink. Jenny also asked me if I thought a male stripper was a good idea - and I cried out loud, "Hell, Yes!" After all, if the boys could do it, then so could us girls! Julia would have her Beef 'Cake' and she would get to eat him too!

"You are so RIGHT!" Jenny giggled. The poor girl's getting married - she ought to have as much fun as we can give her in her last night of Bachelorette-hood!" she cried out.
I laughed as well, and after chatting with her a bit more about some of the details, we went our separate ways for the day. The day of the party came up more quickly than I expected, but that wasn't a problem at all - I was looking forward to it quite a bit. Due to last minute arrangements for a baby-sitter for my two-year-old daughter, I got there about half an hour late, and a lot of the girls were already sitting around a large oak table, laughing and talking. Jennifer was making the rounds and getting drinks for everyone (and from the look of the "bar," we wouldn't run dry anytime soon). After a few moments, one of the girls who hadn't yet started drinking announced that she was leaving to pick up our guest of honor, Julia, from work at the hospital, where she worked as a receptionist.

It must have been close to an hour before she returned with Julia, who looked surprised as hell! By this time, I had a nice 'buzz' going from all the drinks I had consumed and I was ready for the party to really get started. I saw Julia talking to some of the girls and I quickly walked over and gave her a hug, congratulated her, and gave her my presents. I told her that one was for tonight (several pairs of silk crotch less panties and a very graphic sexual position book) and one was for later (a large and expensive crystal vase). We talked for a moment, and then we were both ushered over to the table, where the rest of the girls were waiting for Julia.
She said her "hellos" to the girls and sat down to talk. I sat down and Jennifer brought us both a drink, and as I sipped a bit, a few of them started talking about how each of them had duped their respective husbands and boyfriends into believing that they were somewhere else tonight. All of us were married or 'involved,' although some more happily than others. Julia, meanwhile, was laughing, drinking, and talking up a storm with the girls nearby her. After all of us had a good laugh over our excuses, the conversation turned to the main reason that most of us couldn't and wouldn't tell our husbands and boyfriends about the party in the first place: the male stripper.

"Oh no!" Julia exclaimed, "Tell me you girls didn't!" Nobody answered at first, but I think our wide grins gave it away. "I can't believe you guys!" she cried out. "My fiancé will kill me if he finds out.I promised him I wouldn't have a male stripper at my party!" "So don't let him find out," one of the girls cried out. "Just make sure you slip into a fresh pair of panties before you leave here tonight!" The room burst into laughter and Julia blushed bright red. "And no SEX with your fiancé after tonight's party! 'Sloppy seconds' are always a dead giveaway to a guy!" cried out another one of the girls. Julia laughed, although somewhat nervously, with the girls as they continued to talk about the impending arrival of the stripper - some of them in conspiratorial near-whispers and with schoolgirl giggles. I smiled quite broadly to myself, and wondered just how "shy" they'd all be after a dozen or so more drinks and twenty minutes of watching him perform (strip).

Over the next couple of hours, the girls managed to get Julia nicely drunk as they engaged her in an assortment of 'drinking' games. This was no accident, for I had been told that we were to all help to get Julia as drunk as possible to loosen her up and make her drop her inhibitions about the male stripper and maybe, just maybe get her to do something naughty with him. The problem with this plan, of course, was that we were all getting nicely drunk. It was at this time, that one of the girls suggested that Julia open up some of her gifts.

About halfway through opening the gifts (which ranged from an assortment of incredibly sinful panties to hot massage oils to several large dildos and a few very pleasurable-looking vibrators, as well as a few very nice pieces of wedding lingerie), the stripper arrived. Jennifer brought him in and introduced him to the group. He was expectedly gorgeous - just over six feet, I'd have guessed, with heavy shoulders and a thick chest, a deep tan and hair that probably was closer to brown than black. He had a nice smile, and seemed at ease with the group of girls eyeing him over. He was wearing a slightly oversized double-breasted sport-coat, slacks, and a dazzling band-collar shirt. The girls all fawned over him a bit (myself included), and then he was given a chair and a drink, while we finished the gift giving.
Julia opened the next gift and laughed when she saw that it was a plastic container of what looked like multi-colored lollipops. In reality, the lollipops were actually colored condoms.

"Pretty!" she exclaimed, "But, I'm on the pill, girls. I don't think my future hubby will be needing these."

"Who said they were for your hubby?" Jennifer burst out.

As all the girls burst out with laughter, Julia exclaimed, "You girls are all so BAD!"

"US? BAD?" Jennifer laughed, "Can you honestly tell us that you've been completely faithful to your hubby-to-be?"

Julia paused at the question. She eyed Jennifer with a knowing look of sorts and then just smiled. The rest of us giggled and applauded, although I don't think any of us truly knew what exactly we were applauding.

"That's what I thought, girl!" Jennifer replied laughing. "So, hang on to those case of an emergency, of course!"

Several more rounds of drinks, some more food, the last of the gifts for the party, and some talk went by before Jennifer announced it was finally time for Aaron to dance for us.

Everyone applauded and cheered, although judging by the number of times hands missed one another while clapping, I'd have said that the group of girls was mostly well on the way to very, very pleasantly drunk. The table was quickly (if somewhat clumsily) cleared, and a CD that the one of the girl's had brought along was loaded into the stereo. Aaron climbed onto the table, bowed to us (which brought quite a bit more cheering), and as the music began, he said, "We are gathered here to celebrate Julia's upcoming wedding. In that spirit, it is my intention to see that no woman in this room leaves tonight unsatisfied. I know that if I am successful, I will be the most satisfied of all." Everyone applauded Aaron's little speech. Aaron bowed with a smile then started to dance. The song the girl's played was incredibly appropriate for the occasion and one of Julia's favorites. It was an extended version of the song "Guys Do It All The Time" by the Country Artist Mindy McCready.

Aaron danced well, and he knew what he was doing. After a few minutes (and after he had shed his jacket, slipped out of his shoes, and started opening his shirt, I looked around and saw nearly everyone else just staring hungrily at his perfect body. (One of the girls was even sitting there with her jaw hanging open, and I thought for sure that she was going to start panting!)
I could certainly understand why though, and turned my attention back to Aaron as the music changed. He was a gorgeous male specimen. His body was well muscled, but not to the point where it became more obtrusive than handsome and powerful looking. My concentration on his incredible attributes was broken when the music suddenly changed from 'Bad Girl Mindy' to George Michael's "I want your SEX." With a slower tempo, he was really teasing us along now, and in about ten minutes, he had lost most of the rest of his clothes! (He still had a pair of white silk boxers on, and a white silk g-string under that.) All of us were on the edge of our seats. The alcohol had taken its toll, and I was feeling those all too familiar urges deep between my thighs that begged for attention. The numerous drinks I had consumed made me feel warm and tingly all over. I knew I had it bad-real bad. I was in heat for this guy and I was sure that my eyes showed it.

Several times, I caught myself contemplating having sex with such a magnificent man. If only I was single again! But, I wasn't. I had ties. I had responsibilities. But every time he made his way in front of me and suggestively gyrated his body towards my face, I felt less and less like a wife and more and more like a single girl out on the town looking for a good one night stand! He had paid individual attention to nearly everyone, but particularly to Julia (which only made sense since she was the bride-to-be and she was surprisingly, acting less shy with every minute that went by, and one other especially coquettish-looking young girl, who was giving him some serious "fuck me" looks. As I looked at her, it occurred to me that she was the only girl that I didn't know at the party. Curious, I turned to one of the girls beside me and whispered, "Who's the pretty young blonde?"

Melanie smiled and replied, "Oh, that's Linda's daughter, Erica."

"Her daughter?" I replied a little miffed, "What is she doing here? She doesn't even look old enough to drink, much less see a male stripper."

"Oh, she's not!" Melanie interrupted with a laugh; "She's only seventeen, but don't worry. She's cool. I met her and she's as mature as they come at that age.and she is so sweet."

"But..." I started. "Yes," she returned a little excitedly, "We're just about to get to it. I sure hope he has a cute one!"

I had to laugh. I looked back at Aaron and noted that he was indeed playfully undoing the snap buttons on his silk boxers. He finally slid his boxers down, kicked them away and over our heads, and stood before all of us with a rather large and proud-looking erection stretching his small g-string to its limits. He turned around several times in the last few steps of his dance, alternately giving everyone a good look at his barely hidden cock and his oh-so-cute little ass, and then dropped to all fours and crawled slowly over to the bride-to-be.

While Julia was busy turning bright red, I turned to Jenny and whispered, "My god, girl! Where did you find this guy? And is his dick really as BIG as it looks under that thong?"

Jenny giggled and replied, "Yellow pages, believe it or not? And 'yes,' he has a very big dick underneath that thong-that's how I picked him!" I looked at her with surprise.

"No, no," she grinned, "It's not what you're thinking.unfortunately. What I meant is when you call the agency, they give you several choices in the guys you can choose from; height, hair and eye color, athletic, etc. and yes, they ask you if you have a preference on size too."

"How big of a..." I began.

"...Dick did I ask for?" She finished for me.

"Yes," I said, as I watched Aaron tease Julia with very suggestive gyrations.

"Well," she laughed, "I asked for seven, since they asked and since it's my lucky number."


"Yes, seven!" she said, as she took another long gulp of her mixed drink, "....but all they had were 'eight and nine's,' so I went ahead and got a Nine-Incher!" "Oh my god!" I cried out. "My husband is only a little over five inches, and I thought that was about as big as they come."
Jenny moved in a little closer and whispered, ".And where'd you get that idea? From your husband, maybe?"

"Well, yes," I admitted sheepishly. Then I realized what I had just said and laughed. "I guess that's pretty dumb, huh?"

"Yes," she smirked, "but I think you're about to get an education in the male anatomy, girl!"
Just then, Aaron moved in front of me, very close in front of me. His thong-covered dick was just inches away from my face and I was tempted to reach out and grab it, but I somehow resisted the temptation. Hey, I'm married!

He seemed a little disappointed by my lack of attention, especially since most of the other girls had eagerly groped his tempting 'package.' I smiled sweetly, raised my hand, and just when he thought I was about to touch him, I teasingly wiggled my wedding ring for him to see. He smiled back, but looked genuinely disappointed, and then he moved on further down the table. Erica was the next lucky girl, and she had no reservations in touching Aaron. In fact, she teasingly ran her nails down his chest until they stopped just above the top of his thong. Then, she surprised everyone, including her mother, by slipping her small fingers into his thong. She kept her big blue eyes locked on Aaron's, as she teasingly massaged his hidden cock. After only a second, she teasingly withdrew her fingers, snapping the top of his thong against his skin on the way out. The girls went wild, (everyone but her mother, anyway) hollering approval and cheering for more.

Apparently being a "crowd pleaser," Erica rose to her feet and stood (albeit somewhat shakily from the large amounts of liquor she had consumed) directly in front of him. She gave him a very flirtatious smile and then raised a finger to his lips. At first, Aaron kissed it with polite little kisses, but then he sucked it into his mouth and suckled it tenderly. Every girl in the room watched Erica with erotic interest, as she then withdrew her moistened finger from his mouth and brought it to her hip. What happened next is still a blur to most of us. Erica slid her hand in-between the flaps of her wrap-around skirt and seemed to be adjusting something underneath. After just a few seconds of adjustment, Erica's mouth opened briefly as in surprise and her eyes closed tightly. All of us watched with intense curiosity as Erica's hand made a few small movements underneath her skirt.

A few more seconds, and her eyes reopened and she gave a very satisfied smile. We all watched as her hand came back out from underneath her short and flirty skirt. It wasn't until she raised her hand back up to Aaron's lips that all of us saw her incredibly wet and glistening finger. Aaron noticed immediately as well and quickly sucked it back into his mouth once again. This time, it was Aaron's turn to close his eyes and he seemed to be savoring the sweet honey that he was most certainly sucking from her finger. Every girl in the room was cheering with unrestraint at Erica; even her mother laughed at her teasing.

"What a Cock Teaser!" I replied to Jenny beside me, "I'll bet she drives the boys wild in her high school!"

"Cock Pleaser," Jenny giggled, " from what I've heard, anyway."

After a second or two more, Erica pulled her finger from between his lips and mouthed a flirtatious 'thank you,' and then sat back down in her seat. The girls were really going wild now, yelling and laughing and yelling some more. We were all very drunk and getting very rowdy-myself included! Aaron meanwhile, had returned to the guest of honor, Julia, and had settled back onto his knees in front of her, more or less sitting on his feet, and planted his hands behind him, stretching his beautiful body out for her to see.

Whether fueled by the liquor, or us girls, or just plain being horny, Julia surprised all of us, when she suddenly leaned forward and put her hands on his chest and ran them down to his hips.and found the little clips that kept his g-string in place. With a gleeful little giggle, she quickly undid the clasps - and out popped his good-sized, thick, erect cock!

Julia's eyes grew wide and even above the loud music, I heard her gasp out loud at his enormous length. Not missing a beat, he rolled his hips, and his cock seemed to beg for female attention. All of us girls watched with erotic interest as his dick continued to lengthen and grow to its full size.

Hesitantly, Julia reached out to touch it, running her fingers slowly around it, up and down the length of it, as Aaron closed his eyes and rolled his head back, moving his hips slowly, before leaning back and away. I looked around, and saw a few of the girl's eyes bulging with surprise at Julia's boldness with the good-looking stripper. She must have had a great deal to drink, I thought to myself. Julia was usually very shy and reserved. I couldn't believe she was touching another man's cock just days before her wedding (although she acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to do). I knew Julia was a light drinker and the girls had plastered her with alcoholic drinks for hours now. In fact, she had had to go to the little girl's room four times to relieve her body of all the liquids she had consumed, however all of the alcohol was still present in her system and it appeared to have numbed her normally strict morals.

After a few minutes, he rose and started moving slowly around the circle of admiring girls, rolling his hips and letting all the girls get an eyeful of that luscious-looking 9-inch cock. Some of them were brave enough to reach out and caress him as Julia had, but when he got back around to Julia once again, she took the prize for the most brazen. I don't think he or anyone else expected it, but she was obviously through with being prudish! She looked incredibly drunk and her eyes were glazed over with desire.She was horny as a bitch in heat.and apparently, she needed what he had dangling in front of her!

All the girls watched, as she leaned down and planted her lips around his cock and sucked him deeply into her mouth. I heard a lot of surprised yells and raucous cheers, and encouraged, she slid her mouth up and down his cock a few times, quickly, for good measure, and then leaned back with a mischievous grin. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head! He was so surprised! So was I! All of us were! It didn't look like she had really planned to do such a sinful thing, but being so very drunk and horny just took hold of her at that moment. Aaron didn't seem to mind too much anyway.

Besides, I guess she didn't want to be outdone by a high school girl, right? Regardless, she seemed to have crossed the line and she also seemed to have made the decision to enjoy herself without worrying about her husband-to-be or anything else. It was at that moment that I think she decided to go a step further. It was at that moment that Aaron decided to tempt her further. He gave Julia a handsome smile and beckoned her closer to him with his finger. As Julia leaned in, Aaron moved further back on the table. Julia, I think, got the idea. Aaron wanted her up on the table with him.

Julia climbed onto the table, amid all the cheering and encouragement from the girls around her and now beckoned to him with a finger. He came over and crawled up to her. Every girl in the room was watching intently as he slowly pulled himself up to a kneeling position directly in front of her and waited for her next move. Julia looked down at his thick purple veined erection and smiled when she saw it was pointing directly at her. Not wanting to push his luck, Aaron kept his distance from his client. Signaling her approval for him to entertain her in other ways, Julia leaned forward and began kissing him full on his lips. I couldn't take my eyes off of the two of them, as I watched her small hand try desperately to wrap itself around his thick cock. Every girl in the room watched as she pumped his cock up and down, as she continued to give him sinful French kisses.

In the flurry of kissing, fondling, groping, and grinding that followed over the next fifteen minutes, her clothes slowly followed his, her hands eagerly stroking his cock while he was fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. She slid a little closer to him and every girl in the room saw his cock rub up against her upper thigh (dangerously close to the lace of her panties). Julia didn't see it, but I'm sure she felt it!

For a brief moment though, she seemed to flash back to reality and she hesitated. She seemed to be wondering if she should be doing this? After all, she had a good, faithful, and loving fiancée at home that she could easily spend her horniness on later. Then, she looked back at Aaron and saw his incredibly long cock softly bobbing up and down with a hint of pre-cum glistening on the tip. Smiling sinfully, she seemed to have decided. Without any hesitation, Julia quickly slipped out of her lacey panties and revealed her most intimate places to Aaron's eyes. Looking into her eyes, he knew she wanted it. Julia broke off kissing him and looked around at the girls for guidance.

Everyone was cheering him on, and a few of the girls were even chanting, "Fuck her! Fuck her!"

Julia gave in to the heated moment and she grinned wide at the girls and their over-zealous suggestion, gave a very cute thumbs-up sign, and dropped onto her hands and knees. With her most seductive bedroom eyes, she invited Aaron to fulfill our sexual requests. I knew he had gotten the message, because before she knew it, he was rubbing his thick, bulbulous cock head between the lips of her pussy. After several up and down motions, I saw the tip of his cock was glistening with her wetness. The whole scene was so erotic. I watched with amazement as his cock slowly spread her pussy lips apart and was amazed at how surreal the moment seemed to me. Was Julia really doing what I thought I saw her doing? How could she?

I turned and looked at Jenny with a surprised look as Jenny smiled back and whispered, "I can't believe it either! We spiked her drinks pretty hard, but I didn't think she would actually try to fuck the guy!"

My mouth dropped open from her remark. "Oh my god, Jenny!" I whispered back, "You spiked her drinks? What did you girls put in them?"
Before Jenny could answer, I heard Julia moan out loud. I looked back up at the two of them and immediately saw why. It was then, that he began to really start pushing his cock into her inviting pussy as gently as he could.

"Wait!" Jenny cried out above the noise of the girls around the table.

"What is it?" Aaron yelled out to her from behind Julia, as he held his cock nestled between the outer lips of Julia's pussy.

"You should help Julia 'break in' her new wedding panties!"




Aaron gave her a sinful smile and a wink and nodded his approval at the idea. "Bring me Julia 's wedding panties!" Aaron replied with a deep and mischievous smile. Jennifer quickly retrieved the beautiful white silk Victoria's Secret panties that all the girls had chipped in together to buy for Julia. They cost what a normal girl would spend on Victoria's Secret panties for a whole year, but they were worth it. They were made from the finest silk and decorated with handmade lace, real pearls, and one small diamond. They were meant to be worn on a girl's wedding day and of course, her wedding night and then later saved alongside with her dress.

Not able to get through the girls, Jennifer flung the pristine pair of panties to Aaron who caught them. Everyone cheered, as he slowly slid the beautiful pair of panties onto Julia.

"A perfect fit," Jenny laughed.

"That's what the Prince said as he slid his dick into Cinderella," Aaron replied.

"Would that be the triple X film version or the Disney version?" I asked with a sinful smile. He just smiled at me and said, "Let's break these in a few days early!"

Even Aaron seemed taken by their beauty and the beauty of Julia in them, although they did make her look rather virginal. After a quick spin to show them off to everyone, Julia lowered her body back into the doggie-style position. With the skill of a girl who had done it before, the pretty young bride-to-be carefully pulled aside the soft silk fabric covering her pussy. Aaron needed no further invitation and immediately brought the tip of his cock back up to her pussy opening. He spread her lips apart gently with his cock and began to rub between them once again.

It looked like he was having trouble at first, because he was rather big (over two and 1/2 inches wide we later learned and aforementioned, a healthy nine inches in length), but he quickly got her honeyed juices flowing enough that his cock head slid gently into her small opening. Julia couldn't help but to let out a couple of small, but very ladylike grunts, as the head of his cock was followed by the first inch of his length. Every girl in the room had a perfect view of him sliding into Julia from behind (although the table was still quickly crowded from the girls moving over to watch more closely).

I was amazed that she was able to accept his huge cock inside of her, not that she was having an easy time of it! Her tightly clenched eyes and her equally tightly stretched pink pussy lips around his cock were proof of that. And boy, were they ever PINK! Her pussy opening seemed very small and her lips were trying incredibly hard to widen to the size of her new visitor. In the spirit of sisterly help, Erica disappeared for a brief moment and then returned with a tube of sexual lubricant, which she candidly handed to Aaron with a coquettish lick of her lips. Aaron took the sex lube and quickly squirted a thick stream onto the length of his thick, vein-covered cock. Still trying to help, Erica helped him rub the lubricant into the flesh of his cock until his entire length was glistening with a wet sheen.

Returning his attention to Julia, his big hands wrapped themselves around her small hips and he began to sink deeper and deeper inside of her with more ease. And although he was now having an 'easier' time of sliding his well-lubed cock into Julia, she was not having as easy of a time accepting it. Her body was shaking, as she tried desperately to hold her position and accept this strange new penetrating monster. With every inch that Aaron slid inside of her, Julia returned the favor with a grunt or moan that steadily grew louder and louder. I swear I had never seen anything like it before. It was such an erotic scene! It was like watching a Porno film LIVE, except Julia wasn't a Porno Star - she was a receptionist at a hospital! Yet here she was fucking this incredibly good-looking stud with a big, big dick just days before her wedding! It even seemed like the type of story one could expect from a porno film.

Still, this was not acting, this was real! And it was real fucking at that! I looked at him thrusting into her and every time his cock slid out of her lips, I just couldn't believe how long he was! I'll wager that Julia had also never felt so filled before! Each inch that slowly disappeared between her lips seemed wider and thicker than the last and I saw her pussy try desperately to spread further and further to accept his huge cock. It looked like he was going to rip her in half!

Somehow though, her pussy opened enough to accept his huge dick inside, but it was still a very, very tight fit! Julia screamed out in pleasure a few times, as he rode her like mad, pumping fast and hard into her relentlessly. She could hardly catch her breath in-between moans. One of the girls nearby me let out a sigh, when he grabbed her blonde hair and pulled Julia upright against him. He pushed up into her sore pussy with everything he had. (It was ALOT!) She just leaned back and closed her eyes, and screamed out," God! You're huge!" A couple of times, Julia even cried out to him that he was "hitting" things inside of her. Each time she said this, I could tell from her facial expressions that it was an experience of pain and pleasure and she would immediately try to reposition her body so that he could not "hit" those things again. She was riding him for all he was worth! Every girl in the room was watching the two of them except for one girl who I thought I saw talking on a cell phone nearby.

After almost twenty minutes or so of this, I saw Julia's entire body tightening and then she let out one of the loudest and most satisfied moans of pleasure I have ever heard from a girl. Her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm and she pushed her hips back onto Aaron's lap with incredibly great force. Completely overwhelmed and caught off guard himself, Aaron let out a very deep grunt, signaling the eruption of his milky-white sperm into her sweet confines.

Looking around only briefly, every girl in the room looked to be holding their breath, as the two of them remained connected for what seemed like an eternity. All of us watched with fascination as Aaron's body continued to pulsate with the release of his sperm into Julia. He grunted each time his hips pulsed and I knew she was getting a pretty good drink of his sperm. Nine grunts in all from Aaron told all of us girls that Julia would be 'leaking' sex milk for a while.
Finally, she reopened her eyes and slowly, very slowly smiled wide.

"What a ride!" Julia managed with a whisper.

She slowly, slowly slid off of his still throbbing length and re-adjusted her panties back into place and then she turned around and blew a kiss at Aaron, whispered a quick "Thank you" and crawled down off of the table weakly.

All of us girls sat there stunned by the turn of events and watched Julia move to lie down on a nearby sofa. Returning our attention to Aaron, I noticed that he seemed pleased with his performance on Julia and smiled naughtily at the rest of us. Before any of the girls could speak, he surprised us all by asking, "Anyone else?"

No sooner had he said that, than Erica stood up and moved toward the table, vying to be the next to try out the good-looking stripper. I pushed my way toward Erica and cried out, "Hey!
Aren't you a little young to be doing this! Aaron is probably four or five years older than you and..."

"...And four or five inches longer than any high school boy I've ever had!" she interrupted, "So I have got to get a piece of this guy!"

I looked around for Erica's mother, but I didn't see her anywhere. My eyes widened when I saw her passed out on a nearby sofa, and then, with a drunken laugh, Jenny hollered, "Hell, yeah! Let Erica fuck him.and then I'm next!"

Not wasting a second, Erica bolted from her position and got up on the table, forcing the other girls away from Aaron. As I watched with shock, Erica got Aaron onto his back and straddled his face, throwing off her wrap around skirt and panties before lying back down and sucking his still wet and sticky cock. All around the table, the girls were watching and waiting to get a piece of Aaron. The lust was so thick you could swear the room was hazy! We all watched the two of them 69 wildly for a few minutes, and then Erica got up and turned herself around to fuck him.

"I told you she was a cock pleaser," I heard Jenny whisper to me.

Erica lowered her body back onto Aaron's and then she slid herself slowly down his large cock, (this time much easier thanks to the sticky sweet liquid still glistening on his cock from Julia). She was even smaller than Julia, someone later told me she was a size '3,' and she looked it. I didn't think that a girl with a frame as small as hers could possibly accommodate a dick that size of Aaron's, but boy was I wrong! Within just a few minutes, she had managed to completely engulf his thick cock and she began teasing herself, him, and every one of us watching. She started bouncing crazily, squeezing her breasts and throwing her head back. She moved so fast that her hips were nearly a blur as their bodies slapped loudly together. Adding some levity to the moment, one of the girls had put in the CD by Twenty Fingers, "Don't want no short Dick Man!" Erica even mouthed the lyrics a couple of times, as she continued to thrust her hips up and down on Aaron's incredibly large dick.

She rode him for all he was worth, as he bucked his hips up and into her. It looked like she was riding a wild bull and a couple of the girls even hollered out "Yee-Haw! Ride 'em Cowgirl!" Erica was no lightweight when it came to fucking and she lasted over fifteen minutes on top of him at a frenetic pace. Finally out of breath, she bucked herself nearly off of the stripper as she came with a scream. Still hungry for her young and incredibly small and tight frame, Aaron rolled her onto her back and really started to pound into her.

He fucked her hard. No, I take that back.He fucked her INCREDIBLY HARD! He looked determined to fuck her right through the table. With every HARD thrust, Erica grunted with pleasure. Apparently Aaron had taken it easy on Julia.but he wasn't treating Erica as nice. He was FUCKING HER BRAINS OUT!! Her hands were desperately trying to hold his thrusts down to a minimum, as they pushed against his muscular chest, but it was no use. Aaron was unrelenting and gave her no time to recover from her orgasm. Instead, he fucked her even faster and with increasingly HARDER thrusts! Erica begged with a weakened voice for him to please be gentle, to take it easy on her, but his body refused. Finally, Erica's eyes closed tightly and she became almost completely silent. Other than the consistent deep grunt in response to an equally deep thrust, Erica seemed lifeless. Noticing her inactivity, one of the girls cried out, "Hey! Go easy on her! She's only seventeen! She's going to pass out - or already has!"

With an acknowledging nod, Aaron slammed into her cunt with all his brute strength one last time and we all saw her eyes open wide, as she screamed out in deep, deep pleasure.

"I guess she's still conscious!" Jenny cried out, as Erica's eyes remained open wide. "But, just barely!"

Aaron continued to hold his cock deep inside of her as his cock began to spasm and fill her with his milky-white sperm. Erica remained pinned underneath him and her spread legs looked to be flinching from each throb of his shooting cock. After a few minutes, he leaned down and kissed her lips tenderly and smiled, as he lifted himself off of her. Erica remained lying on the table even after Aaron's cock popped free of her sweaty body and very swollen pussy. She was so weak, in fact, that several of the girls had to help her off the table as Aaron straightened up. All of us noticed her "tell-tale" soaked panties. Aaron had obviously managed to generate another healthy load of sperm in Julia's honor. Erica looked totally 'spent' and could not even walk. She was carried to a love seat, where the girls put up a few cushions for her to lay on.

I pushed Jenny towards Aaron and told her it was her turn, and she backed off with embarrassment. "I was just kidding about doing that," she nervously replied, as she continued to look at Aaron's long sticky cock. "I'm married.I could never..." she started.

"Sure you can!" I nodded. "What your husband doesn't know can't hurt him, right? Plus even Julia did it, and she's getting married in a few days herself!"

Jenny seemed to ponder my remark for a moment and then looked at Aaron hungrily and then surprised all of us when she climbed up onto the table. A moment later, she was on her back, and, with her legs propped up high in the air, she playfully 'zipped' her lips with her fingers and then pretended to toss the key away. Aaron fucked her fast and hard, the table making little creaking noises every time he slid his large cock into her.

After about twenty minutes (Aaron was lasting longer and longer), Jenny practically screamed and moaned, begging Aaron to cum.

"Please.." she cried out. "I can't take much more."

She wanted to see his cock squirting over her - and in very short order! Aaron gave her exactly what she wanted, partially filling her pussy with his hot sperm and then he pulled out his cock and shot a few thick streams onto her lower face and breasts, leaving them glistening. Jenny gave his wet cock a few loving licks, and then she was crowded aside by a few others who wanted a piece of him.

Meanwhile, Aaron sat back and smiled while a few of the girls took turns coaxing his cock back up into service with their lips, tongues, and fingers. A few of the girls had lost their energy after the exhausting fuck or become so drunk they couldn't go on, and were curled up on furniture, mostly naked and passed out. Aaron had a few with him on or nearly on the table, and a few were still watching intently.

Julia was gone, and a quick count (not all that easy, given that I was pretty drunk myself and still quite distracted and horny) showed that someone else was gone. I walked (a little unsteadily) over to Jennifer, who was still semi-conscious after her pounding from Aaron, and asked where the guest of honor was. Jennifer gave a smirk and waved her arm toward the bedroom. "Her fiancé paged her and she went into the bedroom to call him back."

I laughed. The bedroom was the only room where female moans probably couldn't be heard. I talked to Jennifer for a few minutes and then wondered over to the bedroom door. Quietly, I turned the doorknob and opened the door. Just as I opened the door, one of the girls getting fucked by Aaron let out an ear-piercing moan of pleasure. I saw Julia on the bed and she frantically motioned for me to come in and shut the door. I quickly closed the door shut.

"What was what, Honey?" Julia replied into the phone. She looked at me extremely nervously. I sat down next to her on the bed.

"Oh, that," she nervously laughed. "The girls rented a few porno movies and they just started one of them up and they're playing them kind of loud, that's all." I looked at her and mouthed a 'Sorry.'

"What did you think," she returned with a nervous giggle, "Did you think that it was real?" She paused as she listened to his response.

"Yes, honey, the girls and I are all fucking our brains out just days before my wedding to you!" she returned sarcastically.

I couldn't believe my ears. Did she just tell him!?

"Well, I don't know what or who you heard when you called earlier," Julia said defensively," But it wasn't me." I got closer to Julia so that I could hear her fiancé talking. Julia pulled the phone away from her ear a little and raised her eyebrows as if to ask for help.

"Yeah, O.K., Honey, I was out there fucking a male stripper... that's why I couldn't come to the phone earlier when you called!" she replied exasperated. I looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds?" Julia replied.

"Well, it sure sounded like your voice I heard yelping in the background," he replied back. Jenny sure acted nervous on your cell phone and she seemed to be in an awful big hurry to get rid of me."

"Well, that's most likely because this is OUR party and it's just for US girls! You're not supposed to call me at my Bachelorette Party to check up on me. Don't you trust me?"

I smiled at her. She was pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book for us girls.

"Of course I do," he sheepishly admitted. "It's just that."

I couldn't believe it. Julia had turned the conversation around. Now he was on the defensive. I smiled as I heard him pause for something else to say.

"O.K. then," Julia returned with a little irritation, "Then why are you paging me? This is MY party, and it's just US girls here. No guy or guys - just girls having some innocent fun!"

If he only knew, I thought to myself.

"O.K. I'm sorry," he replied.

"And you should be," Julia shot back and then added, but I'll let you make it up to me later. Now, I have to go. The girls are waiting for me. Goodbye and I love you, honey."

With that she hung up the phone and turned to me, "Can you believe my luck? I almost got 'busted.' I nodded, but quickly added, "Nice recovery!" "Remind me to kill Jenny for answering my cell phone out there while Aaron was fucking pounding me!" she returned with disbelief. I laughed and we both stood up.

"God, I am so sore 'down there'," Julia said, as she managed to walk, albeit somewhat with a limp. "At least YOU can walk," I replied, "Poor little Erica out there is sprawled out on the loveseat and doesn't look like she could get up to save her life. And judging from how swollen and red her pussy looked last time I walked by, she's going to be 'feeling' Aaron for a couple of days yet!" This made Julia laugh. Hell, it made me laugh!

By the end of the night, Aaron had had some kind of sex from nearly everyone there, and quite a few of our sore bodies were proof of his generous hospitality. I was one of the last ones to call it a night after I had thoroughly enjoyed fucking Aaron for a short while myself. I must say that while I enjoyed my first Bachelorette Party immensely, none of the few others I've been to 4since have been nearly as fun. Probably just as well, too - I'm not sure I could take another one like the one we threw for Julia.

As for Julia and the girls, Julia was happily married just a few days later and she and her husband are still together today, and he's none the wiser for her little secret. And as for the girls. None of us ever got caught either! I guess guys aren't too smart or observant, because quite a few of us were walking a little funny the day after and shared many a "knowing look"!



Anonymous said...

One of the best stories ive read, true or not, but i hope its true!!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you girls know we all know but we love you and well u know we got our own things going on to sincerely well you know who.

Anonymous said...

That's why no bachelorette party for us. My fiance lovesme and doesn't want to be a hoe.

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Cheating bitches