Joe's Visit To Paris by Little Joe


Joe was staying in the a hotel in a suburb of Paris. He had nothing to do. He felt that it must be the most boring place in the world to be stuck. With nothing to do the in the early evening he was leafing through a magazine thoughtfully provided by the hotel or left there by some previous guest. He came across a series of Petites Annonces – Personal Ads. He was just looking at it out of curiosity – yes curiosity he was not looking for the advert which ran “jolie fille sexy recherche rencontre hot sur Paris” and he did not answer that one (honest). Then he noticed a section headed Photos - Modeles which seemed to consist mainly of photographers looking for lady models willing to pose for photographs - “artistique et nu” was how they were described. Well “artistique” meant not surprisingly “artistic” and “nu” meant “nude” – so they were looking for girls willing to take all there clothes off for the amusement of gentleman photographers. Nice work, as they say, if you can get it. Then one advert which caught his eye.

”Recherche Hommes - JF photographe vous invite dans son studio pour les photos de toutes sortes. – Pauline.”, which roughly translated as “Looking for men – girl photographer invites you into her studio for all types of photos – Pauline”.

And it gave a telephone number. What was “de toutes sortes” (all types of picture)? Was it the same as “artistiques et nu?” Should he ring up and see what it was about? It struck him as something which might, he supposed make for a different sort of evening and on an impulse he did just that and he phoned the number. He was intrigued, he was slightly excited by it, and above all it appealed to his vanity. He thought, well he didn’t have to go through with it. He could just ring up and find out. A girl answered the phone introducing herself as Pauline. She explained that she was looking for ordinary men to act as models

He found himself asking her what sort of a person she wanted and she said that she just repeated she was looking for ordinary men to pose for her as models. And then she was saying to come round now and giving him an address, and the next thing he knew he’d made an arrangement to go. And he hadn’t really established what was meant by “de toutes sortes”.

He thought it might well mean posing “artistiques et nu” so you might ask why he did it. Partly it was because the idea appealed to his vanity, partly because it seemed rather exciting and daring, but mainly because having phoned up he didn’t quite know how to say no. Anyway – he thought – he could always just not turn up. But she’d told him to come to her studio, which by a strange chance was not twenty minutes walk from the hotel.

He thought he could just walk along there and see what it looked like. He could always turn back if he got cold feet. So he set off straight away and walked there thinking it over as he went along. Really he didn’t know what she was after – he could have been the ugliest looking thing in Paris for all she knew. She had said she just wanted “ordinary” people.

Too late now to find out as he had found the address without difficulty. It looked like an ordinary terraced suburban dwelling. He walked past the door several times, nervously deciding whether to press the doorbell. Then he thought “What the heck!” He rang the bell and announced himself in the speakerphone “J’arrive” came the reply. The door was opened by a striking tall, dark haired girl, or rather woman, he thought in her late twenties. She was wearing tight black slacks and a rather tight white blouse over an ample bosom and she was a “jolie fille sexy” if ever he saw one!

He was a bit non-plussed as he had been expecting a photographer’s studio and he muttered that he was looking for the Pauline.

“That’s me - Pauline” she said

She invited him in, and there he was. He had imagined this would be a photographer’s studio but it was nothing of the sort. This was somebody’s front room and in no way a professional photo studio.

She looked at him up and down for a few seconds and said (and he remembered the exact words for ever):

“Ah bon! Déshabillez-vous”. Déshabillez! - Take your clothes off!

Oh my God, she did mean “artistiques et nu”!

He looked at her blankly for a few seconds.

“What do you want me to take off?” he asked, he didn’t know why, but it was the only thing he could think of to say

“Your clothes of course”

“All of them?”

“Tout à fait” she replied (of course)

Somehow although he had thought that, “de toutes sortes” might be same thing as “artistique et nu” he hadn’t really believed it. And now he’d committed himself! She stood waiting and he suddenly realised that he was going to have to go through with it. There was no going back. He was in the middle of her front room, and he was going to have to strip naked. He couldn’t get out of it now – he couldn’t just say “Oh I didn’t understand. I’ve got another appointment– Good Bye” – that would have made him look stupid and being a typical Englishman he would rather have appeared naked than stupid. So he just had to get on with it.

Then, as if it was obvious, and perhaps sensing his reticence she smiled and said “Nous sommes à Paris monsieur”. The “monsieur” sounded strangely formal considering the circumstances.

Oh well he was going to have to do it.

And not quite knowing what to do next he looked around. Where was he to get undressed? Surely there must be some sort of changing room or a screen even. She could hardly just expect him to strip naked in the middle of her front room could she? Oh yes she could.

“Where do I get undressed” he asked

“Just take your clothes off here”, she repeated “and to put them on the chair”

He was just to stand there and take all his clothes off in the middle of her front living room while she looked on.
He sat down and took off his shoes. That was it - he’d committed myself. Once he’d started to strip he’d have to continue.

And that’s what he did. One by one his clothes all came off until there he was standing in his birthday suit blushing crimson and feeling more embarrassed than he’d ever done in his life. He felt he had just done a private striptease for her.

Pauline looked at him with interest. She liked looking at men naked. The photos – well they were just for the record. What she liked was getting men naked. And it was so easy. Just a little ad in the magazine, a little temptation to the vanity and here he was. Standing in front her in her front room completely nude. Men always fell for it. They were so vain. She looked at him his knees and hands shaking slightly. Ooh – he was embarrassed. So much the better. She loved them to be embarrassed. He had a slim figure, rather pert, smooth round buttocks, pale pink skin; her eyes strayed to his private parts. She admired his cock, moderate in size, but nevertheless nice looking, and his balls, so soft and vulnerable. She loved looking at men’s balls when they were nude. It made them look so, so vulnerable

Joe, on the other hand was wondering what on earth he had got himself into. He looked down. He was, to put it crudely, displaying his cock to her (he hoped rather nervously) admiring gaze.

That is the trouble, he thought, with being a man when you are in the nude. Unlike a girl who can demurely keep her legs together, as a man he was now being forced to show her his cock. And he wasn’t at all sure by now what sort of pictures she wanted. Did she want it (that is to say his cock) demurely hidden, or on full display and more worryingly (and I’m sorry if this is a bit rude but I’m just telling it as it was) was she going to get it up or down. It may seem strange but that’s exactly what he was worrying about in that situation and he didn’t always have a lot of control over his cock!

He looked around. He was in a front living room with a rug in front of a fireplace, a settee in red leather, and a statue of the Venus de Milo. In an alcove was a computer. To one side was a wooden stool in front of a projection screen.

He looked back at her. She was holding an ordinary digital camera to take the photos, not the flashy ones that photographers use.

She suddenly announced “Are you cold?”

Lest you think from this that she was complaining that on surveying his cock she had found it shrunken, this was not the case. In fact she was asking the question because she’d noticed he had gone from blushing to shivering

Not surprising with nothing on you might think, but the fact is he was not shivering with cold, he was shivering with the embarrassment of it all. The funny thing is that if you had asked be the question hypothetically he would have said that he would have had no objection to being seen with no clothes on. He regarded himself as matter of fact about such things.

But this was different. He’d been stripped naked by a stranger. He supposed embarrassment about his own nudity was something so built in that he couldn’t help it. And here he was in a strange house with a “jolie fille sexy” he’d only just met, and somehow was ending up standing there in front of her in the all together showing her – oh f*** - a half erect cock. What made it really embarrassing was that he was completely nude and she was fully clothed - it was just like one of those peculiar dreams where everyone is dressed and he was not.

When he thought about it that was why people like to watch a striptease. It was not just that she was enjoying looking at his cock (which he supposed she was), he knew she was enjoying his embarrassment at her looking at his cock and there was nothing he could do about it. That was after all the essence of a lot of amusement – seeing other people’s embarrassment (as well he supposed as seeing other people’s cocks).

Anyway now he was going to find out exactly how “artistic” the pictures were to be.

She pointed to the settee

“On there please”

He sat down and Pauline put his leg up, bent so that the ankle of his left foot rested against the inside of his right thigh

“That’s cute” she said, “really nice, very sexy” and she took the first photo

It might have been nude, but at least it looked as though the pictures were indeed to be artistically discreet

Then she asked him to stand beside the statue, and he stood back to the camera.

“Now face the camera”, she said and he noticed her eyes glance at his private parts again, “Good. But can you smile and be more sexy” (he didn’t know if the “good” was just a turn of phrase or an expression of approval of his dimensional attributes. With luck it was the latter – although his cock was not enormous, it was, even if he said so himself, well proportioned when it was up!). Anyway it was now clear she wanted his cock in the pictures.

Mind if by “plus sexy” she meant that she wanted his cock even bigger she was in luck.

Because it was getting decidedly bigger. Now that it was the centre of attention, attention was what it was starting to stand to. F***! F***! F***! How much more embarrassing could it get. His cock was showing her that he was getting erotically aroused by the situation. Acting as a flag or symbol of the level of his arousal.

Pauline looked at it and smiled again. That was good. He was embarrassed and he was aroused. She really loved that.

“Turn to the side and look at the camera”, that would give a good profile the demonstrate his arousal.

He turned

“No - smile. Nice smile and can you be sexy”

Pauline looked at him encouragingly. She liked his cock like that, but she had a sudden desire to see it up, fully erect. She liked naked bodies, she liked bare buttocks, she loved to look at his balls, but above all she now wanted to get him fully aroused, to photograph him with his cock rigid.

He noticed her smile as his cock went up. He now understood “sexy”, it meant with his penis erect! He was now so aroused he would do anything for her and he actually found himself stroking his cock to get it fully erect. He stopped short suddenly. What was he doing! He’d only met the girl fifteen minutes ago and she had him naked playing with his erect cock for her.

Pauline smiled again. That was something she really liked to see. That was a great picture. Time for a little respite for him.

“Now we take a short break” and she went out to fetch some coffee leaving him still in the nude. No offer of a robe or anything.

She came back in to sit on the settee to drink.

“Sit down for the coffee”

And she pointed to the wooden seat in front of the projection screen. It was like a tall bar stool and he perched on it. That stool had been a good idea of Pauline’s’, sitting on it the he could only maintain his balance by opening his legs wide displaying everything to her view. A marvellous view; she loved looking at his balls displayed like that.

She picked up her camera. She had to capture that pose.

“Smile please”, and Joe smiled, legs apart, balls displayed to the camera.

“You like to pose like this?”, Pauline enquiired

Joe found it quite bizarre sitting there with nothing on, and drinking coffee and chatting as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

He admitted that he had not posed like that before, and she said that she had realised that because he had seemed “un peu reticent”.

Pauline smiled enigmatically. She liked to see him nervous and embarrassed. That was part of the fun.

“You should not be shy. I like see you in the nude it is really sexy”

At the word “sexy” his cock started to go up again like a reflex action. He looked at her.

“Sorry”, he said

“Not at all. It’s lovely like that. It’s cute”

She smiled again, the time to increase his embarrassment had arrived

“Bon. Oui. Kneel on the couch please - à quatre pattes” - exactly like that – “go down on your hands and knees. Down you go”.

And Joe found himself kneeling nude on the sofa with his bottom in the air. He felt so embarrassed like that, so exposed and at the same time so aroused that his cock was immediately erect again. Softly she put her hands between his legs and separated them so that his balls were visible hanging soft and round between his thighs. He realised exactly what she was doing, and he couldn’t do anything about it. His cock became more and more rigid as he waited for the next photo.

“Kneel so that you display yourself clearly”

He did what he was told without hesitation. Because of his nudity, his embarrassment, the exposure, he realised that she was now in complete command and he had to do as he was told.

She smiled again “OK look at the camera and smile, but the humiliation of his position and the size of his erect penis was so much that he found it difficult.

She insisted he was too “rigide” (she was right there – though he thought she was referring to his not being relaxed rather than to the state of his cock!). She kept trying to get him more “décontracté” (smile and look sexy!).

He was there to give her not artistic poses, but to fulfil her sexual fantasies, her need to strip men and embarrass them. She’d led him into it and he’d fallen for it.

Pauline smiled at him. He’d been so easy to manipulate. That was how she liked to end her session, with the man naked on his hands and knees in front of her.

And she smiled and said “Ah bon!”and patted him gently on his bare bottom.

And that was it. He got dressed – it had been a different experience indeed.

“Look” she said “pointing to the images she had loaded onto her computer. He was on all fours looking at the computer. His rigid and swollen cock looked enormous; his balls dangled between his thighs and on his face was an expression like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights.