Molly the New Secretary by Little Joe

This is a sequel to the last story posted below called "Joe's Visit To Paris", or HERE.


Joe was happy in his new job. Fancy being a senior executive with his own secretary, or personal assistant as she preferred to be called; and Molly was a good looking girl, in her mid-twenties with a strong and, he had to admit it, rather sexy personality.

If she had a fault though it was a tendency to dash off at precisely 4.29 to go to the hairdressers, the gym or wherever girls spent their time these days. Joe never knew. And when she dashed off she invariably failed to log off her computer properly. Didn't she know the security rules! Joe sighed yet again and went to log off for her. The computer was even open at her e-mail in-box. Joe would never have opened one of her mails, but he couldn't help noticing that the latest one was titled 'Man of the Month'. Was this some new monthly company award he'd never heard of? He decided to tackle Molly about it the next day when he told her off yet again for leaving her computer on.

'And what's this Man of the Month thing I've never heard of?' he asked her next morning, 'some kind of monthly award?'

Molly burst out laughing.

'In a manner of speaking you could say that. If you promise, promise, promise not to let anyone know I've let you in on the secret, I'll forward it on to you'.

'I promise', said Joe, how could he do otherwise he was so intrigued.

Molly pressed the key to forward it.

'And don't open it till I've gone' she added.

Joe couldn't wait until 4.29 when Molly with a knowing grin departed leaving him to open the e-mail. It consisted of a single attachment and it was circulated to all the secretaries in the office. The attachment was labelled 'My Man' and was sent by Trixie, one of the young secretaries in the Finance Department. Joe opened it up and gasped. It was headed by a large full frontal picture of a naked man captioned 'My BF' and it was accompanied by a little story about him, his manly attributes and Trixie that left little to the imagination.

Joe tackled Molly about it the next day.

'Oh', she said, evidently embarrassed at having sent it at all, 'it's a little thing the girls do. A bit of fun you know, every month we take it in turns to circulate a picture of a man and a story about him. He doesn't have to be in the nuddy she added, but somehow it's got so he usually is. You know what girls are like'

Somehow Joe decided he didn't really know what girls were like.

'And what do the boyfriends, husbands or whatever think about it?' he asked.

'Good God, nobody tells them' said Molly, 'and you mustn't let on I've told you about it!'

Joe, not for the first time, wondered at the double standards between men and women. If men had circulated pictures like that they'd have been sacked for misuse of the e-mail system. But even the MD's hallowed PA's name was on the circulation list!

Molly smiled to herself; she had just had an idea who would make a good subject for the next man of the month.

Joe had to go to Berlin on business. It was not a good trip. The flight was late, so late that he didn't get to the hotel until eleven o'clock. He was so shattered he just tore his clothes off and jumped in the shower. He jumped again when he came out of the shower stark naked, as did the two girls just coming in through the door into his room. They said he was in their room, he said they were in his room. The receptionist arrived apologetic. She said Joe should not be there, they had given his room away when he hadn't turned up by ten o'clock.

Bloody Molly, thought Joe, she hadn't confirmed his room for late arrival. He couldn't argue, it was somehow difficult to argue when you'd been stark naked and everyone had seen your penis.

Ensconced after much difficulty in his new hotel Joe e-mailed an account of his travails to Molly. He didn't like to scold, so he made it humorous, but at the same time pointed out that his room should have been confirmed.

Molly was not in the least abashed and just fell about laughing at the account of the nude encounter. She quickly penned a reply asking for an illustrated version! it was a joke. she didn't expect to receive one.

In retrospect Joe didn't know why he did it. It just seemed a funny idea at the time, and Molly was such a good sport. He had some pictures of himself in the nude on his laptop. Pictures nobody else knew about. Nude portraits taken by a girl photographer he had agreed to pose for in Paris. He chose a nice one of him standing full frontal and naked, and pasted it into the Word document describing his adventures; and out of discretion and for decency's sake he put big black squares over his head and naughty bits. He smiled to himself as he sent it off. She'd never recognise him. She'd just think it was some picture off the internet! How she'd laugh!

Molly was amazed to receive the document. And Joe had been right. How she laughed at what was revealed when she went into Edit Picture and removed the black squares to restore the picture to its original glory.

Bosses, she thought, bless them, they never really knew how these programs worked.

She looked at the picture for a full ten minutes. Full frontal! Nice willy! Yes, very nice. She was a lucky girl. Not many secretaries got to know what their boss's willy looked like. Clearly it was a professional portrait. She was dying to know who had taken it and why. She wondered if there were more. Should she send it round the girls now? No, she decided that it might come in useful first.

She e-mailed him back. Pity about the black squares she said. No point letting on yet, she had had some exciting news and the picture might indeed come in useful.

She mailed Joe the news. She had been asked to fly to Berlin to bring some important documents out. Would Joe, she asked, like to hear a story from her about a business trip she had had. He would answer yes, of course, and she started to type it out.

Joe received the story the next day and started to read it. My God! He stared at the words.

Boss - hotel room - secretary - knocks - no reply - goes in - boss naked - balls - cock - mouth - climax.

He looked in more detail at the final paragraph.

'His balls were big and manly, to tease him I took each one in my mouth in turn and sucked it gently. Then it was the turn of his big, manly cock. My lips closed round it and I took it right in.'

And so it went on. Joe went hot, cold and sweaty in turns. She was coming out tomorrow. What was he to do? This was as blatant an offer as he could receive. And tempting thought it was a sexual encounter with his secretary would have been just too complicated.

Neither in fact did Molly - that was just to soften him up she told herself. To get him in the mood for what she really wanted. What she really wanted was the story behind the picture. What she really really wanted was more pictures!

With some trepidation Joe met Molly at the hotel the next day.

'Did you enjoy my story?' She asked.

'Er... Yes' said Joe

'It was just fiction' said Molly quickly, she was beginning to regret having sent it, 'I mean I wasn't suggesting I wanted to do that to you. I mean it's not that I wouldn't enjoy it. I mean I always enjoy doing it. I mean... '. Her voice tailed off. Joe reassured her he had enjoyed it as a work of fiction.

They went up to Joe's room to go over some documents. Molly opened up her laptop and switched on. Joe gasped - there on the screen as screen saver was his picture. - minus black squares. Joe gasped.

'Nice isn't it' said Molly deciding her softening up and shock tactics were working, 'it was really easy to remove the squares'

'Who took it?' she asked 'tell me the whole story'

Joe took a deep breath and told the story. (which has been described elsewhere).

'Well show me the rest of the pictures then' said Molly 'you said you keep them on your laptop'

'Oh, I don't think I should do that' said Joe.

'Well in that case who's going to be Man of the Month next month?' said Molly pointing at her screen.

Joe was in a quandary. She would do it. There was no doubt she would do it. Why had he sent that stupid picture. Well, he could just show her the 'artistic' pictures. She needn't know about the others. He opened up the file containing the pictures and his naked image sprang up on the screen. He was standing side on to the camera his cock in profile. Molly gasped as she felt a sudden surge 'down there'. Joe went scarlet with embarrassment. He had forgotten how small his cock looked on that one. And he had forgotten that he had captioned it 'My little cock'.

He moved quickly on to the next picture. His cock looked little in that one too. He had forgotten how much his cock featured in them. That girl photographer had really liked his cock. He tried to move on through them quickly.

'Hold on' said Molly 'you've got a nice little willy. Give me a chance to get a good look at it.'

Joe blushed even more. He had forgotten how modern girls would talk about cocks as freely as they would talk about hands or feet.

A picture of him sitting came up. It was the first where his balls were clearly visible.

'Oh that's lovely' said Molly 'how sexy. Your balls look really sweet.'

Another profile came up. Joe winced. He hadn't meant to show that one.

'Ooh!' Said Molly 'were you getting a bit aroused on that one?'

Joe was forced to admit he was. The evidence was plain to see.

'I thought so. Your cock's half up' said Molly. She had a sudden thought.

'Are there any with you - well you know.'. She just had to see those ones.

'No...' Joe tried to lie. But Molly could tell from his face that there were.

'Oh, and I didn't think you wanted to be Man of the Month', she said.

Joe realised he was in no position to refuse. Too embarrassed to look himself he opened up the file of special pictures.

Molly gasped again and felt about to wet her pants. As if they weren't moist enough already. The picture was a side view and showed Joe kneeling on a settee completely nude. His cock was clearly visible in profile fully erect.

'Aw that's really sexy' she said ' how did she persuade you to let her take that one?' - gosh she'd have to get a copy of the file for the girls.

Joe moved on through the pictures. Molly contained herself with some difficulty. Until the final one. Joe was on his hands and knees, completely nude as ever facing the camera. His erect cock and his balls were clearly visible between his legs. The expression on his face was one of such totally sexy embarrassment that Molly could contain herself no longer. She stood up and made for the bathroom. She turned back to Joe,

'Sorry, I've just wet my pants' she said bluntly 'and I've got to go and do something to myself'.

Joe just fled. The thought of Molly returning minus her knickers was just to scary.

When Molly came back Joe had gone. He'd left in a hurry apparently as he'd left his laptop behind. Molly took out her memory stick. Bloody bosses, she thought, he hadn't even password protected the file.

She opened up the file again. It was a good job she'd taken off her panties. Yes - she'd definitely have to do something to herself. And, well, now she had the pictures, all the pictures, she realised what a position of power she was in. Now she could get her boss to do anything, anything she liked. What, she wondered, should she start with?