Molly Shows Who's Boss by Little Joe

This is a sequel to the last 2 stories posted below called "Joe's Visit To Paris", or HERE, and "Molly The New Secretary", or HERE.


Molly was looking at the picture. God, it made her feel so hot; she could feel her panties getting moist even as she looked. She wriggled on her seat. Who would have thought it of her so staid and reserved boss? And then to send her one of the pictures and leave them unprotected on his laptop so she could copy them! It was unbelievable. How she longed to see the real thing. Of course she had dropped hints. Even asked outright once, but he just seemed to want to act as if the whole thing had never happened. But Molly was determined. She’d said to him, “I’ve set my mind on it. And when I set my mind on something I always get it”

Joe just tried to forget about it, but Molly didn’t make it that easy. Somehow she had got hold of copies of the pictures and she teased him mercilessly about them.

Of course, Molly said to herself, she could just blackmail him. But she wasn’t the sort of girl to do that. That wouldn’t have been nice. And there was a much better way to get her way. Tease him with the photographs, he could only stand so much teasing, then he was bound to give way. That was why Joe couldn’t forget about it. Molly kept teasing him. Her best tease was to have one of the photos up on her computer screen whenever he came over to see her. It sent Joe into paroxysms of embarrassment and fear. What if somebody should come into the office and see it!

Joe had to go to Paris on a business trip. Molly wanted to go with him; apart from the nice trip away from the office she was sure to find a plan to get him to reveal all if she could get in a hotel with him for a few days. Who knows? She might get a few pictures of her own!

But Joe had said ‘no’, he understood the pressures she might exert while away on a business trip as well.

But Molly wasn’t to be put off so easily. That was why she was looking at the picture. She had it in Photoshop, it was a wonderful thing, Photoshop, you could do almost anything with pictures. Take a figure from one picture and put it in another, and no-one could tell it wasn’t an original. That was what she was completing now, a photomontage using the naked picture of her boss. She put the final finishing touches to it and looked across at him; they shared the same office and had desks facing each other. He looked back, he could tell she had been looking at THE pictures again and he flushed bright red, while pretending not to notice.

Molly attached the picture to an e-mail, addressed it to Joe, and sent it winging across the office to him. She heard the ping as it went into his inbox.

Joe looked at his new message. Oh no! It was from Molly and it was headed ‘Trip to Paris’. If he’d told her once he’d told her a hundred times. She wasn’t going.

Molly watched as he opened up the attachment and saw with satisfaction the bright red flush pass over his face as he saw the picture that was revealed.

Joe looked at it in horror. It was a photomontage, but it looked so realistic. The picture of him naked on his hands and knees facing the camera, penis rigid, face like a scared rabbit had been transferred to a picture depicting the inside of the office. Joe appeared to be kneeling naked on the office floor. Behind him stood Molly leg raised, looking for all the world as if she was about to kick him up the bottom. What made the picture so embarrassing though was that the frightened look on Joe’s face was just that of someone about to receive a kick up the bare bum. A speech bubble came out of Molly’s mouth saying “Am I going to Paris or not?” What a tease! The implication was obvious. If she didn’t get to Paris Joe was going to get a kick up his bum, metaphorically if not literally. There was a speech bubble coming from Joe’s mouth where he was to fill in his reply. What option did he have? He made the best job of it he could and typed in “Yes, anything!” and sent it back.

Molly looked at the response and smiled; Joe was flushed bright red and didn’t dare look at her. Molly had her response ready. She sent back her second prepared picture.

Joe saw it come in and opened it up in trepidation; it used the picture of him kneeling taken from the rear. Molly had set up the picture so that he looked as if he was kneeling naked on the office floor and Molly was standing behind him patting him on his bare bottom. A speech bubble came out of her mouth saying “That’s right, there’s a good little boss”.

Joe knew he was beaten. Molly was the real boss now. He was going to have to do as he was told.

They arrived at their smart business hotel in Paris. Joe announced he was going to take a shower before dinner.

“Ooh, can I come and watch”, said Molly.

Joe fled and locked the door. He thought he heard somebody knocking while he was in the shower but he didn’t dare go and look to see who it was. Molly standing outside the door thought things over. It wasn’t going to be that easy to get him to reveal all. She’d need a careful plan and he was going to need some more softening up.

She started to put her plan into operation the next morning.

“I know where we’ll go this evening”, she said

Joe looked at her in some trepidation

“I know a lovely spa on the Grands Boulevards, just the place for a relaxing evening after a hard day’s work. It has sauna, relaxation room, massage, everything you need”

“Massage?” said Joe nervously, “I don’t think I’m quite into that sort of thing”

“Oh it’s quite respectable”, said Molly, “everybody goes there. It’ll do you good”

But Joe was not to be persuaded. Massage, in a spa, with Molly, it made him very nervous indeed

“I haven’t got a costume”, he said, as if that settled it.

“Costume”, said Molly scathingly, “this is Paris not Chipping Sodbury, you don’t wear a costume here”

Joe suddenly realised what she was getting at. She wanted him to go to a naked spa and sauna with her. Oh my God!

“No, no! I don’t think so”, he said and fled.

Molly smiled ruefully. He was definitely going to need more softening up and she knew just the way to do it.

Joe was to give a talk that afternoon on his favourite topic – Document Writing and Quality Control. It was a subject which he found endlessly fascinating and bored everyone else to tears. He had prepared an exciting thirty slide presentation which Molly had put into Powerpoint on her laptop. Joe was to deliver the lecture at the front of the lecture room while Molly sat with the laptop moving the slides on for him. Well, it gave her something to do; there wasn’t really any other reason for her to be there.

Ten minutes before the lecture Joe was practising the routine with Molly, she sat with the laptop while he described the contents of the slide on the screen. He had been droning on about it for about two minutes when the screen suddenly shuddered, the slide went off and the Screensaver appeared. Molly had chosen a very special screensaver. It was another of her montages. Onto a picture of a class in a lecture room she had placed one of the nude pictures of Joe standing facing the camera, his penis somewhat enlarged and very prominent, so that it looked as if he was lecturing to the assembled class stark naked and somewhat sexually aroused. A speech bubble came out of the mouth of one of the participants. It said, “At least it makes it more interesting than his usual lectures”.

"God! What's that?” shrieked Joe.

"It’s my new screensaver", said Molly

"Well, get rid of it! …Please", he added plaintively. As if that would make any difference.

"Ooh no!” said Molly, "I think it's rather fun. Don't worry; it only comes up if there's no activity on the computer for two minutes. You'll just have to make sure you don't spend more than two minutes on each slide".

She smiled to herself. She could stop the screensaver coming up by jiggling the mouse about from time to time. But best not to tell Joe that, he'd be on tenterhooks the whole talk. Just where she wanted him.

The first people were coming in and Joe kept anxiously looking at the screen. The course participants had come prepared for a particularly boring afternoon and were particularly intrigued by the way the lecturer kept asking to see a different slide every minute or so.

Joe started on his talk. The whole thing was a nightmare. He kept rushing on the slides because he was terrified of leaving the same one on the screen too long. Then he'd have to go back to one that he hadn't finished.

Molly had never attended such a fun lecture. Joe seemed to be losing track of time as he was leaving the slides up far too long.

To start with she would jiggle the mouse with about ten seconds to go. But that soon got boring, so she started playing a little game - trying to see how late she dare leave it. Five seconds to spare - yes! Three seconds to spare - yes! Did she dare? Leave it to one second. Joe was on to his last slide. He was overrunning regularly now, growing in confidence as the picture failed to appear. It was now or never! She'd just have to give it a go, or she'd never forgive herself. She watched the second hand creep round, five seconds, four, three... She found her heart was actually pumping with then excitement, two, one... Go! Her hand shot to the mouse, but maybe just a fraction too late. For a split second the members of the class thought they saw a bizarre picture flash up on the screen, then it was gone. Had they really seen that, was it their imagination? Nobody liked to say until they left the lecture room. Then they started talking. After a few minutes they decided. Yes, they had all seen something. But they had different ideas as to what it was. One girl was even certain that it was a picture of the lecturer in the nude. Well, thought the others, wouldn't it have been funny if it had been.

Joe was stunned. He just stood looking at the screen. The whole class had just seen a picture of him in the nude. The shame was almost unbearable. He looked at Molly pleadingly.

"Please", he said, "I can't go through that again. I'll do anything. Anything"

"I take it we're on for the spa then", said Molly, and Joe could only nod his head in agreement.