"CFNM" (Clothed Female Nude Male) By Alexander The Poet

Here's a Cfnm themed poem that was submitted by Alexander The Poet or aka The Porn Poet. We've tweeted one another via Twitter and he is a pretty entertaining dude, with a true interest in Cfnm. So when he wondered if I would post this poem he wrote (which is posted on his site RIGHT HERE). So be sure to check his site out sometime, and leave him some feedback on this poem below!

I enter the room at your request,
Then you ask me to take off my clothes
But then I notice that you're still dressed,
So naturally this, I oppose!

Then from nowhere your girlfriends appear,
And I find myself, in total shock
But now it's simply too late I fear,
Because now, they all see, my small cock!

They begin to laugh out loud at me,
And my face, it does turn a bright red
What happens next, is a mystery,
I don't hate it, I'm aroused instead!

Not seeing their tits should piss me off,
But somehow, I find it exciting
Next time they want to do this and stuff,
I hope that me, they are inviting!