The Captured Football Star Chapters 1-4


Chapter 1

It had been probably a week now, I really couldn't tell blindfolded as I was most the time. She had kept me tied up the whole time and moved me from place to place in what I think is a house. Hands bound behind me and my ankles tied only allowing me small steps to move where she pulled me by a leash around my neck. I was completely naked and had been since I woke up the first day.

She called herself Debbie or Deb for short and called me boy even when I told her my name. She had taken pretty good care of me, feeding me and taking me to the bathroom when I needed but I still didn't know why she kept me prisoner other then for the sole purpose of 'milking' me is what she called it and fuck she was doing a hell of a job.

It all started like I said a week ago when I was walking home from football practice. It was dark and I was alone and walked home this way many times before so that's how she probably knew where I was going to be. I had just turned 18 and was graduation this spring and in the best shape of my life from all the sports I played. Anyway I was minding my own business walking home and something hit me in the neck and felt like a horsefly had bitten me. Things started to get blurry and I got really dizzy and last thing I remember I was falling.

I woke up naked and bound lying on a soft mattress with a pillow and my arms tied over my head and my legs as well down straight. The blindfold was tight and I couldn't see anything but black. I called out and pulled at my restraints but it was no use the person had me tied really well. They must have heard me call out because a few minutes later I heard what sounded like high heels on a wood floor enter the room.

"Oh you're awake, good...time for our first session then boy," said a soft female voice that shocked me.

I was not expecting a female at all and not expecting what happened next either. I tried to talk to her and find out what she wanted and to convince her to let me go but it was no use she just kept telling me she needed me for my milk. I shortly found out what she meant.

"Such a strong young body you have, perfectly formed chest and stomach, handsome face and muscular arms and legs from all that football you love so much." I heard her say as she walked next to the bed.

"And then there's the best part, such a wonderful cock and it isn't even hard yet," she said.

She then grabbed my flaccid penis and I freaked out pulling at my bonds and telling her to stop. She just laughed and told me not to worry I was going to enjoy being milked. I struggled and struggled and tried to control my penis from becoming erect but I couldn't stop. My young body was too new at sexual experiences and it felt so good what she was doing to me. She was using her palm on the underside of my penis as it pointed up on my stomach rubbing it softly up and down my growing shaft.

"That's a boy, oh yes it's growing and growing getting much bigger," she said.

When it was fully erect she stopped rubbing it and I heard a drawer open and her rummage through it.

"Now let's see how big you are shall we?" she said.

I felt a cold ruler touch my penis where it connects with my body and she pulled my cock vertical and I heard her hum with curiosity.

"Not bad, not bad at all, a full seven and one half inches and a wide shaft to match. We're going to get along just swimmingly you and me," she said.

She was taking to my cock because she grabbed it around the middle and shook it as she said the last part. I heard her put the ruler away and then she grabbed my shaft again and pointed it back up straight and I felt a warm liquid being poured over it and it ran down over my head and shaft to my balls. She worked the oil in with both of her hands in a circular motion and massaged my balls as well. Shit it felt incredible and I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop from cumming if she kept it up.

"Now boy we will get along just great if you remember to tell me when you're about to cum. If you don't and I miss some of your milk I will be very displeased and won't be as nice as I could be. Do we understand each other?" she asked.

"Why are you doing this to me, leave me along, let me go!" I screamed again.

"Do we understand each other?" she yelled over me and I felt her hand grab one of my balls and squeeze it hard.

It hurt like a bitch and I finally told her I understood. She let go of my nut and started working my cock again up and down the shaft with her hands and the pain in my nut soon went away replaced by sweet bliss as both my nuts rose up tight to my shaft.

"That's it the first one will be quick I'm sure, just let it come boy," she said as she must have noticed my legs tighten and my balls rise.

"Shit lady I'm going to cum any second now!" I screamed at her moaning as well.

She moved my cock back almost horizontal and I felt a cold cylinder go around my head just as my first blast left my cock. It had been a week since me and my girlfriend had done it in my dad's car so I'm sure it was quite a load and from what the woman was saying it was.

"Oh yesssss, that's it boy give my all your milk, every last drop. So much cum, look at your pretty cock shoot all that jizz," she said as she stroked and stroked my ejaculating member until I bucked and squirmed under her hand and emptied my balls for her.

"All done? Very nice boy now you rest and I'll take care of this," she said.

I heard her leave the room and I tried to catch my breath. My orgasm was intense, she really knew what she was doing and I just laid there spent as my cock slowly returned to its flaccid shape.

A few minutes later I heard her return to the room.

"You did very well for your first session boy, actually more than I expected. You obviously have either been tossing off on your own or you have a girlfriend. Either way you're young body is producing exactly what I need in copious amounts."

I remained silent and knew talking with her was impossible. She must have carried some thing in to the room because I heard her set it down next to the bed and then she sat next to me.

"I've brought you some food and drink, you need to keep up your strength and fluids so don't fight me on this and just be a good boy and eat. I was starving from football practice and it had been who knows how long since she knocked me out. I didn't argue with her and just ate and drank everything she offered.

"Good boy, now shall we see if you are ready for number two," she said after I finished eating.

I was shocked, it had only been maybe 20 minutes and she wanted me to cum again already. I knew I was capable, my girl and I have done it three times in one night but only once.

"Were going to try something different this time boy, so just relax I promise not to hurt you."

I felt the ropes on my legs go loose and she pulled my legs apart and then retied them spread eagle and placed a pillow under my lower back so my ass was off the bed. She didn't touch my cock but ran her fingers over my nuts and down in the crack of my ass. She felt around my hole and started pressing on it with her finger. Then I felt the familiar sensation of the hot oil and she lubed up my bum and started slowly penetrating my ass with one of her fingers.

"What the fuck!" I screamed, "I'm not a faggot for fuck sakes."

I know boy, just relax you are going to find this most pleasurable I promise," she said.

I fought my restraints and wiggled away from her finger and she grabbed my balls again and I stopped instantly as she squeezed them.

"Do you need to be reminded already boy?" was all she said.

"NO....please I'll behave," I breathed out in pain.

"Good now just relax."

She reinserted her finger and she only went in an inch or two and I felt her probing around inside my ass up where my balls were against my body and suddenly I felt like I needed to urinate, followed by a wave of pleasure flooding my loins as she touched something inside of me. I moaned out loud and she did it again and it was even stronger the second time.

"That, boy, is your prostate, and is what I'm truly going to milk," she said and touched it again harder this time and I arched my back and felt incredible sensations rush through my balls, cock and up my body.

"Fuck, that is so good," I said.

"Yes I told you it would be and you should see what I see and you'll know why I call it milking. You see I'm forcing your cum out of you cock with just my one finger. Right now your cock has cum oozing out of the head and more comes each time I press on this," she said massaging my prostate once again.


"Yes......Boy that's it, globs of cum oozing out."

My cock wasn't even fully hard and I felt the warm liquid drip onto my leg and stomach as she continued to milk my prostate. The rush of euphoria continued and lasted much longer then a normal orgasm and I could hardly stand the pleasure she was causing in my body. She kept milking me for a while and I just moaned and squirmed under her finger.

"Oh yes that's it, thick milky cum, very nice, but I think you are about finished now," she said after about 10 minutes.

I felt her finger leave my ass and she scrapped off my cum into the cold cylinder with one hand and with the other she played with my balls and then my half limp shaft. I felt it start to grow quickly in her grasp and she started stroking me fast and hard up and down again.

"Let's just see how much is left," she voiced, keeping a steady rhythm on my cock.

She was so damn good at hand jobs that I was ready to blow quickly even after my first load and milking me. I curled my toes and arched my back getting ready for my release as she pumped my cock up and down with one hand and massaged my balls with the other.

"Fuuuuuck, I'm going to cummmmm lady!" I screamed after probably five minutes.

She put the container around my cock again and I held it as long as I could and finally released my clenched muscles and let it blow. My body convulsed and jerked with the biggest convulsion first and then steadily trailing off as she stroked my cock through my orgasm. It was more intense then the last one and I figured it was because of the prostate thing she did to me.

"I'm impressed boy, very impressed you're young body is a milk machine, I knew choosing you was the right decision and by the way my name is Debbie but you can call me Deb."

"Sure whatever 'Deb'," I said ashamed of myself for cumming that hard again.

I relaxed and let my body fall into the soft mattress and she pulled the pillow out from under my ass. I was breathing hard and sweat was covering me and a chill went through me a bit. I shivered and she noticed and pulled some blankets up over my body.

"Can't have you sick, you need to stay strong and healthy boy. Rest now and later I have a surprise for you," she said and left the room again.

As she was leaving I called after her, "my name is Jake."

She paused and said, "I know boy," and walked out.

I was exhausted and tried to stay awake but trying just made me fall asleep quicker.

Chapter 2

I swear I was only asleep a few minutes when I felt Deb untying my blindfold. When it was gone I opened my eyes and it was still dark and I couldn't see a thing still.

"I told you I had a surprise for you, are you ready?" she asked me.

"I guess so... why can't I see anything?" I asked.

"Because the lights are off silly, that's the best way to watch a movie right?" she asked.

"Ya right, a movie, what movie?"

A bright screen directly over my face turned on and I squinted in the bright light. She had it supported some how in the air about 2 feet from my face and when I tried to look anywhere else the bright light from the TV made it impossible to see anything around me besides the pillow. I heard her shuffling stuff around and then the screen started playing a movie. I knew instantly what it was having seen porno's before.

"I thought some visual stimulation would do you're production some good," she said just out of the light down towards my waist.

The porno was harder then I had ever seen before. It didn't waste time with a plot or even much dialog just got right down to business and I watched as a really hot, buxom brunette started sucking on the cocks of three guys. She took turns sucking each of them, stroking and swallowing all they had. I must admit I really like porn and this one was really good. I felt my cock start to rise under the covers already and I knew Deb would soon discover it as well. I should have just closed my eyes and ignored the images but I couldn't take my eyes off of it and besides she had the sound up so I couldn't ignore the moaning and sex noises.

"I see I've picked out something you enjoy. Already nice and hard aren't you," Deb said as she felt under the covers and found my throbbing member.

Her touch was soft and gentle as she just caressed my shaft and balls. Shit it turned me on so much with her playing with me as I watched the scene on the screen progress. The hot brunette was getting her pussy slammed and trying to suck on the other two guys at the same time. Deb got more aggressive with my penis as well and pulled the sheets off of me and started her manual stroking once again. I tried to see if I could see her hand or my cock but it was just out of the light.

She must have lubed up her finger because while she was stroking me she stuck her other hand between my legs and inserted a finger. She went directly for my prostate again and a rush of pleasure flooded over me. It was crazy intense with her stroking my cock at the same time.

"Holy fucking shit!" I screamed as she did it again.

"Yes, boy you like that don't you?" she asked.

The mixture of everything she was doing to me and the hot porn I was watching was bringing me to a peak rapidly. I felt pre-cum or maybe it was cum running down my head and shaft from her stroking and probing. I felt so vulnerable and ashamed because it felt so good.

Without warning I suddenly felt warm wetness engulf the head of my cock and I recognized instantly she had put her mouth around me. My girlfriend gives me head once in a while but doesn't really like it that much, and it feels good when she does it but never lasts long enough.

Deb's technique was totally different then my girls. Normally my girl just sucks the head and strokes not taking much into her mouth. Deb just kept taking more and more of my shaft down her throat and I moaned in pure ecstasy as she swallowed all of my cock and I felt her lips and nose touch my balls and leg. She worked her tongue on my shaft when she was all the way down and I couldn't believe how good it felt. She still had her finger in my ass and this just made it that much better.

"Oh my...Oh shit... Fuck you've got to be shitting me....feels incredible," I said and then regretted it after.

She didn't respond just kept sucking and playing with me and my eyes got blurry from the pleasure and I lost focus on the porno above me. I could here her moan and swallow and I knew she was eating my cum as she pushed it out of my prostate. It then came to me that that must be what she is doing with my 'milk' as she says. Just eating it maybe, but why I didn't know. The thought soon left me as my mind went blank with pleasure taking over all my senses and I was going to cum again.

I looked up at the screen and saw that the girl was now receiving anal sex as well as in her pussy and still sucking the last guy. It was hot shit and I lost it and went past the point of no return.

"Shit I'm cumming!" I screamed hoping I had given her enough warning.

She didn't try and take my cock out of her mouth, to collect my cum, so I assumed I was okay. I just exploded in her mouth and throat and I heard her moan and slurp and her finger really pressed on my prostate and intensified my orgasm to the point of me almost blacking out it felt so good. I don't know how much I shot out but it lasted twice as long as a normal climax and my cock just kept jerking inside her warm mouth.

It finally stopped and she sucked hard as she took my cock out of her mouth. She removed her finger as well and I was gone, in la la land, totally spent, breathing harder then when I run the 50 for football.

"Very good boy, your milk is delicious and you delivered so much again very impressive. I hope you enjoyed that because I did," she said.

I just whimpered back and she pulled the sheets back over me and I felt her start tying the blindfold back on me after she turned the porn off. I thought of resisting but she must have known how exhausted I was and picked a good time to replace it. I think she said something to me then but I didn't hear it because I was falling fast asleep.

She let me sleep finally and I woke up on my own, I don't know how long after but I felt refreshed at least, but really had to pee. I thought about just letting it fly in the bed but I didn't want to really make her mad. I held it as long as I could and finally called out for her.

"Hey lady, ya Deb right, I've got to really take a leak like right now," I yelled.

I heard her a few minutes later walking towards the room.

"Good morning boy, so you need to pee huh well okay, this is how it will work," she said.

She explained the drill to me and what would happen if I tried anything. She had me tied tight so I couldn't do much any way even if I wanted. She put a collar on me and then untied the cords keeping me on the bed but my wrists and ankles were still bound. She told me to get up and swing my legs over the bed. Then she pulled on the leash and told me to follow her. She led me out the way I hear he leave every time and we walked a little ways further and she pulled me up to a toilet which I felt as I ran into it with my shins.

"Okay boy you're right in front of it so sit down and pee and do what you need to do," she said.

"Are you just going to stand and watch me then?" I asked. "Because I don't think I can if you are watching," I went on.

"Shut up and just do it already, we have a busy day ahead of us," she said.

I ended up doing as she asked, because it was getting to the point of being painful. I finished up and she pulled me back to standing and flushed the toilet behind me.

"You need a bath boy, sit back down on the toilet while I run some water and don't try anything funny," Deb said.

I felt much better and started thinking stupid like I could easily overpower a woman even with my hands and legs tied so when I heard her turn the water on I jumped up and tried to dive towards where I thought she was and knock her down. I didn't know what happened until later when I woke back up. She must have placed the leash around some kind of hook in the bathroom because when I jumped at her it caught my neck and pulled me back. I jumped so hard that when it went tight around my neck it whipped my feet out from under me and I came down head first on what I guess was the toilet knocking me out cold.

I was back in the room lying on the bed when I woke up and my head hurt like a bitch. I pulled at my restraints again and cursed under my breath for being so dumb.

"That was really stupid boy; you damn near broke my toilet with that foolish maneuver. And now have a huge knot on the back of your pretty head to show for it. You ready to eat something, I figure the bump on your head and the pain is punishment enough for your disobedience," Deb said.

I nodded, and she started feeding me eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice. I at hungrily and it helped my head ache by the time I finished.

"Now I suppose you're going to want me to cum again right?" I asked sarcastically.

"In a while yes boy, that is why you are here you know," she replied.

She took away the tray of food and when I heard her come back I distinctively heard two set of steps. She had returned with someone else! I turned my head towards the noise and waited for anything.

"Boy I've brought someone with me today, her name is Jen and she is excited to meet you," Deb said.

"Hello boy I've heard much about you and all I've heard looks to be true, you are very hot." The new person said.

She sounded younger then Deb and I had a feeling she was after the same thing Deb had been. They walked on both sides of the bed and when they spoke I heard Deb on the left and Jen on the right. I felt Deb reach up and pull the blankets off of me and Jen hummed when she saw me.

"Oh wow, Deb he is totally gorgeous you weren't exaggerating. May I," Jen said.

"Be my guest," Deb said.

As soon as she finished I felt Jen touch my leg and run her smooth warm hand up over my thigh, stomach and chest. She felt my abs and chest and caressed me for a couple of minutes and I knew it wouldn't last. She then went right after my cock and balls and had me rock hard in no time.

"Hell yes Deb, he is spectacular, get's hard really fast and what a prize he has. Very impressive cock boy," Jen said to me.

I gave her a sarcastic smile under my blindfold and she kept rubbing my balls and palming my cock with her soft hands. She soon was stroking it up and down hard and fast and she was an expert at manual stimulation as well. She surprised me soon after with engulfing my cock in her mouth and I moaned audibly feeling her warm wet mouth around my head. She sucked my head and let her spit dribble down my shaft and with her hand she stroked and rubbed in circles around my shaft as she continued to suck and lick my head.

"What a lovely cock, looks so good with the veins and the large head, and he tastes so good Deb," Jen said taking me out of her mouth. "I'm getting so wet sucking him."

"I'm glad you like him Jen he was the right choice I'm sure," Deb commented.

"Oh yes he's fantastic," Jen said and went right back to sucking my cock.




Damn these woman were expert cock suckers, I already felt my cum boiling in my balls with them rising towards my shaft after only about five minutes. She kept up the pressure and sucked and stroked me taking me deep in her mouth but not as deep as Deb had. It felt incredible and I tightened up ready to blow and warned her like I've been told. She stopped suddenly pulling me out of her mouth.

"Oh not yet boy, I have more planed for you," Jen said and squeezed the head of my cock hard as well as my balls totally taking the pleasure away.

"Deb if you would, keep him ready please," Jen said.

I heard her start to undress right there as clothing and shoes hit the floor. Deb was slowing stroking my wet cock and keeping me hard as could be and then I felt the bed move and Jen was climbing on it and over me. She inched forward and Deb held my cock vertical as Jen eased her body down onto my raging hard on. I couldn't believe it this stranger just sat right on my hard cock and I felt her warm pussy wrap around me.

"Oh Deb, it's amazing, he's so wide and long, ohh my it's wonderful," I head Jen say as she began to rise and fall on my cock.

This woman was crazy wild she was bucking up and down like an insane woman pounding down on my cock and body in one minute and then she would put her hands on my chest and grind her clit into my pubic bone hard enough to cause pain. But she was freaking out screaming and moaning like a porn star. She must have been cumming because I felt her pussy constrict and get really wet on my cock and she let out the biggest scream yet. The whole time Deb was playing with my balls and encouraging Jen on and on telling her to fuck me harder.

She wasn't trying to make me cum just pleasing herself and I lasted longer then I though I would. After her orgasm she rose off of me and must have turned around facing way from me now and Deb helped her put my cock back in and she started ridding me again just a fiercely. I felt her fingers playing with her own clit as she sometimes rubbed my shaft as it went in and out of her hot wet twat. This new position was doing more for me and I felt the sensation increase in my cock as my balls were played with by Deb.

"Jen he really likes it that way, his balls are getting all tight and ready," Deb said.

Jen was working so hard I could hear her breathing heavily and she didn't respond to Deb's comment. Just kept riding me with youthful vigor. She leaned back and put her hands backwards on my chest and ground her ass down on my cock in small circles reversing the direction with all of me as far in as it would go. Then back to the up and down bucking and her clit play. She climaxed again and it must have been intense because she fell down on my legs and laid down right on my body. I felt her sweaty thin back on my chest and from what I could tell she seemed fit with a nice little body. She lay their catching her breath with my cock still up inside of her quivering pussy.

A few minutes later she rose back up and started moving on my cock again really slowly and talking to Deb.

"Amazing Deb, his cock feels so good, you are so lucky, I'm way jealous," she said.

She sounded like the girls in my school the way she talked and I wondered how old she was and who she was. As she talked she continued to fuck me and she was leaning forward pulling my cock towards my feet increasing the friction immensely on my shaft. She knew what she was doing and I got closer and closer to shooting my load.

"Well if he continues to impress you can come over and partake more if you would like," Deb said.

"Oh yes, that would be so totally awesome Deb," Jen said.

She really started working on my cock and I felt her pussy tighten up and she moved even more forward bringing me to a boil.

"Ladies I'm going to cum, like right now," I said and Jen immediately jumped off of me.

Deb grabbed my cock as I felt Jen get off the bed. The cold cylinder went around my head again and Deb stroked my cock and I felt Jen put her hand on my balls and push them up as I exploded.

"Oh my.... Good grief you weren't kidding he really shoot a lot out, doesn't he," Jen was saying.

"Yes he does and it exquisite," Deb said and kept stroking me as I squirmed and climaxed.

I finally relaxed breathing hard and Deb removed the cylinder from my cock.

"So that is impressive boy, indeed you are special," Jen said. "Oh please Deb let me have it, please oh please," she begged like a child.

"Alright, settle down you can have this one," Deb said.

She must have handed her the container and I listened as it sounded like she was drinking it.

"Very delicious indeed boy, the best I've ever had," I heard Jen say and she started to get dressed.

"Glad you liked it," I said sarcastically and shook my head.

They both laughed and once Jen was dressed I heard them leave the room talking about me like I couldn't hear. I laid there feeling guilty as ever and wondering what I was going to do and how I was going to get out of there.

Chapter 3

Deb came back in a while later alone, she must have talked with Jen before she left. I couldn't do much other then lay there and think while she was gone.

"Well boy you sure made an impression on her and her little pussy, did you like her? Did it feel good with your cock wrapped in her warm folds?" Deb asked and then continued answering her own question. "Yes I'm sure it did it was quite a show watching her little hot body riding your big cock, she loved it so much she begged me to come back."

"Great and why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"Just making you feel good, wanted and appreciated that's all," she responded. "What did you think of her?"

"I don't know, shit lady it's not like I had a freaking choice, I'm a damn prisoner remember?" I said pulling at the ropes on my wrists to get the point across.

"Oh so dramatic boy, you should still have some sort of opinion," Deb said.

I didn't answer right off just remained silent and so did she. "Fine here's my opinion, it felt great and she really knew what she was doing and when she laid down on me with her back on my chest she felt incredible okay!? I finally blurted out.

She started to laugh, "See that wasn't so hard now was it? And you know she's only a year older than you, actually graduated from your very high school last year, and if you saw her you'd recognize her I'm sure."

I started racking my brain trying to think of any Jen's I knew of from last year's senior class. She knew I must be trying to figure it out and interrupted my thoughts.

"She helped me find you actually, suggested more like it, I guess she's been a fan for a while," Deb chuckled.

I didn't respond and she ran her hand down my body while I picked my brain for a face. She turned on either a radio or a TV and after a few words I figured it to be a television.

"They are searching for you, have been since that first morning when you didn't come home. Your Mom and Dad were on the news asking for help with a search party and they've been out everyday since looking for you. Your Mom's quite the looker and you're Dad's not bad either," Deb informed me. "They won't of course find anything, I was very carful and it was a perfect plan so don't get you're hopes up boy."

Anger surged through me and I vowed to myself that I was going to find a way out of this and soon.

"I guess a lot of people showed up to help, you being such a football star and all. Even folks from different schools came to help. Kind of pointless for them though. And then there's that cute little girlfriend of yours. Every time they show her on TV she's just crying her eyes out, I guess I would be too if I couldn't have that cock anymore once I've had a sample. How was she anyway? She looks like she could be quite the firecracker in the sack," Deb said mocking me.

I was really getting pissed off and yelled, "Fuck you bitch!" which was a huge mistake.

The TV shut off almost instantly followed by silence and then foot falls towards the bed. I heard her open something and shuffle through the contents and I knew I was in trouble when I felt the restraints on my hands and legs pulled tighter stretching me out on the bed uncomfortably.

"You need to learn to control your temper and watch you mouth boy," she said in a very angry tone I hadn't heard before. "And to think I was going to let you finish your movie from last night. Not anymore we're just going to have to do it the hard way to make a point."

More noise now and she seemed to be putting something together, all the while rebuking me for my outburst. I heard what sounded like ketchup leaving an empty bottle and then felt cold wet lube on my ass and I knew what the sound was. Then she was pushing something much larger than her finger in my ass. It seemed to be curved to rest on my prostate and was cold and once she got it in it remained there and wouldn't come back out unless pulled.

"What are you doing what is that? Look I'm sorry for what I said," I panicked.

"Oh it's too late for that boy," was all she said.

Next she put some of the cold lube on my balls and stuck some kind of clamp onto my sack right between my nuts. It kind of hurt and bit into my sensitive skin. Then she put something around the head of my cock that felt like a condom but she didn't unroll it all the way down. I was scared and didn't know what she was going to do next. I then heard a humming noise and after about 30 seconds it stopped.

"I just want to let you know that you brought this on yourself boy," she said and then must have flipped a switch on something.

Electricity suddenly surged through the probe in my ass and the clamp on my balls and I screamed in pain as my muscles constricted in my legs and ass. The probe slammed into my prostate sending jolts of electric shocks through my body to my balls and she kept it on for maybe 10 seconds but it seemed much longer and hurt like a bitch. Suddenly it stopped and my muscles relaxed. My balls ached and my ass was clenching with involuntary spasms forcing the probe against my prostate. The pain was too intense to get any pleasure from it and I moaned as the throbbing pain in my loins began to subside.

"See, this is called learning the hard way, I still get what I want but you don't have any fun at all. I know you can't see it and it doesn't feel good but cum spurted from your soft cock and is still oozing out with each contraction," Deb said.

Then without warning she it the juice again and shocked my balls and ass once more. I seized up again and screamed in pain and it felt like my balls were going to explode as the jolt hit me. She held it on longer this time and the pain was excruciating, I pulled at the ropes with my arms and struggled against the shock. Finally she turned it off and my body convulsed and shuddered with the after effects.

"I think that will just about do it," she said and took off the rubber thing on my dick, "yes this will be plenty."

Next she unhooked the clamp and pulled out the probe from my sore ass, my muscles ached from the intense strain and my balls were killing me. I was afraid to say anything to her and just lay there and moaned.

"I think you've learned your lesson boy, now rest and maybe I'll call Jen to come back over and make you feel better. She'd like that I'm sure," Deb said.

She cleaned up and I remained quiet. Before she left she released the ropes again so it was more comfortable and as she left she said, "You still need a bath, even worse now so rest and I'll be back later, I trust you will be a model of obedience."

As she left I felt like crying.

Sleep finally came through the pain, but it was a dreamless shallow sleep. I was awoken by a gentle touch, and I recognized the warm soft small hands.

"Hello sleepy head, how are you feeling? I heard about what you made Deb do to you. You deserved it though," Jen's voice said.

"Sore all over, shit I really must have pissed her off," I said.

"Ya think? Well just don't screw up again and it will be much more fun, I promise," Jen said. "I guess she's going to let me help bath you, the hot water should make you feel better down there as well."

She was sitting on the bed next to me running her hand over my chest and she moved it lower and pulled back the covers off of my cock and sore balls. She gently touched one of them and I moaned in pain.

"Oh wow they really look sore, no lasting damage of course that would be awful and defeat the purpose. I've heard that guys heal real quickly down here so you should be ready again soon," Jen said caressing my sore nuts.

"Do I know you Jen? Deb said you went to my school and knew me before this?"

"Did she now, well that's true but we never spoke, I just admired you from afar and now I've had you and it was scrumptious," she said giggling.

Just then I heard Deb walk in. "Oh good he's awake, sore I expect but that's his own damn fault."

"He knows," Jen said back.

"Well boy you ready for your bath now? Jen wants to help so behave yourself and we'll all enjoy it," Deb said.

They got me up and as I tried to stand my legs gave out and one of them caught me supporting me. I think it was Jen, she was just a little thing probably only as tall as my chest and she struggled with the weight of my body. I recovered and stood on my own and followed the leash around my neck back to the bathroom.

It was hot and steamy inside, Deb had already run the water, I used the toilet again and it actually hurt to pee. I think my prostate was sore and swollen but I didn't let on to either of them. I have to admit the water felt great and I felt Deb attach my leash to the wall of the tub as I sat in the hot water. They washed me up together and it was really strange having two women's hands all over me. They were really gentle around my cock and balls and had me all washed up in no time. I was too tired and sore to try anything, and with both of them there my chances weren't good anyway.

Back in the bed they tied me back up and I heard the TV turn on and I caught a quick news report about me before they cut it off. The next thing I heard was the audio to the porno I watched the other night. I guess Deb was showing it to Jen.

"Oh ya she is really hot and the guys aren't bad either," Jen said. "I can see why he liked it; he's obviously a boob man with him liking this and his girlfriend Megan sporting the rack she has."

She knew my girlfriends name, I wondered if she actually has talked with her.

"Hey boy I'm right huh? You dig big tits don't ya?" Jen asked me.

"Ya that's right...what's your point?" I said back.

"Oh it was obvious when you didn't even look at me at school. I was just confirming my suspicions," Jen said snippy like.

"Sorry I didn't mean anything by it and don't even really remember you," I said and wished I hadn't.

"Oh nice rude ass, well whatever, you should see me now since I got my new ones, I'm sure you'd look at me now. To bad you have that blindfold on, especially earlier with I was riding you." She teased. "Big beautiful C cup now and they look great, don't they Deb?"

"Oh yes they do and feel even better," Deb replied.

I could hear the porn getting hot, and the girl on the TV was moaning and yelling for the guys to fuck her hard and deep. Deb and Jen stopped talking and must have been just watching it. They watched it and the sounds were familiar to me and nothing I hadn't seen yet and then they must have turned it off.

"That's where we left off last night," Deb said.

"Oh wow okay that is really hot stuff. That anal sex looks really interesting I wonder what it feels like for real." Jen said.

When she said it I swallowed hard and kind of gagged and had to clear my throat. They both heard me and approached the bed.

"Well Jen I could tell you or you could just try it," Deb said.

"Ya I guess, all I need is a good hard cock."

I almost started to cry when my covers were pulled back again.

"Do you think he can already?" Jen asked.

"Only one way to find out,"

Chapter 4

One of them climbed on the bed and knelt next to my legs. Ever so gently they picked my soft cock off of my body and I felt warm wet heaven surround it. Whoever it was was carful not to touch my sore balls and just sucked my cock. It took longer than normal but surprisingly I felt it harden and rise in her mouth.

"Wow he is special it's just as hard as earlier," Jen said and I knew it was her that was doing the sucking.

She went back to sucking and as my pleasure increased I felt my ball sack tighten and it hurt, mixing pain with the intense gratification of her hot wet mouth. I moaned and felt so frustrated; I was really hoping my cock wouldn't get hard this time around. But damn this Jen who I ignored and now has a huge rack, apparently, sucks cock so well I couldn't stop. She pulled me out of her mouth and let my cock flip down onto my stomach and bounce there. She must have taken her shirt off because when she grabbed it next and moved forward I felt her place my cock in between two large orbs. She moved up and down on my cock a few times with her tits and licked my head as it popped through.

"See I told you, nice big tits now, do you like them," she asked.

I just nodded my head and moaned, shit it felt wonderful and she kept it nice and lubed with her saliva as she fucked my cock with her big warm firm tits. Deb was rubbing my naked chest and commenting on how cool it looked when my cock popped through her cleavage. Jen kept it up for a while, getting some use out of her new purchase I guess. And honestly I had no complaints it was way better then getting my ass shocked off like earlier.

After a while like that she stopped and finished undressing while Deb leaned over and took her turn sucking my cock in her usual deep style until Jen was ready. I felt Jen scoot forward and maneuver my cock into her wet pussy. It was really wet, I guess with the porn and then sucking and tit fucking my cock got her really horny. She rode me like she did earlier and it felt good put when she got really excited and slammed down on my body it hurt my nuts causing a really strange sensation. She rode me for her own pleasure again and in a few minutes more she screamed and came again. I had to admire her because she really knew how to get herself off. She slowed down and caught her breath.

"Shit I love his cock Deb just love it," Jen said. "Okay I want to try anal now," I heard her say.

I started freaking out but didn't show it, I had seen anal many times in pictures and videos but never thought I'd get to do it for real. My heart was racing and I had no control of anything.

"Okay well you'll probably want some lube," Deb said and I heard her open a drawer. "Here use this and the more the better."

I heard Jen squirt some lube out she must have put it on her own ass and then she rubbed the rest on my head and down my shaft.

"Wow, Deb I think he's excited to try this, his cock is extremely hard, check it out," Jen said laughing after applying the lube.

I felt Deb bend my cock up straight and try and press it towards my feet, "You're telling me he is really excited look at the veins bulging all over it," Deb said.

"Okay so what's the best way to go about this," said Jen.

"Well just hold yourself with your legs over him and I'll hold his dick up for you to sit on. Go slow and just try and relax and if it starts to hurt a little rub your clit and that should help." Deb explained.

Holy shit I was really freaking out listening to them talk like this, like I wasn't even in the room. I felt Jen stand up over me while Deb held my cock up for her like she said. Then I felt pressure on my cock and Deb moved it back a little and it was so tight and hot but slowly her little ass opened up and my cock eased slowly into her bum. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before and I though I was going to cum right then and there with just the head of my cock in her ass.

"Oh shit ohhhh my...... it's big, wow tight, really tight," Jen said and I heard her breathing hard.

"Rub your clit sweetie it will really help I promise," Deb returned.

Jen didn't move but I felt a little pulling on my head from her rubbing her clit hard and slowly the extreme tightness began to decrease and she eased down further engulfing my cock in hot tight bliss. It was outstanding and I moan loud as more and more of my cock slid into her. Once she had most of it in she stopped again and waited. She must have been adjusting to it and I knew she was working her clitoris with fervor.

"That's it Jen just hold it there and work that little clit, it will loosen up soon. You're doing great sweetie," Deb told her.

"I don't's so tight and he's so big it's really full," Jen stammered.

"Try to relax and enjoy the clitoris. Close your eyes and focus on your little nub," Deb told her.

Jen didn't move for a long while and I seriously didn't think she was going too, and would give it up and stop. It felt like her ass was trying to cut my cock in half down where it entered her and the rest was just hot and felt wonderful. I don't know how long it was but she finally stated to move slowly. Not much of my cock left her and she more rocked back and forth then moved up and down. It still felt great and she actually started to moan a little and the tightness eased up a tiny bit. Then she moved up about an inch and then back down and did that a few times, and it was really good shit, it felt like a soft vise around my shaft grabbing and squeezing my cock, all the while surrounded by hot velvet.

I totally forgot about my sore balls in the excitement of anal sex for the first time and the feeling was just so exquisite I was in heaven and even forgot I was tied up and being held captive. She started to moan louder and move more and was sliding up and down my shaft almost to the end and back down now and her speed increased until she was moving almost as fast as with her pussy. I heard her make an odd squeak followed by a deep moan and scream and I thing she was cumming again with my cock in her ass. Something was happening because I felt her ass start to clench and grab at my cock and it was so good better than any sex I've had.

I was lasting way longer then I should have and I knew it was because of all the use my cock and balls had gotten over the past couple days. But her ass was just too much for me and my orgasm was imminent. She came off her high and rocked back and forth on my cock and then in a circle around it, still stuck in her ass.

"Holy shit Deb it's amazing once you get use to it, and the clit thing....Oh my hell it's like they are connected somehow. Feels so good now," Jen said excitedly.

"I knew you could do it, and watching you take all that cock was phenomenal. He's lasting a long time as well, but after what he made me do I expected that."

"I'm sure I can get him to cum," Jen said as she started to move up and down again.

I didn't take long at all, her motions quickly brought me to a peak and my balls tightened and hurt but the pleasure was just too good to notice. I yelled that I was going to cum again and Jen let my cock flip out of her ass and Deb grabbed it in her hand stroking it as soon as she had it. Before I shot my first load she put her mouth around my head and I lost it and erupted in her mouth with an intensely pleasurable orgasm mixed with dull pain from my balls and sore prostate. I heard her slurping up my cum and swallowing it and Jen was urging her on and rubbing my leg as I continued my eruptions.

When it stopped she kept sucking my cock and driving me crazy with the sensation. I bucked and squirmed trying to pull away from her and she decided to let it go. When I stopped squirming and my heart rate dropped I felt a throbbing pain in my balls and deep inside of me. I had been abused so much I was extremely sore and started to whimper and didn't care if they heard me.

"I think he's had enough for a while, we don't want to push him too much," Deb said and caressed my chest, then covered me with the blankets. "Sleep boy, regain your strength and potency you've done well."

I just moaned and rocked back and forth in the bed and they both left the room and I fell asleep through the pain.


"Well what more can I say officer this kind of stuff continued until you guys broke down the door and rescued me. Is that a good enough statement?" Jake said.

"Did you get all that Barb?" the cop asked turning to look at the young lady typing Jake's statement.

She hesitated and had to adjust herself in her seat, "Umm ya I think so," she said exasperated.

"Good make me a copy and put it on my desk," the detective said and turned back to Jake.

"Well kid you've been through quite an ordeal, and you say you never saw the women's faces?"

"Nope never just names and only first names and I don't even think they were real. So when you rushed in you found no one else?" Jake asked.

"No one, just you tied to that bed with all that stuff around you. We'll do our best to find these women. You're parents and girlfriend are waiting for you outside, take it easy kid," the cop said.

The young lady taking down Jake's statement fidgeted in her chair as Jack stood up and walked past her. He thought for sure she was staring at his crotch as he walked out and then she turned away and blushed. Outside the room Jack met his parents and hugged his girlfriend Megan and the left the police station, heading home.


Deb and Jen sat in a parked car outside the police station and watched Jake leave with his parents and girlfriend.

"Shit how did they find him?" Jen asked.

"I don't know...I'm just glad I wasn't there at the time," Deb answered.

"How are we going to get him back," Jen asked.

"I don't think we are....We'll just have to find another one..."




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