The Captured Football Star, The Final Chapters (5-8)

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Chapter 5

Jake wasn't going to start school for a few more days and just relaxed at home with his mom taking care of him. Megan would visit after school and Jake didn't know what to tell her when she asked him what had happened to him while he was missing. He told her he didn't want to talk about it and he was trying to forget it but she persisted and he kept telling her he wasn't going to tell.

Megan got frustrated and had heard rumors at school about what had happened to him. Something about a police report that a student had read because his dad was a cop at the station. What she overheard was crazy and she didn't believe it was real but it would make sense the way Jake was acting. She got nowhere with him and decided to go to the police station and find this report.

When Megan walked in she looked around the small town police department and knew most everyone there. She tried to think who would be the best person to ask for the report when she heard her name and turned to see Barbra walking towards her. She had met Barb last year at dance competitions; she was from the next town over and a year older than Megan and got the job at the department after high school.

"Hey Megan what are you doing back here?" Barb asked.

"I need a favor actually," she replied.

"Okay maybe I can help," Barb asked.

"Well this is kind of awkward but I don't know what else to do. Jake won't tell me anything about what happened to him and I've heard things that have me all confused. I'm just wondering if there was a way I could read his statement he left with the detective."

Barb almost dropped the stack of papers in her arms and Megan could have sworn she saw Barb blush when she mentioned the statement. "Umm well Meg I'm not suppose to but I think you of all people need to know. I actually took the statement down when Jake was in here and well..... you just need to read it yourself." Barb motioned for Megan to follow her and they went to her desk.

Barb opened her filling cabinet and pulled out a folder and handed it to Megan. "I'm not going to lie to you this is pretty graphic and may be disturbing to you," she said as Megan took it. Barb watched Megan read the report for the next 15 minutes and recognized the effect it was causing. Megan kept going red and looking up at Barb ever few minutes or so and Barb saw Megan's nipples get hard a few times while reading it.

"Oh my... holy shit he actually had this done to him," Megan blurted almost too loud and Barb had to quiet her down quickly.

Barb took the folder back and put it away and then sat back down to talk to Megan. "I typed word for word everything he said, amazing right? They haven't found the women yet either," Barb stated.

"No wonder he won't tell me what happened he's ashamed and he's worried I'll be upset with him," Megan said. "What should I do?" she asked.

"Well I think he's torn because some of it he actually enjoyed, I could tell when he was telling it to us. I guess you could tell him you know everything and want to help him through it," Barb offered.

"Wow I don't know what I'm going to do," Megan said as she started to get up.

"Hey Megan, before you go I have to ask you this....... Is he really that big? Jake's penis I mean?"

Megan's eyes narrowed and she looked at Barb aggressively. "As a matter of fact yes, if you must know, everything he said was true; he's really that big," Megan answered.

"Wow okay....Really? Damn well it was nice to see you again and I'm glad I could help," Barb said shocked and noticeable distracted.

"Thanks for your help, maybe I'll talk to you later," Megan said and started to leave.

Barb watched her leave with envy on her face.


Jake sat on his couch watching TV and a Victoria Secrets ad came on the screen and immediately his penis started to grow in his pants. It had been three days since he was rescued and his balls were so use to the attention they were getting from Deb and Jen that he was really horny from the lack of use. He adjusted himself and tried to get it to go away but it was no use he had a full hardon and it showed.

His doorbell rang and he heard his mother get it and let Megan in for her visit. Jake panicked and found a pillow to put over his crotch just as Megan walked in the room.

"Hi sweetie, how ya doing today?" Megan asked. Seeing him put the pillow over himself.

"Good, I'm okay I guess, I think I'm going to go to school on Monday we'll just see."

She sat next to him and could sense something was up with him because he seemed nervous her being so close to him. He laid his hands on the pillow and sat there trying to calm his dick down. They both just sat there and watched TV until Jake's mother called from the other room.

"Jake honey I've got to go to the store for a few things, will you be okay here without me?" she asked.

"Sure mom, We're just watching TV," he replied.

They heard her leave and his penis wasn't softening in the least and he didn't dare move. He saw Megan look at him and smile and he smiled back and she put her hand on his resting on the pillow.

"Jake we need to talk, I kinda did something today, now don't get mad I just needed to know for myself," she started.

"What did you do?" he said already on the defensive.

"Well I went to the police department and Barb there let me read your statement," she said.

"What!? Are you serious? Oh shit, shit that's just great!" He stammered and forgot all about his hardon and jumped up off the couch.

"Its fine Jake really can't we just talk about it," Megan said looking up at his face and then her eyes saw the unmistakable tent in his pants from is cock.

"I can't believe this....She just let you read the whole damn thing," he voiced and then saw what she was looking at.

His cock had oozed through his pants and made a big wet spot at the top of the tent where his head was pressing out. He looked down at himself and then back at her.

"See what they did to me, I can't control this thing anymore, it's not use to not being 'milked' now it does this all the time," he cried out.

"Well I'm here Jake I can help right?" she said willingly. "Your mom's gone do you want me to help you?" she asked.

The prospect made Jake's cock even harder and he looked down at his girlfriend. She looked so good to him and was wearing his favorite outfit. A low cut thin blouse and a short skirt. Her sexy legs were crossed and her huge breasts were just begging to be let out of her bra. Her curly brown hair fell over her shoulders and one ringlet had found her cleavage. Her beautiful blue eyes stared up at him so willing to help him get through his ordeal.

He didn't answer and watched as she fell to her knees and reached up to his pants.

"Just let me help, okay sweetie? And then we can talk about this," she said grabbing his cock through his pants.

He let out a long moan as her hand rubbed his cock and he marveled at how sensitive it was. She pulled his loose jog pants off along with his boxers and lovingly caressed his thick oozing member. He almost lost it when her mouth wrapped around his head and sucked hard. He looked down at her surprised as she took more and more into her mouth. She stroked and sucked at the same time like she had never done before and Jake realized that she had learned something from that statement she read earlier.

"She must think she knows what I like better now since reading that," he thought to himself as she took his member further in her mouth than ever.

She worked her tongue as well and he was going nuts with pleasure and was at the point of no return before he could say a word to her. Cum erupted from his cock and sprayed down Megan's throat too much too quick and she gagged trying not to swallow it. She realized then that it was her only option, she was still fully clothed and if she took it out of her mouth he would make a huge mess of her and the floor. Something she couldn't have with his mother coming home soon.

So when the next six powerful spurts shot from his steely member she swallowed as quick as she could, trying to keep up with it. She had never seen or felt him cum so much before and she knew this was another result from his kidnapping. Jake bucked and squirmed as his cock released its load into Megan's mouth, it was crazy intense and he though he was going to fall over as it continued to convulse. His eyes went blurry and he grabbed the back of her head for balance and instinctively thrust forward shoving his ejaculating member further in her mouth.

Megan took it and swallowed everything he had and he was shocked at what she had done, it was almost like she was someone else. When his cock stopped its rhythmic dance in her mouth she sucked the head and took it out licking her lips. She looked up at him and he opened his eyes to meet hers.

"Wow Jake that was more semen then you've ever had before," she stated.

"Another thing that has happened because of those women, and it has been a few days," he said.

"Well okay, see I can help. I'm here for you Jake, I love you and if this is what I can do to help then I'm yours." She said standing up and rubbing the carpet marks out of her knees.

Jake could see her nipples pressing out under her bra and he knew she enjoyed sucking his cock, maybe more so then before. He pulled up his pants and boxer and his cock was slowly returning to its flaccid shape thanks to his quick thinking girlfriend.

"Okay so what do you want to know, you read the statement....what questions do you have," Jake asked.

Megan sat down again and he sat next to her waiting for her first question. She didn't know where to begin, what she read seemed so unbelievable but she just made him cum in no time at all with his cock deep in her mouth like she had read. He must really like it.

"I just want you to be happy and I'll do whatever you need," she said smiling at him.

"You're not mad I screwed them and liked what they did to me?" he asked.

"I know you had little choice in what they did to you and I understand most of it felt good, I know how you react when I touch you so I totally understand," she said.

"And are you worried I'm going to need stuff like that now and crave it as well," he asked.

"Well I'm a little concerned about that but there really were only a couple of things we haven't already done, like the anal stuff. And it did seem like you really liked when she touched your prostate and you did anal with that Jen girl. I'm open to helping you Jake so if you need to do that stuff I'll do my best," she said.

Jake was floored; he could scarcely believe what he was hearing. He had thought about the anal sex many times after his liberation and even thought about doing it to Megan. This would of course get him all hot and hard and take a while for his cock to calm down so he tried not to think about it much. Now she was talking about trying it and he was getting all excited again already.

She saw his cock move in his pants again and start to grow and said, "Oh Jake they really did a number on you I hope I can keep up with that thing now."

Jake smiled at her and moved his cock to a more comfortable position. "Well from what you've said you are going to try and I love you too Megan."


Deb helped Jen get the new room ready; it was mostly already done because Jen had been preparing for her new acquisition before Jake was found by the cops. Just a few more items and they would be fully stocked and ready for their next 'volunteer'.

"I still think we should get Jake back, he was perfect and we hardly had time with him," Jen said.

"We've been over this before, it's impossible now to reacquire him, we're going to get the other one you suggested and just hope he is comparable to Jake," Deb explained.

Jen wanted to argue and racked her brain trying to figure out a feasible plan to get Jake back so Deb would go along. She felt it was her choice this time because it was her set up they were getting ready so she was going to have the control this time. Deb had a valid point though and without a good plan to get Jake back Jen kept quiet.

The room was ready and Jen and Deb departed in their separate directions and on the way Jen decided to drive past Jake's house hoping for a quick glance and maybe some glimmer of hope in getting him back. She pulled off the road and parked across the street up from Jake's house and watched for a while.

It was getting dark and out of the corner of her eye she spotted motion walking past the car. It was a young woman walking down the sidewalk and Jen recognized her to be Megan heading to Jake's house. She didn't live far away and Jen was surprised to see her alone. Then the idea came to her mind.

Chapter 6

Megan had gone home for dinner and was now heading back to Jake's to hang out with him on Friday night and just be there for him. She walked by Jen's car without noticing the woman sitting in it, and continued to Jake's house.

"Hi Megan, Jake's up in his room, he'll be down soon," Jake's dad said and let Megan in the house.

She waited in the entryway and Jake soon appeared, walking down the stairs.

"Hey Meg, what did you want to do tonight? My folks are going out like every Friday do you just want to hang around here?" he asked.

"Ya I guess if that's what you want to do," she replied.

He smiled at her and they walked hand in hand to the TV room and sat down on the couch together to wait for his parents to leave. Megan looked fabulous and had done her hair and makeup just in case they decided to go out. Jake couldn't help but notice how hot she looked again and his mind wandered to their last conversation and anal play. This stirred his cock and it was already growing in his pants as they sat down.

His parents left a few minutes later and he was alone in his house with Megan and horny as hell again. His cock stained and pressed on his boxers and pants up against his leg and was trapped there not able to rise properly. Megan was sitting next to him and casually put her hand on his upper leg and instinctively it fell towards his inner thigh. She bumped his hardening shaft with her fingers on accident and froze. She turned slowly and looked up at Jake. He looked back at her and shrugged his shoulders.

"Like I said it's out of control," he said looking down at his cock.

"Wow Jake, we're just sitting here watching TV, nothing sexy about it and you're hard anyway?"

"Well I'm sorry, but you look great and smell incredible and I can't stop thinking about things,"

"Things they did to you?" she asked.

"Sometimes and just the ideas that are in my head now," he replied.

"Do you think you'd feel better if the cops caught the women?" she asked.

"Probably not, I don't think that would help with the thoughts," he responded.

"What's on you mind right now... because it must be pretty hot," she smiled.

"I can't stop thinking about how good anal sex felt," he said bluntly.

"I figured that was probably it, I don't know if I'm ready to try that Jake," she said hesitantly.

"That's fine I just told you what I was thinking that's all," he said back.

"But we can do other stuff," she said and rubbed his rod with her palm.

She hopped off the couch and gave him a sexy look and put one finger in her mouth and sucked it. She then ran it down her chin and neck to her cleavage. She kept her eyes on Jake and she knew she was driving him crazy.

"So I look great huh, well just you wait," she giggled.

Jake sat on the couch and watched Megan begin to shed clothes in front of the TV, giving him a much better show then what was on. She was down to just her panties and bra now and Jake was making a mess in his pants. She was so damn hot he couldn't get enough of her. Everything was young and firm and in perfect proportion, with her hips matching her large breasts and both accented by her toned flat tummy with elongated belly button.

Her curly hair playfully bounced as she undressed and she kept her big blue eyes directly on him. She didn't go any further, keeping her under clothes on and walked towards Jake and leaned over him giving him a wet tongue filled kiss and a great view of her luscious bra covered jugs. After the deep kiss she fell to her knees and started fishing his large oozing member out of his pants. It was all twisted up in his boxers but she finally got it out after having to pull his pants off. Once free she watched it bounce its way up to full length and vertical magnificence before taking it in her mouth.

Jake moaned as her warm wet lips covered his head and slid further down. Her playful tongue found the underside of his long shaft and she tickled it the deeper she went. She let her saliva run down his shaft and over his balls because she had something else in mind for Jake. She kept sucking and spit his pre-cum and her saliva out as she went, thoroughly covering his shaft and balls with slick string filled juice.

When she felt she had enough lubrication she took her hand and rubbed the liquid into his balls and the crack of his ass and played. She added more and more lube to his crack and then found the entrance to his bum and slowly pushed the tip of her index finger in for the first time all the while still sucking his cock. Jake kind of jumped with surprise and she was concerned she might be bringing back bad memories, but he slowly relaxed and eased down onto her finger.

She pressed more in, trying to remember what she had read in his statement so she could find his prostate and just like that she bent her finger back and touched a round bump inside of him and Jake moaned more loudly. She guessed she had found it and pressed it harder rubbing it back and forth while still sucking his throbbing cock. She felt Jake clench his ass around her finger and moan even louder and suddenly she tasted thick warm semen in her mouth. She added another small finger and pressed hard again and soon after another small glob of cum oozed out of his long shaft.

Jake was in heaven, Megan was milking him it seemed even better then Jen and Deb had done. Or maybe it seemed better because he was a willing participant this time. Every time Megan pressed his prostate he clenched up and the feelings of euphoria spread over his body causing him intense pleasure. Her sucking was phenomenal as well and he just let the waves rush over his body.

After a few more massages she swallowed his cum and took his cock out of her mouth but left her fingers in his ass. Looking up at him, he had his eyes closed and she knew he was really enjoying it.

"I'm doing good huh?" She asked.

"Fuck ya you are, that's incredible Megan," he relayed.

She held his cock in one hand and pressed on his prostate again wanting to see the white thick cum oozed out of his slit. He moaned and she kept pressing and moving on the bump back and forth until the white glob appeared and slowly slid down his cock. She licked it off with her tongue and swallowed it after which she engulfed his steely member as far as she could.

She was so wet and she felt her nipples taunt against her lace bra as she sucked him deep and pulled her fingers from his ass. She kept sucking until her knees started to hurt and then she took him out of her mouth licked the shaft a few times and stood up. Wiggling out of her small soaked panties she climbed up on Jake and eased down on his wide cock taking him into her wet pussy. She slid all the way down and marveled in the tight fit his cock gave her and loved the sensation rushing through her body. Every time they had sex it seemed to get better and she was falling in love with the feeling of his big cock in her body.

Jake had her large breasts right in his face now and her pussy wrapped around his shaft. He grabbed her sexy back and pressed her chest to his face and found her erect left nipple through the lace bra and tried to bite it the best he could. He worked on the clasp on her back and finally her bra snapped loose and she took her arms out letting it fall between them as she rose up and down on his member with her hands on his shoulders and her naked breasts in his face.




He grabbed both of her breasts and pressed them together so the nipples were close enough to bite and lick at the same time. She moaned when he nibbled and kept rising and falling onto his cock. He sucked and played with her incredible breasts with his mouth and slid his hands down her back and spread her cheeks and pressed them together rolling her nicely formed ass in his hands. Sliding his middle finger down her crack he found her little puckered hole and was surprised to find it wet and slick and partially opening and closing as she rose up and down.

He pressed the pad of his longest finger onto her tight opening and felt her close up instinctively but he proceeded to rub it in small circle with increasingly more pressure until she opened up a little allowing just the slightest penetration. She moaned and her ass grabbed at the tip of his finger and she got more active on his cock. He held his finger still feeling her ass clamp and release on it as she grabbed his cock with her pussy. Slowly he pressed more of his finger into her up to the fist knuckle and she bucked and squirmed under the new sensation.

She was going to cum and he knew it as well by the way she was acting and how her legs grabbed the sides of his hips and she drove down onto him with purpose. More of his finger found her inner depths and she lost it grinding her clit down on his pubic bone with all of his cock deep inside of her. She screamed and her whole body convulsed as her orgasm flooded her. Her ass was grabbing his finger hard and she clenched and shook as her pussy flooded around his shaft and she came and came.


Jen watched as Jake's parents drove away and she got out of her car and kept to the shadows walking towards his house. She walked around the back of the house and followed the noise and lights she saw in the windows. She heard a TV and hid behind some bushes and peeked into the window. It was hard to decipher Megan and Jake's voices from the TV but she could see them clear enough sitting on the couch talking and everything that happened next.

Jen got aroused quick as she watched Megan suck on Jake's wonderful cock and do the milking Jen wished she was still doing to him. As she watched her hand drifted down her body and under her jeans pulling on the material of her panties. Her underwear squished into her moist folds and she rubbed her little clit and pulled on the cotton as Megan stopped sucking and mounted Jake's shinny wet cock. Jen longed to have that thing in her again and vowed to herself to make it happen.

She brought herself to a small orgasm watching Jake press his finger into Megan's unfortunately perfect ass and the jealousy kept her from fully enjoying her climax. Then when she could tell that Megan was climaxing herself Jen cursed under her breath about how lucky the little bitch was. She decided not to stay too long and snuck away soon after.


Neither Megan or Jake noticed the face in the window watching them and as Megan came off her peak she melted in Jake's embrace and he took his finger out of her bum and held her against him so she wouldn't fall over.

"Oh Jake I love to cum, I love how you can make me cum so well," she whispered. "I liked your finger there it felt better then I expected." She finished.

"I love to make you cum and I'm really glad you like that," he whispered back in her ear.

"I liked it so much I'm not afraid to try more, actually I'm excited to see what its like to have you in me there," She said and lifted her head off his chest and looked into his eyes.

Shit she was beautiful and Jake got lost in those big blue eyes and the perfect face. His cock was still firmly inside of her and she asked the question with her eyes. He knew without hearing her that she wanted to try anal and he said, "Really? Now?" and she nodded slowly.

"I read what you said in your statement so just go really slow and I'll do exactly what the other girl did." Megan said.

Jake was so excited his cock lurched inside of her and she acted like she didn't notice, got off of him and knelt doggy style in front of the couch. She was already playing with her clit and rubbing her new flowing juices all over her little puckered ass as Jake stood up and kicked his shoes and pants off. He took his shirt off next and she gave him a 'come hither' look and he approached her.

"I think I'm wet enough but just take it slow okay?" she reiterated.

Jake's cock was rock hard and still shiny wet from her pussy, but instead of just pushing his large member into her he started slow and went with a finger, then two and Megan moaned and said it was okay and she was ready for more. He fucked her ass for a few more seconds with his fingers and then pulled them free and marveled as her tight hole slowly closed.

She worked her little clit fast and added more juice to her ass as he pulled out. Jake looked down at her and hesitated just taking in how incredible she looked on her hands and knees with her ass out for him and her big firm tits hanging off her body. He loved what he saw and hadn't seen anything better ever. She smiled up at him, knowing what he was thinking, and this brought him back to the present. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed the new pre-cum all around his head and squatted down over her, bending his cock down so the head was ready to find her tight hole.

It was so hard it was difficult to bend it enough to go where he wanted it and it looked huge next to her little hole. As his head met her ass Megan went faster on her little clit and turned her head back to the ground and held her breath. Jake pressed forward and felt a tight barrier; he kept the pressure constant and let her open up to him as much as she could. Slowly after what he thought was a long time the wall eased and some of his cock entered her. Megan started breathing again and it came in quick uncontrolled gasps as his head finally popped into her.

"Oh shit, fuck Jake its tight really tight. Don't move," she said.

Jake froze and he stared at the awesome sight of his long cock extending out of her ass. He felt her muscles straining on his head a pinching him tightly. He kept quiet and still, letting her adjust the best she could and he saw her arm moving rapidly underneath her. She dropped her head to the carpet and put her other hand under her as well and went to town on her pussy and clit trying to work through the tightness. It took a long time and she never let up on her clit. Jake's legs were getting tired from squatting over her but he remained steady and didn't move either way.

"Okay Jake it's feeling a little better," she said raising her head off the carpet.

She turned and looked at him and smiled a small smile. She turned back around and Jake added some spit around his shaft and pressed further into her. She moaned and Jake saw her hand come out from under her and grab his leg pushing him back. He got the hint and stopped moving forward as her nails grinded into his calf.

"Jake I don't know about this," she said panting, "it might just be too big and I'm not ready," she got out between ragged breaths.

Jake pulled back and took what he had just pushed in back out so just his head was in again. Her hand grabbed at his leg as he did and he froze again, not wanting to pull out completely, because it felt so good. The excitement had his balls tight and he knew if she would let him move just a little he would cum quick.

Megan's ass ached and the only things keeping her from moving forward away from the pain was her clit play and knowing Jake wanted this so badly now. She bore down and pushed out and back on Jake's cock and felt his shaft press into her again. Somehow she managed and pulled back away leaving his head in and repeated the process a few more times until she was exhausted from the stress and breathing so hard. She encouraged Jake with her hand on his leg to continue while she muffled her moans in the carpet. It didn't take long and she was extremely grateful when she felt his cock leave her poor ass and a large amount of warm semen splattered on her back and ass, followed by many more long ropes of hot cum.

Jake stroked his hard engorged cock over his gorgeous girlfriends body and watched in awe at all the cum that shot from his head. It just kept coming, large long strings of cum hitting her arched back and dripping off his head onto her ass. She never moved and remained with head down as he finished up.

"Are you okay Megan?" he asked.

"I think so," she timidly said back.

"I'm going to get something to clean you off, don't move," he said and quickly left her there covered in his cum.

He quickly returned and she heard him rip a paper towel off the role and felt him start to clean off the cum. Her ass throbbed and was tender to the touch and as soon as he said she was good, after a few more sheets, she rolled over onto her back and looked up at him. Her breasts only wobbled once before coming to rest in perfect round orbs and she saw him admiring her again with love in his eyes. He looked great in all his glory and his cock was slowly shrinking with shiny cum still oozing out of his head. She had missed him while he was gone and she was really glad he was back and would do anything for him.

"Are you sure you are okay?" he asked again.

"Ya I'm great it wasn't that bad at all," she lied and motioned him to lie next to her.

He did and she snuggled up to him and laid her head on his broad chest and wrapped her sexy smooth legs around him. They lay there for a long time and then decided to get dressed before his parents came home.


Jen was in her hiding place between Jake's house and her car; she patiently waited for her prey and was excited to put her plan into action.

Chapter 7

"Are you sure you don't want a ride home Megan?" Jake's dad asked again.

"I'm sure it's only two blocks I'll be just fine," she returned, she was worried he might see her fidgeting in the car on the way home because her ass still was throbbing and hurt.

She was trying not to let anyone know including Jake and just wanted to get home and soak in the tub even though it was quite late. They all said their good byes and Jake's parents left them alone. They kissed deeply on the porch and then she turned and started walking home. Jake watched her for a while and then turned back inside the house and closed the door.

The street was lit pretty well with street lights and there were only a few dark places in between. Megan began her painful walk home trying to hurry but having to take it slow with her ass aching. She was about halfway home when she heard a strange noise right before a sharp sting in her left shoulder. She turned and looked and saw the red fluffy end of a dart sticking out and by instinct grabbed it and pulled it out dropping it on the ground. She was too late and stated feeling dizzy and her eyes blurred. As she fell she saw someone approaching her and then everything went dark.

Jen quickly put her tranquilizer gun away, picked up the dart lying next to the unconscious Megan and ran back to the car. She pulled up next to Megan and with some effort got the woman into the back seat and quickly drove back to the prepared safe house. She called Deb on the way and told her to meet her there but didn't give specifics. She only said she had done something and to meet her now.

By the time Deb finally showed up Jen had Megan blindfolded, totally naked, and tied spread eagle to the bed prepared for the next boy they were to kidnap, she was still unconscious and breathing slow and steady. Jen's hair was disheveled with her efforts and she was pulling it out of her face when Deb walked into the room.

"What the hell! Is that who I think it is?" she freaked seeing the naked woman lying on the bed.

"Megan, yes Jake's girlfriend, and before you loose it just listen to me," Jen defended. "I think we can use her to get Jake back, he'll do anything to keep her safe even if it means returning to us."

"So what? You want to just call him and tell him we have her and just hope he comes alone and doesn't call the cops?" Deb asked.

"Pretty much, we of course tell him if he contacts anyone else that we'll hurt her and we'll have him meet us somewhere else and before we get him we'll check it out and make sure its safe. We can do this I know it, just think we'll have him back!" Jen sounded excited.

"And what are you going to do with her?" Deb asked.

"I don't know, we'll worry about that later, and hell she could be fun to play with as well," Jen said with a smile and ran her hand up Megan's flat tummy and over her large breasts, slowly rising up and down. "She is very beautiful and basically perfect."

Deb approached the side of the bed and looked Megan over, "Ya but there is a few things missing on her, no cock and no balls so what good is she?" Deb asked.

"I'm sure we can think of something, I mean look at those tits, her face, and well shit everything on the bitch is gorgeous," Jen said and caressed Megan's twin orbs.

Megan's nipples hardened and she moaned in her sleep and began to come out of the drug induced slumber. Her head rolled back and forth and she made little noises and tried to move her arms. When the ropes went tight and she was unable to move she panicked and became wide awake quickly. She started to scream and pull at her restraints and fight.

Fear rushed through Megan and she knew that she was in the same predicament as Jake was. Everything was the same; blindfold, naked, tied hand and foot. She fought and fought and the knots got tighter on her wrists and ankles and bit into her flesh. Her ass was really sore now and she finally stopped struggling, whimpered and began to try and listen.

"Got that out of you system did we girl," Jen said when Megan settled down.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Megan asked surprised to here the voice so close.

"Oh I think you know who we are. As far as what we want...... well...... your boyfriend back and you are going to help us get him," Jen said running her hand in between Megan's breasts.

"Don't touch me bitch!" Megan screamed.

"Learning the hard way isn't wise girl. I suggest you be nice and cooperative," Deb said and Megan's head snapped towards the new voice.

"I know how this works, I know everything. One of you is 'Deb' the other 'Jen' and you plan on hurting me if I don't do as you say. I'm assuming since I can't be 'milked' that you just have me to use as bait. So why the hell am I naked?" Megan asked.

"Wow aren't you just so smart, and as far as the naked part, lets just say out of habit," Jen laughed. "And would I be able to do this if you had clothes on?" Jen asked licking her fingers and slowly rubbing the cooling saliva into one of Megan's nipples.

Megan screamed and pulled at the ropes again but the woman wouldn't stop and tugged at her right nipple sending a strange sensation through her body. She didn't know if it was pleasure or pain or a mixture of both but a thought scared her; she might actually like it. Her mind went to Jake's statement and how much he tried not to enjoy what they did to him but it was eventually impossible and Megan wondered if the same was going to be true for her.

"Stop! Let go please, you're hurting me!" Megan yelled out.

Jen didn't stop, instead she licked her fingers again and rubbed both nipples in small circles until both of them were rock hard, "You know you love it girl, don't try and pretend I know exactly what this is doing to you," Jen voiced and continued her rubbing and once they were hard she pulled. She wasn't pinching or pulling hard enough to cause pain, just hard enough to get them erect and stimulated. Jen knew if it were her nipples it would feel great.

Megan realized this as well, her captures were women and they were going to know exactly what to do to cause her pleasure and if needed pain. What they didn't know probably was the added insult of having no choice and being forced to endure what they were doing. It may have been meant to feel good but mentally it was torture.

"Please stop! It doesn't feel good please," Megan lied, it felt good but she hated herself for admitting it and felt the tale tale signs of her pussy getting moist.

Her body was going to betray her and she couldn't do anything about it. She had never had a problem with dryness, just a simple kiss or causal brush of her breasts and she would almost immediately get aroused and wet. Even against her will was no exception and she expected any second for them to pick up on that. She couldn't hide it, she was spread eagle with her legs wide and soon rather than later her clit was going to show under her hood and her lips were going to engorge and open slightly allowing her juice to ooze out and run to her anus.

Deb noticed first because she was lower then Jen, watching from down by Megan's feet. She saw just what Megan feared, her pussy was flushed and her growing clit pressed out on the folds of skin above. It got more and more noticeable as Jen continued to play with her luscious breasts releasing her nipples and running her palms over them lightly touching the erect stubs. Then adding more saliva and pinching them again causing Megan to react and roll her shoulders.

"Oh she likes it alright, her little clit is all excited," Deb said.

"I knew it...Can't fool us girl," Jen said and continued her breast play.

"No, damn it no! Just stop stop!" Megan screamed, but the two women just laughed.

Megan's pussy was humming, she could feel her own heartbeat in her clit, pressing on the hood, as the woman continued to play with her breasts. A minute later and she felt the slow oozing juice leave her vagina and begin it's decent to her sore little asshole. She really hoped they'd leave it alone at least.

"Oh shit Jen you got her juices flowing now, check it out, there's a small stream running to her ass." Deb laughed.

Megan heard her and now knew which one was which, Jen was working her tits over and Deb was apparently watching the show.

"Oh ya she likes it, just like a good girl should," Jen said. "Hey Deb hand me the oil we'll give her a real treat."

Megan heard Deb walk towards her and open something, then seconds later a cap popped open on a container and one of them poured warm oil all over her breasts and the other one, she figured was Jen still, started working it into her smooth skin. She rubbed her orbs all over and massaged them, then went back to pinching the nipples and letting her fingers slip off the ends with the slick oil. Megan couldn't help it and moaned when her nipples flipped out of Jen's hands and fell to her breasts. It surprised her, hearing herself moan, and she quickly tried to cover it by begging for them to stop, but it didn't work and they had heard her pleasure.

"Don't even bother girl you're so wet and turned on nothing you say could make us think you don't love this," Jen said and pinched them again until they squished out of her fingers.

"Plleeeese.........Stop...........ohhh.....shit please no more," Megan begged. She cursed in her head for being so venerable to pleasure and knew if they decided to finally touch her clit and pussy she was going to cum because she was already so close from just the breast play.

Her fear was realized soon after when suddenly a warm hand touched her stomach and moved lower to her shaved mound. Ever so slowly with a light touch Deb's fingers glided over her womanly folds up and down and around her inner thigh's causing tingling sensations to spread through her. Deb got more aggressive as Jen continued to massage her breasts. She felt two fingers squeeze her little nub and pull the hood way from her body. Megan couldn't stop and her back arched from the pleasure and soft touch. Next Deb used her thumb and index finger to open Megan's folds and reveal her fully engorged button, pulsing and straining out.




"She has such a cute little clit, and it's really excited to see me," Deb laughed.

As soon as Deb touched her clit with a wet finger Megan gave up and let her body take over and drown in the pleasure they were producing. Quicker and quicker Deb lightly rubbed her clit and Megan squirmed under the intense sensation it was causing. Her climax was imminent and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.


It was 3am and Jake heard the phone ringing and then stop. He strained to hear and knew something was wrong from what he could hear from his mother in her room. He got up and out of bed and as he opened his door his mother and father were about to knock.

"What's wrong, what's happened?" Jake asked.

"It's Megan's parents, they say she hasn't come home yet and want to know where she is. We told them she left around midnight and wanted to walk home," his mom explained.

"Oh shit they have her," Jake cursed.

"Who has her," his dad asked.

"Jen and Deb.... the women that took me, I'm sure of it," Jake explained.

"How do you know," his mother asked.

"Because they still haven't been caught by the cops and they want me back I'm sure of it. They are going to try and get to me through her." Jake stammered.

"That's ridiculous they wouldn't be that stupid to still be around here," his dad said.

"Well then who has her and where is she?" Jake asked.

His father didn't reply and Jake quickly dressed, put his shoes on and went downstairs. He opened the door and before he could leave his dad called after him.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"I'm just going to walk to her house and see if I can see anything strange that's all," Jake replied.

"Not without me, if they are really after you its better you are with someone," his dad said.

Jake waited on the porch for his dad to get ready and then the two of them, with flashlights, went out to look.


"Ahhhhhhhhhh hhmmmmmmmm," Megan moaned as her climax peaked.

Her body tightened noticeably and shook under the fast finger of Deb on her clit and Jen squeezed her nipples the hardest yet as Megan's orgasm washed over her and continued for a good couple of minutes. Jen and Deb worked her over and smiled at each other watching her beautiful body wiggle and squirm under the intense bliss. Finally she relaxed and went limp breathing hard. Her ass ached but the rest of her felt wonderful and shortly after the two women stopped playing and walked out of the room.

Once they were gone tears welled up in her eyes and soaked the blindfold and she sobbed quietly and thought of Jake's first experience and knew now exactly how he felt. She knew it was hopeless to try and escape and just hoped she was found as easily as Jake was before they were able to fulfill their plan and get him back. She was exhausted and fell asleep soon after they left.

"See I told you she could be fun," Jen laughed.

"Well okay she did cum big time and it was fun but we have nothing to show for it other than a wet mattress and an exhausted 18 year old girl. We need semen not pussy juice."

"I know I know I'm working on it," Jen replied.


Jake and his dad scanned the ground and the found the best place where Megan probably went missing.

"I don't see anything son. And I guess the cops won't do a damn thing unless she has been missing for over 24 hours," his father said.

"Well shit there has to be something here.....Look right here it looks like someone was dragged over the grass to the curb. See the marks? They have her Dad, they knocked her out like me and dragged her to the car.

"Maybe but they could be anywhere now. And if they really want you I'm betting they will try and contact you."

"Then what am I suppose to do, I'm sure if they think I've gone to the cops Megan's as good as dead. They don't want her she doesn't have what they want. They need me."

Chapter 8

The next morning Megan woke up, hungry, thirsty, and needing to urinate. She was sore as well and waited as long as she could before calling out. One set of footsteps approached and she dreaded the day ahead.

"Good morning sleepy, we must have worn you out last night it's almost noon. So what's it going to be, food or bathroom first?" she heard Deb say.

"Bathroom please," Megan replied.

"Okay sounds good, so how much of this 'routine' did Jake tell you?" Deb asked.

"Nothing actually I had to read his police statement, but it was very descriptive and detailed so I know how most of this prisoner shit works," Megan said.

"I see............ kind of a stubborn hot headed little thing aren't you?" Deb asked.

Megan didn't answer, just smiled towards Deb's voice. Deb untied her from the bed and walked her with the leash to the bathroom and then back to the bed. Megan obeyed everything she was ordered to do with no resistance at all. Once she was secure back in bed Deb told her she would get her something to eat.

"So you're watching me today? Where's Jen?" Megan asked wondering if she was tying to get Jake.

"That's right, and don't you worry where Jen is she's busy," Deb said and left the room.


Jen dropped off the package she had prepared and made a few more stops checking on her plans and headed back to the house where Deb was watching Megan. There was still no report of her missing on TV or the radio but she knew it would probably happen later today. Jake should get the package today and she was excited to get the ball rolling on getting him back. She daydreamed in the car about his cock and couldn't wait to have it in every hole she had.


Deb returned and began to feed Megan her breakfast. Everything was going well and she was almost done until she tried to give her a drink of milk and tipped the glass too quickly and milk splashed on her face and down her neck and chest, splashing on her tits. The cold milk shocked Megan and she squealed when it hit her naked breasts causing her nipples to go hard from the cold.

"Oh now look what I did.... Made a pretty mess on your boobs," Deb said smiling to herself.

The white milk contrasting with Megan's tan skin was very erotic and Deb took a moment to admire her work before trying to clean it up.

"Yes you did, and it's really cold," Megan replied.

"Well I guess I'll have to clean you up then won't I?" Deb said.

The way she said it made Megan's eyes open wide under the blindfold, she had a feeling cleaning her up wasn't going to involve a napkin.


Jen pulled up and walked into the house. What she heard coming from the room where Megan was kept, made her smile and she dropped her things by the door and hurried in.

"Oh no, no don't......... shit you did that on purpose!" she heard Megan yell as she walked into the room.

She knew immediately what had happened, seeing Deb licking milk off of Megan's stimulated breasts and neck. She cleaned her completely with her tongue after sucking most of the white liquid off, spent most of her time on her hardened nipples sucking them and admiring her bunched up areolas shinning with saliva.

Megan was struggling once again trying to move away from the woman's mouth but nothing worked and she was forced to endure the intense sucking of her nipples and devouring of her breasts.

"I see someone had an accident, spilled a little milk did we?" Jen said laughing and walking next to Deb.

"Yep had to clean her up, she said she was cold," Deb said taking Megan's nipple out of her mouth and standing upright.

"AAAAAhhhhhhhh, you two are unbelievable, why are you doing this?" Megan screamed.

They both laughed again and Deb said, "It's a need you wouldn't understand, well you aren't but you boyfriend has what we need and you are a means of getting it."

"I don't understand what does he have you 'need', you don't 'need' his semen to survive that is just a want and a sick lust you two have," Megan blurted.

"Don't presume to know what we need, you don't know what the hell your talking about little girl!!" Deb yelled right in her face.

Megan expected to be hit any second or worse, and went silent berating herself in her mind for antagonizing them. The blows never came and only silence followed. Megan knew they couldn't force milk out of her like they had Jake so she was pretty useless to them other then a little fun. She tried to figure out what they could need semen for, and from what Jake thought they were just eating it. This didn't make any sense to her, the only thing she knew it was good for was getting pregnant and they could just go to a sperm bank for that. She heard them clean up the food and silently leave the room.

The saliva on her breasts evaporated making her cold again and she just laid their shivering, wondering what they wanted and what was going to happen to her.


"So is everything ready? Package being delivered and the location secure?" Deb asked Jen once they were away from Megan.

"Yep, and we'll know when it arrives, I made sure of that, so now we just wait and then once Jake has it things will get interesting," Jen answered.

"And you're confident none of this can be traced back to us?" Deb asked.

"Fully, it's all taken care of. I'm getting so excited I'm constantly wet," Jen expressed.

"What else is new," Deb said laughing. Jen joined her and they began the wait.


Jake stayed close to a phone all day but the only calls were from Megan's friends and family giving and asking for information. It wasn't until the afternoon that the door bell rang and Jake got up to answer it.

"I have a package for a Jake Dorian," the courier said.

"That's me,"

"Sign here,"

Jake signed and took the small padded envelope from the guy and closed the door. He wasn't expecting anything and thought this was what he was looking for. He ripped it open and out fell a cell phone. He turned it on and checked for any saved numbers but it was completely clean. He put it in his pocket and decided to just wait and see what happened.

An hour later the phone rang,


"Hello boy I trust you know who this is?" Jen said.

"How could I forget," Jake answered.

"Exactly.... well I'm sure by now you know we have Megan so listen good. We won't hurt her as long as you do what you are told."

"Ya ya same old thing Jen just get to the point," Jake spat.

"All we want is you back supplying the milk so this is how it's going to work," She said.

She explained to Jake where to go and to come alone and if he contacts the cops or brings anyone else Megan will pay the price.

"Fine and when I do this and you have me back, are you going to let her go?" he asked.

"Eventually yes, look boy you don't have much choice here so just show up tonight like I said and she'll be just fine," Jen finished and hung up.

Jake closed the phone and started to think about what to do. The place she told him to go was wide open and he knew they would know if he was alone or not for sure. He did have little choice and he was worried they might actually hurt her or worse. He knew if he told his parents they would make him go to the cops but he wasn't about to risk that.


"Okay it's set up," Jen said outside the payphone with Deb.

"How'd he sound?" Deb asked.

"He was feisty and pissed off but what did you expect?" Jen asked.

"Right well now what are you going to do with Megan if this plan works and we get him back?"

"I've been thinking about that and it doesn't matter how we get the juice right? And he might actually produce more if Megan's helping, if you know what I mean,"

"I think I do," Deb replied with a smile.

They got into the car and headed back to Megan.


"Guess who we just talked to girl?" Jen asked Megan.

She knew who but took a minute to answer, she was hoping she would have been found by now but apparently no one saw her get abducted. She had a sheet over her naked body still tied the same way as before and was frustrated to say the least.

"Jake right? And I'm sure he's going to do just what you want to save me," she finally replied.

"Oh of course like he has a choice. And if all goes well we might keep you around long enough to say hi," Deb said.


Evening came and Jake needed to find away to sneak out and get himself outside of town. Before dark he made up an excuse that he needed to go to the store for some supplies to help search for Megan tomorrow with the group that had been organized. He got on his dirt bike and road towards the meeting place.

It was off the main road about a mile, flat and bare with nothing but weeds and barbed wire. He got off his bike and started looking around when the phone rang again.

"Now what," he said answering it.

"About 20 steps in front of you is a plastic bag walk towards it and pick it up. Okay good now open it and put both black hoods over your head. Perfect boy now lie face down and lace your hands behind your head, we'll be around shortly," Deb said.

Jake pulled the phone out of the hoods and laid down on the ground, he was expecting to get knocked out again for sure so they could handle him with no problem. It took longer then he thought it would until he heard foot steps in the dried grass approaching him. He heard only one set and wanted to jump up and attack but didn't know where the other one could be.

Suddenly from the other direction one of them jumped on his back, he hadn't even heard them and before he could do anything a jolt of electricity shocked him unconscious.


He woke up like he expected naked and tied down. The big change was he was sitting in a chair with his hands tied around his back and his ankles to the legs of the chair. He had a blind fold on now and his neck ached from the tazer they hit him with.

"Hello? Anyone there," he asked.

"Jake are you okay?" he heard Megan plead.

"Megan? I'm fine what's going on?"

Well they brought you in here and I heard them tie you up and then they left again," she said.

"Why didn't they let you go?" he asked getting pissed.

"They said they had something else planned for you and I and we would just love it but from what I know of them I doubt it,"

"Shit I knew they were going to do this, but I had no choice if I wouldn't have showed up they still would have you and if I would have brought the cops they might have killed you or something. I decided I'd rather be the one they had or at least get to be with you," Jake said. "Have they hurt you?" he asked.

"Not really they messed with me a couple of times and now I know how you feel, I can't believe they got me to cum," she said.

"Oh shit really, oh man I'm sorry you got involved with this it was really stupid to let you walk home alone," Jake said.

"Their going to be back any minute to 'milk' you, Jen wanted to while you were knocked out but Deb talked her out of it," Megan said.

"I'm sure they are going to make you listen as well, shit I'm sorry Megan I'm not going to be able to resist,"

"I know Jake, just think of me and we'll get through this," she said.

She no sooner finished her encouragement than both of them heard Deb and Jen return.

"Oh goodie he's awake," Jen said and quickly walked over to Jake in the chair. "Hello boy I'm glad you are back we missed your milk," Jen said reaching down and caressing Jake's bare muscular legs.

"What the hell! You said you were going to let Megan go!" Jake screamed.

"Settle down boy we never said when," Deb said joining Jen next to him.

Both women started touching him all over, chest, stomach, legs, back and eventually as his cock grew they both tugged at it and rubbed his balls as well.

"I've missed this amazing cock boy, it gets so big and hard when you're excited," Jen exclaimed for Megan's benefit.

Megan remained quite she didn't want to give them the pleasure of her complaining and not being able to do anything about it. She was just forced to listen to two women describe her boyfriends body and cock as they did things only she should be doing to him.

Jake stayed as quiet as he could but when one of them knelt down between his legs and took his cock in her mouth he let out an audible moan of pleasure and Megan heard it. He figured it to be Jen by her technique and he was right because she made it vocally clear what she was doing.

"Girl you're boyfriends cock tastes so good. He's oozing all over in my mouth when I suck his big cock," Jen blurted out after taking Jake's cock from her mouth.

"Let me try some of that," Deb said and knelt down next to Jen.

She reached up and pulled his cock towards her head and with one gulp swallowed most of his member. Jake moaned again as more of his cock was swallowed up and Deb worked her tongue on his shaft. Both women's hands were all over him as they both took turns sucking his cock and stroking it. Megan heard the sloppy blowjob noises and couldn't help but get a little turned on with what they were doing to Jake.

Jake was in la la land as these two expert cock suckers worked his cock over in their own styles he started moaning louder and more frequent and all three women knew he was getting close to ejaculation.

"Damn I'm going to cum!" Jake screamed.

"Oh no, not so quick boy," Deb said back and squeezed the head of his cock really hard causing the climax sensation to leave his member. "You've been gone to long; you need to make up for your absence."

His cock quickly engorged again after she stopped squeezing and he felt both of them leave and stand up. Megan and Jake heard the unmistakable sounds of both women undressing and Jake just waited for the inevitable. He knew one of them was going to mount his cock followed by the other and fuck him until he couldn't take it any longer.

"Shit I'm so wet, I can't wait any longer I want that cock in me again," Jen screamed.

She jumped up on Jake's lap and wrapped her arms around him, almost knocking the chair over backwards. His cock was wedged between her body and his and she rubbed her clit and shaved mound up and down his shaft.

"I told myself when I was spying on you and your little girlfriend I'd have you cock back inside me boy and now it's about to happen," Jen whispered in Jake's ear, and rose up over his cock and slid it deep into her wet pussy.

Hot wetness enveloped him and Jen moaned loud letting Megan know she was fucking her boyfriend. She reveled in the moment and sat full on his cock without moving for a few seconds before rising up again working into a rhythm. Jake could feel Deb's hand working his balls as Jen rose and fell over and over on his hard shaft. Deb began playing with his ass with one finger as well and Jen got faster pummeling him with all she had.

A few times her new fake tits hit Jake in the face and she started doing it on purpose letting her hard nipples drag across his scruffy face. Deb found his prostate and lightly pressed on it. The euphoria mixed with Jen's pussy sliding up and down his shaft caused Jake to forget trying to be quiet and he moaned loud in utter pleasure.

"Oh shit girl your boyfriend's liking this, his cock feels so good inside of me," Jen mocked as she rode him.

Her hands went to her tits and she squeezed her nipples hard, twisting her hips and grinding down sideways on Jake's hard cock. She wanted to cum and scream for Megan to hear and she was working on it. Jake could feel her pussy tighten and release as she pinched her muscles milking his shaft. Her speed increased again and she was rising and falling very rapidly on Jake making the chair move and squeak on the floor.

Jake was nearing his limit but Jen beat him to it and climaxed on his cock with a pussy convulsion that shocked Jake. She almost fell off him losing her balance and grabbed him by the shoulders and she grinded down a couple of more time in her orgasmic spasms.

"Fuck yes, oh shit I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming," she screamed.




A tear made it past Megan's blindfold and ran down the side of her face as she was forced to hear Jen climaxing on Jake. Her hands were both in fists and white knuckled with frustration.

Jen slowed on Jake and rested from her exertion and said, "Damn girl your boyfriend's cock hits all the right spots. So damn good!"

Jake's balls and shaft were covered in Jen's secretions and Deb took her finger out of his ass and stood up for her turn.

"My turn now, I want his cock in me," Deb said.

Jen slowly slid off of Jake and his cock flipped out of her and smacked his hard stomach in the process, spraying it with vaginal juice. As soon as Jen was out of the way Deb immediately sat down backwards on him, holding his cock vertical for her to sit down on. His large member easily slid into the next woman and she really knew what she was doing. Every inch of his cock was stimulated by her amazing pussy and he was quickly back to the point he was with Jen riding him.

Deb rubbed her clit and moved up and down on Jake's cock moving forward and bending him with her, causing incredible friction in her pussy. Jake moaned, he was going to blow any second and Deb knew it and didn't want him to. She had barley started with him and wasn't done. She reached lower under her ass and grabbed Jake's nuts and squeezed both of them hard causing intense pain to seize his body. His pending orgasm was again delayed and he yelled out in pain as she mashed his balls in her hand.

His cock remained hard inside of her and she began to work on her own climax, releasing his balls and returning back to her erect clit. Jen smiled and walked over to Megan's bed.

"I wish you could see this, Deb's riding Jake backwards and rubbing her clit fast. His shinny cock looks so good going in and out of her wet pussy. It's so fucking hot," Jen said jacking her mentally.

"Her nipples are all hard and pointing at me as well, she really likes riding your boyfriend," Jen continued and ran her hand over Megan's soft full breasts.

"I hate you, I hate you both," Megan spit.

"That wasn't very nice, I'm sure your boyfriend like us, his cock does I know," Jen returned with a little giggle.

She bent over and sucked on one of Megan's nipples causing it to get hard in her mouth and then once it was hard she tugged it away from her body with her teeth and then let it go and walked back over to Jake and Deb.

Megan screamed in her head and pulled at her ropes, she never wanted someone dead as much as these two women in her life. She heard Jake moaning again, and Deb was as well. She heard the slapping of her ass on Jake's thighs and the sloppy noise of his cock being forced in and out of a wet pussy. The woman was really going at it and Jake's moaning got louder.

"That's it boy, last just a little longer and I'll cum," Deb screamed.

Seconds later Megan knew Deb was climaxing by the little noises she was making and the labored breathing. Jen rooted her on while rubbing her own big fake tits and clit and Deb convulsed and buried Jake's cock as deep as she could inside her shaking body.

"Ohhhhhhh yeeeessssss.......So gooooooood," she screamed as she rode the wave.

Jake was at his limit for the third time and his balls ached for release but as soon as he said he was going to cum again Deb hopped off and turned around quick enough to squeeze his cock and balls pushing his orgasm away again.

"Not yet, I think Jen has something special in mind for you boy." Deb said still squeezing hard.

Jake screamed out of pain and frustration and his cock throbbed and oozed pre-cum mixed with some semen that had made it past Deb's withholding hands. She licked it off his shaft and let go of his cock and balls.

"He's all yours Jen," she said.

"I have a surprise for you boy, something I know you are going to just love. You do as you're told exactly and we'll all enjoy this," Jen said in his ear.

She left and he heard her walk back towards Megan and he thought he heard them untying her. Megan didn't know what to think as Deb and Jen untied her hands and feet completely and only put the leash on her. She still had her blind fold on and they led her toward where she knew Jake was sitting.

"Okay girl your turn, lets see if you can cum before he does," Jen said and led Megan right up to Jake's naked legs.

"Megan is that you?" Jake asked very surprised.

"It's me sweetie I don't know what they are playing at but it's me," she said and caressed his legs.

"Get to it already we don't have all day, fuck him and make him cum for us. And boy you better not cum inside of her so warn her first so we can get the milk," Deb said.

Deb pushed Megan over and she fell onto Jake's lap and slowly climbed up on him feeling his large hard member between her legs.

"This is so fucked up making us do this for you, this is supposed to be special," Megan pleaded.

"Shut up and fuck him already, we're getting thirsty," Jen sniped.

Megan hesitated and Jen yanked the leash around her neck and threatened to tie her back up if she didn't get a move on. Megan tentatively touched Jake's hard wet cock and pulled it vertical and lifted herself up on it. She wasn't very wet and if it wasn't for the pussy juice from two women on his shaft it probably would have hurt. She slid down on it and Jake moaned feeling the tight pussy encase his cock. Once she was down on him Jen pulled her forward with the leash and commanded Jake to suck her tits. He found her nipple and sucked on it and switched to the other one and felt them both get hard as he sucked.

"That's it, suck those huge tits, you've got to love that girl," Deb said as she watched.

Jake heard a smack and realized that one of them had spanked Megan.

"Come on girl move for hell sakes, he's not going to cum if you don't move," Deb yelled.

Megan fell forward and started sobbing on Jake's chest. But she slowly started to rise up and down on his member, obeying the two women in control.

"Megan just try and block them out and just think of us alone," Jake whispered in her ear.

"Stop talking boy and suck those tits," Jen ordered.

Megan raised back vertical and Jake went back to nibbling and licking her voluptuous breasts. Megan wiped her tears away from her cheeks, put a defiant look on her face and started moving quicker on Jake's cock. It took awhile but with his big cock in her and him sucking on her tits just like she liked she became wetter and got into it. She found also the more she got into it the less the women would hinder her and interrupt. They soon went completely silent and Megan concentrated on fucking Jake and moved up and down quick and hard. Her breast bounced slightly and Jake did his best to keep sucking them but the pleasure was peaking again with Megan riding him with purpose and he was going to have to tell her any second. He wanted for her to cum at least but he didn't know if he could hold long enough.

He figured he was doing damn good though after three different woman had ridden him but this last one was the most important. He was relived when Megan started to moan and shake and he focused on holding it a few more seconds for her to finally peak and cum for him.

"Oh Jake I'm cumming sweetie, aaaaaahhhhhhh," Megan voiced.

She stopped moving up and down and ground her clit into his pubic bone and wrapped her arms around him putting her head on his chest and shook. She rocked back and forth through her spasms and almost forgot where she was in the sweet bliss.

"Damn she did it," Jen said rubbing her body through the whole show.

"Impressive for sure," Deb returned. "But we need him to cum now so get off girl!"

Jen pulled the leash and wrenched Megan way from Jake and off his lap. She almost fell when her legs wouldn't support her very well but she caught herself and stepped back. Jake was so close anyway it didn't take much work from Deb and Jen stroking and sucking his cock like wild beasts for him to start cumming. He shot his first string of cum down Jen's throat and then they traded his ejaculating member between themselves after that until it was just oozing and all his cum had been licked clean. It was a very long and intense orgasm because of all the delays and Jake was exhausted and actually glad he was sitting down.

"Oh shit! Very nice boy that was a lot of cum just like we like it," Deb said licking her lips.

"Very nice indeed you've done well. And this is just the beginning," Jen stated.

Megan just stood there blindfolded listening to them swallow Jake's load as he moaned and came. She was so frustrated and tempted to take the blindfold off because she had use of her hands but was too scared to do it. Once they were done with Jake for the moment they took her back to the bed and tied her up again and both of them left the room.

Chapter 9

"I told you it would work....We got him back and he's fabulous," Jen boasted.

"You were right, we couldn't ask for much better. So now what are you going to do with Megan? We don't need her around anymore," Deb said.

"I know....I thought about just dropping her in the same place we got Jake tonight, she hasn't seen anything to give us up so why not," Jen said.

"We'll do it tonight then, she can find her own way home," Deb suggested.

"Sounds good but first I need a shower," Jen said.

"I think I'll join you," Deb smiled.


"Megan? Are you okay?" Jake asked; he could hear her sobbing across the room.

"I can't do this anymore Jake....I can't," she cried.

"You won't have too much longer. All that rocking from you three loosened up the ropes on my legs and arms and I can almost get my right arm free," he said.

She could hear him straining and breathing hard and then finally she heard him say, "Got it."

The first thing he did when he had his right arm free was to pull off the blindfold. The room looked very similar to the one he was in before when the cops freed him. The equipment look identical down to the TV set over Megan's head and the pulleys and ropes. He admired her naked body for a few seconds and then went to work on untying the rest of the ropes. He knew he had to hurry.

Once free he looked around for a weapon and found the tazer they use on him earlier. He then went to work untying Megan. She was beaming when he finished and they gave each other a huge naked hug.

"Let's get out of here," Megan pleaded.

"We don't know where here is and without our clothes we won't get far, the only choice we have is to ambush them when they return. Here you take the tazer and shock the shit out of the first one through the door and I'll clobber the other one," Jake suggested.

"Okay, but I'm scared Jake," she said.

"This is going to work just don't hesitate."


Jen and Deb finished washing each other and turned off the water. They had worked themselves up playing and were excited to get back to Jake's big cock.

"Shit we still have to get rid of the girl," Deb said.

"I know, well the anticipation to get back to Jake will make it all worth it," Jen replied.

"Well lets just hurry then, where's the tazer?"

"I left it in with them," Jen answered.

"Cool then let's get dressed and do this."


Megan and Jake heard the shower turn off, they didn't notice it before until it went away. They got ready one on each side of the door and waited until Jen or Deb opened it.

Things happened so fast no one had time to think. Jen was the first one through and Megan buried the tazer between her fake tits and shocked her multiple times knocking her to the floor where she hit her head hard. Jake reacted like a cat when he saw Deb try and turn back and pounced on her bringing the small woman to the ground with blows to her back and neck knocking her unconscious.

"Perfect Megan good job we got the bitches," Jake said as he looked over the two unconscious women.

"Holy shit do you know who that is," Megan asked.

"Fuckin A I do, that's Miss Lee the 10th grade English teacher everyone thinks is so hot,"

"I know, and Jen is really Lindsey from last year's senior class. I can't believe this!" Megan said.

"Why don't we give then a little taste of their own medicine? Here help me with Lindsey," Jake suggested.

"What do you mean? Aren't we just going to call the cops?" Megan asked.

"After what they did to us! Not yet they need to pay right now," Jake said and bent over to pick up Lindsey.

She was skinny and light and her new boobs really didn't match the rest of her. He tossed her on the bed and began to strip her clothes off.

"Jake what the hell are you doing? Let's just call the cops and get out of here!" Megan beseeched.

"Think about this Megan this is justice! Prisons too good for these two they need to know what it feels like to be helpless like we were. Now keep an eye on Miss Lee while I finish with Lindsey," Jake spouted.

"Okay, I see your point," Megan said and stood over Miss Lee with the tazer ready in case she awoke.

Jake finished tugging off Lindsey's clothes. He couldn't help but admire her new tits, the surgeon had done a nice job and they were almost as big as Megan's. Once he had her naked he used the same ropes and tied her spread eagle like they had Megan. After she was secure he went to work on Miss Lee who was a very attractive teacher in her high 30's. She had large breasts and all the male students in her classes would stare at them. There was also a rumor that she posed for Playboy back in the 90's but no one had proof.

Jake started removing her clothes as she lay on the ground, she had a fabulous body for almost 40, with white milky skin, black long hair and she kept herself in really good shape. Once she was nude Jake picked her up and threw the petite woman over his shoulder and walked her to the chair.

"The chair's not going to work very well Jake," Megan started. "I mean we won't have very good access to......... well you know," She said coyly.

"Good point, I like how you think Megan," she said with a chuckle.

He looked around for a better spot, "Megan pull that table over here," he said.

Megan did as she was asked and Jake laid Miss Lee on the table on her back then he rolled her over to her stomach and moved her legs to the floor so she was bent over with her breasts smashed on the hard table.

"Hold her arms so she doesn't fall while I tie her legs to the table," he said to Megan.

She came around and held the woman and Jake tied each of her legs, spread wide to the legs of the table. Once he was done he tied her arms to the other legs so she was spread eagle bent at the waist with her ass pushed out. Both Miss Lee and Lindsey were shaved clean and Megan and Jake admired their work with both naked women secure.

"Nice........ They aren't going anywhere. Let's see if we can find our clothes and have a look around while we wait for them to wake up," Jake said.

They checked out the rest of the house, found their stuff and both got dressed. Jake checked outside, found two cars and soon figured out where they were. They were in the next town over, rivals of his high school and only 30 miles away from where he lived. He went back inside and found Megan looking at her cell phone.

"They turned it off so they couldn't find us with it," she said. "How long do you want to stay here and teach them a lesson?" she asked.

"I don't know........ We'll know when we know. When they are miserable like we were," He said.


Lindsey was the first to come around; the pain in her chest woke her up. And she instantly remembered what happened. She pulled on the ropes and looked down at her naked body. She turned her head and saw Miss Lee tied over the table and realized they were in deep shit.

"Julie! Hey wake up Julie...........Julie!" Lindsey said louder each time. Miss Lee didn't respond because Jake went a little over board on knocking her out.

Lindsey looked towards the door and wondered if Jake and Megan were still around of if they had called the cops and left. Either way she knew everything was over, she couldn't get untied and Miss Lee was out cold.


"Did you hear that? Jen, I mean Lindsey is awake," Jake said.

"I did, so what do you want to do?" Megan asked.

"Oh I have an idea," he said and started walking towards the room.


Lindsey heard him coming and as he walked in she instinctively tried to cover up and Jake noticed.

"Oh not so brazen when I don't have a blindfold on huh bitch or should we call you Lindsey," he said as Megan came up from behind.

"It seems our roles have reversed 'girl'. How's your chest I hope it hurts like hell," Megan said and walked right past Jake and went to the side of the bed to look directly down at Lindsey.

"Oh ya I got ya good a couple of times," Megan said seeing the marks between her tits.

She reached out and touched them with her fingers and softly caressed the red welts. Lindsey flinched but remained quiet. Megan could see fear in her eyes and something deeper, bordering on hatred and jealousy.

"So these are new I see, no scars at all............ you paid the big bucks," Megan mocked her and let her finger drift up and over her silicone enhanced breasts.

Megan teased the nipples running he fingers around the base and watched as the skin tightened lifting the nipple. Jake came around and watched his girlfriend play with the large breasts of his captor and started getting hard quickly. Megan continued to stimulate them and once they were large enough to grab she pinched them roughly causing Lindsey to squeal and rock her shoulders.

"Jake I think she like it," Megan taunted and squeezed the pair again hard.

Lindsey hollered loud and pulled at her restraints. Jake just laughed and watched Megan twist and pull on the enflamed tits. He ran his hand up Lindsey's skinny left leg and flat tummy and back down towards her shaved mound.

"Do it Jake, giver her what she wants," Megan said watching Jake caress her.

Jake looked up at Megan and smiled a wicked smile and slid his hand down over Lindsey's mound and cupped her entire vagina with his hand and pressed down hard with his palm smashing her folds of soft skin. He could feel her little clit being mashed and he ground his palm hard into it and worked his finger tips around the base of her pussy and the patch of skin between her two holes.

Lindsey's reaction was different then what Jake expected she actually pressed out on his hand and wanted it harder instead of shying away. So he gave it to her and shoved three fingers roughly inside of her pussy and pressed hard and deep. Megan watched as the muscles in Jake's arms flexed as he pressed in again harder and forced more of his hand into Lindsey's narrow hips.

Lindsey's eyes were wide open with shock as Jake's hand pummeled her pussy like he was trying to get the whole fist inside. Megan continued to pull and pinch her nipples and she tried to remain quiet as the two paid her back.

"Hey Megan see if you can find that oil they use," Jake said pulling his hand free.

It was covered in Lindsey's juice and he wiped it up and down her inner thigh and around her skinny ass. Megan let go of Lindsey's nipples and started searching through the cupboards next to the bed. She soon found what she was looking for and other items as well.

"Here Jake and look at what else I found," she said and showed him a strange looking silver curved dildo hooked to wires and clamps.

"Shit that's the thing Deb....Miss Lee shocked me with. Keep that out I'm going to need that later," he said and took the oil.

He opened the bottle and poured a generous amount all over Lindsey and started rubbing it into her body. Megan used some as well and lubed up her breasts and started playing again. With his oiled hands Jake shoved his fist back into Lindsey and tried again to get the whole thing into her oiled slick pussy but it just wouldn't fit.




"Hey Megan why don't you try, my hands just too big," he said.

Megan looked up shocked and said, "Well okay I guess."

She had never touched another girls boobs let alone play with them and now she was going to try and fist one. She moved back to where Jake was and watched him pull his hand out. He held Lindsey's lips open and Megan nervously placed her hand to the opened pink hole and inserted her four fingers with the thumb squeezed tight underneath. The wet warm folds wrapped around her hand and Megan started getting turned on herself. It was a strange, excited, feeling and her heart raced.

More and more of her hand disappeared inside and Megan thought she heard a moan from Lindsey. She almost had the knuckles past the tight opening and pulled back to try again. Jake's cock was ragging in his pants, watching his hot girlfriend force her whole fist into another woman was unbelievably sexy. Megan pressed in again and twisted her hand around in semi circles. Pressing hard she was able to get the widest part in.

Lindsey suppressed her moans as well as she could, and really wanted to play with her clit to help with the strain but she couldn't. She was breathing hard and felt Megan root around inside of her with her whole hand and then make a fist and press even further into her.

Once Megan made the fist her hand was stuck inside Lindsey with her pussy wrapped around her wrist tight and Megan began to push and pull inside fucking Lindsey good and hard. Jake had seen some stuff like this on the internet but never in real life and he stood in awe watching and forgot to do anything else. He felt his cock throbbing against his jeans and he knew it was oozing all over.

Megan really got into it after that and took out her frustrations on Lindsey's poor little pussy, pounding away with her full fist and arm. Lindsey couldn't help it any longer and started to scream, which brought Megan back out of her rage and she slowed down again. This is when she noticed the huge hardon in Jake's pants.

"Hey Jake I have an idea why don't you fuck Lindsey's ass really hard, she seems to like that so much I'm sure she'd love it now," Megan said.

This was what Jake wanted her to say, he wanted to be able to go all out inside of a tight ass and not worry about being gentle. Just to fuck it as hard as he could with ever inch of his cock. Hearing her suggestion he didn't hesitate and started to undress. Lindsey watched him and Megan kept fist fucking her pussy until Jake was naked. She then straitened out her hand and pulled it free. It was covered in think white strings of vaginal secretions and she walked around and rubbed it all over Jake's hard cock.

"That's all the lube you should need, I'll pull her legs up with the ropes," Megan said smiling at Jake. "Fuck her hard sweetie." And she kissed him and whispered in his ear, "Don't give her any or your cum I want it all."

She knew if they really needed semen as much as they let on this would be the best way to get even with them. Jake crawled up on the bed and Megan used the pulleys hooked to the ceiling to lift and bend Lindsey's legs up giving Jake perfect access to her tight hole.

"You said you wanted my cock bitch so here it is," Jake said.

Lindsey's eyes went even wider as he bent his cock down with his hand put the head up against her tight wet hole and rammed it home in one smooth motion. There was an audible noise as his cock popped into her tight ass and she screamed in pain. Jake didn't stop and continued shoving all of his length and girth into her small body all the way to his balls.

"Oh ya Jake that's it, fuck that bitch's ass!" Megan screamed over Lindsey's painful moans.

Hot tight velvet engulfed Jake's cock and he held his length deep in her for a few seconds before pulling out. He left his engorged head in and rammed his shaft back in with an animalistic thrust. Megan watched Lindsey's face contort with pain and her hands strained against the ropes and Megan could tell what she wanted to do. Megan got down low next to Lindsey's ear.

"You like my boyfriends cock now bitch? He's fucking your ass good. I can tell you want to rub your little clit. Would you like me to do it for you?" Megan ridiculed her.

Lindsey just looked at her with furry in her eyes, knowing full well Megan wouldn't help it feel good. She was just hoping for some breast play or something because Jake was going crazy on her ass. Megan thought about it but instead folded her arms and watched.

Jake was making long deep thrusts into Lindsey's quivering ass. Every time he hit her legs he made her fake tits giggle up and down and he watched his cock going in and out and alternated to her tits as well. He reached between her legs and grabbed each breast in his hands and as he thrust forward he pulled down on her tits slamming his cock in deeper. Lindsey was being rocked hard and her ass had gone numb with the brutal penetration she was receiving. She was moaning and got louder as Jake got faster and faster, he was building an incredible angry orgasm and he could tell it was going to be amazing.

"Megan I'm almost ready," he said breathing hard and pounding away.

"Cum in my mouth!" Lindsey yelled. The first words she had said since her capture.

Jake smile at Megan and knew her plan was going to work perfectly. To withhold his cum from Lindsey was the ultimate slap in the face. He felt it building and after a few more deep penetrations clenched his muscles and past the point where he knew he couldn't stop it and pulled his huge cock from her gapping ass. Megan watched and as he pulled out she fell to her knees and opened her mouth for him.

"No......No! Fuck I need that cum!" Lindsey screamed as she watched long ropes of thick white cum spurt out of Jake's cock into Megan's mouth.

It just kept coming and filled her mouth so full some ran down her face out of the corner of her mouth. Jake's legs were so tight he almost got a cramp as his cock spewed its load and the gratification was just like he thought. Once he stopped cumming she closed her mouth and gulped the salty treat down with a big smile.

"Delicious, thanks sweetie that was great," Megan said looking right at Lindsey.

"You fucking bitch!!!!!!!" Lindsey screamed.

This loud expression of anger awoke Miss Lee finally and she started to move and pull on the ropes. All of them saw her and turned to look. Miss Lee looked around and realized her predicament and saw the other three people looking at her.

"Looks like the cat is out of the bag. Interesting turn of events boy, and I see you are still working that cock," she said.

"Don't call me boy again and I'm just getting started," Jake said climbing off the bed and grabbing the wired sliver dildo device. His cock moved back and forth as he went, slowly softening but still wet and shinny.

"Megan find the lube stuff, were going to give Miss Lee here a class on payback,"

Miss Lee saw what he had in his hand and her eyes were the ones that went wide now. Megan found what she was looking for and gave Lindsey one final caress and met Jake standing behind Miss Lee.

"And what do you plan to do with that Jake?" Miss Lee inquired.

"You'll find out soon enough."

He didn't bother putting on his clothes and his cock was almost limp now as he figured out how the gizmo worked. Megan handed him the lube and he squirted some out onto the sliver curved shaped dildo and rubbed it around the shaft.

"Let's see, I'm thinking your ass would be the best place for this," Jake said.

Megan smiled at him and moved forward to Miss Lee's ass and pulled her cheeks apart for Jake. Jake was surprised at this and decided that this experience had really opened his girlfriends mind.

"Ya Jake shove that thing in there," Megan said watching Jake slide the cold metal rod into Miss Lee's tight little ass.

"There we go all the way in, and lets hook this little clip up to her clit and see how that works," Jake said.

He knelt down and reached under Miss Lee and spread her pussy lips finding her small clit. He pinched and pulled it trying to get it bigger and Miss Lee got vocal about it.

"Oh fuck Jake that's wonderful, rub my little clit..... Harder," she screamed.

"It's not going to feel good for long Miss Lee," he said.

He got her clit big enough to clip the metal clothes pin looking clip to her clit and she squealed as the metal bit into her sensitive nub.

"Okay now there should be something that powers this thing," he said and walked over to the cupboards.

He found what he was looking for and brought it over after plugging it in to the wall. He hooked the two wires from the clip and dildo up to it and turned the knob until he heard the familiar hum he remembered.

"Oh ya now we're cooking. Megan do you want to do the honors and push this little button?" he asked her.

Miss Lee was straining her neck looking back at Jake and what he was doing. She knew she was in for a painful jolt anytime.

"Absolutely sweetie, this button?" she asked.

"That's the one, push it and see what happens," he said.

Megan put her finger on it and Miss Lee braced herself. Megan pushed it and held it down and Miss Lee started screaming and shaking. Megan kept holding it down and both her and Jake watched Miss Lee's ass convulse and spasm on the metal rod. Her clit got noticeably bigger and bright red as the electricity flowed through it. Megan held it and held it and the power and domination got to her hardening her own nipples as she shocked the woman's ass and clit.

"Okay Megan that's good for now," Jake laughed.

Megan released the button and Miss Lee collapsed on the table under her. Her ass was still contracting involuntarily and her back was heaving up and down.

"Feels good doesn't it bitch?" Jake said sarcastically. "Now it's my turn," he said and hit the button again.

Miss Lee's body came up off the table and she pulled on the ropes as the current flowed through her again. She screamed all over and sweat appeared on her naked body as Jake kept the juice cursing through her body.

"Check it out Jake.........look at the juice running down her leg," Megan said seeing a mostly clear stream of vaginal secretions oozing out of Miss Lee's twat.

"Huh well look at that.... I guess you guys can be milked as well," he said laughing and let go of the power.

The excitement of shocking Miss Lee had Jake's cock hardening again and Megan noticed it first. She grabbed it with her hand and helped it up to its full power and continued to stroke it as Jake shocked Miss Lee one final time.

"I think that will do," he said.

"Ya she's ready for you now. Fuck her in the ass like you did Lindsey," Megan suggested.

She gave Jake's cock a few more tugs and he was as hard as he could get and excited to fuck Miss Lee's ass now. Megan turned from him and unhooked the clip on Miss Lee's clit and pulled the rod out of her still quivering ass. Megan set it on the table next to Miss Lee's shuddering body and turned back to Jake.

"Give it to her Jake, fuck that ass," Megan encouraged.

Jake didn't know where this was coming from but Megan was on one and playing the role of the dominator really well. Jake moved forward and Megan held Miss Lee's ass cheeks open again so he could insert his hard cock.

"Do it Jake shove that monster into her hard!" Megan yelled as Jake positioned his head to Miss Lee's wet, partially opened ass.

It slid in with almost no resistance and Miss Lee moaned and indistinguishable noise. Once he was in Megan let go of Miss Lee's cheeks and let Jake get down to it. He had incredible leverage standing like he was and his fury filled thrusts pushed the table and Miss Lee a few inches until they hit the bed frame where Lindsey was watching.

Jake was in heaven again and Miss Lee's ass was superb, she was primed and hot bliss covered Jake's shaft and bulbous head as he slid in and out. He knew he was gong to last a long time this go around and the idea pleased him. He was a major fan of ass sex since this all happened and he was getting it today. Megan stayed right next to him and watched him pummel Miss Lee and occasionally would smack her ass hard leaving hand prints on the white flesh. She rooted Jake on and rubbed his hard chest as she watched.

Miss Lee was exhausted and just laid on the table with her tits smashed more flat each time Jake bottomed out. Her ass soon went numb as well and Jake just kept up the fucking. Lindsey watched and marveled at Jake's stamina and staying power. She cursed inside her head about being so stupid and letting him escape. She should have transferred him to the bed as soon as she had him. Now it was all over and he was such a prize.

Jake rocked the table and bed now with each hard thrust and even grabbed Miss Lee's hips for added leverage. Megan bit her lip and watched Jake's cock go quickly in and out of Miss Lee, turning Megan on to the point where she wanted some of that cock as well.

"Jake I'm really horny watching this and need you right now," she said starting to remove her clothes. Jake watched her strip and continued his anal assault.

Once Megan was naked she put herself in the same position as Miss Lee and said, "Fuck me Jake please I want your cock in me."

Jake pulled his steely member from Miss Lee's ass and guided it into his girlfriends soaked pussy feeling juice squish out on all sides. Megan threw back her head in ecstasy as his girth spread her wide and filled her up. She felt her secretions run down her sexy spread legs and she grabbed her twin jugs and squeezed the nipples.

"Oh ya...... Oh shit Jake yes fuck me.......Fuck me!" she screamed and Jake went full on hard and fast.

His thrusts vibrated the table and moved the silver dildo across the table, bumping into Megan. She raised her head at its touch and picked it up.

"Here sweetie put this in my ass and fuck me with it as well," she ordered.

Jake took it with a smiled and rubbed the cold metal end up and down her gorgeous rose bud and slowly slipped it in. It went in really easy being much smaller then his cock and Megan screamed in delight feeling the cold metal in her hot ass.

"Oh fuck yes, now fuck me," she screamed.

Jake let go of the dildo and went back to slamming his cock into his hot woman's pussy, now tighter then before. He watched the dildo move as his cock slid past it inside her and threw his head back in sweet heaven. Both Lindsey and Miss Lee watched with envy because of the pleasure they knew Megan was getting from Jake's amazing cock, the pleasure they had just hours before.

It didn't take long and Megan screamed her orgasmic song as her climax overtook her and her body shuddered on Jake and the dildo in her ass. She continued to twist and pull her nipples through the orgasm and Jake kept the thrusts constant and strong. Without warning he pulled all the way out and moved back over to Miss Lee and shoved his dripping cock back into her ass and she yelped with surprise.

Megan turned and watched as she recovered from her peak. Jake watched her mover her hand to the dildo and start fucking her own ass with it with an incredible sexy look on her face. Jake smiled and rammed his cock home again and again into Miss Lee until Megan pulled the dildo out and told Jake with her yes to replace it with his cock.

He immediately pulled out of Miss Lee and moved back over to Megan. Slowly and very cautiously he entered her tight hole. It went in much easier then the other night and he was able to slide most of it in with no problem. Megan reacted with a pleasure filled moan and her hand moved to her wet clit. She played and Jake backed back out and in and was amazed at how much tighter Megan's ass was than Miss Lee's. The new sensation got his balls rising and he started moving faster in Megan and she was into it big time and played with her clit as her ass hummed with delight.

"Oh my.......... Oh Jake it's wonderful........Oh shit its incredible!" Megan screamed.

Jake continued sliding in and out of her and couldn't believe how good it felt. He thought Miss Lee and Lindsey's asses were good, but Megan's was so much better now that he could fully move in and out. He didn't even think about going back to Miss Lee and just kept the tempo on Megan's incredible ass.

Megan's body was completely stimulated and she had never experienced such euphoria before in an orgasm. The combination of the anal and the clit play after the excitement of the night's activities peaked with her pussy flooded with juice and her ass grabbed Jake's cock as it went in and out.

"Oh fuck I'm cumming again!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed.

Hearing that caused Jake to speed up and he drove his hard cock deeper into Megan's ass. He was extremely thrilled that she was cumming during anal and that this meant he was going to do it more and more. This idea caused his own pleasure to peek once again and he pulled out after another barrage of thrusts. Megan turned quickly around for his load and the other two women begged for just a taste.

Megan greedily ate all that he had to offer and expressed how delicious it was again, rubbing in the fact that Miss Lee and Lindsey didn't get to share. They cursed and yanked on the ropes the hardest yet and Megan wondered if they really did need it to survive. Right now she didn't care and just swallowed the large mouth full of cum and sucked the rest out of Jake's cock leaving no leftovers. Jake bucked and squirmed as she sucked his sensitive head and his body glistened with sweat from his workout. He knew it was going to be awhile before his cock was ready for anymore.

Jake walked over to the chair he used to be tied to and sat down to rest. He watched Megan lick her lips and stand up. She had a look in her eyes and he watched as she began to taunt the two tied up women.

"Oh I'm sorry ladies I didn't save any for you, it was just so good," Megan mocked.

She went where they could see her better and continued her teasing them. Jake looked down at his still hard cock, all shiny and wet from Megan's ass and her mouth. He watched it slowly fall to the hard chair and listened to Megan rile up the other two women. Jake's balls ached slightly from all the squeezing and use they had received in so short a time but he loved it and was already thinking about his cock in Megan's exquisite ass again.

Megan finished messing with Miss Lee and Lindsey and walked over and sat down on Jake's lap. His left arm went instinctively around her and his right hand cupped one of her large perfect breasts.

"What do you think? Do you think they've had enough yet?" she whispered in his ear.

"My dick seems to think so, what do you think?" he whispered back.

"Well I'm sure that's only momentary with you but I'm thinking our parents are worried sick about us and we should call the cops and them soon," she replied.

"I agree we should wrap this little game up."

They both stood up and dressed. The bound women watched them not knowing what to expect next but knew it wasn't going to be good for them. Jake grabbed the tazer and walked over to Lindsey.

"Well ladies it's been a blast but it's time we said our good byes," he said.

She shocked Lindsey unconscious and untied her and with Megan's help they redressed her and tied her to the chair. Miss Lee remained silent knowing she was next and didn't bother pleading with them.

"Well Miss Lee there is going to be some sad freshman when you don't return to teach English. Maybe you can teach your cell mate some Shakespeare in prison," Jake said and zapped her.

They dressed her as well, tied her up next to Lindsey and Megan dialed 911.

THE END.......?