Visiting Ramiah – The New Girlfriend

This was written by Mike, the man behind the My Dick Flash CFNM website.


A few years back I was visiting my cousin, Ramiah, on his college campus. We weren’t particularly close, but we pretended to be for some odd reason. I think it was because we were close when we were younger and we tried to pretend things didn’t change. Anyway, I stayed for a week from Sunday to Sunday. We hung out a lot, but he had just gotten a new girlfriend, Damaris, so she was constantly battling me for Ramiah’s attention. All I heard the first day was her whining about him not spending enough time with her. What a pain in the ass! I didn’t care too much though. Because he was forced to spend time with her I got to play a lot of basketball and walk around, staring at all of the hot ass girls that went to his university.

Although she was a pain, she was pretty fucking hot. She was a Latina girl with light brown skin – perfect skin and a great smile. She had long, curly hair that almost reached her ass which was perfect. The perfect round bubble butt that almost looked fake because of her tiny waist. She made things worse by dressing in tight clothes that shaped her body perfectly for the eyes.

Damaris seemed to hate me from the moment she met me. I don’t know what I did wrong. It could have been so many different things. It could have been the way I talked so openly about everything. It could have been the fact that I was open and unashamed about being a horny pervert. Or maybe it was how much I stared at her tits during our initial conversation. I couldn’t help it. She had these beautiful full C’s and wore a tank top that could barely stop them from smacking me in the face. It didn’t help that her headlights were completely turned on, if you know what I mean.

Although Damaris had her own dorm room she basically moved in with Ramiah. Most of her shit was there and she slept there every night. This had the potential to be very good or very bad. I found out my cousin had the same class Monday through Friday at 8am. Being the nerd that he was he actually got up and went to it every day. On Monday and Tuesday I heard the shower going at 7:15am as I slept on the couch in the living room. At 7:45 the front door slammed. It was Ramiah leaving.

I also figured out that Damaris had a class from Monday through Friday at 9am. Immediately after the slam of the front door, the bedroom door squeaked open. Damaris would emerge, walk into the bathroom to pee, and then turn on the shower. After that she would walk past me on the couch into the kitchen to get a glass of water. She wore only a small T-shirt that showed her toned, golden brown calves and thighs and barely hid panties, if she was wearing any. Those first two days I watched her perfect ass bounce to and from and I tried to guess whether or not she was going commando.

Wednesday I had to do something. There was no way I was going to let the week go by and not either get naked in front of Damaris or see her naked or both. I had a plan, but I would need a little luck. As soon as the front door slammed I jumped off the couch and darted to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and waited, listening for Damaris. Her bedroom door squeaked open and I heard footsteps leading up to the bathroom door. I started peeing. It felt great since I had been holding it for almost an hour. I yawned, put both arms in the air, and let me dick do its thing.

Damaris pushed open the door wearing the sleep face.

“Honey, is that you?” she asked.

She continued to wipe the sleep from her eyes and fought to focus. She froze when she realized it was not Ramiah, but me. Her eyes went from my eyes and down to my dick and then to the stream of urine that was coming out of it.

“Oh shit!” I said, pretending to be embarrassed. The good thing was that since I was peeing, I could not reasonably move or turn away.

She continued to stare at my penis.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I had to use the bathroom.”

“Why are all of your clothes off?” She still had not turned away.

“I was about to take a shower,” I said, as my stream got smaller.

“Oh right, I’m sorry.”

My stream ended and I grabbed my dick and gave it a good shake. She yelped and finally turned away.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “I wasn’t staring, I’m sorry.”

She ran from the bathroom in a hurry. I took a quick shower and dressed. When I went back to the living room she was sitting on the sofa in a pensive state. Her legs were slightly open and I could see the slightest portion of what looked like pink underwear.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“I’m so, so sorry about that,” she said, shaking her head, but not looking at me.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. I was trying not to be obvious as I peeked between her legs. I was also trying to mask the fact that I had a growing erection.

“No, I should’ve knocked,” she said.

“It’s no big deal,” I said, “so you saw my penis.”

“I didn’t really see it,” she said, trying to convince herself. She looked up at me. When we made eye contact she turned away quickly.

“You didn’t?” I asked. I wanted to keep the dialogue going.

“Well, I did…” She paused to choose the right words. “It wasn’t like I was focusing on it. I just saw it and, you know, what you were doing. I wasn’t like watching or gawking, it was just like you see something and you look. You know. It just caught me by surprise.”

“No big deal.” I noticed her legs open further and she was definitely wearing hot pink panties.

“Good. I’m sorry again.” And that was the end of it.

Thursday morning the door slammed and my eyes opened at the same time. I listened and heard Damaris walk into the bathroom, this time after knocking, and start to pee. She turned on the shower and walked past me into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

I quietly went into the bathroom and waited until I heard her near, which was difficult because of the running shower water. I started peeing, but Damaris didn’t come in. I finished and flushed the toilet, slightly disappointed. I turned to the door and Damaris walked in rubbing some kind of cream into her face with her eyes shut. She was completely naked! She looked unbelievable. She had dark nipples connected to those perky tits and flat stomach which led down to a finely manicured patch of pubic hair, shaped like a diamond.

I felt my dick growing, but I didn’t want to make the situation too awkward.

I announced my presence. “Damaris.”

She opened her eyes and screamed at the top of her lungs. She dropped the bottle of cream, covered herself, and ran out giving me a great ass shot.

“I’m sorry!”

I knew Damaris would be really careful Friday morning. So, before I went to sleep I wrote a note asking her to wake me before she left for class. I heard the door slam and I used the thought of her looking at me peeing and seeing her naked body to give myself a full erection. I was having so much fun I almost blew my load.

I made sure my penis was sticking out of my shorts and pretended to sleep. As she walked to the door, there was a pause. I assumed she was reading the note. She walked over to me and shrieked.

“Oh my god!” she said in a muffled tone.

It took her a while to compose herself. There were a few quiet moments where I didn’t know what was going on.

“Mike,” she said.

I wondered if she was still staring at my dick. I heard her giggle, but she tried not to be too loud.

“Mike,” she said over and over.

I pretended to wake up.

“You wanted me to get you up,” she said. She had a huge smile on her face.

“Thanks,” I said.

I stood up and she looked at my hard dick poking out of my shorts.

“Fuck,” she said, walking to the door. “This is too much.”

“What is?”

She stopped and looked me in the face. “First, I see you pee. Then you see me naked. Now, I have to stand here and see what you were dreaming about.”


She pointed at my erection and laughed.

I looked down and covered up. “Oh shit.”

“Exactly,” she said. “I’ve got to go or I’m going to be late.”

“I’m sorry Damaris.”

“I don’t know if I believe that.”

“I am. You have no idea how humiliating this is.”

“Well…” She stopped to choose her words again. “If it helps, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know…” She made a head motion in the area of my crotch, but didn’t want to say the words.

“What are you talking about?”

“Never mind,” she said.

There was silence, setting up a strange and awkward silence.

“So what do I have to look forward to tomorrow?”

“We could have sex,” I joked.

I smiled at her, but the look on her face told me that she didn’t find my remark humorous in the least. She scowled at me as she walked out of the door.