A CFNM Encounter At The Pool


It was a hot August afternoon when I was awoken by the sound of a ringing phone in the outer relms of my consciousness. Quickly realizing I had to answer the phone, I stumbled out of bed and grabbed it. I looked at the clock and was disappointed to find that it was only eight in the morning. I was even more disappointed to hear my mom on the other end.

"Good morning Henry," my Mom began, "..sorry to wake you, but it was such a beautiful day outside that I figured you should go the pool." Putting my hand over the speaking end of the phone, I groaned fairly loudly. Here I was, a 19-year-old sophomore in college, and I was still being told by my mom what I should do. As disparaging as this was, she did have a decent point. I mean, it was the end of the month, and I wouldn't get too many more opportunities to catch any rays. I was already up, and going to the pool was a lot quicker and cheaper than the beach. Plus, it wasn't like I could wake up any of my friends this early.

"Sure mom," I responded. "I'll head out to the pool in a few. I'll give you a call later." I washed up, grabbed my stuff, and I was pretty much out the door. The pool was like a five minute drive from my house, and it didn't take long until I was set up, and reading a book. There wasn't too many people there considering that the pool had just opened a half hour prior, and I took some solace in the lack of screaming children playing in the kiddie pool. I eyed the few people there, but didn't find much in the nearly empty pool. I was pretty disappointed in the lack of women available at the pool, but since I hadn't had much luck anyhow with women, I tried to forget about it by reading a book I brought with me.

A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw exactly what it had been that I was looking for. Coming up from the pool was a tall brunette, who although was a little on the heavier side, still had a killer body. Although I couldn't see her face, her two piece bikini displayed a very large set of breasts that instantly stopped any thoughts about the book I had been reading. She had legs that looked like they went forever until they led up to the clincher: she was wearing a thong. Obviously, this was a woman who didn't expect to find anybody at the pool, and with the exception of me, was absolutely right. This woman had quite a booty, but she obviously worked out, and quite well I may add. The woman looked like she was a bit older, but this only seemed to turn me on more, since I did have a little bit of a MILF fetish growing up. (Hey, older women need loving too, and though I didn't have much experience, I was sure that I (along with my seven and a half inch piece of equipment) could satisfy.)

I quickly snapped out of it though. Here I was, about to go back to college in two weeks, there was no way I could hit on this older broad. I'm extremely shy, and couldn't hit on girls my own age, much less try to pick up older women at the pool. I wasn't about to be the least bit scummy, so I went for a swim to calm down my nerves, and more importantly, the growing erection from the glimpse I had gotten before.

I swam around the pool a little bit, trying out all the various swim techniques I had learned at my classes at the university the previous semester. I looked around and found that there was also a severe lack of lifeguards at this hour, with only one lifeguard on duty, and she looked like she had a hangover from the night's previous events. I tried to check her out while doing a backstroke, but that immediately stopped when I bumped into something.

Suddenly, my eyes were closed by a pair of hands, and a voice that seemed somewhat familiar.

"Hey Henry, guess who?"

I took the opportunity to try to feel behind me to get an idea, but suddenly my hands were touching two fairly large breasts before I turned around in embarassment. Before me was Rosie Catedrales , my friend Tony's mom. I suddenly became more embarassed when I realized that this was the same woman who I had been checking out minutes prior.

It wasn't as if this was the first time I had erotic thoughts about her, on the contrary, she had been a sexual desire of mine throughout my teenage years, and I still thought about her from time to time. She had been easily the hottest of my friend's moms, and I remember the initial guilt I had that first time when I was 13, masturbating to thoughts of her. The guilt subsided pretty quickly, and I looked forward to seeing her in various outfits, most of which usually had me running home, concealing an erection, and immediately rubbing one out moaning her name. Through some expert snooping, I found out she was a 36C, and I knew she frequently worked out to keep her figure. I shook off the thoughts of her that I had, and quickly caught what she was saying.

"So how are you doing, how's college?" Rosie asked. I answered that it was good, that I was getting good grades, and asked about Tony. I had been good friends with Tony up until our senior year in high school in which we grew apart, but still remained friends with him. She answered that he wasn't doing too well in school, and had just left home for the fall semeter. She quickly changed the topic though when she began to comment on my appearance, and said that "I looked great."

I'm normally a modest person, but I had to admit, my time in the gym was finally paying off. I had worked out for the better part of two years, and already at 6'2, I had a good appearance with a decent amount of muscle. But I wasn't about to be narcissitic.

"Yeah, I guess, but what about you? You look phenomenal. My mom certainly doesn't look like that." Rosie giggled, and when she looked down, I took another peak at her body. This was an outfit that I had dreamed to see Rosie in for years now, and I was reveling in the opportunity and taking it to mind for yet another jerk-off session later today.

She looked up, and had said that she was pretty shy about her body, and didn't expect to find anybody here. Upon looking around, I realized that there was nobody else at the pool at this point. "I hope I'm not scaring you, seeing so much of me. You should be seeing girls your age in something like this, but definitely not me."

I replied "Are you kidding me? If more girls looked like you, I'd probably have a girlfriend by now." She blushed again, and playfully pushed me. It was this point that we began to horseplay around the pool, and after about a few races that I challenged her to, I had to admit that my member was at full mast. We bantered back and forth, and I kept giving compliments to her, and she kept returning them in full force. For probably the first time in my life, I was on with a woman. But my luck, this was my friend's mom. I didn't think I had a a chance, but I did have a boner.

"I'm getting out of the pool, why don't you join me? We can talk some more, and it looks like you could use the company," Rosie said. As Rosie left the pool, I got another fantastic view of her bottom, and despite already being extremely hard, I felt my member grow a little bit more. Suddenly, I found myself in a dilemma: I couldn't leave the pool with my throbbing boner.

"C'mon, get out of the pool Henry," she urged. "I think you've been in there for too long." I tried to convince her that I wanted to stay, but she dragged me out by my arm. Now, out of the pool, I gave her a view of my fully erect penis in my swimming shorts, and I looked away in embarassment. But when I turned back, I could have sworn I saw a smile on her face, as she set up her deck chair, and laid down.

Nah, she couldn't be interested in me, I thought. She's married, with two children, and she certainly wouldn't want to do anything with a young kid like me. I concluded that it was a pipe dream, and after I got my things, I sat in the lawn chair next to her. I knew I didn't have a chance, but I figured that at the worst, I could probably get some nice glimpses in that amazing bathing suit.

"I don't want you to burn up," Rosie asked. "Do you mind if I rub some lotion on you?" The notion of this scantily clad- MILF goddess rubbing lotion on me seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, so of course I agreed to it.

She began to rub lotion on my chest, and my arms. She was practically pressed up against me, and although I caught a few glimpses down the top, I figured that it would probably ruin my chances if I was caught staring at her chest like a deer caught in headlights. So I closed my eyes, and began to relax as I felt Rosie's soft caress throughout my body. As she got lower on my body, I had to admit that I was getting hard again, and that my attempts at stopping it were not working. Suddenly, as she was rubbing lotion, I felt her reach under the mesh, and before I knew it, her hands were wrapped tightly around my member.

"Naught, naughty boy," I heard Rosie say. "I try to do you a favor, and your mind goes into the gutter?" Although she was looking at me, and it seemed like she was lecturing me, I still couldn't help but be turned on. She leaned closer to my ear, and whispered "I bet you'd like to see more of me, wouldn't ya?"

It was at this moment that she began to go up and down my shaft, and I felt like I was in heaven. My embarassment turned into relief as the huge amount of tension that was built up ever since I saw her was buildling up in such a way that I was going to explode.

"Henry, let me do this, and I promise you that we can have an um..personal session on my pool later on today, would that be good?" I couldn't believe the proposition that I would get a handjob from this gorgeous woman, and that later on, I would be able to completely take her. I had to make sure though.

"Only if we have our session today!" I confidently replied, and her lips curled into a smile. I relaxed, and suddenly, Rosie went back to work on my penis. She proceeded to take it out of my trunks, and since I saw nobody around, I had no problems with it. She went up and down methodically, and I had to grab the sides of the lawn chair, it was getting that intense.

She continued for about twenty minutes, and seemed to be enjoying it more with each passing minute. As soon as precum began to ooze from my penis though is probably the moment when I feel she totally immersed herself in the moment. She was no longer Rosie Catedrales, wife and mother of two, she was now a sexual conqueror whose primal instincts caused her to lick the expanded head of my penis. I realed in pleasure, and she smacked her lips.

"Yummy," Rosie said as she looked up and then proceeded to engulf my dick into her mouth. I had never felt such pleasure before, and as the first person to go down on me, I suddenly knew about it that made it so desirable.

Rosie slowly began going up and down my shaft, and tried to take in more and more of my penis each time. What had started out as a seductive handjob had quickly turned into a full blowjob right outside of the community pool. But to tell you the truth, I didn't care, and neither did Rosie who seemed to be really horny from the activity.

She proceeded to pull my hand to her breasts, rubbing it on them over the top of her bathing suit. I finally had the opportunity to fell the breasts that had teased me throughout my teenage years. I squeezed and touched them, and the feel of it was wonderful. I took in the moment, and suddenly felt like I was going to cum. I told Rosie as much, and she began to jerk off the shaft while a good portion of it remained in her mouth.

The sensations going through my body were wonderful, and as I began to cum I looked down to see Rosie open-mouthed, awaiting it. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but only succeeded in swallowing the first couple of bursts. I had gotten awfully worked up, and as I continued to cum, Rosie couldn't handle it all. Streaks of cum hit across her face, across her lips, and finally onto the breasts that I had still been feeling.

We looked at each other for a second, and proceeded to both smile at each other. It had been wonderful.

Rosie licked the cum off of her lips, and then brought back up the straps of the bathing suit. "Alright Henry, people are going to start piling into the pool," Rosie coyly said. " I think we'd be better off if we used the one at my house."

I looked down at her, smiled, and as we held hands, we both went to the parking lot in awaition of our next sexual adventure.