Visiting Ramiah – Part Two: The Wild Friday Night

This was written by Mike, the man behind the My Dick Flash CFNM website. Part one of this story is HERE.


Ramiah and I played video games Friday night while Damaris went to a bachelorette party with a bunch of her sexy ass friends. He told me that a couple of them were spending the night, so I was excited. He went to bed around 2am, but I was laying in the dark waiting for the girls to return home. I heard a car drive into the parking lot with music blasting at a high volume, literally shaking the walls. It had to be them. I went to the balcony window and looked down. Sure enough there was Damaris and two friends stumbling toward the building. I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower and jumped in. I waited under the warm water, lathering myself with soap while playing with my dick. Not long after that, I heard voices on the outside of the door.

There was an echoing knock.

“Who is it?” I asked, heart beating rapidly.

Damaris opened the door and poked her head in. “Damaris,” she slurred. I could hear how drunk she was in her voice. “My friends and I gotta pee.”

“You want me to leave?” I asked, even though I didn’t want to leave.

“No we won’t flush.”

Within seconds the three girls filled the bathroom and my heart tried to jump out of my chest.

“I’m first,” Damaris said.

“Do you have an extra toothbrush?” one girl asked.

“Under the sink,” Damaris said.

I peeked out of the shower and saw the three girls. Two thin blondes and Damaris. Each of them were wearing sexy outfits and looking hot and drunk. Damaris stood in front of the toilet and dropped her skirt. There she was, standing there in a microscopic blue thong. Her sweet brown cheeks make the string disappear, but it reappeared as she pulled it from her butt crack and dropped the thong to the floor.

“You’ve got a great ass, Dee,” the taller blonde said.

“Thanks, lesbo,” Damaris said, smartly.

“I wish I had your ass,” said the other blonde.

“You two are like totally gay,” Damaris said. “Stop lusting after my ass.”

“Can’t help it,” the taller blonde said. “Sometimes, I want to bite it.”

The three of them laughed.

I was in awe. I couldn’t believe I was standing there naked with a growing erection while there were three sexy, half-dressed girls so close to me – only separated by the thin shower curtain.

The tall blonde smacked Damaris on the ass and they laughed again. By this point, I had a throbbing erection that needed relief. I didn’t even want to accidentally touch it because I thought I would cum on the spot.

Damaris sat on the toilet and sighed as the shorter blonde brushed her teeth.

I pulled my head back in the curtain and took a deep breath. My mind and body were going crazy and I was horny as hell, but I had no idea how to approach the situation.

“Hey naked shower guy,” a voice said.

I looked behind me and there was the tall blonde peering behind the curtain as I stood there naked and wet.

“Give him some privacy, whore,” Damaris said.

“He doesn’t mind. Do you shower guy?”

“Not really,” I said. I could hear and feel my voice shaking.

“He’s got a cute ass,” the tall blonde said.

“Oh my god,” Damaris said. The other blonde laughed and said something incomprehensible because she had toothpaste in her mouth.

“Spit out the cum first,” the tall blonde said.

“You two are nasty,” Damaris said.

“I’m Mike,” I said. I turned and faced her with my thick and bobbing hard-on.

She looked down and noticed my dick. She looked back up at me. “Hi, I’m Lisa.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said, confidently.

She smiled. “Hey guys, naked shower guy is facing me. He has a big, black, naked erection.”

“Are you serious?” the other blonde said.

“Yeah, come look.”

“Fucking whores!” Damaris laughed.

The other blonde peeked in, but I had turned back around.

“It’s just his butt,” the other blonde said.

“He was flashing me, I swear,” Lisa said.

“Can you turn around, naked shower guy?” the other blonde asked. She had a smile on her face. She was very pretty. She had small features – nose, ears – and beautiful blue eyes.

“His name’s Mike,” Damaris said.

“Can you turn around naked Mike?”

I push the washcloth over my dick and turned around. She laughed.

“He’s got a washcloth over it, like a towel rack.”

“My god,” Damaris said.

I removed the wash cloth casually and said, “Sounds like you guys had a fun night.”

“We did,” Damaris said.

The other blonde’s eyes focused on my dick. “That is a big, black naked dick.”

“You’re so crude,” Damaris continued.

“It’s true though,” Lisa said. “It is a black dick.”

“It’s darker than the rest of his body,” the other blonde said.

They laughed.

“I wish the guy who gave me a lap dance had that big black dick,” she said.

“He was white.”

“You know what I mean.”

“Are you taking a shit, Damaris?” Lisa asked.


“Then get off the fucking toilet already.”

“What’s your name?” I asked the other blonde.

She was still smiling and staring at my erection.

“Courtney,” she said.

“You’re cute.”

“You’ve got a big penis.”

I smiled and she laughed.

“Bye,” she said and her head disappeared.

I peeked out of the front and Lisa was in a red thong which slid down her milky white legs and she sat on the bowl. She peed and it was loud and long and the two other girls laughed.

“You really had to go,” I said.

“Don’t listen to me, pervert,” Lisa said, playfully.

“That’s why his erection is so big,” Courtney said. “He likes hearing girls pee.”

“You should go look at this dick too, Dee,” Lisa said.

“No thanks,” Damaris said. “I already saw it.”


“None of your business.”

All of the talk was making me horny as hell. I wanted to jack off so bad.

Lisa finished peeing and stood up. Damaris walked out of the bathroom and Courtney sat on the toilet. She was the only one of the three who was not wearing any underwear.

The two girls were quiet and I started slowly stroking my dick. I was getting into it when Lisa peeked in the curtain again.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said, but I didn’t stop.

“You’re totally playing with yourself,” Lisa said.

“What is he doing?” Courtney asked.

“Jerking off.”

“I’m not,” I said, stopping. I wasn’t sure if their reactions were positive or negative.

“You don’t have to stop,” Lisa said. “We don’t care.”

“Yeah, my boyfriend jacks off like ten minutes after we have sex,” Courntey said. “I just assumed guys have to do it.”

“I’ve never seen a guy jack off,” Lisa said.

“I have.”

“All the way?”

“Yeah,” Courtney said. “This guy was jacking off in the corner of a frat party I was at. After a while a group of people just starting watching him. I think the girls were there because this guy was tiny but his dick was long as hell.”

“What happened?”

“When he came, his spooge hit him in the chin.”

They both laughed.

“That’s a funny story,” I said.

I was standing there under the warm water, with a raging hard-on, with the shower curtain open and two girls standing in front of me – one of whom was sitting on the toilet bare-assed.

“How close are you?” Courtney asked.

“Close,” I said.

“Keep going.”

I started stroking the shaft of my dick as both girls watched with curious expressions. I moaned and they smiled at each other.

As I got close, I reached out for Courtney’s hand. She gave it to me.

“What do you want me to do?”

I put her hand on my balls and she rubbed them gently.

“Do you need me to do anything?” Lisa asked.

As soon as she did I started to jerk and shot a wad of cum on Courtney’s shirt. Courtney started laughing and squeezed my balls. I kept stroking until a bunch of cum was on Courtney’s blouse.

“That’s a lot,” Courtney said. “You must have been holding that in for weeks.”

“Is there any more?” Lisa asked.

She reached over and grabbed my dick and stroked it slowly, trying to get out the last drop of cum.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Thank you,” they said together and laughed.

“Sorry about your shirt,” I said.

“That’s all right,” she said. “It was a gift from Lisa anyway.


They laughed.




Anonymous said...

Very interesting developements in this story. I'm fascinated to see what happens next!