A Ladies Night for Alice

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Scene 1

Returning from work one day in June, Alice picked up the mail before entering her home. In addition to the usual bills, a flyer announcing a new pizza parlour and a women's magazine, there was a letter without a return address that intrigued her. Putting down everything she held in her hands on the hall table, she tore the envelope open. Inside was a card on the cover of which was a nude hunk seated on a birthday cake adorned with rows of candles. The writing across the page read," You are invited. " Inside, there was information about the time and place of the surprise birthday party and instructions, which read:

1. A limo will pick you up and bring you back.

2. Bring an inexpensive sex oriented gift.

3. Wear something nice, maybe a little sexy, a dress or skirt, shoes. No jeans or sneakers.

4. Bring a small purse tagged with your name, address and telephone number. Make sure your entrance key is in it.

5. Cost: $25 per person payable in advance. Pays everything.

To confirm call Nina or see her at work.

Alice knew Nina well; she was the supervisor of one of the larger departments at the store. Nina was a little younger than Alice but they had become good friends especially since her separation from Bob. Nina was also divorced. Alice wondered who was the party for; although with Nina in charge she suspected that it might be for her since her own birthday was the day following the date of this party. Anyway she would go for sure no matter what. These days there were not too many occasions to go out dressed up. As for purchasing the sexy gift there was plenty of time to think of that since the party was a month away.

After that memorable bridge night and gangbang things went from bad to worse between her and Bob. The love that was agonising was now absolutely dead. It was bound to happen sooner or later. During that evening, Alice had finally asserted herself. Her behaviour had been more an act of liberation rather than of sexual promiscuity. As for Bob he realized that despite a certain assault on his pride, he really did not give a damn how Alice behaved. Needless to say he was cool towards the guys at work, he and Ed were no longer friends. The separation had not been too costly because they had the same lawyer. Alice kept the house and the two kids remained with her for a while. Bob got most of the other investments and had to pay some alimony. All told it turned out pretty well.

However living alone was no picnic for Alice. If Bob could go to the pub to relieve the boredom and the loneliness Alice could not. Moreover, all her life she had not really cultivated any friends having concentrated mainly on her family. She was just recently beginning to have friends.

Alice looked at herself in the mirror while thinking, "My god over a month already since I received that invitation. My how time flies. You're getting old babe, tomorrow you'll be forty. Where have the years gone? And I still don't know whose birthday it is. Nina was evasive she said that to keep it a secret she wasn't telling anything to anyone. I don't even know for sure who is coming. "

She picked up an apple-green silk shirtdress and slipped it on over a see-thru bra and sheer bikini panties. The undergarment part of her outfit was sexy enough but she thought the dress was a little matronly. True it was sleeveless and form fitting and came just above the knees. It also buttoned all the way up in front. By leaving a couple of buttons undone on top she could show some cleavage and by doing the same at the hem she would reveal a bit of thigh. Around her waist she tied a bright yellow scarf to further accent her good looking figure. Her long blonde hair was loose, flowing and a little dishevelled which went well with the laid-back look of her dress. Crimson lips, a light touch of black mascara and stunning copper-toned lids accented her classic look. Finally she slipped on a pair of sling back white sandals.

"Pretty good even if I say so myself. "

It was getting close to 8 pm so she picked up her small purse and the plastic bag with a wrapped box containing her gift that consisted of two packs of playing cards featuring nude males and went outside to wait for the limousine.

Shortly afterwards the car arrived and a handsome young chauffeur opened the door and

got out.

"Evening mam. My name is Jake. . A woman called Nina asked me to take pictures of the girls before they got in the limo. Do you mind if I take a video of you. Sort of glamour shots. "

"Ok by me, "Alice said as she posed in front of the luxury automobile. One thing led to another till finally she was showing quite a bit of skin while joking with this super hunk.

When she stepped into the car a girl called Margot was already seated in the corner of the plush leather rear seat. Alice knew her a little since she worked in accounting.

"Hi Margot. So you're also going to the party," Alice said as she sat on the leather seat along one side. In front on the opposite side she looked at a complete bar and rec centre.

"Well hello Alice nice to see you again. We don't get to meet very often. Here let me pour you a glass of bubbly. The champagne was in this ice bucket when I came in. 'Complementary drink' he said,'" pointing to the driver.

"Speaking of drivers, did you noticed what a hunk of a man he is?" whispered Alice.

"Yah right. How could I miss him? Before I got in he nearly had me posing nude for him.

While they were sipping the sparkling wine, Alice looked slyly at the younger woman who was in her late twenties. What a knockout she was in that beguiling cheongsam dress. The resemblance between the traditional Chinese dress and the one she was wearing was negligible. Made up in embroidered satin, it had the high mandarin collar and the form-fitting silhouette. Normally it would be mid-calf length, however this one had only a tapering side panel going to mid-calf on one leg. From there the slanted hip high hem line front and back revealed most of her long slim legs and hardly covered her buns and crotch. Actually Alice could catch a glimpse of her red v-shaped panties when she opened her legs. The top part had a large keyhole bodice showing sizeable portions of her ample breasts and a zippered front that could be opened to below the navel.

"I have not seen that type of dress very often Margot, but yours is absolutely stunning and so sexy,' Alice exclaimed in admiration.

"Not too sexy I hope. You know I bought it online at a steal. You look good in that shirt dress Alice, very becoming. If I may make a suggestion, you might open one more top button Alice. And lift the collar at the back. That will make you look a little more debonair and flirty. "

Shortly the limo stopped again and, after a while, in came Naomi, a dark-skinned petite black girl with a vivacious personality.

"Hello you two. Nice warm night for a girl's night out. You know I'm amazed that guy had me showing my tits while he took a video. I wonder what kind of entertainment Nina has planned?"

She showed off a super cute, sassy hot red flirt skirt and a sheer chiffon ruffled off-the-shoulder peasant style top. Underneath she wore a tiny matching lace v-shorts with an extra cheeky rear view and no bra because her nipples were clearly visible beneath the semi-transparent material.

"Have some wine Naomi you paid for it, I think. "

The same routine occurred three more times until six women were seated at the back of the limo drinking champagne and gossiping. Alice knew them all, some more than others, but they all worked where she did. All of them were good looking women in their twenties or early thirties. Some were married others not. However, in this context, they seemed different than at work . For one thing they were all dressed in tempting show-a-lot-of-skin gear with hairstyles, makeup, shoes and jewellery to match. For another they were relaxed and a little naughty away from the pressure and conformity of the store. Everybody was laughing and excited when the car stopped and the handsome muscular chauffer opened the door. While they were exiting some of the following comments were heard:

" You can drive my machine anytime handsome,"

"Come up and see me sometime big boy,"

" With a physique like that you should be a male stripper,"' If you got the smarts to match your shape you'd be a good stud to have around,"

"Honey you must have a licence to drive me this crazy,"

"Baby you make my juices run down my legs. "

They went up a long flight of stairs to a reception room on the second story of a private club. It was very secluded; the only way up was the staircase with the outside entrance they had just climbed. The room itself was not particularly luxurious or large; it could accommodate maybe fifty people. At one end was a row of windows with worn out curtains while at the other was a door and pass-through leading to a large kitchen. The other two walls were bare except for the plentiful party decorations, such as penis -shaped balloons, long pecker -shaped birthday banners etc. , that had been placed there in advance. The extra chairs and tables were scattered along one of the sidewalls. In the middle of the floor a large oval-shaped table surrounded by twelve chairs had been set up. The napkins, paper plates, plastic wine cups were all decorated with something sexual. For instance, on one end of the straws was a small dicky sipper; the napkins were adorned with muscle men with huge dicks. Spread on the table was candies like dickorice, dick licks, spermies, gummy peckers, chips, popcorn and pretzels. It was quite warm in the hall since there was no air conditioning.

A girl they didn't know was taking pictures with a video camera. She wasn't out of place wearing a red t-shirt dress.

"What's with that video camera?" asked one of the women called Tara.

Tara worked in advertising. She was an attractive 30ish woman who had black hair, dark eyes and a dark tanned skin, which set off the white strapless body-hugging sheath dress she was wearing.

"Oh, I'm sorry I thought you knew. It's all been arranged with Nina. The Vin Monde Wine company is paying for the champagne in return for a few advertising shots. The wine is an excellent quality and expensive. I hope you don't mind. I'll try to make myself invisible. By the way my name is Ann. "

"As far as I'm concerned it's worth it, the wine is awesome and then some," replied Tara. "I understand about the photos I work in advertising also. "

The others agreed.

After looking over the place while commenting on the décor and the wine, they hung around waiting. From the kitchen emerged a gorgeous bare chested guy in his middle twenties wearing an apron and with a bottle of sparkling wine in each hand. They admired his muscular tanned torso and arms.

"With a French accent he said," Would you like zee champagne Mesdames?"

"Pour it on mon choux, pour it on," someone replied.

"What's your name darling?"

"Mon nom is Marcel. A votre service. "

Alice didn't know about the others but she was already feeling a little light headed from the couple of glassfuls she drank while driving in the limo.

When he turned around to go back to the kitchen they noticed with delight he was wearing only thong shorts showing them his firm large buttocks causing some to whistle and hoot.

"Oh, look at that! What a pair of buns!" exclaimed Naomi.

Another girl called Pat who looked stunning in a tube strapless blue floral dress and a bodice cut so low that it barely contained her breast, shouted," Listen, I hear the other girls arriving. "

True enough they could hear women's voices and laughter as the other guests thundered up the stairs. Finally six other noisy females irrupted through the doorway into the room. There were a lot of warm hugs and friendly teasing as the two groups greeted each other.

"We thought you would never get here," Alice said.

"We're late because I forgot something at my place," answered Nina.

"But we're all here now. Let's drink to that," Tara the sultry vamp in the tight strapless white mini dress called out.

Immediately the waiter came running out with another couple of wine bottles. The six newcomers were impressed with the guy's body but when he turned around to show his buns they were more than impressed. While they were talking he came back several times, first to bring plates of cheese and crackers, then a couple of bowls of filled with strawberries. Of course, each time he slithered between two girls rubbing up against them and shoving his cheeks in their face tempting them, getting them excited. Finally one girl could stand it no longer as she patted his buttocks when he passed by.

He turned to her and very politely said," Easy darrrling the night is young. "

"He's right Sandra. Let the man do his job," ordered Nina.

All the ladies were now either standing or seated around the table drinking and enjoying the party. Alice observed how sexy they all looked. Two of the newcomers were particularly attractive. One whose name was Sandra, had on a gorgeous subtle camisole which flattered her figure with light elegance. It featured exquisite detailing with a delicate scalloped edge along the bottom of the short cami cut a little below her breasts. The camisole had very thin, adjustable straps and closed in back with a single row of 9 hooks and eyes. The skirt was a sheer, minimal coverage thing constructed of tulle overlaided with lace with a hip high split at the left side. The other girl named Karen was similarly clad with a lace stretch cami and a double slit mini skirt. The skirt consisted of two micro mini panels tied together with a thin string. It looked like a loincloth riding so low on the hips that it was just barely hiding the genitalia. Both ensembles epitomized the underwear-as-outerwear trend, that now make camis essential to a young woman's wardrobe. Because they knew they would not be walking very far they had put barefoot sandals on their feet. These consisted of an ankle bracelet from which two strings of gems went down to circle the second toe. Apart from the three strings of colourful imitation precious stones, the flawless feet were bare with brightly painted toenails and looked extremely sexy.

When Alice sat down, Pat, without delay, sat beside her. Pat and Alice worked in the same notions department. Every thing Pat knew Alice had taught her. They had something like a mother and daughter relationship. Pat was a tiny girl with straight blonde hair parted on the side. The only things big about her were her boobs, which were around size 34C. They were magnificent resembling two firm cones with a cherry on top. At her age and with her type of breast she didn't need a bra but she wore a strapless bra anyways . She was very attached to Alice since her own mother had died.

"Ladies, ladies, can I have your attention," shouted Nina. " Now will you please take a chair? I have some announcements. "

Alice had always admired Nina. She was a beautiful woman who commanded respect. Tall about 5ft10, slim, and well proportioned she exuded confidence Her face was on the gaunt side, with high cheekbones, a long prominent nose, fleshy lips and large soft brown eyes. She had just enough lines on her face to show a wonderful maturity. Tonight she wore a strapless hankie hem black dress. On her perfect feet she wore strappy dress sandals in a metallic finish. Wrapped platform midsole added a 1/2-inch lift, and a moulded 3 3/4 inch triangular spike high heel gave her just the right height to accentuate her muscular calves.

"Well, first I would like to welcome all of you and thank you for coming. I also want to compliment you on the marvellous way you look. You are all absolutely stunning and oooh so sexy. If I were bisexual I would fall in love with all of you. Reminds me of the song 'can't keep my eyes off of you. You're just to good to be true'. "

These last comments caused a round of nervous laughter from the audience. That same thought had crossed Alice's mind and she wasn't the only one for she had noticed a physical attraction between certain girls. The way some of them looked at one another, the way others stood close together showed that the hormones were heating up. She even noticed two gals called Inez and Nadia holding hands while talking in low intimate voices.

"You may have noticed Ann taking pictures. She is working for the wine company who is paying for all the booze. Don't forget you can order other kinds of drinks if you like, just ask the bartender. "

"I haven't notice, is they're a barman in the house?" someone yelled.

This question brought a lot of hoots and hollers from the crowd.

"I thought you wouldn't mind. After all, drinks can be very costly. Her name is Ann. Take a bow Ann. Marcel will go around with a box to pick up your purses and put them in a secure place. Make sure your house key is in the purse.

Now you all know that we are here to celebrate the birthday of a special person, so let's all stand and sing Happy Birthday. "

They all stood and started to sing. Alice did the same. When it came time to sing the line," Happy birthday dear. . . " they all stopped and on a signal from Nina they turned to Alice and sang," . . . Alice. Happy birthday to you. "

Alice was overwhelmed even though she had suspected all along that the party might be for her. The girls all shouted happy birthday accompanied by all kinds of lewd and funny remarks.

"Let's lift our glasses girls and toast a wonderful person and a great co-worker. Here's to you Alice. "

They all repeated," To you Alice. "

"Oh my god" she stammered. " Thank you so much. I just want to say. . . "

"Ok, Alice save the speech for later," ordered Nina. " for now we have a short bit of entertainment. You all know that Alice was recently separated. Her sex life is restricted at the moment to say the least. To help you out Alice I've ordered a short twelve minute film entitled. . . are you ready?' Masturbation'. "

Everybody laughed while shouting all kinds of comments and advise. While the two chauffeurs came out with a television and VCR and set up the equipment, the waiter returned without his apron and with only a tiny pouch to hide his genitals to serve more drinks. This time the women were much cruder with their remarks. They were getting high.

At last the movie was ready

"Turn off those harsh ceiling lights," demanded Nina

The film was quite explicit it bordered on porn. Not only did it show female and male solo masturbation but females masturbating males and visa versa. During the film Alice heard the following comments: "look at them getting off, sexercising, polishing the pearl, hand jiving, "and so on. She was getting flushed and turned on more and more. The whole evening so far seemed to be spinning around alcohol and sex.

Looking slyly at the others she could tell they were getting excited. Margot the one with the cheongsam dress who was seated next to her was breathing hard. Sandra sitting on the other side had her split skirt turned so that her inner thigh on one leg and part of her pussy were visible had her hand between her legs and was undoubtedly playing with herself. Alice caught up in the film and conscious of the arousal of most of the girls was getting wet herself.

Suddenly she felt fingers stroking her neck. She knew that three girls sat on the table behind the row of chairs turned towards the TV. One of them, she didn't know who, sitting directly behind her was tickling her neck sending erotic impulses throughout her body. Then the same gal placed a bare foot on Alice's thigh and began to move it around. Alice was embarrassed but enjoying the sensations too much to say anything. The hand on her neck moved to Alice's chest to gently caress the neck and shoulders and come dangerously close the her breasts. Alice who had not been caressed for a long time was in heaven. She returned the touches by crossing her left hand over her lap to massage the bare foot resting on her right thigh.




At that point the film ended. Before she could turn the person behind her was gone. All through the film Ann had been turning the video camera catching the comments and reactions.

"Well ladies did you enjoy that short documentary?" asked Tina

"Very instructional. "

" I for one took notes. "

"Did you learn anything Alice?"

"I don't know about the rest of you but I was turned on. "

"Does sperm taste good? I've never tried it," asked someone.

"Apparently it has all kinds of medicinal properties. "

On and on it went accompanied by giggles and hollers till Nina put an end to it by suggesting it was time to give Alice her gifts.

"Come and sit at the head of the table Alice. We want you to know that these presents are not expensive Alice. We only want to have fun. Ok. "

When everyone was ready Nina read the names as each girl presented her gift.

The first one came from Andrea. She was a tall slender beauty with a low hip denim mini skirt and a bandeau top with lettering that said," hottie". She gave Alice two romantic candles with sculptures of nude men circling the outside. Margot presented the next one. It was a set of four different pairs of small balls tied together.

"Alice these are not like worry beads. They are called orgasm balls. Inside each one is another smaller ball, which vibrate against the outer ones. I leave it up to you to as to where they go. A lot of hard laughs followed.

Then each girl gave her a different souvenir all related to sex. Along with each gift there was a comment and a card, which solicited much mirth. She received a book entitled," Kama Sutra," ben wa balls, a 5 by 2 ½ in. purple butt plug, six rolls of toilet paper with drawings of nude well hung guys, a butterfly vibrator, a t-shirt for two. Next came a girl called Inez with a long blonde pony tail and wearing a super tight blue sheath dress, with two side panel made of see-through nylon mesh while spaghetti straps showed off very feminine arms, shoulders and bulging breasts. She handed Alice a pathetic looking grass hula skirt.

"I know you belly dance hon. but I couldn't afford a Middle Eastern dance costume. Also I couldn't find an adult size so I bought a girl size. You'll find it a bit short. Lastly it caught in the car door and it lost a lot of grass. I hope you don't mind. Maybe you can take up Hawaiian hula dancing instead. "

"Thank you anyway Inez for nothing," Alice countered jokingly.

Returning to her seat she gave everyone a sly wink that caused a lot of giggling. Alice was too engrossed to notice.

Sandra, the one with the sheer cami, gave her a cut-off tank top with the word' Hot Birthday Girl' written across the front.

"What do you think Nina, shouldn't she be wearing this now?"

"She should, but let us finish with the presentations first. OK?

There followed a package of edible undies and a couple of boxes of chocolate flavoured condoms. Naomi gave her an 8 in cock and ball dildo with a 2-½ in. diameter.

"This doesn't remind you too much of your long lost hubby I hope. "

"To remind me Naomi you would have to give me one half this size," chuckled Alice

They had a real good time while Alice was unwrapping the gifts. Ann meanwhile, filmed all these proceedings. They were so used to seeing her now that they hardly paid attention.

"Now that we're finished, I propose that Alice put on the birthday girl tank top," exclaimed Nina.

"I'll second that," Pat piped up.

The others started clapping and yelling," Take it off, take it off. "

"Put it on, try it on," they shouted.

"Alice, Alice, Alice," they screamed in a chorus.

Nina went over to her to encourage her. " Be a sport hon. the girls will love you for it. "

"OK. I'll do it but I have a dress on what am I going to wear below?"

"Put on the grass skirt," someone suggested.

"That's a great idea," said Karen.

"I'll go the washroom and change," Alice declared. "

"No, no right here," they chanted.

"I give up. I'll do it. But I'm not sure I want Ann to take video shots. "

"Why not?"

"Come on Alice be brave. "

Alice realized that the girls were getting quite drunk by now. The alcohol was changing their behaviour. What she failed to apprehend was that she herself was also less inhibited, more open to perform out of character act. In a moment of devil may care she started to strip slowly undoing one button at a time while succeeding in holding the front of the dress closed. She turned her back to them, unbuttoned the last two and holding both sides of the dress she turned back facing them and in a grand gesture opened the dress wide showing the whole front of her voluptuous body covered only with the see-through bra and panties.

The girls went totally wild, squealing and applauding. They had never seen this side of Alice. They loved her for it. Now Alice, encouraged by the enthusiastic audience stripped off the dress, got rid of her shoes and paraded around. Then she slowly sensuously removed the bra and panties.

By then they were jumping up and down waving their arms shrieking loudly. Even the bartender and the two chauffeurs who had been discreetly sitting in the kitchen were watching and applauding.

Alice felt great. This was her birthday party. She was the centre of attention. She sensed the admiration and friendship of these younger women. Life begins at forty she thought.

But when she put on the top and grass skirt she uttered, "Oh boy,"

The top was cut so short one could see the base of her breasts. As for the skirt it was so short and skimpy that most of her legs and thighs were clearly visible. Looking closely when she moved one could even glimpse the pubic hair surrounding the vagina.

Nina said," You may not know that Alice is a damn good belly dancer. Why don't you give us a demonstration Alice?"

After the customary coaxing, she started dancing. It was true that she could really dance well.

Then to add to the fun she told them that she would give a belly dance lesson. Everybody got into the act even Nina. She showed them the belly roll, the back and forward shimmy, hip bumps and glute squeezing, the art of turning and so on. They had a great time since they all participated.

Middle East dancing is not supposed to be bawdy, however, Sandra and Karen took it there in a series of provocative movements. Alice had observed that these two were hornier and more daring than the others. She was sure that one of them sat behind her during the film. Watching their sensuous movements and dry humping one another stirred Alice. The suggestive behaviour and sexual innuendoes was triggering sexual excitement in all of them. Alice realized that only she was not aware of that from the very beginning. I'm so naïve she thought to herself. But now she was joining the revelry.

Nina finally yelled," Alright, alright that's enough dancing for now. We'll dance later, OK. I have a game to propose. First we have to place eleven chairs in a circle. "

When that was done she outlined the game. She asked the eleven girls to sit on a chair.

" Now I will ask you some questions. If you can answer yes you will move to the chair on your right. The first one to go completely around the circle and return to her original chair wins a prize. If someone is already on a chair you will have to sit on her lap. At one point there might even be three or four players on one chair.

"Are you ready?"

"Ready. "

"Ready. "

"OK. "

"If you are wearing clear shoes, move. "

Six girls moved. Karen who was on Alice's left came to sit on her. She sat straddling Alice and faced her. Alice could feel the smooth skin of the other's thighs rubbing against hers. Then Karen leaned forward to hug Alice. It was a very arousing position.

"If you are wearing a zipper. "

Only two girls had zippers; one was Margot who had a front zipper on the bodice of her cheongsam, the other was Nadia who had two zippers, one on the side of her halter-top and another half opened on one side of her black mini skirt.

Fortunately neither one sat on Alice. Now two chairs had three people on them.

"If you have a son. "

Three changed chairs including Alice. Without hesitation she sat sideways on Pat's lap who immediately wrapped her arm around Alice's waist. Not to be undone Alice placed her arm on Pat's shoulder. Her hand lightly brushed the girl's tit.

"If you like chocolate. "

At that point everybody moved but in total pandemonium. There was certainly a lot of laughter and a lot of touching. Alice guessed the purpose of this game. It was designed to arouse the libido and that is exactly what was happening.

"If you're not wearing a bra. But first you will have to prove it. "

Six of them including Alice stood up to show their bare boobs. They all moved around like this when they answered certain questions affirmatively

Towards the end Alice was two chairs away. She had a chance of winning. During the course of the game she had girls rubbing their clits on her thighs, lightly touching her tits, sliding fingers over her pussy, kissing her sofly on the mouth. She was really turned on.

"If you are not wearing panties. Show us. "

Alice thought she might be alone but she was amazed when five other girls stood up to reveal bare pussies.

"Now for the last question," declared Nina. "If you are thirty nine. "

"No fair," they all shouted.

"Who's the leader here, affirmed Nina?"

Alice was obviously the only one who moved back to her original chair.

"Well? I guess you're the winner Alice. I have a special gift for the winner. "

She gave Alice red panties. "Now these are different they have a vibrating bullet hidden in the front. What do you think girls should she try them on? Maybe the vibrator doesn't work. "

Again it took a lot of arm-twisting but in the end she put on the panties.

"Now I will turn on the bullet and I forbid you to turn it off. "

At first Alice felt very little but later she could feel the vibrations on her clit.

"My god," she cried out. " Do I have to keep it on all night. "

"As long as I tell you to. Now girls let's play one last game if you agree. "

They did.

"Please form two teams of five. Alice will not play. She already won. Besides she might not be able to concentrate if you know what I mean. She can help me judge. "

When the two teams were ready she said, "Now the object of the game is to pass the object I give you from mouth to mouth without dropping it. You can't use anything else. Is that understood? When a team is finished with one object I will give them another until they finish with all of them. The winners are the ones who will pass the objects the fastest. Before they started Nina asked the bartender to put on the music. The music was the type played at rave parties dance; music with a strong repetitive beat.

Nina placed a fairly long piece of dry spaghetti in the mouth of the first player on each team. It looked easy but if team members bit too hard on the free ends it would break and fall down. In the end the piece was so small it had to be pushed with the tongue from one to the other. Again the game was designed to provide the greatest opportunity for physical contact. Because the girls were half drunk by now their reflexes were slower and it took a long time. As one line finished the task Nina placed the second object in the mouth of the last person to receive the first item. The next article was a small note pad paper sucked hard onto the lips. To pass it a girl had to suck in while the other exhaled her breath. Again it looked easier than it really was. The paper was dropped often forcing the girls to pick it up and start over. The next item was a small candy. One girl would open her mouth while the other pushed the candy in with her tongue. It was a type of French kiss. The last item was a 1-½ oz. of vodka. This booze swapping could only be done with one girl's head lower than the other's, lips tight together and mouths wide open. It was a very erotic sight to watch because the girls really got into it. The prize for the team that finished ahead was a bottle of champagne for each of the five members.

As the music continued Julia, the girl wearing a coral red with white flowers tank dress with duel side slits that came to the top of her tanned thighs, started to dance. As more and more girls joined in the dancing got wilder and more erotic. They even got Alice to take part.

Nina meanwhile went back to the kitchen to talk to the men whom as it turned out were also male strippers waiting to perform.

"Which one of you hunks will come out first," she asked.

The boys answered that Jake would go first followed by Shane a beautifully muscled black guy.

Looking at the waiter she said," Now you're not scheduled to dance but be there serving drinks. Keep them flowing. I want the girls to have fun. If things heat up, I'll give you a signal before you join in. Don't forget boys I want the full Monty right? Take your time. Be gentle with the foreplay. As you can see they are already horny and naughty. All it takes is a little push and you'll screw them all.

"That's fine with us.

Do you have condoms?"

"Sure do. Ok get ready. "

After she left Jake whispered to the others," Hiding under that business like exterior is a slut. If we're smart we'll fuck the shit outa her and she'll be begging for more. "

Marcel, the waiter, said," Don't worry I already put half a roofy in her drink. The other half I gave that older granny called Alice. Both should be ready and willing in about a half hour.

Nina returned to the table to announce a special treat for Alice. " We're going to have a show with two male strippers. Put your hands together and welcome Jake the first dancer. "

The music came back on and to everyone's surprise Jake came out dressed in the chauffeur outfit. The girls started yelling and whistling. He began walking slowly then swaying his body twisting and turning going from woman to woman around the table, coming close but not touching. To some he would lower his head placing his mouth near an ear whispering compliments like," That's a beautiful dress you have on very becoming," or," I like the colour of your hair hon," or," I couldn't keep my eyes off of you all night. " Or " I love your sense of humour. "

To others he might kiss a hand, or lightly brush their hair with his hand. Sometimes he might speak louder. When he got to Karen he said," I notice those sandals on your feet. I think they are super cool. " And with that he kneeled down grabbed a foot and kissed her toes.

When he got to Sandra he said," I bet you thought that I didn't notice you also had on those sexy sandals. Give me a foot. "

She immediately lifted her leg high offering her foot. He licked her toes then started licking up her leg. When he got just pass the knee, he stopped and said," I'll come back later and finish the job, ok.

"Any time big boy, " she answered.

To Nina he addressed her with," I bet you have a beautiful smile. " He waited smiling and when she returned his smile he said out loud," see everybody how beautiful her smile is. "

As he went around the table like that he ignored Alice. She was beginning to feel rejected when he turned to her, yelling," Hey party girl did you think I forgot you?"

Gliding over to her, he took her by the hand, escorted her to the middle of the floor and started to dance. The rest of the girls started clapping rhythmically following the music.

A little later he picked up a chair placed it away from the table and asked her to sit down. He straddled her legs facing her but not sitting on her, gyrated his lower body a little and asked her to unbutton his shirt. When she hesitated out of shyness he took her hands and placed them on his chest. Only then did she begin to unbutton his shirt as she fumbled with each button. Finally she pulled it out of his pants. "Now take it off baby," he asked. Again he had to place her hands on the shirt collar before she slipped it off. The ladies who up to now had been rather subdued in their noise making began to yell louder. What some had only fantasized was now become a reality. Many envied Alice right now. To further arouse her libido he gently placed her hands on his chest and holding them there he moved her hands up and down with his. When he removed his hands Alice continued to stroke that magnificent chest. He had big pectoral muscles with large brown nipples in the centre. His abs were tight and prominent. There was not an ounce of fat around his waist. He put his arms around her to give her a big hug.

"Stay right here babe I'll be right back. "

He turned to the others showing off his upper torso making his muscles ripple flexing his arms. When he came close to them many, without thinking, stroked and caressed his chest tracing circles around his nipples. These women were collectively getting more and more aroused. At this point some of the more openly sexual girls would already be in a mood to fuck.

He returned to Alice straddling her again but this time with his back turned to her. He took her hands and placed them on his chest. She rubbed his abs; she massaged his neck and shoulders. Then he moved her hands to his fly. Intuitively she knew what he wanted but again she was bashful. She was still trying to suppress her sexuality.

Turning slightly towards her he pleaded," C'mon honey be a sport, I know you want to do it. "

Alice thought to herself," Boy you don't know how much. "

She was totally aroused even though Nina had ordered her to remove the vibrating panties.

From the audience a girl who also guessed what he wanted shouted," I'll go if you won't Alice. "

Everyone screamed with glee.

Not to be outdone Alice unbuttoned the top button. He took her hand and shoved it rapidly down the front of his pants. She felt his penis and it was getting hard. He removed his hand but left hers there. He rested his hand that now was on the outside of his fly on hers and moved it back and forth. Then when he removed it completely Alice continued stroking his big cock.

"This woman is getting horny," he shouted," I'd better let her cool down. "

With those words he got up, moved away, went around to the back of her, lifted her tank top and started flapping it up and down. While he was doing that he get blowing on her head and neck pretending to cool her off. They were all laughing.

He returned to the front facing her and demanded. " Now take off my pants you hot mama. " She immediately undid the zipper and lowered his pants slipping each leg over his shoes to remove them completely. When she straightened up, she came face to face with the huge bulge in his tong shorts. He turned to go but before leaving he took her head and gently brought it up to his crotch resting her cheek against his dick.

He murmured," You're a real sexy woman Alice. I like you. "

She was in seventh heaven. He took her by the hand again to return her to her chair.

Then he made the rounds one more time making sure to stop at all the girls. Many wanted to touch his body, some discretely rubbed his prick, most just loved to slap his firm gorgeous bums. This time when he got to Nina he lingered. Then suddenly he seized her and started dancing. At first she did not respond keeping her left arm limp by her side. But the thrill of dancing very close to this handsome young hunk got to her and she put her arm on his shoulder and grasped his neck. When he felt that she was responding he suddenly extended his knees lowered his bum and lifted her so that she now straddled his waist with her legs and rested her tush on his thighs. While she held his arms and he her waist he started a rocking back and forward movement in rhythm with the music and his hips pretending to fuck her. Her legs were rocking up and down while her pelvis was rubbing against his. She could feel his penis rubbing her vulva. Nina was getting excited. She began to yell and toss about as though she was in the spasm of a violent orgasm. When he put her down she continued clinging to him till he returned her to her seat.




Nina and Alice were probably the horniest two women at the party now. The booze, the drug, and the atmosphere had unleashed the devil in them.

Jake yelled over to Alice," Are you ready and willing to remove my shorts baby?" as he danced towards her.

" Say yes Alice, say yes. "

"Do you really want her to take off my last line of defence," he yelled.

"Take it off. Take it off," they chanted.

He turned to her, took her hands and placed them on the edge of his shorts. While he waited he hollered," she doesn't want to see me naked, I guess. "

"Come over here I'll do it," Nina shouted.

Then very slowly Alice lowered his shorts till the dick sprang out in her face.

"Oh my god," they exclaimed.

It was seven inches long but very thick. It was already semi stiff, the red head gleaming in the light.

He gave her a quick kiss before moving on. From the table he picked up a can of whipping cream spread the cream on his cock and went to Karen whom he knew was the most liberated of all the girls. He took her hand and placed it on his stomach. She began by caressing his rock-hard belly, and then she moved down to his muscular thighs till finally unable to hold back she delicately lifted the rod.

"C'mon Karen you can do better than that. "

Encouraged she wrapped her graceful fingers around it and started pulling back and forth.

"That feels great," Jake whispered in her ear.

He knew she could not resist sucking him. He was right. She kissed the tip before opening her mouth to lick the cream from the length of his cock. Finally she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. The more she sucked the harder he got.

"At a girl Karen," the others shouted," Get it good and stiff. "

He let her suck and lick him for a little while before moving on. Expertly he worked the crowd. These women were unleashing pent-up emotions and bawdy fantasies. They were loosing control as a group one pushing the other into more wanton actions.

Jake gave each one a chance to play with his cock. With some he just stood there and they immediately grabbed it, with others he had to coax them by spraying cream up and down his prick, and with the very shy ones like Julia and Pat he took their hand and placed it there before they would do anything. None refused. Always he was very polite never applying any force giving them the opportunity and letting them decide. In the end, they all gave him a hand job. At the same time the girls to the right and left were running their hands all over his perfect body while looking at him with wide admiring eyes and making flattering comments. Karen and Sandra revealed their bi-sexual nature by playing with each other kissing and touching. The night was turning into an orgy.

When he got back to Alice, she was already longing for his presence. From the table he took another can of whipping cream and with a grand gesture he applied some all the way down his pecker and up his stomach. He invited her to a feast while looking directly into her eyes. She nearly swooned with emotion. She would do anything for him now and he knew it. With her fingers extended she delicately pressed her hands together holding his penis between her fingers. With her mouth open and her tongue sticking out she brought it to the tip of his prick and lightly licked the cream. Licking cream off a penis is not the same as a blowjob. There is a legitimate reason to do it. First she ran her tongue up and down the shaft but when he put more cream right on the end she took the bulb in her mouth and started to suck. The other girls were delighted and cheered her on with loud shouts of support. He let her suck for a long time before moving on.

He went from one to another with the can of whipping cream. The first girl he came to was Pat who was sitting next to Alice. He sprayed a large glob of cream on the end and waited. She was very shy since she had never sucked a man before. She kept laughing while looking up at him. All he did was to nod his head in the direction of his pecker. Still she hesitated. When she held it instead of sucking he pulled her hand away, put more cream on and then he taped her head and with his other hand made a strong gesture pointing at his penis. Since she still did not respond, he took her head and brought it gently to his pelvis.

She gripped his huge legs rubbing her cheeks against his thighs saying," I can't Jake, I can't. I've never done that before. "

"Yes you can honey just think of the whipped cream. "

Alice, rubbing her back told her," Pat, believe me it doesn't taste bad. Once you get over the initial distaste you will probably like it. You'll see it will turn you on. "

Jake took his penis in one hand, held her head steady with the other and brought it right up to her lips. She opened her mouth to allow him to slowly put it in. What he didn't want to do was give her a feeling that she was chocking. At length she closed her mouth around it but only for a second before pulling it out. Turning to Alice she gave her a big smile showing a large blob of cream in her mouth. Having swallowed that she then ran the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft slurping the cream. All the time she was getting more stirred up. Her desires got the best of her modesty and she opened her mouth to greedily take the large member into it. Once started she clutched it in her hand sucking it repeatedly. Alice held her head to encourage her to go further.

"Try to get more in Pat. Breathe through the nose it will help. "

Slowly Pat sank her mouth on the penis until it was hitting the back of her throat.

"Push in some more Pat. You can do it. "

She did and it went down further. She had it nearly swallowed when she pulled out. The girls who had been watching cheered. The way she smiled triumphantly you would think she won she an Olympic event. Pat jumped up to sit on Alice's lap. They kissed fervently exchanging wet tongues.

Jake went around until all the women even Nina had sucked on a penis that was now extra hard with precum and saliva dripping from it.

Nina was licking it up when Jake said. " Stop it slut. You're going to make me come. "

"That's what I want silly. "

"It's too soon in the evening Nina I want to have more fun. "

At that point in came Shane dressed in soiled coveralls and with dirt on his face.

"While you are having a good time up here I have been slaving on the limos. Boy am I tired and dirty," he yelled at Jake.

He sat beside Alice pleading, " I need somebody to clean me up. "

Marcel brought a bucket of warm water and a sponge placing it at Alice's feet.

"Not me, " she said emphatically.

"Please mam I'm all dirty and hot. " he begged handing her the sponge.

Playing along with the farce, she started with his face carefully removing the grime that he had purposely smeared on. After a while he pointed lower. She knew what he wanted but resisted shaking her head vigorously. Shane took Pat's hands and brought them to the top button of the coverall. Pat obliged and unbuttoned a couple. Then she lowered the collar exposing the huge muscles of his shoulders. Unable to help herself she started rubbing them with admiration and desire. He indicated to Alice she should wash there which she did reluctantly. This little game continued until the garment was hanging from his hips. The other girls were panting with emotion and envy as they watched this little strip tease occurring.

"Do you want her to take them off?" he asked.

In an uproar the women clapped and shouted," Take it off. Take it off. "

"Ask them," he shouted.

"C'mon girls we want to see the rest of that super stud. "

So both of them giddy with excitement tugged downward on the outfit until it was off. When it was done a long moment of silence descended on the crowd as they looked with astonishment at his massive cock. It had to be at least eight inches and very very thick.

"I've never seen one of those before," screamed Inez. "

"Is that for real? It most be a prosthesis," commented Karen.

"How would you like to have one like that up your ass?"

Alice and Pat took turns washing the rest of his fantastic body. There wasn't one woman who was not trembling with excitement and lust.

After they were through he addressed Alice loudly," If I'm naked how about you? Shall I help you take off your gear?"

All the girls screamed," Yes, yes strip her Shane. "

He approached took the tank top by the bottom and pulled it over her head.

"Wow," he said," What beautiful boobs you have maam and suck large red nipples. "

Then he undid the knot holding the grass skirt together and pulled it away. Now Alice was nude. Before he made the rounds of the others he took her in his strong arms and danced real close. She obviously could fell the big cock rubbing her belly and it quickened her arousal.

When he moved around after being stripped and washed the rest of them stroked, kissed and licked his wet firm body. While they were doing that, he, for the first time, began to touch them sexually in return. He even made gestures towards removing some of their clothes. Some obliged by taking off a top here, a pair of panties there or even a skirt. He danced with the girls that were standing up. Holding one firmly he slid a leg between hers allowing her to hump his thighs in shameless hunger as they rocked back and forth to the rhythm of the music. Then he placed his hands on one's shoulders pushing her down to her knees facing his hefty cock. Without hesitation she grasped it with both hands and start to suck. After a while it became erect standing straight out close to nine inches in length. Now the horniest wanted to let him fuck them.

Sandra whispered in his ear," Fuck me you gorgeous black man. Fuck me with that big black pecker. "

"Not yet. Wait a little longer," he answered.

Some women were so turned on that they were dancing with each other kissing and rubbing up against on another.

To further excite them he laid down on his stomach on the table handed someone a bottle of oil and let them have their way. They took turns rubbing the oil all over his perfectly sculpted body. Andrea who had been the first to remove her bandeau top with the lettering "Hottie", bent down to kiss his butt. She shamelessly ran her tongue between his ass cheeks. After a few moments he turned around revealing that magnificent penis. They pushed one another to rub oil all over the front of that muscular body. Meanwhile one after another would suck on the prick to see who could get it the hardest. Even Ann stopped taking videos for a moment to get involved. Naomi who had removed her flirt skirt got up on the table stretched herself along the length of him and started gyrating her pelvis rubbing her vulva against his penis. Suddenly she jumped up feeling a cool shower on her back. Margot had opened a bottle of champagne. After shacking it she sprayed the white liquid all over Naomi and Jake.

Nina meanwhile opened a can of whipping cream and deftly spread it's contents all over his body.

"Any of you chicks want to lie on him now?"

"I do," bawled Tara not caring what happened to that gorgeous white dress as she tossed off her sandals to jump up on the table and fling herself on his creamed body. He made movements imitating the woman on top coitus position. Then, just as she pulled up her skirt and was about to take off her panties, Margot poured half the bottle of champagne on her back. The shock caused her to roll off the hunk. Immediately a couple of girls started licking the cream off his superb body.

Meanwhile, near the kitchen Julia was dancing cheek to cheek with Marcel. He had his hands on her ass cheeks beneath the dress and she around his neck. Long ago he had taken off his bottom to parade around stark naked. Occasionally he would rub her clit while she masturbated him. But he had to stop when Margot asked him to get another bottle of wine.

"Sorry to tear him away from you Julia"

"That's ok Marg I'll get him later. "

Scene 2

Meanwhile Shane, his act finished, had retired to the kitchen with Jake and

Marcel. While they were waiting they were talking together.

"Are those bitches hot or what?"

"They're half thrashed. Have you noticed how glazed and small their eyes are?"

"That rohypnol seems to be working on those two older bitches. They certainly don't act inhibited now. "

"Gentlemen are we ever going to bang tonight. I hope I can keep it up. "

"Try to think of something else so you don't come too soon"

"That's easy for you to say. I suppose you haven't notice all those gorgeous babes out there. "

Back in the main hall Nina enquired," Do you girls want more?"

They chanted, "More, more, more. "

"Come on out,' ordered Nina.

To the rhythm of savage rave techno music, the two male strippers accompanied by Marcel sauntered back, their loins covered by large beach towels. They climbed on the table side by side facing the girls all crowded together in front of them and began to dance. They played a game of peek-a-boo with their penis using the towel as a shield, sometimes holding it in front and pushing the pelvis up and down so the penis would lift the material revealing it's presence but hiding it from view. At other times they would hold both ends closed in front with both hands and quickly open and close the towel so that the girls driven wild with anticipation could only catch a glimpse of the pricks as they bounced up and down before them. And at other times holding the towels with both hands so that it hung down to the floor and slowly lifting it up until it was just covering the genitals before lowering it down again. Many women unable to stand the suspense tried to grab the towels in order to tug them off. Each time, however, the boys were faster and pulled away. The hunks allowed this little scenario to continue for a while until they knew that the women had reached a peak of excitement dancing up and down shouting and whistling. Then they moved closer to allow them to remove the towels and begin caressing their bodies, fondling the genitals and sucking on the dicks, but not all. Nadia and Inez were busy doing their own thing. Inez, sitting on the edge at one end of the table with her tight black dress pulled up around her waist and her panties off, was getting licked by Nadia who was sitting in a chair in front of her. Completely unashamed and oblivious to the others, Inez was hollering," Suck it baby, make me come. "

Nina and Alice were standing a little to one side talking.

"Thank you so much for organizing the party Nina," Alice said gratefully.

"It was my pleasure Alice. Are you having fun?"

"I haven't had such a good time in ages ever since that bridge game I told you about. I feel so horny Nina I want one of those guys to fuck me. "

'You know Alice I don't know why but I feel the same way. Maybe it's the drinks and the sexy atmosphere. "

"You sure did a good job in that area Nina. Oh, listen Nina that song that's playing isn't that "Ladies Night"?

Oh yes, it's ladies night

And the feeling's right

Oh yes, it's ladies night

Oh what a night (oh what a night)

"It's our night Nina, let's get fucked. "

"I second the motion. Alice let's not loose the feeling, let's jump right in there with the others. "

"Very good idea," Alice answered. " But first I dare you to take off that dress. Look at me I'm totally naked. "

"Well maybe just the dress. I'll keep the bra and panties on. "

She took off the dress to show a magnificent body covered only with flimsy beige Brazilian-style panties and a strapless bra.

"You look great Nina," Alice murmured as both of them walked over to the men.

Each man now had two or three hungry women dancing in front of him. Jake was the first to sit down on the edge of the table allowing the girls better access to his body. When he saw Alice he hugged her tight and then kissed her hard on the mouth. While they were licking each other's lips and sliding their tongues in and other of their open mouths, Jake had reached down to finger her vulva sending shivers of sexual tension up her spine. He picked her up and with his strength it was easy to sit her down on the edge of the table. Alice without any inhibitions mainly due to the drug allowed him to insert two fingers in her soppy vagina and begin to rub her g-spot gently at first then faster and more vigorously. At the same time Pat, who was also totally naked now, got up on the table behind Alice and reached around to fondle her breasts with one hand and rub her clit with the other. Julia, standing behind Jake, was pressing her body next to his gyrating her clit on his ass. She had one hand wrapped around him and was rotating his nipples between her fingers while her other hand was stroking his dick.

Within a very short time Alice tensed up. The stimulation she was receiving plus the erotic build up from the earlier part of the evening was coming to a peak. She was going to explode in orgasmic fireworks.

"Hold me tight Pat. Oh god! Oh god! "she moaned, " I'm going to come. Ahhhhh. . . "

Most of the others heard her and stopped to watch. Alice started a series of violent convulsions accompanied by loud vocalizations.

All she could repeat was," Oh shit, oh shit. "

Then she seized Jake's wrist and pushed his hand right into her yielding dripping cunt. He was fisting her hard when she gushed sending a stream of liquid spraying all over her legs and Jake's arm.

"Don't stop honey," she screamed.

She spurted at least twice more. But the next time when Jake felt the ejaculate build up he removed his hand allowing the jet to shoot way out. Some of the girls were truly impressed for they had never seen a woman ejaculate. There was a lot of " ooohs and aaaahs. "

When it was over Alice was a little embarrassed but the others cheered her up stating that they had rarely seen such a wonderful sight as a sexy woman having a great gushing orgasm.

While this was going on Sandra and three other girls were dancing with Shane. Sandra who had already taken off her black mini skirt and was only wearing the cami top was dancing with her back to him. She would come very close rubbing herself against him. Then she would bend over to press her ass on his erect cock twisting and rotating it.

At that point Shane placed his right hand on her right hip and his left hand went between her legs and rested on the inside of her left thigh. Now he lifted the left leg in the air so that she was standing only on her right foot with her left hand hanging on to his neck. Then he brought his penis up to her cunt. She used her right hand to slowly insert it deep in her pussy. Since her husband was average size, she had never had such a monster in her pussy. It filled it completely. As Shane standing up was fucking her from behind, Karen, one of the other three clinging to him noticed what was going on and came around to massage Sandra's tits and play with her clit. Sandra put her right arm around her to steady herself. The two hot females were kissing each other when Sandra whimpered," Keep rubbing my clit Karen make me cum. "

"Cum for me baby you're so wet" she replied.

Next to them Nina, Margot and Tara were working Marcel over. They took turns dancing with him rubbing and humping themselves on his awesome body. While dancing they also massaged his body especially his pecker, which was beginning to harden.

"Let's really give him a hardon girls" Nina said as she knelt before him and started to masturbate him.

"You don't mind Marcel?"

"No ladies it will be my pleasure. "

Nina and Margot began sliding their wet tongues up and down both sides of his pecker. When they got to the top they continued over the knob lingering at the pee hole in the centre. While one was sticking her tongue in it, the other was running her tongue around the sensitive rim of the knob. After a while they opened their mouths to close their lips around the whole head at the same time licking all around it. Nina squeezed the shaft forcing some liquid to ooze out. They tasted it before sliding their mouth off his penis to kiss each other exchanging saliva and precum. After that, first one then the other took turns taking the whole head in her mouth. Finally Nina slowly moved her head down the length of the shaft until it was embedded deep in her throat. Margot was impressed she had never seen a woman deep- throat a man. Then Nina sucked the big cock all the way up like a Popsicle.




Margot exclaimed," that was so cool Nina, I'd like to do that. "

"You can Marg just go slowly and breathe though your nose. When you feel it in your throat, relax for a moment to get used to it. "

So Margie slowly pushed the cock into her mouth. When it hit her throat she wanted to gag but Nina told her to keep breathing through her nose.

"Now push it down Marg. "

She did and it worked. Marcel was in heaven and he said it making Margot very proud.

While these two were blowing Marcel, Tara had positioned herself behind him to lick his bum. She first licked one cheek then the other before working her way to the crack between them. She licked up and down the fissure till eventually she stopped at the anus rimming it with her damp tongue. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Ann kneeling down to film her licentiousness but it only served to increase her depraved behaviour.

Tara yelled to the other two, "Slow down you two don't make him come too soon. "

The women were all getting-off performing these bawdy actions and soon Tara whispered in his ear," I need you to fuck me Marcel. Please fuck me now. "

She sprawled on the floor pulling him down with her.

As the other two watched Marcel plunged his cock in her sopping wet pussy. Margot sat on one side of Tara and kissed her while fondling her breasts. Nina stretched out on the other side and placed her head next to Tara's pussy. At intervals she would grasp Marcel's cock pull it out of the cunt and suck on it tasting Tara's juices. Then she would shove it back in and turn her attention to Tara's clit flicking it with her tongue. Finally on the next pass instead of placing the head of the prick on the entrance to the vagina she placed it on the anus. When Marcel pushed Tara let out a yelp so she grabbed it again and spat a big gob of spit on the end of it. This time Marcel knew what was coming and pushed gently.

Tara hollered," I know what you two are up to. You're trying to fuck my ass. "

"Relax Tara, I know you will enjoy it. Give it a try. "

She seized the cock again to insert it in her mouth to get it wet. She spat in her hand and rubbed the sputum on the anus. Then she dabbed her finger in the juices of Tara's cunt lips and inserted her it in her rectum. Finally she took Marcel's cock and slowly guided it in the opening.

"How does that feel Tara," she asked.

"Not bad at all," replied the other.

Marcel had pushed Tara's legs up until her knees were on each side of her head. In this position her ass was way up allowing a deeper penetration. When Marg's head came close to Tara's butt Nina gripped the cock slid it out of the rectum, and brought it right up to Margot's mouth.

"Lick it you slut," she ordered.

Margot stuck out her tongue and tentatively lapped at the head. There was a slight taste but she was not sure what it was so she took the whole head in her mouth and sucked on it. When she was finished Nina plunged it back in and after a while pulled it out to suck it herself. They took turns doing this while stimulating Tara's clit till suddenly they heard a scream. Tara was having an orgasm.

When she was finished Margot got on her knees and begged Marcel," It's my turn now. Please Marcel fuck me from behind. "

Not far away, Alice whispered in Jake's ear," Fuck Pat Jake she doesn't get it often enough. "

"Ok sweetheart anything for you," he answered.

" Come here you pretty young thing," he yelled at Pat.

When she crawled over he first kissed her softly and sensuously while rubbing her silky young body. Then he asked her to lie back on the table with her legs dangling down. First he kissed her breasts sucking on the nipples. After he licked her tummy and her legs. He lifted one leg and kissed and licked his way down till he got to her foot where he removed her shoe. Starting with the instep he used his wet tongue to spread saliva all over. He placed her heel in his mouth and sucked on it. He moved upwards with his tongue along the sole from the heel to the toes but he didn't stop instead he started another and another long wet licks on the bottom of her feet. Pat was very sensitive there and she was writhing in delight. On one of the upward swings he stopped at the toes and began to suck on everyone starting with the big toe. Then he licked between the toes driving her wild. Alice was so turned on that she was doing the same thing to Pat's other foot. She closed in on the big toe and took it all in her mouth sucking on it as if it was a cock. Pat was getting hotter and hotter emitting a long low hum. Finally Jake grabbed the two feet to suck on all the toes.

He asked Pat, " Do you want me to fuck you now baby?"

"I really would like that Jake fuck me please, please fuck me. "

He wrapped his arms around her thighs and slowly inserted his eight-inch hard penis in her sopping pussy.

Near them, Sandra had her orgasm and now Shane was screwing Karen standing up in the same way. Sandra was still so hot she was kissing Karen on the mouth lapping her lips with her tongue. Suddenly Karen had an orgasm and started to shake all over so much so that Shane could hardly hold her.

Next Naomi pulled Shane down on the floor. When he was spread out completely she stretched herself on top of him, and started kissing him deeply. He got hold of her ebony ass cheeks and squashed her pelvis down on his superb cock. Then with his hands firmly pressed on her ass he began a circular movement rotating her pelvis while rubbing her crotch against his exceptionally large penis. Naomi became so eager that she started humping him up and down and from side to side stimulating her clit. Naomi soon managed to bring herself off with violent gyrations on Shane's shaft.

She was screaming, "I'm going to cum. I'm coming. "

Thus one after another, in one way or another, these expert men gave nearly all the girls an orgasm.

"Now it's your turn Jake," ordered Alice," I need you to lie down on the table right here along the edge. "

When he was comfortably spread out, Alice said to Pat," Get up on the table beside him honey. You don't expect for me do this alone do you?"

The two women, one standing on one side, the other lying down on the other began to play with Jake. Pat started kissing Jake on the forehead, the cheeks, and at length the lips. With her right hand she sensuously rubbed his shoulders chest and head. At the same time, Alice started at the feet. Alternating between kisses and licks she slowly moved up towards the middle of his body. She could tell that the stripper was enjoying this by the way he was lifting and stretching his muscular body. While she was going up Pat had slithered down brushing her lips on his neck, his nipples and bellybutton. Now they were both staring at that big cock. Alice pushed the penis down so that it was lying along his stomach exposing the line on the shaft. She licked along this side once and let Pat do the same. While this was going on she massaged his scrotum with her other hand. Then both girls stuck out their wet tongue and travelled up and down the length of his cock sometimes in the same direction, at other times in opposite directions. They took turns licking the ridge at the base of the glans. When they got to the top they slithered higher until the glistening red head was between their open mouths. Now they kissed it wetting it with their saliva. Moving their mouths a little higher they kissed each other exchanging saliva and precum. Alice dropped a big gob of spit on the top of his cock and used her hand to spread the liquid all over. When Alice wrapped her lips around the head, Jake emitted a soft groan. She pulled her head slightly back and forth a few times before sinking her hot mouth as deep as she could until the tip hit her throat. She held her breath a couple of seconds before slipping it further down her throat. As she pulled up she drooled copious amounts of liquid which poured down the shaft and which she spread with her hands.

All the time they were giving him head they made those typical female sounds, "hum,hum, humah, oh, oh. "

"Alice that sounds, looks and feels so good, '' Jake exclaimed.

"You like that eh baby? "She answered. " The only thing is I can't get all the way down to the bottom. It's too long. "

Alice passed the cock to Pat who repeated the routine. But finally she went down nearly right to the end until she gagged spilling a small quantity of vomit on her lips. As she pulled up she allowed all the built up sputum in her mouth to flood the cock. When she got to the end and withdrew her head a long string of spittle connected her lips to the tip of the penis and some spilled over her chin and flowed down the shaft. Each time, she rubbed the cock over her forehead, cheeks and chin until her whole face was glistening with spit.

The two women were genuinely enjoying giving this man a blowjob. They were having fun.

Alice exclaimed, "That looks so sexy Pat. What do you think Jake?"

"Sure does. She is a great cocksucker. "

After deep throating him a few times, Pat then wrapped her hand around the massive prick and slid her mouth over the top. While sucking him deeply with her mouth she began to masturbate him faster and faster.

"When she looked up at Jake who was moaning constantly he whispered to her, "That a girl. "

"Don't make him come yet," Alice said. " Let me have a turn at blowing him. "

So Alice produced a thick coating of saliva on the ring of her lips around the shaft, and started sliding her mouth up and down the penis with a regular rhythm until he was nearing an orgasm then handed the rigid slick prick back to Pat. They alternated in this manner until Jake reached a peak of arousal.

"I'm going to cum, ahhhh," he growled.

The women instinctively began to purr and moan, as they were happy to see the pleasure they were giving him.

The first spurt cascaded in the air and splashed on his abdomen. But Alice quickly got her mouth down on the shaft to catch the warm semen gushing out of the twitching cock. When he was nearly through she directed the flow on Pat's face. The cum kept oozing out of the pulsating head while Alice rubbed the prick all over Pat's lips till finally Pat licked it clean.

Then the girls brought their heads close to each other to slurp the jizz off each other's face lips and mouth swallowing each delectable drop.

When it was all finished Alice asked Jake," Did you like that baby because we sure had a great time, right Pat?"

"Sure did," they both replied.

The other women who had been watching from a discreet distance began to clap and shout their approval.

Shane who had been able to resist having an orgasm so far had noticed that Nina as far as he could tell had also stayed away from an orgasm. He decided to put on an act and see if she would play along.

Sitting on a chair he called to Nina over," Come over her. "

Surprised by the authoritarian tone of his voice she walked over to him.

He ordered," Stop right there and show me your pussy. "

She looked at him with incredulous eyes hesitating quite a while to follow orders. In the end her lust overcame her will not to blindly obey a man and she pulled her panties to one side to reveal her pussy lips.

"That's a good girl. Now rub it a little for me. "

Having submitted once to his will she was now willing to obey, so she fingered herself.

"Ahhh, what a beautiful cunt you have baby you really turn me on. Now turn around and show me your pretty ass. "

She willingly turned pushed her bum back and slowly lowered her panties.

"Oh fuck ya. Now spread those cheeks so I can see your asshole. What a lovely sight. Why don't you wiggle your buns for me? Just like that. Turn that head and look at me you're so fucking gorgeous. Turn around again and show your tits.

Nina by now was so aroused that she was beginning to enjoy the game. Moreover most of the other girls were now watching so that Nina was playing to a fascinated audience. She sensuously brought down one strap a time while holding the cups. Then she slowly slid the cups down over her breasts to reveal her erect nipples. She undid the clasp in the back and let the bra fall to her bare feet.

"Ohh babe what magnificent boobs. That's it keep shaking them for me. Now come over here. Turn around and bend over so I can play with your ass. Touch those buns for me Nina honey. That's it. Now spread them. Play with your asshole. Stick your finger right in. Ohh what a pretty sight. Come closer you exciting little slut. "

Shane placed his two hands on her buttocks and started to stroke them. Then he ran his thumb up and down her crack sending shivers up her spine. He stopped at the anus rubbing it gently while pushing in. Soon it was inserted to the very end.

"You nasty man," she whispered, "I like you to be dirty with me. "

"Your ass is so beautiful let me lick that puckered red hole. "

He licked first all around before he stuck his tongue in as deep as he could into the hot cavity. All the while he kept fondling her buttocks and rubbing her clit. She was breathing heavily now and making small groans with her gapping mouth.

"Why don't you lie down on the table hon," she pleaded in a soft raspy voice.

He stood up, she turned around and they embraced, mashing their wet lips together in a voluptuous kiss, tongues squeezed into each other's damp mouth. They drifted towards the table where she got him to stretch out. She got up on the table kneeling at his feet. First she lingered licking his toes, before gliding up to suck his huge dark cock. Finally she slithered along his body to kiss him hard on the mouth. While she was in this position she began to slowly gyrate her hips in order to rub her clit on his hardon that was lying between their bellies. He grabbed her ass cheeks with both his hands to squash her pubis against his prick.

She continued violently humping him back and forth until she wailed," Yes, yes, oh fuck you're making me so fucking hot. I'm going to cum. Shit I'm coming. "

He held her tight while she started trembling and moaning. In a final paroxysm she lifted her upper body on her arms. Stretched out with her body totally rigid she let out a long howl before collapsing on his chest.

Shane held her tenderly in his arms a long moment. At last she regained her senses.

"Shane I want you to rape me any way you want. I'm yours. "

She got on her knees took hold of the large member and delicately lowered her rear slowly impaling herself on the rigid shaft

"Oh shit wait a minute let me adjust. Then one centimetre at a time she descended. Fortunately she was well oiled with her own juice. In the end it was nearly all in with the exception of two or three centimetres between her cunt and the base of his shaft.

She rested her body on his feeling the cock dubbing her g-spot and her clit crushed between their bodies. They alternated harmoniously between his piston like movement in and out of her pussy and her pelvic gyrations.

Shane was able to hang on a while allowing Nina to have another series of orgasmic spasms.

"Shane I feel so dirty. I want you to fuck my ass. "

She turned around to suck her own fluids along with his precum on his cock before dropping a copious wad of spit on the end.

Turning back she again lowered herself slowly on the cock emitting a series of sharp grunts. Once past the sphincter it was easier but still she pulled it out, turned sucked it to get it lubricated some more and started over. At last she was able to take half of it. He started to move in and out. She felt nasty, violated and extremely full. Every little movement in there sent a strong sensation to her brain. Because he was so gentle despite his size she began to enjoy the strong sensations it gave her. She relaxed and the more she relaxed the deeper he penetrated her ass.

"Oh fuck baby I love buttfucking you. "

"I love that big prick up my ass honey. "

After a long time he growled, " I'm going to cum baby. "

"Do you want to come in my mouth? I'll swallow all of it. "

"Oh I do, I do. "

She rapidly took his glans in her mouth and began a strong sucking action. Suddenly he came in slow rhythmic spurts. Some she took in her mouth others she aimed at her face. All the while Nina made low cooing sounds of contentment. When he was finished she rubbed his cock all over her face smearing a slick glaze of semen. Finally she licked every last drop off of it.

"That was a great fuck Nina one of the best in my life. Thank you"

"Well Shane it was the best I ever had. And I also thank you"

Around two o'clock, for the most part, it was over. Most of the girls were either too drunk or too exhausted to do much. Only Naomi, Margot and Andrea were still standing up dancing. At one end of the table three of them were talking while sipping on a last glass of champagne. Alice wondered where they could put it all. Inez and Nadia were stretched out on the floor dead drunk and fast asleep. Nina and Ann were picking up the clothes spread all over the place and tossing them in a box. Most of the items were too wet or soiled to wear. The women would go home naked tonight. Both Pat and Tara were sleeping at the table with their heads down and resting on their arms. Alice was talking to the three men who were now cleaned up and dressed.

When Nina was finished retrieving all the clothes she said to the men, "Well guys the parties over, let's get the show on the road. Have you got their keys?"

"Yes ma'am. "I have my six and so those Shane. "

"Take one down each at a time. We don't want anybody to get hurt this late in the game. Marcel you stand at the top of the stairs and stop anyone from going down alone. Ok?"

"Yes ma'am"

So the two male strippers brought the girls down. Some were only held around the waist with an arm draped over the males shoulder and walked down, but three had to be carried down. On the whole the girls were all nude but they were whisked rapidly into the limos as they came out the door. Finally Marcel descended holding Ann who was also drunk by now. He locked the door and placed Ann in his car. They all left.

It was five o'clock in the morning when Alice got home exhausted but happy.