Teddy Visits A Therapist For Help

Enjoy this incredibly long story... although it may end up going off a bit off-topic, but it's great for any Cfnm fan! That's mostly because it's by Charles Petersunn, whom is a very talented writer of stories that have Cfnm themes throughout. Be sure to check out some of the gallery links as well, they're definitely worth checking out as well.


It was a long time coming. No, more accurately, that was the problem, or at least he was worried that it was a problem. The problem was that it wasn't taking a long time cumming; it was at times taking no time at all to cum. It was a long time coming that he finally decided to seek professional consultation for his short time cumming.

Fortunately, Templeton College did have counseling services. It wasn't a particularly large clinic, but Templeton was not a particularly large college. It was a small private college, with quite traditional values. The boys had to wear white shirts, black slacks and jackets, black ties, and black dress shoes. The girls of Templeton wore the matching uniform of a white blouse, plaid skirt, black tie, white socks, and black Mary Janes. But, this story doesn't involve any of the girls of Templeton. It concerns Teddy.

It wasn't hard for a story at Templeton to involve Teddy. Teddy seemed to get himself into quite a few predicaments, many of them quite embarrassing (see The Lessons, Chapters 2 or 12). It's not that he didn't have his good times. His life with Penny was quite good indeed (see The Lessons, Chapters 6 and 10), but that was now in fact part of the problem. It had become so good that he was becoming a little trigger happy, resulting in some embarrassing moments in what was suppose to be good times.

It was particularly embarrassing for him with Penny. He wanted to please Penny so much. She worked so hard to please him. She wanted him to be happy, to be happy with her. It didn't bother her when he came fast. To her this just showed how much she had excited him. In fact, a couple of times she had tried to make him shoot real, real fast.

He came particularly fast when they did it; when they went all the way; when he put his thing inside of her. It was just so intense that way. It was like every single nerve of his penis was being stimulated at once, wrapped tightly in her rippled, soft, wet sheath. When he started sliding in and out, the engorged head of his cock pushing through her hot, squishy tightness, he would just lose control and started squirting.

She didn't mind.

But, he did. He knew he wasn't lasting long enough to make her happy.

He could make her happy other ways. He didn't mind doing that. On the contrary, he loved doing it, as she loved him for doing it.

But, he wanted to make her happy the usual way, the normal way, and so many times he just couldn't stop himself. Even if they did it a second time, he would still cum too quickly. And, he tried all sorts of things. He tried masturbating before he picked her up for their date. Didn't work. He tried Woody Allen's tactic of thinking about baseball games. Didn't work. He tried wearing a condom, even two condoms. Didn't work.

So, he bit the bullet and sought professional help.

He was very embarrassed about doing so. He certainly didn't tell his parents, or any of his friends, nor even Penny. He knew that she would be understanding. She was understanding about so many things. But, it was just too embarrassing for him. He felt it questioned his very masculinity, his ability to be a man. And, besides, he hoped to get over the problem on his own. It was kind of like secretly learning to dance, and then surprising your girlfriend at the prom with all your cool new moves. He hoped that it would be something like that.

So, he took a deep breath and went to the college counseling center, and man, it wasn't easy. They did try to make it easy for you, but it was still difficult. The first person he had to talk to was this pretty student receptionist who might have even been younger than him (he was 18 years old). The clinic assistants were mostly undergraduates: volunteer psychology majors trying to get at least some exposure to the life of a clinical psychologist. She was herself 18, but she certainly didn't look it.

At least he didn't have to explain his problem to her, out loud and in front of other people. He just had to fill out an intake form. But, still, he had to give it back to her. She would read it. She was very friendly and considerate about it, but he couldn't help but feel rather inadequate when he handed the form to her. He looked away as soon as she took it, imagining her giggling as she read "premature ejaculation" in the section for his "Incoming complaint."

She then gave him a whole stack of questionnaires to fill out. They were really weird. They were all full of questions about whether or not he was crazy, a drug user, suicidal, and so forth. He actually didn't answer all of them honestly. He wouldn't admit to all of the sexual stuff he had been doing. He sure as heck wasn't going to tell anyone about the time with Miss Harding. Frankly, that was nobody's business (but, for your interest, see The Lessons, Chapter 10), and if anyone found out it would probably get him in trouble. He decided not to even tell anyone about the other stuff with her (see The Lessons, Chapters 2 and 6) as these things would probably get her in trouble as well.

But, he did wonder if that was perhaps part of the problem. It was perhaps no coincidence that he was seeking sexual therapy and yet wouldn't talk about his sex life. That didn't sound too good. Maybe there was something seriously wrong with him?

In any case, when he completed the questionnaires the receptionist told him that someone would call him within 48 hours to set up an appointment. The professional staff would want to review his test results to determine the best possible therapist for his particular problem. If he felt that he needed to see someone sooner, she would set up an appointment right away.

He said fine. He would wait for their call. He was just glad to get out of there.

Frankly, he wouldn't have minded if nobody called him. He would probably just grow out of it. That must be true in most cases. But, what if it didn't go away? He wished he had taken Mr. Baldwin's Abnormal Psychology class. It would probably have been all explained there. He considered asking Mr. Baldwin about his problem, but he knew that Mr. Baldwin would just refer him back to the counseling center.

They did call.

He was assigned to see Dr. Susan Lowenstein.

That didn't mean anything to him at all.

Actually, it did. She was a woman. He was assigned to see a woman. He was suppose to talk to a woman about premature ejaculation? No way!

But, then, when he thought about it, it actually seemed better that way. He sure as heck didn't want to explain to some stud male that he spilled his milk, or to some old guy who reminded him of his father. He had never talked to his father about any of this sort of stuff. His father had just given him a book to read. He wasn't about to tell his dad that he was having trouble keeping his gun from going off. He knew that the therapist wouldn't be his father, but he just couldn't talk to an old guy about that sort of thing. Heck, the guy would probably tell him that he shouldn't be having any sex anyway. That was certainly the policy of Templeton, as well as his dad. It was in fact even within the student code that sexual fraternization was not condoned on campus. If the Student Disciplinary Board found out about Penny and him in the library; well, man, that would be terrible. No, he was not about to talk about this sort of stuff with some authoritative, judgmental old man. So, it might be actually good it was going to be a woman.

But, maybe he was just trying to boost his own courage. A woman could be even worse. It would be like his mother. If he couldn't talk about this sort of thing with his father, how could he do it with his mother? His mother would be far more disapproving than his father. She would probably tell him to take more cold showers, that he was having self-control problems because he was too young to be doing this anyway. It was his body telling him that he was doing something wrong, spilling his seed upon the ground.

He was not looking forward to this at all. He kept thinking of excuses for not going to his appointment.

But, for the sake of his relationship with Penny, he would go through with it. He would try at least one session. If it wasn't helpful, if he didn't like it, he wouldn't go back. They couldn't turn him in or anything. It wasn't like they could force him into treatment.

Could they?

No, they couldn't do that. They could only do that if he was hearing voices or threatening to kill someone, or kill himself. He would have to make sure he didn't say anything dramatic like that.

He arrived only minutes before the appointment. Psychotherapists at least didn't have you arrive a half hour early like real doctors, and then have you wait in a second room for another half hour for the doctor to finally show up, to spend only five minutes with you. In fact, the receptionist didn't even scold him for arriving just minutes before his appointment. She just smiled sweetly, asked him to sign in, and sent him to room 5A to see Dr. Lowenstein.

When he arrived at her door, he quietly, timidly, knocked.

"Come in." He heard her voice. It was a nice voice. A friendly voice. It also didn't sound like his mother's voice.

He opened the door.

Dr. Lowenstein was not his mother; right away he could see that was true. His mother was never as pretty as this, or at least as far as he could remember.

Dr. Lowenstein was, well, he just had to acknowledge it, she was really very attractive.

He couldn't put his finger on it, but she reminded him of someone. He kept staring at her face, trying to get the name. Was it someone he knew?

She had absolutely gorgeous big grey eyes, dark lashes, long wavy auburn hair, sweet red lips, and a delicate, thin nose. And, oh yes, a lovely, incandescent smile. For a brief moment, he had the thought of Julia Roberts, with spectacles, smiling at him. "Peter? Peter?" Dr. Lowenstein was trying to get his attention, as he was just standing in the doorway, staring at her, deep in thought.

"Oh, yes, sorry doctor. I was, um, confused, by, something." He wondered if it would have been better if the doctor had reminded him of his mother, rather than a sexy, very sexy, movie star. Just thinking about talking about sex with Julia Roberts was giving him a hard-on.

She smiled sweetly at him from behind her desk. As she stood up, he could tell that she even had Julia Robert's long, shapely legs, stretching out from her tight, short business skirt. She moved around the desk to set in her easy chair, next to a couch, her skirt rising up her thighs. She gestured to him to sit down on the couch.

It was a rather peculiar couch. It had no back to it. You couldn't lean back in it. It actually looked more like a bed, a single bed, but unlike a bed it rose up a bit at the head, for the head. But, rather than a pillow, there was just this white cloth. She explained it to him as he sat down.

"I know the couch looks a little peculiar, Teddy. It's a traditional analytic couch. I don't, however, practice traditional psychoanalysis. I use Interpretive Sensate Focus Therapy that is informed by psychodynamic theory. Are you familiar with this approach, Teddy?"

"A little, ma'am. I haven't taken abnormal psychology yet, but I have taken intro psych."

"Well, that's fine, Teddy. You don't really have to know about it to be helped by it. It is basically a cognitive-behavioral approach, with a bit of interpretive exploration."

This explanation was as much Greek to him as the name.

"It is a systematic desensitization approach. We will establish a hierarchy of your problem, from the simplest to the most difficult, and will work our way up, step by step."

This was now beginning to ring a bell. "Oh, you mean like Baby Steps, in that movie with Bill Murray?"

"'What about Bob?'"

"Yea, that's it."

Dr. Lowenstein smiled patiently. "Well, in a sense, yes, Teddy, but that was, of course, a fictional portrayal that really lacked the depth and the detail, although it does give a nice sense of the idea of working our way, step by step. Basically, we first master the problem where it is easiest, and then work our way up each step, one step at a time. You'll find that each new step is not much more difficult than the previous one, and, slowly but surely, you will overcome the problem."

"The longest journey begins with just one step."

"Yes, very good, Teddy, although you will in fact find that this journey is unlikely to really be that long. I have reviewed your intake material and I am confident that this will be a rather straightforward treatment."

Teddy was relieved to hear this. It is always so nice to have the doctor reassure you early in the treatment that the problem is solvable.

"As I said, my approach does also use a bit of interpretive exploration. We won't be searching through your childhood history or interpreting any dreams, but we will use techniques to uncover problematic beliefs, cognitions, schemas, that are interfering with your ability to function sexually."

"Sure, that's fine, doctor." This was the first time she had even referred to sex, and he immediately felt a bit anxious.

"For example, Teddy, I noticed that when you first came into the room, you hesitated, as if you were lost in some thought."

"Yes ma'am." He wasn't surprised that the psychologist had noticed this. After all, this is what they are good at, reading your behavior and mind.

"What were you thinking?"

Teddy wasn't sure he wanted to tell her, and Dr. Lowenstein noticed this as well.

"You're uncomfortable telling me, aren't you, Teddy."

"A little bit, ma'am, yes."

She leaned forward in her chair, placed a reassuring hand on his knee, and smiled at him through her spectacles with her lovely grey eyes. "Now, Teddy, an important part of my sensate focus approach is for you to tell me whatever you're thinking, at any particular point in time. I want to reassure you that nothing you say will shock me, or will make me think poorly of you. We must get at these thoughts if we are to overcome them."

"Oh, ma'am, I wasn't thinking about anything sexual." He was embarrassed to think that she might believe that the first thing he thought about when he saw her was some sort of perverted sexual fantasy. But, still, he was in fact thinking about something sexual.

"Even if you were, Teddy, that wouldn't matter." She patted him on his knee and said, "Now, be a good patient and tell the doctor everything."

"Well, ma'am, I was, um, when I first saw you, you made me think of." This felt so embarrassing to admit, "Julia Roberts."

Dr. Lowenstein smiled. She had never heard that before. Thoughts of one's mother were much more common. "Very good, Teddy, thank you for sharing that with me. Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Actually, he was feeling a bit hard, as the thought of sharing his sexual feelings and fantasies with Julia Roberts again slipped into his head. For the first time, he smiled back at Dr. Lowenstein. "No, ma'am, I mean, doctor."

"Very good, Teddy." Dr. Lowenstein then sat back in her chair, brought out her pad, and said, "Alright then, Teddy, why don't you take your penis out and we can take a look at the problem."

Panic swept over Teddy. "What?" was all he could say. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Dr. Lowenstein smiled reassuringly. "Perhaps I did use a poor choice of words. I didn't mean that your penis was itself the problem. I'm sure it's a very fine penis."

That really wasn't just the problem. Yes, he would be a bit, actually, a lot, self-conscious about showing his penis to Dr. Lowenstein. It would be hard not to think about how it measured up to her. She was a mature, professional, and even a very attractive woman. She had surely seen many penises in her life, many erect cocks, and probably many that were much better, much bigger, than his own. He knew full well that he would not measure up. But, more importantly, more fundamentally, even if he had a cock that any guy would be proud of, he wasn't expecting that he would be showing it to her. Why on the earth for? "Do you really need to see it?"

"Oh my goodness, yes, Teddy. Sensate focus therapy is a behavioral method. This isn't just talking therapy. Optimal sexual functioning is like any other skill; it's something you must learn and practice. In sensate focus we will work you through each step. You know, like the baby steps."

"But, with you, right here, in front of you?"

"Now don't be shy, Teddy. I am a sex therapist. I have worked with many young men and women before." Actually, her words did not convey the most accurate description of her clinical expertise. Dr. Lowenstein was indeed a skilled therapist. That was certainly true. She had been practicing for quite a number of years. However, she had only just recently learned about the treatment of sexual dysfunctions through a one-week continuing education workshop that she had attended last summer. She was quite anxious to expand her practice to include sexual dysfunction. She supposed that she could have told Teddy how inexperienced she really was with respect to sex therapy. He was in fact her first sexual dysfunction patient. But, research has indicated that a patient's confidence in the skills and expertise of the therapist is itself important and useful to recovery. And, besides, she really hadn't said a falsehood. She had worked with many young men and women before, and she could now call herself a sex therapist, having been certified through the workshop.

She continued to explain the rationale for her approach. "Part of learning healthy sexual functioning is to become comfortable with it, to be able to do it, as well as to talk about it. Of course, the actual skill techniques you will be practicing at home, with your partner. We will want you to develop the skills in vivo. Right now, though, I just need to get a baseline assessment of the problem. Now, let's see that merry little man."

Teddy was really confused. He knew his face was beet red. He could feel perspiration forming on his brow, and even running down beneath his arms. His heart was pounding. "But, ma'am, I'm afraid that, well, um."

Dr. Lowenstein had worked with enough young men to know what his problem was. She could see it in his face, as well as in his pants. As young men explored their fantasies on her couch, with her sitting behind them, she had seen quite a number of bulges developing in their pants. She again leaned forward and placed her hand on his thigh. "Teddy, are you concerned that you have an erection?"

Teddy looked away. That was certainly a lot of it. Apparently, he wasn't going to be able to hide anything from this doctor, figuratively or literally. He answered quietly, "Yes ma'am."

"Well, Teddy, that's excellent! That's what we precisely need. I'm so glad!" She leaned in even closer, the scent of her sweet perfume drifting through the air, her quite prominent breasts just inches away, her cleavage opening up to his eyes. "You're going to be an excellent patient, Teddy. Now, here, let's not have any more of this silly inhibition." She reached for the crotch of his pants and began undoing his slacks.

"Dr. Lowenstein!" Teddy said in shock, but he didn't try to stop her; after all, she was the doctor. He leaned back on the couch, his back resting against the wall. He gripped the seat to steady himself as she worked at his zipper, belt, and clasp. He was reminded of his mother taking his pants off for a bath.

"What are you thinking about right now, Teddy?" Dr. Lowenstein asked as she was unbuckling his belt.

"Oh, I don't want to say, ma'am, doctor."

"Teddy, what did I tell you before. Again, this is part of the technique. I need to know your thoughts during the course of sexual functioning. One can never tell when a problematic cognition will appear and we need to monitor them through the course of therapy."

"Well, alright, um, I was just thinking of, I mean, it made me, it sort of just reminded me of when I was standing by the tub and my mother undid my pants."

"Very good, Teddy." Transferential thoughts about the mother were quite common. This was really better, at least for exploring his unconscious conflicts, than thinking about Julia Roberts. "And, how does that make you feel?"

"Well, kind of silly, Dr. Lowenstein. I mean, a normal guy wouldn't think of his mother when a woman is undoing his pants."

Dr. Lowenstein giggled. "Gee, Teddy, you must be the first psychotherapy patient to ever think of her therapist as his mother."

Teddy smiled. He now recalled from introductory psychology how common it was to think of your therapist as a parent.

"It's perfectly normal, Teddy. You're developing a real transference, which is very good for our treatment." By now, Teddy's pants were undone and opened. His erection could be seen pressing hard up against his briefs. "And, I see that perhaps we can call it a positive transference, given the state of your penis."

Teddy's initial impulse was to hide it with his hands but Dr. Lowenstein pulled his hands away. "I want you to bring your erect penis out now, Teddy. I would do it myself but I don't want to cross any ethical boundaries with my patients." She smiled sweetly at him, and perhaps with a bit of a flirtatious tone, she said, "I'm not too sure that the State Board would approve of me holding a patient's erect penis."

"Yes, ma'am," Teddy reluctantly acquiesced. He reached down into the slit of his briefs and struggled to remove his hard dick. It wasn't that easy as his erection was quite hard. He could have just pulled down his briefs, but he wanted to leave as much clothes on as possible. With some fumbling effort he was eventually successful.

Dr. Lowenstein smiled with approval. "Oh my, yes, Teddy, that is a most impressive erection."

Teddy's nervous self-consciousness quickly switched to a satisfied pride. He had expected her to make some remark about being a bit small for his age, but, on the contrary, she was actually impressed. A full grin could finally be seen on his face as he comfortably displayed for the pretty doctor his hard, stiff cock. Thinking about it, exposing your hard, stiff pecker like this to a fully dressed women, and a quite attractive one at that, was actually kind of cool.

Dr. Lowenstein did consider his penis to be a bit on the small size, but, she knew from her workshop that a smaller size is not really prohibitive to the sexual satisfaction of a woman. And, besides, it was truly a good stout hard-on. She could in fact feel her own heart flutter a bit. This was the first time she had seen a male erection within her office (at least outside of the pants) and it was a bit provocative, to say the least. She could feel the blood flowing into the cheeks of her face. Her workshop leader had warned them that the first few cases would be a bit disconcerting. She hoped that Teddy would not notice her own flustered discomfort. She did want to at least appear professional, even if she did in fact have some of her own counter-transference problems. "Now, Teddy, let me see you bring yourself to an orgasm. I want to get a good objective judgment regarding your rate toward ejaculation."

Teddy's eyes widened in surprise. "You want me to jerk off, I mean, um, masturbate, right here, in your office?" It seemed awfully weird to him to be jacking off in a doctor's office, although, as he thought further about it, he had already done this once before for Nurse Lanning (see The Lessons, Chapter 12), but, still, in that case he didn't finish himself off.

"Certainly, Teddy. Why else did you think I wanted you to take it out? I'm not interested in his appearance. I want to see the gentleman's behavior."

He should have realized that. This was a sexual therapy. It was frankly plenty weird to be jerking off in front of a female doctor, but even with the first grasp of his hand it was also rather stimulating, having the very pretty Dr. Lowenstein admire his "impressive" erection as he slid his fist up and down the shaft. Her eyes were glued right to the sight of his hard cock, waiting expectantly for him to shoot off. This was much better than Nurse Lanning, who made him feel all bad about it. Dr. Lowenstein wanted to see him pop. He grabbed hold of his cock more tightly with his right hand and stroked his fist along his stiffness..

"Are you thinking of your Julia Roberts now, Teddy?" Dr. Lowenstein asked.

Teddy was already breathing hard, breathing in the scent of Dr. Lowenstein's perfume as he enjoyed the feel of his soft palm and tightly clasping fingers sliding up and down his cock. Teddy truthfully replied, "Oh, no ma'am, no, not her," as he stared at the two prominent hillocks in the front of her business suit.

"Well, that's intriguing Teddy, who then are you honoring with such a stout erection?"

"Oh ma'am!" Teddy gasped, suddenly feeling the inevitable surge pulse through him as his cock exploded its juice. "You doctor!" he exclaimed, with some embarrassment but also a considerable amount of pleasure as a large white rope of cum shot out across the office and softly splatted onto the lush carpeting. "I'm so sorry, ma'am," apologizing for cumming so quickly, for using her to reach his orgasm, and for soiling her carpet.

Dr. Lowenstein, however, was not the least bit troubled by any of his concerns. Well, maybe the third one. With respect to fantasizing about her as he came, it was frankly a good healthy sign that his thoughts were of her rather than a transference figure, including Julia Roberts, and especially his mother.

With respect to cumming so quickly, she just said, "Oh, Teddy, what a healthy boy!" It was clear that he did indeed have a problem with premature ejaculation. Hardly a few seconds had passed before he began shooting his sperm all over the floor. This objective assessment of his sexual functioning did prove to be beneficial as it validated the diagnosis. However, there was no therapeutic benefit in throwing the diagnosis in his face, and frankly a bit rude to do so while he was still enjoying his orgasm. She just said instead, "Such a powerful ejaculation!" She was sincerely impressed with that. 'Goodness,' she thought, 'I wonder if young men do in fact have more to release.' It was indeed a healthy series of gushes. She added, "Look how far you shoot that thing," as Teddy continued to explode gobs of cum onto her carpeting, and a bit onto his pants. She observed approvingly, "And there is so much of it. Really, Teddy, I am quite impressed. We certainly have a lot to work with here."

As his orgasm ebbed, Teddy breathlessly again apologized, this time in particular for making such a mess on her nice carpet. "Ah, gee, Dr. Lowenstein, I'm really sorry. I probably should have caught it in my hand, or a rag, or something. It just happened to so quickly. Oh, man, I'm really, really sorry."

Dr. Lowenstein realized that for future cases she would need to have a towel ready to catch the male's ejaculation. This was frankly her mistake, one that was readily attributable to her inexperience. Teddy obviously had some self-esteem issues, and she felt bad that her own therapeutic error contributed to his feelings of shame. "Teddy, I want you to notice how often you seem to apologize when, in fact, there is really no need to do so." She got up from her chair, went to her desk, and retrieved a handkerchief and her water bottle. She wetted the white handkerchief, got down on her knees in front of Teddy, and began to dab up the splats of cum.

"Oh, Dr. Lowenstein, please, let me do that," Teddy pleaded, getting his now slackening penis back into his pants.

Dr. Lowenstein did feel a bit awkward, being on her knees, bent over in front of her young male patient, cleaning up his spilt cum. She wondered if her old training supervisor, her mentor, would approve of this. But, she really couldn't just leave the cum on the carpet. It might stain, and it was certainly distracting. And, she felt that it would only further complicate Teddy's self-esteem complex if she required him to clean up his "mess," as he would likely refer to it. "No, no, Teddy, it's fine. Accidents will happen."

A tight business skirt though was not the best apparel for kneeling, bent over, on the floor. It really hugged the taut curves of her buttocks, and even rose up well in the back, providing a better view of her shapely legs, and nylon wrapped thighs. Teddy could not help admiring this view of Dr. Lowenstein. Pretty doctors rarely gave you a view like this. It was good that he had returned his cock to his pants, as he could feel it already wanting to perk up.

When she finished with the carpet, she handed Teddy the dampened cloth so that he could try to clean, as best he could, the wet stains on his slacks. That was certainly something she would not, should not, do. Direct physical contact with a patient was probably going too far.

Fortunately, for Teddy, there were only a few wet spots on his slacks, although even these were a bit of concern to Teddy. He wondered what the young, pretty receptionist would think when he left the clinic with wet spots on his pants. He made a note to himself to try to hide the worst of them with his books.

Dr. Lowenstein spent the rest of the session explaining to Teddy the squeeze technique for treating premature ejaculation. She wanted him to practice the technique for at least a half hour every evening. His homework assignment was to masturbate, as he had done in her office, but as soon as he could feel himself getting close, he was to tightly squeeze the penis just below the head, thereby inhibiting the orgasm and reducing his arousal. He was to place his thumb on the frenulum, and his index or middle finger just above and below (respectively) the corona ridge. After the urge to ejaculate thoroughly dissipated, he was to masturbate again, and, once again squeeze when he felt the urge return. He was to continue to do this for a half hour, after which he could have his orgasm.

She explained that as he did this he should allow his fantasies to be as enjoyable as possible. However, she wanted him to also monitor and retain his thoughts, feelings, and fantasies, so that they could explore them within their next therapy session. She indicated that he should expect to discover that with each completed homework session, he would gradually find that it was longer and longer before the urge would appear, or at least he would feel less and less of a need to squelch the urge.

She indicated further that as long as he was experiencing continued progress, she would not have to see him for a few weeks. She would have preferred to meet with him on a more regular, weekly basis, but Templeton, like most managed care practices, only provided a limited number of sessions for the treatment of premature ejaculation, and the sessions had to be chosen carefully. However, after three weeks she would want to meet with him again to work on the next stage of the therapy, which required the participation of his girlfriend, Penny. In the meantime, he was discouraged from engaging in sexual activity with Penny, but if they did do anything he was not to expect any generalization of the masturbation training to their lovemaking. They would begin to work on that directly in their next session: it was one baby step at a time. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This was the kind of homework assignment that Teddy liked, and, best of all, it did actually seem to work. As the days passed, he could tell that he was lasting longer and longer.

He even found that there did appear to be some generalization to his play with Penny, although it was still quite clear that he lasted much longer when he was doing it by himself than when she was doing it for him. However, he was not discouraged by this. The doctor had indicated this was to be expected and they would address it explicitly within his next session. He was now in fact looking forward to his next session with Dr. Lowenstein.

There was, however, one significant wrench in the works.

As Teddy returned to the couch, Dr. Lowenstein flipped the lock on her office door, sat down across from Teddy, and had him begin the session with a demonstration of his progress.

This time he comfortably took to the task. "Yes ma'am," he replied and quickly undid his slacks. He really wanted to show her how much longer he could now last. He pulled out his cock, which had in fact started to swell as soon as he had entered her office, caught her perfume, and was reminded again of how attractive she looked.

Dr. Lowenstein smiled as she watched him reach into his slacks. He did look to be in a much better mood than his initial appointment. He looked like a proud young man, wanting to show off to his mother how much he had learned. He reminded her of a boy reaching into his pants to show his mother a neat thing he had just found, or maybe even a present he had made for her. Her own counter-transference association, however, was significantly altered when he removed from his pants his half-erect cock. She instinctively coughed at the sight of the swelling bulb of his youthful penis. She was now reminded of the last time she saw any other guy's cock. It had been quite some time ago. She had sacrificed quite a bit to pursue her career as a clinical psychologist, eschewing romance for a workaholic devotion to clinical career.

She had dated a few times since arriving at Templeton, but she hadn't quite met a man who was really compatible. It appeared to be sad but true that as one got older the desirability of the selection pool decreased. Mr. Peters, a math professor she recently met, did seem at first to be a nice match. He was certainly liberal in his thinking and she respected his innovative pedagogy. However, she understood that he was dating Miss Harding. Perhaps though they were not that serious? Watching Teddy's penis grow made her think more and more about Mr. Peters.

'Whoa!' she said to herself. It was striking how much her mind had drifted as her eyes remained fixed on Teddy's swelling cock, which was by now quite hard. She recalled in training the use of ambiguous stimuli to stir up unconscious associations. Teddy's hard dick, however, was not ambiguous, and was pretty effective at bringing to consciousness some of her own repressed wishes and concerns. She needed to get a grip and focus her mind on Teddy's treatment.

"Teddy, I am so pleased. You're just tugging away at that handsome penis of yours, and you don't look at all ready to cum. How do you feel about that?" He had already lasted much longer than the first time.

Teddy grinned ear to ear as he pumped hard on his hard cock, showing off how much progress he had made.. "Yes, Dr. Lowenstein, I really do think I've made real good progress." His hand continued to jack off as he spoke to her. "The last time I saw you I would have gone off, I mean, orgasmed, by now, but, here I am, still going."

"Yes, yes. Well, why don't you stop a second and we can talk a bit about what to do with your little girlfriend, Penny."

Dr. Lowenstein could see, anyone could in fact have seen, the change in the expression on his face. Here was the wrench in the works. He replied, "Dr. Lowenstein, I really don't think I can get Penny involved in this."

Dr. Lowenstein was concerned. "Why Teddy, why not?"

Teddy explained how he preferred to keep confidential the fact that he was in therapy. This was really a very personal matter. He knew that her involvement in his treatment would be very beneficial to him, but he wanted to do this on his own. He knew that Penny would likely be very supportive, she wouldn't be critical of him, but he couldn't help but think that his esteem in her eyes would have to diminish, at least somewhat.

Dr. Lowenstein was disappointed, but not surprised. She had been warned about this during the workshop. It was a general problem with psychotherapy that so many persons in treatment felt embarrassed, even ashamed, to be seeing a psychologist, when in fact it really should be a routine, natural, part of life to see a professional to make self-improvements or address psychological wounds. And, this self-consciousness is compounded when it comes to sexual therapy, as most people, perhaps particularly men, want to assume that they are above average in bed. It was a big step in a relationship for one of the members of a couple to bring up a concern that he or she had with the partner's sexual technique, let alone a distinct failing.

It was for this reason that many sex therapists had surrogates available to act as a partner, at least with respect to (actually, only with respect to) sexual activity. Regrettably, Dr. Lowenstein had no such sexual surrogate available. She supposed that with some time she might be able to hire a local undergraduate to work part-time as a sexual surrogate, but it would take quite a bit of time to select and train this person; and the selection process would clearly have to be very delicate and sensitive. She wondered if perhaps she might enlist Mr. Peters' help in the selection and evaluation of potential surrogates. His support would be invaluable, particularly with respect to the college administration and, besides, it could be a nice segue to developing a more personal relationship with him. But, this was perhaps all a pipe dream because even if they were able to find someone, together, it was unlikely that the college health plan would cover the cost of such a sexual surrogate employee.

Such a shame. Teddy had clearly made quite a bit of progress.

"Dr. Lowenstein?" Teddy had been waiting for a response from Dr. Lowenstein, but she was evidently deep in thought.

Dr. Lowenstein got up from her chair and spread a towel across the floor in front of him. She moved over to sit right next to Teddy on the couch. The scent of her perfume filled the air around him. He breathed in deeply and felt his cock twitch with delight. "Teddy," she said softly. "As your therapist, it is my responsibility to ensure your continued progress. I have decided that it would be best that I serve as your surrogate, as well as your therapist." She then gently, maternally, wrapped her long fingers around his thin, stiff shaft.

Teddy closed his eyes and gasped at the feel of her womanly hand. Such a fantasy had entered his mind on more than one occasion as he was doing his "homework" for Dr. Lowenstein. He had to admit that he had at times imagined that it was Dr. Lowenstein gripping and stroking his cock as he masturbated at night. That had been especially useful in compelling him toward an early orgasm.

And, now, the fantasy had become a reality. The pretty doctor Lowenstein was actually gripping his hard cock in her hand. He never thought that psychotherapy could be so much fun.

Dr. Lowenstein brought her left hand over his shoulder and slid tight against him, pressing her soft, full breast against his shoulder. She tickled his left ear with her hand as she slowly slid her right hand up and down his shaft. She said softly in his ear, "Your penis feels so hard, so stiff, in my hand, Teddy."

Teddy loved it when Penny said things like that to him, when she complimented him on the size, strength, or feel of his cock.

Dr. Lowenstein said in a more sultry voice, "And you're so big, so really very big."

"Oh!" Peter suddenly exclaimed, and Dr. Lowenstein quickly applied the squeezing just below the crown. She squeezed a bit harder than he had been doing himself, and it was quite effective. His urge to ejaculate dissipated.

"Very good, Teddy," Dr. Lowenstein observed. The therapeutic plan was to do this until there was approximately five minutes left in their session, at which point he could ejaculate and there would be sufficient time remaining for clean up and wrap up. Teddy seemed to be doing quite well. She had to apply the squeeze technique a number of times, as it was evident that the touch of a woman's hand on his cock was considerably more stimulating than his own.

She made it particularly stimulating by continuing to whisper sultry comments in his ear, her warm breath on his ear, her perfume drifting across his nostrils, her full breasts pressed against his arm, and her sweet, feminine hand sliding up and down his cock. There was even something especially erotic about the fact that she was so much older than him, perhaps old enough to be his mother, yet this beautiful women, dressed in her business suit, was actually giving him a hand job.

Dr. Lowenstein did want the exercise to be as close to in vivo as possible, to optimize the likelihood that there would be generalization to his relationship with Penny. She inquired, "Is this how Penny does it?"

It wasn't. It was still plenty arousing, and what was unique to Dr. Lowenstein's technique (e.g., her breath tickling his ear lobe) was really nice. But, there was something missing. Teddy answered, somewhat breathlessly, his cock straining within her hand, his balls beginning to ache for relief, "Well, doctor, um, it's great, but she, well, she usually doesn't have on a lot of clothes." He blushed when he said that, as did Dr. Lowenstein.

Dr. Lowenstein had not fully thought through what it would mean to be Teddy's sexual surrogate. Well, she had, to an extent, but had not let herself really think about it. She was really quite uncomfortable with the thought of taking off her clothes for Teddy. After all, he was so much younger than her, and, even worse, he was just a student, a patient, her psychotherapy patient. She imagined that many of her colleagues might not approve of what she was doing, nor was she sure herself. When she really thought about it, they would probably really disapprove. How could she actually undress for one of her patients?

But, Teddy was absolutely correct. Quite a bit of sexual arousal is generated visually. And, the job of a sexual surrogate is to simulate the sexual act with a patient. No self-respecting sexual surrogate would refuse to remove any clothing. On the contrary, it was their job to display a comfort about, an openness toward, all matters sexual. And, finally, all of her work, her willingness to even masturbate him, might be all for nothing if she did not include the visual component.

She let go of his stiff dick. "Yes, well, Teddy." She hesitated to say more. She instead just got up off the couch and slowly began to unbutton the jacket of her suit. She could feel the blood rushing to her face as she did so. She hoped that he would not notice that. She felt quite embarrassed to be unbuttoning her jacket in front of this young man, but also embarrassed over the fact that she was feeling embarrassed. It was important to maintain her professional demeanor. If she was going to be a sexual surrogate, she wanted to do it professionally. Instead, she felt like a middled-aged woman being compelled to undress in front of a young man with a stiff cock. She thought, 'Funny how weird some of your countertransference perceptions can be.'

When the last button was undone, she removed the jacket and carefully laid it on her desk. She turned back to Teddy and began to undue the buttons of her white, silk blouse. This was really so very strange. When she had been in training she had never imagined doing anything like this. Frankly, if anyone had asked her even last year she would have been appalled that they would have even thought about the possibility. Take your clothes off for a patient? She would agree to do many things, but this? Yet, here she was: unbuttoning her blouse in front of a young male patient, his naked stiff cock poking up out of his pants.

She glanced at it. It was still rock hard, despite the fact that she had stopped stroking him. Teddy though reached for it anyway. "Uh, yes, Teddy, um, that's a good idea. You can continue the therapy while I." Her voice dropped to a whisper for the rest of the sentence: "undress, for you."

Having Teddy openly masturbate while she continued to undress made her feel even more self-conscious, as if she was putting on a strip show for him while he jerked off. This wouldn't even happen for a stripper at a gentleman's club, yet it was happening to her.

When the front of the blouse was unbuttoned, she unbuttoned the cuffs, pulled the tails from the tight waistband of her skirt, and turned her back to Teddy. She took a deep breath and pulled her arms free of the blouse.

Teddy's jerking on his cock increased in speed as he saw her bare shoulders, the white skin of her naked back, and the white strap of her bra. His mouth went dry, yet he felt an urge to swallow. He watched as she carefully folded the blouse and laid it on top of her jacket. His eyes fixed on the lovely nakedness of her back, her shoulders, and the intimacy of the bra strap stretched across them.

She hesitated again, staring at her garments lying on the desk. She took a deep breath and reached behind her for the zipper of her skirt. She slowly pulled it down, although somewhat awkwardly. She considered asking Teddy to do this for her, but perhaps that would be too suggestive. She didn't really want him to undress her, to touch her.

She bent over to draw the skirt down to her ankles. Her bottom poked out through her white silk slip.

Teddy knew that he could easily cum right now. He was in fact impressed that he wasn't gushing his cock, despite the fact that he was still playing with it and the gorgeous Dr. Lowenstein was bent over in front of him, dressed now only in her high heal shoes, slip, and brassiere. Imagine being able to actually put his cock in her from behind? He was indeed imagining that. Oops, that did result in the need to apply the squeeze technique. He squeezed hard to stop himself and to regain control.

Dr. Lowenstein carefully folded her skirt and placed it next to her blouse. She then reached for the waistband of her slip. She was glad that her back was turned to Teddy, not only to protect her modesty for as long as possible, but also to hide her beet red face. She wished that she could just will the embarrassment away.

She again bent over to remove her slip.

Teddy resumed his stroking as he watched her draw the silk garment over the curves of her bottom, down her thighs, and to her ankles.

Dr. Lowenstein was wearing an attractively matching set of bra, panties, and stockings. She did always dress well. She felt it was important for a therapist to be well dressed, and she was now very glad to have decided to wear such nice underwear today. She didn't always do that. But, for some reason, she had done so today. As she folded her slip and laid it on her skirt she wondered if she unconsciously knew this morning what would happen later that day. She had indeed thought about Teddy this morning, as she was getting dressed, and the thought of talking to him about his erection and ejaculations had caused her heart to flutter a bit. Counter-transference issues did appear to be really much more problematic in sex therapy! Well, the moment of truth had arrived. She slowly turned around to face Teddy.

Teddy's eyes widened with excitement. There before him stood the most attractive Dr. Lowenstein. He was no longer even thinking about her resembling "what's-her-name;" that actress she so much resembled. She was quite striking herself, particularly dressed only in her bra, panties, and stockings. Her breasts were barely contained within her white, lace, half cup bra, trimmed with delicate fringe. There was even a little pink bow in the center strap, just below her open cleavage, which seemed to be literally bursting from her cups. He had to wonder if she was wearing one of those wonder bras; she wasn't, but it sure appeared that way. Her breasts looked so full, so round, so firm, so prominent. He pounded harder on his cock.

His eyes traveled down, past her firm abdomen, her narrow waist, to her panties, which did indeed match well her bra. They were low cut, trimmed with the same frill, and again topped by the pretty little pink bow. His eyes though were mesmerized by the sight of the large bulge of her womanly mound. He felt that he could perhaps even see a bit of an outline of her lips. Dr. Lowenstein had a camel toe?! He could imagine what it might look like if she would draw back the crotch of her panties, and with that thought he, once again, squeezed hard on his cock to inhibit his ejaculation.

Dr. Lowenstein felt quite self-conscious, standing in front of this young man, a student at her college, a patient of hers, as he was openly masturbating in front of her as she posed for him dressed only in her underwear. She would have to admit that she would have difficulty explaining to the administration that this was in fact objective, professional therapy. She thought, 'Thank goodness I'm not using one of the therapy rooms with a two-way mirror or, even worse, having the session video taped!' She glanced at the door to double check to see that it was locked. Of course it was; she had locked it herself. But, right now, she needed some extra reassurance.

She sighed deeply, her breasts rising up in her cleavage. She had to get back to his treatment. As she saw him apply the squeeze technique, she moved over to sit down, once again, next to him on the couch.

Dr. Lowenstein's perfume seemed now even more enticing. Perhaps it was because so much more of her naked skin was now open to the air, a halo effect of having her sitting next to him dressed only in her bra, panties, nylons, and high heels. His eyes went straight to her breast cleavage, so nicely displayed by her tight, uplifting cups.

She again turned toward him, bringing her naked left arm over his shoulder, pressing her lacy cupped breasts against his shoulder, the exposed luscious boob bulging out from her bra. She took hold of his cock once again in her womanly hand. She said softly in his ear, "Does it excite you, Teddy, to have your doctor be dressed only in her panties and bra?"

Teddy gasped at the feel of her hand, the sultry sound of her voice, as well as what she said, "Oh yes, yes, doctor."

"Do you think I look sexy in my undies?"

"Oh, ma'am, yes, yes, very much." Sweat was forming on his brow and dripping down his sides.

"Would you be willing to cum for me, Teddy? I so much want to make you squirt your manly juice all over the floor."

"Oh, ma'am!" She saw him clench his muscles and thrust his pelvis, and she felt a sudden swelling in his shaft. She squeezed hard.

"Doctor, please," Teddy complained, his eyes clenched shut in the agony of his desire.

"Not yet, Teddy, the session is not yet over." She continued to apply hard pressure just below his crown. "We still have a few more minutes." When it was apparent that he would not ejaculate, she let go of his cock and gave him a bit of time to regain his composure.

She smiled flirtatiously and blew in his ear as she once again grasped hold of his hard cock, starting off though with just a mild, light grip as she drew her hand up and down its hard length. She whispered in his ear, "I bet you would like to touch my breasts, wouldn't you, Teddy."

"Oh, ma'am, I mean doctor, yes," he said, with considerable enthusiasm as he began to reach over with his left hand.

"No, no," Dr. Lowenstein scolded him. She had only been teasing him with the suggestion, the possibility, of touching her. "Don't you think Teddy that touching your doctor's breasts would be inappropriate? My goodness, you're so much younger than me, and you're my patient."

"Yes, ma'am," Teddy groaned. She was the doctor. He couldn't really argue with her.

"But, I can understand why you would want to, Teddy. Look at them. Look at my breasts, Teddy."

Teddy had been trying to be polite about the fact that her blouse was off. He hadn't wanted to stare directly at them, thinking that would be rude or childish. But, it would be fine now, as she was in fact ordering him, as his doctor, to look right at them.

"They are exciting for you, aren't they, Teddy. So full, so white. See how they rise out from my brassiere, Teddy, my deep cleavage, such a heavenly valley." She could feel his cock twitching and squirming in her hand.

"See how they rise and fall with my breathing, Teddy. You're making me a little excited, holding onto your stiff, manly penis while I have to show you my bosoms, my brassiere. It's a little embarrassing for me, Teddy, but I think I kind of like it."

Teddy's heavy breathing was also very noticeable.

"But, you mustn't touch them, Teddy." She clenched him extra hard and tugged as she said, "That would be a bad, bad boy." She let go of his stem and just circled the top of the head of his cock with the palm of her hand, breathing deeply, watching him watch her breasts rise and fall.

"What would your mother think, Teddy, if she knew that you were playing with your doctor's breasts?" Dr. Lowenstein often used role-playing techniques in her clinical treatment. She would have the patient pretend that he was a significant person in his or her life. This approach was often useful in generating empathy for the other person as well as drawing out hidden conflicts the patient might have. In this instance, though, she wasn't too sure why she raised this association.

"I don't think she would like it," he admitted, his face clenched with urgency and frustration.

"No, no, I imagine she wouldn't. That would be a very bad boy, touching your doctor's boobies." She again grasped the shaft and stroked her hand up and down its length. "Such a bad, bad boy, but, then, she probably wouldn't like you even to be masturbating, would she."

"No," he gasped.

"Squirting your dirty, nasty, cum all over the floor, the bed spread, your clothes, wherever you happen to spend. Such a dirty, nasty boy." The contrast of her disapproval, the naughtiness of it, with the reality of what they were doing was so very intense for Teddy.

"No, Teddy, you can look, but you can't touch." She leaned in closer to him, pressing the lace of her bra, the softness of her full breasts, against his arm. She lightly flicked his earlobe with her tongue, and whispered, "Maybe if you're a good boy, Teddy, and squirt for your doctor, I will let you touch them."

"Oh doctor," he again pleaded, feeling the internal pressure of the inevitable rush of his orgasm but, once again, Dr. Lowenstein squeezed hard, very hard and steady, just below the crown.

Teddy felt like his balls were about to burst. He had never waited this long to cum before, at least when he was by himself.

Dr. Lowenstein let go of his cock and lightly drew her index finger around and around his soft, engorged, purple bulb. "It's so smooth, Teddy, and so red. You must be very proud of it."

Teddy could feel the urgent pressure rising.

"I bet Penny likes to lick it, doesn't she, Teddy."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, watching as his cock twitched with her delicate titillation.

"Oh my, yes, I'm sure she does." She pouted coquettishly as she said, "I think I'm feeling a bit jealous of your little girlfriend, being able to wrap her warm, sweet lips around such a manly cock head, drawing it into her mouth." She firmly grabbed the shaft, and moaned, "Would you mind terribly much if I put it in my mouth, Teddy?"

"No, doctor, no ma'am." That would be a great way to finally cum.

"Oh but no, Teddy, you know that would be wrong. That's why I'm your doctor, Teddy." She was again sliding her clenched fist up and down the shaft. "You have all of these dirty thoughts and nasty impulses. Wanting your doctor to lick your hard penis. Why, my goodness, all she is wearing is her bra and panties, and you want her to kiss your penis too? Such a very bad boy with all sorts of nasty ideas, but I won't let you act them out, Teddy. You're safe with me."

"Thank you, ma'am," his voice distorted by his gasping for breath.

"Yes, we don't want you to do anything inappropriate now, do we?"

"No, ma'am."

"My goodness, Teddy, my heart is pounding. My nipples, Teddy, if only you could see my nipples. They're so very hard." She was being seductive but she was indeed becoming quite excited. The office was feeling very warm despite wearing only her undies, and there was considerable warmth, even heat, between her legs.

She sighed deeply and brushed her erect nipple back and forth against his arm. "Teddy, you're such a bad boy, you're making your doctor all hot and bothered."

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I mean, doctor."

"Oh, that's alright, Teddy. I guess it's only natural for a lady to get a little aroused, stroking such a big, masculine cock in her hand." She used more force and speed. "I want to do so much more with your hard cock. I want to feel it against my nipples, my bottom, my lips. Can't I please just kiss it once, Teddy?"

Teddy didn't know what to say. He was in a deliriously confused state. He was so very close, and he wanted to cum so bad.

"But, we must be professional, Teddy," Dr. Lowenstein said.

However, her fist was now working harder on his cock. The room was filled with the sound of her fist slapping up and down his shaft. "But, you can cum for me, Teddy, I don't mind. In fact, I want you to do it." She pounded furiously with her fist, jerking him fast and hard. "I want to see your white, hot, sticky cum, gushing for me, Teddy, squirting out all over, all over the floor, dripping down my hand. Won't you do that for me, Teddy? Please?"

"Doctor!" he gasped, and his gism gushed forth. She not only let it happen but she continued to pound on his dick as his cum shot out, spewing across the floor in big white ropes and gobs, shooting up and out from him into the air and then raining down on the towel draped across the carpeting.

"Good boy!" Dr. Lowenstein, exclaimed. "So much cum for such a young man." She continued to praise and extol his blasts as his body jerked and spasmed. He was not himself watching his gushes, as his eyes were closed with the rapturous feeling of his orgasm, waves of intense physical pleasure sweeping through him, each wave like a fainting spell swiftly engulfing him and then followed by another.

Dr. Lowenstein though was watching, in part to be sure that he didn't get any of his cum on the carpeting, or her nylons and shoes, but also simply because she was enjoying the sight. He really did have lots of cum, and he was shooting with the energy and force of a healthy young man, something that she hadn't seen for quite some time. He had shot off pretty darn good during the first session, but this was clearly with much more intensity and thrust. It was like she was holding onto a jammed hose, blasting bullets and streamers of cum across the floor.

When he was done he fell back into the couch, exhausted, his balls aching with the release of such a huge load with so much intense pressure.

Dr. Lowenstein leaned down and picked up the towel, being careful not to let any of the gobs and pools of cum drip off, which wasn't easy as it was pretty thoroughly soaked with quite evident puddles. She wiped off her hand on a clean, dry corner and then handed it to Teddy to clean himself.

She then felt a wave of insecurity, doubt, sweep through her. With the therapeutic exercise over she was reminded again that she was sitting next to Teddy dressed only in her bra and panties. They were no longer lost in the sexual moment of passion. Now she just felt like a doctor whose dress somehow fell accidentally to the floor. She quickly got up and took her blouse from the desk to cover herself. It was still though a pretty sexy, alluring sight, as her nylons and panty clad hips remained exposed, and the sight of her trying to protect her modesty with just her silk blouse was rather endearing. "Um, well, Teddy, alright then, we can pick up where we left off next week."

Teddy could sense her discomfort, her uncertainty. He felt a little weird himself. He quickly buckled up his pants, carefully laid the cum soaked towel on the couch, and excused himself.

Dr. Lowenstein didn't walk him to the door, worried about someone possibly being right outside when she opened it. But, as he reached the door she realized that he might open it too far, revealing much more of her than if she was holding it open for him, standing behind it.

And, he did precisely that. A wave of panic swept through her as she looked out past the door into the hallway, leaning back against her desk, hiding her half-naked body behind her silk blouse. Fortunately, nobody was there.

Teddy turned around to say goodbye. "I should come back in two or three weeks, doctor?"

Dr. Lowenstein took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure, her demeanor as his doctor, but also wishing that he had asked this question before he had opened the door. "Three weeks, no two weeks, actually, next week, next week would be better, Teddy, yes."

"Okay, Dr. Lowenstein, and, um, thanks."

She smiled nervously and thought 'Please shut the door, Teddy' as she in fact said, "My pleasure, Teddy."

She breathed a sigh of relief as the door did finally shut.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A few more weekly sessions passed with repeated administrations of the therapeutic exercise.

The good news was that he continued to improve. With each session he lasted longer and longer before feeling the need to ejaculate.

Dr. Lowenstein always came to his sessions well prepared for her part in the exercise, working her way through an assortment of pretty undies and sexy lingerie. Actually, additional good news was that she found herself enjoying the morning preparation for these sessions. She would spend some time selecting which outfit to wear, trying on different undies, admiring how she looked in the mirror. It had been many years since she had spent time modeling lingerie before her bedroom mirror. And, she was certainly looking forward to once again playing with Teddy's young, hard cock. She even purchased new lingerie, smiling as she realized that she should be able to write off some of the costs as a tax deduction, although she wasn't too sure that she would be willing to explain this to her accountant.

The bad news was that Teddy was improving so much that it was evident that his level of arousal needed to be escalated. It was time to take another baby step forward.

In the next session, Dr. Lowenstein was standing before Teddy in a green halter flyaway babydoll, held together by a slim ribbon, tied in a bow. The ensemble was completed by matching green doodle mesh, thin waistband, silk bikini panties. The babydoll did wonders for her cleavage, yet still providing rather nice support. Her breasts stood up proudly, like two mounds of smooth vanilla ice cream. The baby doll was quite lacy but the silk fabric was solid in the most important places, including, of course, her nipples. The nipples were well hidden. Well, not really, as you could clearly see their outline, poking out against the smooth silk.

Dr. Lowenstein was quite pleased with her ensemble. It was one of her new purchases, obtained especially for her clinical work. She felt that she really looked sexy and should then offer excellent stimulation for Teddy. She was feeling quite excited herself by the time Teddy arrived, as she had been wearing the baby doll and panties beneath her much more demure, business-like suit throughout the day. It had been particularly tantalizing when she was providing her weekly report to the director of the clinic, Dr. Fritz Perlman. The silk felt so nice against her skin. Knowing that she was so provocatively dressed while he sat there, unknowingly across from her, was rather titillating. By the time the meeting was over she could feel warmth emanating from between her thighs. She was already down to the babydoll by the time Teddy arrived for his appointment.

Teddy was also very pleased, very happy with the outfit. "Oh man, Dr. Lowenstein, wow, you really look great in that!"

"Do you really think so, Teddy?" Her self-consciousness was long gone. She spun around to give him a full appreciation of its effect. Just before he arrived she put on a splash of additional perfume and the lovely scent drifted across to him as the lacy skirt of the babydoll swung with her twirl, revealing her silk bikini panties.

She wanted to get his penis out right away. She suspected that he must already be good and hard. But, there was also some important matters to discuss. This was, after all, clinical therapy. She sat down next to him. His eyes went to the bulge of her cleavage, and her hand to the bulge in his pants. "You know, Teddy, that you are making remarkable progress. I am really quite pleased with how long you can now maintain control." She began to undo his pants.

"Thank you, Dr. Lowenstein," Teddy happily replied. He felt like a student getting the compliment of his teacher for doing so well on his homework.

"Oh my," she said as she pulled his hard cock out from his shorts. "He looks very happy to see me today."

He beamed with pride and basked in the pleasure as he felt her fingers wrap around his stiff, naked cock. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the moment and not have to worry about cumming. He could now last quite awhile before she had to apply the squeeze technique, and even thereafter it continued to be quite a bit more time before another squeeze was needed.

"Have you noticed any improvements with Penny?"

Teddy would have liked to tell her that everything was fine. He didn't like disappointing a woman who was dressed in such a revealing baby doll while she masturbated him. However, she was still his doctor and it was important to be honest during the course of treatment. "Well, yes, I'm not having any trouble at all, except, um." He hesitated to say more.

Dr. Lowenstein let go of his cock and sat back. Her breasts notably jiggled with her movement. The cups in the baby doll did provide support, but they were hardly constraining. "Except what, Teddy? C'mon now, there is something on your mind that you're not revealing." She leaned forward again and lightly rubbed the head of his cock with the palm of her hand as she said, "Tell the doctor everything, Teddy, even if it is personal or embarrassing." This was a pretty effective technique for extracting the truth from a patient, although not one that she would likely use with all of her male patients, or frankly with anyone other than Teddy.

The problem, though, wasn't embarrassing for Teddy. It would more likely be potentially embarrassing for her. That was the problem. "It's, well, it's just that I do still have some difficulty when she's, you know, naked and everything."

Dr. Lowenstein withdrew her hand once again. This was an understandable problem. It was an objective, scientific fact that the sight of a naked female body would be quite arousing, and in order for the treatment to fully generalize to the conditions of his activities with Penny, this situational context would need to be recreated within the therapy session.

Dr. Lowenstein's heart pounded as she contemplated what she knew she had to do. Any professional surrogate that she would have hired for Teddy would have had to remove her clothes entirely, at least at some point. She could not pretend that it would not be useful, important, and even necessary, for his treatment, for her to likewise remove her own clothes.

But, the thought of being so fully exposed, so entirely naked, in front of this young man. Letting him actually see her nipples, her bottom? My goodness, even her cunnie? Well, it did seem to be inconsistent with her professional role, her status as a doctor, his doctor.

Yet, it was precisely because she was his doctor that she knew she should, she had to, get naked for him. She pulled the ribbon holding together the front of her baby doll

Her full breasts plopped out and jiggled into view, and they were quite a luscious sight to see. Teddy's eyes widened with delight, as did his cock swell with equal pleasure. He slowly stroked himself as he gazed at her big round breasts. They stood up very well, at least for a lady her age. They did hang down a bit, but this reflected in part the fact that they were so full, so womanly.

Teddy noticed her face turning red, but he could not understand why. These were breasts for which any woman should feel terribly proud. There was no reason for her to feel embarrassed. "Wow, Dr. Lowenstein, man, I mean, they're like, really big."

Dr. Lowenstein glanced away in self-consciousness at his comment and said quietly, "Thank you." Her blushing was not due to any feeling of inadequacy or uncertainty, it was the insecurity over what she was doing, it was the embarrassment of sitting with her breasts fully exposed to someone who was young enough to be her own child. She once again felt very unprofessional, as if with the exposure of her breasts she had lost her professional stature, reduced to being simply a sexual object for his prurient interests, as if she was nothing more than a stripper at a men's club showing her tits to a customer.

But, it was also rather nice to hear his compliment. She had not shown her breasts to a man for quite a number of years, and she couldn't deny that it was rather, no very, exciting to be doing it once again, to be enjoying the fact that a man found her body to be so exciting to see.

She also knew that she blushed at his compliment because she was embarrassed at how nice it made her feel. Her heart was pounding with pleasure, not just with anxiety. In fact, what better way perhaps to enjoy such showing off than through the facade of acting as his doctor. She could play the stripper, but not really be a stripper. She was stripping as his doctor.

She stood up before him, grasped each breast in her hands and lifted them up to provide a better display. She smiled sweetly at Teddy and said, "Does Penny like to show them to you like this?"

Teddy was now pounding furiously on his cock. If he wanted to, he could cum at any time, but he wanted this to last, and he had been learning well. He stroked hard, but he felt in control, and it was quite a fantastic feeling to be stimulating himself so much with his eyes and with his hands, and yet to be able to sustain and maintain these sensations at such a high level for so long. "Yes, ma'am," he replied.

Dr. Lowenstein let go of her tits, which jiggled and shook as gravity pulled them down to rest, or hang, against her chest, like two large, oblong balloons stretched with water to full capacity. "And, I imagine that she shows you other things as well?"

Dr. Lowenstein turned her back to Teddy and slowly pulled the straps of the baby doll from each of her shoulders. She let it fall gracefully to the floor.

She was now standing before him dressed only in her bikini panties.

She slipped her fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled the panties down to just passed her buttocks. She looked back at him over her shoulder as she held the panties just below her round, white orb.

She felt a little self-conscious about this, wondering, worrying, if her cellulite would be a source of distaste for Teddy, negating the fact that she was now letting him see her naked bottom.

Teddy, however, hardly noticed any cellulite at all. There was in fact very little to notice. What was of most interest to his eyes were the full, round, soft, white cheeks, split by the most heavenly crack. He considered letting himself cum so that he could shoot his load across the carpet onto those ivory hills and into that dark, inviting valley. But, to do so would be inconsistent with his treatment and would as well end the pleasure well short of where it could still further go.

Dr. Lowenstein then slowly bent over from the waist, at the same time gradually pulling her panties down her thighs. When she reached her knees she let her panties fall to the floor, gathering in delicate green layers around her ankles. She then placed her hands on her knees, looked once again back at Teddy, bent her knees, and pushed out her bottom.

The effect was magnificent. Her butt was now gorgeously stretched tight and rounded. The crack opened up, revealing to his eyes her womanly rose bud, winking at him down deep in the brown valley of her white cheeks. His eyes would have loved to linger there but they were also drawn to further pleasures and so followed the large crack down to where it ended but was picked up by a much more delicate crack that could be seen hiding beneath a soft, delicate shrubbery.

Dr. Lowenstein smiled back at him, her face now a deep red. She could feel the heat of her blush. She knew that this was a very, very provocative pose, displaying for him both her anus and her vagina, although, perhaps, as a surrogate she should use less medical terminology. Well, no matter what you called them, she had them poking out right at his face. She asked, "Do you like what you see, Teddy?"

"Your butt is really beautiful, Dr. Lowenstein."

Dr. Lowenstein smiled graciously back at Teddy. "Well, thank you, Teddy, how very nice of you to say so." She said this in a rather cliched, formal, business-like manner, like she had before when a patient had complimented her on a new dress or hairdo. However, this did seem to be a bit different, not only because it was the sight of her bare fanny he was complimenting, but also because she was secretly quite pleased to hear it. She knew that her bottom was not quite as firm as it used to be, and she couldn't help but appreciate his delight with her butt.

Teddy was leaning forward in the couch, grasping, grinding, stroking, and twisting his hard, swollen cock. He wondered if she would do just one more thing. It might, though, be asking a lot. She could be offended. It might even make him seem like a pervert.

Dr. Lowenstein, the good therapist that she was, could see that his mind was distracted. She asked, while still displaying her bottom for him, "What are you thinking right now, Teddy?"

He hated when she forced him to reveal his thoughts, without censorship, but, he had to admit that it was always good for his treatment. "Well, um, doctor, I was, well." He swallowed in nervousness. "Teddy, I am your therapist. You can tell me anything." As she spoke she waved her bottom back and forth to encourage him to open up. Being naked with a patient did appear to do wonders in drawing out his thoughts. What patient could deny the request of such a sweet waving bottom?

"Well, doctor, I was wondering, um, Penny does do one thing that I like."

"Well, Teddy, you should tell me. If we want this treatment to generalize to your pleasures with Penny, I need to know what it is that does in fact pleasure you."

"Yes, well, she." His voice became a whisper as he said, "She spreads open her cheeks."

Dr. Lowenstein had bent over in front of guys in the past. She in fact liked to do it from behind. But, she had never spread open her cheeks. That did seem to be a bit raunchy. It was essentially saying, 'Look at my asshole,' and she was certainly not into, had never even done, anal sex.

But, as a good therapist, she should not pass judgment on her patients. Patients will at times engage in things that a therapist will find to be personally objectionable, offensive, or even disgusting, but it was important to maintain an unconditional positive regard rather than becoming personally offended. One should not impart your own values onto the patient, particularly when it came to sexual preferences.

Dr. Lowenstein's face got even a darker red, if that was possible, as she tried to smile bravely while actually feeling very, very confused. "Well, of course, Teddy, I would be happy to."

She reached back, grasped each cheek in her hands, and spread them open.

The brown valley came full into view, the slopes of her cheeks being stretched apart by her fingers. And, at lower center, being now as well partially pulled open, was her brown, nether hole.

Teddy had not yet had anal sex with Penny, but he sure did want to. It was a big fantasy of his, and having the doctor display herself like this to him, was lustfully ecstatic.

Dr. Lowenstein looked back at Teddy as she spread open her ass cheeks. She could see by the reaction on his face as her anus came into view that this was a good therapeutic move. Her mentor had always said that the best sign of a good interpretative remark was the reaction of the patient, and there was little doubt that opening up her cheeks was resulting in good therapeutic work.

She asked flirtatiously, a mischievous smile on her face, "What is it that you are looking at, Teddy?"

Teddy really didn't want to say. It was too embarrassing to say it. He really couldn't admit to it. He didn't say anything.

"C'mon, Teddy, let your doctor know what you are thinking?" She even tried to wink at him with her anus by squeezing and puckering with her sphincter. She couldn't believe that she was really doing something like this, but she knew that a good doctor was often asked to be brave and bold.

"I'm, I'm, um, I'm looking at, you know, your, um," his voice went down to a whisper. "Your anus."

Dr. Lowenstein smiled and blushed at the same time. "Is that what you call it, Teddy? Do you tell Penny that you like her anus?"

"No, ma'am," Teddy replied, his hand working hard on his cock, his body squirming with intense pleasure and embarrassed discomfort.

"Well, what do you call it?"

Actually, Teddy had never called it anything with Penny. He knew what he liked to call it. He had a lot of names for it. 'Anus' was not one of them, but he had never actually used any of his words for it with Penny. "Your, um, your asshole," he groaned, and now, finally, had to apply the squeeze technique to keep himself from ejaculating all over her carpeting, as well as her asshole. He clenched his eyes shut as he squeezed hard on his cock. His eyes were squinched shut in part because of the displeasure, the strain, and the pain of the squeezing of his fingers on his dick, but also because he simply could not continue to look at the delightful, enticing, provocative sight of Dr. Lowenstein spreading open her ass cheeks, openly displaying for him her butt hole, her rosebud, her poop chute.

Dr. Lowenstein found herself breathing a sigh of relief when she looked back and saw him close his eyes and apply the squeezing. She was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable posing for him like that. It felt rather obscene, perhaps even frankly demeaning, to be bent over in front of this young man, spreading open her bottom cheeks so that he could masturbate to the sight of her puckered anus. She wondered what it would be like to speak to him later, as her doctor, fully dressed. Would she still command authority and respect, after she had been bent over for him, showing him, displaying for him, her butt hole? She knew though that her insecure thoughts were just problematic counter-transference feelings that would go away with time and perhaps her own self-analysis. Nevertheless, as soon as his eyes were shut she let go of her cheeks and stood up.

She moved over to again sit by him on the couch. She placed her left hand around and over his shoulder as he squeezed hard on his cock. "Good job, Teddy," she said. "You really lasted quite a long time there."

He gasped, "Oh yes, doctor. That was real helpful. I really think I'm getting better."

Dr. Lowenstein reached over with her other hand for his hard cock and began to slide her hand up and down its stiff length.

Teddy let out a soft groan at the first touch of her soft, womanly fingers. It had been plenty arousing before when she was masturbating him in her business suit. There had been something uniquely erotic about that: him being naked, her being fully clothed.

But, he had to admit, there was also something appealing, to the say the least, to now have her naked as she manipulated his cock. His eyes fixed on the sight of her full, large breasts, jutting out so provocatively from her chest, wiggling and jiggling in the air as her hand worked on his cock. He could even see them softly rise and fall with her breathing, which seemed to be getting a bit heavy and pressured, perhaps with the effort of stroking his cock but more likely with her own feelings of excitement. Yes, he could also see that her nipples were themselves erect. In fact, she clearly had quite large, pointy nipples: two little delicate, wrinkled stiff cylindrical nubs. He felt a strong urge to flick them. 'Man her hand feels so good on my cock!'

Dr. Lowenstein could see that he was staring at her breasts. This did not though make her feel awkward or self-conscious, as had been the case when she was exposing her butt hole to him. She now in fact felt more clearly titillated herself by his intense interest in her bosoms. It was clear to her what needed to be done next, where his therapy needed to turn. Another baby step needed to be taken.

She said softly, "Would you like to, um, fondle them, Teddy?"

Teddy blushed with confusion and excitement. He had not expected to be able to do that. They were such gorgeous boobs, such big womanly breasts; any boy would give his right arm for such an opportunity, and here he was, being offered her lovely tits for the sake of his treatment. He could not imagine ever having a better doctor than this.

He reached out with his left hand and grasped firmly her right boob.

Dr. Lowenstein herself gasped at the feel of his young, boyish hand on her breast. It had been a long time since any man had touched her there, touched her so intimately. She had thought that she had not in fact missed having sex with a man, devoting her life instead to her career. But, with just this touch she now knew how much she had been missing, how much she used to enjoy the feel of a man's firm, but gentle, touch on her breast. Her mentor had told her that one of the perks of being a therapist is that you will at times learn much about yourself as you help your patients learn about their own subconscious. Well, he was certainly right about that. She now realized how much she wanted to feel, once again, the hands of a man on her body, exploring her curves, her treasures. "Teddy, here, why don't you get on my lap."

Teddy had never done that with Penny: sitting on her lap while he fondled her breasts as she jerked him off. He was frankly too big for that, or at least Penny was too small. But, this was clearly different. Dr. Lowenstein was a woman, and he was but a young man, at best.

Dr. Lowenstein had not herself ever had a man sit on her lap. It did seem like an odd suggestion, but her mentor had always advised her to trust her subconscious. When an odd thought popped into her mind regarding a patient, it might in fact prove to be a therapeutic spark, an insight of her own whose meaning would not be understood until it was expressed and explored with the patient. He encouraged letting the unconscious enter the therapeutic space.

Having a patient sit on your lap was also a technique she had once seen during her internship demonstration of psychodrama. Patients in group therapy would act out different experiences, roles, and developmental stages. Sitting on the lap was a means of getting in touch with the "inner child."

Their positions were also helpful in re-asserting a more dominant role as his doctor. She was no longer the naked woman bent over in front of him, spreading her butt cheeks as he jerked off at the sight of her pussy and asshole. Instead, she was the matronly woman, the mother, on whose lap he was now submissively sitting.

She had to admit though that it was a bit different from the usual psychodrama of a child sitting on mother's lap, as in this case she was stark naked and the patient had an erection poking out of his pants. Teddy and Dr. Lowenstein shifted and adjusted their positions, both working at getting into a comfortable space, as well as becoming acclimated to the fact that they were now in such close physical contact.

Dr. Lowenstein reached with her left hand around the waist of Teddy to help hold and steady him in place. She used her other hand to again grasp his erection. She actually didn't find it uncomfortable though having him sit on her lap. He was a rather small guy, and in fact seemed to fit well on his perch.

Teddy wrapped his right arm around his therapist's shoulders, to help steady himself, as well as to pull himself tightly against those full, soft breasts. He rested his head on one of them, feeling her soft, pliant, sensual pillows against his face, and then burying his face deeply within the delightful valley of her cleavage.

Dr. Lowenstein instantly felt, or sensed, the therapeutic benefit of this little psychodrama. One could not escape the obvious transferential image, which was always an important focus of her therapeutic approach. As she drew her fingers along his cock she said, "That's a good boy, Teddy. You rest your head against your mummy's bosoms; let her take care of her sweet, little boy."

Teddy groaned with pleasure as he buried his face into her fully womanly breasts and Dr. Lowenstein felt the sudden twitch and swelling of his cock in her hand. A good sign of a successful transferential interpretation was the emotional reaction of the patient, and she could see, or more accurately feel, his strong penile reaction to the maternal image. She in fact had to once again squeeze his shaft to prevent his loss of control.

Teddy groaned, his face smothered by her luscious bosoms, moaning with the pleasure of wanting to, and the frustration of not being able to, cum. Dr. Lowenstein's references to his mother clearly intensified his urge to cum. Teddy had no sexual attraction to his mother, at least none that he was aware of. If Dr. Lowenstein had explored further the meaning of his reaction to her reference to being his "mummy," he probably would have rejected it. In fact, if he actually thought of his mother his arousal level would rapidly drop. It was just that her comment was so wicked, so naughty; acting as if she was his "mummy" as he sat on her naked thighs, snuggling his face into her warm soft breasts, and feeling her hand stroking his hard cock. He reached up with his left hand and grasped firmly her large right breast.

"You're so sweet, Teddy," she whispered into his ear as she stroked her fist up and down his shaft. She shifted her hold of him with her left hand to guide his face, his lips, to her nipple. "Suckle my breast, Teddy, like a good boy."

She didn't have to tell him twice. He eagerly clasped his mouth onto her nipple, feeling its perky hardness between his lips as he licked and sucked. The image was now complete: sitting on her lap while he suckled her breast as she milked his cock. He wanted to stay like this for hours. It felt so good, being held so affectionately, so warmly in her lap as he licked, flicked, and fondled her nipple with his tongue, his face still buried in her full soft breasts, her own hand gently but firmly sliding up and down his hard, straining cock.

She stroked his hair as he sucked on her nip, itself now growing so large within his lips. She gripped his cock harder with her fist and began to pound on his cock more rapidly. "Oh Teddy," she gasped, "You're making me so excited too. Can you feel my nipple growing in your mouth?"

He did not want to extract the nipple to answer, he only just nodded and pressed harder against her nipple with his tongue, fondling and massaging its stiffness with his soft, squirming tongue.

"Oh my," she softly groaned. With a gasping urgency in her voice she said, "Teddy, I want you to cum in my hand, let me feel you shoot off in my hand." She squeezed hard on his cock, but not just below the crown so that he would lose his erection. She was squeezing the entire shaft to release his orgasm. "Give mummy your cum, Teddy, please." With that remark he could not hold himself back any longer and he felt the sudden surge burst up through his loins, through his cock that twitched hard in her hand as the thick wad of juice gushed upward.

She did not attempt to stop him. She instead just stroked even harder and faster, and groaned with satisfaction as she caught the first wet, sticky load with her palm. Her hand was instantly soaked with the gooey gruel, but she continued to stroke him as gusher after gusher burst forth and shot up into the air.

"Dr. Lowenstein," he softly gasped into one breast while tightly squeezing the other, as he felt the intense pleasure of his orgasmic release sweep over him and through him.

Teddy leaned back as he jettisoned his jism. He did not want to get any of it on his good slacks. Dr. Lowenstein was sympathetic with this as well, not wanting one of her patients to be leaving her office with wet cum stains all over his clothes. She aimed it away from him and toward herself such that much of his gobs of gism splatted harmlessly against the underside of her hanging breasts. Globs and wads continued to spew from his twitching dick, covering the underside of her breasts, her belly, with his hot, sticky, gooey gism. A couple of shots even made it over the hillocks to land softly on the ridge of a breast, and then slowly slid back down, merging into a fuller stream as it picked up additional splats that also managed to breach her cleavage and fall safely onto her mounds. The string of cum that dripped back down eventually hung delicately, tenuously off her nipple, a rope of cum swinging in the air as she continued to stroke him through the rest of his gushing orgasm.

In the end it was quite a mess, an exhausting mess, for the both of them. She held him close to her for some time, taking the time to let him catch his breath, and for her to regain her composure. She wanted to present, to portray, her professional demeanor, but she was currently quite flush with excitement and arousal herself, an arousal that was yet to be satisfied. She even felt an urge to bring her cum soaked hand to her face, to smell its earthy manliness, and perhaps even to taste the cum of the young man. It had been so long since she had tasted cum. The fresh, deliciously enticing scent drifted up to her nostrils. But, she knew she shouldn't do that, not in front of her patient. The intention would be too obvious. She should not let him know that she was herself so passionately aroused that she wanted to lick his gism. She knew though that she would do so after he left. She would know once again the taste of male cum.

She gathered her strength and said, quite professionally, "Okay, well, Teddy, I think that was a good session." She looked around for something on which to clean off her hand, her breasts, her abdomen.

"Oh yes," Teddy exclaimed, feeling himself now a bit embarrassed, sitting on her lap, his wet cock rapidly wilting, his cum quickly turning cool against his wilting penis. The front of his slacks did appear to be largely spared, although his open crotch was a rather sticky, sloppy mess. He awkwardly climbed off her lap, trying not to drip any more cum onto her body, or the couch. The towel was placed as usual across the floor and he quickly bent over to pick it up. He handed it to her in a gesture of gentlemanly consideration. The ladies should always come first.

Dr. Lowenstein, though, felt awkward taking care of herself before the patient. The patient's needs should always come first. "No, no, Teddy, um, you go ahead." The correct protocol for whom first uses the towel in sensate focus treatment wasn't really clear to her. Perhaps in the future she should have two towels available. As he wiped himself off she did feel even more awkward, more exposed, sitting there naked in front of him with his cum splattered and dripping along her thighs, breast, and hand. Somehow, she didn't feel quite the professional doctor sitting there naked, awash with his cum. In particular, she didn't know quite what to do with her hand. She couldn't really wipe it on anything, but she didn't want to just let it drip more cum onto herself or the furniture. She kept turning her hand over and over to try to keep gobs of gism from dripping off. She wondered again if she could in fact just lick it off, like spilt ice cream, but she again resisted the temptation.

She smiled sheepishly at him when he finally handed her the towel, which arrived a bit too late to prevent the big drop of cum from breaking free from her nipple and dropping onto her thigh. She tried to pretend that all of this was simply matter-of-fact, everyday stuff, for sensate focus treatment, as if she had cleaned the cum of her patients off her body many times before.

"Well, yes," she said, taking the towel with her left hand to wipe the cum from her thighs and belly. She then stood up to walk him to the door. "I think this was a good session, Teddy. I think we made excellent progress."

"Oh yes, I agree Dr. Lowenstein," Teddy gratefully replied. He really did feel that he was getting much better control of his orgasms.

"Absolutely, yes, and I want to thank you for suggesting the nudity. I think that was indeed most important."

"Yea, right," Teddy replied, his eyes fixed on her wiggling wet, glistening breasts. He wondered if she realized how lovely her breasts looked. He was already beginning to swell again within this pants.

"Excellent, well, we will pick this up again next week." She considered getting dressed before she walked him to the door, as she was really feeling quite self-conscious with so much cum still leaking, dripping down her body. She could ask him to show himself out, but she did want to be the one this time handling the door, being sure that it did not open too far, particularly if there happened to be someone just outside in the hall. She did wish that at least her breasts would not bounce and jiggle so much as she escorted him to the door. "Thanks again, Dr. Lowenstein," Teddy said as she opened the door just enough to let him through, white still hiding herself behind it. Teddy considered reaching out to shake her hand, but he could see that she didn't really want to take the chance of having a boob come into view, and, besides, she still had quite a bit of cum in the palm of her hand. He wondered why she had not wiped it off.

"Absolutely, Teddy, I look forward to seeing you again next week."

As soon as he left she quickly shut and locked the door and brought the palm of her hand to her lips.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dr. Lowenstein continued to conduct future sessions in the nude. There was no point in decreasing the level of stimulation. She was at first a little disappointed that she could not make further use, or make further purchases, of lingerie. However, she did find that she could at least begin the session with lingerie, as it did provide some additional erotic stimulation. She would in fact spend some time teasing him, giving him little peeks or hints at the sight of her nipple or cunnie, before actually removing all of her clothes. The job of a therapist was really becoming quite enjoyable.

It also became apparent that it was useful, even necessary, to further increase his level of stimulation. She tried masturbating him in different ways. One time she was standing behind him with her naked breasts pressed against his back. She liked this position simply because it allowed her to aim his spurting cock onto the towel on the floor. He particularly liked the feel of her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing against his back as she jerked him off. It was also a good position for her dirty talk. She would whisper all sorts of things into his ear while she stroked him up and down, and it was easier in this position to let herself go in her own fantasies, as he wouldn't be looking at her in the face while she described naughty things.

This approach in fact complemented well her psychotherapy training, in which her mentor had suggested having the patient lie down, with the therapist behind the patient, making it easier for the patient to free associate, to say just about anything, as the therapist wasn't in his or her line of vision. She could really see how true this was as she beat him off from behind, talking about how much she enjoyed the feel of his hot rod in her hand, how she wanted so much for him to cum, how she wanted to feel his hard, stiff, big cock up her pussy, or squirting all over her breasts, or maybe even in her mouth, filling her up with his thick gruel, even splashing his nasty hot load all over her face. She had never said such things to any of her past boyfriends as she jerked them off, but she felt much freer to do so now, as he couldn't see the embarrassed look on her face. And, most importantly of course, she was saying these things not because she enjoyed doing it. She was doing it because it was important for his treatment to provide as much stimulation as possible as she rubbed her full breasts against his back and worked her hand up and down his shaft. Well, maybe she was enjoying it a little. She also did it with him lying on the floor, herself sitting on his thighs in front of him. He liked it this way as he could watch how her large bulbous breasts wiggled and shook as she beat him off. Another time though she sat facing the other way, sitting over his chest, her butt (and exposed cunt) sticking into his face. She found this position rather embarrassing, his face so close to her private parts, which she was now carefully trimming before the sessions precisely for this reason.

Teddy also liked that position a lot, as it suggested to him the possibility of actually touching her. He didn't do it though. He knew he shouldn't touch a doctor in that manner. However, the sight of her naked cunt so close to his face, just inches away, was really difficult to resist, particularly as it seemed to him that she might in fact be getting a bit wet down there. In this position he could even see quite a bit of her butt hole, which seem to pucker and wink as she worked on his cock. There were quite a number of times he felt an impulse to just briefly touch her there.

It wasn't too long before it became evident that he was demonstrating quite impressive self-control despite her best efforts to stimulate him. It was perhaps time to take another baby step; actually, a rather big step.

"Teddy," she quietly said, as she slid her hand up and down his stiff cock. She was sitting next to him on the couch, masturbating him in a rather straightforward way, as she explained the next step in his therapy. "I think you are ready to move on."

He looked at her with some disappointment, even anxiousness. "You think I should stop therapy?!" He really didn't want to stop. He never imagined he would say this when he first came to the clinic but, it was true, he really wanted his therapy to continue.

Dr. Lowenstein recognized that patients are often apprehensive about losing the support of their doctor. They can be afraid to cut the apron strings. Some doctors are reluctant as well to let go of their patients. She knew that she herself did not really want to let go of this cock. She enjoyed its feel in her hand; its young masculine hardness, the shiny red bulb, and the force and power with which it burst forth its seed.

But, termination of the therapy was not, in any case, what she had meant; at least, not yet. "No, no, not quite yet. We still have one more thing to do."

He was very relieved to hear that. "Oh good," he admitted.

"It's just that, um, well, I think we need to move one final step forward. I think you can handle quite well my handling of you." She smiled at her playful word usage. "No, it's just that I think it's time to try one more thing." She was surprised at how much difficulty she was having in just saying it. She wondered if it was because she had been wanting to do this herself for quite a number of sessions. She had imagined it; she had even dreamed about it a few times. She screwed up her courage and said, "I think it's time you put your penis in my vagina."

She felt his cock twitch in her hand when she said the words. Impressively, however, she did not feel an orgasmic surge. He was really developing tremendous self-control.

"You want me to do it to you, I mean, um, with you, Dr. Lowenstein?" He had fantasied about this himself a few times; actually, quite a few times, ever since the first session in fact. However, he couldn't imagine that she would actually let him do it, actually let him put his cock inside her cunt. He realized that this was one good doctor.

"Yes, Teddy, you really do need to do that. The feel of the vagina around the penis is probably the most intense stimulation you can receive." She stopped stroking him, but she continued to lightly trace the tip of her index finger around and around the engorged red bulb of the head of his cock. "We need to be sure that you can control yourself under the most intense of circumstances. I know that it might feel a bit unusual to put your penis inside me, down there, but I think it is something that you really do need to do."

This was not a prescription that needed any encouragement. He would do it for no reason at all, but he didn't think that he should really admit that he was aching to do it with her real, real bad. "Well, if you think it's best, doctor. I guess I should do it."

"That's a good boy, Teddy. Now, um, well." She considered lying down on the couch, or on the floor. She would prefer doing it while she was lying down on the couch. But, she also realized that the choice should not be based on what she wanted. The choice should be what would be in the best interests of the patient's treatment. "Yes, well, what position would you find to be the most arousing?" She considered working her way up to the most arousing position, but she also had to admit that she was a bit concerned about doing it with him many, many times. She wondered if that would really be appropriate, particularly if it wasn't really necessary. That might only be just using him for her own sexual gratification, assuming that she would in fact enjoy it.

He didn't hesitate. He knew the position he liked the most. "From behind. I like doing it best from behind."

"Oh!" She found herself momentarily speechless. She wasn't expecting that. She considered submitting that preference to analysis. Why would he prefer doing it with her from behind? But, perhaps they could address this in a subsequent session. In any case, he had made his choice. She would need to abide by his choice. It wasn't unreasonable. It wasn't like he wanted her to do anything that would be obscene or demeaning. Doing it from behind was really a very natural, normal way to do it.

At least, she kept telling herself that it was quite normal and respectful as she got up from the couch and then down on the floor, in front of him, on her hands and knees. She lowered her face down to the floor, resting it on her arms, and then raised up her bottom to him. She looked back at him with her pretty grey eyes through her large round spectacles and said, "Alright, Teddy, go ahead, put your erect penis in me."

There really did seem to be something terribly unprofessional to be on your elbows and knees on the floor, your naked breasts hanging and swinging beneath you, your naked butt stuck up in the air, your cunny and butt hole all completely exposed and even presented, like a female bitch in heat. Yes, it was really hard to feel like a professional doctor while offering her cunt to a patient to fuck as he pleased. She had to keep telling herself, saying to herself: 'I'm the doctor, I'm presenting myself to him like this because I'm a doctor, a very good doctor, a dedicated doctor.'

"Oh!" she squealed, as she felt the tip of his cock press against the warm, wet lips of her cunt. 'Oh my,' she said to herself as she buried her face deeper into her arms, and spread her legs farther, raised her bottom higher, to help him stick his young hard cock into her pussy.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed out loud as she felt him slide up inside. It wasn't that hard for him to enter her. He was himself quite hard and, she was embarrassed to admit, she was herself really quite wet. She hoped that he hadn't noticed that, although how could he not notice. His relatively smaller size also made it easier for him to slide in with one smooth but hard shove.

However, despite his relatively smaller size, she did feel him to the fullest. He was small, but it had been so long for her that he felt plenty big enough, certainly a lot bigger than the finger or two that she would use on occasion, when she could no longer resist the urge, the need, to bring herself to a climax, which she had in fact done quite often since beginning her treatment of Teddy. His young, hard penis was so much thicker, so much hotter, so much better, than her fingers. "Oh my, oh my," she breathlessly whispered as she felt this young man's cock slide in and out of her tight, wet, hot cunt.

Teddy gripped the full butt of Dr. Lowenstein in his hands as he plunged his dick in and out of her pussy. The sight and the feel were both fantastic. He liked doing it from behind because it felt more lustful, more dirty, more primitive to do it this way. This was the way that they did it in the animal world. It was the more basic way of fucking. And, he had to admit, it made him feel more powerful, more dominant, to do it this way, as the female was submissively raising her bottom to him, raising her cunt up to him to be fucked. The fact that it was an older woman, a professional woman, a doctor, his doctor, raising her cunt to him to be fucked, made it all the more intense.

And, he liked to grip hold of a girl's, a woman's, butt, and this butt was so full, so round, so soft and white. He squeezed hard on her cheeks and even spread them, giving him a juicy look at Dr. Lowenstein's most intimate part, her curly, wrinkled rose bud. His cock twitched inside her as he watched her butt hole twitch and wink with the thrusting of his cock. Her cunt felt fantastic. He was surprised at how wet, hot, and tight she felt. He had been a bit worried that his cock would hardly be felt at all, that it would seem like a thin stick in a deep well, but this much older woman hardly felt different from the sweet, tight cunt of Penny.

And, he could tell that she was enjoying this. She was wiggling her bottom, thrusting back at him as he thrust forward, whimpering with pleasure, softly exclaiming her lusty excitement. She was even squeezing, milking, his cock with the muscles of her cunt. And, the sweet juices of her cunnie were spilling out with his thrusts; the aroma of her fluids rising up to his nostrils. He smiled with satisfaction at the realization that he was actually providing pleasure to a mature, experienced woman.

The air was filled with the sound of their fucking. It was embarrassing to Dr. Lowenstein to hear so plainly the squishy and slurpy noises that her wet, sloppy cunt was making. She wanted to maintain her dignity, maintain her objective professional demeanor, but she was clearly being reduced to just a throbbing, gushing, quivering quim. There were even occasional cunt farts, as she was getting so wet and squishy, the bubbles of air slushing and squeezing within the tight confines of her cunt. She had to cover her face and apologize when that happened, but Teddy didn't seem to mind. He just kept hammering and pounding his cock.

Teddy bent over her and reached down around, underneath, to grip her engorged clit in his fingers. He was uncertain whether he should do this, touch her like this, but it seemed only natural. He would do this with Penny; he should then do it with his doctor. He wetted his fingers on the juices that were spilling out of her, even dripping to the floor, and pressed, rubbed, and massaged her erect clit with his moistened fingers.

"Oh my! Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed with even more intense passion as she felt him work hard on her clit while his dick worked her cunt. She had not had any real sex in so long, and this was so intense, being fucked so hard, so well, by this young man on her office floor. She no longer felt like the doctor, as primitive, archetypal images swept through her mind: images, fantasies of being a wanton woman, a fucked slut, a used whore. "Stop! Stop!" she pleaded, even reaching back to push him away but yet at the same time gripping him even harder with her cunt and driving her clit into his hand.

She suddenly exploded in her orgasm. Waves of bestial pleasure swept through her body. "Oh my, my, my, my, my!" she exclaimed as her body twitched and spasmed beneath him. She lost all strength and balance and fell to the floor, still holding onto his cock with her pussy, pulling him with her, as he continued driving his cock in and out of her cunt and working her clit hard with his fingers as she was engulfed with the ecstacy of her climax.

When it subsided she just lay there. Her entire body was covered with a light sprinkle of sweat. Her thighs were soaked with her juices. She was still breathing hard, trying to regain control of her emotions, her feelings.

As she did regain control, slowly, she felt his hard cock still lodged deep in her vagina. He was no longer moving it; it was just parked there, comfortably waiting for her instruction, her professional guidance. She gave him a squeeze of appreciation with her cunt. She had not had an orgasm like that for many, many years. It was much better than she had hoped. In fact, she had not expected that she would have climaxed at all, as the purpose of the exercise was to work for him, not for her. Surrogate sex therapists did not do it for themselves, but he had clearly taken very good care of her, and she could not deny her appreciation. She looked back at him, over her shoulder, her hair so disheveled, an exhausted but satisfied expression on her face.

"My goodness, Teddy," she said, her voice still a bit shaky and breathless. "I would have to say you maintained pretty good control there."

"Thank you, Dr. Lowenstein," he replied, not entirely sure how he should respond.

"If you can make a grown woman orgasm, without yourself having any 'accidents,'" she again gave him a squeeze on his cock to accentuate her point, "I'm not too sure you really need to be in treatment any longer."

It was the news he was hoping to avoid. He wanted to continue to receive treatment. He certainly wanted to do this again. But, she was the doctor, and she was right. He had held out. It was the doctor who came, who lost control in a most pleasurable way. He had made a professional woman cum with his dick. He really didn't need to be in treatment anymore.

He slid his hard cock out from her wet cunt. Dr. Lowenstein blushed at the sloppy noise that it made as it popped out along with considerable fluid, and she slid out from beneath him. She picked up the towel on which they had been fucking and used it to dry off her thighs, turning her back to him, as she did find this to be a bit personal.

When she turned around he was standing there, his erect cock jutting out proudly from his body.

She said, "Well, I suppose that the last session should end on a high note, a climactic session, so to speak." It certainly had for her. She draped the towel along the couch and directed him to sit down, his erection poking up between his legs.

She spread his legs with her hands and got down in between them, on her knees. She even squatted down, resting her butt on her heels, so that her face was down at the level of his thighs. She looked up to his face, past his erect cock that now seemed to tower over her, so much larger appearing as it thrust out over her face, glistening with so much moisture from her pussy. She removed her glasses and said, "I suspect that Penny has done this for you many times, hasn't she Teddy?" Penny had indeed done this many times. She loved doing it, but Teddy's eyes widened with surprise, even shock. Dr. Lowenstein's big grey eyes never looked prettier than they did now, as she fluttered her dark lashes at him, looking up at him past his hard cock that arched across her lips, nose, and eyes.

She gave him that lovely incandescent smile of hers, and then pulled down on his cock to engulf it into her warm, womanly mouth.

"Doctor," Teddy groaned with intense satisfaction as he felt her lips absorb the head of his cock. Her tongue begin to explore and caress the bulb.

Dr. Lowenstein gave him a number of really nice licks around, up, over, and under the soft round crown and then pulled back, the head now glistening with its additional moisture in the light of the office. She pursed her lips and planted them firmly against his cock, and with just her lips she massaged the wet head, caressing every inch of the round, curved head with her soft, pursed, kissable lips.

Teddy felt an urge, and a desire, to cum right then; to shoot his hot load right against those delicious, loving, red lips. But, he restrained himself. He was indeed much better at self-control and he wanted to make this last longer than just a few seconds. He knew there was more to come.

Dr. Lowenstein drove her head back down on his cock, this time engulfing the entire length into her mouth. She had deep throated a man before. It hadn't been easy. With Teddy it was not so hard, as he wasn't real long, and she was able to slide her lips all the way down the shaft to its base, tickling her nose with his hairs.

She stayed there a bit, letting herself and Teddy feel the head of his cock pressing against the back of her mouth. She lightly grasped his balls, tickling and tenderly caressing them with the tips of her fingers as his cock was embedded deep within her mouth.

Teddy's breathing accelerated. He really liked it when Penny played with his balls, and Dr. Lowenstein might even be much better at it. He imagined she would have to be, being a professional sexual surrogate, but he did not realize that her skills were not really due to any such specific training. It simply reflected her age, her experience, as well as perhaps her interest as a therapist to be empathic, to be sensitive to what the patient is feeling.

She grasped more tightly on his balls as she slowly pulled back, her tongue caressing, sweeping, along the shaft, her lips tightly gripping the shaft as her head slowly pulled back. She released him once again from her mouth. His entire cock was now moist with fluid and she caressed her face with his hard, wet cock. She enjoyed the sensual feel of his hard staff and the soft, swollen bulb against her cheek, her lips, her nose, her eyes. She whispered, "You have such a lovely cock, Teddy. Won't you cum for me, please?" and then swallowed it once again into her mouth.

She let go of his balls and stroked her fist up and down the shaft as she licked and nibbled on the head with her tongue, bathing him with her warm, wet tongue, even exploring the slit of his swollen penis, pushing against it, trying to force her tongue down into his cock.

She added her other hand to his shaft, now using both hands to stroke him up and down, bobbing her head as well on his cock, matching the movements of her clenched fist with thrusting movements of her head.

"Doctor," Teddy warned, "I'm getting close. I think I'm going to do it."

She pulled back, releasing his cock, which now looked so swollen, so engorged, so ready to burst and explode. She looked up at him, her face awash with her own growing lust, and said, "Cum for your doctor, won't you Teddy? I want to see it." She smiled at him sweetly. "I want to taste it. I want you to cum in my mouth," and then pressed the head of his cock firmly against her tightly shut lips as she continued to stroke his cock.

"Doctor," he gasped as he felt the sudden pressure, the surge in his loins, as the first blast thrust up his shaft and exploded out the head, splatting against her pursed lips.

"Hmmmmm," she moaned with delight, closing her eyes as she felt the hot, sticky liquid smack against her lips. She opened her lips somewhat, the gooey cum stretching across the widening gap, the string of cum being broken by the next shot that spurted right into her mouth and onto her tongue.

She tasted the salty flavor and smiled, shifting her tongue around and around in her mouth to explore its texture and enjoy its savory essence, but then also adjusted his shaft to take the next shot onto her cheek, letting him release his load onto her delicate, pretty, womanly face.

Teddy had been building this one up for quite some time, having been quite close a number of times when he had his cock up her cunt, and now he unloaded his heavy, wet gobs all over her face, gushing wad after wad on various parts of her face as she shifted its aim, its focus, so that he would cover as much of her as he could.

It was a beautiful, sexy sight. Globs, smears, and ropes of white cum were strewn across her well-made professional loveliness. Spurt after spurt continued to gush and she just continued to take it, eventually covering most every inch of her face, accepting his milky, sticky hot cum on her nose, her cheeks, her forehead, her lips, and even across her eyes. She just sat back, closed her eyes, and sighed with pleasure as he coated her face with his young, fresh, boyish gism.

When he was done she carefully, very carefully, opened one eye, just a bit, just enough to be sure it was safe, checking that he wouldn't release any more and that none of it would actually drip into her eye. It was a risky move as she could see a blurry rope of cum that was draping down from her eye lash, across her vision, and onto her cheek. "My goodness, Teddy, you certainly made quite a mess," she teased.

Teddy was panting with exhaustion, and pleasurable relief. This was clearly one of his best orgasms ever, although perhaps he might say the same thing after a prior and future time with Penny. At least for the moment it felt like one of the best, and from the sight of Dr. Lowenstein, it surely looked like one of the best.

Dr. Lowenstein slowly stood up, trying to be careful not to let any of it spill off of her face onto the floor.

She reached out for Teddy's hand. She didn't make any attempt to clean any of it off. She let it lie, glob and drip along her face.

She knew that men liked the sight of cum on a woman's face. At this moment, standing before Teddy with his cum splattered across her face, her large naked breasts receiving some of the gism that managed to drip off, she did not feel so much like a professional doctor. But, that was fine. She had not done this, she was not standing here like this in front of him, as his doctor. She had sucked him off and taken his load on her face largely for herself, as well as for him.

It was considered to be fine at the last, final session of therapy to accept a present from your patient, and perhaps to even provide one yourself. It wouldn't be acceptable if it was excessively extravagant, like expensive jewelry. Sucking Teddy off and letting him cum on her face was her modest gift to him, as well as to herself. It seemed in fact appropriately right: what better way to end the sexual therapy on an exclamation point.

She walked him to the door, the cum spilling and dripping onto her breasts as they wiggled and shook with her steps. In fact, for the first time, she even fully opened the door to let him out. It was taking a big chance. If anybody had been in the hallway they would see her standing entirely naked, her face littered with Teddy's cum, some of it now even beginning to slide off her breasts, catching on one of her nipples and swinging in the air.

But, she did it anyway. She was feeling a little randy, a little wanton, after having giving a guy a blow job for the first time in a number of years. She was frankly enjoying herself, including the show that she was putting on for him. There was a part of her that actually didn't want this therapy to end. She would have been happy for it to continue. There are some patients that you really enjoy working with, that give you the sense of professional accomplishment and satisfaction, that reaffirm why you chose to enter the profession, and for Dr. Lowenstein, Teddy was one of them.

As she held the door open for him, she recalled that a successful psychotherapeutic practice is often built on referrals. She reached out to shake his hand goodbye and said, "If any of your friends need therapy, I will be happy to work with them." With his cum on her face, Teddy knew that he would certainly recommend her.