A Cfnm Talent Audition


I sensed her controlling presence as soon as I entered the room. It was like a force field around her, something that I could instinctively feel but from which nothing could be seen. First I tried to ignore it, thinking it came from my overactive imagination. Eventually, it started to overwhelm me. It intoxicated me like too many drinks at a party, making me do things I otherwise would never have dreamed of doing.

"Hello Duane," It started with the first two words out of her mouth and her reaction when I entered the room. She didn't bother to get up. She failed to offer her hand in friendship. In fact, she hardly even looked at me, but instead remained seated behind her desk reading a file. It was as though I didn't exist, like I was not important enough to acknowledge.

"Good Morning!" I tried to sound pleasant. I acted like I was taught to do at an audition, like I had done on so many auditions before. An audition was a lot like an interview. First impressions were important. Normally I would have stated my name, but she already spoke it, beating me to it.

In response to my pleasantries, she offered nothing. She simply continued to sit there, behind her desk, leaning back in her chair and reading my file. I noticed she didn't bother to offer her own name. She knew mine, and that was all she needed. From the very start, she imposed control. It was as though she wanted to make sure I knew who was in charge.

I also noticed there was no chair for me to sit down in, which was odd. She sat in the only chair in the room. I was forced to stand and wait for her to finish with whatever she was reading. I had the distinct impression that the lack of a chair was on purpose.

"I just wanted to say," I tried to strike up a conversation after about a minute of awkward silence, but she stopped me. Not with words, but with a simple raise of her hand. The palm of her right hand faced me like a traffic cop, instructing me with authority to stop.

Like a driver with too many citations already on his record, I obeyed. I stopped in mid-sentence, waiting for her palm to fall.

I waited for what seemed like a long while. She read a file. I assumed it was my file, my application for the part. It listed my education, my interests, and what little past experience I possessed: Leading man in a high school play, my brief part as an actor in a commercial. But for all I could tell, she could have been reading the financial records of the studio instead. She held the open file up at an angle so only she could see. Never once did she bother to look up from the file to acknowledge me.

She appeared pleasant enough. Surprisingly young, no more than 30, although I suspect some of her youthful appearance may have come as a result of makeup or plastic surgery. It was difficult to tell in Hollywood. So many women were fake, wearing everything from fake eyelashes to fake boobs. Whatever the case may have been with this one, her youth surprised me. All my previous auditions were in front of older, more experienced interviewers. It was only natural for them to be older, for only the older interviewers had the experience to select the best candidates. The fact she was female was a further surprise. Not many females rose up the ranks far enough to conduct interviews. Men conducted the vast majority of my previous interviews.

Not that I minded her being female. Even if she did behave a bit stern, she certainly looked quite striking. The woman who's name I still did not know had oriental features and a beautiful face. A hint of crimson covered her cheek, and a set of long lashes showed off her blue eyes. What intrigued me the most was a head of jet-black hair that barely made it down to her shoulders. It was cut short, short enough to make her almost pass as a man, but she most obviously was a woman. A low cut "V" in her blouse revealed a hint of cleavage. The swelling of her chest reinforced the point.

"Well, well!" She finally took the time to look up to me. "You are a fine specimen, aren't you?"

She took me by surprise. For the longest while I waited for her to speak, and then just when my attention was drawn to her cleavage did she start. She looked up and spoke to me as though it was the first time she saw me.

I was taken aback. I got the feeling she caught me; that is, caught me in the act of looking at her tits. I quickly looked away and then back into her eyes.

"I try to keep in shape," I answered after a long pause.

"I see you do," She stood up. "Just stay standing like that and let me get a better look."

She stood and took off her suit jacket. Beneath she wore a white blouse, and beneath that she wore a dark bra. If not a black bra, then perhaps a dark blue. Nonetheless, it was dark enough to clearly display its outline on the far side of the blouse. It also showed off her boobs. She had a fine pair of tits. Rather large, as I could see for myself. The bra seemed to hardly cover them. It was a sexy bra, like one of those bras from Victory Secrets. I could tell by the frilly lace material that I could make out through the blouse. It was easy to undress her with my eyes, to imagine what she looked like with only the lacy bra beneath.

While I admired her, she did the same to me. Her eyes ran up and down my body. She circled behind and then came back into view on my opposite side. It felt uncomfortable to be standing there while she looked. I felt like a sex object, like the only reason I existed was for her to admire.

At the same time, I wondered what she was thinking. I grew curious if she might be undressing me with her eyes. After all, I had already tried to undress her. There was no reason why she wouldn't do the same to me.

"Very nice," She continued to compliment as she looked. "Very nice indeed!"

I quickly became intimidated. The more she looked, the more I felt like I was on display, like nothing more than a piece of meat at a butcher shop. I could almost feel her eyes go through me, undressing me, imagining what I looked like underneath. Even when she disappeared behind, images of her bra-covered chest filled my mind. I couldn't get it off my mind.

When she came around the opposite side I noticed her trim figure too. She had narrow hips and a long pair of legs. She stood shorter than me, perhaps five-foot-three, and perhaps weighed little more than a hundred pounds. Despite her frail figure, however, her personality broadcasted a strong sense of self-confidence and assurance.

It didn't take long for her to touch me too. I flinched when she first put her hand on my bicep. It felt unsettling, but not at all unpleasant. Interviewers weren't supposed to touch; yet I didn't much mind her touch. Under different circumstances, like perhaps in a bar or on a dance floor late at night, a touch from such a beautiful young woman would have pleased me. I would have thought it an invitation, but in an office setting I wasn't sure.

One hand wrapped itself powerfully around my arm, like she was feeling my muscles, gauging my stamina. With the other hand she placed it on my chest. It more gently moved around. Never before did I have an interview quite like this.

"We may just have a part for you," She spoke at last.

I heard the words that I was dieing to hear. Only once before did I ever hear the same words, and that was for a two-bit rose in a 30 second commercial. Being an actor in Hollywood turned out to be a lot harder than I ever anticipated. Leading man in a High School play proved nothing when it came to Hollywood.

"There's just one thing," She dashed my hopes a few seconds later. "The same features that make you so desirable for the part may not be agreeable to you."

"I'm sure it won't be a problem," I answered without thinking. I had no idea what she was talking about, but automatically tried to dissipate her concerns. Whatever her concern, all I wanted was the part. Well, I wanted her too, but first I wanted the part. I didn't care about anything else.

"Don't answer so quickly," She warned with her fingers against my lips. Her opposite hand pushed more forcibly with its open palm on my chest. It started to feel erotic. I mean we were in an office setting, with the door closed, and this woman most obviously was hot for me. It occurred to me that I still didn't know her name.

"The movie takes place in a prison," She went on to explain. "There are shower scenes."

She didn't have to say it. I knew what she meant. "That won't be a problem," I answered stupidly, too desperate for the part, any part, than to say no. Lots of actors and actresses appeared in shower scenes. I might have to be half nude during filming, but the editors could work wonders and certainly wouldn't let anything show in the end.

"Good!" This pleased her greatly. "Because you would look good in a shower scene."

Her hands moved up to my shoulders. She massaged my muscles, seeming to gauge what they looked like in the bare and with a spray of water bouncing off.

"Yes, you would look very good in the shower," She repeated as she rotated around my body, behind me, grasping my shoulders, chest, and then running across my back. I stood about six inches taller than her. She had to reach up to take my shoulders. From behind, her hands ran down the length of both arms.

"Would this scene?" I started to say but was interrupted when she took me by the wrists and pulled my arms behind my back.

The eroticism continued. I got the strange sensation that she wanted to tie me, perhaps cuff my wrists from behind. With my hands behind me, I would be unable to cover myself in front.

"Yes?" She questioned simply, tempting me to go on while at the same time tempting me with her manipulations of my arms. She placed them like an "X" behind me. I offered no resistance to her suggestions.

"What I want to ask," I continued shyly. Normally I had an outgoing personality, some people thought too outgoing, but with her I turned shy. "What I mean is, you know, would this shower scene involve nudity?"

"Nudity?" She answered in the form of a question of her own. "Why yes, certainly!" A hint of pleasure sounded in her voice. "Full nudity!"

I knew her answer before she said it, yet her words still sent a shiver through my body. It was the way she answered me, not with a simple "yes," but with an answer that left no doubt about what she wanted. She obviously looked forward to the shower scene. She wanted to see me in the nude, possibly through multiple takes of the scene.

"Why do you ask?" She questioned. "Do you have a problem with nudity?"

"Well, no," I answered like a weak little boy afraid of being beaten up. Nudity didn't bother me too much, as long as it was done for the sake of art. I had never been nude in front of a camera before, but felt sure I could handle it.

"It will be full nudity," She reinforced as her hands took a firm hold around each of my wrists.

I shivered again, not sure what to do, my heart still racing and the erotic thoughts growing ever stronger in mind. Under any other circumstances I would have turned around and kissed her. I would have answered her fingers with my own, feeling up her tits, perhaps reaching into her open blouse. But this was an office! And she seemed as if she wanted to stay in charge.

"You will also be handcuffed," She shocked me even more. "It is a prison, after all, so the prisoners will naturally have to be cuffed."

"Naturally," I took a hard swallow before answering. She cross my arms and then squeezed two fingers around each wrist as though simulating handcuffs. Her mention of handcuffs made me confused. Was this still an interview, or might she be coming on to me? Might she even be trying to tell me that she wanted me? Maybe she was saying that she was into the rough stuff?

"Of course it's natural," She accepted. "The male prisoners have to be handcuffed to make sure they don't get away before the guards are finished with them."

Her hands left my body briefly. I quickly pulled my arms out from behind me as if trying to escape. I held them at my side, but then she suddenly touched me again, this time on the ass.

I gasped in surprise.

"You're shy," She heard it. "Are you sure you can play the part? This isn't a part for some shy Kansas farm boy."

"Yes!" I tried to answer with as much confidence as I could muster. It was difficult with the palm of her hands resting on my ass, one hand on each cheek. I was tempted to turn around and grab her in the same way. With my hands again free, it would have been easy. I could have felt up her firm ass and then turn her around and take a feel of her perfect tits too. But this wasn't the type of woman to show any aggressive desire, I could tell. She would probably give me a slap across the face if I tried, and certainly would have thrown me out of her office without the part.

"Are you sure you are still interested?" She finally asked to confirm.

I then wondered if she was searching for something more than just an actor for a part. No bed could be seen, but perhaps she had another room off to the side. Even if it was all a setup and there was no part, I was still interested.

"Certainly!" I spoke as confidently as I could.

"Good then," Her hands suddenly left me. She walked around, back behind her desk and took a seat. "Then strip!"

I was taken aback. I wasn't sure if I heard her correctly.

"I said strip!" She confirmed what I had heard. "What's the matter? You just said you had no problem with nudity. If you're unable to expose yourself in the privacy of this office, how do you possibly expect me to believe you would be willing to expose yourself in front of a camera?"

"But here?" I tried to argue. "In your office?"

She didn't respond. She just sat in her chair and looked at me.

It was a test, I could tell, a test to make sure I really meant what I said. Her eyes told me I had two choices: Either I could leave and not get the part, or I could strip and have a possibility. And then I wondered if she would really make me strip. Perhaps she only wanted me to strip part way? Maybe I just had to show intent, like to take off my shirt to demonstrate I really was willing to do it. Surely she wouldn't make me strip all the way, not in her office. She would tell me to stop before I was done.

Slowly, I began. I started first with my shirt, unbuttoning it. I unbuttoned it all the way down and then pulled the tails out of my slacks.

"Very nice," She spoke her first words since issuing her command. She complimented just as I opened my shirt and exposed my chest. How much I wanted her to open her shirt, her blouse instead. Clearly she had a lot to cover beneath it. The dark outline of the bra still peered through. It looked as though it covered only half her large tits.

First my shirt, and then I reached down to take off my shoes and socks. At any moment I expected her to tell me to stop and say enough. I had proven my point. I didn't have a problem with nudity. I was obviously willing, yet she never said it. She just let me keep going.

Only when I got to my belt did I realize it. I wasn't soft any more. Not completely hard either, but certainly not soft. It was no wonder, with the way she looked at me, the way she touched me, the words she spoke to me. No man could resist such temptations, especially a young man. I should have noticed it sooner. Normally I would have, but the weird circumstances diverted my attention.

"Why are you pausing?" She noticed my hesitance. "I said strip! And when I say strip, I mean all the way!"

"But what if?" I took a glance at the door but was more concerned about my shorts. She would notice it after I took off my slacks, I realized. She would see the bulge!

"Don't worry," She assured me. "We're all alone. And even if someone would walk in on us, so what? If you are willing to take it off in front of a camera, then what does it matter if someone walked in? Unless, of course, or were you just bullshitting me?"

The choice once again! Either leave or stay. She left it up to me. I could either walk out the room and not get the job, or else continue.

I chose to remove my belt. In order to draw it out and give my dick a little more time to go down, I purposely removed my belt as slow as possible. First I unbuckled it, and then I slipped it all the way out of every hoop.

But instead of going down, I felt it grow even harder. It was as though my dick had a mind of its own. Its eye was still on her chest, imagining what she looked like with just a bra. Better yet, I imagined her with nothing at all to get in the way.

"You're so shy," She smiled at me.

It was her first smile. She had a nice smile, very pleasant. It made her look even more beautiful, even more sexy. I easily pictured her modeling in her little bra, and then realized she probably wore a little panty too. Any woman who would wear such a small bra probably wore a G-string for a panty.

Then I remembered my dick and tried to push the picture of her out of my mind. My attention focused instead on the hook of my jeans and then to my zipper falling down.

"Even nicer!" She noticed it before I had my jeans half-way off my waist. My thumbs hooked around my waist, my hands pushed down my slacks. In the middle, between my open zipper, she could see it.

I could see it too, the way it pointed down and pushed out my shorts. It wasn't fully erect, but then it wasn't fully soft either. Her ministrations did it. Thoughts of her tits and panty fueled it.

"Keep going!" She waved her hand as though pushing my slacks down herself. "To the floor."

I hesitated for the first few seconds after she spoke, and then continued the rest of the way down. There was no reason to hide myself any more. Once she saw it, she saw it, so I dropped my slacks the rest of the way down and stepped out.

"Interesting!" She admired. "That looks to be quite a big piece you have in there!"

I couldn't believe it! This woman was unbelievable. Nothing seemed to faze her. Nothing embarrassed her. It was as if men came into her office and stripped every day.

"Show me!" A few seconds later she spoke the words I dreaded to hear. "Show me your piece."

She stayed in control, and she wanted me to know who was in control. Any hope I had left quickly left me. She didn't tease, but went for the jugular.

"Show me how you would perform in a shower scene," She reminded me of the acting part I was trying to get.

Taking another glance at the door, I realized it wasn't locked. It had a simple doorknob without a lock. Anyone could have entered, perhaps even the cute young receptionist I remember sitting at the front desk. But then so what if someone did come in? I told her I could do a shower scene, that nudity didn't bother me. If I was willing to be naked in front of a camera, then why wouldn't I be willing to show anyone who walked in?

Besides, in an erotic sort of way, I wanted to show her. She was gorgeous. She looked hot. If we were in a bar, I would have stepped up to her seat and tried to hit up on her. What better way to get a woman interested than to show her my size? She didn't know about my size, but she soon would. I put my thumbs beneath the elastic of my shorts and got ready to surprise her.

"Don't be shy," She smiled.

"I'm not," I slipped them down and stripped for her completely.

The reaction on her face told me everything I needed to know. Her eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened in a gasp. For a brief moment she broke down and showed me her true self.

"Impressive!" It took her a moment to recover. First she stared right at it, and then she looked up at the rest of me.




"Nice piece!" She recovered more fully. "Not a bad looking cock you have down there!"

Her words surprised me. She said them with such confidence, such self-assurance. She came right out and just said what was on her mind.

"Longer than most, I would say," She continued to stare. "And not a bad girth as well!"

I couldn't believe it! This woman was incredible. I was a stranger to her. We had just met, yet she had no trouble complimenting me on the size of my cock.

"Thanks," I spoke under my breath. She could speak with such confidence, yet I could hardly speak at all. No woman had ever had such an affect on me.

"Now make it rise the rest of the way," She shocked me even more with what she said next.

"What?" I asked back, astonished.

"You heard me," She glanced up with a serious look in her eyes. "It's already half-way there. Make it rise the rest of the way. I want to see it full."

I couldn't believe it. She was so domineering. No doubt I wasn't her first. She had naked men in her office before, probably many more. She probably bribed them all, telling them to get naked if they wanted the part.

Even more unbelievable, I started to give her what she wanted. I couldn't help it. My heart was racing; my body sweating. Her behavior made me feel so hot, so excited. Even though I knew what she was trying to do, I helped her do it. Besides, my cock had a mind of its own. It never listened to me before. Why did I expect it to listen while standing naked before a gorgeous woman?

"Even better!" She made sure to let me know what was happening. "Very nice! Very impressive! That's quite a fine stalk you have down there."

Her words did nothing to stop it from rising. They aroused me even more. The little she-devil knew exactly what she was doing.

"Most definitely longer than your average six inches," She spoke as she got up from her chair a second time. "Perhaps eight; maybe even nine?"

I grew nervous as she stepped around. My cock inflated to full mast as she looked at it from above.

"I think more like nine!" She stepped up beside me. "Maybe even ten!"

Glancing down to check for myself, I saw the head of my own cock pointed directly up at me. I already knew it was hard. I could feel it, but actually seeing it point up gave me a surprise.

"Big cocks don't usually point up so far up like yours does," She commented as she looked at it. "Usually they are too big to point up, but yours looks to be especially hard."

Indeed it was. The thing felt as if it was going to explode. Desperately I wanted to find somewhere to stick it. I would have loved to use her pussy, to fuck her, and I think she wanted to be fucked by it too.

"Are you aware," The woman who's name I still didn't know whispered into my ear. "Are you aware, Duane, that you possess a rather massive cock?"

"Yes," I answered shyly, pleased that she liked it, surprised by her compliment of it.

"You should be proud of it!" She admired. "You should be proud to show it off, to display it for any woman who asks to see."

"Yes," Even her perfume smelled sexy.

"You should allow women to enjoy it," She spoke. "Enjoy looking at it if they wish; even to enjoy playing with it."

I jumped at her touch. I couldn't believe she actually touched it, and the way she touched it!

She giggled as if it was no big deal. "My, you are a shy one!"

She didn't just touch, but confidently grabbed it. She grabbed my cock like she had grabbed a hundred cocks before me. Her fingers encircled around my thick shaft and gave a tight squeeze.

"It feels as hard as it looks!" She spoke impressed. "And so unusually thick too!"

She squeezed tighter and then tried to give it a pull. I was forced to push my waist forward and stand on my toes.

"Yes, you would look good in a shower scene," She sounded impressed. "And you would look even better in cuffs."

My heart skipped a beat with the mention of handcuffs. What did she mean, handcuffs? Did she want to handcuff my hands behind me? Or did she want to handcuff me down to a bed. I pictured her riding me from above as I lay handcuffed down to her bed.

As quick as she grabbed it, she let go again. She backed away and stepped around to sit back down in her chair.

"Very impressive," She complimented one last time. "I just have a few more miscellaneous questions to ask you. Standard procedure, as I'm sure you understand."

"Yes," I answered weakly.

"Any problems with drugs?"


"Any arrests or convictions?"


"What about drunk driving? Ever been pulled over? Any DUIs?"

"No," I answered each question in turn. It felt odd to be answering her questions in the nude. It felt even odder to answer them while sporting an erection that she could freely observe. I considered covering myself, but she never offered me cover. Besides, I got the distinct impression that she wanted me to stay nude.

"You currently work as a waiter?"

"In the evenings."

"Would you keep your job if you took this part?"

"The job has flexible hours," I tried to explain. "I can cut back if I need too, but would probably want to keep it as a backup."

"So this part would take priority over your job as a waiter?"

"Exactly!" I nodded my head.

With each answer she jotted something down in her file. Most of the time she seemed to enter quick check marks. With mention of the waiter job, she paused to write out a few notes.

"And your age?" She wanted to know.

"Twenty two," I answered.

"Ah, the perfect age for a man!" She liked this answer the best. "Legal, yet still young enough to have much vitality."

I took a hard swallow, knowing what kind of vitality she meant. She was talking about my cock, of course, my ability to keep it erect and on display. No doubt some of the shower scenes would require multiple takes. My youth would allow me to remain erect for extended periods.

"Brown hair and brown eyes," She looked up to me to observe. "And with about a nine inch cock."

She casually stated the words with no hint of embarrassment or reaction, and then wrote something down in her file. I could understand the part about my hair and eyes, but then wondered if she wrote down anything about the length of my cock too. The thought of her scribbling in "nine inches" sent an erotic wave of lust through my body. I imagined the piece of paper in front of her asking for "Cock Length," and immediately after it she wrote in a "9."

"Any particular hours you are not available to work?" She took me by surprise when she went on, unconcerned about the mention of my cock, acting as if it was a perfectly normal question to ask a perspective employee.

"Not really," I tried to recover the best I could. "Like I said, my job as a waiter has flexible hours. I can pretty much work any hours needed."

"What about upcoming time off?" She wanted to know. "Any planned vacations? Any non-refundable airline tickets over the next few months?"

"Nothing planned right now."

Except for the brief mention of my cock length, most of her questions seemed perfectly normal. They were common questions for an employer to ask a perspective employee. The only odd part was the state of my undress. Even odder was the state of my erection. It should have gone down, especially when she asked such normal questions, but it instead seemed to grow harder. I guess the experience actually turned me on. The knowledge that I was standing naked before her in the nude actually increased my arousal.

"Any previous experience working as a male model?" Her questions gradually turned more poignant.


"And no other nude modeling?"


"What about strip joints?" She seemed intent on finding some form of nudity in my background. "Ever work as a performer at a male strip joint or as a hired stripper at a bachelorette party?"

"Afraid not," I felt as though I was disappointing her.

"That's too bad," She sounded disappointed. "Because with a cock like that, you would be in high demand!"

"Thanks," I said weakly. It felt strange to be complimented on the size of my cock. It felt even stranger to thank her for the compliment.

"What about CFNM?" She confused me next. "You said you worked as a waiter. Did you ever work as a waiter in a CFNM environment?"

I had to pause for a moment to think about her question. "C-F-N-M?" I couldn't come up with anything.

"You know," She saw my confusion. "Clothed Female, Naked Male. It's a party where the women remain clothed and the male waiters walk around naked serving food and drink."

"No CFNM either," I had never heard of such a practice. I wondered if such a place even existed.

"Then I have someone I must introduce you to," She offered. "With your experience as a waiter and given that big cock of yours, you would be in high demand. I bet you could pull in fifty dollars an hour with tips."

The pay sounded awesome. It was certainly a lot more than I made at my current job, even with tips, but the practice sounded a bit unnerving. I couldn't imagine myself naked in a restaurant full of clothed women. I suppose it would be fun, in a way, with so many women free to look at me, but still.

"I know a few guys who work as CFNM waiters," She described it to me. "They love it, especially when the women grab at them. I could introduce you to someone if you think you would be interested?"

"I don't know," I wasn't sure. It felt erotic enough to be standing in the room with only one clothed female. I had a hard time imagining myself standing in a restaurant full of women. And to be grabbed at too! She didn't say what they grabbed, but it wasn't hard to figure out. I imagined women grabbing my cock as I walked by their tables. In a strange way, I wanted to be grabbed. I especially wanted the woman sitting on the opposite side of the desk to grab me. I felt like even grabbing myself, but held back.

"Is that a yes or a no?" She questioned my answer. "I think you would enjoy it. I think you would have a good time."

"Maybe I might be interested," I answered with only slightly more confidence.

"I think you should," She tried to talk me into it. "The best part is in the end, you know, or at least that's what the guys tell me."

She smiled at this. I didn't know why she smiled, not at first anyway. She just looked up at me and smiled.

"Because in the end," She continued after a long pause. The volume of her voice diminished. She spoke to me almost in a whisper. "Because in the end, because of all the touching and fondling going on, about half the waiters end up cumming on the tables."

I think I visibly jumped in her presence. I couldn't believe it. Not only naked, but made to cumm as well! I heard about bachelorette parties where the soon-to-be bride was teased into masturbating the male stripper. It was no different than stories of the bridegroom invited to fuck the female stripper, but I never knew of it happening to any of my friends. I suppose it did, once in a while and for the appropriate fee, but it certainly wasn't very common. Even less common was the practice of masturbating a male stripper until he cummed, I figured, because I couldn't imagine the stripper agreeing to such a thing.

Yet at the same time, I wanted to so bad. My cock was pounding. I felt a tremendous desire to reach out and grab it. No doubt I would, immediately after I got home. I just hoped I could wait that long.

"Well, you just let me know if you might be interested," She put down the file. "You don't have to tell me now. Maybe by the end of filming you will be more willing."

My prospects sounded hopeful. It sounded as if I already had the job. She almost said it, but not quite. I hoped the embarrassment I suffered at being naked was worth the effort.

"Perhaps I will," I asked carefully. "Can I assume that means I have the part?"

"Not exactly!" She put up her hand, showing me her open palm as if telling me to old on. "Your prospects are excellent, but I still have 5 more men to interview before the day is over."

I recalled seeing two of them already. They arrived after me and probably still sat out in the waiting room. I distinctly remembered that both of them were handsome and looked like they were running backs for a football team. I wondered if she would make them strip too. I wondered if they would show off cocks as big as mine.

"So the part isn't quite yours yet," She sat back in her chair and gave me a hard look. "But there is one thing you can do to increase your chances, if you wish to know?"

Silence followed. I wanted her to finish, to go on, but at the same time was afraid what she might propose. I was already naked, after all. She had already put me in her place, at her feet, perhaps even under her feet. In the back of my mind, I hoped she would propose I go home with her. Even better, I hoped she had a back room someplace in her office where we could go. That was what I hoped, but not what I expected.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked at last. My instincts told me to do whatever was necessary to get the part. My logical brain told me to put my clothes back on and get out of her office as fast as possible.

She paused before answering. Her head leaned back into her large office chair. Her eyes looked off to space. She wore no smile. No hint of doubt or embarrassment showed on her face. Everything about her radiated confidence as she spoke three simple words: "Masturbate for me."

What?" My natural instincts took over. I couldn't believe it! Did she really say what I thought she said?

"You heard me," She made sure I understood. "Masturbate for me," She turned to look up into my eyes. "Your cock: Jerk it!"

I still couldn't believe it. My eyes probably bulged out of my head. My face certainly radiated a look of shock and surprise. Even my cock seemed to respond, jumping at the sound of her words.

"I know you want to," She acted completely relaxed. "It's obvious!" Her eyes momentarily took a look down at my protruding member before again drilling into my scull. "So go ahead and jerk yourself off."

I hesitated. I didn't know what to do. Yes, I wanted to. She could easily see that much for herself, reading my mind through the stiffness of my cock. Yet at the same time, I was in an office. Even worse, I was in an office with a near stranger, a female who wanted to watch.

"Well?" She spoke up again after about another minute of silence. "Do you want the part or not?"

I felt my hand reach for it. My cock wanted it so bad. It seemed to be controlling me. Or rather, she was controlling my cock, and my cock in turn was controlling the rest of me.

"Good boy!" She spoke when she saw it. Once again, she smiled. She had a delightful smile, but didn't display it often. She looked delighted at the prospect of watching me masturbate myself.

A moment later I touched it. I didn't look, but instead closed my eyes and grasped myself. To my surprise, I was already wet. She had seen me pre-cumm, I realized, and then wondered if that's what gave her the idea to ask me to masturbate myself.

"Your prospects are looking better and better all the time," She said it almost in a laugh.

Once I held it, I couldn't help it. I was so damn horny I couldn't help but stroke myself. The domineering woman sitting on the opposite side of the desk watched me do it. She seemed to take delight with the sight of a young man jerking himself.

Only after I started did I wonder what else she might want. "Did she want me to give myself just a few strokes?" I questioned to myself. Perhaps she only wanted me to make myself pre-cumm, to make myself wet. Women enjoyed the sight of a pre-cumm covered cock, I knew from past experience. I hoped that was what she wanted.

"Or did she want more?" My mind questioned in dread. Did she want me to keep stroking? Might she actually want to watch me cumm? I couldn't believe any woman would demand so much of a man to get a part, but then this was no ordinary woman. Nothing about her surprised me any more.

"That's enough!" She held up the palm of her hand once more. "At least for now."

I stopped at the sound of the first of her words, but then gasped in dread a second later with what she said next. What did she mean, "at least for now"? Did she want more? Did she have something else planned for me when I was in front of the camera?

I let go. It actually proved difficult to let go. My cock still wanted it, but my mind finally took back control of the situation. I dropped my hand back down so that both arms hung weakly at my side.

We appeared to be done with the interview. She seemed to have extracted a sufficient amount of humiliation from me. This was normally the point in the interview where I would have shook her hand and thanked her for the opportunity, but I wasn't sure. I was still naked. I remained hard and now very wet.

The dominatrix sitting across the desk seemed to like to see me wet. So far she did a good job at almost ignoring my erection, acting as if she had men standing with erections in her office every day. Now, however, she looked right at it. She made me self conscious with the way she looked. It was as if she wanted it. I wished she would just take it.

"Is there anything else?" I interrupted her stair. At last, I wanted to go. I also wanted to finish jerking myself off. Soon I would be alone in the privacy of my own bedroom, provided I even made it that far. I began to wonder if there might be a private bathroom downstairs or in a nearby filling station where I could finish the job.

"One more thing," She added, much to my discomfort. "If you don't mind?"

I couldn't imagine what else she might want of me.

"Did you notice the little student aid I hired as a receptionist at the front desk?" She changed subjects. "The short little Asian girl sitting behind the counter?"

"I think so," It took me a few seconds to recover enough to answer. I remembered more than I wanted to admit. I especially remembered standing over the desk of the receptionist, looking down at her, looking down into her bountiful cleavage.

"Of course you did," She smiled at me and gave a laugh. "Every young man does. So young, so cute, and there's no way you could have missed her big tits - usual for an Asian girl, isn't it?"

It certainly was.

"Her name is Yuko," She gave out her name. "She's a High School kid, a junior, I think, but that's not important right now. What is important to you is that Yuko likes to check out big cocks."

She went silent. She didn't need to say anything more. I understood her request without the need to hear her verbally ask it. She wanted to invite her receptionist, Yuko inside.

"You don't have to agree if you don't want to," She spoke with a sly tone. "I will understand if you say no, especially for someone so young. I suspect it will be especially embarrassing for you to expose yourself in your current condition to someone so young."

She wanted me to invite another woman into the room, and a young woman at that - provided she was to be believed. I couldn't know if her receptionist was really in High School or not. It was possible, I suppose, but I couldn't know. In my mind I tried to remember what the girl looked like sitting behind her desk, but mostly I remembered only her cleavage. Yes she was young, certainly still in her 20s, and possibly even a teenager, but I recalled no redeemable feature that would suggest she was still in High School - But then it was difficult to tell nowadays with all the makeup some girls wore.

"I simply figured if you are willing to expose yourself in front of a camera," She continued in her sly tone of voice. "Then you logically will have no problem with me calling Yuko inside for a little treat."

I caught the meaning of her words. Again, she didn't have to say it, not explicitly, but I could tell what she really meant. This was yet another test. If I really wanted the part, then I would allow her to invite Yuko into her office. If I didn't agree, then I would be shown to the door.




"She would really enjoy seeing what I'm looking at right now," Her smile turned bigger. "So big! So thick! And now so wet too!"

My heart skipped a beat with the mention of my wetness. My self-masturbation made it wet. No doubt Yuko would know what I had done as soon as she saw it.

"If you are willing to show it in front of a camera," She suggested again. "Then can I assume you will have no problem showing it to Yuko?"

"I guess not," I took a hard swallow and closed my eyes before answering. I wished she would just go ahead and invite the woman inside like she so obviously wanted to do, but I got the distinct impression that she wanted me to agree to it first. I suppose my agreement would make it even more embarrassing - and more arousing.

"Does that mean you don't mind if I give her a call?"

I saw her hand resting on the receiver of her phone when I opened my eyes again. In my mind I did a quick computation. If the receptionist really was only a junior in High School, than that meant she was only 17 years old, maybe 18 max. I thought back to my own High School days and at the innocence of the girls at that age.

"Go ahead," I said at last, not because I wanted to but because I had no choice. "I don't mind," I lied.

"Good!" The woman behind the desk wasted no time. "You don't have to do anything. Just stand there. I'm going to have Yuko bring in the file of my next prospect, and I want you to remain standing at my desk while she brings it in."

The request only took a second. It happened so fast I didn't have time to think about it. It seemed as soon as she put the phone down, I already heard the door open behind me. This was followed immediately after by a yelp and then a "Oh my!"

The receptionist wasn't able to see me; not all of me, not yet. She could only see my ass, but that was enough to tell her that I was naked. It wasn't too late. I could have run out of the room. I could have declined the job. But in a strange sort of way, I also wanted to stay. It was as though I wanted to show it off, my cock, to another stranger.

"What are you waiting for?" Her boss extolled the young lady. "I don't have all day. Bring that file over hear and let me have a look at the résumé of my next applicant."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. My heart beat at a mile a minute. Footsteps sounded from behind me. They came near. She was going to see me, I realized, and she would see me in all my glory. I couldn't believe how I could just stand there and allow her to see.

"Oh my!" The voice sounded closer. "Oh my, my, my!" Her voice sounded with increased excitement the closer it got. "Oh fuck!" Yuko spoke when she came to my side.

"This is Duane," I was introduced. "I'm thinking about hiring him for the prison story."

"Holy fuck!" The young lady seemed to have a limited vocabulary.

"What do you think of him?" Her boss asked.

Silence followed. I just stood there, unable to open my eyes. I could feel the eyes of the young Yuko upon me, wide open.

"I think he would be a good choice Miss Nemoto," Yuko answered at last. "He certainly has a big one!"

"You noticed!" Her boss answered as if surprised.

"Of course I noticed," Yuko giggled. "It's kind of hard to miss."

We all knew what she was talking about. Not just one, but now two women looked at it, both Yuko and Miss Nemoto. At least I finally knew her name, the Dominatrix sitting in front of me. Somehow "Miss" did not seem appropriate. I thought the title "Mistress" or "Domm" would be more descriptive of her true nature.

At last I opened my eyes. I opened them for an instant to take a peak, and then closed them again at the sight of the young Yuko standing at the side of the desk. Both saw me, I confirmed. It was all I needed to know.

"He's a shy one Miss Nemoto," Yuko must have noticed my eyes.

"Not too shy!" Miss Nemoto differed.

"No, not too shy," Yuko agreed. "He acts shy in front of me, but I can see he was willing to play with it in front of you."

My heart stopped. I probably gasped for breath. She noticed, I realized. Yuko noticed my wetness, and she knew the reason it was wet.

"Just the way I like them!" The young Yuko spoke to my horror. "Wet and dripping!"

My heart stopped again as I wondered if I really was. Might I actually be dripping? Might my own pre-cumm be dripping off? Might it be dripping down to the floor and making a puddle as they stood and looked? I couldn't bring myself to check to make sure.

"And I didn't even have to ask him to play," Miss Nemoto lied. "I guess he was just so damn horny he couldn't help but play with himself."

"I'm glad he did," Yuko spoke in the sexiest voice I had ever heard. "Wet and dripping is the best! It makes him look like he just pulled out of a tight snatch."

The single word, "snatch," made me gasp. I thought about her snatch, her pussy, and how good it would feel to drive into her. Yet at the same time I knew I wouldn't. These women were after something quite different than casual sex.

I briefly opened my eyes once again to confirm they still stood before me. Apparently the whole exercise of having me masturbate myself was done for the benefit of the young Yuko. It had nothing to do with getting the part, but done solely for the visual pleasure of the young receptionist that she had planned to invite inside the whole time.

The receptionist, I noticed, wore the same outfit as in the waiting room. It was hard to forget, the way the neckline of the purple blouse came down low enough to expose the top of her swelling mounds. She looked hot, even hotter than Nemoto. She clearly had a large pair of boobs hidden just below the fabric of her blouse. I wanted to see more, but realized I wouldn't be seeing anything today. This show was clearly limited to the ladies.

"You know what I'm thinking Miss Nemoto," The young Yuko asked after a long pause during which I'm sure she looked at me the entire time.

"What's that?" Nemoto asked.

"I bet he would make for an excellent fuck!"

I probably jumped at what she said. Clearly, this was no shy young lady. She was experienced, and she knew what she wanted.

"Of course he would," Miss Nemoto agreed as though agreeing with the obvious. "Any man with a cock that big would make for a great fuck!" And then she added almost as an afterthought. "That is, provided he could last."

"Yes, provided he could last," Yuko agreed. "Big boys sometimes have trouble lasting long, I know, especially when they fuck short girls like me."

Miss Nemoto snickered at her remark. "What do you mean, short?" She questioned in mock disbelief. "You mean tight, don't you?"

It took little imagination on my part to know what they meant. As I looked at her again, my eyes couldn't help but wonder down to look at her waist. I couldn't believe they were talking about such a thing right in front of me.

"That too," Yuko admitted reluctantly. "He would be a tight fit, but that's only because I'm so short. Shorter and smaller girls are always tighter. It's only natural."

Looking at her, I noticed she was indeed short. She was clearly shorter than me, perhaps only 5 feet tall. I hadn't noticed it so much when she sat behind the receptionist desk, but it was clear now. She was a small girl, and therefore most likely a tight girl.

"This one might even be too much for you!" The Dominatrix added.

"Perhaps!" She smiled and looked down at me in reply.

I kept my eyes open to look back at her. The young Yuko turned more shy after the mention of my being too big for her. Her thumb went to her mouth. She began to bite her nail.

"I'm sure he would fit," She looked directly down at it as if to make sure to communicate the object she was referring to. "It would be quite a stretch, but I'm sure he would at least fit. The only question is if he would be able to fit his entire length into me."

I couldn't help but picture myself fucking her. I imagined my big cock pounding in and out, hardly able to fit, but driving in all the way anyway. Yuko no doubt would be panting and moaning as I fucked. I imagined her crying out with orgasm after orgasm. Clearly she had never before experienced a cock with dimensions as great as mine. I would have a terrific time fucking her. So would she, but I had a distinct feeling that there was no way these women would allow me such pleasure.

"Yes, he would make for a great fuck," Miss Nemoto agreed. "Provided he could hold out."

"Yes!" Yuko agreed with enthusiasm. "Provided he could keep from shooting long enough to give an orgasm."

Clearly I could not; not in my present state of arousal, that is. My cock felt like it was about to burst. The combination of their eyes and suggestions made it feel like I was ready to shoot off without anyone ever touching it.

"I have an idea," Miss Nemoto spoke up after a brief pause. "How would you like to see how long he can last?"

"How long?" Yuko didn't understand.

"For him to shoot off!"

I gasped in disbelief. What was this? Might she actually mean what I thought she meant?

"Right here?" The young Yuko seemed to be in equal disbelief.

"Why not?" Miss Nemoto shrugged her shoulders as if it was no big deal. "You know, I had to ask him to stop before you came in."

"Why did you have to do that?" Yuko questioned simply.

Miss Nemoto shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I wasn't thinking straight, but I'm sure he would have no trouble starting up again."

She looked at me as if to encourage it. I hesitated, not able to believe what she wanted me to do.

"Start again," She finally spoke after about a minute's wait. "Go ahead boy! Masturbate yourself some more."

"Oh my!" Yuko's hands went to her mouth. She covered it as if preventing a scream.

"He did it for me before," Miss Nemoto reminded me. "He therefore should have no trouble doing it again."

I did nothing. I couldn't, not for two of them. It was one thing to masturbate for one of them. It was quite another to do it in front of the young Yuko as well.

"Provided," Miss Nemoto then added the magic words to get me going. "That he wants the part."

I was trapped once again. I had no choice, if I wanted the part. To get the acting job, I had to masturbate for the two of them. I wanted to, desperately, but at the same time felt so humiliated against doing it.

"Do it for Yuko just like you did it for me," She asked again. "Except this time."

She stopped in mid-sentence as my hand went to work. I grasped myself again, like earlier; with my hand obeying my cock more than it obeyed my brain. First I just held it, feeling the hardness, noticing the wetness, realizing how much I had been pre-cumming as they looked.

"Masturbate yourself like before," Miss Nemoto started again after she saw me take my first stroke. "Except this time, don't stop!"

I knew what this meant, but couldn't help but continue.

"Yes, don't stop!" Yuko giggled.

"Don't stop until you finish," Miss Nemoto added as if to make absolutely sure I understood. "This time, I want you to masturbate yourself to completion."

I couldn't help but continue stroking, again and then yet again. I needed it so bad, and her words made me want to do it so much more. Soon, my hand was racing up and down the length of my own cock.

"To completion!" Yuko seemed to take a bit longer to work up the bravery to say it. First her hand covered her mouth, but then it slowly lowered as she watched.

"I like watching men masturbate to completion!" She said about a minute later with a big smile across her face. "It's so much better than a dumb little strip joint where all the men do is get naked. I like to see them cumm!"

It didn't take me long. Miss Nemoto barely had time enough to clear the few remaining papers off her desk. In their place, I watched as she opened my file. She opened it length-wise, providing me the maximum possible surface area. I knew right away her silent instruction. She wanted me to add to my file.

It was too much. The girls, the file, and everything else that had happened to me. It was too much to take. I had no choice but to close my eyes and let myself go.

"Nice!" Yuko liked the show.

I grunted and let another stream fly.

"Impressive!" The enthusiasm in her voice increased.

And then I did it again, and then yet again. I had never ejected so much in my life. The cumm first shot and then flowed out the tip of my cock as I rapidly stroked the base. I didn't actually see it, but could clearly feel it. I kept my eyes closed as I cummed.

"He's a good shooter!" Yuko spoke when I was nearly done. Her words sounded as if she was congratulating me on my performance, like congratulating a player after a football game.

"Excellent quantity!" Miss Nemoto agreed.

"Enough to give a terrific blowjob," Yuko spoke the words that almost made me cumm again.

Opening my eyes and glancing up at the face of Yuko, I couldn't help but picture the head of my cock in her mouth. I imagined her tongue flipping across it, and then imagined myself shooting off into her. The effect made me dry cumm. I felt my own cock throb in my hand as if it was desperate to cumm some more. If I had anything left, I certainly would have shot out something more.

"I think you should give him the part," Yuko spoke at last.

"Yes, I think he would be an excellent addition to the cast," Miss Nemoto agreed.

I watched as she closed my file with my cumm still in it. A substantial quantity was splattered across both halves. She paid it no attention and closed it anyway, filing it away, opening a cabinet and then slipped it in amongst all the other files in her desk drawer. I couldn't help but wonder how many other files were filled with male cumm. No doubt several. I was suddenly aware that I wasn't the first, not for either of them.

"We're having a little party this Saturday afternoon," She picked up a business card. "I'm inviting all the actors in the movie to a little get together before the filming begins. It's at my place, and I'm writing my home address on the back of my card. It's not a formal party, so no formal attire is necessary."

"It doesn't matter what you wear," Yuko quickly added as if to emphasize the point.

I realized I had finally gotten the part. I had proven myself adequate. I had been selected for a part in a movie, only my second part since arriving in Hollywood.

"Thank you," I didn't know quite what to say. It had been a long time since I was selected for a part in a movie: Nearly two years, actually. I didn't know quite what to say to accept a job any more, but was just glad to accept it.

"I'll be there too," Yuko added with a bit more enthusiasm than I thought necessary. A big smile crossed her face. She seemed anxious for the party to start.

"And so will several female editors, camera operators, and young secretaries who will be working on the movie," Miss Nemoto added.

I noticed she specifically mentioned "female" editors. What about males? There had to be men working for the company too. Were they also invited?

And then I recalled her mention of "actors" being invited. No actresses? It seemed odd for a movie to contain only male actors, but perhaps she meant the term in its general sense.

"You can get dressed now," She gave permission with the wave of her hand.

I suddenly realized I was still naked. Well, actually I knew it all along, but after being naked for so long, my nudity didn't bother me any more. Looking down, I saw my cock was half deflated. It was as though she had no use of me after I was done.

"Just one thing," She added as I started to dress. "It's just a suggestion, really, but if you could: Between now and Saturday, I want you to refrain from cumming."

My heart momentarily stopped. I froze in shock. No doubt the party would be like no other. I recalled her earlier mention of a special party were the women stayed clothed and the men went naked. Might it be that kind of party? Might her request be to make me horny? Might it be to make it easier for the women to get me excited, even aroused, maybe even to show my erection at her party? I pictured myself as a waiter serving drinks at a party, but a waiter with a long erection sticking out in front of me. No doubt the women would take special interest in my size, especially the "young secretaries" she mentioned.

Looking back at Miss Nemoto, I tried to search for an answer, but found none. I could tell nothing by looking at her. A stark expression covered her face, humorless, emotionless. She went back to work as if she told men not to cumm all the time.

Looking back at Yuko, however, she was unable to control herself. She wasn't as disciplined - or I expect as experienced as her boss. A big smile covered her face. She looked as though she wanted to smile even more, as though she was trying to hold back but couldn't help it. No doubt she knew! She knew exactly what kind of party it would be. I wondered if she might also be picturing me naked, wearing nothing but an erection at the party. No doubt she would enjoy it. She looked as if she would enjoy my size most of all.

I suddenly understood! Yes, I would be naked. No doubt I would be required to perform again. As I pulled up my shorts and finally covered myself, I couldn't help but imagine the two women using my cock once more, and no doubt they would put it to good use. The thought made me start to get another hard-on. I don't know if the women noticed it, but I certainly felt it. Soon I would be sporting another erection. The next few days were going to be difficult.

The End




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