Reader Submitted Story - My Ultrasound Scan


This story was submitted recently by "Sunder Lad" and deserves not only a thorough read, but some comments as well. Let us all know what you think!

So there I was, sitting on a sofa in the waiting room of a health diagnostic centre waiting for an ultra sound scan on my spleen, kidneys, liver and prostate.

"What the hell am I doing here" I said to myself, "I am fit and healthy and until last week had not visited a doctor in over 5 years when I still lived in England."

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, last week I visited my doctor, all I wanted was an ear syringe to clear out a little excess wax. But as I had not visited her before, she convinced me to let her examine me. It was important for a man in his fifties to have these health check ups regularly, she said. My blood pressure was fine so I allowed her to continue and take a little blood. A catheter type needle was placed in my arm and seven vials of blood were taken; yes seven fucking vials.

Three days later, I was called back to the doctor's surgery to discuss the results of the blood tests. I sat in front of her like a naughty schoolboy as she scanned the pages containing the results. The good news was that my cholesterol levels were surprisingly low and blood sugars were normal. On the down side she deduced that I eat too much meat (I didn't know that was possible) and drink too much alcohol (that must have been by Muslim standards, not English standards, I live in Dubai). I was also told that my blood plate count, which was the blood's ability to clot was too low. The upshot was that my doctor convinced me to have an ultra sound scan on my spleen, kidneys and liver. As an afterthought she also suggested that my prostate was also checked. I thought that that was the first sensible thing she said; after all prostate cancer is a major threat to men my age.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A woman then approached me as I waited patiently in the diagnostic clinic's waiting room; she looked to be in her mid thirties and dressed in black trousers and the clinic's tunic which was a well tailored white collared, short sleeved blouse with their logo where a breast pocket would be if there was one. The first thing that I noticed about her was that her hair was not tied up as I thought was normal amongst the medical profession, but it was dark, wavy and thick, hanging way past her shoulders.

"Mr. Sunderlad, my name is Svetlana, I will be carrying out your scan this morning" she said offering me her hand to shake, "Please come with me"

As I meekly followed her through a set of double doors and down a short corridor I could not help but admire her rear view. Svetlana was long legged and very tall, taller than me, I guessed her to be about six foot, and with high heeled shoes, she towered over me. She looked to be very slim, but I thought that was probably more to do with her height. Svetlana led me into a small windowless room, to the right was a narrow examination bed and chair with all the scanning equipment at the head, and to the left was a tidy desk with just the one chair behind it. There was also one door straight ahead, which I found to be a bathroom with a shower and changing area with a locker for my clothes which Svetlana directed me into, telling me to take off my shoes and strip to the waist.

"Oh, I can't complete the scan when you are wearing belted trousers" Svetlana said when I emerged from the bathroom "would you please go back to change. You may leave your underwear on"

I also decided to remove my socks; it would look a bit naff to be seen standing in just briefs and socks.

I was asked to lie on the examination bed and Svetlana placed a small blue towel over my briefs. She sat on the chair by the bed and pulled the wheeled scanning equipment to her. Svetlana started the scan by holding the probe in her right hand; her left hand was used to load the probe with lubricating gel or operate the complicated looking buttons and dials on the scanner. It was then that I noticed how long and thin her fingers were; I don't think I have ever seen such long fingers on a woman. I was unable to see her screen from where I was lying so I stared at her face in an effort to gauge any reaction to what she was seeing on the screen.

Svetlana started moving the probe across the area of my liver but I could gauge no reaction from her face; she was concentrating on the screen. She then moved up to the area of my spleen after loading more gel on her probe. I was asked several times to breathing deeply and hold momentarily before breathing out. I had to laugh at this because whilst I was breathing as directed, Svetlana was also. She looked at me puzzled, but when I started to explain she cut me off telling me not to talk during the scan.

She then moved down to my bladder after reloading more gel on her probe. Then she was resting the heel of her hand on my cock and pivoting it as she pressed the probe into my bladder. The twisting of her hand was causing me to respond and I could feel my cock start to grow. I needed to take my mind off things and had to quickly think of something else. I thought of football, Sunderland were having a good season with wins over Arsenal and Liverpool with Manchester United forcing a draw in the last second: No that thought alone would be enough to give me a hard on.

I was saved when Svetlana asked me to turn on one side; she wanted to scan my kidneys. After my other kidney was scanned, I was again on my back with Svetlana scanning my spleen. Again the big breaths came but this time Svetlana's big breaths accompanying mine brought her prominent nipples to rub under her shirt. After that, she again returned to my bladder. The towel was now somehow lost as her palm was again pivoting on my cock, but this time only my briefs were separating us.

"Lift up a little please" Svetlana said "I am going to have to pull your underwear down a little and see if I can scan your prostate"

Obediently, I lifted my arse off the bed and Svetlana pulled my briefs down almost to my knees. I was grateful that I was now sporting a semi erection; well I did not want to look too small in front of Svetlana. Svetlana gelled her probe again and started moving my cock from one side to another as she scanned my cock and balls. I somehow doubted that this was part of the medical scan, but hell it felt good so I did not object.

Just then there was a knock on the door, and without waiting for an answer in sauntered this amazingly beautiful woman not a day over 25. Dressed like Svetlana, she had blonde hair in a bob cut into her neck.

"Sorry to interrupt" she said glancing only briefly at my nakedness before entering into a conversation with Svetlana.

I recognized her accent as Canadian instantly because I have Canadian family with exactly the same accent. Miss Canada appeared to be the senior of the two and whilst they discussed another patient, Svetlana had put down her probe but continued to play with my exposed cock. I got the impression that a second discussion was going on as both Miss Canada and Svetlana were taking turns jotting down notes on a piece of paper. Miss Canada then picked up the note paper and smiled at me with my cock sticking straight up in the air as Svetlana was now openly masturbating me and then she left the room.

"Ok, now we must relieve your bladder so that I can then re-scan it to see if all the urine can be expelled" Svetlana announced.

She removed my underwear and still holding me by my hard cock; Svetlana led me into the changing room and had me standing about eighteen inches from the toilet pan.

"Now lean forward with your arms outstretched against the wall"

I complied.

"Now spread your feet about two feet apart like on the TV when the cops search their suspect"

Again I meekly complied.

Svetlana then knelt beside me and grasped my cock in her right hand and aimed my cock into the toilet; her left hand was resting on my bum.

"Now pee" she ordered.

"I can't" I replied, speaking for the first time since I was told to be quiet on the examination bed, "it's not easy with this erection"

Svetlana responded by pulling my foreskin back and caressing my exposed mushroom head with her gelled hand before setting about her task of ridding me of this erection. She certainly knew how to make a man cum, and far too quickly for me. I suddenly felt a finger of her left hand penetrate my arse, I tried to evade it by moving forward, but the tight grip on my cock prevented that as I started shooting spurt after spurt of cum into the toilet. My toes curled up and I threw my head back, then forward as I roared at the intensity of the climax.

"That was to check your prostrate" Svetlana announced after a few seconds for my recovery, "Now you can pee, yes?"

And did I pee; I was so relieved to empty my bladder at last.

"Stop!" Svetlana ordered.

It was hard, but again I did as commanded and halted the flow of my piss.

"Good," she said "I had to check your muscle function; now you may continue"

Svetlana directed my piss into the toilet and expertly shook my cock when I announced that I had finished. She then washed her hands and led me with her long fingers and thumb wrapped around my cock and balls back to the examination bed to continue the scan. There was now no need for the pretense of a towel or underwear to hide my modesty as Svetlana gelled my cock as well as her probe. She managed to hold both my cock and her probe in one hand and wank my reviving cock as she moved the probe over my now empty bladder.

Then there was a knock on the door again, and again Miss Canada sauntered in and looked briefly at me and smiled.

"Has he been to the toilet" she said addressing Svetlana

"Yes, just a few moments ago" Svetlana replied

"And did he cu..err ejaculate"

"Yes, and there was a lot of semen"

"Mmm, and he has gained another erection already, I am amazed" Miss Canada continued.

"So am I" I decided to interject.

Miss Canada looked at me and leant down and started caressing my smooth shaved balls as Svetlana abandoned the probe to give her concentrated effort to my cock.

"I like men with shaved cocks and balls" Miss Canada said to Svetlana "So much cleaner and easier to work with. We just don't see enough of them here"

Just then there was another knock on the door and in walked Lisa, and this time she left the door wide open so that anyone walking by could see me naked before three women. Lisa was one of the receptionists; it was Lisa who took all my medical insurance and other details before directing me to the waiting room. Lisa could have been no more than nineteen, almost young enough to be my grand daughter. She was a pretty little thing, but she just looked so young.

"Svetlana, your next patient has arrived" Lisa announced.

"Ok" replied Svetlana "I shall still be a while here yet. Why don't you watch from the bottom of the bed, we are just about to scan Mr. Sunderlad's prostate.

I was mortified, here I was naked in front of three fully clothed women, one wanking my cock, another caressing my balls, a teenager looking on intently and the door was wide open for anyone to see. Someone should be selling tickets to see this, I thought.

"Now, open your legs wide for the prostate scan" Miss Canada addressed me for the first time.

"This is an internal scan" Svetlana said "so we have to insert a small probe into your rectum. Do not be concerned, it is thinner than my finger and will not go as far in and I am sure you will remember the pleasure my finger gave you earlier"

I did not comply immediately, that was until Miss Canada squeezed my balls. I looked at her to see that she meant business and immediately I spread my legs as required. It was Miss Canada who inserted the probe, and yes there was no pain, although the handjob from Svetlana would take away any pain. And then it happened; my balls fought against Miss Canada's pulling to tighten up as my cock squirted cum into the air to land on my chest, not once, not twice, but three times before Svetlana squeezed out the last drops to dribble down her hand.

"Wow, I am truly amazed" cooed Miss Canada, her first kind words to me "For a man of your age that was some show you put on.

"Thanks to you" I responded

"Come look at this Lisa" Miss Canada continued "see these two little scars on each side of his scrotum; these are the result of a vasectomy"

"Oh yes" Lisa said as she came closer for a look.

She also took the opportunity to follow in Miss Canada's footsteps and grasped my balls firmly, pulling them this way and that for a closer inspection.

"If we had known that, we could have been much more imaginative where we made him cum" mused Lisa

"Svetlana, you should go to your next patient" Miss Canada said to her "use room 5; Lisa and I will finish off here"

As Svetlana left the room, Miss Canada insisted I take a shower to clean the gel and cum off my body. But as you would expect I was not to take the shower alone as both Miss Canada and Lisa followed me into the changing room. As I was showering, Lisa whispered something to Miss Canada.

"No Lisa, you must learn to give instructions to the patient" Miss Canada replied to Lisa's whisperings

"Pull back your foreskin" Lisa said commandingly "We need to ensure that you are properly cleaned"

"Now rest your foot on that ledge." Lisa barked "I want those balls and your arse spotlessly cleaned. I will carry out a full cleanliness inspection when you are finished, and if you do not meet our standards, you will be sent home to your wife with cane marks on your arse"

Wow, Lisa is going to be a tyrant, just like her mentor I thought, but I made sure everything was clean and I passed Lisa's inspection. As I was dressing, Miss Canada ominously reminded me of a few rare occasions when their tests were inconclusive and those patients had to return for re-tests.

I do not know yet the results of my scans and I have mixed feelings as to whether or not I would go back if required for re-tests. Let's just wait and see.




Unknown said...

Thanks for this. Well written and a fun fantasy.

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what is the name of hospital and where is it