Cfnm Story Submission - The Walk


I love walking really during the summer with the sun on my back looking forward to a cool refreshing drunk at the end of the hike. Enjoying the vast views on my numerous trips some return trips to appreciate at a different time of day of with some mates of either sex.

During the winter when the frost has been and the ground is hard and slippery a quick speedy stroll warms you up it is only when caught in a sudden shower which is rare as I usually only walk when rain is not forecast.

You meet a variety of people dog walkers the horsey set couples and individuals all like me enjoying the scenery. I especially enjoy following the females especially on the charity walks completed with friends I always take it slow so we all enjoy the view or speed up for a chat.

One particular walk was different one I will never forget the animals some alive others dead make a different viewpoint but this day was something else.

It all started as normal and then about a third of the way round I bumped into this attractive lady. Vicky was very shaggable despite her age, her flowing blond locks down to her shoulder. A fine chest which although heading south and had seen better days in her forty plus years still would fit into a figure hugging outfit nicely. Her legs would be most welcoming when open and closing in receipt of goodies!

After a chat she pointed her place and invited me in. I thought for a little while before saying no thank you but maybe on the way back.

Ok she said happily and we said goodbye heading in our respective directions.

As I drank the thirst quenching and energy providing sport drink I regularly carry with me on these walks I began to regret my decision as a missed opportunity. On the way back I vowed to call in.

I had the perfect excuse when I knocked on her door to see her smiling face. Removing my muddy boots I asked to use the loo after she invited me in for a coffee. Job done I returned to the two settee couch where a coffee had been place on the table and the radio as one on. As we began to chat in close proximity she sniffed at me “you need a shower” she exclaimed.

I was somewhat taken aback by this although I new it to be true as it would be the first thing I would do on arrival back home.

“Get your clothes off “ she ordered to which again I was again taken aback “its ok I’ve seen it all before” she added a usual comment true but not me naked.

I pointed this out to her adding “I will if you join me”

She thought for a minute before agreeing “ok but you go first”

Hook line and sinker I fell for it I couldn’t get my kit off quick enough and as she gathered my items from the floor and directed me upstairs to her shower adding “I’ll join you in a minute”

The water was warm and refreshing I soaked in soap and hot running water excitedly as I could hear foot steps climbing the stair way the door opened and my host entered.

“Coming ready or not” and in an instant the shower curtains where pulled back with the shower still running. It was then I realised as the fully clothed Vicky her outstretched arm turned it off and a big smile ran across her face as she was admiring me from head to toe. I shivered and felt like a trapped animal unable to escape!

“My My what a fine specimen you are!” she added “Step out so I can dry you down”

Obediently as I was in no position to argue I did as I was told allowing her to drape a large white towel over my shoulders,

“By far the finest specimen I’ve ever scene mostly in magazines not real and engaging like yours” “I will enjoying this”

From should to toe she rubbed me dry gently ensuring both front and back ensuring both her hands travelled over every square inch of my naked body. Leaving the important equipment till last she rubbed my over excited man hood gently before throwing away the towel so she could continue to enjoy the view.

Rubbing her hands over and down my legs and in between my thighs then she grabbed my erect penus in one hand gently stroking it and using the index finger of her spare hand to circle the tip of my man hood as she erotically stared into my eyes.

“Do you want your clothes back?” she asked

I nodded nervously “Was that a yes” “Yes” I said as she stroked faster and the pleasure was easy for her to see on my face.

“Ok” she said playing for time

Then she listed my items of clothing slowly “one pair of shoes a pair of socks, Kegs or Jeans and underpants! Four items so far plus a shirt jumper and coat that makes seven items agreed.

“Yes Yes!” I exclaimed enjoying her warm hand on my enlarged cock as it slid up and down my shaft hae spare hand tapping on my bare backside.

“One minute for each that’s seven in total”

Again I agreed

“right she said survive that long without spilling and you get them back”

Producing a stop watch she confirmed the time starts now!

I had no chance after a minute she stopped to ease my tension and give me a breather to recover and hold back which I did for a bit longer

Every time she saw I was about to come she stopped until in the final minute and with the finishing line in sight she refused to stop and from my 10 inch manhood out into her grateful hand I spilt my load.

It came as a relief to me as she cried out “failed” and I did hope she might relent but it was not to be, I refused her offer of a drink and so to work up a sweat for the shower she placed me on the running machine for five minutes speeding it up. For her the added pleasure the bounce of my penus anticipating her delightful hand again as I kept up the pace and worked up the sweat she could see over my body giving her much pleasure. The shower and dry down was as enjoyable as before and this time a few changes was made.

She returned to me my socks reducing the time I had to survive to Six minutes and as an added incentive a naked Jacuzzi bath with her was to be my prize.

Well I must have reduced my sex drive or the changed condition and added incentive or something kept me going as she stroked faster harder alternating hands to no avail. With a minute left she was reduced to bring her tongue to the very tip of my erect shaft licking vainly at the tip up and down and around in the hope of success.

“Failed” I stated at the end of the allotted time watching her quickly strip off delighted at my success. She looked down as I finally spilt a small amount too late as she took hold of my hand and we jumped in together to the warm swirling whirl pool. Seated side by side she rested her hand on my leg.

“One more thing, your clothes are in the washing machine and are soaking wet... you’ll have to sleep here tonight.”