Cfnm Story Submission - The Swim Coach


The Swim Coach

Chapter One

Laura Jones wanted to be a physiologist. She was lucky to have won a full scholarship in swimming which paid for her undergraduate education. After she graduated she concentrated upon winning an Olympic Gold Medal. After winning three such medals she returned to her studies going for a Ph.D. in physiology. Once again she was lucky when she applied to Middleton College to get her Ph.D. in physiology. When she appeared at the college to begin her studies she was surprised when she received word that the college president wanted to see her.

Upon walking into the large, warm paneled office of college president Nancy Adams the president got up from her seat to greet her. Then instead of returning to her desk Ms. Adams took her over to a table in the corner of the office. There Ms. Adams asked that she be seated.

“The reason I asked you to come and see me was that I have an offer for you,’ said Ms. Adams.

“Oh yes, what would that be,” said Laura.

“Well, our swimming coach has gone to greener pastures and pursuant to a federal court ruling we are either going to have to cancel swimming or we are going to have to include a girls swimming team. We want you to be our coach,” said Ms. Adams.

“I am interested,” responded Laura, “go on.”

“The pay is only a small stipend but we will give you your tuition and room and board,” said Ms. Adams.

“I have only one other condition,” answered Laura.

“What is that,” said Ms. Adams.

“I will need to use the swimming team members for research for my Ph.D.,” said Laura.

“What are you researching? asked Ms. Adams.

“As a result of the scandals of steroids I want to research the role of natural testosterone in athletic performance in both males and female,” said Laura.

“Sounds like a worthy subject of research, of course we will support you,” answered Ms. Adams.

“Good then” continued Ms. Adams, “you will have an office in the girls’ locker room.”

When swimming season came around Laura took her office in the girls’ dressing room and put out an ad for both men and women interested in the swimming team. She held tryouts and chose members for both the men’s and women’s team. She realized that when they took their physicals it would be a good time to include her research. Thus, when the girls took their physicals she added a simple blood test to determine how much testosterone was naturally in their blood. The boys required a more thorough examination.

When she scheduled the boys’ physicals she realized that she needed some help so she put up a signature list for some of her fellow physiology students if they wanted to assist. She was surprised that some 20 students, all girls, signed up. She didn’t need that many but she decided that it would be difficult to deny a fellow student an opportunity to learn. It did not occur to her that some of the girls had ulterior motives.

Ron Reynolds was one of the swim team members that Laura had chosen to be on the swim team. Ron was 6 feet 4 inches tall, 200 lbs. extremely handsome and with dark wavy hair. He was what the girls called a hunk. Of course he had heard of Laura Jones when he swam in high school and was looking forward to her coaching. He thought that as a gold medal Olympic winner she was an outstanding choice as a coach for the swim team.

The day for the physicals came. When they were they Laura explained they would be given a more thorough examination than usual and the results would be used for her Ph.D. Ron and the other boys all knowing a physical was necessary and wanting to be on the good side of their coach all signed the form. Shortly after the first boy entered Ron thought he heard girls giggling on the other side of the door. After he second boy entered he thought he heard girls giggling again.

Finally it came Ron’s turn. He entered through the doors in his shorts as directed and found Ms. Jones, a lady doctor, a secretary and 20 girls, one of who he recognized. She was a reasonably attractive blonde girl named Carol, a friend of his sister. Carol he knew had always desired him but Ron knew he could do better.

The lady doctor approached him and did those things that doctors first do in physicals like taking blood pressure, checking heart rate, checking breathing etc. Then in addition she had him do a step test and took his heart rate before and after. Then she had him do as many push up and pull ups as he could. Then she took a blood sample. Finally she turned to Ron and said, “Now I need you to remove your shorts.”

Ron looked at the girls watching the physical, looked then at Ms. Jones who looked back and nodded approvingly. He knew he should have remembered this was always a part of the physical but somehow he had blocked it out of his mind. He had agreed to do this and didn’t want to go back on his word. Slowly he removed his shorts. Some of the girls giggled, now he knew what had caused what he heard before. He expected the doctor to check him for a hernia but instead she pulled out a camera and took pictures of him nude front, side and back. Then she kneeled in front of him and took a close up of his genitals. Then he started to grow. He knew some of the girls noticed this because he could hear the murmur. His growing erection embarrassed him and the embarrassment just caused him to grow faster. Then the doctor checked him for an inguinal hernia. When she finished Ron had a full blown hard on.

Ron expected that the physical would be over, but it wasn’t. When he grew the hard on the doctor walked over to Ms. Jones and conversed. Ron could not hear what they said, he just grew more embarrassed and harder and he stood with a full blown erection in front of more than 20 girls, one of whom he knew and whom he knew wanted him. He could hear them whispering amongst themselves and he knew it was because of his erection. He wondered what they were saying but he could not hear. He didn’t think it was because he was too small because at 7 inches he thought he was above average. Finally, he heard Ms. Jones say, “Good idea.”

The doctor came over to him and again knelt right in front of him, pointed the camera directly at his genitals and took another picture. Then she said, “Stand to the side please.”

Ron obliged her but when he did his cock bobbed and he heard the girls laugh. The doctor took another picture of his genitals from the side. Then the doctor took out a tape measure and measured the size of his cock which she duly recorded. Ron by now was getting seriously excited. The thought of more than 20 women with the eyes fixed solidly on his cock and balls excited him as he had never been excited before without friction. He knew if this continued he could not hold back an orgasm. If that happened he would be embarrassed beyond measure because he knew Carol would tell everyone what had happened. He thought he could make it because he thought it was over.

He was wrong! When the doctor took out calipers and started to measure his balls Ron started to explode. With the first spurt of cum the doctor jumped back. The cum flew into the air and landed back on his cock. The whole room grew silent. Ron didn’t know what to do so he just stood there while his cock spasmed and spurt after spurt shot into the air and fell back on his cock.

When it was over a couple of girls applauded. It just embarrassed Ron that much more. Ms. Jones came to his aid saying “That’s enough girls, what happened may be unusual but it is perfectly normal. Then she personally came over with a Kleenex bent down so that her eyes were level to Ron’s cock and proceeded to clean off the cum off his cock as best as she could. When she was finished Ron was just as hard as he was before and all of the women had their eyes riveted to his cock. Finally, Ms. Jones said, “Carol, why don’t you take him to the girls’ locker room when he can wash up.”

Carol then came forward and led Ron to the girls’ locker room. As he walked across in front of the girls his cock bobbed in rhythm to his steps and a simultaneous laugh broke out amongst all of the girls as they watched.

Carol led Ron to the shower and said to him, “I’ll get a towel.’

Ron began to shower. Shortly Carol came back with the towel and watched him as he showered. Ron had started to go soft but when Carol returned and continued to watch him he grew hard again.

Finally she spoke, “I know you are embarrassed. You shouldn’t be, it was perfectly normal. I, for one, was impressed and I think the other girls were too.”

Ron who had finished showering reached for the towel that Carol had brought him. She handed it to him. “Thank you,” he said and began to dry himself.

“I can’t believe you still have a hard on,” Carol said, “You really are a stud!”

“I don’t have any clothes to put on,” said Ron. “I left my shorts in the examining room.”

“I’ll get them and your other clothes,” said Carol. “I know where they are.”

She left the girls’ locker room and Ron realized how foolish he felt, standing naked with an erection in the girls’ locker room. Then something awful happened to him again, the door to the locker room opened and in entered a whole class of 50 girls. Again Ron didn’t know what to do so he just closed his eyes and made believe it was a dream. He couldn’t help opening them again and found himself naked with a huge erection surrounded by 50 eager faced girls.

“Shortly he heard the teacher’s loud, demanding voice, “What are you doing here young man?”

Fortunately before he could answer Carol came to his aid. “It is not his fault,” she said. “I’ll explain it to you later.” With that she handed him his clothes and with all the girls watching got dressed. It was only when he was fully dressed that he finally grew soft.

“I’ll take you home,’ said Carol. “You are too upset to drive yourself.”

Shortly after he got home his sister arrived. As she entered she gave him a queer look and he knew that she knew and if she knew everyone knew. Then he heard his sister talking to his mother. His mother quickly came into the living room where Ron was and looked at him pityingly but she did not know what to say. Finally she blurted out, “Well, I understand that all the girls were impressed.”

The next morning as he showered he heard a knock at the bathroom door. When he opened a crack in the door it was Anne, the girl next door. “Your mother asked me to come over to bathe you,” she said. “Your mother said you need to be desensitized.”

Ron let her in and she bathed him. He quickly grew a hard on. As long as he had a hard on Anne refused to wash his cock and balls. She made him do it. It was only after he began to desensitize and remain flaccid that she began to wash his genitalia. It was her job to desensitize him and she did it faithfully. Eventually Ron got used to her giving him a bath and washing his genitalia and no longer grew a hard on. However, Anne was there every morning as long as he was home to bathe him and Ron never told her not to come.

Chapter Two

Swim practice started but it was a little unusual. Even if there had been two coaches, one for the girls and one for the boys, they would have had to practice together. There was only one pool. This was the reason for only one coach. Coach Jones was a little worried about the two sexes practicing together especially since competitive swim wear was so revealing for both men and women. Men’s speedos clearly showed the outline of male genitalia and women’s showed their nipples and sometimes camel toe. The fear that Coach Jones had didn’t develop. Both sexes settled down and worked hard. They were in the water most of the time and there was little to see.

The first problem happened after the first week. One of the boys engaging in horseplay in the boys shower, they were snapping towels at each other, fell and broke his arm. When that happened the college president called Ms. Jones into her office.

“I understand one of your male swim team members fell and broke his arm,” said Ms. Adams.

“Yes, that’s true,” said Ms. Jones.

“We have to prevent that,” said Ms. Adams.

“I don’t know what I can do,” said Ms. Jones, “I can’t go into their locker room while they are dressing.

“I think you can,” said Ms. Adams. “I want you to move your office to the boys’ locker room. Tell them you are doing so on my orders as a safety measure and that will responsible for their own modesty.”

“I really don’t feel comfortable going into the boys’ locker room,” said Laura. “I could be criticized for that.”

“Not if I order you to,” said Ms. Adams. “Remember, safety first. And remember, the boys can protect their modesty if they want to. We are going to issue them all bathrobes. They can undress under the bathrobes and shower with the suits on.”

“OK,” said Laura, “I’ll tell them tomorrow, give them their robes and I’ll move my office the next day.”

The next day Laura Jones told her entire swim team that as a safety measure to cut down horseplay amongst the boys that she would be moving her office to the boys’ locker room and the boys would be issued bathrobes to dress under.

The problem with girls is that they think like girls, boys don’t. If girls had had a male coach in their locker room and had been issued bathrobes they would have used them. There was a large window between the coach’s office and the locker room. The first day in her new office Coach Jones was amazed to find the male swim team members walking to and fro to the shower in the nude. She walked out and addressed them, “Why aren’t you using your robes,” she asked.

“What do we need robes for?” answered one of the boys standing directly in front of Ms. Adams stark naked and unashamed. “This is a boy’s locker room.”

“Yes, but I’m a girl,” she said.

“Then you should be in the girls’ locker room,” answered the boy.

“Well, all right,” said Ms. Jones, “if you don’t mind, then I don’t mind.”

Ms. Jones then went back to her office and reported to President Adams that the boys refused to use their bathrobes. Ms. Adams responded, “It’s their choice.”

The next day before swim practice President Adams came to Ms. Jones office. “Show me what you told me yesterday,” she said.

“Just turn around,” answered Laura Jones.

Ms. Adams turned around and looked out o the large window that showed the inside of the boys’ locker rom. There was a naked male walking between his locker and the shower room. When he saw the two women looking at him he smiled and waved. Ms. Jones waved back weakly. In a few minutes more a number of naked males appeared in front of the window to watch the two women watching them. “They are gorgeous creatures aren’t they,” said Ms. Adams.

“At this age they sure are,” said Ms. Jones.

“Just look at those six packs,” said Ms. Adams.

“Any they are well hung too,” said Ms. Jones. Ms. Adams turned and looked at Ms. Jones. “I didn’t say that,” she said.

“And I didn’t agree with you either,” said Ms. Adams.

“I’d better speak to them,” said Ms. Adams. Both walked inside the boy’s locker room where all of the boys waited for them, all of them quite nude and quite unashamed, amused to be naked in front of both their coach and the college president. “I understand you boys won’t use your bathrobes,” said Ms. Adams.

“It is the boys’ locker room,” one of them answered.

“Very well,” said Ms. Adams, “if you want to walk around naked in front of your coach that is your business. You are adults now but I don’t want to hear any complaints about it. If you want to protect your modesty, use your bathrobes.”

“Were men,” the boy answered, “we are proud of what we are.”

Things proceeded normally until the next week when Carol needed to talk to Ms. Jones. She walked through the pool and entered Ms. Jones’ office from the swimming pool. While she was in the office she looked out the window into the boys’ locker room and saw a boys walking naked in front of her. “Oh my,” she exclaimed.

“I can’t get them to use their robes,” said Ms. Jones.

“Really,” said Carol, “you mean they parade naked as a jaybird in front of you every day.”

“Fraid so,” said Ms. Jones.

“You lucky girl,” said the girl.

“I suppose so,” said Ms. Jones, “but I still have this fear that it will get me in trouble some day.”

At that time one of the boys noticed Carol watching him from the coach’s office and waived at her. She eagerly waived back. “Wow,” she said, “they actually like us to look at them naked.”

“You should have known that,” said Ms. Jones, “Ron got so excited in front of us that he actually creamed in front of us.”

“Oh yea,” said Carol, “ that was so exciting. I still fantasize about that. The whole time I was with him he stayed hard as a rock. When I got back with his clothes all those girls gaping at him in the nude made it even more exciting.”

“I shouldn’t say this,” said Ms. Jones, “but so do I.”

The two women changed the subject, finished their business and Carol went back to her own locker room. The next day three girls had found reasons to speak to their coach before practice. Each of them spent most of their time looking through the window into the boys’ locker room. When the boys waved to them each of them eagerly waved back. By the end of the week the whole girls’ team was in the coach’s office watching the boys before practice. Worse yet the boys began to play with themselves in front of the girls to the delight of the girls.

Ms. Jones said, “I have had enough, follow me girls,” and she took the girls into the boys’ locker room.

“This has got to stop,” she said addressing the boys. “I can’t have you playing with yourself in front of the girls. If you boys want to parade naked in front of the girls then you can just go naked into swim practice.”

“Hurrah,” shouted the girls simultaneously.

The boys just shrugged.

Sure enough when practice started all the boys were naked and unashamed. Quickly Ms. Jones ordered them into the pool to begin their training. She knew the girls could not stare at the boys and more important the boys could not act out in front of the girls while they were in the water. Strangely enough the ploy worked. Once both teams began their training it took their minds off the boys’ nudity. The girls became adjust to seeing the boys naked for the few moments before training began and the boys seemed to adjust as well – at least that is what Ms. Jones thought.

Chapter Three

While Ms. Jones thought the girls had gotten used the boys’ nudity, the girls developed another plan. When Carol’s mother heard that the boys were practicing in the nude she suggested that they have a swim party for the swim team. Carol suggested it to her female teammates who all agreed it was a wonderful idea. When the boys were approached, they asked, “Should we bring our suits?”

“Of course not,” Carol coyly responded.

That Saturday Carol’s mother Cecelia, a divorcee, met them at the door and welcomed them to her house. When all the boys were present she coyly said, “Why don’t you boys get undressed.”

“Right here,” they said.

“Why not?” Cecelia coyly answered.

The boys naked and the girls in their suits went out to the pool. After about an hour Carol said, “Why don’t you come inside, we have some games we want to play.” Everyone went inside.

The first game we are going to play is Match the Penis. She then proceeded with a Polaroid camera to take picture of all the boys’ faces and their genitalia. When all the pictures were developed Carol mixed them up. Then she had all of the girls, one at a time, see if they could match the boy’s face to his genitalia. To the boys amazement all of the girls got every one correct. When Carol asked Cecelia to do it, she also was correct with every one.

“Now we are going to play penis puppetry,” said Carol. Then she grabbed Ron took his penis and scrotum in her hand and pulled them between his legs. “This is the girl,” she said.

Then she grabbed another boy, pulled his cock between his balls and said, “This is the hamburger.”

“I have one,” said one of the girls. She grabbed a boy, wrapped his scrotum around his cock and said, “Voila, the hot dog.” All the girls laughed.

“I have another,” said another girl. She grabbed a boy’s penis waved it in a circle and said, “The Helicopter.”

Yet another girl took a boy, grabbed his penis, waved it back and forth and said, “The baseball bat.”

“I know a joke,” said Cecelia, she grabbed Ron and started talking. A woman lived on a golf course where she had rose bushes. Every so often someone would hit a ball into her rose bushes. If it was a male sometimes they would look around and if they thought no one was watching they would pee on her rose bushes. She got tired of this so one day when she saw a man peeing on her rose bushes she walked outside and said, “Can I see that?”

“Sure,” he said.

She took his penis in her hand caressed it lightly and said, “nice.” Then she reached through his zipper and took out his balls. She caressed them lightly and said, “nice.” Then Cecelia took both of Ron’s balls, one in each hand and smashed them lightly together simultaneously saying, “You – will – not – pee – on – my – rose – bush - es – any – more.” The girls all laughed, the boys didn’t.

Another girl said, “I have one” and she took a boys stretched out his scrotum under his penis and said, “Sailboat.” “I’ve got another one,” she said. She then stood behind the boys stretched out his penis in front of her, strummed it and said “Guitar.”

Another girl took the boy with the longest scrotum and had him half squat with his legs open while she pushed him back and forth and said, “Pendulum.”

Another swatted directly in front of a boy so that his cock and balls were just above her head and said, “Look, I have a penis hat!”

When the girls seemed out of ideas or simply got bored with playing with dicks. Cecelia said, “time for refreshments.”

After refreshments were served and everyone was finished Carol said, “Time to dance.” She then added, “This will be a Sadie Hawkins dance. Boys cannot refuse and no couple can dance more than once dance together.” Cecelia then put on slow dance music and Carol led Ron out on the dance floor. Carol them held him tightly against herself pressed her breast again him. With one hand she grabbed Ron’s buttocks and with the other she cupped his balls in her hand. Ron flinched at first but quickly became accustomed to the new grip. As she danced Carol rubbed her vulva against Ron’s thigh and fully explored Ron’s cock and balls with her hand. As soon as Carol began dancing with Ron each of the other girls grabbed a partner and did the same.

At the end of the first song each of the boys were fully erect. The girls changed their partners. Ceclia could stand it no longer so she tapped one of the girls and the shoulder and began dancing with her partner. She took thrust her breasts against his chest, rubbed her vulva against his thigh while fully exploring both his cock and balls.

When the song was over they changed partners. Cecelia put on another song. Cecelia began to closely watch the reaction of the boys as they danced. Soon she saw what she wanted, when he started to cum she broke up the couple, grabbed the his cock with one hand and held the Kleenex in the other so that the cum would land in the Kleenex instead of the floor. As he ejaculated everyone of the girls stopped to watch. The orgasming cock exciting the boys even further and before the first boy was finished another began and Cecelia rushed over with Kleenex to absorb his cum as well. Within a short time all the boys had cum. It was time to go home. No one said anything to anyone, they all knew if they did they would have to stop having such parties.




Anonymous said...

I started to play with my penis while reading the story and was hard shortly after the shower scene at school. I really enjoy playing with my penis while thinking what it would be like if it was me in the story. Having a penis to play with is so much fun.

jnproctor said...

This is a great story but only the start. You can make a whole schoolyear followup to this story. There are lots of senarios you can add.( Female classmates comming to watch the practice,moms and sisters dropping in the check things out, some romance and dating with a femdom side and sports charity events au natural). not to mention the original research. Don't stop the story now, go for it.

Anonymous said...

i'd the luck to play cfnm once couple of years ago, with my female cousins, the nicest part of the story is i ended the game fucking one of them before other two

Anonymous said...

This is a truly great story. The author should add some more to it. There are lots of situations that could be added to this story. There is a whole school year to talk about. Swim practices with the bleachers full of admiring females watching. Romances between the male and female swimmers. Hand jobs from the girls to the boys. Singly and in groups. Even the creation of a CFNM club. Plenty to experiment with.