D&D's Adventure in Lust Ch. 01


I guess it's always been good to be a healthy 31 year-old male in this land of opportunity, but I don't know if life could get any better than it has been for me for the last few years. My beautiful wife of six years, Debra, is intelligent, sociable, witty, has a voluptuous body and a strong sex drive which I can barely match. I'm getting a little ahead of myself, so maybe I should start when it all began.

We first met in college when I was struggling to get my degree in physical education and she was sailing through her fine arts major with a minor in English literature. Neither one of us came from a rich family, so we were paying our tuition and expenses with student loans and from part time jobs. I worked at the college student center where I used some of my learned skills in the workout room by helping students with their weight lifting techniques, understanding the proper use of the exercise equipment, and helping them to track their body parameters.

That is how I first met Deb...I noticed her incorrectly lifting a light set of bar bells from a prone position, so I went over to show her how to change her grip and posture in order to get the best results. It was no accident that I noticed her miscues, since she had turned my head the minute she entered the room wearing a tight workout top and mini-shorts that were loose around her thighs. I could easily tell she was not wearing a bra under her top since her nipples were protruding from her bouncy natural-looking full breasts, and I was dying to see if she had anything under those inviting shorts covering the "prize".

It was fairly late in the evening, so there were only a very few other students left in the weight room. I introduced myself as Dale and that I worked at the gym part time while pursuing my degree. I did this so she would have confidence in my instruction and have some assurance I was not just hitting on her (which was partially true of course). I put the bar back up on it's stand and suggested she lay back on the bench with her head a little more under the weights. As she did as she was told, I realized while I was standing at the head end of the bench with my legs straddling it, she had a probable view of my own equipment. I looked down and saw a wry smile come across her face so I instinctively backed away and went to the foot end of the bench to check her leg position for the exercise. Not being the least bit shy, Deb returned the favor by spreading her legs a little farther apart, revealing enough crotch that I could tell she was indeed sans panties.

"Your form is quite nice and natural looking", I said as I moved back to above her head in order to spot her while she lifted the weight. "Not entirely natural though...I do trim a little now and then", she replied, again with a sheepish grin knowing I was beginning to squirm a little from her suggestive reply.

That was just enough for my brain to send a signal to my loins that it could be play time and my member began to grow. There were enough times when having a thick 6 inch long limp dick will bring attention in the high school locker room, but the difficulties happen more often when it begins to approach it's full 9 inch length. (Ok, I admit I have measured once or twice, not to mention the girl friend or two who took their turns with a tape.) This was becoming one of those moments, as my own loose shorts were struggling to keep my awakening cock from peeking out one of the leg opening. I knew I should have worn a jock or at least a pair of briefs, but they all were waiting back in my dorm room for my semi-monthly trip to the I went without any today.

"Don't move an inch big boy," this sexy thing panted as she looked up from her position with her eyes almost directly under my spread legs, "I want to grab this pole with the two big round things on either side and hold on!" The innuendo was unmistakable, but I wasn't sure whether it was what she said or if it was the way she was licking her lips as she spoke that made my member jump as if it had a mind of its own (something males are often accused of). With that, Deb reached up and put both hands around the steel bar and easily gave the 80 pounds of weight five quick reps without ever taking her eyes off my prick, now with its purple head almost completely exposed. Before I knew what was happening, Deb raised her head up slightly and gave the tip a quick kiss before standing up and walking off to the ladies locker room saying, "Bye for now, and don't get your gym shorts all messy after I'm gone!"

I'm sure my face must have been beet red at this point, and fearing I might need to explain my predicament to others in the room, I looked around, but to my surprise I saw no one at all. Adjusting my shorts to at least partly cover my excited member, I went to the front desk and saw that everyone except Deb had signed out and left. Walking over to the ladies locker room door, I could hear water running from a shower head, realizing Deb would soon be dressed and gone. I went over to the front door of the exercise facility and locked it so it could only be open from the inside, and reversed the open/closed sign to discourage any new visitors. Retreating into the men's locker room, I stripped off my clothes and walked naked to the showers. Hoping I had not misread her voice and eyes, and hoping I would again see her, I gently stroked my cock fantasizing about what little I had seen of her sexy body. The swelling of my cock continued as I began my shower using the liquid soap in my hand to lubricate the shaft and bulbous head.

I was under the hot shower in this partial state of arousal when Deb suddenly appeared at the entrance of the shower room fully clothed. I'm not sure what emotion was the strongest at the moment of seeing her...fear, embarrassment, or the arousal of being bare naked in front of this fully clothed female. "I liked what I saw before, and like it even more now," she boldly said. "I do a little fashion photography to help pay for school, and I think I could use you as a model on occasions. I'll leave my phone number at the desk if you are interested in making some extra money."

I wanted to yell out to have her stop and come back, but all I got out were some chokes and coughs. I knew I could not get dry and dressed in time to intercept her, so squeezed out another handful of soap and thought about her offer as I went back to masturbating, all the while in a erotic daze. I had always been conscious of being much larger than most, even though I was only 5'-8" tall, but I regretted being different from others more often than not. Perhaps for this reason, it normally took an extra effort for me to achieve full rigidity and even more to reach a climax. My few sexual encounters as a teen with girls my own age often resulted in them achieving several orgasms from my tongue and finger work, to my one ...whether it from a hand job or blow job, or both. They were all afraid of letting me enter them vaginally, not confident their bodies would expand to allow at least a tight fit if properly lubed.

My sole experience with intercourse by the time I met Deb occurred only once with an older neighbor divorcee who had the experience and pent-up desires to tutor a young, well endowed man. Why she never came by the house again to "borrow some sugar" when my parents were gone always puzzled me. Had those been screams of ecstasy when approaching her climax in each of three or four different positions (she had been very instructive), or had she only felt pain? The ritual had certainly left me drained (she finished me off by sucking every last drop of cum from my monster cock and swallowing it all), but it also left me confused and doubting my ability to please any woman.

Not wanting to seem too eager, I waited a couple of days before calling the number Deb had left me. I had not seen her at the health center during that time, and more than once I began to think this whole thing had been a dream. The piece of paper I kept in my pants pocket repeatedly reminded me she had not been an illusion.

I took out my cell phone and punched in the numbers. After several rings, I heard in the same sultry voice I had remembered from the other evening, "Hello, this is Deb, can I help you?"

"Yes, this is Dale...from the health center...the one from the other night, you know, the one you left your number for." I was stammering like a boy in junior high eager for his first encounter with the opposite sex. "You said to call you if I was interested in making some extra money, so I am."

"How could I forget! You were so helpful, not to mention an eye-full," came the reply. "Can you come over right now? I'm in the middle of a small shoot, and could use some help. My live-in studio is at the corner of Banyan and Clooney roads at the top of the stairs. Ring the bell for apartment 3B and I'll buzz you in. See you soon."

On the phone Deb had sounded quite insistent, and I quickly realized she had not even allowed me to respond to her request for aid. I didn't really care what the work involved, since my main reason for calling her was to see more of that gorgeous body once more. I took a quick shower, put on a tee, and some shorts, and headed over to the location she had described. It was a warm spring day, and the walk was not very far. I found the buzzer marked 3B and pushed it, waited a few seconds, then pushed it again. I was about ready to push the button again or just leave when I heard her voice, "Come on up. I'm nearly done with this shoot, and you can help with the next one, so hurry."

The lock-release sounded so I pushed open the building front door and began to ascend, taking two steps at a time. If she was in a hurry to see me, I was not going to disappoint her. When I arrived at the door marked 3B, I found it slightly ajar so I let myself inside. The creak of the hinges must have announced my arrival as I heard Deb's voice once again, this time from a location that seem to be in the rear of the unexpectedly large apartment, "We're back here where you see the bright lighting. Please remove your shoes and hurry back."

I was caught off guard a little when she said the word "we", but after a second or two I realized she had said she was involved in a shoot...a photo shoot presumably. Conforming to her wishes I kicked off my sandals and walked gingerly in the direction of the lights. Upon entering the room, I took a deep, audible breath and felt my heart begin to beat quicker. On top of a platform about a foot high stood a women about my age wearing a tight, white one-piece bathing suit that rose high on the side of her thighs and conversely dipped low between a very ample bosom. I wondered if the camera would detect the same hints of her nipples that I was enamored with, not to mention the camel toe line in her crotch. Behind the camera, Deb was wearing a simple pair of shorts and a tank top. Both girls seemed oblivious of the suggestive nature of the scene, so I thought I would try to remain calm myself. A dark blue curtain was hanging behind the model as a backdrop, and four bright lights aiming at her provided the necessary illumination for the camera.

"Hi again, big boy. Glad you could make it," Deb said hardly looking up from her position behind the Nikon. "Lila, this is Dale, the shy one I was telling you about with the great body." I think I blushed a bit hearing that she probably had told Lila about what she had seen...and kissed come to think of it.

"I'm about done with these solo shots, but the magazine I'm working for wants some taken with a man and a woman as if they were a couple, " Deb said gingerly. "I need for you to pick out a man's bikini out of that box over there that might fit you, put it on, and join Lila on the platform."

"No problem...where should I change?", looking around for a dressing room or at least a privacy divider.

"We are all adults here, and the two of us gals have seen about everything, so just strip where you are and put on a suit." I thought I noticed a slight wink from Lila which she made in Deb's direction, and a responding nod from the photographer. "One last photo here and we'll be ready for you," Deb said in a professional voice and I heard the camera shutter click.

If they could act professionally in this situation, then I was bound and determined to do the same. I pulled off my tee shirt, leaving only my long, loose shorts between me and total exposure. Taking a deep breath, I pulled them down to my ankles in one quick swoop (like jumping into a cold pool rather than tip toeing in). I knew I was not wearing any underwear, but I suddenly realized I also had not yet picked out a suit to put on. I looked up at the girls and they both stood there with their mouths open. The warmth of the room and the heat of the situation had caused my dick to swell slightly.

"I guess I better find something to wear," I sheepishly said as I glanced over to the box which obviously contained several pairs of Speedos.

"Take your time Dale...we're in no hurry," Lila offered, her eyes as big as small saucers as she unashamedly stared at my loins. "As a matter of fact, we can even help you look!"

Before I could turn down the offer, the girls both hurried over to the box of suits, getting there before I did. I was now standing stark naked in front of two lovely girls, both of whom were fully clothed themselves. Deb kneeled next to the box, picked out a blue suit from the top of the pile, and looking up at me said, "Here, try these on for size." I could not help but notice her eyes leave mine as she spoke, looking down at my enlarged penis. I am not circumcised, and now as I stood there in excitement, the purple head of the object of their desire (or at least curiosity) was beginning to show.

"Ok, let me try them on," I said with a certain amount of pessimism, suspecting from the look of them they would be too small in more ways than one. I seldom bought or wore briefs, since those sized to fit my 30 inch waist normally would not be large enough to comfortably contain the "boys". Sure enough, even with some extra effort to stuff everything in, the suit was obviously too small. I pulled them back down to my ankles and using one foot, flipped the suit back to the girls.

"Let's see if I can find something more suitable," Lila chimed in as she took her time searching around in the container. She pulled out a larger sized one, and handed it to me from the same kneeling position Deb as still in. Their eye-level view of my swinging dick was just to their liking, and, surprisingly, I was beginning to feel more at ease myself.

Once again the Speedo did not fit. It kept all the goods in place, but the waist size was so large it wouldn't stay up on my hips. Pulling them off, I handed them to Lila and asked, "Aren't there any beachcomer shorts in there that would hide everything?"

With that, I suddenly heard the soft voice of Lila. "Can I touch it?" Her eyes seemed to be glazed over with excitement.

Not waiting for a reply that might disappoint her, Lila raised her hand to the end of my penis and gently gave it a slight squeeze while I fought every impulse to either back away or swat away her arm. The involuntary jump of my semi-erect cock in her warm hand was just that...I could not have prevented that no matter how hard I tried, and it only seemed to encourage her. "It is definitely for real, nice and smooth, and larger than anything I've ever seen, much less felt!" Lila observed.

I quickly gave in to her touch, slightly spread my legs and put my hands on my waist. As if almost in a reverent trance, Lila re-gripped my shaft, getting as much of her fingers of her right hand around its girth as she could, although the end of her thumb fell far short of touching her opposed middle finger. She slowly pushed her hand toward my body, pulling back the foreskin, exposing my entire penis head and causing my own eyes to close with the erotic sensations pursing through my loins. Lila then reversed her stroke, and as I looked down, it seemed as if she was intently waiting for something.

Lila squealed, "There it is...the first drop of precum." With a girlish laugh, and before Deb or I could react, Lila leaned forward and licked the slick ooze off the tip that was barely exposed.

With a passionate objection, Deb yelled, "Hey, hold on there sis, I found him first. If anyone is going to give him a little tongue action, it's going to be me!"

Lila seemed to understand who the boss was, and backed off, leaving the prize for her "sis"...I later found out she was a sorority sister, not her real sister.

"Let's see if I can get this bad boy nice and stiff", Deb said as she greedily grabbed my shaft and began to jack me off using a slow and deliberate rhythm. As I said before, in the past I would not become rock-hard easily, and this time was not much different. I could feel myself grow in her powerful grip, but it must not have been quick enough for her. Deb seemed to take big breath in just before opening her mouth as wide as she could and inserted the end of my cock into her warm, moist, and eager mouth. Her first attempt got her lips barely passed my purple helmet before I heard a little gagging sound. Not satisfied with that, she pulled back my foreskin, doused the portion above her grip with her own saliva, and tried again.

Being cooperative, eager to help, and now horny as hell, I placed my hands on the back of her head and gently "encouraged" Deb to stuff as much dick into her moist pie hole as she could without causing suffocation. This was completely out of character for me since I was not very aggressive by nature. It was apparent, however, this was not Deb's first blow job, taking three or four deep insertions before pulling away for a breath of air. With my own limited experience, I had never had a girl take as much of me into her mouth as she did, and I was now almost at full hardness.

"You have him where you want him now, babe," Lila yelled out as she watched every move from just inches away. "Look how big and hard his dick is now!"

She was certainly I looked down my rock hard cock was about the same length as Deb's whole head, chin to the top of her head, and it sticking straight out. I pleaded, "Please don't stop now. I want to, I need to cum...or I'll go crazy!"

The added excitement of the situation returned to me once I was naked, with a raging hard on and two lovely women at my feet still fully clothed (assuming you call a one-piece white bathing suit to be clothes) with no sign of them removing anything. Throw in a hand job, a blow job, and I was about to explode!

Lila, tired of missing out on the fun, cried, "Let me finish him off! A few more strokes, and few more deep throats and I'll have him gushing all over my face."

With that she returned to her original position and proceeded to work on me with her hands and mouth like a pile driver. After about 5 minutes of her labor of lust, Lila must have been getting tired and coming down with a case of lockjaw. Deb had the sudden idea to assist Lila, bringing her right hand up to replace Lila's on my shaft and reaching back behind my ass with her left, she located my anus with her finger and began a mini massage of that sensitive spot without any insertion. The erotic sensation caused me to again moan with pleasure and I spread my legs a little wider to help her. After a minute of that, I could feel the eruption starting to rumble.

Lila still had my dick in her mouth holding on the back of my thighs and Deb was skillfully working both of her hands when I cried out, "God, I'm going to cum...please don't stop!"

That must have been some kind of signal for them, since they both immediately released me and backed away. "If you want to blow your wad now, you'll have to finish the job yourself!" Deb announced, with Lila quickly nodding in agreement as she wiped off her lips with the back of her hand.

I guessed this was some kind of game they had played together before, and I could see they were getting their kicks at my expense. The thing was that I felt no embarrassment nor anger at them, just a more heightened level of arousal knowing I truly was going to masturbate right in front of two women and release my stream of semen without the least amount of hesitation. As I had done many times before, I took my heavy stiff cock in my right hand, holding so my foreskin would be rubbing against the sensitive rim of the now deep purple head. There was enough lube remaining from Lila's wet mouth to allow the head and foreskin to slide easily with each of the few strokes needed to bring myself back to the edge of orgasm.

In part to get back at her, I grabbed Deb's hair to keep her from moving her head, and with a deep moan, spurted ejaculate directly at her face. It should have been no surprise to me that she opened her mouth wide giving me an inviting opening to shoot at, with most of my load landing right on target. After my last squirt of cum, Lila, unable to control herself, reached over and directed the tip of my slippery dick to her own open mouth, milking the last few drops onto her own eager tongue. With a final squeeze, lick, and kiss, she leaned back with her arms supporting her and looked alternately at me and Deb and declared, "Wow, that was yummy. We'll have to do that again sometime."

Deb leaned over to Lila, her mouth slightly open and sperm still visible on her tongue and lips, and gave her playmate a big kiss full on the mouth as if to share her portion of the spoils. After a prolonged moment of spit sharing between the two, Deb pulled away and cautioned, "I shared him this time, but I may not again. Sis, this guy is one in a thousand, and I intend to keep him around."

With my load spent and a return to reality setting in, I suddenly grew very self-conscious of my exposed naked body standing over these two lovely, sexually aggressive women. I picked up my clothes putting them on as I headed for the door. " certainly was my pleasure meeting you Lila. Deb, if you need any more help, give me a call."

With that, I grabbed my shoes at the door and left, unknowing what the reaction will be the next time I run into Deb on campus. But, I guess that's another tale.