D&D's Adventure in Lust Ch. 02


The recent erotic adventure with my future wife Debra and her sorority sister Lila had left me exhausted and somewhat humiliated. It had been several days since Deb had come to the student center where I work part time in the exercise complex, and I feared what her attitude would be towards me when she did come back. It was early in the evening on a Wednesday when I saw her enter the facility and head to the locker room. My heart rate began to increase and my palms started to sweat. Would she completely ignore me, or worse yet, berate me for taking my liberties with them (although I thought I remember it being more the other way around)?

As she came out of the women's locker room, Deb looked to me like the sex goddess I remembered...about my height, athletic frame, amble bosom, and killer ass covered with the same lose fitting shorts she wore the last visit. I was behind the trainers' counter folding towels when she come up to me and said, "Hi Dale. You look great today as usual. How's it hangin'?"

The friendly question often used between two guys startled me coming from Deb and I stammered the reply, "Er, ah, well, okay I guess. How are yours hanging?"

"Mine are hanging just fine, thank you very much. But I think you can see that pretty easily from the way you're staring at my chest," came her reply.

She continued, "Hey, I'm going to work out for a while, but I do need you again for another photo shoot I'm doing on Saturday. Don't worry, Lila won't be there and we won't have any of those tight little Speedo's to bother with this time. What do you say?"

"Sure, I guess I can free up some time by then." (I knew very well I wouldn't miss another chance to be with her again.) "What time should I be there?" I asked.

"Let's say about three in the afternoon, again at my studio in apartment 3B. Wear anything you want, but take a hot shower and wash your beautiful hair before you arrive." Deb waved bye and off she went to the cross trainer for some cardio work.

The next two days seemed to just drag on and on. It was difficult for me to concentrate in my physical education classes, and hard to get to sleep at night with my big cock half erect much of the time. I didn't want to jack off before Saturday to be sure my stamina wouldn't be in doubt should the opportunity to play 'lick the stick' present itself again.

Saturday finally arrived. After sleeping late, I took a good long shower and put on some cargo shorts and a good short-sleeve pullover that would look good if some casual wear photos were to taken. I even brought along my own pair of swim trunks, the kind that hang down to my knees. I wanted to avoid any possible repeat of the problem with the Speedo that had occurred last time. At 2:45 I started my short walk over to Deb's place.

The weather was even better than a week ago, with sunny skies and temps in the high 70's. I was growing more excited the closer I got to Clooney road and her place. I once again pushed the button for 3B and heard, "Dale, I assume, and right on time. Come on up...we're waiting for you."

There is was again..."we're". I kind of assumed it would be just me and Deb alone for this shoot, but apparently, even though Deb had said that Lila would not be involved, there would be another model involved. Deb had left her front door ajar so I could enter myself, and knowing the guidelines, I removed my shoes and walked down the hallway to the brightly lit photography studio at the end.

"Hi again, big guy, " Deb greeting me with a big smile and a hug. "I'd like you to meet my two assistants, Chloe and Vi. Her real name is Violet, but all the sisters at the Sorority house just call her Vi."

"Good afternoon ladies," I said with a little bit of a trembling lower lip. My anxiety came from being in the same room with not only Deb, but with two other cute women who had very similar body styles that were full figured but not overly so. Their not-so-tight pullover shirts revealed busty silhouettes, and both wore mini skirts that showed off their soft thighs and the shape of their nicely rounded butts. Both Chloe and Vi were redheads, and looked amazingly alike.

"As you might have guessed, Chloe and I are twins," Vi clarified since she was probably used to the look in my face when meeting strangers. "Our sister Deb asked us to come over to help with the lighting and backdrops and makeup if needed. I hope you don't mind."

Deb piped in, "I contacted a friend who works at Playgirl Magazine to see if they could use some photos for a layout in a future edition. It just so happens they need to fill a 4-page gap in their next issue, and they were desperate for some good beefcake so they're willing to take a chance with an unknown like me. Isn't that great?"

"Whoa there girl," I said. "You never said the job was going to involve national exposure, and if I remember from the few times I've seen their rag, exposure is just the right word."

"Listen Dale," Deb replied trying to calm me down. "You didn't seem to have any problem with nudity last time, and there's 500 bucks in it for you, with half of it paid today. Not only that, if you don't agree, I won't be able to pay my assistants. I know Chloe and Vi will also be very eager to show you their gratitude if you pose for us today. Say yes, please!"

I was obviously outnumbered, and to be honest, my hesitancy was only for show. The eroticism of the idea posing in various stages of undress for these three lovelies was beginning to affect my judgment as well as swell my normally large flaccid cock. Lord knows I needed the money, and besides, it should be a lot of fun.

"OK, I'm in," I with vigor. "I am starting to enjoy showing off, especially to women that are fully clothed. Deb, I assume you told the cute reds what to expect?"

"I did tell them that seeing your prodigious equipment for the first time might get them mildly stimulated, and that only increased their enthusiasm to be here. Deb continued, " that it's settled, let's get started. Dale, we'll start with your clothes on just as you are, but we'll need a little powder and highlighter on that rugged, chiseled face. Vi do your thing."

Things started to move quickly, as if they had all done this before. I felt like the only novice in the group as Chloe began to turn on lights, Deb tended to her cameras while Vi led me over to small make-up table and sat me down facing her with the stage in the background. Vi chatted warmly as she applied this and that to here and there with brushes and other applicators. As she worked, I looked over her shoulder to where her sister was busily adjusting a throw rug, small couch, and a straight-back chair which had no side arms. A few times when she bent over to move something, her short skirt rode up the tops of her thighs revealing nothing but the soft skin of her ass and a hint of pubic bush. Her fleshy thighs prevented a full view of her pussy, but the sight was enough to increase the excitement of the moment. I had to assume Vi wore nothing under her skirt just like her sister.

"Let's get the show on the road," Deb announced to all of us. Looking at me she smiled and said, "Dale, it's showtime!"

I stepped up to the small rug-covered platform wearing the clothes I arrived in and waited for directions. According to the clock mounted on the far wall, I spent about 20 minutes posing in various positions standing and lounging on the couch and chair. Part way through, Deb had me remove my shirt so I could display my well developed upper body, one that I had proudly worked on over the last couple of years. Vi would occasionally come up and wipe off any sweat that had formed on my torso, and touch up my face with her handy brush and compact kit.

"Let's take a short break, kids," Deb finally said. "These should be enough for the editors to pick out some good ones for page 1. Only 3 more pages to go."

"The rough photo script now calls for the male model to be surprised by the appearance of his two female neighbors, after which they eventually all strip completely down to being totally nude." Looking at Vi and Chloe Deb asked, " I know Dale will be up for it with a little female enticement, but do you little vixens think you can control yourselves?"

"We'll be as professional as needed, as long as the camera is shooting," replied Chloe. "After that, I for one can't make any promises."

We began the next phase by just having fun, with the girls hugging and kissing me while they pawed at my rear and crotch and massaged my chest. All these actions had to stop at precisely the right time so Deb could take a few photos from various angles. Vi was the first to pull her top off slowly, stopping several times for a photo op. Her breasts were now free of any covering, and they did look naturally gorgeous, both with extra large areolas and large nipples.

Deb told me then to slowly remove Chloe's top as she began to snap some more shots. With her back towards me, I took the bottom edge of the silky top and started to pull it up toward her upward stretched arms. As I came to the sides of her breasts, I used the opportunity to feel their warmness and silky smoothness, waiting at that position for the photographer and for my own pleasure. Speaking of which, my still-hidden but increasingly swelling cock was making his presence known. This was seemingly obvious to the young thing in front of me, as she began to grind her ass back against my increasing hardness. The camera stopped clicking, but Chloe and I were lost in our own pleasure as we continue the grinding and massaging.

Chloe finished pulling her top up and over her head and threw it to the side while my hands were pinching her nipples, encouraging them to reach their fullness. Her sister Vi, wanting to join in the action, moved behind me and put her hands around my waist and slowly unbuckled my belt, opened the button at the top of my shorts, and peeled down the zipper. During this procedure, Vi moved her hips away from mine far enough that Deb could get in closer with her camera for some close-ups. I knew the time when I would be completely nude was near.

Deb gave out some directions, "Vi, before Chloe performs the big unveiling, turn around so you are facing Dale and drop to your knees as if you were waiting for a gift. Vi, pull apart the top he his shorts and slowly ease them down." Deb began taking more photos not more than 5 feet away from us.

My cock was straining to be let free as the cloth material rubbed against it's swollen head. By this time, Chloe also was on her knees behind me, so I arched my back forcing my pelvis forward and placed my hands on her shoulders. Before she could completely release my swollen member from its last restraint, Vi reached over placing her left hand on the side of my leg and with her right hand, she grasped my shaft and pulled the tip free. I was not yet hard, but almost at my full 9 inch length. My redheaded friend behind me allowed my shorts to fall to the floor and I kicked them aside.

Now seemingly unaware that we were in the middle of a photo shoot for a big magazine, Vi pushed my stiffening dick up against my stomach (with the tip well above my navel) and began to lick the underneath side of the shaft. Deb did nothing to stop her...on the contrary, she encouraged Chloe to join in the fondling. Feeling Chloe from behind trying to put her hand between my legs just below my crotch, I removed my hands from her head and spread my legs for her. She reached her goal, my low hanging scrotum, and began to gently squeeze my balls while kissing my left ass cheek. They must have both been encouraged by my loud moans and twitching cock as they continued their exploration.

"It takes some effort to get Dale fully erect, and even more to make him cum, so I want to see lots of hot action," Deb directed. "Keep me and the camera is in mind, and give me a clear view as you tend to business so I can keep the magazine customer hard when he's jacking off to these hot photos."

The girls both reacted quickly to the suggestion, angling their bodies away from my legs giving the camera a better view of my genitals as well as their naturally large bare breasts and lovely faces. The short skirts they still wore hid much of their midsections, although they seemed to have their knees apart enough for Deb to get an occasional view of their moist, bare pussy lips.

Here I was again, bare-assed naked with, not just two, but three gorgeous ladies at least partially clothed. This CFNM action was extremely exciting to me and my hardening object of their desire was proof. Keeping my cock pushed upwards, Vi moved her wet lips down to my sack. Perhaps it was only the slight touch of Vi's chin to her sisters fondling fingers that prompted her next move, but in any case, Chloe manipulated one ball at a time feeding it into Vi's eager mouth and flicking tongue. Although this was very arousing, I was starting to lose a little of my hardness from lack of direct stimulation. Vi seemed to realize this, and she switched her attention from the boys back up to my penis.

"It's getting a little hot in here," Deb suddenly said, "and I feel a little overdressed. Keep the action hot but slow while I take off a couple of things so I won't feel so overdressed."

As Vi lowered my semi-hard cock, she began to pump the shaft while licking the sensitive underside of its purple head. Her hand was warm and smooth, and along with the tender licking of her wet tongue, I could feel bolts of pure pleasure pulsate through my body. I put my hands on either side of her head trying to force myself into her mouth, but her negative reaction told me she was either not quite ready to give me head or just wanted to prolong my agony.

As Chloe crawled around front to join her sister in front of me, I glanced over to see Deb step out of her shorts and pull off her top exposing her large breasts. Now, only wearing a tiny white thong, she picked up a different camera, coming back to the action with exaggerated swinging hips and a lively step that produced a comely bounce of her tits. Was that a slight wet spot I detected on the smooth cotton that barely covered her pussy?

The twins were now fully engrossed in their mission to bring me to full erection. Unlike her sister, Chloe was more that willing to take as much of my cock in her mouth as she could handle. With only about half of my penis passed her full lips, she stroked my shaft with her right hand and let her mouth stroke the rest. Deb was now kneeling beside us, telling Chloe to occasionally to stop in mid stroke so she could snap another digital photo. Within minutes I was rock hard and wanted to put my manhood inside something warm and moist, and it really didn't matter what orifice or who it belonged to!

"If we're not careful, I'm going to spurt all the way across the room soon," I warned. "How many more pictures do you need with me hard?"

Apparently answering my question by setting her camera aside, Deb must have been getting hot herself by the look of the spreading wetness between her legs. She put her hands of the narrow sides of her thongs, pulled them down and offered them to me. "Here, feel and smell these. You're not the only one that's exited."

The official shoot must have been complete since the action got hotter and the photographer was in the middle of it. Deb sat down on the carpeted platform in front of me, leaned back supported by her arms, spread her legs, and looked to Vi, "Come here, sweetie, and get your sorority sister ready to receive that big piece of man meat. Get my pussy nice and wet so he'll slip inside with ease."

The twins both seemed disappointed they would not be the recipient of their efforts, but Vi moved over between Deb's legs, and bending over in a kneeling position, began to lick her clit and stuff her tongue deep into Deb's wetness. The bisexual scene was both surprising and exciting. At the same time, Chloe continued to suck and tug on my hard cock until I stopped her, preventing me from exploding in her mouth right then.

Vi suddenly stood up, came over to me, and provocatively whispered in my ear, " She's ready for you now, and my mouth is so full of her juices you can taste her." With that she kissed me with an open mouth and exploring tongue, passing on to me the taste and unmistakable scent of a woman

The redheaded twins led me over to Deb as if presenting a sacrifice to the altar goddess. I knelt down between her widely spread legs, in awe of her moist cunt lips and excited clit, an area unadorned with any pubic hair other than the small patch above her slit. One of the girls took my hardness in her hand and helped guide the dripping head to it's target. I had leaned forward, putting my hands on either side of Deb's chest when my cock jumped at the first touch of the warmth and lubrication that it yearned for. I felt the tip of my manhood teasing the inner lips of her pussy, and then felt myself being led directly to the warm hole I sought. With the encouragement of my hand guide and my own hips, I pushed inside Deb's altar of desire a couple of inches and stopped.

I felt the hand that held my cock release it's grip, and I knew now that I was in control. I withdrew a little then again thrust forward, this time a little farther. I did not want to cause Deb any pain, although I found out later I need not have been concerned. I continued these slow movements of intercourse, each time trying to enter her more deeply. The friction seemed to suddenly increase, and Deb became aware of it as well.

"Roll over and let me get on top," Deb instructed. "But don't pull out."

I did as I was told, and now with her knees straddling by legs, she slowly pulled herself toward my head with her breasts directly in line with my mouth and my hard dick popped out of her pussy. "Vi...Dale needs more lubrication. Deep throat him and get him nice and wet.

One difference in the twins now became apparent. Vi had somehow found a way to reduce her natural gag reflex, and unlike her sister, she had no trouble getting the entire length of my cock down deep in her wet throat. Not only that, but when I felt my balls touch her chin, she began to bob up and down while keeping my dick head deep. I had never had any girl do that before, and to be honest, hardly any have since. After a few of these deep thrusts, Vi came up for air.

"Give me the word, and I'll finish him off right now," Vi pleaded. "Otherwise he's lubed up good for you Sis."

"Thanks, but I can take over now," Deb responded. With that she slid back down on her back, and with Vi's guiding hand, I was inside her once again. "Just lay still Dale, and I will do all the work."

The pleasure was indescribable as she lowered her hips to force me deeper and then raised them to where I was just barely still inside. Deb continued this piston motion, each time going deeper until she was fully impaled on my rod. She alternated that movement with one where she slid her whole body back and forth against mine, putting pressure on her clit and giving her great pleasure as she moaned and dug her finger tips into my shoulders. This went on for several minutes.

"God! I going to come! Jesus, I'm going to explode!" These words came out of Deb's mouth as she closed her eyes and arched her back so her breasts, shining with sweat, swung to and fro with each thrust. I felt a tightening of her inner muscles, then the pulsing grip of her orgasmic pussy. I could not help but add my own hip thrusts to help her achieve her pleasure peak.

Deb then collapsed on my chest like a rag doll, but my cock inside her was harder than ever. I had yet achieved orgasm. As I again started to pump, Deb stopped me and whispered in my ear, "I'm exhausted and my pussy's a little sore, so why not let the twins finish you off. I don't want you to feel neglected, but I just can't last as long as you."

Deb rolled over and lay on her back beside me. My glistening rod stood stiff against my stomach as Deb motioned to the girls to have their way with me. They didn't need much encouragement, and they jumped at the chance. One of them (by this point I couldn't tell who was who, and frankly, didn't really care) impaled herself on my shaft, riding me cowgirl style. Her sister placed her knees on either side of my head and planted her crotch right on my waiting mouth, facing her playful partner. This had the potential for mutual pleasure making if I ever saw it.

The girls were not too far from reaching orgasm themselves, since they had been fingering themselves while Deb and I were having our wild ride. I licked and slurped and tongued the cutie straddling my face, and felt like I was in heaven as the other redhead bounced up and down on my twitching cock. All three of us began the throes of our orgasms just about the same time...the girls squealing loudly and with my own grunts and groans in accompaniment...I felt my juices spurt up inside the hot pussy on my loins, while feeling her concurrent pulsations of rapture. The vixen sitting on my face was fingering her clit as I had my tongue pushed into her hole as far as I could when she too suddenly tightened and exploded with her own orgasm. Some drips of her body juices flowed into my eager mouth and I lapped them up to make quite sure she was completely satisfied.

We all separated there on the floor, lying quietly, digesting the events of the past hours. Deb and the twins still seemed as giddy as ever, not expressing any regrets for their sexual exploits. I certainly had no regrets, but I lay there still wondering how they would react to me the next time I saw them on campus. But I guess that would be another tale.