D&D's Adventure in Lust Ch. 03


It has been about four years since Debra and I graduated from college and got jobs, and about two years since we got married in a small ceremony here in this same college town. Our sex life has not only continued to be hot, but is as adventurous as ever. The following is an example of what I'm talking about.

Since developing her photographic skills during her school years (with some non-technical assistance from me), Deb continues to operate her photo business in the evenings and weekends. Her goal is to quit her day job, buy a small shop, and make her fame and fortune with her digital still and video cameras. Her niche has become doing adult shoots for X-rated magazines, and she has starting to even do some web based stuff. Being a Midwest town, the place we live is fairly conservative (not counting the college kids of course), and thus her reputation for doing the erotic genre was well known to the local underground and there hasn't been much competition.

Deb came home late from work one evening in a great mood, having stopped at her favorite masseur for a relaxing hour manipulation. She made it no secret to me in the past that she allowed and even encouraged Rick to use his strong hands to stroke every part of her naked body. She even admitted to having an orgasm at least once under his sensuous touch. I never asked her if any oral arousal had taken place, though I suspected it might have. Oral was one of Deb's passions, and I often brought her to a powerful orgasm in that manner, sometimes after releasing my load during intercourse before she was ready to orgasm herself. In case you're wondering, the taste of my own cum on her pussy never really bothered me, and I now actually enjoy the salty taste.

Rick's massage studio was actually in his home where he lived with a very attractive blond who apparently didn't want to get married or just simply enjoyed the open relationship they had together. I had met Julie once when I stopped by their house to purchase some massage oil...they had a small shop where they sold adult toys, oils, candles, etc. When I told Deb later that Julie could give my knob a massage any time she wanted, she laughed in such a way that made me feel she wouldn't mind a bit. Even though that didn't surprise me, I did make a mental note of the idea for later.

"Wow, Rick was especially attentive today, and I feel just great," Deb said as she came enthusiastically through our front door, hips swaying and boobs bouncing in her short, low cut knit dress. I could tell immediately she had not put her bra back on when leaving Rick's, and I had a suspicion her panties might be in her purse and not being worn..

She continued, "To make it even better, Rick wants me to do a nude photo shoot of him tomorrow, so he didn't charge me a dime for the massage. I told him that would be fair trade, but I would need to bring you along to help. Are you game?"

Deb bent over forward to give me a deep kiss before I could answer, gently rubbing my cock through my shorts as she explored my mouth with her tongue. I thought she tasted a bit salty, but it could have been my imagination. I was sitting on an upholstered lounge chair with no arm rests so she hiked up her skirt enough to spread her legs so she could sit on my lap facing me. My hunch about her panties was confirmed.

"Please say you will go with me," she implored. "It will be fun, and you might work up a little credit yourself for a future massage. I hear Julie is just learning the trade from Rick, and she needs some volunteers to practice on!"

"Well, since you put it that way, and with you sitting that way on my rod, you know I can't refuse. When do we go?" I asked, moving my left hand to her parted nether lips. She felt warm and overly moist to my probing fingers. Suspecting I had an ulterior motive for dipping in the well, Deb took hold of my left wrist and raised my wet fingers, putting them into my mouth.

She put her lips close to my ear, licked it seductively and said, "Rick didn't fuck me as you can taste, although I almost let him. However I did convince him this time to get naked himself toward the end of the session, and after he brought me to a beautiful orgasm, I squeezed out a little precum and licked it off the tip of his big hard dick." That explained my other suspicion.

I had always loved Deb for her intense desire to enjoy life and her complete openness with me. This description of her experience was not meant to get me jealous or even to arouse me, but was merely a way of sharing her own pleasure with her lover.

Pulling away from my ear, Deb lovingly looked into my eyes and said, "That's when I told him he had a great body and that he should do some modeling. Rick's only about 20 years old, he has a chiseled muscular frame, a penis almost as big as yours, and I know I could put together enough great pictures for a 3 or 4 page layout to sell. I told him we would be at his place tomorrow evening about 8 o'clock."

Later in bed, and expecting nothing in return, Deb sucked on my hard dick for what must have been close to half an hour, bringing me close to ejaculation several times before letting me cool down a bit while sucking on my balls and inserting a finger tip in my anus. After almost begging for her to let me come, she finally took me deep inside her throat as my sperm erupted onto the back of her tongue. She stroked me 3 or 4 more times, each time squeezing a few drops of the salty fluid from my shaft. Knowing I like the taste, Deb eased herself up to my head with a small drip of cum at the corner of her mouth. I gently licked it off and took her eager tongue into my mouth as we kissed passionately goodnight.

"I love you," Deb murmured as she turned over and quickly fell into a deep sleep. She had just given me the blow job of my life, and now she's the one that voiced our common feeling for each other. It made me feel a little like a heel, and I pledged to myself to make it up to her soon.

We both got home from work about the same time the next day, a little after 6 o'clock. My day had seemed to drag on forever, with me daydreaming about what the evening events might bring. An idea had sprouted during one of those idle moments, an idea that if successful, would more than make up for my lack of sensitivity last night.

"Deb, let's get a nice hot shower before we go to Rick's," I said. Expressing the opinion that she didn't think it was necessary to freshen up for a photo shoot, she nonetheless didn't protest much, especially after I began soaping up her ass and pussy with extra gusto. I was careful not to bring her to orgasm as that might interfere with my plan. I might add the slippery hand job she gave me was quite welcomed, although I didn't allow myself to come.

After getting dressed and gathering up all the photography equipment we needed, Deb and I jumped in the van and headed over to Rick and Julie's place. It was only 10 minutes later when we pulled into their driveway. The house was a small ranch, in an area where the nearest neighbor was a quarter mile away...nice and private. Since Rick was expecting us, it was no surprise that he met us at the front door before we had a chance to ring the bell.

"Come on in and make yourselves at home," Rick said cheerfully as he greeted us dressed in a white terry cloth robe. "Julie had to go back in to work for a few hours, so she's not here." Leaning down a bit he kissed my wife on the cheek and then continued his greeting, "Dale, you are very lucky to have such a lovely lady as your life companion. She has the milky-smooth skin of a teenage girl and the muscle tone of an Olympic athlete. It is a pure pleasure giving her a massage, and she responds wonderfully to my touch."

"Deb tells me she was completely happy at the end of your last session," I said with a wry smile and a raised eyebrow. "But I understood your happy ending was not quite as complete."

Rick was taken aback by my comments, not thinking that Deb would have filled me in with all the details of their encounter the previous day. She quickly came to his rescue by scolding me, "Dale, don't make him squirm so." Then turning to Rick, she added, "My pleasures are his pleasures, and vice versa. Anything that makes me happy will put a smile on Dale's face too. He is not the jealous type, and neither am I. Okay, now that the air is clear and everyone is happy, let's get to work."

As Deb and Rick began discussing the shoot and picking out a good area to take some photos, I went back to the van and began to carry all the gear inside. I set up the lights where Deb wanted them, making sure the electrical cords wouldn't be in the line of sight. We brought both still and video cameras, but Deb picked out her best 10 megapixel digital Canon for this session. With the lighting adjusted and the furniture rearranged, she seemed satisfied and calmly looked at Rick saying, "Now take off your robe and we'll get some hot photos of that young body of yours."

Without any hesitation, Rick untied the belt, opened the front of the robe, and removed it, all the while looking at Deb straight in the eyes from only a few feet away. Deb had been right in her description...he had the classic form of an ancient Greek, displaying a long, thick, uncircumcised penis with absolutely no pubic hair. His light complexion and blond hair on his head suggested the existence of little body hair of any kind, but his pubis and heavy scrotum was obviously kept totally shaved.

"I like!" was all Deb could get out at first. "Now begin posing and keep that lovely cock in the view of my lens. I want you to imagine all those hot young women who will be pleasuring themselves looking at you in their $8 dollar magazines they just purchased." I thought I noticed his dick jump a little at the thought...Deb's direction was working. "That's the spirit, now make their little clits beg for you to jump right off the page and join them in bed."

Deb took several shots of him both standing and sitting while pumping up Rick's imagination. She got within a foot or two for some of them, getting some close up shots of his large, but still limp member. She suddenly stopped and said, "Now it's time to get some shots of you fully erect...that's what the girls really want to see. Rick, try to ignore us, and pump that beautiful shaft like you do when you're alone and let's get some money shots!"

The pressure of the moment to get hard in front of two others was obviously a little much for Rick. Try as he might, he was only able to achieve a partial erection which satisfied the camera for a few shots. After seeing a sense of frustration on his face, I said, "Deb, give me the camera and you go help Rick with his predicament. Do whatever is necessary, and forget I'm even here."

With an understanding nod and a light kiss on the lips, she handed me the camera and seductively walked up to Rick's naked form. Before she touched him at all, Deb began to strip, beginning with her top. She had not worn a bra, and she put a hand under each large breast and seemed to offer them up to him as she stroked her nipples. I could see an immediate desired effect on the cock Rick held in his right hand, and I'm sure Deb noticed it also. What she probably didn't notice was the effect on the stiffening member in my own shorts.

Not wanting to get Rick only to "half mast", Deb turned away from Rick and began to remove her tight slacks, bending over slowly to reveal her shapely ass and the rear thin string of a small white thong dipping down between her cheeks where the small piece of triangular shaped cotton material highlighted the mound of her trimmed pussy. It looked to me like Rick was at about three quarter staff now and he was breathing hard.

Deb turned back around and approached Rick, dropped to her knees and coyly said, "Let me do that for you." She took his swollen member into her own hands and began to stroke. It seemed Deb herself got lost in the moment, as she moved her mouth toward the wet tip, pulled back his foreskin, and gave it a lick just as she had admitted to doing yesterday. She must have felt she had left things unfinished, for she then opened her mouth wide and took him in as deep as she could.

Seeing my wife with a large dick in her mouth and moving it in and out while licking it with her wet tongue was about all I could take. I put down the camera, pulled down my shorts, grabbed my rock-hard cock and began to masturbate in time with the movement of my wife's head. I must have moaned out loud, for she took the bulbous head out of her mouth and turned in my direction, nodding with approval at the sight of my hardness.

Turning back to Rick, Deb said, "I think you could poke a hole in a brick wall with that thing now," pulling away from Rick and moving back to get her camera. "Keep it hard for me but don't shoot your wad, at least not yet." For some reason she looked me in the eyes then down at my familiar rod and added, "Dale, you do the same."

Not bothering to get dressed, Deb began once again to take pictures of her willing model, with special emphasis on his now huge throbbing cock. The head still glistened with saliva, but apparently she didn't think that would bother her photos. She even encouraged Rick to use his own spit to use as a lubricant when he needed to pump his reddening smooth shaft. I followed suit.

"Dale, take off the rest of your clothes and get up here next to Rick," Deb suddenly commanded as she seemed to have finished with the intended work. "I want a few shots strictly for my own amusement since I may not have another chance to have two large cocks together at the same time again!"

I was a little hesitant getting that close to another man with a raging hard on, but I felt I had no choice in the matter. Apparently amused, Rick chimed in, "It will give us a chance to compare, and we'll let Debra make the final decision of who is bigger."

I stripped off my shirt and shoes and followed her direction. The lights were bright, and brought out every detail of our bodies. My body was not as muscular as Rick's, but I kept myself in pretty good shape and was not at all intimidated. I have a darker complexion than my companion and am definitely have more body hair. Deb would occasionally volunteer to trim my pubes at home when needed, but I still had a full bush. The contrasting details would surely stand out in the photos, but even more eye catching would be the twin thick stiff cocks that proudly were on display.

"Great! Wow! Gorgeous!", was all Deb could get out as she was moving around with her camera taking pictures from various angles. "I'm getting light headed just looking at you two hunks and my thong is simply soaked. I've just got to feel you both at the same time!"

Deb set the camera aside and knelt at our feet. She took a cock in each hand, wrapping her fingers as far around the fat shafts as she could and gave them a few strokes. As if still gauging the size, she first licked the head of Rick's raging hard on and then inserted it into her mouth. After a few slurping strokes of her head, she turned her attention to me and did the same.

Looking up at us from her kneeling position and with moistness dripping from her lips Deb concluded, "I have to admit I think Dale is a little larger, especially in width. Rick, see if you agree."

Before I could react, Rick reached over and grabbed the fatness of my hard cock. It was like a jolt of electricity shooting up from my loins, a feeling that shocked me. I had never had any sexual desires to be with another man, although the idea of a MMW threesome had been a fantasy of mine once or twice. Before he released me from his grasp, Rick even gave my dick a couple of strokes as he would his own.

"Although I hate to admit it, I believe you are correct Debra. I have occasionally given couples a massage in the same room and have even jerked off the guys when their wives urged them to allow me to bring them to a happy ending. I normally encourage the gals to finish off their mates with their seems to reassure the guys they haven't gone gay all of a sudden. But I've never seen a penis as big as mine, and certainly not one as large as your husband has!"

Not necessarily wanting to return the favor, I moved away slightly to avoid further contact. Deb sort of winked at me and said, "You know, they pay a lot more for Gay pictures...what do you think?"

"No way lady!" or something similar came from both of us almost simultaneously. "But," I added trying to change the subject, "a good hard dick is a terrible thing to waste. Deb why don't you give me the camera, and I'll take a few shots of you two. I've seen layouts of massage parlor shoots on the web, and we've got the necessary props right here. I can direct you two and take pictures at the same a matter of fact, I'll use the video camera we brought along instead. Rick, since you know what you're doing, you be the hunk masseur giving this beautiful unsuspecting foxy customer a full sensual rub down...okay!"

This was the situation I had hoped might present itself when I began to fantasize before we got here. Since I had gone over it in my mind, the words had come out quickly and convincingly and seemed to be a logical continuation of the evenings activities. It helped that both Deb and Rick were very turned on at the moment and could be assured of my approval.

"Well, I'm sure Rick is more than willing...his dick tells me that. It's not exactly what I expected tonight, but since I'm nice and fresh from my shower (she gave me a sly look that indicated she now understood why I had been insistent on getting cleaned up before coming), sure why not. I'm willing to take some oil for the team."

"Great!, " I said going over to get the video camera. "Rick, put your robe back on and Deb, leave on the thong. It will make it more erotic for you to start the massage that way. Rick, the two of you get set up at your massage table as you normally would, and I'll join you in a second." I thought about putting some clothes back on but decided I would just stay in the buff. I might feel the need to stroke my meat now and then as the action heated up.

I had used this video camera and tripod several times in the past and needed no instruction on it's use. My initial concern was lighting, but when I entered the massage room I found it brightly lit, catching sight of a rheostat on the wall that allowed for a more subdued atmosphere when needed. Deb was already on the massage table, lying face down, with a small white towel covering her ass. Her arms were raised up to the sides of her head, revealing the side fullness of her large natural breasts. Rick was at her side in his white robe awaiting directions.

"Rick, begin your massage as you normally would, but just don't spend too much time on each muscle group so we can save time. I've got about 20 minutes of recording time with this camera, and we want to get in the money shot before I run out. Deb, I know you left your inhibitions at home, so I want lots of moans and groans, some occasional praising of your handler's skills, and remember to do whatever you two want. We can edit the sound track later. Okay, I always wanted to say this; Lights, Camera, Action!"

The two sexually tensed animals in my view finder wasted no time getting into their roles. After a few required deep muscle massages of the upper back and shoulders, Rick moved to Deb's legs, spreading them apart so he could reach her inner thighs, which also meant I could get a good shot of her barely covered anus and pussy. With each stroke, Rick came closer and closer to these spots of pleasure until he was finally brushing her pubis under the edge of the towel with every move.

"Miss, in order to properly do your rear, I must move the towel up a you mind?" Rick was getting into this filming thing just fine.

In character, Deb replied, "Just take the silly thing off completely, and while you're at it, get rid of your robe also. You have me somewhat at a disadvantage, and I want a good view of your equipment while you work. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my thong is expendable too."

Rick did as he was told, leaving them both totally naked. The camera on the tripod was at a good angle, so I left it running while I got some of Rick's massage oil off camera and dripped a few drops on the head of my penis. With Deb's face turned in my direction, she smiled as I began to satisfy my own sexual urges. Rick, in turn, was working diligently on my wife's ass cheeks, spreading them as he pushed up and out, working his slippery thumbs onto the outer lips of her lower vaginal area. The moans began in earnest, and were obviously not faked.

I picked up the camera assembly slowly and indicated to Rick that he should move up to the head of the table where Deb still had her hands clutching the edge. As he began to work on her upper back, Deb slightly lifted her head and faced the now fully exposed cock that was right in front of her nose. She pushed up both arms and took his tool into her hands, massaging it much like a dairy farmer might do as he milked the teats of a cow. It only took a little of that to bring Rick back to full hardness at which time Deb scooted herself closer to the top end of the table and took him into her mouth. As he pushed his oily hands down the sides of her spine toward her butt, Rick's movement would thrust his dick farther down Deb's throat, only to reverse the action as his hands returned to her upper back. My hand pumped my own cock in time with his thrusts.

Taking the lead as she sensed Rick might shoot his load prematurely, Deb took him out of her mouth and asked, "Do you want me to turn over now so you can massage my front side?"

Rick seemed reluctant to agree in his current state, but his thinking changed from being controlled by his little head back to the head on his shoulders. "Yes, of course, we can't neglect that half. I'll start with your lower body, so turn over and spread your legs a little."

I redirected the camera slowly as Rick moved to her thighs...I guess there wasn't much need to spend time on her feet at this point. It took little time for him to get to Deb's pussy, spreading her outer lips and gently rubbing her extraordinarily large clit with his oil covered fingers. The moans started again as Deb cupped her heavy breasts, rubbing the nipples with oil as she shuddered from the pleasure coming from below. Without warning, Rick leaned over and began to tongue her little man in the boat, causing Deb to pull up her feet and widely spread her knees to give Rick better access to the target of his desire.

I'm not sure what made me turn around...maybe the creak of the floor or the sound of breathing...but when I did, I saw Julie at the edge of the door jamb, wide eyed with a finger to her lips indicating for me to be quiet. I'm not sure how long she had been in the house, but it was obvious to me she was turned on, and like me, not the least bit jealous. The other two were so engrossed in one another they would not have noticed a herd of wild elephants entering the room.

"O God! Jesus, don't stop," Deb pleaded as he drove two fingers inside her while licking her clit and lips. "Ooohhh that feels so good," as she put her hands on Rick's head to encourage him to finish the job he went down for. She also raised her hips, pushing herself firmly onto his eager mouth.

Julie quietly eased over to me, took my hard cock in her hand, and stroked it a few times as she put her lips to my ear, "I'll tend to the camera. You go help bring your beautiful wife to the orgasm she's deserves."

It was only then that Deb and Rick realized Julie had returned home from work after filling in for a sick co-worker. They both looked a little shocked, but I quickly reassured them, "Julie's taking over on the camera now so I can get in on the final scene. Rick, move up to the head of the table, and I'll finish at this end. And you, you hot porn queen, spread those lovely legs 'cause I'm going to give you the fuck of your life!"

The sexual excitement in the room was electric as I hoisted myself on to the narrow massage table and, placing my hands on either side of Deb's chest, brought the tip of my hard cock to the wet swollen cunt below me,. She took my shaft with her right hand and lubricated the bulbous purple head by rubbing it against her slimy lips and clit to ease the impending entry. She stopped rubbing and placed me against her glory hole, giving me the clue to begin pushing. I eased forward, easily slipping inside her hot vagina which was still tight even after the all the activity we had shared the last few years. I was quickly buried deep in her womanhood, thrusting with vigor with the goal to bring us both to orgasm simultaneously.

Wanting not to be let out of the erotic action, Rick had moved next to Deb's head and had begun masturbating while we got positioned for intercourse. Once I was inside and pumping, Deb rested her head back on the table. Rick then reached over, put his hand on the back of Deb's head, and encouraged her to turn her mouth in his direction. She did so without any resistance, taking his rod between her quivering lips, and accepting the thrusts into her throat.

I was now only inches away from my wife's face, fucking her with all the energy I could muster, while I watched her suck on another man's dick. Glancing sideways I could see that Julie was moving with camera in hand from behind us (where I assume she had been getting close ups of my entry) up to my left side where she was zeroing in on Deb's blowjob action. Julie wasn't going to miss a thing.

We had all been close to the peak of excitement when I had joined in the action, so it didn't take too long for the happy ending to begin erupting. I guess Deb was the first to vocalize her rapture by loudly announcing between slurps, "Dale...don't stop...God, I coming, I'm coming!"

Being close to my own climax, this was enough for me to intensify my thrusts while keeping pressure on Deb's clit, and I could feel my juices about to explode. Arching my back I felt the orgasm begin, the involuntary pulsations of my sex organ spewing my sperm deep into the wet darkness of Deb's contracting receptor. At the same time Rick pulled out of Deb's mouth and began shooting his huge load on her lips, cheek, and on just about everything in the vicinity including, I found out later, clear across the table onto Julie's pant leg.

Still feeling the final spurts of my last drops of cum enter her body, Deb pulled me down to her face and gave me an open mouth kiss with deep passion. The taste of the salty goo in and around her mouth reminded me of when I would kiss her after she had sucked me dry, a pleasure I enjoyed many times in the past. It was then I realized it was not my own spunk, but that of the man whom she had just pleasured. I had the initial reaction to pull back out of Deb's embrace, but sensing my confusion or reluctance, she held me firm and continued her tongue action.

Deb released her hold around my back and I pulled my head away from hers. Rick took this as a signal, or at least an opportunity to place his still-engorged cockhead back to Deb's cheek, pleading as such for her to suck him dry. Instead, to my immediate shock, she reached over taking him into her hand, pointed the dripping tip up to my mouth, and lovingly urged me by whispering, "Here, you do it. I want to see you suck out the last drops, and know that I will love you just that much more for doing it. Please...just for me."

I never could resist those deep blue eyes and soft voice when she asked me for anything. This time was no different, and even though I felt a great deal of reluctance, the sensuous feeling of the moment allowed me to part my lips slightly and allow her to rub the tip onto my not-so-eager mouth. "Open wider," she instructed as she pulled and squeezed the last amount of spunk from the shaft to the tip and pushed the head fully into my mouth and onto my tongue. I closed my mouth around the couple of inches that was inside and then felt it being pulled back out, leaving me the residue of his ejaculation.

Knowing this was about all that could be expected or tolerated by me, Deb released her grip on Rick's cock and then seemed to push him away from us. She again placed her arms around my sweaty torso and brought my lips back down to hers, kissing me deeply with the intention to reassure me of her love and devotion.

It was as if we were all brutally and suddenly brought back to reality. Rick walked around the table to give Julie, camera still recording in her hand, a reassuring hug and kiss. I dropped my whole body down on Deb's realizing my satisfied penis was still buried inside her and losing some of it's firmness. Ordinarily, at home in our own bed, we would have stayed like that for a long while before separating, rolling over to our own sides. We did not have that luxury now, so with a final kiss and an "I love you", I pulled out with a little popping sound, and got off the table, my own cock dripping with our combined juices.

The final act of the night's erotic activities came at that moment. Julie, releasing herself from Rick's embrace, came over to me and knelt down, taking my drooping, but still enlarged cock into her mouth, sucking eagerly as if trying to get it hard once again.. With a last milking of my shaft to squeeze out any drops of cum remaining, Julie removed me from her mouth, looked up into my eyes she sighed, "I just had to get a little taste of what I might get to enjoy more of some time in the future."

But, I guess that's another tale.