Dermatologist Adventure


It was a typical visit to the dermatologist to get checked out. I have to do this every year, to make sure there are no suspicious spots. It's one of the drawbacks of being a sun-lover.

I've been seeing Dr. K. for a few years now. He gives me a gown and tells me to get undressed and put it on. I get undressed, but just put the down on the exam table and sit on top of it. Being a nudist, I know how silly those gowns are. He'll just have to move it out of the way anyway. Not that I'm turned on by this - it's all clinical - I just think the gown is silly.

When Dr. K. returns, he's pretty nonplussed by the sight of me sitting naked on the gown. On previous occasions when I've done this, he's told me that he's had other nudists do the same thing, and, besides, he's seen it all anyway, what's the big deal. But that's not at all the case for the short, dark-skinned young Indian girl entering the exam room behind him - she lets out an audible gasp as she enters the room.

"Come on, Marlene, it's no big deal" remarks Dr. K. "It's just a naked guy who doesn't like gowns. I'm sure I told you this happens sometimes."

"Sorry, doctor, I just wasn't … ready," replies Marlene, her wide eyes fixed on my flaccid penis. "It's just that it's my first day, and I didn't expect …"

"Marlene, if you're going to learn how to assist me, you'll have to get used to seeing penises. Don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes, doctor, but we … we never leave the lights on when we … you know …" she said nervously.

"Well, Marlene, you would have seen the patient's penis in a few minutes anyway, so what's the big deal? It's not like he's got an erection or anything."

"Yeah, but, …he doesn't even have any hair on his penis or anything … and I was expecting to at least have a chance to take a deep breath or something …"

"Listen, it's not a big deal. Relax for a minute. Just take a breath, and start the examination." Turning to me, Dr. K. added, "don't worry, I'll be checking you out as well, I just need her to learn how to recognize suspicious moles. I hope you're not embarrassed by her reaction."

"Don't worry doctor," I replied, "it's really pretty amusing. I'm happy to have her learn on me. It's just my body, after all, and I'm used to people seeing me naked, so I don't care if she looks. Better that she get this out of her system on me, rather than someone who's uptight about their body."

"Terrific" responded Dr. K. Turning to Marlene, he asked "so are you ready to start?"

Marlene looked a lot calmer. It's a wonder what a few deep breaths can do. "Sure, doctor, I'm fine now."

With that, she started her examination of my body. She was slow and methodical, like a dermatologist should be. Her gaze traveled from my left hand, up the arm, across the shoulders, down my right hand. Dr. K., standing just a step further away, followed hers. Looking at my back, she brought a suspicious spot to Dr. K's attention, but he checked my chart from last year and said that it was unchanged, nothing to worry about. Marlene continued her examination, conspicuously leaving my crotch area for last. All this time, I've been watching her, impressed at how thorough she's been, but at the same time, with a slight grin on my face, wondering whether she was really ready for the last part. Fortunately for her, I was still flaccid - I don't exactly know why, because I was a little turned on, but I figured it would be easier for her that way. Besides, her touch was clinical, and it's not like dermatologists' exams are sexy in any way.

Taking a breath, her dark eyes focused on my penis. Her gloved hand slowly lifted my penis to the side so she could check my balls, still no problem. She lifted my balls to check the sides and back of my scrotum. Everything was going fine, she was doing great, until she let go of my penis, and it jumped a little when returning to its place, and she gasped again.

"Come on, Marlene, don't react so strongly, it's just a little twitch. What would happen if your patient got an erection - would you run screaming out of the room? If you're going to assist me here, you've got to get used to these things."

"I'm sorry, doctor," she said meekly, "I'm just not used to … men … I haven't been with anyone but my boyfriend, and he's … shy." Her eyes were starting to tear up, just barely.

"Well, you're going to need to deal with men here, since half of my patients are men, and they've all got penises, and you're going to have to examine their whole bodies, and do it professionally. If you can't do that, you have no business working here."

I felt pretty bad for her. "Listen," I interjected, "Marlene, I'm in no hurry. I'm happy to stay here as long as it takes you to get comfortable."

"Doctor, is that OK with you?" she asked. "I really want to do this job, I want to be comfortable doing this, can I try again?"

"That's fine with me, Marlene" Dr. K. answered. "You've already checked the patient out, and there aren't any spots to worry about, he's got a clean bill of health for another year, take your time and get comfortable with looking at his body. I can stay here if you like."

"Thanks, Doctor, and thank you, for letting me do this," she said, looking at me.

"Glad to help - it's really not a big deal," I replied.

Her gaze returned to my crotch area, and she spent the next ten minutes looking at me intently, moving my penis to and fro, moving my balls forward and back, etc. I was certainly enjoying the attention - I didn't get a hard-on, but I got a little bigger. Finally, she looked me in the eyes, and said, "Thanks for letting me look. I've never really looked at a guy's penis before. It's kind of … interesting."

"No problem" I replied.

"So do you think you're ready for the next one, Marlene?" asked Dr. K. "You know, they're all going to be a little different, a little longer, a little shorter, a little fatter, whatever. Some are uncircumcised. And sometimes the patient gets excited when you look at him."

At this last remark, Marlene gulped. "I'm sure I can deal with it if it happens," she offered in a quiet, wavering voice.

"Well, I'm not so sure," answered Dr. K. Turning to me, he completely surprised me by asking "Can I ask a favor? You've been great letting Marlene examine you, but can she look at you some more with an erect penis?"

"You want me to let her look at me with a hard-on?" I replied, unbelievingly. "Uh … OK, I guess … yeah, sure."

"Thank you, you're really helping me out here" Marlene told me, in an almost whispering voice.

"So should I … you know" I asked Dr. K.

"Sure, if it's OK with you" he replied.

"Go ahead" whispered Marlene.

I put some saliva on the palm of my right hand and grasped my penis. Since I was half-hard from the conversation, it didn't take too many strokes before I was at full length.

Marlene returned to her examination, checking out my crotch, moving my now-erect penis around. There was a gleam in her eyes that wasn't there before. Or did I just imagine it? I wasn't sure.

"Thanks, that was pretty cool," said Marlene. "You have a very nice penis. And it's actually easier to see everywhere when it's hard and out of the way. That was fun!"

I turned to Dr. K. He was smiling. Was he enjoying this too? A quick glance at his crotch answered that question. He was!

"Well, as I said, it was my pleasure to be your guinea pig. Or for my penis to be you guinea pig. Or whatever!" I wasn't really sure what to say now.

"Yeah, it was great," repeated Marlene. "Really fun!"

I decided to go for it.

I know this isn't really a clinical thing, but I'm really turned on right now, and I would like you to watch me finish. Would you like that? We can claim that it's just in case this happens to you with a patient, but really, I want to come, and I want you to watch me. Would you?"

I waited for her answer with my heart pounding. "Yes, I would like that" she whispered. Apparently she wasn't all clinical after all. I looked at Dr. K.; he was just sitting back, watching, and smiling, so I guessed it was OK with him.

So I started rubbing my hand up and down my shaft again. I was staring into Marlene's eyes; she was staring at my penis. I was harder than I was before, and about to pop. I was thrusting my hips, really getting into it. Marlene just kept staring. And then it happened. With a scream that turned into a groan, I came, lots of gooey white sperm all over my hands and my belly.

Dr. K. gave me a paper towel to wipe off with. Marlene was just staring at me. "You don't even know me," she stated. "How can you be so free with such a private thing?"

"Listen, I'm used to showing my body, and this is just something my body does," I replied. "I enjoyed it, and I think you enjoyed watching me. So what could be wrong with that?"

"Nothing, I guess, …" she replied. "I could never do that … I guess … could I?" She asked tremulously?

"Well, if you were in a safe situation, with people you trust, and you wanted to, sure, I guess …"

"But who would want to see me naked, let alone watch me touching myself?"

"Well, I would, for one. And I'm sure lots of people would. You're a very pretty woman"

"I would need someone to encourage me," she added, barely speaking.

"Well, you've come to the right person, I guess. We can have lots of fun together."

My mind started to reel at the possibilities.

Turning to Dr. K., I asked "same time next year"?

"Sure," he replied, "Looking forward to it".