Dylan And His Mother

A Mother watches her son jerk off while he's fantasizing about her!


Being eighteen years old, Dylan Adams was at that age of chronic masturbation and thought about sex constantly. He'd had a little sexual experience with a fellow senior from high school, but both of them were virgins and it was an awkward and uncomfortable encounter. A part-time job kept Dylan busy most afternoons, though he always jerked-off before bed every night after his parents went to sleep.

At forty years old, Dylan's mother Karen Adams was still a stunning woman. She worked as a model for a local chain of department stores, appearing in their catalogues and sale flyers for the Sunday paper. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle kept her body lean and trim. Blonde wavy hair and weekly visits to the tanning booth made sure that Karen continued to turn heads wherever she went.

Wanting some new clothes to impress the girls, Dylan was looking through the Sunday paper for sales; he leafed through the department store ad Karen worked for as his mom got an employee discount. Nothing could have prepared Dylan's horny teenaged mind for the sight of his mother in the lingerie section, modeling a new line of underwear targeting the store's mature clientele. There she was, standing in nothing but a bra and panty set, looking as sexy as any woman half her age.

Dylan couldn't believe how hot his mother looked. She had shapely legs and firm hips, a flat stomach and nice plump breasts that filled out her bra perfectly. Her skin was tan, smooth, and without flaw; she looked every bit as sexy as any of the girls in his school. Dylan's penis was as hard as a rock to the sudden thoughts of sex with his mother. He felt compelled to roll the Sunday flier up and take it up to his bedroom for a quick jerk-off session. Taboo thoughts of fucking his mom filled Dylan's mind as he stroked his cement-like boner. He stared at her supple body and imagined what her breasts looked like beneath that bra, what they might feel like in his hands. When he came, Dylan's sperm shot two feet into the air to land all over his stomach and thighs. He couldn't remember ever having such an intense orgasm.

The following week Dylan found that he couldn't look at his mother at the same way. He kept imagining what her body looked like beneath the clothes she wore, and whenever she showed any skin he caught himself staring. One morning Karen was wearing a short skirt with a hem above the knee (she had a business lunch that day) and Dylan kept stealing peeks at her nylon-covered legs; he had to try and conceal his erection during breakfast until he left for school. Every night that week before bed he would lay in bed and masturbate while looking at the flier from Sunday's paper. Taboo thoughts of sex with his mother gave Dylan an explosive orgasm every time.

The Adams lived in a split-level house and Dylan's room was upstairs, while his parent's room was in the lower level, so Dylan usually felt safe masturbating in privacy. But Friday night Karen was up later than usual doing some paperwork and bills. She needed to fetch some records from the spare bedroom which was upstairs, down the hall from Dylan's room. As she passed by her son's room Karen heard Dylan's voice. At first she thought he might be on the phone with one of his friends, but then she noticed he was moaning and grunting. She paused at the door and listened.

"...uh...uhn...oh mommy...oh fuck you're so hot...uhhhh...uhhhh!!"

Karen couldn't believe what she was hearing as the sounds of Dylan's pumping fist came through the door. Her son was masturbating. Not only that, but her son was masturbating to thoughts of her! Karen blushed and hurried away from the door, wanting to avoid any potentially embarrassing situation of being caught listening to her son during his private moment.

That night Karen couldn't get the sounds of Dylan jerking off out of her head. She lay in bed unable to sleep, confused and unsure about the implications. She was flattered in a way that her son, a boy less than half her age, was so turned on by her - it made her feel sexy to know that he masturbated to thoughts of her. And even though her brain told her it was wrong, that it was incestuous, Karen couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to watch Dylan stroke his cock.

It didn't help that Dylan's father had seemed to lose interest in sex a long time ago. He had become a workaholic who worked eighty hours a week, even on Saturdays. The one time a month he did show any interest in Karen, the sex was nothing more than him fucking her missionary style for about a minute and a half, then rolling over to fall asleep. Karen had long ago resorted to purchasing a vibrating sex toy to fill the void of a shitty sex life. But the knowledge of another man desiring her, of another man masturbating over her (even though it was her own son), changed things. It made her incredibly horny.

The following night, after her husband had fallen asleep and around the same time she heard Dylan the night previous, Karen slipped out of bed and crept upstairs. She paused at her son's door, hoping Dylan would be at it again, and sure enough she heard him during his nightly ritual. She could hear the slick noise of him jacking off; 'He must use lubrication' she thought to herself. As he neared completion Dylan began to moan "...oh" and Karen heard him grunt in orgasm. She silently left the door and quickly went to the bathroom, digging in a drawer for her make-up case where she hid her vibrating dildo. Karen opened her robe, pulled down her panties, and rubbed the buzzing little toy against her clitoris while sitting on the toilet. Thoughts of Dylan masturbating to fantasies of her brought a shivering orgasm to Karen's soaked vagina.

During the next few days Karen felt like a high school girl again, teasing and flirting. In the mornings, as she made Dylan breakfast, she would wear a skimpy robe that revealed her legs. She caught her son stealing several looks at her but pretended as though she didn't notice. She made sure to always kiss him on the cheek before Dylan left for school and noticed that it made him blush and act a little shy. On the following Friday afternoon Karen made sure that she was out by the pool wearing a bikini, sunning herself, when Dylan came home from school. He came out to greet her, then went up to his room which overlooked the backyard. Karen was sure she saw him watching her out of his window and wondered if he was jerking off right then and there. It made her wet, and Karen decided that she couldn't stand the tension anymore. She had to see Dylan jerk-off. She planned on 'accidentally' catching him that very night.

Hearing the quiet snoring sounds of her husband's sleep, Karen slipped out of bed. She put a robe on over her skimpy nightgown and snuck up the stairs to Dylan's door. She waited silently until once again she heard him start to jerk off. For a moment she realized how wrong it was to do what she was about to do, but the wet and tingling sensation between Karen's thighs overcame any sensible thoughts. She opened Dylan's bedroom door and stepped through.

Dylan was caught completely by surprise, laying in bed with erection in hand, he blurted "Oh shit...Mom!!" and quickly pulled a sheet over his naked body.

Karen pretended to act startled. "Oh! Oh Dylan I'm so sorry! I came to ask if you needed any clean clothes for tomorrow..." It was a lame excuse, but it was all she could think of.

Dylan didn't know what to say and just stared at his mother. He couldn't help looking down at her sexy tan legs beneath her robe, which didn't help in subduing the erection that was plain to see beneath his thin sheet.

Karen sat down on the side of the bed and lied, "I'm sorry Dylan. I didn't realize you would know. But I want you to know it is perfectly normal for a teenage boy to play with himself. You don't need to be embarrassed."

Her words didn't help Dylan, who was blushing furiously. His eyes were pulled to his mom's tan thighs as she sat on his bed. Karen easily noticed the way her son was looking at her. It felt amazing to be desirable again in the eyes of a man. The fact that the man was her son no longer mattered.

"Dylan honey, do you think I'm sexy?"

The question surprised Dylan completely, "Huh?" he asked, worried that his mother had caught him looking at her legs and suspected his secret fantasy.

"I see the way you look at me lately, sweetie. Don't worry, I'm not upset, it's kind of flattering to be truthful."

'Oh my god' Dylan thought, 'She knows'.

Then Karen spotted something sticking out from under the sheet. She reached over and pulled out the Sunday flier, the one with her modeling the underwear line. Dylan knew he was busted as his mother looked at the ad.

"Oh my." Karen said, suddenly realizing why her son had been fantasizing about her. "Dylan, were you looking at this while you...touched yourself?"

With the evidence in his mother's hand, Dylan knew there was no denying it. He simply nodded.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" Karen asked again.

The tone of her voice, which was slightly flirtatious, threw Dylan for a loop. She wasn't mad! She was more...curious. "Yes." he answered. "I think you're totally hot, mom."

Karen set the flier down. "Do you think I could watch you? I know it's wrong honey, and we'd have to keep it a secret, but it's perfectly normal for you to do what you're doing. And I'd just...I'd like to watch."

It was unbelievable! Dylan couldn't fathom it, but here his sexy mother was and she wanted to see him masturbate! It was so kinky and naughty that Dylan couldn't resist. "Uh...okay mom." He slowly pulled the sheet away from his penis, which was still erect, until it came into view.

Karen gasped at the sight of it. Dylan was huge! Much larger than his father. She guessed his penis had to be at least ten inches long with an impressive girth. She put her hand over her mouth and whispered, "Oh my, honey, your's's so big! You've become quite the man." Karen looked over her son's body, firm and muscled from youth, and felt her vagina growing sticky and damp. He was very fetching. Seeing his mother's eyes widen at the sight of his penis gave Dylan the courage he needed to take himself into hand and begin slowly stroking.

Karen licked her lips as Dylan started masturbating. She wanted to touch her son's impressive shaft, to know what it felt like, but resisted her incestuous temptations. "Tell me what you were thinking about before I walked in?"

Dylan could sense his mother's arousal and it made him bold enough to admit, "I was...I was looking at your breasts, mom, and imagining that I was touching them." He continued to slowly move his circling hand up and down his erection. Karen couldn't take her eyes off of her son's massive organ.

Without words, and without really realizing what she was doing, Karen loosened her robe and let one side slip off the shoulder. Dylan could see the outline of his mother's breast through the thin material of her nightgown. He groaned "Oh're so sexy..."

The heat of the moment, of the sight of her son jerking his cock off, overcame Karen completely. She wanted to be desired, to be the object of an eighteen year old man's fantasies. She took Dylan's free hand and lifted it to her chest, placing his palm over her plump breast. "Go ahead honey, squeeze mommy's tit. Feel my boob while you stroke that beautiful cock."

Dylan was in shock over what was happening; it nearly made him loose control and orgasm right there. His cock twitched in his other hand and Dylan moaned. He gripped his mother's breast through the material of her nighty; it felt so soft and amazing! Karen's nipple had grown stiff and erect and burned against Dylan's palm.

"Do you like that, honey? Does mommy's breast feel good? Does it feel as good as you imagined? Do you like feeling mommy while you touch yourself?"

Stroking faster, Dylan nodded and stared at his mother through lidded eyes. "Oh mom, it feels great. Better than I imagined." He switched his hand over to the other breast and groped that one too, squeezing and feeling its round contours.

Karen started breathing heavily, the incestuous touch of her son making her pussy itch and leak its passion. "Oh sweetie, that's it. Play with mommy's breasts and jerk your cock off for me. Let mommy see you play with that big dick of yours. Squeeze mommy's hot tits..."

Dylan was reeling. He couldn't believe how dirty his own mother was talking to him. It turned him on more than he had ever been before and he wanked his cock faster. He knew he was going to orgasm soon, but wanted it to last. "You're so sexy mom, your tits feel so good, I've wanted to touch them for so long..."

An orgasm charged Karen's pussy. She didn't realize it was possible for her to cum without any direct stimulus, but the inexperienced yet eager grip of Dylan's hand on her breasts, and the sight of him pumping his massive penis was to much for her sensibilities to take. "Oh god..." she moaned and shuddered. "Oh fuck...Dylan...mommy is cumming...mommy is cumming from watching you work that big hot dick of yours..."

"Oh shit." Dylan groaned, watching his mother shiver through her orgasm. "Mom, I'm going to cum..."

Karen looked down at her son's hand. It was like a blur as his tight grip fisted up and down his thick shaft. "That's it baby, cum for me. Mommy wants to see your big cock shoot its seed." The situation had passed all reason and Karen was so turned on. She didn't care about any morality, or that her husband was downstairs sleeping, she wanted to see her son's monster cock orgasm. "Faster baby. Jerk off faster for me. Mommy wants to see you cum for her. Mommy wants to see all your hot sperm."

When Karen felt Dylan's hand tighten on her breast, gripping it firmly, she knew he was close. She urged him on, "Jerk that massive cock off for me sweetie...make it cum...make it squirt out its sticky goo. Mommy wants to see you cum, baby...mommy wants to see your big dick cum..."

Grunting from his mother's dirty talk, Dylan erupted. His cock released a long rope of sperm into the air which landed on his stomach. It heaved again, and again, hurling several streams of pearly cum all over Dylan's slightly sweaty body. "Oh mom...oh god mommy, I'm cumming...oh fuck..."

Karen purred from the dirtiness of it all, "Oh honey, that's it, you're cumming so good for mommy.'re such a naughty boy, cumming for your mother. Look at all that hot god, baby..."

Breathing heavily, Dylan let go of his mother's breast and laid there, messy with his own orgasm. "Jesus mom, that was so hot. That was great."

"Mmm, I'm glad you enjoyed." Karen leaned over and kissed her son's forehead. "You're such a dirty little boy, I love it. Mommy loved watching you masturbate your big cock. Now clean yourself up and get some sleep, and remember that this is our little secret, ok?"

Dylan grinned and nodded, and privately hoped the secret would continue.