An All Over Tan


John was looking forward to this vacation for quite a while. The 2 months since he had broken up with Jen were very stressful, between losing her and his extra-long workweeks. He was ready to just hit the beach, and let it all melt away, no distractions, no head games. "Mexico, here I come!" he thought as he packed his bag.

As soon as he got to the resort, he felt better. But the central "social" area was the pool, which made it way too busy for his intended relaxation. Watching the college-aged girls running around in micro-bikinis was nice, but it just wasn't what he was looking for. He wanted to relax, and let the sun burn out all the stress and sadness inside him all these months, and all the booming dance music, and too-loud sorority/fraternity types weren't helping.

That evening at the bar, he struck up a conversation with a couple of the young women that worked at the resort, and asked if there were any "quiet corners" where someone could just sunbathe, read, and relax. One of them, a bubbly blonde named Vicki, suggested an area called the Solarium, a patio of sorts on top of a big rocky hill at the west end of the resort. She told him with a crooked smile that he'd have "no problems just hanging out" over there, to which a couple of the other girls giggled a bit. Vicki had honest eyes, though, so John trusted her suggestion. It also helped that she and her friends were all young, fit, happy types who seemed to enjoy the fact that John wasn't hitting on them, like every other guy in the place. After a couple of drinks, and some dancing with the girls, John called it a fairly early night.

The next day, John made his way over to the Solarium to check it out. It really was remote; way off in the corner of the resort, far away from the pool, the restaurants, and anywhere else there would be activities going on. It was perfect, quiet, and off where most people didn't venture. When he got to the top, he saw three of the same girls he spoke with catching rays, totally naked. In fact, all five of the people there, the three girls, and two of the men who worked at the resort, were all sunbathing in the nude. Vicki caught his eye, waved, and smiled. Without ogling, he got a good look at her firm, tan body. She had firm, small breasts with nice tan puffy nipples, and a tight athletic body. She was all natural down below, and droplets of her suntan oil glistened in her pubic hair. He waved back, and trying to look smooth found an open lounge chair. Taking a breath, John slipped off his swim trunks, and joined them. Surprisingly, his stress level dropped even more with his trunks, and he felt even better. As he laid his towel on the chair, he noticed one of the girls, a dark-haired local girl they called CeCe, sneaking a peek, so he played along, and turned towards her as he straddled the chair and sat down, letting his cock flop down between his legs. As he rubbed on his suntan lotion, he once again caught her peering over her sunglasses, so he massaged some lotion over his cock and balls, making sure she had a good view of it all. She looked him in the eye, and winked. They stole glances, and played the parts, her rubbing oil over her breasts, he spreading his legs apart just right for her to see, for a while, but for the most part John just relaxed, and soaked up the sun.

After a couple of days at the Solarium, John was looking and feeling like he belonged. He had a great tan, and had no problems just relaxing and chatting with the pretty young women and men who frequented the Solarium. They all hung around with him at the bar nights, drinking and dancing, and he had dinner with them and their friends a couple of times. CeCe and he still played their little exhibitionist games, but nothing more. John was feeling good, and very relaxed, and enjoying his time with his new friends.

Towards the end of the week, when he arrived up at the Solarium, he was surprised to be alone. Oh, well, must be some excursion they all went to, he thought, no problem... After an hour or so, a couple arrived to join him. He had noticed them at the bar a couple of times; early 30's, he was tall, lean, and dark-haired, she was very athletically built, with short red hair and pretty green eyes. He couldn't help watching them out of the corner of his eye while they undressed and put on lotion, as they were very attractive together. They were both completely shaved, which revealed her tight little pussy, and his huge manhood. John had heard shaving made your cock look bigger, maybe that was proof. Their white tan lines were stark against the rest of their skin, which was very dark after a few days at the pool. As she bent to lay her towel on her chair, John noticed her perfect, firm, round ass, with a thong tan line. He realized he was starting to stare a bit, so he went back to reading his book.

After an hour or so, John heard the woman. "Excuse me?" she said, "I'm Carla. My husband has fallen asleep, and I don't want to wake him. Can you help me with my lotion? I need to turn over before I burn." John seemed hesitant, so she assured him, "He won't wake up, but if he does he won't have a problem, we trust each other completely. Don't worry." She smiled at him, green eyes sparkling, so John got up and walked over. By this time of the week, he was pretty used to talking to naked strangers, while also being naked, so he thought nothing of the once over he got from her eyes as he stood next to her chair. She handed him the lotion, and turned over onto her stomach. As she did so, John stole a glance of her pussy and ass from behind. They glistened with a light sheen of sweat and tanning lotion in the hot sun. He knelt down next to her, and started to apply the lotion to her shoulders and back.

John worked the lotion slowly across her toned torso. He could feel that she didn't have any fat at all on her tight little body. Her arms were toned and muscular, without being large, no sign of any middle-age looseness there. He moved down to her legs, which were lean and powerful, like an athlete's would be; she obviously spent a lot of time on her body. He could massage this woman all day, he thought. He was just finishing up on her well-muscled calves, when he felt her stir a little bit. "Don't forget my bum!" she giggled. She playfully wiggled her bottom at him. He moved up to her tan little bottom, which was firm and round; he could see why she wore a thong. He thought to himself that it was possibly the most perfect ass he'd ever seen. He ran his hands gently over each cheek, spreading the smooth lotion, and doing his best not to lean down and kiss or bite them. "Make sure you get it all, and my inner thighs," she whispered. He stopped for a second as she spread her legs slightly further apart, and he could see her puckered little ass, light brown against her white thong tan line, and a gloriously wet pussy. "Go on," she said, "It's OK."

He rubbed the lotion onto her muscular thighs, and moved upward. "Mmmm," she cooed as he lightly slid a lotion-covered finger between her ass cheeks, and along the crease of her thigh. "I have to confess, I've been mentally undressing you all week," she whispered softly. She arched her ass upward, and moaned softly, spreading her legs wider. He gently continued to rub the lotion over her cheeks, and teased her ever-wetter pussy with light strokes of his fingers. He rubbed a good dollop of lotion on his hands, and slowly slipped a finger into her tight ass. She shuddered and moaned as he worked his finger more deeply inside. With his other had, he worked lotion over her soaked pussy, playing with the lips, and tickling her clit. As he slid three slick fingers inside her, she gasped a bit. He curled his finger inside, and flicked at her g-spot, and she started to quiver a bit. He could see she was almost ready to cum, so he flicked faster, and pulled his finger quickly from her ass, replacing it with his tongue. As he lapped at her hole, she shook into orgasm. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, and she bit down on her towel to stifle a scream. After five or six god hard spasms, she collapsed onto her chair, and moaned softly.

John removed his wet fingers, and rubbed them over her ass and thighs. Her juices shined on her skin in the sun, and he leaned down and lapped them up, kissing her beautiful ass as he did so. She looked back at him and smiled lazily. "Ooh, that's what I want," she whispered, and reached and grabbed a hold of his hardening cock, pulling Jim towards her. "The resort girls were right about your nice big dick," she said with a playful smirk.

As she lightly stroked him, and played with his balls, she giggled again, and said, "Jim, do you want to get in on this?"

To John's shock, her husband was not asleep, he had been watching them! He sat up, and smiled, and said, "Looks like he could use some lotion too, he's getting red."

Jim came over and drizzled some lotion over his wife's hand, which was slowly stroking John's cock. He took hold of his wife's hand, and joined in stroking. John did not stop him; it felt good. Once he was good and hard, Carla took the head of John's rod into her mouth, and tickled it with her tongue as Jim continued to stroke. She grabbed hold of Jim's enormous cock as well, and started to pump at it much more vigorously than she had John's.

Watching her sucking him, and hearing Jim moan as she stroked him, John was ready to explode. Carla felt him start to quiver a bit, and grabbed his cock with her other hand, pumping feverishly. She knelt at the feet of both John and Jim, and stroked both of them, faster and faster. When Jim moaned, and started to shoot his load across her face and tits, John couldn't stand it. His cock jerked, and shot streams of cum into Carla's mouth, across her pretty face, and all over her breasts and stomach. Carla smiled and laughed, and rubbed their mixed cum across her perfect little tits, which glistened in the midday sun, as more cum dripped slowly from her chin. She smiled, licked her lips, and drew them both in closer with a yank on their dripping rods. She took both of their spent cocks into her mouth, and sucked them clean, giggling her approval. "Now there's the lotion I like best!" she purred, as she rubbed their cocks together.

Right about then, they heard someone approaching. Before they could react, Vicki cleared the top of the steps to the Solarium. She laughed heartily upon seeing them, Carla covered in cum, holding John and Jim's spent cocks. "I see you three have met!" she laughed. "How about a picture as a souvenir?"

"That's a great idea!" Carla piped in. "Our camera is in my bag. Can you get it out for me? I don't want to get anything on it."

"Sure thing." Vicki grabbed the camera, and turned to them. "I think this picture is perfect just like that, so hold that pose." she said, and snapped the photo. That was the last John saw of Carla and Jim, as they were leaving the next day. They sent him a copy of the picture via email, and when he feels lonely or stressed, he takes a look, and remembers the vacation when he got his first all-over tan.




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