Jewels Gets His Jewels Handled


Ron and Jewels were always best friends, best friends as kids, best
friends as adults.

Their difference in race never came between them, never caused any
friction between the two.

Ron was a handsome, 6-foot-2 inch white man, Jewels a 6-foot-5 inch black

They both worked at the same company, Jewels being a bit higher up on the
ladder than Ron.

But the fact that Jewels was kind of like Ron's boss didn't bother them.

They met every week to play basketball, then would usually hang out back
at Ron's for some beer and television.

Only this day was a bit different.

After the two played a quick game of hoops, Ron was to go to a dentist
appointment and then meet Jewels at Ron's place around 6.

Only problem was Ron's dentist had called out sick, and Ron proceeded to
head home.

Always a kidder, the 25-year-old thought he would hide in his bedroom
closet and then jump out and scare his pretty girlfriend when she came
home. Natalie worked as a school teacher at a nearby high school and would
be home around 4:30.

The tricky boyfriend snuck into the bedroom closet but was already having
second thoughts - this was kind of cruel, he thought. What if I really
scare her?

Just when he was about to change his mind, he heard Natalie come in the
door. He thought he would try to give her a little scare afterall.

But wait. He heard her talking to someone, talking to a man.

She kept giggling, a cute giggle like she was flirting. He then realized
the guy she was talking to was Jewels.

At first this surprised Ron but then he realized maybe Jewels was bored
and came over to hang out a bit early. Ron wasn't supposed to meet him
until around 6 but what harm was it in getting there at 4:30.

The chatter between the two got louder, and before Ron knew it his
girlfriend and the black man were in Ron's bedroom, just a few feet from
where he hid in the closet.

Why the hell did she bring him in here?, Ron thought. And he could peak
through the closet door and see that they were both talking so casual.

Natalie had met Jewels on many occasions but never flirted with him, just
because she was always kind of the reserved, innocent type.

What was about to transpire was anything but innocent.

Ron saw that Jewels was taking off his shirt, then his sneakers, then his
socks. He was down to just shorts.

Ron's heart was in his stomach. His last desperate hope was that Jewels
was about to take a shower or something. He was not.

Just as Natalie plopped herself down on the bed, her stocking-clad legs
crossed in a sexy fashion, Ron put his thumbs underneath the waistbands of
both his shorts and boxers and pulled them to the ground.

Ron then saw what he thought was an optical illusion. It appeared as
though a long, thick, black radiator hose was hanging between Jewels'
legs. But it was not a radiator hose. It was Jewels' penis.

Natalie stared openly.

"Jesus Christ," she said with a laugh. "Must be a relief to let that thing
swing free."

Jewels was completely naked. In front of Ron's girlfriend. In Ron's

Ron, to say the least, was in shock. He didn't know what to do. He wasn't
even really angry. If anything, he was aroused as hell. Natalie always
seemed so innocent, so quiet. During the month that they had been dating
she had never been one to talk about sex much. She and Ron had decent sex,
nothing great, but at least decent. Ron had no clue his brown-haired,
brown-eyed girlfriend was having relations with Ron's best friend.

And worst of all, Jewels had a penis the likes of which Ron had never
seen. Jewels began to do some stretches, like he was loosening up after
that game of basketball with his friend.

By stretching, he was actually flexing at the same time, and his muscular
build was fully on display for young Natalie.

Ron had a nice build, but Jewels was absolutely ripped. Muscles bulged
everywhere, and Natalie licked her lips as she watched the black man.

Ron was not gay by any means, but he couldn't stop staring at Jewels'
penis. The way Jewels was standing - alongside the bed - Ron had a clear
view of it, and as the black man continually flexed and showed off his
body, it flopped around between his legs.

Natalie stared openly at it.

"I still can't believe how big your dick is," she said without shame. "I
never knew dicks could be that big."

Did she just say dick?, Ron thought to himself. The girl that had a
catholic upbringing and hardly ever swore around her boyfriend? Is this
the same Natalie? Am I in the right house?

Ron felt even more aroused, and almost felt like he was being treated to a
good peep show for free.

It wasn't like this was his wife or anything. Maybe after this he would
just dump her, or maybe not. Maybe he would hope for more shows like this.

"How was work?" Jewels asked Natalie.

"Fucking boring," she replied. "Had to grade papers all day. Something
interesting did come up though."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Jewels asked.

He now put his hands on his waist. His huge penis now remained still.

"I told Betsy about you, about your size, and she doesn't believe me,"
Natalie explained.

"The size of my shoes?" asked Jewels teasingly.

"She doesn't believe me about the size of your cock," Natalie explained.

Ron didn't even know if he believed it, and he was looking at it. He
couldn't believe his eyes. He was so jealous. Jewels had a penis that was
bigger in its flaccid state than Ron's was in its hardened state. It hung
down further than Ron's pointed up.

Natalie was so amazed by it she had even told her friends. The girl's got
a lot of guts, Ron thought to himself, as she talks to her friends about
this man openly without any fear of getting caught.

"You want me to show my dick to Betsy?" asked Jewels.

"Oh no, don't do that," Natalie said. "I'm just saying it's so hard for my
friends to believe me when I tell them about the size of your dick."

Natalie took off her shoes. She rubbed her feet. Jewels liked to sniff
them as he had a bit of a foot fetish. They were even a bit stinky, as
Natalie had been on her feet all day at school, but their smell
intoxicated the black man. He knelt on the ground in front of Natalie and
kissed her feet for about 10 or 15 minutes.

"Alright, alright, let's get a move-on," she said. "Ron's gonna be home

"You mean pencil dick?" asked Jewels. Ron couldn't believe his best friend
took a shot at him, about his smallish penis size. Ron was in fact only a
mere five inches. Natalie had told Jewels about that in one of their
earlier meetings.

"Hey, be nice," Natalie said, her eyes focused on Jewel's crotch as the
black man got to his feet. "It's not his fault he's not black."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Jewels.

"Black men have huge dicks," Natalie said, taking her left leg off her
right one and putting the right one on top of the left. She loved crossing
her legs to give Jewels a view of her thighs. "I mean, look at you for
Christ's sake, look at your dick. Have you ever seen a white man with a
dick that big?"

"No fucking way," Jewels said.

Natalie had made her point. She now hesitated to ask something.

"Um, has Ron ever seen you in the showers at the gym?" she asked. "I mean,
does he know you're hung like a horse?"

"I never shower at the gym," Jewels replied. "If all those white boys saw
this thing they'd probably lynch me."

"Oh come on, this is 2003, black men aren't lynched anymore," she said
with a laugh.

"I know, I know, I'm exaggerating, but you know - guys get jealous,
especially about dick size," he explained.

Jewels now sat next to the clothed white woman, his penis laying on the
mattress down between his legs. It was so long the head of it arched down
over the edge of the bed.

"How come black guys can jump so high even though their dicks are so big?"
asked Natalie.

The question made Jewels giggle and cover his face as he laughed.

"No, I'm serious," she said. "Doesn't that thing weigh you down at all?"

Jewels had recovered from his laughter, but still didn't answer the
question. He just shook his head.

"So you wanna get started or not?" he asked. The sight was a bit awkward,
a naked black man sitting next to a fully-dressed female who hadn't even
removed her sweater.

"Alright, alright," she said.

Ron couldn't believe it, but his girlfriend started to give his best
friend a hand job.

She picked up Jewels' penis and began stroking it. She stared at it the
whole time.

At first it looked soft and floppy as she yanked on it. Then it became
evident it was getting hard and straight. It kept getting longer, and
Natalie's strokes picked up in pace as a result.

Natalie had never given Ron a hand job. She never payed that much
attention to his penis. She was in awe of Jewels' phallus however.

It started to point straight out from Jewels' crotch, looking like an
aimed missile.

"You like my dong?" asked the black man crudely.

"Your dong is huge," she said with a laugh.

Ron couldn't help it. He took his own penis out and began to stroke his
modest five-inch weenie.

Natalie, meanwhile, kept stroking and stroking and stroking. Fifteen
minutes went by, then 20, then 30. Her arm never got tired. She used both
hands at one point, and Jewels made sure he didn't come yet. He knew how
to pace himself, keeping himself rock hard yet not exploding until the
last minute. That way he shot a huge, huge load.

"You know I brought the bucket this time, right?" Natalie said, for the
first time in about 45 minutes looking at Jewels' eyes and not his crotch.

"Too much to clean up last time?" he asked with a smile.

She nodded with a smirk, suggesting she was a bit mad at her secret lover
for shooting so much come the last time she jerked him off. Now she would
make him go in a bucket she fetched from the garage. It remained on the
floor in front of them.

"Play with my balls a little bit," Jewels requested.

She released his penis, and it bobbed in the air, out of control. Natalie
giggled. She grabbed it, pushed it all the way down and let it fling up
and smack against Jewels' belly. She did it like five times, saying
"boing" as she did so. She was like a little girl now playing with a toy.

"Having fun?" asked Jewels.

"I'm sorry," she replied.

She finally cupped his balls, and Jewels pulled his butt off the bed to
give her better access.

"Hold your prick for a second," she said.

Jewels did so, giving Natalie a better visual of his ball sack.

Jesus, Ron thought, Jewels even has bigger balls than him, much bigger

Natalie rolled one of them around in her hand, rolling her thumb around
it. It looked bigger than a golf ball.

"Look at these big balls," she said in admiration. Jewels was loving this.
Funny thing was, so was Ron.

It was getting close to six now, when they expected Ron to arrive back
home. She had to bring Jewels to climax.

She went back to stroking him, this time with an even greater pace.

She waved his penis around, moving it from side to side. It was like a
fifth limb.

"Look at this big horse dick," she said. Even Jewels was a bit shocked by
Natalie's language.

The black man's penis stuck out like a flag pole, the head of it almost as
big as a fist.

Natalie just smiled with admiration. She then let go of it. It flopped out
of control again.

"I just have to know," she said.

"What are you talking about?" Jewels asked. Natalie left the room, and
Jewels stood up. His penis was so big it didn't stand up straight. It
stuck out from his body and ran parallel to the floor.

Ron couldn't hold it any longer. He shot off, but made sure to keep quiet.
He felt so inferior, watching his girlfriend give a handjob to a man with
such a large penis. The feeling of inferiority turned to arousal for young

Natalie returned, and Jewels asked her what was going on.

"Do you mind if I measure it?" she asked, holding up a tape measure she
retrieved from Ron's tool box.

"Be my guest," Jewels said, sitting down and spreading his legs to
emphasize his huge penis with pride.

"I've never measured a guy's dick before but I just have to know how big
this thing is," she explained.

The brunette now put the tape measure along his rod, the bright yellow
color of the tape contrasting with the chocolate, brown-colored penis.

"Jesus, 11 inches," she said.

"Oh please, I'm not even fully hard yet," he said. "It went a bit soft
when you left the room. Stroke it."

Natalie obliged, and as she stroked it she saw it grow further and further
along the tape measure. It stretched to 12 inches, to 13, to 14, and
finally to 15.

Jewels had a 15-inch dick, and Ron's girlfriend was playing with it.

"You like my big, black dick, don't you baby?" Jewels asked.

"Oh yeah, baby," she said, stroking it with both hands again. "I've never
seen a dick this big in my life."

Her brown hair now hung sexily over her eyes, her skirt pulled up a bit to
show off more thigh.

She took several more measurements of his penis, noticing it was a
whopping eight inches around.

The woman than returned to administering a handjob.

Jewels was about to climax, and the two were so engrossed in the moment
that they forgot to use the bucket. Ron soon saw why Natalie suggested
they use the thing.

The first shot of come hit the bottom of the closet door, startling Ron
and causing him to jump back a bit. Good thing was there was nothing in
the closet for him to bang against and make noise.

The shot must have traveled seven feet, and it was a thick rope of come.
Then came a second rope of come, then a third, then a fourth.

"Oh shit," said Natalie, realizing what a mess was being made.

Jewels moaned out loud, bucking his hips to get even more range on his
come blasts. The fifth shot hit the cloest door just as the first.

"Where do you store all of this?" asked Natalie rhetorically.

Jewels shot out another load, then another, then another. Natalie used
both hands to squeeze out a few more dribbles.

His cock was finally at rest, a thick, heavy, hunk of meat that rested on
his right leg.

"That thing is like a fire hose," Natalie said, looking down at it. Jewels
was out of breath.

The two cleaned up the mess and headed out of the room. Ron was still in

He didn't even know how he was going to sneak out of the house and pretend
to be arriving home at 6. He wasn't even worried about it. He was already
trying to plan out how he could watch Natalie and Jewels put on another
show just like this one.




Ron woke up the next morning in a strange state of mind. His brain really
hadn't been functioning that well since witnessing the sights he took in
the day before.

He didn't know what was more shocking - that his girlfriend gave a handjob
to one of his friends, or that one of his friends had a 15-inch penis.

He figured he would dump Natalie soon, that this situation was a bit too
awkward for him. She didn't really mean much to him, but for some reason
he enjoyed the idea of seeing her cheat on him with someone that belonged
in pornos, or in some kind of circus freakshow.

A few weeks later, he went to the gym, where mostly all of the men from
his office went to work out.

He was in the locker room, putting a change of clothes in his locker, when
he overheard a conversation between two men in the showers.

He was listening indirectly at first, and then turned his ear toward their

VOICE ONE: Yo man, that nigga crazy. We supposed to meet up right, at some
chick's house. Some party or some shit. I'm supposed to pick him up and
roll to the mall with him.


VOICE ONE: I get there at the house, and I see his car outside. I hear
people talking in the family room so I walk in. Yo...

VOICE TWO: What up?

VOICE ONE: Yo man, my boy is sitting there on the sofa, five white girls
around him, and my man has his dick out.


VOICE ONE: He's got his dick out. Just sitting there with it hanging out
of his fly and shit.

VOICE TWO: Jesus man.

VOICE ONE: He puts it back in when he saw me come in, and those chicks
were kind of embarrassed and shit.

VOICE TWO: What happened?

VOICE ONE: These chicks were all drunk, and one was like "let's see yours.
Are you as big as he is?"

VOICE TWO: Oh shit.

VOICE ONE: Yup. You know I don't even come close to my boy man -

VOICE TWO: Oh that guy's a freak.

VOICE ONE: Yeah, so we just bolted. He tells me in the car these chicks
wanted to see his dick, that this one chick, um, Natalie I think, told
them how big he was.

VOICE TWO: Man, big doesn't even describe it.

Ron realized these men were talking about his girlfriend, and Jewels, and
Jewels' penis.

It got even more interesting when he heard another man enter the
conversation. This guy must have entered the showers from the opposite
side of the lockers that Ron was on.

This new voice in the conversation was Jewels.

JEWELS: Yo D, what up?

D: Just told Princeton about the other night at that party man, you gotta
keep that thing under wraps man, before you get arrested for that thing.

JEWELS: Ain't no thing.

D: You still fucking that girl, that Natalie bitch?

JEWELS: Oh, that white girl? Yeah, just came from there actually. Yo man,
we wuz going at it for four fucking hours man, that girl's a freak.

PRINCETON: This another white girl who has some white boy boyfriend with a
small dick?

JEWELS: Yup. Yo, this is like three in the past month. She'll probably
leave her man just like the others did.

D: That's crazy man. How many relationships have you destroyed because of
that thing?

JEWELS: A dozen probably. None of them white boys can hang with this!

D: That thing's rediculous man.

JEWELS: Yo, I feel bad about dude though man, Ron is my boy and shit. But
that pussy is just too good.

D: What's this girl like man?

JEWELS: Brown hair, nice booty for a white girl. Nice tits. Killer legs.
Gives head like a pro, man, seriously.

D: No shit?

JEWELS: Yo, I warned her about how big it was and shit, but she's so
persistent, saying she can handle it. She's like trying so fucking hard to
get all of it in her mouth, almost choking on it. Then she starts pumping
up and down on it like a piston, just up and down, up and down. Shit was

PRINCETON: What about her man?

JEWELS: He doesn't know about us. Been fucking her for two weeks now but
he don't know. She wants me to tell him about us, dumping it on me and

D: What you gonna do?

JEWELS: Don't know. Just keep fucking her, that's all I know.


Ron felt sick to his stomach, but then for some reason felt like jerking
off. Natalie wasn't giving handjobs to Jewels anymore. She was fucking

Ron began to realize that Natalie now belonged to Jewels, that it was only
a matter of time that she would go to him completely.

All that Ron could do was watch, literally. Could he find a way to watch
her with Jewels? He wanted to find a way.