A Helping Mother Ch. 1


A QUICK NOTE: This story has some off-topic moments towards the end, but as it has some great CFNM elements in it, I felt compelled to share it anyway. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

It happened during my senior year in high school, shortly after my 18th birthday.

I've always been shy around women and of course I was still a virgin. As a matter of fact, I had never been in more than a couple of dates in my whole adolescent life and they all have ended in near disasters. That meant of course that the only naked female flesh that I ever saw live was clad in swimsuit at the beach in the summer or in the public swimming pool, where I used to go in the winter. And believe me, that is not enough for a hormone loaded young man. I had of course watched my – generous – share of porn videos, read tons of magazines, etc. but I was eager to experience the real thing. What I want to say is, that I was always desperately horny, ready to explode at the slightest provocation.

At that time (early 80's), I was living with my mother. My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old. I never had a very good relationship with my father. Instead, I grew up to be what they call mama's boy.

My mother, - at that time in the age of 42 - was a pretty woman; dark hair, about 5' 6" tall, slightly overweight, but with a very good curvy figure – for her age. She has always been rather conservative, both in her choice of clothes as well as in her social life. She had a couple of close female friends, she used to go out with for coffee, shopping, etc. but I had never seen her going out with a man. I guess that she was too afraid to let another man in her life after the bad experience with my father.

As you can understand we were very close. My mother was also my friend, my father and my older sister, the person I would go to for any problem I might had. I knew that she would take care of me no matter what.

It was late October, when I went to a grill party a friend of mine from school had organized during the absence of his parents. As we had the whole house to ourselves for almost a whole weekend, it is rather amazing that we didn't burn it down completely. However I did manage to burn both my hands badly, when, after a couple of beers, I thought that I could carry burning coal with my bear hands. Both my palms were bandaged when my mother and I returned home that Sunday evening from the hospital. Only four of my fingers on each hand were not restrained by the bandage. I looked much like a boxer before he puts on his gloves.

As soon as we got home, I received a major scolding from my mother for my "irresponsible and reckless" behavior. I was impossible to live with, I caused her nothing but sorrow and I would be the death of her. On top of that I would stay illiterate (as I would miss two weeks of school), and end up being a plumber's assistant - at best. I was not in particular pain due to the painkillers I was administered earlier, but the words of my mother ached more. She was right. She did everything she could to raise me properly and I went and did a stupid thing like that. I was heartbroken and loaded with guilt.

On the next morning I realized with dismay that the problems had just begun. I was barely able to go alone to the bathroom to pee (I think that the first time I had to open my zipper with my teeth), managed somehow to pull through number 2 without any severe losses (in decency), but I was totally helpless when it came to taking a shower or bath. I was not even able to grip the sponge (let alone the soap), but even if I could, I was not supposed to, as the bandages had to remain dry. Once I realized that, I called my mother to the bathroom.

"What is it, Simon?", she answered.

"Mom, I really don't know how I am supposed to have a shower. I mean we could put plastic bags in my hands, but then I will not be able to grip anything. How am I going to wash my hair and ... myself?"

"Do you see now why you must be careful and responsible at all times? Do you see how a second of negligence can lead to problems you couldn't possible have ever imagined?"

"Mom, you are not helping here. I told you already a hundred times that I am sorry and that it will never happen again. Now, can you help me or do I have to stay dirty for the next two weeks?"

"Well, I can wash your hair for you if you kneel in front of the tub, but I really don't know about the rest of your body. I mean, wouldn't it embarrass you to have me washing you ... naked? "

"What? This is out of the question! I can't get naked in front of you. You are my mother!"

"Do you think you were born with your clothes on young man? I have seen you naked more times that you have seen yourself. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I believe that this is the only way. "

"Mom, there's got to be another way. I'm not taking my clothes off in front of you."

"I understand, and believe me it is not pleasant for me either. But there is no way you stay like that for the next two weeks. Besides, the embarrassment will be another lesson for your irresponsibility. Imagine what will happen if your friends found out that you are being washed by your mom like a baby ..."

"No, mom, please don't let them find out. I won't be able to go back to school if that happens. Mom, promise me!"

"Ok, Ok, I won't say anything. However now you have to be mature about this and let me help you with your bath. Come on, take your clothes off. "

I told her to go out and that I would call her as soon as I was ready. It seemed to me that she was calmer now and that she might be finding the whole idea amusing. Perhaps it reminded her of the time I was a baby and she used to wash me every day. Of course I felt terrible that I had to endure this humiliation, like I was some invalid who couldn't help himself - which I was of course, I just didn't want to admit it.

I took off my clothes as careful as I could and climbed into the bathtub. I had wrapped towels around my injured hands so that the bandages would not get wet. I turned around facing the wall (so my mother would not get to see my front when she entered) and I was ready to call my mother when suddenly it dawned me: I was about to stand naked in front of another person. In front of a woman. My penis flinched slightly at the thought of that as images of movies and pictures flooded my mind, picturing hot sex scenes that took places in bathrooms.

But what was I thinking? Not a hot girl would step through the door, but my very own mother! And there was nothing sexual about was she was going to do. She was just going to help me take a shower because I was helpless.

These thoughts gave me the courage to try and face the situation more maturely. However my cock had a mind of its own and simply refused to obey. On the contrary, it started to rise to the occasion. I stood there for more than 10 minutes figuring what to do. I couldn't possibly let my mom see me with a hard-on!

"Simon, what are you doing? Is there a problem? ", my mother asked from behind the door.

"It's alright mom, just a minute. "

"Well, I'm coming in, I haven't got all day. "

I instinctively put my hands before my semi-hard penis and turned my back to the door.

My mother walked right to the bathtub and without taking even a look at me, let the water running, adjusting the temperature. I was momentarily relieved that she was taking this so matter-of–factly and I started to feel that there would be no problem. She was my mother for God's sake, it was expected from her to take care of her son, under all circumstances.

My mother took the sponge and applied soap on it. Then she started soaping my neck and shoulders, in a – as it seemed to me – very professional manner. I was starting to feel at ease. This wasn't so hard! The dirty thoughts were gone and I was already feeling more comfortable. In fact, it felt really good to have someone wash you.

My mom continued with my back and soon started to wash my ass. Just as I thought that she was going to continue with my thighs and legs, she squeezed the sponge between my ass cheeks and started to wash my crack. I felt like I had been stung by a bee.

The attention my butt was getting from my mother was something I wasn't used to. It felt odd but also very good. She was moving the sponge up and down my crack for what it seemed like ages to me (in fact it was only a couple of seconds), occasionally touching my asshole with it. I never imagined that a touch "there" could be so stimulating. However it seemed that it was too stimulating. I discovered with awe that my penis was now fully erect under my towel-clad hands.

Plus, it was time to turn around.

"Come on, Simon, turn around so we can get it over with. "

I blushed and slowly turned around. Mom started to wash my feet and legs first, slowly rising to the top. My hands were still in front of my private parts, and the towels were completely covering the view.

"Come on, Simon, take your hands from there. I have to wash you all over. Besides, it's nothing I haven't seen a thousand times when you were growing up."

I removed my hands, with my eyes firmly shut, my face purple red. I felt the sponge washing the inside of my thighs, then my balls and then passing quickly over my engorged penis. My mother did not say anything.

And then it was over. She let the water running and started to rinse the soap from my body. She held my arm and turned me around, she even pushed my back down a little bit so she could let the water run in my ass crack. In no time at all, she was ready. She wrapped a towel around me and helped my out of the bathtub.

"Can you do it on your own now? ", she asked.

"Of course mom, ... eeeh ... thank you, mom", I managed to whisper.

My mom disappeared and I was left alone in the bathroom. I felt so happy that this embarrassing moment was over and that it was not such a big deal after all. My mom did not seem to mind that I had a hard-on. In fact she didn't even seem to register it. I guess that she considered it natural – especially for someone my age.

I was so happy that everything was back to normal and I was confident that there would no problem with the showering from now on. I had nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about!

The showering soon became a routine. My mother would call me every afternoon around five to get ready. I would strip - in fact I didn't mind doing it in front of her any more - and then climb to the bathtub. She always started with my back paying this wonderful attention to my ass and then did my front. By the time I turned around, my penis was erect of course, but I didn't mind any more. One or two times I noticed that she looked at it but she never said anything or seemed to be bothered by it.

Needless to say that, ever since the accident, I was in a state of constant arousal. The reason of course was that I couldn't masturbate. The 4 fingertips that were protruding from the bandages from each hand could not provide enough grip for me to rub my – "only" 6" long but pretty thick for its size - penis effectively. I couldn't jerk off, no matter what I tried. I even tried to lie on my stomach and rub it between my body and the bed, but it just didn't work. It was nice for a while but there was no way I could cum this way.

And to make matters worse, I used to get a huge boner every time I thought about the bathing routine. The fact that I was naked in front of a woman – even if it was my mother – was very arousing. And on top of that, she got to see my cock fully erect and throbbing. I have been displaying my erection to her and somehow that was sending my hormones sky high. Of course I knew that it was wrong to think of my mother or the situation that way. She was only trying to help and I was – in a way – taking advantage of that, using her good deed as fuel for my fantasies. I felt terrible every time I had these nasty thoughts, but not being able to relieve myself, they kept coming back.

Then on the following Saturday, it was time again for my daily shower. A week had passed since the accident and I had started to have a better feel in my hands. However I didn't say anything to mom, because by that time I lived for the 30 minutes that I got to be naked in front of her. It was the peak of my day. Hell, it was the peak of my sex life until then.

So, I went to the bathroom, stripped and waited for her. I was already horny and spurting a massive erection. Soon my mom arrived and let the water running. She used to wear an old tight-neck sweater every time she bathed me, but today she was wearing an old cotton shirt, which showed a bit of her cleavage. Needless to say that that just made matters worse for my already throbbing penis.

I pretended to fold my clothes, while I was actually trying to stall the whole process. It made me even hornier to walk around the bathroom butt naked. I felt so adult so mature, but also so naughty.

Mom finally urged me to the bathtub and started washing me allover. She did my back and as she moved to my ass, I bend a little, leaning against the wall to give her easier access to my butt. The first time she had bathed me I had clenched my ass cheeks so tight that she had to force the sponge between them. However now I was totally letting myself go, pushing my ass outward to make it easier for her. She moved the sponge down my crack and I felt again the electrifying brush on my asshole. It felt so good and my penis got even harder.

Now, it was time to wash my front. I turned around feeling a bit dizzy from the horniness and the warm water on me. This time mom was kneeling closer to the tub than usual and I nearly touched her with my penis as I turned. She startled but didn't say anything at the point. I was beyond embarrassment by then and I think I may have been subconsciously trying to touch her with my aching member.

She was standing now, washing my shoulders, when she asked me:

"Say, Simon, what is going on? "

"What do you mean mom? "

"What is the ... problem? "

"The problem with what? "

"Are you OK? Do you feel well these days? "

"Sure, I mean my hands hurt less now and ..."

"I don't mean physically, I mean psychologically. Are you OK? "

"Oh, I see. Yes, I guess I am fine. "

"Nothing out of the ordinary then? "

"No, I wouldn't think so. Why do you ask? "

"Well, ... I don't know how I should say this because I don't want to hurt your feelings or embarrass you, but I noticed during these few days that we are doing ... this, that you get ... well. ... pretty excited.

"Exc ....?" , I managed to say and then it hit me.

She was talking about my erection of course! I blushed immediately and wished to be anywhere else but there. So, it was NOT normal! So, she HAD noticed! And the worst of all, it DID bother her!!!

"Mom... I ... eeh ... ", I mumbled but she hushed me.

"Listen, you don't have to feel bad about it. I totally understand. It is natural for a boy your age to be in that state. Especially when someone else is touching you, even your mother. I don't mind at all, nor is it something I haven't seen before. It just ..., I mean ... it must be pretty hard for you to be like this, isn't it? "

"Yeah, it is ... I mean it's not like I ... it ... is always like this, but when it is, ... it is. "

"So, I assume that you weren't able to ... you know... relieve yourself ever since the accident? "

WHAT? My mother knew that I was masturbating? A panic wave hit me and I suddenly felt I was not getting enough air. My face went the darkest of red you could ever imagine and I couldn't utter a word.

My mom sensed that and she tried to calm me.

"Come on, it's not such a big deal. It is perfectly natural. Everybody does it and I would be very concerned if you weren't. "

"But ... how ... " I blurted.

"How do I know about that? Oh, come on my boy, I wasn't born yesterday you know. A mother just knows. "

Of course, I thought; cum stains on my underwear, maybe she found one or two magazines stashed in my closet or even a video in the VCR.

I felt so ashamed but to my amazement my erection still refused to subside.

"Well? ", mom asked.

"Well what? ", I replied.

"Are you able to ... do that ... now? "

"Oh, ... eh, not really ... I mean no ... I don't think I can. "

"And you are ... like that all the time? It must be horrible. I mean, isn't that a problem for you? "

"Sure, I mean ... well, it's not all the time, but yeah it is a problem ... I guess. "

I still wasn't able to express myself coherently.

"Have you tried? "

What? She's going into details now? When will this torture end? You have to picture this: I am standing in the bathtub naked, with my rigid penis only inches away from my mother's face who's washing my legs, discussing with her my masturbation habits. It has to be a dream. But is it a bad one?

"Mom! I don't feel very comfortable talking to you about that! "

"Of course you don't. Who else are you going to talk about it then? Isn't that a problem? Don't you have to do something to fix it? So, answer me, have you tried ... recently?"

"Yes, I've tried but my hands, you know ... I can't do it. "

"You don't have enough grip, right? Show me your hand. "

She was done washing now and it was time for me to step out, but mom didn't move. I showed her my right hand (which I had nicknamed Mary because it was the affectionate one – if you know what I mean) with the four fingers protruding from the white bandage.

"Can you curl them? "

"What? "

"Can you curl your fingers? Here, wrap them around my finger. "

She pointed her right index finger to me. I grabbed it like mesmerized, all the time thinking that this was the most surreal moment of my entire life.

I managed to wrap my fingers around hers and hold it tight.

"There, you see. I think that you can do it after all. Is that your ... good hand? "

"Yes, but ..."

"No, buts. Come on try it out. "

I was beyond shame now so I decided to go all the way. I started to move my fingertips up and down her finger imitating the masturbation movement.

"Not my finger silly", she said. "Do it properly. Come on, give it a try."

She took her finger away and for a moment I didn't know what she wanted me to do.

"Ok, mom, I will try ... later sometime. You know it's not such a big deal. It's gonna be Ok. "

"I mean now, Simon. Now. What's the matter with you? I have to make sure that everything it's OK. "

I didn't believe my ears. She must be kidding. There was absolutely no possible way in the whole wide world that I was going not even as much as touch my penis in front of my mother. No, no, forget about it!

My mother must have read my thoughts somehow. I was ready to jump out of the bathtub and run away, when the tone of her voice changed completely. Up until now she was talking to me in a strict yet concerned tone, reminding me of the time when I was sick and she was telling me to take my medicine and not be such a baby about it.

She approached me from the side, put her hand around my waist - my naked waist! - and almost whispered in my ear:

"Simon, my boy, I know this is difficult, I know that this is embarrassing, but we have to make absolutely sure that everything is OK with you. I don't want this accident to have any kind of consequences on your life or mine. It's totally natural and you have to feel good about it. Doesn't it feel good when you do it?"

Her right hand was slowly caressing my waist and her left was leaning against my left shoulder. I wanted to reply but I had a knot in my throat as big as a watermelon.

", yes, ... it does feel good ..."

"So, if it feels good there is nothing wrong with it then. Everybody does it. Even women do it, you know. Hell, even I do it sometimes.'

I felt like I was hit with a hammer. A fresh new load of blood rushed to my penis and I really thought I was going to explode. My mother, masturbating? My mother? MY mother?

I stood there motionless and speechless trying to figure out a way to react to that.

"So, please Simon, be a good boy as you always are and show me that there is no problem. ", my mother continued.

And with that, she took my right arm and moved it to my penis. I felt like I had stepped out of my body and someone else was in charge of it. I touched my penis and I was amazed that it didn't go off right then and there.

"That's right honey, come on now, go on. You can do it. "

My mother was encouraging me to beat my meat. How crazy, but also how hot was that? Instantly all the guilty thoughts vanished from my mind. My lower head took now completely in charge of the situation.

I wrapped my fingertips around my rigid shaft and started to move my hand up and down hesitantly at first, but more confidently and determined as the pleasure increased.

As I wasn't able to wrap my fingers around my penis all the way, all I could do is grab the tip of the swollen red head and squeeze as gently as possible. Any other movement just hurt too much. Mom was making small circles with her right hand just above my waist in her effort to soothe me and make me feel relaxed. My hand and my bursting penis were sending waves of pleasure down my spine. As I wasn't able to masturbate properly, the pleasure heightened very slowly, much slower than usual. That prolonged the process and soon my legs began to tremble.

Every squeeze of my hand sent shivers down my spine and every time I had the feeling that it can't get any better than that. But the next squeeze sent me to even higher levels of pleasure. Soon I was ready to explode. The climax started to build up and I felt my balls tightening, ready to empty their fluids.

I was shaking all over now when suddenly I felt the hand of my mother going a bit lower and starting to caress – ever so gently – my right ass cheek. That pushed me over the edge. My fingertips were squeezing now like crazy. Hours later my hand would still hurt from the rough treatment I gave it but right now I didn't care even if it fell off.

I exploded with a big moan like I was waking from a nightmare. My penis jerked spastically and sent ropes of thick semen on the bathroom floor some 3 feet away from the bathtub. It was the most violent, cataclysmic orgasm I had ever experienced.

I cried out loud as I felt the immense relief. I was barely able to stand on my feet, my knees just gave in and I leaned back against the wall. My penis was dripping jism and I felt like I had spurted buckloads of sperm. I was panting almost uncontrollably from the strain and opened my eyes after what seemed like minutes to me. I realized that my mother had her gaze transfixed to my cock the whole time.

Finally she flinched like waking from a dream and moved away from me. She started cleaning the bathroom floor where my semen had landed. I was still gripping my penis and I realized that the bandages were soaking wet.

"The hell with it", I thought. I would have burned both my hands and my feet without a moment's hesitation had I known that I was going to experience something like this. My mother came to me and started to rinse my private parts. Soon I was standing out of the tub with the big towel wrapped around me. She stroked my head in a motherly fashion and asked me if everything was alright.

"Yes, it's fine mom, ... thank you."

"So, I guess we won't have any problems any more, will we? I mean, now that you saw that you could do it. :

"Sure, I mean ... I guess not."

And with that she left. All I was able to do is crawl my way to my room and collapse on my bed. I woke up hours later freezing as I was still wrapped with the wet towel. I slipped under the covers and slept until the next morning.

In the morning and the following day, everything was back to normal. I was in a particular good mood, as I felt completely relieved. Besides, I had experienced a unique experience, the orgasm of the century. Why shouldn't I feel good about it?

I felt such immense love for my mother who cared for me in all aspects, even in something so taboo as my sex health. I was so lucky that I had someone to care for me as much as mom did. I decided that I was not going to give her any more trouble. She didn't deserve that.

So, being a good boy, I tried to follow her advice. At some point in the afternoon, shortly before my bath, I went to my room, picked my favorite porn magazine from the closet and took off my clothes. I didn't bother locking my door or even pretending that I was going to take a nap. Since my mother knew what I was doing and approved it, why hiding it?

My penis was soon standing semi-hard and I started massaging it with my fingertips. It was nice but not nearly as good as yesterday. Somehow it wasn't enough to get me off. The pictures in the magazine did not seem to help even in the slightest to heighten my arousal. I was desperate. I threw the magazine away and concentrated on squeezing the fat penis head. It was useless. Soon my hand was beginning to ache and the pain erased any pleasure I was getting from it.

"Oh, my God!" I thought. "What am I going to do? I can't appear in front of mother with a hard-on again. She will think that I am doing it on purpose. She will think that I am a pervert." Still, I knew I didn't have any other choice. But then, I suddenly had a great idea.

I was going to let my mother wash me all over again. I was going to make her somehow to take special care of my ass to heighten my arousal and as soon as the bathing was over I would run to my room and jerk-off.

Now I couldn't wait for our ritual to start. I went naked from my room to the bathroom and called my mother. I asked her to get on with the bath if she didn't mind. I noticed that she looked at my – yet again – engorged penis more openly this time, but she made no comments.

Then at some point, while she was washing my hair, she asked me:

"Everything OK with ... what we talked about yesterday?"

"Oh, sure, don't worry. I have everything under control", I replied.

"It doesn't seem to me that way", she said ironically.

"Oh, well, it's OK. I will take care of it later. Right after our bath."

"You seem to enjoy the bath, aren't you Simon?"

"Well, yes. I guess it calms me down. It's better than a massage."

My mother was now washing my back with long, soothing strokes of the sponge. I was really enjoying it. She moved her hand lower and started lathering my butt. I was in heaven and couldn't wait for the sponge to find its way between my cheeks. I leaned against the wall and folded my knees bending much further down than usual, pushing my ass towards her. My puckered asshole was totally exposed to my mom's gaze and knowing this made me even hornier. She took her time, lathering my crack and squeezing the sponge. She moved it up and down several times, each time stopping and pushing forward when it came in contact with my asshole. I couldn't help a moan escape my lips.

"Is everything OK Simon?" my mom asked.

"Sure, mom", I answered short-breathed, "it's just so ... relaxing ...".

"I'm glad you like it", she said and it was the first time I noticed a hint of cunningness in her voice.

She moved her hand even lower and soaped my balls from underneath. The feeling was so exhilarating that I wanted to grab my penis and rip it off. I was at the verge of exploding. No wonder I couldn't get off earlier. My penis knew what it was doing. Why miss all this fun?

My mother continued washing my legs and asked me to turn around. It was the first time I was sweating while having a bath and I really thought about asking her to stop until I got some relief in the privacy of my room. But of course I wasn't so bold with her yet.

So, I turned around displaying my massive hard-on. I sincerely had never seen my penis bigger or fatter. It was literally throbbing with the veins pulsating under the soft skin. My heart was beating like crazy.

My mom washed my chest and belly and then she stopped.

"Simon, I think you'd better first take care of ... that. Or, you might poke my eye out if we're not careful."

"Eh, mom, ... I was going to ... do it afterwards. I mean later. "

"Never mind, you can do it now. Besides, I am not over with you yet. Unless of course ... you don't you want to do it in front of me", she said.

What was I going to say to that? If I said yes, I'd to spoil the chance I had to masturbate before her again. And if I said no and did it, she would think I was a pervert!

"Well ... no ... I don't mind, but ..." I mumbled.

"Well, come on then", she said. "Do it honey."

I didn't need any more encouragement. Slowly I grabbed the tip of the swollen head with my fingertips and started squeezing. Although I felt even hornier than the last time, after my mom's tender ass lathering, I discovered with wonder that I wouldn't cum so fast as the other day. I squeezed faster in order to finish off and get it over with, but the climax was building up very slowly this time. Instinctively I looked around searching for a visual aid.

I didn't have to look far. My mom was standing about one foot away from me to the left and was gazing at my masturbating hand like mesmerized. Her face and skin looked damp but I didn't know whether it was perspiration or the water droplets from the bathing. She was breathing more heavily than usual as she was looking at my pulsating cock. I lowered my gaze until it fell on her voluptuous cleavage. Her ample breasts were squeezed together in the tight cotton shirt she was wearing and created an incredible effect. My eyes feasted on this wonderful sight making my hand rub my penis even faster. Her tits looked like two ripe melons ready to be plucked and sucked. Part of the shirt was moist and I could make out an even larger flash area underneath it than it was visible from the top. I could almost see more than half of each tit. She was wearing a bra but it must have been an old one because more flesh was spilling outside of it than contained in it.

I was in heaven and about to cum at any moment. Suddenly my mom took her gaze off my penis, and noticed that I was ogling her bust. Slowly – almost carelessly – she pulled her shirt a little bit to the side showing me an even larger part of her breasts. That was it. The fact that she was now practically offering me a partial view of her tits made me cum hard. I shot my sperm out of the tub making a mess of the bathroom floor – again. I kept squeezing my dick so hard that I soon had to stop from the pain my injured hand was giving me. My penis was still jerking however unloading yet more loads of the white fluid.

Once again I moaned with relief not taking my eyes off my mother's body. When the last drop of cum had been squeezed out of me, I finally stopped my hand movement. If it could be possible, the orgasm was even more intense than the previous day. I would have collapsed in the tub had my mother not grabbed my arm.

"Wow, watch out honey. We can't have you breaking anything else now."

"It's ... OK mom. I am OK ..."

"Are you sure? You sure look exhausted."

"No ... I'm really OK. That was the most ... wonderful thing ... ever."

"I am glad for you my boy", she said and kissed me tenderly on the cheek. "Come on now, let's finish off here and go have a nice cup of coffee."

Later that evening, as I was lying in my bed, I couldn't help getting the sight of my mother's breasts out of my mind. Has she really pulled her shirt to the side so I can take a better look, or did I dream of that? What did that mean? And more importantly, how far could that go?

I really didn't know what to expect on the next day. Was this to become a routine as well? Should I take initiative and just do it again in front of her? Or was it over?

The only thing I knew is that I didn't want it to end here.

At five sharp, mom called me from the bathroom. I hadn't bothered trying to masturbate again today. I was totally fixated on our afternoon tryst that lay ahead.

I stripped in my room, put the clothes in the laundry basket and walked naked to the bathroom. My penis was strangely only semi-hard when I entered. However once I saw my mom in the bathroom it became instantly rock hard. Today she wore a tank top and a pair of old jeans shorts. The top was a couple of sizes too small for her. Her luscious tits were barely confined by its elastic material and were literally bursting out, exposing large masses of cleavage. She hadn't bothered wearing a bra and her big nipples were clearly outlined beneath the soft fabric. I had never seen a sexier bust live – only in movies and pictures. To me it looked like a nymph of Botticeli, like a Rubens' s muse.

I noticed, that as my eyes shamelessly fell on her heavenly decolletage, hers fell on my erect penis and she involuntarily cracked a small, mischievous smile.

I stepped in the tub and my mother approached me.

"Simon, I was thinking, do you want perhaps today to ... first get it over with so we can have it out of our way? Or do you prefer to wait to the end?"

Did she mean what I thought she meant?

"Oh, you know ... it's alright mom. I think ... I will wait."

Yeeeh! So, it's going to happen again! I couldn't help smiling the whole time she was washing my hair.

"So, you prefer to have me wash you first", mom asked.

"Yes, I think so", I replied. "It's so relaxing. You do it very nice."

My hair was soon done and it was time to continue with the sponge. However I realized that it was nowhere to be found. Instead, my mother picked up her own washcloth that used in the bathroom. It was something that looked like a kitchen mitten to me and always found it awkward to wash with.

As soon as she started lathering my neck and shoulders it dawned to me why my mother was so fond of it. That was not washing. That was a sensual massage she was giving me. I could feel her hand inside the cloth caressing my skin. The soapsuds between my body and her hand had a soft, silky feel to them. Her touch was gentle but firm making me get goose bumps all over my body.

Slowly she went lower and lower and soon her hand was on my butt. Needless to say, that I was now holding my breath from the excitement. She started lathering my left ass cheek with long soft strokes. She then moved to the right one all the time kneading my ass with her hand inside the mitten. I could make out her fingertips sometimes scratching gently my skin, giving me a sweet prickle that made my hair stand and my penis want to burst.

Then, without warning she put her hand between my butt cheeks. Her hand was deep in my crack, lathering and caressing, stroking and massaging. I was of course in heaven. I bent down as far as I could, folding my knees and opening my ass to her. Her hand brushed over my asshole and stayed there. Her finger started to make small circles around it, pushing ever so lightly. I took a sharp breath and impulsively pushed my ass against her hand. She pushed back and penetrated my anus with the tip of her index finger clad in the washcloth. I tried to suppress a moan without success and felt my heart beating like crazy. I had never been so horny in my life. My mother circled her fingertip inside my asshole, pushed it a couple of times in and out and then removed it to continue washing the top of my legs.

"I think it's better with the washcloth, don't you think honey?", my mother asked. "It really cleans much better than the sponge."

"Hmmm", I nodded eagerly.

I was paralyzed from the unbelievable stimulation that I had just felt and only slowly did I manage to stand up straight again. I remember that I thought to myself that this is how people get heart attacks. Well, it was worth it.

I turned around pushing out my hips to display my raging manhood to my mother. I wanted her to see what she had caused. The fat purple head was throbbing and was begging to be relieved.

"Oh, my!" my mother gasped, opening her eyes wide. "I think it's much ... worse today than usual."

"Hmm", I grunted, trying to swallow the – by now - familiar watermelon that was stuck in my throat.

"So, what are you waiting for? Do it!" she said biting her lower lip.

This time I didn't hesitate a fraction of a second. I grabbed my penis feverishly and started squeezing like a madman. I felt instantly a warm sensation overwhelming me as my fingertips quickened their pace.

I shamelessly fixated my gaze on the twin hills of tender flesh that were spilling from my mother's top. Her nipples have gone bigger and were standing out, stretching the thin material to its limits.

My mother saw my hungry look which devoured this wonderful sight and decided to take it further. She passed her hand on her breasts gently caressing them. When I saw two of her fingers diving underneath the top towards the nipple of her left tit, I felt a jolt of electricity. She slowly grabbed the hem of the top and started lowering it.

Inch by inch her tits were coming now into full, unobstructed view. I grabbed my penis firmly using the whole of my hand, not caring about the pain that was causing me and started pounding. First the top part of the pink areolas was revealed to me and then the large, pointed, aroused nipples. I now had my mother's beautiful tits naked in front of me. The view was awesome. Her tits were round but not too heavy and sagging just a tad, enough to make them seem sexier. My mom weighed them in her hands and then brushed her fingers over her hardened nipples.

That sent me over the edge and once again I experienced a shaking orgasm. I shot my load out of the tub and I think that one of the ropes landed on my mom's naked belly, between the tank top and her shorts.

Once I was finished and panting, barely able to stand straight once again, my mother covered herself and resumed my bathing. As soon as she finished she kissed me on the cheek and left.

I was still half out of breath and headed to my room. I couldn't help noticing that mom always left the bathroom in quite a hurry as soon as she finished rinsing me. I remembered what she had told me the first time I masturbated in front of her and I thought that maybe this whole situation was arousing for her too. I wondered what she might be doing in her room right now...

I was tempted to try to take a peek but I was also afraid to ruin the wonderful thing that was going on by making something stupid. So, I decided to leave it at that.

For the next couple of days, I was living in a 18-year-old's dream. Every afternoon I got to jerk off in my mother's presence, while she showed me her naked tits. I couldn't get enough of this beautiful sight and every time I came hard with a moan.

My mother seemed to enjoy this little tryst of ours too. I started noticing that her nipples, while normal sized under her top when I entered the bathroom, became much larger as she started washing me. She used to breathe heavier once I started masturbating and once or twice I saw her passing her tongue over her lips, while eyeing my engorged cock. Moreover she had begun to massage and knead her tits boldly during our last sessions. I especially loved the way she pinched her nipples while cupping her breasts.

Then one day the inevitable happened. My hands were healed. The doctor marveled at the remarkably fast recovery but I only cursed my bad luck. My mother was in a particularly good mood when we returned from the doctor's office but I was bumped. No more bathing sessions, no more sensual butt washing with the washcloth, no more jerking off.

The next day it was my first day in school after almost two weeks. Under different circumstances I would be overjoyed to see my friends again, hang out with them and go out of the house uninhibited by my bandaged hands. Now, however, I was deeply depressed and not in the mood to see or talk to anybody.

My mother was out when I returned from school that afternoon. I had lunch and went straight to my room to take a nap. I was seeing a very bad dream that involved a strange pervert man and my mother when a voice awakened me:

"Simon, wake up honey. It's mom."

I half opened my eyes and managed to make out the dark silhouette of my mother standing at the door of my dimly lit room.

"Mom? Is that you? Are you back?"

"Yes, I'm back. I'm sorry to wake you, I just wanted to tell you that I am going out again in the evening with Sophie and her husband, so if you don't mind we should start your bath a little earlier today. "

Did I hear what I jut heard? Was I still dreaming?

"Oh, I see", I replied without wanting to ask for clarification. "Yes, sure, no problem."

As soon as my mother closed the door behind her I stood up and stripped in no time. Mom was already in the bathroom. I walked in, took a look at her and froze. My mouth opened in awe.

Mom was wearing a flimsy, sexy baby-doll/nigthie kind of thing (I still don't know how these things, that show more than they hide and make infatuous promises, are called), made of pale pink satin or silk and obviously no bra underneath. Her nipples seemed already hard and pointed as they outlined the airy fabric. The ensemble reached to her mid thigh making a wonderful showcase for her beautiful legs. On her feet, I was delighted to see, she had high heel slippers on with a small tuft on top– something that I've always found very erotic for some reason.

I tried to breathe or swallow but both seemed impossible tasks at the time. I felt my blood rushing to my member, which became hard so quickly, that its tip hit my lower belly. I didn't know what would happen that evening. I did know however, that no matter what happened, it was something that I would never forget for the rest of my life.