A Helping Mother Ch. 2 & 3



I managed to climb into the bathtub with trembling legs. Mother began the bathing routine as though nothing was out of the ordinary. As though she was not dressed the sexiest I had ever seen a woman in flesh. I kept turning my head stealing glances at her while she was doing my back. Her tits kept bouncing and rubbing to the thin silk of the baby doll top as she was gently lathering me. Her perky nipples were pointed and created a small tent around the beautiful areolas that lay beneath.

Soon my back was covered in thick foam and mom started moving her hand lower. This time I put all shame aside and quite brazenly bent over, put my hands on my knees and stuck out my ass as far out as possible. I felt my puckered asshole twitch as it was revealed to the eyes of my mother. She didn't waste any time. She passed the washcloth over my crack and inserted her finger in my rectum. I took a sharp breath and felt my penis throbbing with anticipation. I could have touched myself at that moment but I knew that if I did I would cum in a matter of seconds. And something was telling me that the best was yet to come.

Mom was circling her middle finger – clad in the washcloth – in my tight asshole while massaging and groping my butt cheeks with her palm. I didn't hesitate for a moment to moan out loudly. I wanted her to know that I was on the verge of exploding. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a short sharp pain in my anus followed by a wonderful filling sensation. I realized that mom had shoved a second finger in my ass and quite openly started to finger fuck me with short but violent thrusting movements.

"Ohhhhh!", I groaned and pushed my ass back at her fingers.

"We ... have ... to ... get ... you ... extra ... clean ... don't we?" mom asked, every word accompanied by a forward push of her hand.

"Mom ... ohhhh ... I can't stand ... it. I ... have to ...", I managed to say but it was enough.

Mom understood. She took her fingers out of my ass and spun me around.

"Come on, baby! Do it, what are you waiting for?"

I grabbed my penis from the base of the shaft and enjoyed the wonderful sensation to be able to wrap my entire hand around it after so much time. Today I could work with the whole hand, not just the bandaged fingertips. And I would enjoy the hell out of it.

Although I was the most physically aroused I had ever been in my life, I managed to convince myself to make it last. I started to stroke my penis with long slow movements, using the oozing precum as lubrication. With the other hand I cupped my cum-filled balls and fondled them gently. I let a satisfying moan escape my lips and turned my gaze to the object of my desire.

Mother had walked away from the tub and was sitting on the closed toilet seat, some 4 feet away, facing me. She had spread her legs, one on each side of the seat with the champagne-colored garment covering her lower body up to her mid-thighs. The red painted toe nails that crowned her pedicured feet and the high heeled slippers that accentuated the form of her smooth calves created a sexy image that I have never dared to dream of.

I lifted my gaze and was pleased to see that she had already lowered the left shoulder strap of her gown and started on the right one. The silken top fell from her breasts revealing her full, round, slightly sagging tits. Her areola had a vivid red color and the nipples were literally throbbing from the arousal (or so it seemed to me). She cupped her tits with her hands and lifted them slightly. Using her thumb and index finger of each hand, she rubbed her hard nipples making them stand out even more.

As if on cue, she pressed her thighs together, closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned loudly. I noticed that the part of the gown that was covering her lower torso had a big stain on it and that she kept rubbing this spot with her thighs. Suddenly she stopped, her whole body jerked a few times and then collapsed on the seat, letting out a loud sigh of relief.

Only much later did I realize that I had just witnessed my mother climaxing before my very eyes.

Meanwhile I had been stroking my cock slowly while my eyes feasted on the ample tits of my mother. I tried to absorb every detail, every inch of this wonderful sight. The few freckles that were scattered on her breasts, their shape, their form, I even tried to imagine what they would smell like. I quickened my pace as I felt that I was beginning to reach the end.

"Mom ...", I called to her, panting.

Mother opened her eyes as if she woke from a dream. She looked at me absentminded and her gaze fell on my engorged penis. She smiled and I could see that her eyes were glistening; they were almost glassy. I had never seen a look like this in my mother's face before. Although inexperienced I sensed that this was a look of a woman with a huge sexual appetite.

She seemed so sexy, so wanton, so incredibly desirable, that I started pounding even harder and faster.

Still, I wanted more.

"Mom ... please ... show me ..."

"What, baby? Tell me. I'll do anything you want.", she said without taking her eyes off my swollen member.

"Please ... show me ... I wanna see..." I had masturbated so many times in front of her and I still couldn't ask something inappropriate from her.

Mom thought that I meant her tits. She cupped them and lifted them creating an incredibly sexy cleavage.

"Ah, you like mommy's boobies, honey? Look at them, aren't they nice?" she said and lowered her head towards them. She brazenly flicked her tongue over her left nipple.

I gasped as I felt my blood rushing through my veins. That was great, that was very, very nice but it's not what I meant.

"Mom..", I said while I kept pounding faster and faster. "Show me ... your ass ... I wanna see your ass! Please show me!"

Mom hesitated for a moment but realizing that I was about to cum, stood up quickly, turned around and kneeled on the toilet seat facing the wall without bothering to take her sexy slippers off. She bend forward only a little as she didn't have so much space, and with her left hand started raising the silken gown which covered her behind.

She did not wear any panties. With one smooth motion, her voluptuous ass was revealed to me in all its glory. Two perfectly curved globes of ample flesh, a dark cleft between them that concealed the door to heaven and a small – almost inexistent – tuft of hair down below. I could clearly see the tan lines that separated the tanned outer part of her round cheeks from the creamy white center of her butt.

Moaning and grunting running my hand faster and faster along my shaft I couldn't take my eyes from mom's naked plump ass. I imagined what it would feel like to touch the silky skin, to knead these juicy buttocks, to make her ass mine.

Mom turned her head around and smiled mischievously at me as if she'd read my mind. She bent forward a little more, giggled her ass and with her left hand gripped her left butt cheek and spread it for me.

The moment I saw the little puckered ring that crowned her ass, I felt I had been hit by a lightning. The sperm thrusted out of my balls and cock with such force that my body started jerking uncontrollably. My head fell back and I let out a loud and intense moan as I sprayed countless ropes of semen all around me.

Gradually I stopped pounding my cock as the last drops of jism were squeezed out of me. I opened my eyes and realized that some of my cum has landed on my mother's ass. She was now rubbing it with her hand all over her butt like some moisturizing lotion. When she was done, she stood up carefully, straightened her gown, gave me a peck on the forehead and left.

I was sitting on the edge of the tub, trying to come to my senses after the incredible sensation I had just experienced. "Oh, my God!", I thought. "It cannot possibly get any better than that!".

There was much I didn't know, yet.


For some reason the next morning I woke up particularly horny. I always thought that when I started to have a regular sex life (or rather sexual relief in this case) my hormone level would subside and that I wasn't going to think about sex all the time. Now I was starting to realize that the contrary was the case. The more and better the sexual encounters were getting between me and my mom, the more I thought about them and the hornier I was – almost all the time.

As it was Saturday I didn't bother to get dressed so I walked into our kitchen to have some breakfast clad only in a t-shirt and my boxer shorts. Mother was already there, wearing a nightie and a robe while making coffee.

"Good morning sweetie!" she greeted me. "Sleep well?"

"Like a baby, mom!" was my instant reply.

We had breakfast as usual, chatting about the weather, plans for the summer, etc, a typical conversation between mother and son. But that was only on the surface. While I was watching her, sitting on the chair, getting up to fetch something from the fridge, crossing her legs or tucking them under the chair, her robe opening revealing the flimsy nightie she wore, my arousal kept growing until it reached the point where it actually hurt. However our little daily get together in the bathroom lay hours ahead. It seemed that I urgently had to find relief on my own.

Once I was finished, I stood up and carried my plate to the sink. As I passed in front of the table on my way upstairs to the privacy of my room where I could replay my fantasies, I saw that the tent in my shorts had caught my mother's attention. She must have hesitated at first because she didn't call to me until I was in the middle of the stairs.

"Simon, wait, I want to ask you something!" she called and walked into the living room.

I turned around, my hard-on out in the open as embarassment was a thing of the past.

"Yes mom, what is it?"

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Eeeh... in my room, upstairs." I answered.

"What are you going to do there?"

Normally my initial reaction would be to lie, to make something up, like "going to get dressed", or "lie down", "read a book" or the even less believable "do my homework". But my intentions as I was standing in front of my mother with my stiff cock in my shorts pointing at her, were so self-evident that I thought it was pointless to lie. Of course I wasn't going to say the truth – I wasn't so bold yet – but I kind of hoped she would understand without having to spell it out for her.

Thankfully she did it for me.

"Are you going up there to jerk-off?"

I was shocked with her boldness but compared with what I experienced the last few weeks, it was a mild shock.

"Well, I guess so ... I mean, probably yes." I replied. "Is that OK?"

"Of course it is OK, I am the one who told you that this is the most natural thing in the world. It's just that, you know, I thought you had realized by now that you don't have to do it secretly any more. I mean unless you want to." she said and I could swear she was blushing, something I had never seen her doing.

"What don't you come down here and show me how you do it, sitting comfortably for once and taking your time?" she asked sheepishly. "Maybe I could give you a tip or two."

How can I say no to that? My legs started moving towards the couch in the living room. This numbing sensation I had every time in the bathroom overwhelmed me again. I sat on the couch with my mother in the armchair opposite from me. Slowly, she crossed her legs showing off her perfect little toes, nails painted red and lit a cigarette. Once she exhaled (My God, she did that sexually as well!) she motioned at me.

"Come on, what are you waiting for?"

I took off my shirt in a rapid motion and then hesitantly, I hooked my thumbs in my shorts and started lowering them. All the time I kept looking at her in the eyes, waiting for her to call it off and send me upstairs with a scolding. But then I took my boxer shorts completely off and suddenly I was naked in front of her.

I put my feet up on the couch and opened them a little bit. My penis stood prominently before her, arisen to full mast. I lowered my right hand but resisting the urge I felt I didn't grab it and started beating away. Instead I started caressing the rigid shaft with my one hand, while cupping and caressing my balls with the other. Of course all the while gazing at her.

My mother was smoking and looking at me as though she was watching something very interesting and amusing. She cracked a mischievous smile when I cupped my balls and nodded approvingly when I started rubbing my precum all over my cock to make it slicker.

I had now started pounding faster because I couldn't take it any longer. Secretly I hoped that she would start showing me her body as she did in the bathroom the previous day, but I didn't want to say anything to spoil the moment. To my dismay, however, I saw her standing up.

"Wait." she said. "I'll be right back."

She was back very quickly and presented a lotion tube.

"Here, try some of this. It will help. "

I took the lotion and spread it all over my lower abdomen, caressing and rubbing it on my thighs and stomach. It felt so nice and warm, the slick sensation made my penis throb.

I grabbed my cock again and started stroking slowly. My hand didn't have a good grasp on my lubricated penis and that made my strokes only half as effective as before. That meant that my arousal heightened gradually and the pleasure prolonged.

With my left hand I kept cupping and fondling my lubricated balls and I started to rub the lotion all over my scrotum. My hand slipped a bit lower and the lotion reached the tip of my ass crack. My mother didn't miss that and nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, that's right! That's very good. Go on!" she exclaimed.

Boldly I raised my legs off the couch and pushed my ass forward, opening my crack and exposing my puckered anus in all its glory. My hands started trembling now and my heart was pounding faster. I was about to touch myself in a place I had not dared to touch before, and that with the eyes of my mother feasting on me.

I felt a cool breeze on my asshole as it was revealed between my ass cheeks and I started rubbing the lotion all over my exposed butt. Every time I brushed over my anus, I felt an electrifying sensation that sent shivers down my spine. Slowly, while stroking my penis I put the tip of my finger on my asshole and pushed lightly.

"Oh, that must feel very good honey. Don't be afraid, put it all in, it's an amazing feeling." my mother urged me.

I followed her advice and probed my asshole with my finger. Just as I thought that it wouldn't go in, my anus opened beneath it and welcomed it in the depths of my butt. To say that it felt like heaven would be a huge understatement. I gasped and felt my dick bursting. I started pounding frantically on it and cursed the lotion that made it last so long. I needed to cum right then and there, I couldn't cope with so much arousal.

I wanted to push my finger in and out of my asshole imitating the fucking movement, but my position was very awkward and my hand still not fully healed. It started to hurt. Unwillingly I took it out and lowered my feet.

"No, what happened honey, what's the matter?" my mother asked raising from the armchair. "Wasn't it good?"

"It was great mom, but I can't reach so far down with this hand. It still hurts." I replied.

"OK, then maybe I can help." she said and climbed on the couch facing me. She stood up on the couch barefoot.

"Lift your legs my boy and continue with what you were doing." she urged me.

I raised my legs as far up as I could, bringing my knees on the same level with my shoulders. At this position my penis touched my belly so I started rubbing it on my belly instead of stroking. That felt great!

My mother took the lotion and poured some on her left foot. Slowly she touched my scrotum and started fondling my balls with her pedicured little toes. I couldn't take it any longer and I felt that the climax was near. I started moaning and trembling.

Her foot went lower and touched my puckered anus. Her big toe circled a little bit around it making me want to rip my penis off. The sensation was unbelievable but heightened even more when she applied pressure on my virgin asshole trying to break through. I try to raise my legs even more to give her better access and pushed my ass even farther out. When she finally managed it and her big toe plunged deep into my arse, she sent me over the edge. I cried out loud from the ecstasy and came in gushes. My penis was on fire and the hot cum was literally flooding my belly and chest, it even landed on my face and hair. This orgasm combined with the wonderful filling sensation in my butt was apocalyptic...

When I finally came to my senses I saw her above me, standing on the couch smiling. Her toe was still plucked in my asshole. It still felt so good that I didn't want her to take it out. However she did so with a laudable "pop". I lowered my legs and tried to catch my breath.

"That was lesson number one sweetie, you still have a lot to learn", she said to me as she climbed down from the couch and put her sexy slippers on.