A Playful Day Of CFNM At Work


One of my earliest jobs out of school was in the branch office of a small company. I was the only guy in my group, surrounded by a few very appealing ladies.

Our boss, Cara, was a demure woman with long black hair that fell almost to her shoulders. She was very attractive, although it was hard to get a good look at her body through the conservative suits she wore. She did have a great set of legs.

Allison was easily the hottest one of the group. She had medium length brown hair and a slender, tight body. She and I hit it off right away as friends, although nothing more than that as she had a fiancé and was soon to be married. I was probably out of her league anyway.

Jen was something of a girl next door with long brown hair, very appealing looks and a great sense of humor. Then there was Deb, an average-looking blond with huge breasts who for some reason never took a liking to me.

Cara announced one day that the home office decided our group should spend a Saturday doing some sort of team building and "going over other things." We would have the office to ourselves.

We started Saturday afternoon in the conference room where we went over how we thought things were going. It was the usual brainstorming type stuff, such as offering suggestions to each other and dealing with whatever problems we were having.

Then Cara said management wanted us to go over some workplace scenarios and role-playing on various issues. She had a few pages of scripts written out. She handed a few pages to Allison and they acted out a scene where Allison was a disgruntled employee who had misbehaved.

What happened then shocked me. Cara produced a small paddle and, reading from the script, had Allison bend over the conference table. Cara lifted Allison's skirt and gave her a few light whacks with the paddle. Allison was wearing a thong underneath her skirt and her tight ass looked fantastic. I was amazed at how turned on I was, although I thought it was pretty strange. Jen and Deb were completely unfazed.

Then Cara, acting like nothing unusual had just happened, wanted to discuss their little scene. Everyone agreed that it would be inappropriate for a boss to really do that to an employee.

Cara handed a couple of pages to me so we could act out a different scene. I was the employee and she was the boss (of course). She started off admonishing me for undressing my female coworkers with my eyes and giving them certain looks. When I protested that I hadn't done this, Cara indicated that it was just role-playing and we were to stick with the script.

Reading the script, I apologized, but Cara said that was insufficient. She could hardly look at me as she read from the page, indicating that as part of my punishment I was to remove all of my clothes. I was stunned and looked at my coworkers. Jen and Deb were expressionless although I detected a slight, mischievous smile on Allison's face.

Cara indicated for me to keep reading. The script had me apologizing again, but Cara's response was unwavering. "Remove your clothes, Mark!" She insisted. Cara then pointed out in the script where it indicated I was to comply.

Allison was no help, telling me "hey, I just got spanked on the ass so the least you can do is play along." Deb commented, "it figures he'd be a chickenshit."

Cara continued reading and indicated that my future with the company was in doubt unless I complied. Looking at my own page, it said "yes ma'am."

I was nervous as hell and embarrassed but also curious as to what would happen next. I went into a corner and, facing away from the group, I slowly stripped out of my clothes and put them on a chair. My dick was already pretty hard from seeing Allison get spanked. Cara ordered me to turn around and I complied. There I was, completely naked in front of my boss and female coworkers. Cara then asked my coworkers if they would like a closer look.

Allison was first, caressing my ass, thighs and working her way towards my crotch. She lightly caressed my balls before giving my dick a few strokes. I couldn't help but let out a little moan. Jen gave me a similar treatment but Deb decided she wanted to paddle me instead. She had me get on all fours on the conference table while she swatted my bare ass with the paddle. By now my dick was rock hard.

Cara, still referring to her script, had me get down from the conference table and gave my dick a few light kisses. I thought I was going to explode. She then indicated that the script said I was to dance for them. She produced a boom box, hit a button and some sort of techno song started playing.

I'm not much of a dancer but I figured it didn't matter. I started dancing for them, gyrating as much as possible, my balls flopping back and forth while swinging my dick to and fro. Being naked in front of them was more of a turn on than I could possibly have imagined.

I went from woman to woman, swinging my dick in their faces. Cara seemed a little embarrassed, Allison was clearly having fun, Jen was amused and even Deb managed a smile.

Allison, Cara and Jen each gave my dick a few strokes as I danced for them. I danced really close to Deb, waving my dick in her face.

When the song ended Cara returned to her script, as if this whole thing was completely normal. She asked if I wanted release and of course I said yes. Cara instructed me to seek relief from one of my coworkers. I begged each one of them, Allison being the last. She smiled, grabbed my dick with one hand and rubbed the pre-cum over my cockhead with her thumb before shaking her head "no." She was clearly relishing every moment of this.

Cara then had me lay down on the conference table and said if I wanted release it was up to me. I'd never done this in front of anyone before, let alone people I work with, but I was so turned on and my balls were aching that I really had no choice. They all gathered around closely and I decided to give them a real show, moaning loudly as I stroked myself.

I got into a kneeling position right before my dick erupted, shooting loads of come onto the conference table. I still couldn't believe I was doing this in front of them. I got off the table and into a chair. Allison dabbed a finger in my come to give it a taste. As I sat there Cara went back to having a discussion with the others, again as if this whole thing was completely normal.

They all agreed that it would be inappropriate for a boss and her employee to behave that way. Cara then announced that the meeting was over. Jen thanked me for such a "productive meeting" and said she was going home to fuck her husband's brains out. Deb left as well.

Cara and Allison wiped my come from the conference table. Allison handed me some paper napkins to clean myself off but instead I held up my come-covered hand to her mouth. She hesitated and I held it there for a bit before she licked the come from my hand. When that was clean I put my hands on her shoulders, indicating I wanted her on the ground. Allison dropped to her knees and started licking the come from my dick and balls. In no time I was getting hard again.

By now Cara was watching us. Allison turned to her and asked if she thought I was clean. Cara then dropped to her knees and joined her. With these two lovely women kissing, licking and caressing my dick and balls it wasn't long before I was completely hard and ready to go.

They stood up and indicated they wanted a repeat performance. Instead, I grabbed both their hands and directed them to my dick. They looked at each other as if weighing whether they should keep going. Allison started first and soon they were both caressing and stroking my dick and balls while I leaned against the conference table for support.

Allison was encircling my cockhead with her hand and pumping away at the tip while Cara stroked the base of my shaft. They both held on as I came and continued stroking me. Wave after wave of intense orgasm swept over me as I deposited my load onto the conference table. Then Allison took over and continued pumping me dry until I fell limply from her hand and collapsed into a chair.

They both had another mess to clean up while I staggered into the men's room. Even after what had transpired, it still seemed strange to be walking around the office completely naked.

When I returned to the conference room, Cara had left. As I got dressed, Allison told me this whole thing was her idea, that she always wanted to do this with a guy but knew her fiancé wouldn't be up for it. She wrote the scripts and they all hatched this little plot at a wedding shower that Cara had thrown for her a few weeks earlier.

Allison had figured that watching Cara spank her would entice me to play along in their little game and boy was she right. How she convinced Cara to go along with it I'll never know, although I'm glad she did. I'm also glad they didn't invite anyone else.

I told Allison that even though it was an incredible turn on, it was unfair for all of them to see me naked but not reciprocate. She just laughed it off and pointed out that I seemd to enjoyed the whole thing.

The boom box was still there and I hit "play" before sitting down in a chair. I chided Allison about being uptight and insisted she could at least dance for me. She thought about this for a moment before she finally started dancing in front of me. Before long, Allison really seemed to get into the moment and started giving me a bit of a lap dance, rubbing her ass against my crotch, but only lightly.

I grabbed her hips and ground her ass harder against me. When I let go, she continued grinding away and I ran my hands up her sides and under her blouse to caress her breasts. Allison's breathing had changed and her nipples were rock hard. She got up and turned to face me, dancing seductively just a few feet away. I got up and started dancing with her and soon Allison and I were grinding our bodies against each other.

Within moments we were kissing. I removed her skirt and went for her blouse as she started to unbutton my shirt. Soon we were completely naked and Allison sat on the edge of the conference table while I sat in a chair and buried my face between her legs. At some point she started begging me to fuck her, so I naturally I complied. I was standing while she sat on the edge of the conference table, wrapping her legs and arms around me.

Despite being really turned on I was able to last longer than usual, having already come twice that afternoon. Afterwards, I collapsed into a chair. Allison sat on my lap and we held each other for a while until we were ready to get dressed. I confided that I'd always found her attractive and she admitted that she had a thing for me as well, although she hadn't intended for the two of us to hook up and she intended to remain faithful after she was married.

On Monday, Cara acted like nothing had happened. Jen, wearing a big smile on her face, asked if I had a good weekend. Deb gave me a smirk in the hallway while Allison gave me a playful swat on the ass when no one was looking, followed by a giggle as she walked away.

A few days later, Allison and I were the first ones into the conference room for a meeting. She patted the table with a sly look on her face before we looked at each other and laughed.