Cfnm Story Submission - CFNM Cuckold – My First CFNM Experience - Pt. 3

Here's part 3 of this Cfnm story from Vince Harrington. Part one of this story is below or to see it, CLICK HERE and part two is RIGHT HERE. Now, onto this story - which I really hope he finishes!


She stroked my greasy cock up and down all along the length, just enough to keep me hard…just enough to keep me at the edge of orgasm.

She continued playing with my dick, stroking it, sometimes gently slapping it and watching it bounce around. The pre-cum was pouring out from my piss slit.

“Get down on the floor, on your hands and knees.” She instructed.

I did as told. She reached underneath and with one hand stroked my cock, while with her other hand she ran a finger over my butt hole. I groaned as she “milked the bull”.

My balls were starting to ache, but I could tell she wasn’t finished with me just yet.

She stopped stroking me and went over to a corner of the room. She brought back a plastic arm chair, the kind you use outdoors on a patio. She pulled me up from my kneeling position and had me sit in the chair.

I sat there on full display for her. My hands gripping the arms of the chair, my legs spread, and my throbbing cock standing straight up.

As turned on as I was, I was also getting tired. I was not used to someone else being so in control of my cock. I know it seems strange, but the fact that she stayed fully dressed made me feel even more naked, and I have been naked in a lot of situations.

She kept looking at my body and my cock with what seemed like amusement and hunger. Her husband must have been very small and she was not going to rush having my monster at her disposal.

Sweat was really pouring down my body now and so she handed me a coke and let me drink it. I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was.

She knelt on the floor in front of the chair, getting a good close look at my cock. She ran her hands along my thighs and my chest, greasing them with oil and sweat. She wrapped both hands around my dick.

“My god, Vince, I could use three hands to hold your cock!” She handed me the bottle of poppers again and had me take a good whiff.

I had no sense of anything except her hands on my cock. She stroked it with her fingers, trailed her fingernails along the shaft and around the head, which was becoming extremely sensitive. I could feel my cock lubing itself with pre-cum. I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

I gripped the arms of the chair and wrapped my ankles around the front chair legs. She kept bringing me to the point of orgasm, and then backing off. It was all I could do to restrain myself from grabbing my cock and finishing myself off.

She had both hands wrapped around my cock, gently but firmly stroking. I felt my hips start bucking, so that I was fucking her hands.

“That’s right Vince, work for it.”

She handed me the poppers for one more hit. I heard myself grunting as my hips bucked up and down, thrusting my cock in her hands.

I felt it start in my balls and rush its way up my shaft and out the head of my cock. I shot a stream of hot jism straight up in the air that fell back and splattered on my chest.

“Very nice. I really like your cock, Vince”

She handed me a towel so I could wipe off the oil, sweat and cum.

“I want to play with your cock again. I like a bit of adventure. I think you would be good at role play.”

“I’d like that.” I said,

“Good, I’ll call you and we’ll do something a bit different next time.”

She kissed my cheek and left the room. Her husband got up from where he had been sitting all this time and handed me an envelope.

“Thanks, Vince. She really liked you a lot. Your cock is amazing. I think she’ll be calling you for some other scenes.”

And she did. She was my first CFNM client and the one who turned me on to the scene. We had a number of wild and erotic adventures until she had to move East for her job.

I could sure use another like her!