Cfnm Story Submission - CFNM Cuckold – My First CFNM Experience - Pt. 2

Here's part two of this Cfnm story from Vince Harrington. Part one of this story is below or to see it, CLICK HERE Now, onto this story - which I really hope he finishes!


She came around in front of me to get a better look at my cock.

“That is a nice one.” She looked over at her husband, still sitting on the other side of the room. “Thanks, honey, I’m going to have lots of fun with this one!”

She looked at my cock…straining against the spandex bike shorts. She reached down the front of my shorts and rearranged it. First to the right, then to the left, then straight up…she couldn’t decide which angle made it look bigger.

Then she placed it down my right thigh. She slowly rolled up the right leg of my shorts until the tip of my cock was sticking out the bottom…not that it had far to reach!

She grabbed the oil again and dripped some on the head of my penis. Then, using just two fingers she began gently stroking the head. I was already leaking pre-cum.

She worked the leg of the shorts higher and higher until she was able to grab my ball sack and pull it through the bottom of the leg. I’ve got good low hangers, and now my throbbing cock and balls were sticking out the bottom of my shorts, pinned against my thigh.

Again she went for the oil and gave my shaft and balls a good basting. Then with one hand she massaged my sack while the other hand jacked my dick.

“Now I need you naked.”

With that she began slowly pulling down the waistband of the bike shorts, first revealing my bush, then the root of my cock, then some of the shaft, then more and more of the shaft then finally the head at which point my cock sprang to full attention.

The bottle of oil appeared again, and she gave a thorough drenching to my thighs, calves and lower legs. She spread my butt cheeks and oiled my crack and buns. She ran a finger over my hole and my dick jumped in response.

I was literally dripping with oil. I was warm from being handled and sexually aroused and I noticed that beads of sweat were forming all over my body. I stood there naked, hard and glistening.

She kept circling me, looking me up and down; as though I were a painting or sculpture that she had created. I have done many different “scenes” in my escorting career, but this was the first time I had ever been totally naked and hard while my “client” was fully clothed.

I felt vulnerable and very turned on at the same time. I had never been treated so totally like an object. My body and cock were not mine to control and I was hers to play with as she pleased.

She produced a small brown bottle of poppers. This was obviously a woman experienced in the things that get a man incredibly aroused.

She came around behind me and pressed close to me. She put the bottle under my nostril. “Sniff.” She said.

As the head rush hit and I felt my monster cock throb, she reached down and started giving me a hand job.